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Wincest greentext? Wincest greentext.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest greentext?

Wincest greentext.
Op is a fag
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Join the god damn group, incest lovers.
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>Lovin the grannytastic panties on your asian bitch, anon
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More of that chick?
bumping for sister stories
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>Did you tell her mother you banged the shit out of her? Pic related
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Pic related
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>>I think this shit was off FAcebook. No wait, it was my wincest-tastic sister, I mean...
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Have a bump.
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>God damn Americans and their Spic Culture.
anyone have nudes of their sister in here

Thanks man, I was only around for the first part of this, figured it would show up all together at some point, that was an epic day :)
Start by dumping then ask.
i wish i had em
Do you have any pictures of you sister? Post em and say what you'd do to her.
Anyone know where the original is from? Google isn't helping :/
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Fuck you cuck ass fucking candyass wincest roody-poos.
>>MFW I ain't a mad rapper but an MC with a temper.
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A few days ago I came across Rob's story through this google drive. Hasn't been updated since the 9th though so if anyone has more (if he's written more I'd love to keep reading it.

Also if anyone hasn't read it yet, it's long but definitely worth it. I haven't gotten around to reading anything but Robs' stuff in this drive yet, but this should keep most of you busy.

/ folderview?id=0B3YMBdhaJ7qjUDNPNS1TX3JVVlU&usp=drive_web#list
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not a wincest
>had 9/10gf because east europe
>we are young and bang like crazy
>parents go to the summer villa for weekend
>call her to come stay at home
>all friday weed fuck eat chill
>at night we drunk and stoned as fuck
>convince her to let my dog (pointer) fuck her
>she like it
>whole saturday fuck her with the dog
>when her or my parents are out call her or go to her home with the dog
>we break up
>a half year latter check her facebook
>i see she bought a labrador retriever
literally made her a dog bitch
You've done all right for yourself, anon. Post any pictures of the dog bitch that you can.
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Has there been anything new since the hot topic scene?
Didn't work for me.
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who is this chick
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Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 28

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