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Green text thread!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Green text thread!
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Not green text but still funny
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Lol I have one that's somewhat relevant

>be me
>earliest memory
>I'm 3 years old
>I know this because I said out loud "I'm three years old"
>to an empty room
already posted it buddy
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I literally replied to that post. Which is why I shared a similar experience
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Someone else better start posting I'm starting to run out
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OP here, I'm out, what do you fags got?
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>mfw I capped this
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>she has a short dress on

>Put my hand down her pants

Something is fishy.
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bumping with my folder. I have more on my tower as well so I"ll post from there too
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her vagoo
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obligatory IT guy post
someone post the poop bandit
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holy shit is there any more of this legend
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incoming flood. have to post sasha which is like... 8 fucking parts
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can't find anymore no. but I know there's more which is what kills me.
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my favorite. of all time.
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am i the only one contribooting?
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Acid trip.jpg
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the last 8 posts (including this one) have been me. someone post somefin'
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more like this
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john thomas 1.jpg
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captcha: plann
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Psycho dad.jpg
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if I ever find it I will be sure to post it every day until you have it :^)
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That's a gay thing to say.
Myyyy sides
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gotcha faggot
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much obliged
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sasha dump incoming
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well at least i'm not a faggot
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Eh... you're right. I am a faggot. but I'm contributing. So I'm a lesser faggot than you.
The file name on that third picture.
>Underrated AF
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sasha 4.png
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sasha 7.png
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sasha 8.png
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sasha 9.png
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don't 404 thread.
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>be me
>plan hiking trip with BFF and his co worker
>BFF has to drop out because he was sick
>me and mitch go anyway
>hiking, camping, drinking, smoking
>good fun is had
>last day mitch slides down a ravine and fucked his knee up
>heard an audible pop so figured it was his ACL or MCL if not both
>drive him to hospital, his knee is the size of a softball now
>tell nurse what happened she takes him back
>in waiting room for about 20 minutes when nurse comes back
>she looks pissed and nervous at the same time
>starts asking me what REALLY happened
>how I knew mitch
>what were we doing in the woods
>tell her several times what I just told you anons
>she get's scared and tells me to wait a minute
>she returns, telling me she advises I never speak of mitch or the days evens to anyone
>ask her why as she tears up and hands me the X rays
>turns out mitch had a skeleton living inside of him the whole time
>do a 180 and moonwalk the fuck out of there
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sasha 11.png
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The best green text story ever
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A TARP.png
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oh fuck I got trips and didn't realize it.
shit job screen capping, shame, its a good story.
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tumblr and 4chan.png
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do you have the rest? I saved it from a thread like 3 months ago and desperately want to read the rest
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Billy Mays.png
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Im dying fucking
Yo, now you gotta post that like 10 year old one about the kid who goes to the doctor and get's weighed in the water tank
Why the fuck do you think I have it? I lurk like once a week for maybe a hour.
Thread posts: 91
Thread images: 68

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