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Stories of where a girl has either tricked you or forced you

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Stories of where a girl has either tricked you or forced you into cumming in her.
Do like feminists and learn to say no dude, had a bat crazy bf but I yanked my conscience from being horny to pissed. Just pulled my dick out and left.
on time i was having sex with this chick and she said she was on birth control but now she's prego
yes, two of my exes.. one rode me and didnt stop even though i started yelling for her to; the other moved with me as i tried to pull my dick out
had sex with a girl i knew since childhood after a recent breakup with girlfriend, normally pull out and nutt on gf's stomach so went to do the same with this girl , she tells me shes on the pill and its "ok". Feel guilty if i pull out so i bust inside her. 5 months on still no child. Hoping for the best
not quite on topic but... I had a GF that used to blow me until I was a second away from coming then get me to stick my dick in her pussy and come immediately... this used to make her come!
That is why you should always wear a condom and never trust girls.
Yeah but condoms are shit
have a decent story. keep thread alive and i'll post
I had one do that, then pull the "I'm pregnant" shit three years ago. I told her I wanted a paternity test, and haven't heard a single fucking word since.

I may have gotten lucky, but I won't fall for that shit twice.

Exact same thing happened to me /b/ro. I told her to stop cos I was about to bust a nut, she was all like "I don't wanna stop". I raised myself up a bit and literally pushed her off. Don't fall for that trap.

I cum in my gf every time we have sex ...so what? she is on birth controle and we're in a relationship for 3 years
Wearing condom vs having to pay abortion or child support... hmmmm... Priorities you tard. fucking priorities
unwanted kids are worse

We'll see if you're still all "so what" when you're changing nappies at 3am.
>dated girl in high school, first true love
>forced to break up when i go away to college, because she "didn't want to hold me back from experiencing college to the fullest"
>despite what you infer, this was not for her to sleep around herself. she was a really innocent girl at that time
>every break when i go home, we see each other
>we date other people, get in "serious" relationships, but always consider each other top priority when we're both home
>significant others do no get in between us
>as the years pass, she begins to drink more and more
>becomes a very sloppy drunk
>drinks = somewhat loses control
>one time, we go to a bar on the beach very late at night
>i get drunk, she gets drunk
>we walk down the beach
>out of nowhere, she takes her pants off and walks straight into the ocean
crazy chinese/english google trad
A condom is different from a person anon
>i'm not going to miss out on some potential ocean fucking, so i strip down to my boxers and follow her in
>we start grinding in the shallow water, up to our mid-sections
>making out
>the problem is that the waves are strong and we keep getting knocked around
>go back to the shore
>she lays on her back in the sand
>sort of a hippie chick, doesnt care about getting super sandy
>i got on my knees in front of her
>she sits up and pulls my cock out of my boxers and starts to suck my dick to get me hard


True dat.

Was with a girl for 1,5 y, she needed to change her birth pills, told me about it, but I totally forgot, and 3 weeks later she got pregnant and wanted to keep the baby...

>I'm pretty sure she knew she was in danger zone when we fukked and didn't reminds me at the time (I could have cum elsewhere than vagina)

>dunno if it can be considered as "forced", but maybe "tricked", yea
Older Japanese chick I was fucking for a while done some crazy shit.

Was my last few days there, she was sucking me off and after I busted in her mouth she spat the cum in her hand then started rubbing it into her pussy while laughing

I just started laughing too
poster here: gf is like 98% infertil according to doctors, still using pill the chance i will get a son/dauther is like dying in a caraccident and eaten up by a dinosaur after.
>dick gets hard, but it takes a little while because im paranoid that people will be walking by
>luckily the beach is a bit of an incline so from my knees, my eye level is foot level with the very few people on the sidewalks 75 ft away
>anyway, her panties are slid to the side and my cock slides inside
>she's doing some major moaning and panting and arching her back. all the signs of a drunk chick thoroughly enjoying a cock
>then she does that thing where she arches her hips at a certain angle that makes the roof of her vagina rub the head of my dick
>when a chick does this, there is no holding back
>i tell her i'm going to cum
>she tells me not to pull out because she's going to cum
>i ask if she's still on birth control (because she had been for years and years)
>she says yes
>i thrust harder, knowing there's nothing to fear
>i feel her clenching her pussy, clenching her fists, and moaning/breathing hard
>she's cumming
>reach point of no return
>cum hard inside her
>collapse on her
>both breathing heavy
>shiggy diggy
smart anons only risk spilling the seed with based grills who practice the raw rhythm method and pull you out split seconds before you bust.
with a girlfriend of like 4 months and doing the do and about to pull out and what do ya know she wraps her legs round me and try's to lock me in

> have gf at beginning of university
> visit her in her flat
> she is usually very shy, hard to get so something kinky
> suddenly she freaks out
> pushes me against the wall
> imgettingrapedyay.jpg
> pulls down my trousers
> pushes me further into bathroom, i stumble over bath tub
> i try to resist but she just fucks that sauce out of me, i am helpless
> bestsexever.jpg
> her period won't come. she pregnant.
> looses child in 9th week or so
> beginning of a long story of on/off, mindfuck whatsoever.
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>be 17
>girl I just started dating finds out I'm a virgin
>she likes this
>next time we hangout she wants to take it
>tells me shes on birth control
>cum inside her
>she keeps the cum inside her til she gets home

for whatever reason this didn't set off a red flag for me

>break up with her a few weeks later
>still keep in touch
>years later we're talking about it
>she lets slip she wasn't on birth control
>mfw she lied to me
>mfw she tried to get pregnant on purpose
>dick is super sensitive when i pull out, ahh ahh ahh
>she just lays there, legs spread, tits out
>i soak it in
>seeing each other doesnt necessarily mean fucking, so each time we fuck it's like the first time
>so i just stare at her mostly naked body lying on the sand, legs spread where she just accepted my dick and my cum
>fucking magic
>then she whispers "i can feel your baby inside me"

>"what do you mean? like, hypothetically?"
One time I crashed at my friends after a party (about 12 people just stayed there to sleep) and I woke up with this girl on top of me riding me reverse cowgirl position. She was hot as fuck so I didn't day anything and pretended to be asleep. But right before I came I pushed her off and came on her back and stomach (she rolled around half way through) then I left
You are 15 or a nigger
If you don't think condoms are shit you are a confirmed virgin, nothing like going in bareback.
>dying in a car accident and eaten by a dinosaur
Cases of that happening are more common than you think
File: a.jpg (120KB, 178x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 178x658px
>she says "no, i mean i can actually feel the baby inside me"
>she's drunk, but i'm a little worried now
>"you said you're on the pill. aren't you on birth control?"
>"no, i lied. i'm ready for us to be together and i want your baby"
>"are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?"
>cant get a straight answer; she's too drunk
>"you have college. i have college. we have a lot left to accomplish before we have to drop it all for a kid"
>i get pissed
>she gets defensive
>i make her get dressed and walk back with me to my car
>we go to drug store
>i buy morning after pill
>go back to car
>make her take it
>she tries to "drop" it and not take it
>i catch her
>make her actually take it
>the end
birth control's not 100%. I got my gf pregnant. She took birth control and I always wore condoms.

She had a miscarriage. Mixed feelings about how that could have turned out.
One of the most obvious bullshit stories i've seen on here.
Jesus Christ, what kind of ghetto-ass bitches are y'all fucking that they can't wait to trap you with a baby?

>Be in high school
>Girlfriend's parents are gone for the week
>Invites me over
>She answers door in lingerie
>We proceed to fuck in the living room
>As I'm about to cum, she wraps her legs around my waist and bear hugs me.
>I'm forced to cum in her

Fast forward to today - I now have a six year old son with a girl I hate
She looks pretty shitty anon
I wish I were there

Condoms are shit tier contraception.

Their typical real-world failure rate is 16 per 100 couples per year.
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77KB, 500x667px



You feel 90% of what you did without.
that's strange considering it's 100% true
she's very sweet and very pretty. that was just the best picture i could find since we arent friends on social media anymore.

she's just a bit emotionally damaged since her mom is a drunk and she comes from a rich family that didnt give her the love she probably needed

Your GF was lying/cheating on you if you were using condoms, and none broke.

About a week after, she ran away with a 30 y.o guy for a few days. I had the cops coming to my house asking me if I knew where she was. Then this 30 y.o guy calls my house and talks to me while he was fucking her.

He was arrested. And when I found out she was pregnant I was praying to god it was his
post nudes of girlfriend you hate her so much
>Stupid ex used to get bored with mundane life. >Always needed to be anxious about nothing.
>Doesn't listen when I tell her to chill.
>Late one night she laughs and says.
>I took the placebos first baby.
>Five sugar pills aren't there anymore.
>Eventually I we broke up and I don't pursue women anymore, (check each first letter to see why)
> I have a IUD
> now we have a daughter
Your luck will run out, mine did. fucked my ex with no protection for over 4 years. thought i was charmed.......then...boom. Child support out the ass.
>Bri starts talking alot as we grind
>Talks about how niki is a whore and that she wants to steal me cuz i like her
>Talks a little about her dad and mom and how they dont let her have boy friends
>I sit on the stool and she sits on my lap and I just hold and feel her boobs as she talks to me
>Starts asking why I had her wear Nikis bra, do i think she dresses sexier than herself
>"No, I just thought it would be fun, but she is gross"
>"She is so gross, I dont even like staying at her house" bri says. which is bullshit cuz it is a fucking nice house and she has a whole wardrobe there, but whatever
>"I feel nasty even wearing her bra, I want to take a shower."
>We stand up and I'm saying that she should take a shower before we go to bed
>Im holding her from behind and we are rocking back and forth, im holding her tits still, they were so perfect
>She says I should stay with her while she showers
>"But would you be okay with me seeing these.."
>I squeeze her boobs and she presses the side of her head against mine
>"And you can't wear my boxers in the shower so I would, you know, be able to see..."
>I reach my right hand down and put my palm on the ouside of my boxers that she is wearing and grip her whole pussy
>"You know, this, and I don't know if you're ok with that."
>"UHHHH" She sighs, and then inhales, and exhales a deep breath
>"Anon you make me so fucking hot"
the only ones i had were back when we were 16. that was in like 2000 so the resolution was shit. long since deleted for fear of cp
>be 26
>live with 30 yr old gf
>we both work together
>new girl starts
>shes 18 and tiny
>we go out to my car on break
>sees my weed grinder and is like wat dat
>tell her grinder
>she makes silly voice and says ohh grinder and starts rotating hips and humping my seat
>realize im gonna bang this slut
>proceed to meet her after work and fuck the shit out of her
>mfw shed only been fucked one other time and was super tight
>proceed to start sneaking around and banging her every chance i can
>one day invite her over to the apt while gf at work
>hey slut want to smoke a bowl b4 we fuck?
>ok anon but i never have before
>fuck the shit out of her after she comes hard as fuck i can barely stop
>pull out come on matress and she screams NOOO I WANTED U TO COME IN ME
>mfw this crazy bitch proceeds to scoop my cum off the bed and try to put it in her pussy
>wat in the actual fuck
>next time just come in the bitch
>later she says she preggo
>ya right bitch. stop talking to her.
>no kid ftw
i was in that thread dude fuxk
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This thread is making me feel good that I'll never ever not use condom until vasagel or vasagel-like anticonception method is availible and safe to use.

Wrap your fucking dicks.
You should make an honest woman out of her
my nigger
nope. emotional damage sucks. dependency on drinking sucks. dependency on marijuana 3x a day sucks.

i moved on a long time ago. married now.
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>Laying with grill on couch
>other friend laying on floor in front of us
>all of us facing the tv
>bitch starts touching my junk
>i tell her to quit that shit cause guy in front of us has had a thing for her
>she keeps going
>i let it happen i guess
>she starts taking off her pants
>tell her to stop that shit
>she starts getting on top of me
>plz no
>slids my dick in
>have slow and quiet sex
>intense as fuck
>i cum inside
>she gets up and goes to bathroom to clean up
>i just sit there the rest of the nigth wondering if he knew

and thats how i lost my virginity

>pic related
Uhh. Damn son.
>tfw gay and can cum in my boyfriend without worrying about getting him pregnant
purdy good anon, purdy good
Never delete oc, kid. Give it to the masses, so that it may live on in /b computers for years to come.
babe im pregnant
That's not how it works
She was fucking someone else. Condoms + BC. No fucking way she still got knocked up.
I was born a woman. Cait was my name.

You sound like a selfish fucking bitch or worse a murderer. "abortion" might be legal but it won't be when you are standing before God. Man the FUCK UP and raise your offspring you cunt. And dont give me that fedora garbage you awkward beta little autismboy
>be having sex with gf
>haven't put on condom yet
>She starts gyrating very intensely
>I tell her I'm about to cum and go to pull out
>grabs me and foces me inside her.

Happens pretty regularly honestly
good shit goр▒ж╘Б sHit thats some goodshit rightth ere rightthere if i doтАК╞╜a╥п soтАЗmy selя╜Ж i say so thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ╩│с╢жс╡Н╩░с╡Ч с╡Ч╩░с╡Й╩│с╡Й) mMMMMсО╖╨Ь ╨ЭO0╨Юрмая╝пOOя╝пO╨ЮрмармаOoooс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Тс╡Т Good shit
Found the bible thumper
i successfully used the pull out method from the age 16 onward. i'll be 31 this weekend.

it's never failed.

fucked 50 girls, most on numerous occassions.
>inb4 lying
>anonymous, nothing to gain
Not true at all nigga
I was conceived that way.
File: j1.png (473KB, 348x621px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>giving more legal power to a corpse than a woman
>thinks it makes sense
what the fuck

where the hell did you pull that dipshit statistic out of?
dodged a bullet right there anon
>abortion" might be legal but it won't be when you are standing before God
/b/-christians and porn
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>the amount of irresponsibility going on in this thread

So this is the power of... american sex education
How is that hip thing called btw ?
she could benefit from some makeup, but i'd fuck her
If you could dump would be great
Thanks anyways
File: j4.png (794KB, 577x579px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in all fairness its not a corpse until you kill it. so really it should be
>giving more legal power to an innocent developing human who than a woman that couldn't be responsible enough to practice safe sex.
Have been cumming in my gf for 2 years now.

No birth control. No baby yet.

Starting to think I'm sterile from my deployment to Iraq.
File: j7.png (551KB, 429x575px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551KB, 429x575px
no fucking clue. but it's equally good/bad

bad because you're done for. you can't keep going and you could be perceived as a minute man.

great because you're done for and it's insta-cums.

1. missionary position
2. she presses her hips toward the floor, hard
3. she arches her back a lot to raise her shoulders
4. audible stimulation through panting/moaning
5. visual stimulation through biting lips, scrunching face, and eye contact
6. optional: she touches herself

cumming commencing in 3....2......1..
Luckily I don't feel like I'm missing out, seeing such a huge ball of hair...

Guessing you don't have a lot of sex anyway?
You have to be retarded to use both BC pills and a condom wrong simultaneously.
File: j6.png (844KB, 576x577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844KB, 576x577px
Yep the Iraqi air makes everybody who doesn't regularly shakes a sheep sterile
File: j.png (611KB, 550x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443397795151.jpg (16KB, 435x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I mean these are good but any sexier ones?
Pls be real
File: j8.png (954KB, 619x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not really. lost her nudes with my old harddrive

it is. was only a little bit rapey
Cum belongs in a pussy
>got the snip
>can freely blow my load in whatever I want
Feels good man
Just curious but do you hate her since your dumping?I'm not complaining though.
>developing human
got with chick, told me she was on birth control..go to her house fuk like 7 times in that day, go to her house next day and look on dresser..she hadent taken her pill all week..no baby ..stil dumped her i dont need that bs in my lyfe
File: j9.png (968KB, 620x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
968KB, 620x620px
nah. i mean i did catch her fucking my second cousin like 3-4 years ago, but i got over that.

Just posting cause its appropriate for thread, and dumping cause people asked.
Very hawt... Had a similar experience myself, but didn't cum inside her.
>be me 19 at the time
>stationed overseas in Okinawa
>started messing around with a 37 year old local who was using me as revenge on her cheating husband
>they get divorce and we start dating
>sex is bullshit because well Japanese women are horrible in bed
>we both get sloppy drunk one night and I cum inside her
>she gets pregnant and is freaking out
>I am over the moon because that meant more money for me since the child would be my dependent
>she forces me to go to abortion clinic
>sign paper work and leave her there and don't talk for weeks

That was the first time

>be me and 28
>on vacation in Thailand away from major cities
>meet this hottie little local girl in village I was passing through
>she tags along the rest of the trip and we bang like rabbits
>one night in hotel in Khon Khen
>we were a little tipsy on Johnnie Walker Red Label
>she wanted to get warmed up with me while we waited for waitress from bat to show up
>we bang and with her grinding on top
>I tell her I am about to cum
>attempt to pull her off of me and she doesn't let me
>cum inside her
>she says its alright which my bullshit meter immediately knew was a lie
>get a call the following month saying she is pregnant

And that is how I have a 6 year old daughter

>meet this massive titty monster one day
>we go to her place and fool around
>her face was a 6/10 but that tit game was next level
>she is talking crazy shit about having a kid with me
>tell her to go fuck herself
>she said there would be zero responsibility on my part
>we fuck and as I am about to cum I pull out and unleash all over her massive tits
>she rushes to the bathroom
>she comes out with a plastic syringe in her hand
>she said she put my cum in her
>never heard from her again

Keep a rubber on it kids regardless of how good unprotected feels
any noteworthy side effects? am thinking about vasectomy myself
>i mean i did catch her fucking my second cousin like 3-4 years ago,
Thats fucked m8
File: 1442553073540.jpg (36KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 1280x720px
Fucking kek'd
Like every time I've came in a girl, it's been a trick. I always ask if they're on birth control, if I need a condom, and when the time comes, I'll say I'm about to cum. Some girls just lie, last hook up was with a real hoe who said she wasn't actually allergic to latex afterwards, and doesn't have birth control, just wanted to fuck me bareback. I am pretty sure I have a kid with a bitch from last year, who wanted to fuck after I was hammered, but I blacked out. Luckily, nobody knew about her and I, and she seems to want to keep it that way (she's a decade older than me). She reeled in a fat dude to raise the kid too, shit's laughs.
how to prevent this shit:
>get a gf
>use condom for the first 2-3 months
>remove condom if shit gets real
if casual sex
>use the fucking condom you nigger
Been in 5 relationships over the last couple years and I came buckets in all of them 4-7 times a week. Never wore rubber because jacking off is better than penis in a bag.
File: j11.png (514KB, 349x623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514KB, 349x623px
yeah. dropped the bitch and got myself a job right after. I was pretty mad.

We are on good terms now.
It's not just women.

I wanted unprotected sex with my gf so I would poke holes in the condom. Slowly feel it come off my cock and feel how tight and wet she was.

Busted deep in her, acted surprised, she panics, and we get plan b.

But now we just fuck unprotected, she gets pissy every time I cum in her.
>Dating girl all of 3 months
>Upstairs parent's bedroom
>Barebacking like a champ
>Suddenly get the urge to cum
>Can't hold out much longer
>Hear her moaning really loudly
>Edging on busting all inside her
>Come to my senses and try to pull
>King cobra grips me
>Explode inside of her
>Mfw 2 weeks later she says..


also, read the first letter in each line
Few things scream "I failed biology 101" more loudly than that sign.
Dude, the girls you actually got preggo are awesome hot.

Fuck a condom. I can't feel anything with a condom. It's literally not worth it for me having sex with a condom on.

Well played.
> bf
You know guys can't get pregnant right? Sounds like you overreacted bro.
hah happend once,
was fucking her hardcore misionary position, with her legs around mine, then i told her i was about to cum so i wanted to take it out but she contracted her legs, making me stay in her, so i stopped moving trying to hold it and she grabed what she could of the base of my dick and started jerking it while the tip was still in her and she started moving her legs so that i really cant hold anymore and i emtpying my full balls inside of her
File: Untitled.png (2MB, 1143x714px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1143x714px
read >>645979169
>Last story
>Girl says no shit from you
>just wants a baby
>actually keeps her word

Bro she chill af
>be at friend's house
>get pretty drunk
>decide now's a good time to smoke pot for the first time in like 6 months
>bad idea
>lay in friend's bed with the room spinning
>eventually become aware that a female has followed me into the room
>"oh hey, I'm just making sure you're ok"
>wake up an unknown amount of time later
>she's on top of me, trying to get my half-hard dick in her
>realizes my eyes are open
>casually climbs off and walks away without saying anything
>fast forward to today
>she's getting married to one of my good friends in a few months
>don't know if I should bring it up
File: 1426610837941.jpg (48KB, 537x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 537x299px
Learn to use Google.
Glad you think so but she really wasn't. She was fucked in the head. She has these massive ass tits but doesn't want them touched or fondled or played with, like wtf that is a slight against God for giving you those. She was horrible in bed. She told me all about her rub'n'tug business and about her clients. She told me about her coked up past.
is her name nicole and live in florida
enjoy your sterility
>be me
>walking home from gamestop late one night
>it is the middle of winter and quite cold
>I lower my fedora and straighten my cape to hinder the cold a bit
>while walking through the dark city streets I realize If I don't hurry I will miss the late show with stephen colbert
>duck down a alley, one of the many edgy shortcuts I know
>I am halfway through the alley when I see something blocking the path ahead
>I stop and squint to see what it is
>It was some large mass but I couldn't tell what is was exactly because of the shadows
>I pull out my cellphone and use it to illuminate the alley
>It was a large fat woman looking at me with wide eyes
>I was taken aback for a moment but I maintained my classy composure
>I tip my fedora and say "s-sup"
>she just gives me a blank stare
>"Well if you'll excuse me.." I say as I walk by her
>Suddenly she grabs a hold of me with great strenght and slams me against the cold brick wall
>the impact causes my fedora to fly off my head
>"what" I cry is shock
>I have a massive fear boner at this point
>the evil shadow mammoth is staring at it hungrily
>she tears my pants apart with her powerful meat claws
>My boner flails around in my tighty whiteys
>she tears of my underwear and eats them
>I fall to the cold ground
>she pulls down her sweat pants
>a large amount of steam is created as the cold air meets the hot humid air that was within her pants
>I nearly pass out from the smell
>I try to crawl away but she pulls me back
>she positions herself over my erect phallus
>"no please" I cry out in anguish
>she slams her mammoth pussy down onto my dick with all the force of her weight
>she begins riding me as she stared wildly down at me
>her fat rolls pound my face
>NOOOO I scream
>I black out
>I wake up at the crack of dawn
>I am covered in a mixture of blood/mammoth pee/semen
>I manage to crawl my way to a mcdonalds and they called for help
>was hospitalized, the police wouldn't believe my story.
For me nope
It hurt for like 4 days. Came after a week without pain. Id get random pain for a month after if i sat awkwardly.
Fyi - the freezing needle is the worst part
>Got really sick and was laid up for a few months
>Girlfriend of the time (crazy spiritual/religious south korean girl) decides to visits me
>I'm on the back end, so starting to feel better
>Sex inevitably occurs
>Shove her down onto her back and get on top of her
>As I do this she's wrapping her legs around me
>I try to pull out as I get close but she pulls me in
>"What are y--"
>She's moving her hips
>Oh fuck this is how I die
>Finish and get extremely angry
>We end up breaking up shortly after this
>Got a call from her
>Pregnant, its mine
>Call her bullshit and hang up

Never heard from her again. Not sure if I have a kid somewhere or not.
One of my exs was trying to get me to cum in and, "not worry about it I'm on the pill." Well, I decided to run a test and pretend to cum. After about 7 weeks, she kept telling me she was pregnant now and I need to take responsibility. So I decided to play this one out and "take my responsibility". Well on the day the baby was born I was there, she passed out, I had the doctors run a blood test. Well I had to wait a couple of weeks so I had to pretend to give a shit while she complained about how she shouldn't have had a kid with me. Finally the tests came back, I wasn't the father, I made her pay for psychological damages and other little things. But as a bonus she also admitted to cheating and doing narcotics. The kid was takin' by CPS I think 2 months after the court case.
Girl said I was dad, was not dad, she is single
File: 1444505970516.png (436KB, 693x712px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436KB, 693x712px
>Get a vasectomy

>Be able to cum inside any girl you want and not fall for the baby trap
>be me
>LDR with gf
>visiting for a week
>cum in her the whole week
>no bc
>doesn't get preggy
>next time I visit
>gets preggy
>iffy about abortion
>2 months go by
>has miscarriage
>the devil answered my prayers

Current gf won't even let me cum in her and she's on bc
Post Moar of your beautiful pussy

>be me
>any time I fuck, if she lets me go bareback
>bitch is getting a pussy full

haha, no kids, never pull out, no STDs.
would fuck
File: 1444605658289.jpg (124KB, 852x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 852x1136px
>Be fat ass beaner
>have a semi-chub/skinny friend
>she has severe daddy issues
>we met when i was built and in the army
>been 5 years since i was out and now a fatass
>she tells me its fate we start talking again after 5 years
>find out she is a major stalker
>she scares me
>she knows i still fuck bitches because of how i am/vet card gets me laid
>proceeds to move from cali to texas
>lives an hour away so i wont notice the obsessive behavior.
>she rents hotel and invites me over
>im drug free since VA/job but she smokes shit tons of weed
>after 30 min we start fucking
>I bring 10 pack condoms
>after the 1st fuck i get hard again
>she is dominating, but I dislike it.
>call it an ego thing, but I like to dominate women, not the other way around.
>she is on top riding me, says she loves the way my dick feels
>mid ride she states, "Baby I want to suck your dick"
>hops off my dick, proceeds to sucking me.
>did not notice she took the rubber off, she can suck a golfball through a garden hose.
>hops back on, I cum buckets.
>get done, bitch says she needs to pee.
>notice the condom on the bed with no cum...

I actually was shitting bricks for a few weeks, but during that week got checked for STDs, got a vasectomy, and called my lawyer friend just in case. Be weary /b/tards, shit can get real like in a fucking instant.

pic semi related
>dating amazing woman
>she had her uterus removed a few years ago due to bleeding problems

Can cum without fear or worries. Double bonus no monthly PMS either.
File: 1444097179479.webm (265KB, 486x500px)
265KB, 486x500px
So... Am I the only guy who finds many of these stories amazingly hot?

I want to meet these girls!!! Dayum

I wanna spread my fucking seed all over the world. And these girls talking about how they feel the baby inside them, injecting semen and saying I don't have to take any responsibility for it... Wow. Just wow... So hot and horny. Freaky girls!
a microscopic hole is all it takes retard. you cum hundreds of millions of sperm each time and it only takes 1 good swimmer
Dont you worry about having butt babies?
So, are you a pedo or a faggot?
That's a 1 in a million chance.

And birth control is 98% effective if taken correctly.

If not taken correctly its like 86% effective because the levels remain the same.

You got cucked, you poor bastard.
This thread is full of dumb.
If you don't want kids, you use a condom.
You can't entrust girls with that much responsibility.
Lying about contraceptives is illegal and technically rape
are you using plastic bags or actual condoms?
because this doesn't happen with condoms.
I'm a hygienic guy who is handsome enough to choose what I want.

Have fun with the furball eaters.

(And nothing wrong with being a pedo btw.)
With typical usage, birth control is about 92% effective per year; with typical usage, condoms are about 85% (with perfect usage, 99.7% and 98%, respectively).

That means that, when you combine the two, your average odds of becoming pregnant are (1-0.92) * (1-0.85) or 8% * 15% = 0.012% on average.

That is, each year, you have a 1.2% chance of becoming pregnant while using both condoms and BC as are typically used.

You can model the odds of not becoming pregnant over a number of years by simply taking (1-0.012)^(number of years). 98.8%^1 = 98.8% chance of not becoming pregnant in one year; 98.8%^5 = 94% chance of not being preggo after five years.

Assuming you start using both forms of birth control and use them until you reach menopause roughly 35 years later, that is:

98.8% ^ 35 = 65.5%

To put that another way: if you marry your wife at 20 and have sex protected by both condoms and birth control, there is a 35% chance that she will get pregnant at least once before she is no longer fertile.
tbh if i was a chick i'd totally get my surgery for that, why the fuck don't more chicks get rid of periods, its not like the world isn't overpopulated as fuck already
REMINDER that "typical usage" means that the control pairs had sex with and without the condom during the year of testing. That's the typical usage.
>be at home
>wife and kids away
>stormy wet night
>knocking on door
>open door
>two hot teen sluts dripping wet
>try to seduce me
>i call them a cab
>they go use my shower without even asking me
>their cab arrives and is waiting
>i go bang on shower door but they won't come out
>go in to force them out but they pull my pants down and clamp their mouths all over my dick
>vid related, it was what they did to me afterwards

Amazing that so many autistic /b/ros have the decency to not nut inside the girls they fuck and spare the world of another fucking waste of human life.

Good job anons, I knew you would succeed in something.
Not him, but there are stats on a number of websites:


With typical use, male condoms alone are about 84% effective
> the other moved with me as i tried to pull my dick out
same happened to me. She didn't get pregnant though.
>First girl I had sex with
>First weekend I had sex
>Friday first time, this happened Sunday after a lot of fucking
>She was a MILF, 7 years older than me, had a little kid literally sleeping in the next room (tfw porn scenario, diamond dick)
>fuck her hard doggystyle, first doggy in my life
>about to cum
>Really fucking close
>whatever condom is on who cares
>her kid suddenly wakes up and cries in the other room
>Pull out close before I would cum
>tfw the condom broke
Holy shit guys I still cannot believe how fucking lucky I was. I was seconds away from blowing my load into a single moms pussy.
>Implying 90% is enough
Every man knows this. But it a difficult decision to make on the spot when she is ready to do it raw and cum inside her.
I got banned once for posting pics from that series.
just sayin'

>child support


murrican detected
File: image.jpg (59KB, 442x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 442x594px
Ex kept saying felt better without Condom. About a Month in I caved. Apparently the idea of no being cummed in worked for her. Pic much related: her.
The amount of butthurt fedora wearing little bitches in this thread is astounding. Haven't worn rubbers in 5 years, haven't gotten anyone pregnant yet.
Well if she started dating him before that, yes. Don't let a friend go with a whore.
Yeah, difficult call. Get that primal feeling to hump and spread the seed.

Fuckin'.. muh genetics? Muh ingrained human nature?

What can I blame to get responsibility off of myself?
>where a girl has either tricked you or forced you into cumming in her

Sorry, what? Are there actually "men" out there who don't cum in girls?

I'm 32 and the only time I ever even attempted to use a condom was my first time at 17. Felt like complete shit so I threw it away after 5 minutes. It's like holding hands with someone you love while you both wear rubber gloves, completely disconnecting from the moment and the feeling.

You have to be some sort of serious fag or fucking any old diseased hag if you are afraid of cumming inside her. You either make sure she's already on birth control, put her on birth control or just don't fuck her because what the fuck is the point when there's a shitty rubber barrier between you?!
I + D
>What can I blame to get responsibility off of myself?
Blame insanity and lack of sexual education.
this thread is a fucking trainwreck

not everyone here is fucking other men, fag
This works perfectly as I am American.

Thanks Obama.
Straight people are not immune to HIV , you fucking cuck
File: a2qy1gZ_460s.jpg (63KB, 355x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 355x440px

>using condoms because terrified of getting a girl pregnant
>calling other people cuck

you're cute and easily trollable
File: 1444598545823(2).jpg (56KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 640x960px

No need to get angry because you're still technically a virgin

>mfw some people have not experienced actual sex without plastic shit between them
Exact anon these kids on here think any women is immediately pregnant when they get came in. If you're pulling out when you're cumming why not just jack off cum us meant to be inside a pussy not a plastic bag.
File: image.jpg (391KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391KB, 1200x1600px
Before she dyed her hair again
That's how I was born
Never happened junior
I'll fill her snatch since you're a pussy
idk about where you queers live but in the UK practically every girl is on some form of birth control whether it be the pill or an implant

i had never heard of a guy who doesn't cum in girls until i started reading the americuck tales on this board
I'm gay and I had a boyfriend for 4 years.
I caught him red-handed cheating on me with a hooker.
I've been using condoms ALL these years.Receiving and giving.
I'm single for like 6 months and haven't had sex since.
Tested myself and I'm hiv-
I'm pro condoms whether you're straight/bi/gay/trans/cuck/etc
What's the point of fucking if you're missing the best part orgasming inside a soaked hot quivering hole that is literally milking your cock?
File: file.jpg (7KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 225x225px
Fudge packing homo

This is true

>be me
>go to 'murrica for a few months, on college campus in ann arbor
>bitches everywhere
>fuck them all
>a a anon use a c c condom
>excuse me what?
>i'm not on protection
>not my problem m8 get a morning after pill
>o o ok anon

Chat to 'murrican lads

>hey yeah dude i totally fucked this slut last night like whoa man went through 2 condoms

Srs wimpy cuck problem out there
Hiv is not a death sentence anymore.
I'm more afraid of niggers killing me that hiv
File: [Sh]It Bike.jpg (135KB, 360x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
[Sh]It Bike.jpg
135KB, 360x270px
Die in a fire, turd burgling scum.

Obviously a condom is great if you're going to stick your dick in to someones asshole whether they are male or female. Getting shit down your urethra isn't something you generally face when you're fucking a pussy, neither is HIV.
File: 1426930121004.jpg (26KB, 281x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 281x266px
>Hiv is not a death sentence anymore.
You're a goddamned moron. If you get HIV, you WILL die of HIV related disease, barring some kind of fatal accident.

killing you with hard anal?

Hi, I'm a transpanhempmariokin

I identify with a weed smoking super mario

Are you pro condoms for me?
I often do enemas to avoid....some stinky situation

Only if you let your HIV virus to destroy your immune system: that much that you'll die of another disease.
Obvious bait is obvious.

provided you get your daily dose of 10 enormous as fuck pills

which isn't always guaranteed

we live in unstable times and you can't expect to be able to access medication permanently until you die of old age
Do it again
Medication stops working in the end, your immune system worsens as you grow older, thus providing more opportunity for HIV to go bananas.

Sure you can live a long time today with HIV, usually almost without symptoms, but one day it will kill you sooner than if you didn't have it.
> not doing anal so you can sum inside without problems
Gays must have no worries other than STDs.
While true what happening is sometimes know in public health as "HIV fatigue" where people in high risk communities personally and from a far, know people who are alive and living a seemingly normal life. So HIV is less scary & you actually have a downtick in routine use of preventive measures.
Bait? You're dumber than a bag of dildos, faggot. That medication is incredibly expensive, and I doubt you have the resources to pay for it. Charity cases get the crappy meds that may prolong your life for a couple of years. HIV is a terrible way to die.

yeah no worries other than dying of aids or their cock leaking green pus and pissing blood
All my exes were on the pill and i always came inside. Dunno whats the fuss?

Is this "can I cum in or not" -retardness an american thing?
That's pretty fucking hot.
>gf is on pill
>healthcare covers abortions

Feels good man

yes, because american girls are either

>christian and no pill / won't abort, meaning you have to pay child support

>a nigger and lying about pill / won't abort, because they want as much child support as possible for their nails and hair supplies

>fat and ugly, and won't abort because they need you to stay stuck with them FOREVER
File: 1435286373732.jpg (108KB, 500x321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 500x321px
>this nigga got cucked

i almost almoooost didnt got this.
its hard with an iq of 90
Condoms literally ruin my sex drive they are utter shit, and I've spent money on some fucking Japanese ultra thin things. Current misses can't take the pill or use bar, her period comes on with the force of one thousand sun's and she surfers from blood loss.
was the sauce alfredo or meat based?

you can sue him for that. if you got it from him, he has the exactly same hiv strain as you.
She said its okay to cum in her she cant get pregnant
Ill like cumming inside woman so i did it.
She got pregnant
Fell for it again a year and a half later
Now im thinking of just cumming in her all the time and force it if she trys to stop me
File: 1444390548606.jpg (19KB, 480x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 480x318px
>Girl who I worked with always going on about having a baby and feeling broody
>She had fantastic tits
>Took her out to dinner
>Knew she was trying to entrap someone with a kid
>No fucks given
>Have master plan
>Fuck her raw
>Shes screaming cum in me
>Just as I'm about to come I slide out and ram my dick in her mouth
>Cum with the force of a thousand suns down her throat
>She is super pissed
>I laugh all the way home after
>She stops talking to me
>Entraps some other halfwit and gets pregnant

you did good, anon.
>she surfers from blood loss.
She can actually "surf the crimson wave?"
>wondering if he knew
was he 10 m away?
You're lucky she didn't have you charged with rape.
This was a long time ago, but real:
>Be me, 16, using yahoo chat to try to hit on ladies
>Become decent at it, treat it like a game
>Meet a 41 year old teacher across town, we talk on the phone, have phone sex. Arrange to meet the next day.
>i take bus to her house - she's chubby but not gross, great tits. We talk, have a few beers, and smoke a bowl, then start making out
>Get a blowjob on the couch, we smoke some more and watch a movie while cuddling and making out some more
>Things get heavy again, her panties come off, and she stops me, saying "anon, I didn't think we'd go this far, but I have to be honest."
>Tells me she has herpes, explains a lot of stuff, I'm not listening to most of it because i'm 16 and heard "herpes"
>Kills the mood, i act nice about it but just want to leave - my bus has stopped running and she says she won't drive at night. i suspect she's a liar but crash on her couch
>Wake up at like 4am'ish, still drunk, to her on top of me, I'm already hard, and I'm not even fully registering what's happening before I'm inside of her and she's riding me
>At that point too late, right? I cum inside of her, she says she's sorry but was way too horny, she's such a slut, etc etc
>Smoke bowl, catch bus, worry about herpes for months
the end.
The justification and victim blaming in these threads is mind boggling. My most recent ex was raped about 10 years ago and still has trust issues regarding it...but she had no qualms about buying fake BC pills and telling me she was on BC for the duration of the relationship. Her argument was that I should have been the responsible one and used a condom the whole time and it would have not been the slightest bit her fault if she had gotten pregnant. Obviously I dump her. Two years down the drain, but I was all smiles when it was over.

Two months after we break up her friend sends me a Facebook chat log between herself and my ex....my ex was asking said friend (a nurse) if they automatically paternity test because she wanted to name me as the father because I had more money than the guy that knocked her up.

Yet, its me that gets called a cracka cis gendered needs-a-privilege-check scumbag rapist on a daily basis because I'm a white male.
Did you get it?

Apart from the herpes, that sounds really hot.
>fucking girlfriend last night
>finding it hard to come
>she whispers in my ear
>"I want you to come deep I side of me"
>cum with the intensity of a thousand suns right into her pussy
Mfw birth control :)
>Crazy american girls

Sweet, sweet european countries.
I'm on testosterone replacement therapy and my doctor said the chances are 1/1000 if she was ovulating, and most of the time she's not. So I think I'm good

We're both financially stable so even if we had a kid it wouldn't be the end of the world. She's a good girl.
Now that i think about it every woman i ever had sex with tried to get me to cum in them i think most woman are like this
I love it.can't trick me I'll cum inside daily.
Or bit your dick off
that sucks, gaybro...
Nope, no herpes. I'm safe.

Part of her "we can't fuck" speech involved us not having condoms, so i should have mentioned that, but i forgot. At the time I wasn't very worried about making her pregnant so much as i was about catching something.

Looking back it is kind of hot, but wasn't that hot at the time - even tho i came. It also didn't help that she was super fucking crazy (which isn't shocking, considering she was inviting a teenager over to fuck) and literally left me angry voicemails for weeks after I told her I didn't want to hook up again.

(Not implying I was amazing (I totally wasn't), she was just that psycho)
Unless it's an outbreak. You can fuck it raw.
Dude, she raped you.
File: 1444293950550.jpg (18KB, 292x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 292x257px
>be me
>be 18
>banging down hot little Mexican slut
>3 months of solid good lays
>she's illegal
>starts talking more and more about having a life together for legality reasons
>wants a kid 3 months in for that reason
>still fuck her like idiot
>use condom from then on
>eventually break up
>she wants 1 last round
>cum in condom and leave
>Month or so passes
>she preggo
>used condom to dump sperm into herself
>starts talking about wanting money and shit
>she works at a Mexican restaurant that hires primarily illegals to help them out
>called immigration on restaurant
>restaurant up the road from my house
>that's how we met
>watch as immigration gets to her work
>start hauling out Mexicans
>see her getting hauled out
>laugh to myself and go inside
>smoke a bowl
>never see her again.

>mfw I have some half breed kid living in Mexico
Eh, more like thanks fucking bible thumpers and their abstinence only sex ed.
be me.

fucking gf

she's riding me hard about to cum and shit

i try to pull her up but she fucking SITS hard on it grinding now wanting me to cum inside her.

i have to literally push her out of the fucking way and bust a nut right after ii manage to push her with all my strength.

Holy shit bitches be crazy trying to get you to cum inside without her being on pill or condom or shit. damn. smh tbh these gold digging whores.
GF went on the pill after 1 month of relationship. I told her i hated condoms, we did the sticky belly for a while but then just figured better safe than sorry.

Didn't trick me, we always talked about what we wanted and how. Was a fun 2 years, now it's over tho we still fug sometimes
>start talking to hot chick from HS 15 years later. She now ex stripper, single mom. We chat, start sexting etc. Lives in different state. I go visit. Turns out to be crazy alcoholic loser. Fuck it, have sex anyway may as well get my trips worth. Bring condoms. I keep having to stop the bitch from jumping on my cock with out a condom on. Fuck several times over 3 days, don't nut inside. Raw dog a few times tho and she tried to wrap legs around when cumming, manage to pull out. Last night there she is on top, I putt out and nut all over her ass. Next morning tells me she felt some inside of her cuz I didn't pull out fast enought and that she won't have an a boring if pregnant. Red crazy flags go up I go back home worried. No baby FTW. A fee months later my dumbass goes back again. Same shit. Except this time she gets blackout drunk and violent. Fuckthis.exe I'm out. She wakes up from black out starts tryna fuck me. I just go along with it. She starts telling me to cum in her, I say no. She gets angry and tries to fuck me harder and wrap herself around me. I push her off and go jerky off in bathroom, come back she is out cold. Next day she is taking me to airport and I won't talk to her. Tell her what happened. She apologizes. I go home and tell her she is fucking psyho. Month later she is dating a new guy. He fell for it knocks her up and now she is a single mother of 2 kids from different kids.
You got le raped
Reverse the genders

This was a long time ago, but real:
>Be me, 16yo grill, using yahoo chat to try to hit on men
>Become decent at it, treat it like a game
>Meet a 41 year old teacher across town, we talk on the phone, have phone sex. Arrange to meet the next day.
>i take bus to his house - he's chubby but not gross, great biceps. We talk, have a few beers, and smoke a bowl, then start making out
>Give him, a blowjob on the couch, we smoke some more and watch a movie while cuddling and making out some more
>Things get heavy again, his underwear comes off, and he stops me, saying "anonette, I didn't think we'd go this far, but I have to be honest."
>Tells me he has herpes, explains a lot of stuff, I'm not listening to most of it because i'm a 16 grill and heard "herpes"
>Kills the mood, i act nice about it but just want to leave - my bus has stopped running and he says she won't drive at night. i suspect he's a liar but crash on his couch
>Wake up at like 4am'ish, still drunk, to him inside me, and I'm not even fully registering what's happening before he's inside of me and he's fucking me
>At that point too late, right? He cums inside me, he says he's sorry but was way too horny, she's such a manwhore, etc etc
>Smoke bowl, catch bus, worry about herpes for months
the end.
>OP here, last line should read 2 different dads... not kids, thats weird.
File: 1385682654830s.jpg (2KB, 99x125px)
2KB, 99x125px
File: 1443900547151.webm (265KB, 486x500px)
265KB, 486x500px
The law is WRONG.

A 16 year old having consensual sex is NOT RAPE.

And anyone trying to brainwash you into thinking that, deserves to rot in a jailcell themselves. The damage from that guilting is actual real damage.
File: 1373943929672.gif (313KB, 300x182px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313KB, 300x182px
not on topic.
> drinking with bro and gf
> fuck gf
> go to get something to drink.
> gatoraide outside my door
> cant find bro
> go outside
> he's being chased by a possum
> he jukes it and punt the thing down an ally when it runs by him.

Now the story from his perspective.

> get woken up feels like he may puke.
> my door is half wide open.
> I'm fucking my gf doggy style but way to close to wall so her head is slamming into the wall.
> He laughs and goes and gets me a Gatorade.
> doesn't want to puke in bathroom he doesn't want us to hear it since my door is ajar.
> goes outside to puke behind the trash cans
> puke right on a possum
> possum is pissed and starts chasing him.
> this is where out stories merge.

Sometimes magical things happen when your friends know you're fucking.
She literally statutory rapped you, friendo.
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