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Please finish story man

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Please finish story man
Op come on man
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>mfw I will never know the story OP so eagerly wants to hear the ending of.
Is it a good story?
It's a damn good story
Not really but I want closer.
Am I pretty to you anon?
>i run out of the house
>dad runs after me
>i grab a rock to my left
>le me throws rock at him
>he got stunned
>i procceded to open the door and i got on the floor
>everybody do the dinosaur
OP were are you?
The christian dude?
I assume so
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Sheridan (2).jpg
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finish the story! i legit cry...
Stupid frog poster
finish story pleez!
I'm still waiting anon
Pls gif story it was getting good
bump so OP from last thread notices we care
Okay okay OP here

Be me 7
Raging homesex
Parents learn of my love for semen
No friends
Parents beat me
Pray the gay away camp
Turn 18
Leave home
San Francisco fabulous
Meet gay mexican
Suck Julios penis
get aids
Post story to 4 chins
Tcell count hits 0 mid story
Massive heart attack
Fall to floor dead
Fedora rolls silently
fuck off?
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OP here, pic verification
Notice us original OP-senpai
pls finish the story oh great OP
I'm sorry for not pre writing this shit.
You will be forgiven when you END THE FUCKING STORY!
Glad you found this thread I'm gonna hijack it for just one greentext

>be 7
>mom is preggers
>I'm an uncontrollable cunt and fighting with my older brother
>mom tries to stop us
>kick her in the gut
>spontaneous abortion
>tell everyone it was a miscarriage
>feel bad for the rest of my life
im suprised she didnt drive yall into a lake after that
I already finished your story. You died of aids for being a gay. Maybe you can redeem yourself from total faggotry if you finish your fucking story.
she spent all my savings on clothes for herself when I turned 20
Let OP speak cunt
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OP: part 11

>the knowledge that I would never be loved, ever, filled me with a boiling rage
>as my siblings comforted my fallen parents I decided to end this farce once and for all
>the bridge was in ruins so I used my great strength to clear a path to the weapon I had taken from Kirk
>entered the code 0010 and covered in sweat and blood watched as it counted down
>I opened a com line to my enemies strickened ship
>"From hells dark hart I strike at thee, with my last breath I curse thee....."
>surrounded by steam the device about to explode I heard the faint scream of my enemies rage
i would just call it even. sound like you got off light.

go give her a hug
>be me
>posting in thread
>think of story
>no story
>post shit now
>tfw me cannot into greentext stories
>me cannot finish
>no story
>sorry gonna lurk more
P.S Cancer here
she don't remember me, she's in a home and has alzheimers
op pls respond
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Suggestions Kill.jpg
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Did the original thread 404?
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>Siblings avoid me even more than before
> Holy growth spurt
>Parents stop beating me (dont really have a choice)
> dad doesn't take to me
> they're still convinced older kid fucked me when i was little and that's what messed me up.
> the fucking nerve
> Things become monotonous and no significant events.
> The occasional saracstic comment from my mother.
>Mocking me everychance they get
> things like that
> They say hurtfull things to my siblings when they know i can hear :
>"dont be like anon when you grow up"
>"we wont mommy"
>"if it was up to anon he would dump us in a nursing home and forget "
>"we wont do that daddy, we're better than him"
> they'd go on trips without me.
> Oh, they would invite me
> but they'd do it in way were they made it clear they wanted me to stay.
>I tried saying yes one time.
>"Oh, we were you sure you were gonna stay so we didint plan for you to come maybe next time"
> i said yes next, same fucking thing
> i was now the monster in the house
> i was the person everyone agreed that it was acceptable to hate, and be passive aggressivea towards.
>This lasted till the end of highschool.
Maximum rustle continue story
cont, my jimmies are rustling
Anger intensifies
Bump. Been lurking since post 1
same here
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OP Here: part 12
>Senior year highschool
>i start applying for colleges
> not very popular in school
> so im not "friends" with any of the teachers even though good grades
> i don't make a lot of eye contact with people and don't really now how to socialize so everyone thinks im a smug asshole.
> beg for a few recommendation letters anyway
> parents know im applying for colleges
> "Anon we dont want you to go to a university in another city"
>"because we're gonna be paying for your education and we want to "support" you along the way"
Definition of support: we think you're a faggot and don't want you to go to hell, so we will keep a close eye on you.
> rageFace.png
>" but the university i want to go to is just a 4 hour drive away."
>"we know, but it's not the school that creates success, it's the student."
> the fuck does that mean?!
> "This is our decision, if you dont agree you can pay your own tuition"
> the only reason i haven't bailed on these people is the money.
> Now they tell me, my SENIOR FUCKING YEAR!
>i was boiling.
OP is Meg Griffin
Know that feel bro, keep going
File: 1382839644710.gif (2MB, 187x155px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 187x155px
> "This is our decision, if you dont agree you can pay your own tuition"
read it as "This is our design" and pictured some weird stuff
keep going though
anyone has link for previous chapters?
cmon keep em coming!
OP part 13

>I was so bummed out that I refused to get out of bed, I just lay there
>until this guy from school rang me to come pick him up
>annoying guy wouldn't let up, so I went and got him
>he's all dude you need to get out, but I knew it was him who wanted to go somewhere
>next thing I know he's stolen my dads sports car and we are on our way to pick his gf up and go into the city!
>my dad loves that car
>so much more than me
>damn you Mathew Broderick
>the cars trashed
>I'm waiting for dad to come home
>well have a talk I tell myself
not op
ops finished
did you really think his tale of angst and woe would get past high school?
ops a 17 year old edgy cry baby
op's parents would'nt let him take the car, plus couldnt have friends

try harder next time
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OP here: part 13
>i was pacing in my room
> don't know what to fucking do
>too late to be an emancipated minor , turning 18 soon
> cant leave the house now because i have to finish high school.
> not enough time to save up enough money to live on my own
> so i establish my priorities.
> first i made sure that i was the one to check the mail
> i knew those bastards would tear to pieces and wont tell me if a letter arrived from the school i wanted.
> so i checked the mail obsessively.
> starting thinking of a way to get my parents to pay for my college
> and im not proud of this but i decided to blackmail them.
> my father specifically.
> he was only taking to me only if he needed to.
> its not smart to admit to a crime on 4chan, so i will change a lot of details just to be safe.
> my father worked for a "agricultural company" and had one of those ultra secure laptops.
>all i needed to do was get on it and copy some trade secrets or whatever
>move out
>threaten to post them online if they dont pay for school
>lump sum into my account
> pretty easy right?
> wrong.
>change a lot of details
>ultra secure laptop
OP's dad confirmed for kiddy diddler?
its the story to Ferris Beulers day off
Nice idea
is anyone screenshotting all of this?
>also check em
nice 64
nice dubs
thx, nice 87
thanks m8
you aren't me nigger
>>also check em
Op if you dont finish this story i will peel your eyes off, cut your balls and skin the off and then finally place the tightly into your red hot bleeding eyesockets.
File: bonobo-ape.jpg (35KB, 469x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP!!! Post dammit
OP is kill
bump a lump
op plzz
Goddammit op it's literally taken you more than an hour to post this story across two threads (soon to be 3) hurry the fuck up
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OP here: part 14
> Thinking of how to get on his laptop
> Cant "hack" into it because real life.
> he has to let me on it.
> but how?
> I come up with a plan
> we used a wireless router in our home
> dad controlled the router though, shit.
> he left for work
> now is my time
> my brother was a gamer (but shitty gamer to be honest), and he was a bit spoiled.
> i dropped in his ear that i read somewhere that routers effect gameplay alot, and the better the router the better the gameplay
>"anon, which router do you think i should buy"
> son of a bitch took the bait
> "don't worry bro, i'll get and set it up for and everything"
>"okay, anon" ... dumb ass
>go to mother
> "bro wants me to buy a new router and set it up for him"
>"whats wrong with the one we have?"
> "I dont know but he thinks it would make his gameplay better "
> "why cant he do it himself?"
>"i offered to help."
> "okay anon." and she gave me the money.
can you post the next part in less time please? i have the utmost respect bout you should've pre-typed the story mang
Continue that plot
this better be finished when I come back OP.
Op pls
This motherfucking OP in this motherfucking thread in this motherfucking site on the motherfucking internet in the motherfucking world
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The more I wait, the more I die
fuck please, i need to go the the fucking market with my exchange hosts
OP is kill again
beginning of story please?
Starting to understand why ops family don't like
It's a story about how he was falsely accused of being sexually abused. His family just hates him period
OP you got some lipstick? I would like at least to look PRETTY before i GET FUCKED
10/10 need the rest!
File: Untitled.png (41KB, 947x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here: part 15

> Get the router
> not much different from old one
> set it up
> tell everyone to give me access to their computers
> to give them access to the "new generation" routers
> bro says "i can really see the difference in the fps"
> jackieChanWhat.jpeg
> kek
> install monitoring software
> don't even know why, it was dads computer i needed access to
> dad gets back from business thing.
>"i need you're laptop"
>"i need to install some things "
>"what things?"
>"bro needed a new router, i got it for him"
> "Okay, here"
> I slip a USP, and start indiscriminately copying shit if they looked important.
> gave him his laptop back
> but i fucked up /b/ros
> for some reason i didn't know the old man was tech savvy
> Honestly, didn't know much about him.
> but i got caught and he found out i copied shit from his computer
> motherfucker looked at the logs
> crude reminder that life is not a movie
> Sheat
uh oh, beatdown time
Confirmed OP is drawing his posts on paint. One pixel at a fucking time. Pretype this shit in future you raging fucking homo
its the suspense that makes the story better
Not all of us have the privilege of being able to sit staring at the thread all day
Full nigger approaching for rectal desacration
notice the s/
means im being sarcastic nigger
Stop lying to yourself OP... You are a massive faggot.
OP plz finish
come on OP.
everyone got sick of your shit and left OP
File: Untitled.png (50KB, 855x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 855x434px
OP here: part 16
> dad gets pissed
> tells mom
> she tries to calm him down a bit
> i don't know whats going on, im in my room happy , popping champagne figuratively
> parents knock on the door
> they knock the type a knock were you know you're in trouble
> they come in
>"anon what did you do"
>and dad starts yelling
>he walks closer
> he asks again
> i deny again
> then he tries to slap me
>i dodge it and bolt out the room
> don't need this shit
> he is coming after me
> i'm scarred as shit now
> never seen him this angry
> fuck
> now my whole family out of their rooms to watch the show
> i make to the living room before i decide to man up
> enough is enough
> so i start wrestling with my dad
> not for long because my brothers step it and start defending him
> their beating me up good
> don't know what to do
> in desperation stick two fingers in my mouth and throw up on everyone
> they back away disgusted
> i'm crying like a bitch at this point
> i go to the kitchen to wash of
> and im a fucking mess
> My palms are sweaty
> My knees are week
>my brothers and dad have Vomit on their Sweaters
>but at the corner of my eye i see that mom cooked spaghetti for lunch.
> so i pour some and eat mom's spaghetti.
>my family comes in to talk
> I opens my mouth but the words won't come out
> I'm choking, how? Everybody in my family is joking now
>The clock's run out, time's up, over - blaow

On a more serious note /b/, my story was true up until part 15, but i seriously need to go back to working on my dissertation. i have a meeting with my advisor next week. peace out /b/ros.
>no, not a faggot > yes am happy > parents kicked me out for steeling from dad > got a shit job and grinded my way through community college
> transferred on a scholarship to school i wanted > now working on PHD > Have a lovely wife
It was difficult but i made it out.
Maybe i'll come back one day and tell about all the shit i went through.
Thread posts: 109
Thread images: 18

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