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Brother-Sister wincest thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Brother-Sister wincest thread
Makes me wish that my sister wasn't completely disgusted by anything that doesn't taste exactly good...
Any stories wish I had a hot sister
I'll post something I did with my step sister this past weekend in greentext, still crazy how it happened...
Please do
my older sister and i drunkenly hooked up after one of our friends parties a few years ago. turned into a fuck-buddy/bootycall kinda thing.
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My wife and I are pretty open about our fetishes and one night while discussing role play I let it out that I had an incest fantasy. My wife, who is fucking awesome, was all in for role playing it.

What you should know about my wife though is that she goes all out for role play. She got on my younger sister's facebook, and set about trying to mimic her face, body, and voice. During this time we weren't having sex so to try and help the fantasy feel more real.

After 3 weeks my wife completely nailed everything about my sister and we started the role play slow. Small kisses good night, dropping "accidental" sexual compliments, lying around the house together. The pace started to speed up, and we eventually got to fucking, which the first time felt a little weird because of how convincing my wife had become as my sister.

We role played that for about 4 months, and then the holidays came up and we stopped. However, we were talking about role playing again recently, and my wife express a lot of interest in becoming my sister again.
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a moment of pleasure for a lifetime of disgust, no thanks
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>Be me
>Have pretty cute step-sister that parents have been with for like a year and a half
>I'm 17, she's 16
>Everything in common super chill
>Just break up with my girlfriend of a year
>Super sad about it
>We're both smoking, talking about it and life
>Talk about mine and my ex's sex life cause why the fuck not
>She seems kinda clueless of what I'm talking about
>I ask her "You've never done anything?"
>mfw she says nothing at all
>She also has never had a boyfriend, just kinda awkward all the time
>She gets off the topic and starts to ask more stuff about me and my ex
>Starts asking about if it hurt her and everything the first few times
>I tell her yes at first, but it's not so bad supposedly
>She keeps looking at me in the eyes and then my mouth
>Fuck it, I do the same that she's doing

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That right there is how to make a marriage last.
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Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 12

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