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Greentext stories thread?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Greentext stories thread?
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nice trips
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there are so many variations of a sad story like this they almost seem fake...
fake or not, always gets me
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theres one literally just like that that involves tf2, same play out and everything
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i dont know what im posting but im dumping
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nevermind, was thinking of this one
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still dont know what im posting
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ah thats what i was referring too
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ohh okay, found this aswell
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anyone have that insanely long brother sister incest story? It's like 15 posts long. I lost it. All starts with the guy telling his sister about a panty fetish
Beside the thing of "falsehood and artistic fiction",I honestly can't decide if I believe it or not. How does he survive from being shot TWO times?
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oh didnt know there were two tf2 feels like that haha
anyone got the cap of a of /b/tard fucking a hot girl named bunny or some shit. they played vidya together and then she came to stay with him or something?
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feelz pasta.jpg
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now i know this is feelz
oh fuck i was in this thread last year, seriously only read this if you're down to feel down lmao

but seriously
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i know this isnt greentext but fuck it

im out of content anyways
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Raptard Neal.png
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I want to believe
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black pictures.jpg
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it habbened.png
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rekt (1).png
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I need that flat girl problems pic in regular size.
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nm got it
Fuck that shit, if I find out one of my kids is going to be retarded before being born, I will gladly abort the fucker by force.
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>google what do key punch means
Oh Christ, my sides!
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This is fucking phenomenal.
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also from 30 rock
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Fuck my sides, I don't need them. Also, reminds me of that greentext where a deaf person didn't know that farts were audible.
I once smoked some weed with an HA gang member who told me he'd been shot two times with a shotgun, he even showed me the scars. I guess that kinda thing's possible with enough luck

idk if this is real or not, but reminded me of this

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3z4NMWdTcg part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KAkAgNb-R8 part 2
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I get it, but surviving without proper medical care , afted being rescued by an hippie native american...

Anyway, bootin.
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This story is real, I heard they even made a song about it
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rule 1 & 2.jpg
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bus trip.png
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puffy lips.jpg
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hippie love.jpg
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story of lucy.png
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Last one.
what the fuck
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i don't give two shits if it isn't green texted
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ex girlfriend.png
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with you. no greentext, but worth reading
Language options are Union Jack....
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Life can be so amazing. I guess its true what they say about reality stranger than fiction.
I've known a lot of people that have just disappeared over the years.
I love people like this. Makes me wish I actually was as smart and witty as them.
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I"m a sellsman at a store, selling shit.
And there is this big window from which people on hte street can see everything inside.
I had to go back behind the shelves to let out a few tears.
Right in the feels, you dumb motherfucker...
Hahahaha got me
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try this one

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Does anyone have the one about a guy who fucked a trap freaked out donkey punched them in the back of the head then stole their xbox
jesus christ
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Hey i have that one too
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Thread images: 68

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