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Incest thread? Stories, pics etc.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread? Stories, pics etc.
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Reposting from an earlier thread

>be 14, sister 13
>parents are at neighbours place, leaving us alone to sleep
>be bored, cant sleep, check if sister is still awake
>she still up, ask her if she wants to play something
>she agrees
>we build a fort under her bed
>start playing doctor, im the patient
>she takes of my shirt and listens to my heartbeat with a toy stethoscope
>touches my stomach, chest and legs and I pop a boner
>she asks why I have a boner
>tell her that I have been feeling sick and "it's been like that for days"
>she asks me if she can pull down my pants and take a look. I nod and she pulls them down
>she looks at it, plays around and keeps pulling back my foreskin
>says she can make it better and strokes it a little
>she gets up and pulls off her pyjama pants, revealing a smooth pussy, not one hair on there
>sits on my dick, trying to get it inside but doesnt quite work
>help her put it inside, its tight, I can see it hurts her
>she moves up and down a little, quietly panting
>continues until I cum inside her
>she says im cured and I help her clean up the mess
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Nothing gets my pecker boned up more then a classic insects thread
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Quads confirmed!
Anyone got sister nudes?
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you have daddy problems
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You're file name looks just as dumb as you're dumb looking pecker. Why don't you go back to readit ya turkey
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Nice trips!
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Wheres all the insects?? All I keep seeing is a bunch of peckerhounds

Repost from same OP

>be visiting grandparents
>they have a house and a guest house for us
>sis and me share a room
>watching tv together but nothing proper is on so we goof around
>it ends up with us trying to pull down the other ones pants
>succeed and pull down her pants, accidently pull down her undies as well, she tries to pull it back up, buy I still saw her pussy
>she gets mad, I have a semi boner which I am hiding
>she still pulls down my pants, revealing my tent
>the old you show me yours I show you mine begins again
>sis pulls down her pants again showing me her pussy
>she lays back, legs spread and I move in, spreading the lips and inspecting it, even try to push in my finger, but she wouldnt let me
>says it is her turn, I agree and pull down my pants
>I lay back and she starts playing with my dick
>again amazed by the foreskin and pulls it down and back up, sometimes even so far down it hurts
>continues playing with it, hear parents come into guest house and we stop
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Another repost

>visiting uncle, cousin is only 1 year younger than my sister
>she thinks im holy or something, literally loves me and thinks I am way more intelligent than anyone else and wants me to teach her stuff
>start with normal shit like geography and math
>quickly grow tired of it and I ask her if they had sex ed yet
>she says no
>start explaining her stuff, she's already seen dicks, ask her if she has ever seen a hard one
>nope she hasn't
>she now wants to see a hard cock
>explain her it doesnt work on command, I need to see naked girls so it gets hard
>she undresses and stands naked in front of me and asks if it works
>it does and she can see my buldge, asks if she can see it
>I refuse but she keeps asking so I pull down my pants
>she's shocked, never seen an erect dick before and asks me what happens now
>I explain her and she wants to try it out
>say that I cant do that, but I can show her my cum
>she's naked next to me watching me fap
>i keep going until I cum buckets into the sink
> she looks a little surprised and confused
>she then helps me clean it up
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This thread turns me on.
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Another repost

>sis and me go swimming at the pool
>lots of fun and stuff, rubbing in her back with suncreme, playing ball, etc
>exhausted, time to go home, we shower and meet again at the lockers because we shared one
>give her her clothes and take mine
>she goes into a cabin and I slip in right behind her
>nobody saw, she is surprised I came in there as well
>tell her we can change clothes together, I dont mind
>she doesnt mind either
>take off my towel and she takes off hers
>im a little embarrassed because the coldness let my dick shrink
>she asks why it is smaller than usual
>tell her that its small because it is cold and she asks if it will get bigger if she will rub it warm
>she keeps rubbing it until I get a boner and she gets a little kinky continuing to stroke it
>i cum on her lion king towel
>we laugh and continue to get dressed
>sis puts on her summer dress
>mfw she forgot to bring underwear to the pool, she was previously wearing her bikini under the dress
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Posted this a few times before.

My dad molested me from the age of 12 until he divorced my mom when I was 17.
He never got me knocked up.

The first time, he woke me up and was drunk. He told me he needed my help. We went outside, and he had me hold it while he peed in the back yard.

After that it would get progressively worse. At first I hated him and it. It made me vomit. He would tell me how sorry he was afterwards.

sometimes he would cry and tell me he loved me.

After a few years, it became almost normal. i would even start it sometimes. But deep down, I hated him for making this normal when I knew it wasn't supossed to be like this.
I knew things that other girls my age didn't know, and I hated them for being so fucking stupid.
Now, I'm too fucked up to be any good in a relationship, so I avoid them. I haven't talked to him in years.

It builds over time. Slowly and slowly the need to do something sexually deviant. At first I resist it, and try to ignore it, and try to avoid anything that will turn me on. Soon, Im rubbing myself thinking about it, climaxing and then being consumed with hatred and guilt.

It doesn't stop. This goes on for a few weeks, but at some point, I will fuck someone. A one night stand. Someone of POF, or elsewhere.
And I hate myself, think about killing myself for a few days, and then I'm ok for a few weeks before it starts over again.

One day I will put a gun in my mouth.
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This made me lose my erection.
File: Elsa.png (2MB, 2266x1065px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry its not sexy enough for you.
File: 1437543177440.gif (1MB, 480x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any picsof you being molested?
Does anybody have the webm or video for this?
What? The picture of the whale?
I have a pic of me afterwards.
He was fucking me on the couch when we heard my cousin and her parents arrive. We hurried and got dressed and then he took a pic on the couch. I have this stupid grin on my face.
Its as close as there is.

Sorry anon.. All I have is that gif
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File: 1442984515342.png (2MB, 2756x1988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this has to be pasta
Post pic
Post pic ?
File: Me and Kat.jpg (119KB, 882x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Me and Kat.jpg
119KB, 882x738px
Its from the first thread I posted in.


Im on the left.
File: BigTitsMom.jpg (194KB, 668x978px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That could've been taken from anywhere else. Post tits for verification
Who wants to molest a fat daughter. Shame on you for making him deal with that... smfh
File: 1444452884979.png (3MB, 1168x3832px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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great read
No thanks. Should have been in the other thread.

He did apparently.
File: 1442986410325.png (2MB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 675x900px

Here's full pic
File: 924081.jpg (264KB, 650x975px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1186288.jpg (211KB, 800x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When did he first fuck you? What happened?
i'd love to wincest but my sis fat so i ride my ferrari
If it makes you feel any better, I would rape your brains out and cum all over you from your tits to your asshole.
File: 1453953464540.jpg (2MB, 1324x1793px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1324x1793px

no, sorry I let you down anon
And if you want I'll even shoot you in the face so you don't have to commit suicide!
her father was no prize. I'm sure he took what he could get
you should get some help, its the best thing you can do, talk openly about it.
my friends mother was molested when she was young, so was so miserable and almost killed herself several times. when her husband found out and it turned in to a real problem, he told her to seek help or he would leave her.
she got help and she is now founder and owner in a company that's helping grown people that been molested as a child.
she is a hero to many people today, she broke the silence.
Many others came forth later on and told their story.
Get help, share your dark secrete.
He had been molesting me for a while. We had a routine where it ended up with him giving me head while I lay on my bed. When he would get close he would sit up and rub it on my pussy until he would cum finish on it.

One time, he was doing it and he asked me if he knew that he loved me. I didnt say anything. He asked me if I loved him.
I didnt say anything.
And then he told me to tell him I loved him.
So I did.
And he entered me. Slowly at first, but firmly.
Oddly that doesnt make me feel better. Strange.

Thats a good story. Happy for her.
is there more?
I found myself
here, if you're interested
File: DrunkFu.png (4MB, 3282x2156px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: favor.jpg (548KB, 1096x938px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
548KB, 1096x938px

How old were you when he fucked you the first time?
This is so bonafide fake that it actually pisses me off.
File: PJ90.png (2MB, 2635x2367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2635x2367px
love those small nipples
13 or 14. It kind of runs together.
File: 1445928677700.jpg (715KB, 2436x4138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well then, would it make you feel better I was molested by two older boys who moved into my neighbor's house for a couple years? I was 8ish and they were in their teens. I had a lot of cock in my mouth, and nobody knows until you guys now. I don't even think my wife knows. They made it into a game they called "Gay Bay".
File: 13462755115299.jpg (827KB, 1125x1371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
827KB, 1125x1371px
Make me feel sorry for you.

Did you ever cum? Did he cum inside you?
File: 1358973603374.jpg (412KB, 1024x685px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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faggot or grill?
but did u like it?
>Did you ever cum?
>Did he cum inside you?
But what about assplay or bringing his friends in?
File: 1443035241847.jpg (2MB, 3000x2496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3000x2496px
Yeah he licked me there and liked me to do it to him.
He would put it in my ass as well.

He never bought anyone else in, be he would fantasize about it. He would tell me about it while he was molesting me. He was too paranoid about getting caught to actually do it.
So you did enjoy it sometimes? Tell more about that please.
Yeah. It got to the point where it was normal.
I would get off, and sometimes even start it.
But I still hated him for making it normal.
she did... in her initial post...
You can't be mad when you were asking for it lol
It's weird. It was exciting because I was curious. At the same time me and my girl cousin who was two years younger than me, and also my black girl cousin who was two years old than me used to show each other our junk. They would have me put my cock in their mouth, and my black cousin had me finger her. She was probably 12 or 13, I was 9 or 10ish. I was sexually excited since I was 5, when I was playing with a 5 year old girl and she had to pee so she just peed right there in front of me. I thought she was pissing out of her ass and it blew my mind, so I got upclose to her, and she didn't care at all. So then the neighbor boys wanted me to suck their dicks and they sucked my dick, and I did kind of like it. I wasn't gay at all up until I around 2007 and fucking /b/ started conditioning me to find cocks kind of nice. My wife would fucking lose her mind if she knew. I like to jerk off to cocks as if it were my wife sucking the big ass cock, but it's still pretty gay to jerk it to shemale cocks. If a man's face comes in frame, it kills it for me and I have to find a new video though.
Did you have better sex with anyone else than him? Did he fuck you good?
You don't really understand the psychology behind it.
But thats okay.
Shit sucks. I wonder if all women eventually get turned on by what they dont rly want most lol. Paradox ..
>Did you have better sex with anyone else than him?
Oh yes.

>Did he fuck you good?
He was ok, I guess.
Had plenty of gay experimenting with my same aged cousins, probably from 7 to 14

>would sit in chair while the other sat on top and grinded his ass on the bottom's cock, sometimes clothed sometimes not.
>tried mutual masturbation, wouldn't work cause we did side by side, not face to face, cause that'd be gay.
>would fap together all the time, then watch eachother cum, see who did the most, compare sizes.
>eventually get into sucking, two of us uncircumcised one not, the cut one wouldn't do it cause he said it tasted bad.
>tried anal once cause i'd get to fuck later, couldn't stand pain, still got to fuck and finish, guess my smaller penis was a blessing at least once.

I'm straight now, but experimenting was fun back then.
having an orgasm from vaginal and clitoral stimulation doesn't me she "enjoyed it"
Okay /b/, Confession time

>Be me 8 years old
>"Camping" with my grandma, 2 aunts, fem Cousin
>Brother didn't come on this trip with us
> Cousin asks if I've ever had a kiss
>She offers to teach me
>We make-out
>Tell her "We can't tell anyone about that!"
>She agree's
>She asks my Aunt if I can stay the night
>"Of course!"

Fast forward to that night

>Probably around 11pm
>Can't see anything
>"Anon, are you awake?" I ask
>"Mhmm..." she replies
>"Let's pretend we're strangers getting mail?"

>Pretends we ran into each other at a mailbox
>Start making out
>Reach down and play with each other
>Stop because we think her mom is waking up
>Next day she tells her mom we kissed the day before
>Her mom freaks
>Says not to do that anymore
Both cousins at separate times. One on my mom's side, and the black girl on my dad's side. They never knew I fucked with the other. My black girl cousin actually did it with my male cousin who is two years younger than me, so about 4 years younger than her, and it fucked him all up for whatever reason. Where as I liked it. Weird how sexual things during childhood molds you.
Same anon here, did they penetrate u and vice versa or just mutual sucking, describe ur experiences
>be 7-8
>hanging out with my older sister (she was 12 at the time)
>she would always make me do weird stuff to hang out with her
>one day it's just us at home and she's in her room
>I must pay the price if I'm gonna hang out in her room
>she sticks her feet out of her blankets and tells me I have to suck on her toes
>to this day have a foot fetish
>she starts moving around under the blankets
>hear her moaning
>no idea what the fuck is going on
>ten minutes later she tells me I can stop and pulls me up onto her lap and we read a book together

I can write out the rest if you guys want, this went on for over a year.
Continued -

>2 hours later
>We make out again
>Tell her not to say anything
>She agrees
>Her mom comes in
>"Mom, Anon and I kissed again, but it wasn't on purpose!"

>"WHAT?!" Aunt yells
>Cousin starts crying
>Tells aunt we also messed with each other that night
>Aunt tells my Grandma
>Grandma drags me back to the camper by my arm

Present day

>At grandma's house, I've moved outa state years ago. I try to pretend like that stuff never happened
>Grandma invites entire family over including that Aunt.
>That aunt shows up slightly wasted
>We go off to the side to talk
>She apologizes that my cousin didn't come
>"Its okay" I say
>She brings up that stuff

>I find out that cousin scored 80 on an IQ test, nearly retarded
>I made out and messed with my nearly retarded cousin

(Side note, she was adopted. Not even a blood cousin, just related by adoption. Still weird.)
Fuck you prick, do you see the question mark?
and just like that, my boner commits suicide, kek
hundred kek's
We tried to stick it in each others ass, but it never went past poking each other's buttholes, trying to go in dry. I guess we didn't really know. Feeling a cock in my mouth is now a fantasy because of that, though. When I jerk off I sometimes suck on my wife's vibrator like it's a cock. I've been with her since 1999, we were each other's first, married in 09'. We broke up for two years where I fucked one girl, who was married, and she fucked this eastern euro dude who was 6' 8''. I am 5' 8". He was uncut, and I'm sure he was huge, but she lies and says he was about the same size as me. Fucking BS, but now huge uncut cock is my sometimes go to in porn. I want it in my mouth like she had it...
That's pretty gay.
Had he cum in you in this pic?
File: 1445220663708.jpg (787KB, 1005x1934px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787KB, 1005x1934px
Yeah. A little bit.
Super gay
Tell more about this. I get off to it.
File: 1458504083366.jpg (252KB, 1321x741px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 1321x741px
>be me, go fishing with grandpa when I was 7. Suck his cock and let him bugger my tight young boipucci. The end

did u cum?

I think youre pretty

Do you have any other pics of yourself?

Older sisters are my fetish, anon. GO GO GO!
>Sorry that was for Ron

Gets me every time
Did he ever cum on your face? Did he cum alot? Were you hot for it?
File: pensacolaedit.jpg (101KB, 719x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 719x960px

>Did he ever cum on your face?
>Did he cum alot?
I guess

>Were you hot for it?
Not really, its hard to describe
is that the Rock's face on Steve Carell's head?
File: 12492659865925.jpg (44KB, 451x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 451x392px
>I'm not a Jew I swear
Stfu with your little sob story. Tits and timestamp
Where did he fuck you, in your room mostly? Post pic of your pussy.
It's okay bro.


>next time we're home alone
>go into sister's room and ask if I can hang out with her (she wasn't a very good baby sitter honestly)
>she says yes but I have to do something
>I have to lick her ass
>as she bends over and pulls down her pants and panties all my child brain thinks is "this is kinda weird"
>I proceed to lick her butt like a puppy, just the cheeks
>still remember she tasted really good
>after a bit she tells me to suck on her toes again, this time she pushes my head down into her bed as she caps, doesn't let me up until she's finished
>she pulls me up and takes my pants off, inspects me for a sec, and puts her thigh between mine
>starts grinding on me
>tells me to kiss her (parents weren't discrete, so I knew the difference between a sisterly kiss and a romantic one)
>this goes on for a bit before she gets off and finishes with her fingers, this time in plain view of me

he ever give you the old lickaroo?
cute face
nipples 0/10 though

And none of that clearly fake shit like the Mom texts earlier.
My room or my parents room.

Sometimes in other rooms if mom was going to be gone for a while .
Never change, /b/
>tfw no horny older sister to make me question reality and the innocence of childhood
and by gun you mean your dad's cock right?
Nice pussy. Would you ever look forward to it? Post some more pics please.
Never again.
>Would you ever look forward to it?
In a fucked up way.
But I always knew it was bad. I always knew he was a monster.

You should do it with you future son. But this time, u'll be gently.
>You should do it with you future son.
Kek. See >>675545717
Pussy from behind with timestamp.
Thread is dying faster than my boner
I just molested my barely legal cousin. It was hot. I think I messed her up a little though.
File: IMG_20160323_224517.jpg (109KB, 1024x619px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 1024x619px
I >>675547120
Post story
Do it.
did it escalate ?

I agree, but if you were a guy, and it was your hot mom, I'd think you were the luckiest kid on earth. Funny how that works.
Yeah. Weird I guess.
Do you want your son to become a pony fur 9fag faggot with autism ?
Suck his cock when the time comes
Nice dub dubs
Post more pics with timestamp. Don't you like to be used?
I want him to be happy. No matter who he is or what he likes.
I don't want anyone to feel like this.

Tinyurl.com Wincestdrive
>columns crusade
You're welcome

Yeah sure, why not.

> be me, mid-20s success
> hire younger cousin who is poor
> easy work for $$$
> get closer, talk feelings
> shared drinks, smoked weed, went out
> hanging around my office one day
> not shit to do
> start playing have you ever and truth or dare
> dare her to sit on my lap and touch herself
> her pants come off
> skinny little legs, cute ass
> lose the undies
> bottomless in a button up
> dare
> sit in my lap and rub your pussy

More coming
tinyurl dot com slash nvym3xp
This has quite a few good stories =D
>Don't you like to be used?
Only when im at that point in this stupid cycle.
Continuing. The first few times were weird as fuck because we both had no idea what we were doing.

>Start sleeping in sister's room
>we start making out regularly
>she's always in complete control of me
>I slowly stop seeing what we do as strange
>mom is a bitch so it's not hard to get me to keep a secret
>one night she (let's call her Haley)shows me how to go down on her
>I have a new favorite pass time
>pretty well set in the road of meconing an eight year old sex slave to my sister

After a while she brought out other sister (10 at the time) into it. Let's call her Ann.
>one night it's me, Haley, and Ann in bed together
>Haley tells me to get up and strip, Ann is watching
>nervously get naked
>skinny little boy body, lolnodick because child
>they decide to play dress up with me
>I end up in panties and one of Ann's dresses
>wtf they made me into a girl
>still look and dress like a girl to this day
>they start teasing me and I'm going down on Ann for the first time soon
>her pussy is still perfectly smooth
>Ann asks if she can go down on me in return
>Haley says yes and is really into it
>Ann tries sucking my dick but it just feels weird
>Haley makes her move down a bit and try my ass
>Haley has to cover my mouth to keep me from squealing
>eventually she cums from watching us go at it
>clean her up like I always do and we all go to sleep
Le Twitch man has arrive-ed.
Molestchan, is that you?!

P.S. to all who are awaiting an update, I have to delay it to Saturday 0:00/12 AM CT, sorry.
What does it take to get you there? What kind of sex do you like now?

Fucked up the formatting and repeated myself but whatever

> rubs herself in my lap
> dare
> top comes off, bra comes off
> big tits, cute tiny nipples
> rub her back and slip my hand around to her stomach
> rub rub
> kiss once
> she's deer in headlights
> freaked out
> leaves office early
> no fb, no chitchat, 2 days pass
> "I was high, I made a big mistake."
> here I sit masturbating over my lost barely legal smoking hot cousin
I'll take things that didnt happen for 200 alex
>Molestchan, is that you?!

>What does it take to get you there?
Just time. Its inevitable.

>What kind of sex do you like now?
Depends. Most of the time its normal. But the need gnaws at me, and it grows until I do something stupid.
no NO no i liked this show
It fucked me up mentally pretty bad, but all these fetishes provide for hours of entertainment!
Post a pic of pussy from behind with timestamp to fap to
File: 1451421706892.png (1MB, 1024x804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1024x804px
warning: degenerate gay shit incoming
>used to share a bedroom with my little brother
>when we hit puberty, we started watching porn and jerking off together
>at some point we started "helping each other out" by trading handjobs
>this eventually led to swapping blowjobs, too
>I felt weird about that, but he really liked sucking mine even if I didn't return the favor
>so I settled into a regular habit of "letting" him blow me while he jerked himself off
>as we got older he even talked me into fucking him every once in a while, though I wasn't usually up for going that far
>I felt really guilty about all of this, especially about fucking him
>but every time I told him we should stop, he always begged me into letting him do it again
>kept telling myself I shouldn't do it cause he was my little brother, but really I think I was just trying to convince myself I wasn't a fag
>then in college I got a serious girlfriend, and that was enough excuse to finally stop doing stuff with my brother
>we haven't talked about it since then, even after I broke up with my girlfriend a couple years later
>things are sorta awkward and distant between us now
>I still feel guilty about the whole thing, not sure how he feels about it, kind of afraid to ask
>part of me feels like he should be mad at me for taking advantage of him, even though I know he probably doesn't feel that way
>another part of me kinda wants to start things back up with him, even though I know that would probably be a huge mistake
>dunno wtf is even going on with my sexuality at this point, kinda feel like I'm "done" with girls, but too afraid to try experimenting with guys
Do you like getting fucked in the ass still?
Do you have actual sex with a real dick, or not?
>Be me. Be 17.
>Sister is 14 and has friend.
>Sister and friend are really well developed for 14.
>I'm home all alone with my sister and friend.
>I go to bathroom at night. Can hear thru wall.
>I can hear my sisters friend moaning.
>Not having sex, but prank calling.
>I take moment to listen to make sure ^^
>The friend makes really hot sounds! BONER
>I take my time to enjoy the fake moans.
>Look around bathroom to see panties.
>Friend had left panties on ground.
>Be me, take the panties and sniff.
>smells pretty good!
>Now I'm real horny.
> Now I'm jerking off into her panties.
>Moans continue while doing it.
>Sister joins in on moans.
>Even better!
>Want to burst in and make them really moan.
(Never actually did because I'm a pussy)
>Continued for the next week or so to repeat.
>friend comes over a lot! yay!.
>two weeks late, go on family trip, friend too.
> While everyone gone, I find panties.
>I repeat before.
>Hear sounds from door, they're back.
> rush to put penis away and throw panties.
>Never did finish that night.
>Want to fuck them so bad.
(Sad ending :( )
>Do you have actual sex with a real dick, or not?
any nudes ever come from that story?
So you just fuck random guys sometimes? Are you depressed?
You know with a man instead of dildo's etc.
don't do anything please
>So you just fuck random guys sometimes?

>Are you depressed?

I'm not him but:
>No matter who he is or what he likes
And if he is happy fapping to incest threads like this? if he want the P, would you?
>I want him to be happy

trust me sit on his face. i mean unless u don't want him to be happy, liar.
>And if he is happy fapping to incest threads like this? if he want the P, would you?
More pics now
Look my diamond dick aside I don't want anything to happen to you. Letting people that love you know what happened is a good step to any sort of alleviation. I know depression is a serious thing and not easily treatable but that doesn't mean that you should stop fighting. You're a good person, Anon. I'm sorry your dad wasn't. If I could take care of you I would.
i made out with my 12 year old cousin once when I was 16 while i was watching their place. Thats about it.

True story, not like 99% of these fake ones.

I used to babysit her all the time as kids, we grew up together as good friends and always wresled and goofed around.

One time we were laying on each other watching a disney movie, cant remember which and she looks at me and sneers and sticks her tongue out. So I do it back, then she sticks it out further while pushing her face in closer like shes trying to compete with me. I did the same, after about 3-4 times repeating our tongues touched and then we both just kinda started making out for like a solid 15 minutes.

Never spoke of it again between each other, was awkward at first for a while to see each other but now were both in our 20s and act like it never happened.
I'll fight as long as I can. I just know one day it will get the better of me.
File: 1455507791806.jpg (355KB, 1055x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355KB, 1055x750px

i knew a girl just like you and its weird since when you are young you don't often realise the signs of someone who was raped/molested.

I hate myself for not seeing it sooner in that someone she would like the same stuff i like but she would be a little weirder about it. She wasn't an emo or goth, a metalhead for sure she would often cut a pentagram on some place on her body often in class.

Her replies.

> My daddy told me to stop that

I disregarded what she said, but the more disturbing is the way she said it.

I learn later whilst everyone else knew she had a mental breakdown in class. Never saw her again after that. I was told she had left the town with her mom.


Later that day one of her friend told me.
Maybe making us happy would make you feel a little better also.
I envy this. A nice chubby butt on my face its all i need right now.
I hope it doesn't. But I'll keep you in my heart like all the other fallen depressed girls that ended it. One more normal pic so I can remember of you better?
Never shared this story before but fck it.

>Be 13, sister 12.
>Both physically more developed than average for that age.
>Developed titties.
>Blue eyes, blonde hair masterrace.
>I have black hair.
>People always tell us we dont look like brother and sister.
>Started joking one of us is adopted.
>One night she comes into my room.
>Me reading a book
>''Hey Anon, what are you reading''.
>She tells me she wants to do something together
>Ok, whatever was bored with reading anyways
>Ask what she wants to do
>''Actually just want to talk to you about something''
>''K tell me what it is'' I say.
>She kinda hesitates
>''What is it sis?''
>She tells me it is kinda weird.
>We developed a good bond lately.
>No daddy, borderline crazy mom.
>She tells me she feels weird a lot of the time lately.
>''Feel weird how?''
>She describes she gets horny at night
>''Why would you tell me about that''
>''Its worse when I think about you'' she tells me.
>Tell her its normal she gets horny sometimes and that its just part of getting older.
>The fuq i know im talking about.
>I'm ignoring the part about me.
>Feel weird ask her to leave.

if interest will continue.
>being 17 and letting your dad still molest you
Tfw my ridiculous story of being molested and turned into a sissy fuck toy as a child sounds so ridiculous no one would believe me

But yeah we just don't talk about it at all either.
Goddamn you fucking squandered that opportunity. I'm "mostly" straight, but if I'd grown up with a horny little brother who wanted my dick as bad as your brother wanted yours, I would've taken out all my crazy teenage libido on his mouth instead of my hand. How often did you let him suck you off? What made you feel guiltier about fucking his butt than you did about fucking his mouth?
go on
Go on...

only if you add a rare pepe
tits with face
You just killed my boner.
Just a story dude, could be made up for all you know. (This is the guy who wrote that.)
You're a beautiful woman. I'm grateful you're alive. I hope you find happiness.
Male here. I was repeatedly molested and raped by my uncle starting at 9 years old after my parents divorced and were each forced to move in with their parents, with me getting shuttled back and forth between grandparent's homes.

I do believe I wanted to murder him, so for all of you who think its hot, a big fuck you.
Err on the side of caution
You should talk to some professional hookers about this. As corny as it seems they're great therapists because they've been through everything and they've seen and heard everything.
someone is really crying for attention.

Must be true, that or you're just fucked up and like to make up stories to catch interest.
File: LeRareToadMeme.jpg (26KB, 415x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 415x386px
Is this pleasing enough? Should this cover for the other anon who's writing the story?
>I would've taken out all my crazy teenage libido on his mouth instead of my hand
Well I mean, I don't see how I "squandered" it, since that's basically what I did? I barely ever jacked off, I let him blow me practically every night when we were going to bed, it was a regular routine for us.

I felt a lot guiltier about fucking him because... I dunno, I guess when he was blowing me it felt like I was just passively "letting" it happen? But when I fucked him, there was no getting around the fact that I was, you know, actively fucking my little brother up the ass. No matter how much he wanted it, I still felt like I was taking advantage of him.
This is your father, Ive been thinking of you ever since i left your mother. Lets meet up and have fun like old times!
File: MH.png (1MB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 768x1024px

Guilted my mom into blowing me. Had to go get shot at in Iraq to do it, but TANSTAAFL I guess.

> be 23 graduated from college with ROTC commission
> get orders to Iraq cuz WMDs and muh freedum
> living alone with mom until deploy date
> she's freaking out that I'll be killed maimed and keeps trying to cram as many memories as she can into what time we have left
> always asking "What do you want to do today?", What should we do next?, Anything you''e wanted to try?
> my Oedipus kicks in and i develop a plan-- she won't fuck her son, but women think blowjobs don't "count" so I'll go for that
> next time she asks what we should do I suggest a blowjob in a way I can play it off as a joke if she freaks
> she doesn't freak, but isn't thrilled "I'm not saying no, but we'll have to see."
> her lack of freak kinda freaks me out. Did she know about my crush? Had she found my incest porn?
> next day we're making annoying chit-chat and I'm trying to figure out how to intiate the blowjob when SHE FUCKING BRINGS IT UP!
> She gives me a completely mechanical blowjob
> won't take off her clothes
> won't look at me
> no variation at all, just dick in mouth head up and down
> won't let me come in her mouth (I made the mistake of telling her when I was about to come)
> Afterwards she grabbed a washcloth to clean me and got a drink

My heart was beating so hard from adrenaline.... it never beat that fast when I had Iraqis shooting at me!

Nothing sexual ever happened again. She shut down my attempts to bring it up. She smacked my hand off her bum whenever I tried to touch it.

Best blowjob ever though. Pic semi-related... she looked like a chubbier version of the actress.
Basically this continues for another ten months.

>Haley likes to make me eat her out under blankets next to our mom, finger her in the lake next to the other kids, etc
>she peed on me sometimes as like a dominance thing I think, yet another fetish evolves
>Ann is being taught to fuck me by Haley, fingers at first and then a vibrator
>Haley now dresses me up in female clothes whenever our parents are out
>start having orgasms from anal and am suddenly way more into it
>eventually Haley moves out to her dad's
>Ann and I continue for a bit but stop after a while

And now I'm fucked enough in the head to be taking hrt and wearing skirts. Ann and I are still close tho, and we always sleep in the same bed when one of us is over at the others place. Usually wake up cuddling, but haven't done anything else since.
Just be sure you don't pass on the favor
If I wanted attention I'd go back to posting on /cuteboys/ or write out the green text better.

Speaking of well written incest, has anyone heard from Rob and Em?
>>I find out that cousin scored 80 on an IQ test, nearly retarded

That's only 5 points below the AVERAGE nigger.

She's not retarded . . . she probably has the problem solving ability of the average White 14 yr old (again like Blacks).
You're racist???
Rob had a drunken car wreck a while back and is rumored to be dead. Let's hope ain't dead.

>Next day, she comes back.
>Im reading that same shitty book again.
>She sits herself down next to me on my bed.
>Tells me she has been feeling weird again and kisses me on my cheek.
>The night before I was thinking about what she said and got a aroused about it.
>Fapped hard.
>I get aroused again, but I dont say anything.
>She gives me a kiss again but this time closer to my mouth.
>Feels weird but dont ask her to leave this time.
>I'm getting kinda hard.
>She notices. ''Do you like me?''
>''Of course I like you, you are my sister''
>She kisses me straight on the mouth.
>Decide to just give in, the weirdness makes place for a more comfortable feeling.
>Grow a full boner.
>She notices and rubs it while it is in my pants.
>We're both not saying a thing.
>Touch her breasts.
>She puts her hand inside my pants.
>I never been that horny before.
>Ask her if I can take of her shirt
>''Of course Anon''
>Proceed to take of her shirt and her bra while being at it.
>Struggle to take bra off, because no experience
>She takes it of herself.
>''Can you lick me there Anon?''
>Hell yeah I can
>We lay down on my bed and I continue to lick her hard nipples.
>She continues stroking my hard cock.
>''Can I show you how to really do it?'' I ask.
>She nods.
>Show her how I always jerk off
>''Now you do it''

To be continued
added the rare pepe
How old was she? Dad still around?
Lies. but still nice to read.
She looked like that? Did she dead now?

She was 44.

Divorced when I was in kindergarten and I only saw my dad a couple times a year.

I really wish she'd have been open to a sexual relationship.

13 years later her looks have taken a hard hit (she's completely gray now), but I'd still like to fuck her.
>Be me
>Approximately 12 years old, approaching 8th grade at the time
>Everyone but me is asleep
>Sneak out of my room into my Mom's bedroom where she lies alone
>Spoon behind her and slip my hands into her bra
>Pick up her incredibly heavy and large breasts
>Twist and squeeze nipples as they get hard
>Try to feel her pussy
>Touch her ass
>She keeps almost waking up and moaning with her eyes closed
>I nearly bust a nut and see her breasts with my own two eyes
>Get out of there with slight precum on my boxers front
Keep it going boss
>She looked like that? Did she dead now?

She looked like that +20 or 30 lbs.

>Lies. but still nice to read.

No, true. Were it not for Dubya and the Jew Crew wanting to take out Saddam for Israel, it never would've happened.
why the hrt tho? wasnt just crossdressing enough? haley seem pretty deviant to have gotten such ideas at such a young age. what effect had it on her current self ?
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