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Ask guy who used to bang his sister anything pic unrelated

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ask guy who used to bang his sister anything

pic unrelated
whats your relationship with her now?
>used to

why did you stopped ?

we are still close and would probably still bang but I had to move to another country to attend university while she stayed at our home town.
is she hot? post pics of her
If you want I can post girl that is very similar to her but I will no post her actual pics
How did it start, what was her age, older younger..if possible greentext story...
what was it like growing up in the middle east?
Are you satanic?

>be me
>about 10 years old
>my parents worked all day long and when I wasn't at school I spent time with my sister (~2 years younger)
>there was virtually no other kids around, it was "elderly" neighbourhood
>so we were playing various shitty games, sometimes what I wanted, sometimes what she wanted
>one day she read some encyclopedia-for-kids kind of book where she apparently saw nude person being examined by a doctor
>I guess she liked it
>"hey anon i have a new game we can play"
>she explains to me that she wants us to take turns "examining" each other, including being nude
>i was really bored and i was banned from watching tv (we didn't have a computer yet) for some shit I've done

never been there
fuck you cont? niggers, i didnt even read your shit story because of it
yes please
dont get mad, I just wanted to make sure I'm not the only one left in this bread
Chill b/ro
>Only one
>9 posters
Did you blast her cervix with your manchowder?

Sides mine
Did you fuck her in the butt, also who initiated it ?.
cont pls
Tell the little whore to wear her crusty panties over her face like a Bain mask and degrade herself on cam for us op.

so we somehow decided that she will get naked first
>i wasn't really sure what exactly should I do to her, so I put my hand on her forehead, belly, ass and pre-tits to "check temperature"
>also I asked her to spread her vag
note this was first time I've seen naked girl besides porn mag my buddy showed to me

my turn
I got naked

>she wasn't as clueless as I was
>after few seconds of "foreplay" she kneeled down and started examining my weewee
>she was really fascinated by it, i guess she never seen one besides that book of hers
>she touched my balls, which tickled me and I almost told her to gtfo
>sis grabbed my dick and held on to it for a while
>it got a little bit harder
>she noticed that and i think it suprised her, but didn't say a word

will cont in a second
OP = faggot.

also- yes. She is infertile so I am lucky in that matter
yup, I initiated buttfuck
I don't want to fucking hear about 2 dumb kids I wanted a slutty adult sister that knew she was a whore and wanted her brothers dick.
how do you feel about this?
Continue the story. Lots of details.
stop taking so fucking long OP
cont pls
Why? Because u are a lying faggot?
Don't leave me hanging b/ro
these shitty stories are so obviously bullshit theyre not even fappable

Did you cum inside of her?

>she noticed that foreskin can retract
>she did so, jerked it back
>i knew that it was getting even more interesting for her and I started to feel it too
>dick was as erect as it could be
>sis noticed that I gasped when she did that, so she repeated it a couple times, it became pleasant for me
>after that she said "i think i should check whether its healthy all the way
>"what do you mean?"
>"i'll check whether its tasty"
>(i have no idea what logic was behind that)
>so she did
>she put her mouth around my dick
>not a blowjob, it rested on her tongue like on a pillow
>i got excited, it was something that I've seen in that porn mag mentioned earlier
>she wrapped her lips around it like it was a drinking straw or something
>after few seconds she let it out
>it was all wet
>"i think you are set mr anon, we can make an appointment for next visit"

that was our first "sexual" thing
no one is making you fap
Post related pics or GTFO!
This is an image board!
no, because I don't want to expose her identity and I know what /b/ is capable of

don't worry about that

sorry, my keybord barely works

almost exclusively (she likes the feeling of being filled with it), but not until I turned... 14-15 ish
This is an imageboard for 18+ too anon.
pls moarr
what do you want now?
Ask and you shall receive.

except fucking photos of her. I can post pic semi-related but not her for obvious reasons.
They are fine too anon. Post em
What was your first sex with her like?
I didn't see anything about underage in the post I replied to. Should've mentioned it right there, not later.
Talk about the first time your sister ejaculated you.
Was there any funny story of you two?

Did you two ever realise what was going on and there was this awkward moment or period?

Did you sister ever have bf? you said this continued until you left for uni overseas.

what do you exactly "feel" towards your sister? are you just "siblings with benefits" or is there actual connection going on?

how do you think what you two were doing affected your inside of home and outside of home relationship and appearance?

Curious/bored mind here, thanks OP
Funny, because I'm talking about you.
welp.. im hard now
its basically her, but my sis is probably 5-10 kilograms heavier, especially in tits and hips department.
B is capable of jacking off to your fantasies
File: aaaaaaaa.jpg (330KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330KB, 1000x1500px
I'm a fucking moron, here's the pic
Score. Nice.
Oh snap, you got me. Little shit.
in a second

finally, someone with questions. I'm honestly glad.

>yes, it's related to what I'll post to >>658318067

>she did have a boyfriend in period when we fucked (obviously it stopped for then) but she broke up with him really quickly

>I feel that she is my sister, but I don't feel... sexually repelled by her. It's like a relationship with a little younger, fragile girl, you get what I mean? I love her as my sister and I am very close to her as someone I'm sticking my johnson plus we have a solid friendship going on

>it didn't affect our in-home ..anything. We hanged out a lot anyway because as I said before- there was very little company of our age around, so us "watching movies" late at night wasn't suspicious.
On the outside- I am not sure, but i think that we hid our thing well. We never got "oh i thought you guys were a couple" thing from anyone.

there was no awkward period actually. Not even a day
also, she has an innie
Lol such a b/ro thing to say
Thanks for the info, anon. Looking forward to that story, sounds promising
Actually sounds pretty cool.
After the first time you guys "played around" how did sex happen when you guys grew up? was it voluntarily and just happened regularly or one of you had to ask? I feel like your sister is a super cool person, much more than the people I am around anyways. :/

btw what is your major in university and after you are done, do you plan to keep this secret going.

Do you plan on getting a gf or married, if so what will you do about your sister?

If she ever gets pregnant, IF, what are your plans?
File: giphy[1].gif (2MB, 350x263px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 350x263px
falcon punch
wat i don't understand?
Instant abortion.
Also checked.

>be me
>about a year after blow-doctor incident
>we were doing similar things but with less "play" about them
>we basically skipped the "foreplay" and let each other explore our bodies
>jerking of my dick became something that I could gladly call a routine
>many times I almost came, but right when "pre-cum" feeling overwhelmed me, I always stopped her
>I couldn't "get over the hump", I hope you will understand what I mean
note that I never jerked on my own before
>this was going on when our parents were actually home
(we had a pretty large house, so we were not afraid of getting caught)
>she started jerking/blowing me
>got way better in blowjob game
>actually started to use her tongue
>shit started to geting close
>anontrain was on the straight track to cumville, population none (yet)
>i was determined to let her do anything she wanted "untill the end"
>determined to overcome pre-cum excitation and to see what's next
>she kept going
>"ithinkicanithinkicanithinkican"- thought me
>it was time
>it was way more intense that i was prepared to
>as i came I for some reason pushed her head away
>some of my cum (or at least 11yo cum-prototype) got in her eye
>(it wasn't a cumshot, but rather it seemed like shaking a drop of liquid off a finger)
>she was fucking shocked
>i saw that fucking face
>face of a child that is going to cry
oh shit
i knew what was coming
>she ran out of my room crying
>she is going to fuck me up in front of our parents
>I ran after her in order to stop her, but she got a head start (lol) so I catched her already being asked "what happened" by mother
>i was overwhelmed by fear
>it actually became a little darker for me, i saw some black spots infront of my eyes
>she opened her mouth

>"muuuum, anon spit in my eye!"

I was grounded for a week. I was so fucking happy.
I guess while she was running she realized that she was this [ ] close to fucking us both up
so she made up that thing.

clever girl
based sister op
soo wanna a green text about that?

she is super chill actually, she is very bright and she talks a lot, but never speaks without thinking. She is really cool.

law, I dunno actually. I'm going back to my hometown after I'm done (at least for a while) so we'll see.

I haven't met any girl that would tickle me in way that would make me put a ring on it, so not at the moment. If I'll meet that person- we will have a serious, long and emotional talk with my sis I guess and we will stop it for sure.

She is infertile, and we knew it before I put by dingdong in her vajayjay
Please greentext the first time you guys had sex.
>clever girl

I'm out, she turns out to be a raptor.
type faster nigger, it's 01:32 here and you better give me a good storey I can think of in my sleep since I'm visiting my parents this week and can't really fap

Greentext some more of your stories and adventures anon
Lots of details too
are you the guy that got stabbed?
Think harder before posting.
What were your ages during your most recent sexual encounter?
File: image.jpg (53KB, 500x581px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 500x581px
no, I've been lurking this thread for 15 mins now, it started off good with the greentext but now all the people asking you personal details of your life, what you wanna do later and all thr roleplaying are killing my raging boner and making me angry. I'll probably have to beat up my parents if you stop and it'll be on u.
>post when u guys had sex
>emotional bonding, sweet things you said to each other, rp and shit
hello officer, I'm Brian. May I offer you a coffe?
File: 1398230942148.png (8KB, 493x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 493x402px
OP did say ask him anything...
How do you feel about my dubs
>going to a brothel
>asking for a hug
need I say more or can u infer your retard level is off the charts from this?
kek fgt die in a fire
They are like your dick. Short by four.
Keked hard

>fast forward few years
>i'm 14/13 (I'm really bad with dates and such)
>we were having oral sex almost every day
>she never spit
>not a single time except eye incident

but that was just me bragging, let's get on with the story

>new years eve
>parents went to some party
>me and my sister were invited, some kids were as well, so we were stoked about it
>but suddenly bad case of something strucked me and tied me to my bed (i got ill, my head hurt like hell and shit)
>convinced parents to go ahead without me (i was actually hoping for them to stay with me but they left anyway
>my lovely sis decided that she will keep me company so I won't get sad at first seconds of new year
>ff couple hours
>we were watching some shit on tv
>some movie we've seen more than milion times
>not really paying attention
(it's hard paying attention making out with a hot girl)
>I remembered that my parents had a cabinet filled with various alcohol bottles
>I asked her whether she wants to drink some and she happily said 'yes'
>i went to the cabinet
>there was vodka, wine, whisky etc in all shapes and sizes
but wait
>they will notice a bottle missing
im a smart moron
>i took a tall glass
>filled it with mix of all bottles' content
(i figured that parents wouldn't notice small amount missing from every bottle)
>it wasn't a good idea, but I didn't know any better, my only experience with alcohol was "drinking" beer foam from my dad sometimes.
>brought it back to sister
>we took turns drinking it

it tasted like pakistani kid's shit wrapped in mcdonald's breakfast muffin, but we tried to play it cool in front of each other not to seem like "the weak one"

>we drank about half of the glass and became somewhat wasted
>we both got horny
>started to 69
>i licked her like a madman
>her pussy tasted like a dream, especially because it helped me to forget anon's mix drink
>she sucked me just as furiously, i think my dick tasted way better too
what was your first time actually having REAL sex? explain.
haven't read yet but cont.
Also, you fags better support this guy for once, today OP is a cool guy
I can relate to these stories because I fucked my sister when I was younger too.
>people believe this
sure we still have another 150 replies bfore bump limit
>hating in glorious thread
>implying anyone cares whether it's fake as long as it has no dinosaurs and it's told well
Kill yourself already please. You're the guy everyone avoids at parties.
While he types that up, anyone want me to greentext some of my sexy times with my new bitch?
I'm a good writer, and I also don't want to start a whole new thread.. There's also a story behind it all, if anyone would like to hear!
Ask away b/ros
do it
don't worry, it will happen.

I will not let you down man.

>i wanted to go deeper
>i never put my finger in her pussy before, only played "outside" and on her clit
>i stoped sucking her beautiful hot pussy and began to move my finger inside of it
>she noticed it and for a second stopped blowing me, but after she realized that it's pleasant too she got back to work
>i got pretty deep (or so i thought), maybe half my finger was inside
>it was an amazing feeling, she was so warm and tight, i felt that she is so delicate inside
>i started to fuck her with my finger, obviously being very gentle
>i didn't want that beauty to get hurt
>suddenly she took my dick out of her mouth leaving it all wet and ready to do anything
>"i have an idea" she said
>"i want to try something"
>sure, do what you want
>i didn't yet realized what she had in mind
>i was going to be the luckiest guy in the world
>she turned around to face me (she was on top of me)
>i started to already miss the sight and smell of her pussy
>she looked me in the eyes
"can i do it?"
>for some reason I was still clueless but i instantly said "yes"
>she grabbed my dick
>she tried to sit on it, to get it inside of her
>it couldn't fit
>it feeled like I was trying to put it somewhere where there is no hole for it
>she struggled with it for a while
>she was wet but it wasn't enough I guess
> i was that she was embarassed by it
I felt that I can't let her feel like this. I wanted it just as much as she wanted it.
>i sat down to kiss her
>while i was kissing her, I moved her under me in classical position
>i knew what to do. Not from porn, not from mags. I don't know where from
>while looking her in the eyes I started to push my dick against her wet pussy
>it was wet like i poured some oil on her
>i've pushed the head in
>she moaned and held my back and arms with weird strenght
>i felt her nails biting in my skin
>i was almost halfway inside
OP here. I would really appreciate if you would start your own thread. I will bump it, but don't make a mess here please. I'm doing my best here to deliver.
yes, gotta back up OP here, sorry man
File: 1431268514193.jpg (159KB, 960x636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 960x636px
Really concerned confused and worried boner right now...

Pic: not really related, but somewhat...
keep it up anon, this is tight
this is making me cry, in a good way.
Please don't put no dinosaur in the end
>that pic
>my sides
born too late to explore the Earth
born too soon to explore galaxy
born just in time to witness epic thread
File: Hip Drahve.jpg (475KB, 660x3608px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hip Drahve.jpg
475KB, 660x3608px
bamp for OP <3

The adventures of me and my new bitch stemmed from my ex braking up with me after joining a sorority. I stuck through the entire pledging (Actually hazing, if you went to college) process, and did everything I could to support her.
>Start hanging with this other athlete that lives in my building
>We both play on a college team, coincidentally both smoke weed as well
>She starts coming to my room less frequently to smoke, says it smells like shit bc of my other two roommates
>Starts inviting me over
Fast forward a month
>We're comfortable to the point where we're laying in bed together
>Start making moves on her,
>at first she's hesitant because knows I was fucked up after my ex
>Persuade her that I've got no feelings left for ex
>lets me spoon her
>10 minutes in she starts pushing her nicely formed D1 Lacrosse ass on my crotch
>Cop a feel
>Erection starts forming, she can tell
>No words are being spoken, just our breathing and the sound of ours clothes being vigorously rubbed

thank you
>she was gasping and moaning
>i started going back and forth
>immediately felt that I will cum within next few seconds
>concentrated all my willpower not to
>not yet
>i want her to feel amazing
>i was so happy that she stayed with me. I really appreciated it. She didn't stay to have sex. She stayed so I could feel better. And I wanted her to know that I appreciated it.

>she was moaning harder and harder
>i don't think she was in much pain and if she was (she was a virgin after all), I don't think that it was dominating feeling
>i rested my hear against her, kissing her neck
>at this point it felt like she was filled with lube inside, my precum mixed with her thing made my dick slide in and out easily, and yet she was so tightly holding me with her lips that I knew I will not escape. I didn't even want to.
>I wanted to keep it up, but I couldn't anymore
>I told her that I'm going to cum
>she held me with her arms and wrapped her legs around me. I felt so good at that moment.
>I couldn't move away anymore
"i want you to do it in me"
>i did
>i filled her with my juice
>her hips suddenly moved, she felt me filling her
>she was happy about it
>it pleased her
>it brought her pleasure
>she moaned loudly with me
>my dick was all inside of her
>after a while my cum started to drip out of her
>we didn't mind
>we laid together
>i didn't need any other fireworks
No. We don't give a fuck about you meeting a girl. GTFO. Let OP write about him fucking his sister, that's interesting.
Mate mate your own thread

whoa guys, I really appreciate it.

come on dude, don't spamm my thread. Don't be that guy.
This is epic.

When was the last time you guys had sex?

Ever been close to getting caught?

Lately, before she moved out, would you just say "lets fuck" and you guys would fuck? Or would it be in the heat of the moment?
Fuck off to your own thread
part of me thinks this is really fucked up that you came in your sister but the other half is hoping you two end up married and in love or something
Sorry OP :(

it was just before I moved out (she stayed in our hometown), so "I would have something to keep my mind on"

>yes, but it's a very short story.

We were 69in hard, and after that she left my room wearing nothing but sweaty underwear

She walked right past our mother, but she quickly explained that she just "wanted to check whether anon's room was just as hot as hers, because she thinks that radiator is broken or something and it's sooo hoooot". She bought that.

I'm not realy sure what you mean by
"Lately, before she moved out, would you just say "lets fuck" and you guys would fuck? Or would it be in the heat of the moment?", could you explain?
Fuck off
soooo, any more questions?
Ever done anal? If so, story?
Do you keep in touch?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (94KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 1280x720px
Did anyone else know? Any friends or anything?

Did you ever thought that what you were doing was wrong?

Any pregnancy scares?

Did you go to the same school? If so, any stories?
Thanks for your answers.

What I meant was, would you just tell her "Hey I want to have sex", and you guys would fuck? Or would you guys have sex at random times?
File: IMG_3170.jpg (163KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 717x960px
OP I really like the way you type and you seem like a really nice guy.
I wish I had you as a friend.
Good luck in life, sounds like you really got something sweet going on
Op have you done anal with her?
yes, it's rare that we go a day without some texts/a phonecall. We don't sext or anything, but we do miss each other like crazy.
I don't think so.


no, she is infertile

yes, and actually no stories, she was ready to blow me in toilet, but I didn't want to degrade her like that

it wasn't such an impresive story, but sure

>my friend told me that he fucked his gf in the ass and that it was cash
>i thought that it might be an interesting idea
>i introduced sis to that idea next time we were naked together
>i was really stoked about it
>she wasn't as much
>she told me that we could try it, but I have to stop when she tells me to because it will hurt
>"sure, of course"
>so it began
>after a while of doing her sweet sweet vagina I took my dick out of it and started to sneak around her asshole
>I used some lube
>head went in without a problem, but second after that I felt her asshole tightening around my dick
>I couldn't go any further, but she wasn't kicking me out
>i gently stroked her back and hips
>"do you want me to stop?"
"no, it's ok"
>i knew that it hurt her, but decided to keep going as long as she is on board
>gently i went 1/3 in
>started going back and forth to warm her up a little
>she was ok with that lenght inside of her, but the moment I tried to go deeped she would tighten her anus and I could hear that she is making that gasping "tssss" sound because she is in pain
>after a while I went 2/3 in and I was very close to cumming
>it was something different
>not as welcoming and pleasant as her vag, but tighter and more... different, new
>i liked it
>i asked her where should I cum
>with last few moves I came, but I came as I moved back, so in a moment my semen began to pour out of her.
>for a while i watched it drip out of her ass on her pussy
>I laid down on my back, happy
>she cuddled with me, her head on my chest
>"was it good for you too?" i asked
>yes, because it was for you.
Wouldn't be killed if you guys would've let me keep going with my story..
it was mostly like this
>we did something non-sexual (movies, games etc)
>we got tired/bored
>we laid down
>starded to make out
>sex of some sort
It's not dead, don't worry.
I'm still here.

It's still cool to ask me questions of any kind. I like answering them.

that's a nice thing to hear, thank you.
>it wasn't such an impresive story, but sure
Nigga, you butt-fucked your sister. Thats impressive no matter what.
Thread posts: 132
Thread images: 12

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