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ITT: stories of asshole customers in retail or fast food. also

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: stories of asshole customers in retail or fast food.
also feel free to share stories of times you stole shit

i'll start.
>be me, working at Target
>stupidly dressed old hippy bitch comes up and asks if we have any wool coats
>i say no but i'll show you the coats we have
>she loses it and says those are all jackets
>MFW i don't know what she fucking means
>politely ask her to remind me the difference between a coat and a jacket
>"WELL ANON, i know the difference between a fork and a spoon"
>tell her i guess we don't have what she wants then and walk away

it's not the best but yeah share your shit.
Not very interesting but this ticked me off
>be me, working fast food
>working drive thru
>long as fuck day, finally starting to slow down
>asshat McGee comes through and orders a small soda
>think that's weird cause our sodas are overpriced as fuck but whatever
>asshat rolls up, with like four other people in the car
>giggling like a bunch of morons
>I take asshat's money and give him his change, then give him his soda and close the window
>turn around and hear a loud pop, then they speed away
>look outside
>see remains of a firecracker on the windowsill
>congrats, you just wasted two dollars and 5 minutes of your time on a "prank" that didn't even work
it's the attitude that makes it annoying as fuck, i know that feel
>be me, working at ghetto walmart
>big fat niggress and her 4 nigglets come to my register with a cart full of alcohol and diapers
>niggress is wearing yoga pants 5 sizes too small, and a shirt that barely reaches her belly button, leaving her hideous stretch marks exposed
>she gets to the register and tells me to stop staring at her like a piece of meat
>all this time her kids are running around grabbing candy off the shelves and scattering it around
>keep my mouth shut, dont want to lose my job for pissing off a customer
>i ring up the bitch's booze and diapers, and she tries to pay with food stamps or whatever shit
>i'm sorry ma'am, you can't buy alcohol with that
>she loses her shit, starts swearing and knocking the bottles off the counter onto the ground
>policeman nearby grabs her and drags her off while her kids continue running amok
>mfw niggers gonna nig

>be me
>live in Utah a year ago
>work at a Maverik station
>work the graveyard shift
>I'm there all alone
>customer comes in and pays for $20 worth of gas with his debit card
>goes to pump it
>fucks up somehow
>only pumps $0.12
>hangs up the pump like a jackass
>automatically makes a button pop up for me to refund his money back onto his card
>he comes in and asks what's wrong
>tell him I refunded his money back onto the card, gave him the receipt that showed this, and said he'd have to pay again if he wanted the gas
>he pays again
>he pumps the full amount this time
>comes back in
>starts yelling at me
>I didn't, I refunded your money. I, in no way, have any information about your bank account
>he keeps yelling
>asking me what our policy is on refunds
>I've had enough
>Our policy is to give people their fucking money back
>I pressed a button that refunded the money. It was either that, or we keep it.
>I'm the only one here, I can call her if you want
>call my manager
>he proceeds to yell at her
>she tells him the same thing I told him
>he gives me back the phone
>I tell her a little of the background
>she says I'm sorry I had to deal with that
>he leaves
>I'm fucking super pissed for about 5 minutes but then I start thinking how fucking funny the whole thing was
>The whole night I'm replaying it in my head and laughing
>other customers probably thought I was high

I should mention that this dude was, or at least looked like a total meth junkie. Don't get me started on his girlfriend.
>working at walmart
such a shitty place
>tfw a deli worker for walmart
>tfw getting these annoying fuckers wanting a $1.00 worth of like 5 different hot food items
And it's almost always somali fuckers
gave me a good laugh, thank you. ia lso thought im the only one that calls them niglets

also, I used to steal egg rolls and popcorn chicken and mini tacos and red bulls all the time. I'd take something from the cooler, shove it in my pants, pretend I was taking the garbage out, and eat or drink it outside. Other times I'd be too pissed off to care. I stole a pair of Ecko headphones right in front of my boss and never got caught.
i live on east coast canada, so many fucking somalis and other muslim black fucks go in to the 24h grocery store at like 5 am cause thats when they do all the 50% off tagging on food, then stink up the palce with their BO and saunter through the aisles as if no one else is around. fucking annoying.
I work at a 76 station. Get customers like This on the daily.
haha i wish i had the guts to do that at target, the security is retardedly lax but i was too nervous. my boyfriend steals cheese from superstore every time he gets groceries cause it's the most expensive item he gets. cheese is retarded expensive
>work at costco
>customer tries to purchase using friend's membership
>obviously not her, we tell her that and she starts yelling
>tell her 80% of our revenue is from membership so we have to enforce the membership rule
>she yells for about 20-30 min saying it's her friend's and her friend will cancel membership because of this
>we don't care
>she "leaves"
>40min later we see her at a different line

Shit like this happened every day but this stood out the most because she fucking tried the same shit again on the line next to us.
your face is a red dot inside a red circle?
newfag detected

If you didn't catch it, our pumps are prepay after dark. Every now and again I would have someone flip the fuck out when I wouldn't turn the pump on for them. And almost all of those people then came in to buy drinks or smokes or what have you's.

>Let me get a pack of Reds
>Will that be all?
>And put $20 on pump #5

I could always hear the hate in that last part, and I fucking loved it. I lived for it. I had a couple people just leave because I wouldn't turn the pump on. Get the fuck out of here with your "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" attitude.
>be me
>work at staples in copy center
>every fucking customer asks me to do impossible things
>take this blurry photo from 1902 and make it poster size, anon.
>sir/ma'm that is impossible as it's already bad quality, blowing it up will just make it worse
> mfw they argue with me for 20 minutes about this
>finally give in and make them a copy so their retarded asses can see what I mean
>mfw this happened every. fucking. day.
Why post horror stories of working at retail and fastfood? Working retail and fastfood is automagically a horror story. Kill yourself faggot.


Captcha Kerpa

Also, checkum
Reminds me of one of those fucktards asking me if the store had anymore shampoo and conditioner while they were in our shampoo and conditioner aisle.

Somali's are fucking retarded.

>closing shift one night in deli
>one of them comes up interested in buying a corndog
>asks if it has pork in it
>uh, yeah
>they decide not to get it, cause they worship pigs
>pointing out the misuse of "mfw"
I think you are the newest of us, my friend
lmao. i used to work at tim hortons and they always asked if the ham and cheese biscuit has ham in it. like are you fucking serious
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>work at Red Lobster with open kitchen
>go to other side of the counter and toss water under the counters into the kitchen
>put up wet floor signs
>soap up my floors and start scrubbing
>trying to gtfo
>suddens: "Do you think I'm gunna slip"
>I look up and see a latina hambeast holding a baby
>"I think you'll be fine"
>"Are you sure?"
>mfw i had to leave the kitchen to walk to walk this land whale 10 feet
>grab her arm like a gentleman
>notice the floor is dry
>I threw the water a half hour ago
>want to kill myself

>5 biscuits a day (easy cause i make them)
>a brownie a day
>sometimes cheesesticks, i make them a lot for other people
if you think working retail or fast food is that awful, youre a whiny pansy little faggot. kill yourself. ive worked both for 5 years and not once have i ever been that much of a little bitch about how shitty it is. it's shitty. it's a job. grow up.
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>works at gas station
>well works is being a bit generous, doesnt turn pumps on because how dare people come to a gas station and expect the pump turned, who the fuck do they think they are?
>I lived for it

This kind of attitude is why you work in a gas station.
and I forgot to quote
>work at Staples
>we sell coffee in bulk for our local small businesses
>fucking Indians come in every fucking week as soon as we open and buy it all
>had to call general manager to enforce a coffee limit
>tell them we now have a coffee limit
>they get all pissed because their stupid fucking hotel doesn't have endless coffee
>cheap bastards need to be ordering wholesale anyways
>they scream at me and ask for a manager
>manager comes "what seems to be the problem?" and explains new policy
>after about 30 minutes of them screaming manager finally flips out and tells them we had to enforce the new rule because they are greedy bastards
>I bust out laughing which makes it worse
>we get a corporate complaint and DM has to come in to investigate
>we explain what happened
>she laughs and calls them sandniggers
somalians are the actual worst

>be me, doing my job
>normal day, telling people what to do, dealing with shit
>suddenly my place of employment is full of all these fucking somali niggers
>they have guns
>one of them walks up to me, stares into my soul
>"look at me"
>"i'm the captain now"
File: 1417983968428.jpg (11KB, 227x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whatever i'd love to work at a gas station. chill as fuck.
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I just don't understand what is so hard about paying for gas. Most of my customers were laidback cowboys, Mormons, and metalheads from SLC. It's always the scummy lookin' fucks that think the world is theirs to shit on.

>a band of Juggalos appear
>rolling 5 deep
>they each get monster energy drinks, candy bars, ice cream, chips, etc.
>the head Juggalo speaks up
>Yo, it's on me tonight
>hands me a fucking foodstamp card
>literally wants to buy $30-$40 worth of junk food with foodstamps
>tell him our ebt machine is down
>he gets pissed and walks away
>I smile the smile of the content
>next customer is a single mother buying milk
>she asks if the ebt is still down
>Ma'am, it never was
>she laughs
>I laugh
>the gallon of milk laughs

As much as I hated that job, I had the occasional good time.
ah, all in a day's work
>work at a parking booth
>a hole comes up, run his ticket
>tells me straight out, I'm not going to pay
>tell him to go back and get a valuation
>says he's not going to
>tell him then he's not going to leave
>laughs and says that he is going to cause traffic
>i open next lane, monthly lane, let people go with key card
>ignore d bag for a couple of minutes
>ask me if I'm really going to be like this
>tell him he's the one being difficult, could just walk to bjs from the, literally like 30 steps away
>finally gives in
>have a nice day, with a smile
I hate people who treat workers like shit, everyone works, do you want customers to act like u?
Nice bait

lrn2readingcomprehension, faggot.
>the gallon of milk laughs
Delivering pizza
>here is your pizzas, it's 15 €
>this girl gives me the money and closes the door
>i just stand there for a moment
>she opens the door
>oh yeah right i forgot the pizzas

How the fuck did you forget to quote you fucking newfag
>Also work at Staples in Copy Center
>Customers do not ever understand how to use fax machine
>I understand it's outdated technology so I explain nicely
>"put the paper in face down, dial the number, press blue button to send, prints confirmation page when it's done."
>"just please come help me"
>every fucking time I just have to do it for them even though a 5 year old could understand how to do it
>get fed up and make a step by step sign, pictures included.
>"Anon i still don't understand please help"
>"How many pages would you like to send today?"
>"About 5025253"
>"Oh...it's 1.50 a page...."
>wanted to kill myself everyday
>literally cannot understand how retarded some people are
Threads like this are why I always try to be nice to people working retail.
They already get so much shit during the days, I really don't want to add.

Question for who works retail.
What's the best way a customer can get a smile out of you and make you think "well, afterall today wasn't a shitty day?"
>be me working at cafe
>minding own business when shady guy with a bulky body walks in
>don't pay much attention
>he suddenly whips out a gun
>holds 40+ people hostage and makes them hold up ISIS flag
>mfw Sydney siege
And when you do turn it on, card is rejected, fucking white truckers
op again,
>be me, working at tim horton's
>extremely busy morning, lots of breakfast going through
> i make a guy's breakfast sandwich the usual way, with cheese, cause i didnt notice it said none on the screen
>it's fucking busy as hell, im frazzled
>he literally walks around behind the counter over to me at the deli and screams at me that i put cheese slice on it, and his wife is allergic to cheese
>sassy black woman i work with comes over and just ignores his ranting and tells him repeatedly to gtfo from behind the counter
>i try not to piss myself laughing
>mfw the eggs we use have cheese cooked into them already
>i let him walk out without telling him his wife will prolly die

Exactly. When I go to a store I'm polite as fuck. Half because my parents raised me right, and half because that's another human being. It's not that hard to throw in a "How's it going." or a "You too." and it can make the persons day. The regular customers I had were all pretty nice, and I'd charge them for a small when they really had a large coffee. Little things like that are what keeps the customers coming back.
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> be me
> work at local buffet at time
> its some big mussy holiday like ramadan or some shit
> sandnigs E V E R Y W H E R E
> that day we were serving pork ribs
> we have a sign up that tells customers its made with pork
> no mussys bite
> finally this family of 5 grabs a few to try
> clearly dont notice sign
> finally toward the end of their visit the dad walks up to me and asks whats in it
> try not to smerk and tell him pork
> his face makes a 180
> pretty sure hes about tojump the counter and cut me
> mfw i managed to make a family of 5 go to hell
> management laughs as well
hmm, it always makes me smile when they just make some nice conversation or tell me i did a good job of {insert action here}. even making one person leave happy always made me feel nice.
inb4 faggot
Popped up the quick reply by clicking on it instead of clicking on the post number, shit happens.
Why are you so mad though?
Because you got called out for being a newfag for calling people nefwags out of your insecurities, trying to fit in the sekkrit club?
Deal with it.

or they pull the "Well So-and-so turns the pump on for me." routine

Congratulations, asshole, you just ratted someone out.
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Not retail but ausfag working for ISP, helping people with no connection, email, initial setup ect.
>"I cant log into facebook"
>"Whats my facebook password?"
>"I'm signing up to facebook and its asking me to choose a password is that just my email password?"
>"Facebook is sending me all these emails I dont want"
>"How do I resize a picture?"
>"My printer isnt working"
>"How do I use this external harddrive"
>"I used to have a scrabble game on my tablet and its gone how do I find it?" (Seriously not a one off, happened to me 4 times now.)
>"My computer won't turn on"
>"How do I start a game of solitare?"
>"My computers dead I need you to send me a new one" After explaining we dont sell computers "No you definately do I got this from you"
>"My children are looking up porn/using all my download limit, this is your problem not mine"
>Had a customer call and get abusive because his IPTV wasn't working. In the end he wasnt even a customer. He didn't even have IPTV or foxtel (cable). They re-tuned the free to air signal in his area.

Seriously we're a google search with a half hour wait period.

Pic related.
i did the same thing with coffees. or if the person was a regular i might charge them way less for a meal deal or something, or not ring up a donut but give them it anyways

you're doing god's work, anon.

Same shit happened to me except

>Kids asked for waters
>Gave the poorfags their waters
>Turned around to clean
>Fuckin waters flying in
>I duck and dodge em
>Didn't get hit, still pissed
>That rage of not being able to do anything because you don't want to lose your shitty job

>Forgot to close little window
>Coulda got the crew robbed and raped
nice face again
top kek
man that blows, i've always dreaded working at a call center for that reason
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use your imagination and then go play hide the sausage with your dad, homosex
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Not retail or fast food but customer service/sales representative.

>Get call
>Nigger woman is complaining about federal tax of some sort and threatening to cancel her service.
>.30 cent tax when she has a $140 dollar monthly bill
>mfw she is calling in threatening to close her shit so we can lower her bill
>mfw that never fucking words
>Explain that it is a federal tax and that the company has nothing to do with her tax
>mfw I have to explain what the fuck a federal tax is
>she cusses me out and accuses me of calling her stupid
>Wants to talk to my manager
>Send her to the next higher up
>does the same thing I do
>hear her screaming at him saying she wants to cancel.
>find out later she was telling him that he needed to give her a huge discount for insulting her
>he asks her if she wants her $400 dollar cancellation fee now or at the end of this billing period
>that nigger sow had to pay a $400 dollar cancellation fee while losing an amazing plan we no longer offer
>mfw she has to now pay installment fees for whatever she has to move to next
>she's out ~$700 at this point
>Over .30 cents
You don't know the depths of human stupidity until you've done tech support for the general public.

3 things

>be a super sexy mildly flirty teenage in booty shorts and a tank top
>wear a band shirt of a band I like and actually know the band in question
>genuinely mean it when they ask how my day is going and laugh when I say it's shitty in jest

My regulars loved me. Assholes hated me, because I would be an asshole right back to them. My manager wouldn't fire me because I worked the graveyard shift when no one wanted to, I actually did my fucking job, and she said she would do the same thing if a customer was flipping shit for no reason.
Reminds me of some of the shit that was taught at a Networking course I took.
All the examples were apparently from real life support situations, such as

>Why isnt this yellow ink showing up on the paper im printing on?
And the dumbass was using yellow paper..
>working at wendys
>got shot
>nigger cuck fuck luck
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flashdrive 948.gif
1MB, 290x189px
Got one for you guys.

> work at HMV
> closing shift, about half an hour before close
> guy of what I assume was Pakistani descent comes in
> manager tells me to keep an eye on him because he's been in the store before and he also tried to scam one of our other locations close by

here's what he would do:

> Go to one hmv location and buy a cd/DVD then come to our location
> grab the same product he had just bought at the other location without any of us seeing. due to no security cameras people can get away with that shut easily
> brings the product he just grabbed off the shelf to the cash and he says he wants to return it
> so basically at the end of the day the smug bastard gets his cd and his fucking money back.

Anyways back to the story.
We get informed by the other location that he's done this before so we should keep an eye on him

> co-worker is at the cash
> guy walks up and tries his shit
> coworkers tells him that we can't let him return his item for money we either have to do an straight exchange or store credit
> guy flips out and starts calling us all racist pricks and shit of the sort and storms out.
yes he pulled the fucking race card
> apparently guy is neighbour's with my bitch manager so he decides to tell her what happened
- a whole ordeal goes down where we have to apologize or he would inform head office of the event and get me and my coworkers fired

> all in all the guy got his undeserved apology and I still see him in the store from time to time and he never buys anything.

I have more if you guys want.
>be me
>Working at Taco Bell
>worst job i've ever had
>people get straight shitty over their tacos
>extremely busy friday around 6pm
>was working drive thru, big butch lady ordered taco salad.
>hand her the taco salad & say "have a nice weekend!"
>turn to grab next order for next car
>when I turn back she is still sitting there
>I open window "hi, is there a problem with your order?"
>I say, 'i'm terribly sorry ma'm we will fix that for you'
>whole time i'm thinking- the fucking pick it off if you think there is too much?
>tell manager, manager just picks off some of the lettuce and tells me to hand it back
>hand it back to the crazy joe dirt looking bitch and say "i'm really sorry about that, I hope you give us another chance and have a great weekend!"
>mfw she is still fucking sitting there when i turn around again
>Open window slowly....'yes? is there something wrong?'
>mfw this fucking cunt THROWS THE TACO SALAD AT ME
>i'm seeing red at this point
>I close the window and throw it in the trash, was about to tell manager to make a new one
>we are busy as fuck so manager didn't notice I threw it in the trash
>grab food out of trash and add a bit of lettuce and more cheese off the line
>make a baja blast, spit a fucking huge loogee in it
>open window "here you go ma'm! I'm so sorry about the problems you've had tonight. we made you an entirely new salad and here is a complimentary drink for all your trouble."
>she says 'yeah whatever' and drives away
>i laugh quietly to myself thinking about how she is drinking my spit while eating garbage food, stupid bitch

>even making one person leave happy always made me feel nice.

same here. I always think of "Asshole is being asshole to gas station attendant" scenarios as being movie scene, so when it would happen to me I would bust up laughing in their faces, and I could never be mad for more than a few minutes.
>cheese is retarded expensive
it wouldn't be if people didn't steal it
coats are longer than jackets
Go on.
reminds me of my old job

>live in best country in the world
>work at cheap grocery store
>polaks would come in and buy all of our diapers (they're cheaper here, apparently)
>young families in the area have no access to diapers because polaks keep buying them
>even the police is worried since the polaks are smuggling so many diapers
>we call them the diaper mafia
>we had to put up a limit on diapers/customer
>every morning the diaper mafia comes to my shop
>every morning i have to checkout 25 people all from the same family with one pack of diapers each
>they come back every afternoon as well
>mfw they even bring their kids to buy a pack of diapers for them
>mfw even though we put up a sign informing about the limit half those stupid fuckers can't read anyways so they roll up to the counter with their cart full of diapers
>fucking diaper mafia
>Work at Bed Bath and beyond
>Go to assist russian customer with knives
>"do you have knife sharpner?"
>show him all the types we have
>"25 dollars with this?"
>proceeds to make a spitting noise and act disguested with the price
>"sir its calphon all of their stuff is pricey"
>hes made the spitting noise at least 12 times by now.
>"its just metal, give me metal and i make it myself. this is no good"
>he then goes on about how bed bath and beyond is the "face of america" and we are doing a great dishonor for having such prices.
>laugh as hard as i ever laughed and "you think bed bath beyond is the face of america!?!"
>walk away laughing with a "good day sir "
File: pfft.jpg (21KB, 261x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 261x204px
>be working as a butcher for a major ausfag supermarket chain
>muslims ask if mince is halal
>mfw I mix pork trims through the regular beef mince daily
politely ask her to remind me the difference between a coat and a jacket

FYI you wear a jacket indoors but not a coat ....

not that i give a shit
every fucking thread.

how does it feel being the expected douchebag? doing your part to keep /b/ edgy big guy?
>getting those shitty muslims / somalis to eat pork
doing god's work anons
File: flashdrive 987.gif (3MB, 186x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
flashdrive 987.gif
3MB, 186x190px
stupid nigger

captcha: isiis
I don't get why people would EVER be rude to people who make their food for this reason
Gotta love the faggots who think that being an asshole will get them free shit or bill reduced. Every customer service job i have had i will do my utmost to prevent people like that from getting shit, it's great when u have a boss that won't take shit and will back u up when dealing with said human garbage.
File: 1421568188326.jpg (6KB, 203x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 203x249px

>mfw when I live in Sydney
>mfw I kek'd harder than a thousand suns

Or I'd actually explain about monthly sales to the people I liked.

>during the summer XXL drinks were a dollar as a promotion
>large drinks still $1.58

You think I'm gonna tell the wigger that he can get more for less?

Also, I'd get to know when people I knew or liked were coming in and I'd make fresh coffee or whip up some hot dogs earlier than usual. We sold Krispy Kremes and the delivery guy would get there at 3 a.m. or so. I'd have scuzzy fucks there before asking if we have deals on day old doughnuts, and I would tell them no.

>but these doughnuts are stale!
>Then don't buy them
post more
File: Baron.jpg (8KB, 268x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 268x233px
i fucking lost it when you picked it out of the garbage, sweet jesus.
yeah i know that now :P
It always made my day when a customer told me to have a good day/night/morning/whatever, made the tip of my dick tingle

I'm so glad I had a bitch for a boss. She could be an insufferable cunt, but when it came to shit like this she always had my back because she gave no fucks about people like that.

This post's for you, Kimmy!
what makes me mad is that they think acting like that is acceptable and not totally fucktarded
have you ever fucking bought cheese? even regular cheddar is expensive. or any dairy product for that matter
>work fast food
>costumer walks up with 4 others
>orders one burger
>"is that all"
Make burger and begin tilling it up
>"a large chips too please"
>"ok, is that all?"
>"3 more burgers too and 4 cokes and 2 large chips"

Why do they order like that. do it all at once and save yourself and me some time.

>finish order
>just about to till up
>"how much is it'
>be me, 9 years ago, working at Taco Bell
>doing drive thru
>normal day, not so bad
>guy comes through, orders cheesy fiesta potatoes without cheese and without sour cream
>mfw those are just regular fiesta potatoes
>mfw it comes up astronomically more expensive to put it into the computer like that
>tell him, ask him if he wants regular potatoes, or if he just wants them in the handy bowl cheesy comes in
>try to be helpful
>proceed to argue for next 5 min.
>guy argues about why I argued with his decision to top it all
>decides to come inside
>same convo ensues
>gives up, and orders the potatoes with the cheese and sour cream
>several minutes later, bathroom detail time
>you can probably imagine mfw...
>cheesy fiesta potatoes, smashed and smeared all over the mirror

I chuckled. You're one of the good ones.
polak? what country are you in?
>working shitty retail sales position
>shift starts late morning this day
>get to work a lil early
>decide to chill at the coffee shop next door until shift begins
>patron in coffee shop clearly drunk
it's only 9:40am or so.
>smh when coffee shop sells more beer to this drunk guy
>manager of shop tells me he's been here since 8am
>guy drops and breaks a glass
>starts getting pissy with waitress who is trying to mop up his mess
>kicks the mop and jabs his foot at her hands while she's trying to pick up shards of glass
Joke is over.. This guy is really just an asshole
>starts flirting with waitresses and making rude remarks
>manager tells him he will have to pay his bill and leave now
>guy refuses. requests more beer.
>manager again: "Right of admission reserved. We're asking you to pay and leave."
>manager be a ratty Greek man and clearly intimidated by the drunk
>drunk man tells him "FUCK OFF"
>smh more when I realise this guy probably doesn't even have money.
>Waitress standing behind a counter just ignoring him
>He gets up and walks to the counter, demanding more beer, getting more aggressive
>manager shitting himself in a corner.
>waitress shitting herself behind the counter
>I stand behind the drunk ready to drop him if he tries anything
>security arrive but drunk puts up a fight
>his phone falls from his pocket in the scruff, i manage to get it without him noticing
>after the security guy had wacked him up with a baton a bit he gives up and says he's leaving now
>retard security just let's him go
>drunk doesn't leave. instead pisses on a car in the parking lot
>security take him to the mini police station in the mall
>police just reprimand him and tell him to gtfo
>he walks out and immediately starts kicking vehicles and cursing the mall
>I lmfao when about 10 cops come outside, tase him, beat the shit out of him, drag him back inside the police station
Do people not understand that your average wage grunt doesn't get paid in company stock?

So often when customers would get mad, they'd go "well I'm gonna take my money somewhere else!" or "well I'm never coming back here!"

and all I'm thinking is "oh good, that means I won't have to deal with you again." Do you think I give a shit if the company loses $12 if it means I don't have to hassle with you assholes? Fuck, if the company loses $12,000 every time an asshole stops coming back I'd be happy.
File: 1418437910303.jpg (347KB, 571x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347KB, 571x540px

Hey do you know we are on 4chan?
man i dated a russian guy and they are almost like another species. they don't understand north american...anything. needless to say i dumped him

Right? Then they go and tell their friends about their "horrible" experience and they leave out the part where they acted like a cunt to a complete stranger.
yeah yeah i should have known the difference but i mean come on is it really worth flipping your shit over
File: 47558490.jpg (7KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>work at copyshop
>alot of students come here in good time to print their masters, specials and whatnot
>then there is the students that choose to not prioritize their time and always come in with their shit way to late
>"hey i got this 250 page assignment can you print 3 copies and bind them i need to deliver in 20 minutes"
>tell them its impossible to do this in time
>mfw they break down crying
>greatest powerboner ever
>pic related
10/10, I farted laughing

Yeah man, We got an image to uphold and all that.

fuck being honest with anonymity even though it's the real reason for an anonymous board, let's be newstyle edgy faggots with it instead! high five bro!
i fucking hate it when people complain about the product we have, or compain that another store has the same thing for cheaper
don't fucking buy it then you piece of dog shit
same thing happened to me
>worked in tiny little burger booth drive-thru
>high school tards drive up giggling into the speaker, asking for waters
>hand them a cup-tray with their waters in it
>they throw them back in through the window, landing them in the fryer right next to me, filled with 400° oil
>shit explodes sending hot scalding oil in all directions, burning my face and eyes
>blinded, can't see, all exposed areas of my body feel like ISIS pilot
>fell to the floor
>crawled over to the door
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Norway, fucking polaks are taking our jobs and taking our diapers
File: 1415949527061.jpg (162KB, 625x828px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 625x828px

>mad he works in a gas station
>Be me
>Work at a hardware shop
>We sell 9kg gas bottles for customers for barbecues
>Get a muslim couple buying a gas bottle
>We never have brand new bottles, just tested, reused, and repainted bottles
>Unlock the cage and search for a full bottle
>After searching for a while get one out
>Lock cage back up
>Hear the muslim wife whispering to her husband
>"Can you find us one that's a bit cleaner"
>Fucking unlock the cage again put it back and get them another one.

Fucking cunt customers.
>Working at bar
>Chicks ordering drinks
>One orders a Lemon Drop and the other orders our Seahawks Spritzer
>Bring drinks over
>Chick who orders the Lemon Drop reaches for the Seahawks Spritzer
>Tell her that is her friends and hands her Lemon Drop
>Bitch didn't know a Lemon Drop was yellow
>Bitch freaks out because there's a lemon seed in the glass
>Explain that we muddle lemons for the drinks when we run out of lemon juice
>Bitch doesn't drink and refuses to pay because of the seed
>Have to tell my manager, who was a previous bartender
>Laugh at how stupid this bitch is
File: You make me laugh.jpg (11KB, 200x215px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
You make me laugh.jpg
11KB, 200x215px
>we explain what happened
>she laughs and calls them sandniggers
people at tim horton's do that ALL THE TIME. or they will say they "want a coffee" and then stare at you like you're retarded because you don't psychically know what size or what they want in it. assholes. i make it a point to stare at them back until they tell me. i refuse to ask whats in it.
Has anyone ever had the "You should smile." customer? If you're cool, I'll smile at you naturally. I'm not just going to stand there with a fucking grin plastered on my face for the duration of my shift.
>work at Chipotle
>it sucks, don't do it
>dinner rush, trying to move people through
>we keep like 5 employees on the line specifically for that reason
>that one customer you always get who orders 7 different entrees at once and fucks the process to shit and back like a dumb son of a bitch
>3 employees trying their best to make her orders as they come to keep the line moving
>of course this bitch gets information overload talking to all 3 of them, because she evidently doesn't understand how ordering at a Chipotle works and thinks she can just pretend to be 7 customers at once, no problem
>gets confused about whose bowl she's dealing with when talking to different staff
>like all animals, gets angry when she gets nervous
>starts flipping out and cussing at a manager on the line making her food, about how she's the customer and they need to do whatever she says, and if she wants to order these one at a time and hold the line up we should just kiss her ass about it
>another guy on the line looks at her with indignation and goes "miss, I don't care who you are, the rules of society are still in effect, you can't just talk to another person like that".

Still my favorite response to an asshole customer ever.
ah dude what a piece of shit. sorry you had to deal with that
Fucking this. Even my co-workers: "Don't look so down anon. Don't look so sad". I'm not sad, this job is just fucking shit. I don't need to smile all the time.
sans top poof va for

>I can get the same thing at Walmart for less!

But the Walmart is in the next town 15 miles away, so with the gas you waste going there, you're not really saving any money. Half the time it was maybe a dollar or so more expensive, but, hey, NEWSFLASH! Almost everything is more expensive at a gas station.

HMV guy again

> store one day goes through a major move
> all the sections in the store were being rearranged to different areas
> wasn't that bad considering I was in charge of moving the cds
> the metal section took up so much shelf space that I was told to condense it to fit other genres on the shelves next to it
> extra cds were placed either in the back or under the shelves in drawers
> finish my job and a few minutes later one of the stores regulars comes in
> he's a metal head in his late 40s and obsessed with Black Sabbath
> guy just chills for a bit checking out the now condensed metal section While I'm a few feet away throwing shit on shelves
> all of a sudden hear him sream to himself "this is bullshit"
> make my way over Ask him if he needs a hand
> "yeah man. Where's all your black sabbath there's like two cds here"
> Explain to him the store change and let him know if he needs help finding a certain album to let me know and I can take a look
> he says "I'll be fine"
> not even a few moments after I walk away I hear him open the draw under the shelf which is off limits to customers
> approach him and tell him "sir, you can't be doing that customers aren't allowed to go through these drawers without employee permission"
> Guy stands up and looks at me
> " you know what? your metal section sucks dick now. Fuck your stupid store. You can't appreciate metal you panzees"
> storms out of the store and to this day I haven't seen him
I'm sorry you had to go through that
doing that to rude muslims is fine, but to every one... that's just being a cunt. enjoy being a fucktard.
You just succinctly described the prime, fundamental problem with retail.

There is a major disconnect between the companies' owners and their customers to the detriment of both their interests
im glad someone told that bitch
>be me
>Server at Steak n Shake
>Only server on the floor on a Sunday
>Tons of Pentecostals come in after church
>No shit, like 40 of them
>They never tip
>They let their kids run fucking wild and kick over chairs and shit
>One of the small children about 5 runs back into the kitchen
>adults don't even notice
>I'm chasing a 5 year old through a fucking slippery as fuck kitchen filled with knives and large metal objects
>child runs into the cooler, slips and falls and busts their head off the corner
>I pick the kid up and try to comfort him, tell him he can't come back here,he doesn't work here
>I'm mad as fuck and this kid is bleeding
>Take him out to the dining area and say "HELLO??? YOUR CHILD FELL IN OUR KITCHEN!!!!"
>they all start screaming at me "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?"
>I try to explain but they keep talking over me
>Call the police on me
>Police arrive and I explain what happened
>Police explain that they have to watch their children and it's extremely fucked up that they let their kid run into a restaurant kitchen
>They scream and say they are going to sue and tell everyone what happened
>Never see them again, thank fucking god.

Seriously though, how big of a piece of shit do you have to be. The kid could have gotten seriously fucking hurt or died from slipping and falling and hitting his head. Not to mention I could have grabbed him and headed out the back door and abducted him if I wanted to and they wouldn't have noticed.
I hate people.
Not 100% relevant, but everyone else's stories kind of reminded me of this so here we go

>late high school
>dad and I are on our way back from a wrestling tournament
>couple hour drive from long island to pennsylvania
>stop at a gas station to get gas and snacks
>thank god, lost 10lbs in a two days to make weight, thirsty as hell
>dad's filling up car, nothing unusual
>oh dear
>shotgun and back right windows entirely covered in duct tape
>fatasaurus rex and paletron with real working nearlybald action step out
>trashiest clothes I've ever seen
>talking fatasaur's shirt didn't reach belly button
>paletron had this weird pink cotton-y dress that had a lot of holes so you could see all the way down her sides
>fatasaurus had weird fucking body sores everywhere
>both were missing a couple of teeth
>the most disgusting human beings I've ever seen
>go inside, get granola bar and gatorade
>walk back out, look in driver side window-but-it's-not-a-window
>fatasaurus shoves needle into his arm
>"Auuuggghhh YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"
>Hey kid, wanna have a good time?
>politely but sharply say "no thanks"
>speedwalk at 88mph to car
>you alright anon?
>dad we gotta go I can't try heroin for at least another 3 or four years
>fucking outta there

And that's the first time and so far only time I've ever been offered hard drugs
hahahahhahahaha. dying at the >like all animals, gets angry when she gets nervous
Yeah. They were cunts. I have more stories. But this thread is like reddit. The lower the thread goes. The less people there are to read.
buttmad pig worshipper detected
theyre muslims, they aren't even clean. they wipe their ass with their hand
File: 1422827927882.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2448x3264px
cont (not much else happened)
>oh shit I'm late for my shift
>head back towards work
>coffee shop manager is angry that the guy never paid his bill
>I give him the guys phone
>turns out it's actually his step-daughters phone
>she comes to pay his bill and get her phone back
>she doesn't even ask or care where he is
he's still getting rekt by the police in the station
>security guys being super friendly to me.. Word must have spread that I helped one of them out in the scruff
>coffee shop manager offers me free coffee up to the value of the drunk's bill
>waitress delivers coffee to me while i work next door
>she brings me free cookies and offers to buy me lunch too
>boss let's me go home early as if I'm a war hero or something

a winrar is me

pic unrelated

A man can dream. So much fap material walked through those doors.
>work at local grocery store
>one of the people who runs the front end
>we have to cover breaks at the attached fuel station
>have program that allows customers to get discount fuel
>allowed to only pump fuel in one car, but can use fuel cans
>two cars pull in at the same time
>there are a few open pumps but they wait to make sure to get ones next to each other
>one person starts pumping, other just gets out of car
>they have free gas
>they go to fill the second car
>turn off pump
>they come over and start yelling
>explain policy and how it is a safety hazard to pump the second car
>but I always do it at the other company station about a mile away
>explain policy again and that is because they probably didn't notice
>they want to see the manager
>the building I am in is literally an 8'x8' box, where the fuck do you think a manager is you asshat
>tell them there is no manager here! they can go up to the main store to talk to one
>they swear at me
>other person's break is over go back up to store
>see asshat from gas station talking to one of the grocery managers
>the guy sees me and points at me
>manager comes over after talking dumbass
>just tells me to look like I'm upset
>they just say that the guy was an asshole and he did nothing for him except say he'd talk!to me about it
>says the guy was an asshole

Always love that. I love the customers who just leave when they see me come back even more.

Also, love the people who try to return cigarettes.
>be me, 20, student, part-time job pizza delivery at small italian pizza place
>night shift, asked to deliver 4 XL pizzas at 6am
>get to place on time, huge house, massive party
>ring the doorbell and wait for about 10 fucking minutes
>pizzas are cold by now
>some guy answers the door, presumably the host, absolutely smashed, also high
>another two guys behind him, all of just staring at me
>i open my mouth to say the usual delivery shit but he interupts me
>"heeeeey dumbfuck, what do you want"
>dont want to piss of a drunk idiot so i just politely say i brought the pizzas
>decide to fuck with him
>go to the delivery car and take only 3 pizzas from the thermo-case-thing
>hand him only 3 of the 4 pizzas
>"4 XLs, thatll be xyz € sir"
>takes him 2 fucking minutes to hand me the money
>get in car, floor the gas, bail asap
>ffwd arrive at pizza place, tell the manager the customer was beyond drunk and didnt want the 4th one for some reason, but paid for all 4
>he just shrugs, takes the pizza, reheats it in the oven and hands me a slice
>What's the best way a customer can get a smile out of you
If they would do a 360 turn and moonwalk the fuck out
>Be me working at a drive-in hot dog root beer stand
>Guy pulls in and my co-worker outside talking upi and as one car pulls in
>He points to the car and mentions this guy is one of the regulars and he is always shit faced drunk
>Co-worker says you go deal with him I'll get the next one
>Hell knows if this guy is still alive today or took someone else's life in the process of his miserable existance
>Walk to his driver side and he is obviously heavily inebriated
>Decipher his slurring and babbling and tell him it'll be right out sir
>As you are dealing with other customers you see him pour a bottle of some liquid out onto the parking lot(piss)
>Think nothing of that until you walk to his driver side
>You see to your horror his sloppy fucking penis out in full display
>Forced to watch with food order in hand in shock while this guy slowly and casually packs his junk back in
>He pays for the food, gives a dollar or two as a tip, thinking in your head I should've gotten alot more for that kind of exposure and headache
>Go back and tell the manager and asst. manager
>They both laugh their asses off at my expense
>Quit a year later
I have never worked in fast food, retail or other shit tier jobs such as these. I can tell you that I worked in Dell Technical Support back in 1998-2004 and people can be just as shitty on the phone.

One thing I know is that I never, ever am rude to people serving or making my food.
I was being sarcastic you dumb bitch

So you had to unlock a cage, so fucking what?
That was a stupid story of you doing your job
Don't even try doing these retards a favor, Anon. Just let them waste their money.
File: image.jpg (211KB, 784x840px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211KB, 784x840px
A girl's only use is to be fucked.

Pic unrelated.
wastes of flesh and air.
>be me, work at a stadium
>huge line
>woman comes up and starts screaming at me because military men are in line and they deserve to go first before every other dick standing there
>i tell her no, they have to wait in line
>she gives them 20 dollars and tells them to get what they want from me, the bitch cunt that won't serve them first
>they get up to me in line, apologize, buy one drink for 6 dollars and give me the rest as a tip
>she asks them for the change and they say they gave it to me
>she rage faces me and demands money
>i tell her no and she stomps around and spills all her beer
a person is ok but people are cunts
costco asks so little of its customers in return for the greatest customer service of all time

it's legendary for returning shit that wasn't even purchased there, give them $120 a year and they'll do anything, they'll even return the money with more if you buy enough shit
Oy vey...
Thought so. But no. I did my job. I got them what they wanted after looking through a fucking big cage mixed with empty and full bottles. Locked it back up, had to re-unlock it, and then find another one that was "cleaner". They were time wasting picky cunts.
*clap clap clap*
No, I just described the prime and fundamental problem with capitalism, which is the disconnect between the desires of owners and the desires of workers.

At the end of the day I give a single flying fuck how my employer performed this quarter. Unless I'm dead in the sights of the next wave of layoffs I give a fuck if the whole ship sinks.
theres still alot of people here
did you offer to quickly produce one and he can get the rest later to maybe mitigate the disaster?
>be me, year 2001-2003
>work at Hot Topic
>can dye hair any color I want, wear whatever I want
>Most adults/parents won't even set foot in store
>nearby stripper bar. regularly get strippers in shopping for lingerie etc. and they often model it for you
>countless teen girls try on slinky corsets/outfits and model them for you, more than a couple ask you to look in the dressing room at their "outfit" and are actually nude

Actually the best retail job I ever had
but they're not losing money at all

the company has to pay you to fuck around with this horrible, probably cheap customer, meanwhile he's pissing off other, lower maintenance employees

the company wins too, you do the right thing when you use that right to deny service
I once lost my job and took a job reading electrical meters (for 2.5 weeks). Yes people read them, they punch in numbers and your bill is calculated.

People are complete cunts, they carried on like i was getting the money when i read them.
(minimum wage) Women complete cunts who think you come out to read theirs specifically, people asking about their bill "i just read the numbers, you'll have to call your provider"

Chinese/Indian shop owners, Jew cunts make it hard for you to read them or act like if you don't read it they wont have to pay a bill.
Lebo (sand nigger) workshop owners tell you the meter is disconnected, you still read a disconnected one.

worst job of all time and I delivered pizza in a crappy town whilst in high school.

Temp agency called me and offered me a new contract i took my uniform back that afternoon n split. Would have been better off claiming the dole for a few weeks
File: LiOnL.png (494KB, 600x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
494KB, 600x597px
>makes 5 sandniggers go to hell
I once lost my job and took a job reading electrical meters (for 2.5 weeks). Yes people read them, they punch in numbers and your bill is calculated.

People are complete cunts, they carried on like i was getting the money when i read them.
(minimum wage) Women complete cunts who think you come out to read theirs specifically, people asking about their bill "i just read the numbers, you'll have to call your provider"

Chinese/Indian shop owners, Jew cunts make it hard for you to read them or act like if you don't read it they wont have to pay a bill.
Lebo (sand nigger) workshop owners tell you the meter is disconnected, you still read a disconnected one.

worst job of all time and I delivered pizza in a crappy town whilst in high school.

Temp agency called me and offered me a new contract i took my uniform back that afternoon n split. Would have been better off claiming the dole for a few weeks
>Work at Target
>One of those black bitches who takes their sweet ass time doing everything rolls up and demands to know where 5 different things are
>tells me to go get her something from across the store
>Say word for word for her to fuck off and do it herself
>cusses me out, call her a lazy cunt
>demands to see a manager
>play dumb and say I said no such thing,
>woman chimps the fuck out
>manager tells the woman to leave the store or she will call the cops
Pays off to be able to keep a straight face and lie.
I'll try it the next time, I'm pretty good at moonwalking.
I'm conflicted, because on the one hand she was a cunt, but on the other hand she was willing to put her money where her mouth was on taking care of people she respected.

Personally I give a fuck about soldiers but I distinctly remember working at a checkout and the woman in front of some army guy told me, very quietly, to charge her for whatever he was buying that day. Never even told the guy her name or what she did, he just got up to the register and I told him "the customer before you bought your lunch today". I thought that was pretty cool.

Better than the people who get all uppity and pissed when you tell them you don't offer a military discount (never actual soldiers, of course, it's always their spouses).
>Working at hardware shop (Bunnings)
>Aboriginals walk in
>Instantly we all keep an eye on them
>Coordinators following them around the store
>Next minute one of them is high tailing it out of there

Turned out they were stealing glue to sniff. They wonder why racism still exists.
also, i gotta ask, was she a basketball american?

>be me
>work a real job
>don't deal with pissy customers because my service is actually needed
>didn't waste my youth searching for the perfect man (traps are men)
>actually paid attention in school
>make $91k plus bonuses, tax free
>will be retired before 40 with no debt

Fucking plebs, get focused and you won't have to work jobs intended for high school kids.
File: 1422084224471.jpg (24KB, 594x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 594x441px

You had to...


She was completely drunk and wasted, and it was halftime during an NFL football game. The military guys told her no on the money, she insisted the entire time calling me a bitch. Because I had a line stacked all the way around the corner and I'm one single person, I'm a bitch.
Maverik bro here with one final story, well two stories about the same situation, but with wildly different results

>be at Maverik
>we have fro-yo machines
>a young couple is trying to make some cones
>they drop it on the counter and in their shock, they don't stop the handle
>fro-yo everywhere
>I see it all going down
>walk over to clean it up
>laugh at the situation with them
>they help me clean it
>they get their fro-yo
>apologize profusely
>tell them it's not a big deal
>they leave
>laugh about it later

>be at Maverik
>wanna-be white gangster walks in
>tries to get fro-yo
>is just dispensing fro-yo onto the counter
>watching him the whole time from the register
>Hey, you wanna not do that
>he gives me the death glare
>Fuckin' fro-yo isn't even frozen
>he walks away and gets some other things from the store
>cleaning up his fucking mess
>hear him muttering shit about me
>he's at the register now
>I'm taking my sweet ass time cleaning up the fro-yo
>go back to the register and ring him up
>That'll be $18.64
>It's on foodstamps
>Sorry, or ebt machine is down, and for future reference, you can't purchase fro-yo with foodstamps
>He huffs off presumably back to his trailer to listen to the angriest ICP song in his collection

See how that works, /b/?
Neck yourself.
to print even 1 250 page report would take 30 minutes, also locally the main rules for delivery most students is 1 for teacher 1 for censor and one for backup thats why most print just 3 versions because 2 is obligatory. there is no mitigation, no regrets and no rest for the wicked

most people just dont prioritize because a 250 page report can easily be condensed to a 100 page report if the students good enough after all they got an entire semester to write and print their shit
Guy i worked with was muzzo (when it suited him) had a workplace bbq, co workers rubbed bacon over all the Halal meat.

Fuck them and their Halal scam
>get 91k plus bonuses
>retired at 40
hahahhah this made me laugh really loud. why are people so fucking stupid?
that makes me moist
Got another one
HMV guy again

> last ten minutes of my shift
> cleaning up the counter
> older gentleman about 50+ comes to the cash counter and pulls out a list of items (I honestly despise people with lists of shit)
> shows me the list and asks if I can grab the items for him and bring them to him
> tell him I would no problem at all.

on his list he had a few items that just didn't exist
Such as Machete Kills In Space. And other items he listed were movies still in theatres

> manage to get one of his desired movies
> take it back to the front and hand the movie to him
> he glances at it for a moment then chucks the dvd at me
> "no this isn't the right movie!" He starts getting a little psst
> explain to him that it's the movie he listed and also mention to him about Machete In Space doesn't exist and that the other movies he wanted are still in theatres
> At this point the guys starts flipping his shit and swearing at me for not doing my job properly
> ask him calmly what I did wrong and he just looks at me and says hrs going to contact my manager and then head office
> leaves the store

I still don't know own where he got Machete Kills In Space from or how I did my job wring but this is the kind of shit I deal with.
>actually thinks lying on /b/ makes him edgy
im a student worker you autist manlet
No idea, but they were literally only about 10 deep into the line. I was getting through the line pretty fast, but with her caterwalin' it took me longer to get to the military people than if she had just been nice, given them the money and walked away.

You forgot "Bitch about the plight of women in this the year of our lord 2015" and "Make sandwiches"
Also protip for those that can pull off a straight face, when you are shit talking a guest don't look heated. They checked the cameras to see how shit went down and when I was just standing there with a normal face and body language they let me get away with it. I've said some henious things to assholes that deserve it.
fucking lol
Good for you anon! be careful not to cut yourself on that edge.

No, sir. I am Anonymous.
File: 1422492984135.jpg (82KB, 500x642px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No one believes you. Wanna know why? You posted this shit on 4chan.
do you still work there?
yea....it was great. Once had a 15 year old ask me to take her home and fuck her. I declined that offer, but I did nail a few 18-20 year olds.
Current Hot Topic employee here, I don't have it that good at my store but damn if it isn't a sweet gig
oh god who is raising a 15 year old that talks like that

1/10 for the reply and for making me laugh.

none of my stealing shit stories are entertaining

despite to say, walmart has provided me with close to 20k in stolen goods.
they still do 50% off for family members?

when i was in middle school my sister worked there, i bought like 800 bucks worth of stuff during the summer sale and it was like 150ish
>not retail or fast food, but still gotta deal with the peoples
>be me, property lawyer
>guy can't understand we need him to draw additional funds from his account because bank loan doesn't cover it
>rages that he's paying us and we won't do that service for him
>assure him could if i would, banks serious about personal info
> rages about fuck the system for ages
>tell him about govt charges he needs to pay
>goes ballistic, 'fuckin govt cunts, whenever i want to do anything they're always wanting to leech money from me etc etc
>rants for almost an hour then leaves
>other clients in reception astounded by his language
>reception asks if im okay, though he raged at me
>lol'd all day about crazy man
>start job at movie theater
>boss and coworkers warn of local gypsies
>gypsie men appear with crocodiles on their polo shirts
>try to distract me with meaningless conversation
>young gypsie whore steals candy off shelf
>i say to man "excuse me, are you going to pay for the candy your daughter took?"
>man has shit eating grin on face because his plan is exposed
>the man pays $5 for the overpriced candy
>working register at local grocery store
>busy as fuck on Sunday
>done in five minutes and have a line that will take that long or a little longer
>put up closed sign etc.
>finishing off last customer
>guy from another line asks why I'm not open
>begin to explain that I'm done for the day by saying "I'm sorry, but I'm-"
>guy flips out yelling that I'm not sorry
>he's right, I'm not sorry anymore hope you have to wait the full 10 minutes in that other line
>tell him I'll tell my manager to have someone else open
>there is no one else to ring
>tell manager that the guy on whatever register he was at is pissy about having to wait and yelled at me on my way out
>manager says if someone goes on he'll make sure to pull the person in front of him or people from other registers

If you act like a decent person you get treated decently, otherwise we will fucking ignore you and your dumbass demands.
>be me
>work at home depot
>we allow well behaved dogs in the store
>lady brings in dog that is going insane, barking wildly, trying to bite people
>tell her you cannot have the animal in the store if it's aggressive
>"okay well he is being very unruly and maybe he would be less nervous if he stayed at home or in the car"
>on the way out her dog pisses and shits everywhere
>I quickly grab my roll of paper towels and windex we keep at our station to clean off the check out (people buy messy/greasy shit, it's home depot)
>she thinks i'm going to clean it up
>say "here you go!" and hand her the cleaning supplies
she cleaned it up but bitched the entire time, I stood there and stared and felt terrible for the dog for having such a fucking retarded owner
> working at a dennys
> overnight server
> Ramadan
> fucking Arabs, Muslims, Somalilands
> what ever the fuck you want to call them
> they pour in at 3:30-3:45am every night
> restaurant full 20-30 tables, only me and one cook
>all of them say the same thing
> we need to eat before 4am
> They're all acting tough and wannabegansters
> dirtiest fucking people ever
> zero fucking manners
> "yo anon my nigga, can i get....NAW DAWG IS THAT ABDUL OVER THERE !!"
> be at one table, people from accross the restaurant calling out orders to me
> pay in all coins
> no tips
> complain service is too slow

> every fucking night
> same fucking people
> last for month
> non of them eat before 4am
> we put bacon grease on all threir food

Machete Kills in Space is the (so far) unmade sequel to Machete Kills.
Why don't you go join ISIS then goatfucker

Jessi Slaughter's Ghost Dad

Starplex Cinemas off 820/Quebec St in Lake Worth/Ft Worth, TX USA
can we say shit about the ppl that work at this places too? cuz they are the most dumb, retarded shit ever..
>I was 20...something. 25? 27?
>Working at Mac's Convenience, night shift
>In walks Sketchy McCrackhead and his girlfriend Oxyrella
>Oxyrella flutters around the store, picking stuff up and putting it down in other places
>She is clearly trying to distract me
>Keep my eye on Sketchy, he keeps glancing at me to see if I'm watching
>Finally, they decide they won't be able to get away with swiping anything, so they grab a couple bottles of pop
>Sketchy puts the pop on the counter, I ring it up
>"That'll be $4.50 (or whatever it was), man."
>"Cool man." Says Sketchy...and then proceeds to unzip his pants.
>"Whoa man, what the fuck?"
>Sketchy reassures me, "It's cool man, it's cool" as he plunges his hand into his fly and starts rooting around
>"No, man, it's not cool. You can't be diggin' at your junk like that in here."
>"It's cool man...it's cool."
>Just as I'm about to blast him with a spray bottle like a disobedient cat, he produces his wallet out from under his nutsack
>"Dude...I am NOT touching your money."
>"It's cool, I got debit."
>I ring him up, he gives me a toothless smile, puts his wallet back under his clackers, zips up, and they leave
>I quickly sanitize the soiled debit machine, and think "Well, at least I got a story out of this."

Woo! Night shift.
>be me, working at best buy
>old guy comes in from disc drive
>it just came on the truck that we are still unloading
>tell him it would be about an hour to get it out from the mountains of other shit
>he picks out a more expensive model
>Sir, it's if a competitor has that same item cheaper then we could discount it
>Nobody has it for cheaper
>in my head im like you do realize he is gonna tell you the same shitright fuckboi?
>manager tells him same shit
>walks out with more expensive disc drive
>get fucked fuckboi
ugh this made me cringe, should have force fed those filthy fucks pig meat
imaginary story
>work at denny's
>have the balls to fuck up order with bacon grease
i call bullshit
Why do you guys use the word nigger so much
>work at pizza hut
>taking hot pans from cuttable to dishroom
>slip, burn myself, drop pans on floor
>old fatass Santa looking faggot pointing and laughing at me placing an order
>I'll make this order guys.
>drop dough on floor in front of maketable
>nastiest floor imaginable
>make pizza and give it to him

Don't fuck with the people making your food.
Your boyfriend needs to steal cheese? You guys aren't high up in the food chain are you...
File: bobs.png (501KB, 748x561px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got an idea.
Why don't you put the bottles that are full on one side of the cage, and put the bottles that are empty(or less full), on the other side?
40%. If I get the right combination of shit with certain store promos that can be stacked with the employee discount then I usually get like 3/4 of it for "free"
Shopping clothes at target for fashion, well - it's one step up from Walmart but still stupid.

Direct such customers to the most expensive fashion shop in the mall instead.
Mad cuz you ate the bacon greased fokd
haha holy fucking shit that was wild from start to finish
Bonuses almost double my pay. My housing and travel are paid for. $100 per diem. Gas, insurance, rental paid for. Expense anything I want to, also tax free.

My only bill is my cell, which is a work related expense and tax deductible.

One of the best parts about my life, I honestly don't give a fuck if you believe me or not. I was trying to give life advice, but the reason you won't take it for what it is is the same reason you're going to die working in the service industry, you're fucking morons.
>After that he apparently went bowling with his cousin
>never heard from him ever since.
Original Hot Topic guy here. When I was there it was 40% off of everything, including clearance. I assume it still is. Their reasoning is that you'll buy clothes there and then wear them to work, customers will see you in them and buy them. I think I have like 5 pairs of Dogpile bondage pants and I couldn't even count the number of t-shirts I bought there when I worked there.

>be delivery driver at Pizza Hut
>get stiffed by spics and niggers in Northside ghetto
>don't say "thank you, have a nice night!" when I leave
>they're worthless and poor and not worth my time
>back when first graduated high school
>get hired at Lowes for first job
>somehow they hire me in lumber and building materials
>get asked all day how to build shit
>i don't even know the basics
>lady comes in, starts loading her cart with fence stuff
>she loads in several cement blocks, the husband comes behind her with a cart full of fence posts and lattice fencing
>they start coming closer to me with an intent look in their eyes
>"hey anon, can you tell me how to build a fence? We just bought property and this is out first time"
>proceed to tell them that the fence posts glue into the cement bricks, cut the fence posts cuz they're too big (didn't realize they go into the ground) and to chicken wire the lattice into the fence posts
>they believe me, they go but chicken wire and leave
>come back next day, manager furious that I'm teaching all the customers wrong shit
>idgaf I would rather not work while doing college full time
>me and another coworker take turns napping inside those huge freezers on display
>customer opens freezer and sees me napping in it
>get fired
Ya lowes sucks
File: haha.jpg (32KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be server at well known diner
>bring customer hamburger, dressings (lettuce, tomato, pickles) on the side because they didn't specify when they ordered
>apparently they wanted it fully dressed because they started freaking the fuck out
>As politely as I could I told him to refrain from insulting me or we would have issues
>Says I am threatening him and talks to my manager
>Manager basically talks to him like he is 5 and explains that's how restaurants do when you don't specify
>He cries about how he is never eating here again
>neither of us give a flying fuck
>he throws his dressings at the wall on his way out
>Tell him if he doesnt come back in and pick them up immediately we would call the police and have him arrested for disturbing the peace
>mfw he actually believes us and comes back to pick up some lettuce and a slice of tomato
File: 1416525710708.jpg (50KB, 419x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 419x480px

>Don't fuck with the people making your food.

Dear God, Anon, you slipped and he laughed at you, you would do the same fucking thing. He wasn't "Fucking" with you, you just have such low self-esteem that you felt really insecure and angry.
swing in the dark, are you guys in western washington?
>>being this new

Last Maverik story

>exclusively work the graveyard shift
>at midnight I have to close out on register and get on the other
>this includes doing a drawer count on both registers
>had a regular that would come in around that time to buy beer
>he would wait patiently for me to get done counting
>treated him like a bro
>a couple times I had assholes come in and start asking me if I was open
>first of all, if you see someone counting money DON'T FUCKING TALK TO THEM
>I'll be with you in a moment
>go back to counting
>Hey, I just want to buy this real quick
>don't even say anything the second time
>keep counting
>Man, fuck this
>they walk away
>10-20 seconds after Hurry McGottago walks away I'm done counting and open for business

Also, if I knew you and liked you, or even if you weren't an asshole in a rush, I'd acknowledge you and ask if you were paying with a card, since that didn't mess up my count. But be a fuck and I'll make you wait every time.
File: 1421410666805.jpg (7KB, 255x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 255x200px
>working at coles (australian supermarket)
>we had just put up a huge flower and balloon stand, since it is near valentines day etc etc
>Guy comes in
>walks around, looking shady as fuck
>waits until i'm the only one working the register
>grabs all the fucking bouquets of flowers he can shove between his twig fucking arms
>grabs all the balloons he can muster between his sea cucumber looking fingers
>walks through my check out
>stops in front of me
>looks me dead in the eye
>"I know the store manager."
>walks out without another word
we don't need to steal fuck all, it's called i refuse to pay 10 dollars for a tiny square of cheese
lol, this was almost 15 years ago. She was a regular, as I recall her parents were divorced. She lived with her mom who was some sort of district manager for McDonald's and her dad was a junkie and not in the picture. Same girl today would be the type that gets naked for strangers on Omegle.

>say "here you go!" and hand her the cleaning supplies

I would have done the same thing. 10/10, anon.
Doesn't everyone usually say "have a nice day/night" before leaving. Though maybe its just a Canada thing
wow so edgy n cool heehee
Somebody has to work service to please high horse riding assholes such as yourself.
Also, post proof.
pretty typical shit, i work in liquor and am an ausfag so we have to deal with white trash bogans trying to buy their kids alcohol too (drinking age in aus is 18 and most people start 14-15, selling liquor to underage people, even indirectly, can be up to a total of 38k in fines)

>hear underage child say "i want x"/point at something then parent grabs that
>at counter, ask teenager if they have ID
>parent butts in, "no, i'm buying it"
>"ok", look at teenager again, "do you have some id on you?"
>parent butts in again, "no, i'm paying for it"
>"i understand that, but i just watched them pick it out, and that makes it illegal to sell you this"
>"but it's for me"
>"why did they pick it?"
>"it's for me"
>"ok well i need you to leave"
>"ok i'll just take x then" - x item that they got for themselves, not their kid
>"nope, can't do that either"
they get pretty worked up about it, but it's funny at times because it's just never ever worth the risk.
i once had a grandfather and granddaughter come in and i heard her say "i'll get what i want, ok?" and he responded. i told them i couldn't serve them, they argued for about 45 minutes, eventually getting to their point, "if the police were here they'd force you to serve us"
i got sick of this even-more-moronic-than-the-past-45-minutes after about 5 minutes, and eventually just said, "alright, let's call the cops and see what they say"
cops come 10 minutes later, the grandfather and grandmother (who'd shown up by then) started pleading their case, some bullshit about receiving hip replacements and whatever else they want to complain about, the cops asked them what they wanted to do, and they said
>"make them serve us"

>not adding "mfw i have no face" when you post mfw without a picture
>calling others new
>delivery driver for pizza slut
>on suspicious $70 delivery in ghetto
>note says "deliver to side door"
>dark as fuck
>armed with flashlight and pocket knife
>encounter druggie weirdo at door
>hands me stack of one dollar bills
>take money, walk back to car
>spent five minutes counting money
>$84 in total
>$14 tip for meeeeee+++++
nope, pei, canada
It is one of the only really memorable moments from my time there. It was a pretty awesome job, all in all. I mostly just read books. The other most memorable story is just really depressing.

If you point and laugh st people who burn themselves in front of you, I sincerely hope you get floor pizza too.
that guy is a fucking tank. i'm not even mad. that' amazing.

Dude, no one here cares. We've ascended beyond the dick measuring contest called "Life."
i feel you
>be me
>work installing diagnostic machines
>the software ONLY works on windows XP and its the first thing we make clear to customers
>okay its done and working

Every fucking day
File: image.jpg (9KB, 170x153px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>used to work at Fred Meyer (Kroger)
>deal with drunk people all day cuz Alaska is full of useless natives
>drunk native comes in, about 5'6" and 120lbs
>starts stumbling all over the place before he starts to sleep on the bench near the bathrooms
>starts pissing himself
>I have to try to get this native guy out of here
>I wake him up, he starts cussing and shit, not even making any sense
>"Sir, you can't sleep here, you have to leave and you've just soiled yourself"
>"fucking gusik (slang for white Caucasian) you steal our land this is my land you fucking tell me to leave fuck you"
>proceeds to start swinging at me
>I don't even know how to fight but I'm dodging his slow ass punches as he stumbles all over the place
>manager who does MMA on the side jumps in, he must want to try his skills cuz backing up and letting him just fall was efficient enough
>he proceeds to grapple and hip toss the native onto his left shoulder blade
>an audible snap is heard, followed by drunk yells in pain
>ambulance is called, Fred Meyer fronts the hospital bill for his broken scapula
>manager gets fired
He was cool too

That cunt only walked up to those military guys and gave them money so she could trash the kid to them because he didn't do what she asked. I'd bet money on it.

Do you think she just runs around handing out money to every soldier she sees? No fuckin way. She was pissed at the kid and spent that money to try and make him look bad.
Retailfag here, what bothers me the most about my job is when I'm ringing somebody out and they ask for the total before I'm done ringing there shit out. It's always the Mexican woman too dumb bitches
Some people were born with a silver spoon up their ass and had daddy and mommy pay for their schooling.
Self checkouts are my friends, i steal stuff all the time because its too fucking over priced, like cheese,
>neckbeard that gives a fuck
File: 1338868224037.jpg (72KB, 767x1023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 767x1023px
>"they're a business, we can't do that"
>they argue for a while more before the lead cop gets sick of it and comes over to me
>"so i assume you heard something that made you think something was for the girl?"
>"yeah, i heard the daughter say 'i'll just get what i want'"
>"ok, i'll just tell them to fuck off, sorry they're being like this"
>laugh, "not your fault"
>cops tell them to fuck off, the grandmother goes and gossips (not complains, gossips - she started out with "you'll never believe what happened!") to the supervisor of front end of the supermarket we're attached to
>front end supervisor says "yeah, that's the law"
>grandmother immediately turns into a cunt on her

>both grandmother and grandfather abuse us as they're walking past to leave
>call cops back and tell them, cops say they'll give them a visit

more typical shit,
>"excuse me, competitor have this for x cheaper"
>"can you make it that price?"
>"why not?"
>"because there's literally no way for me to do that. we don't price match."
>"oh, well i'll just go to competitor then"
>"fine by me, i still get paid"

gooks are some of the worst
>towards closing time, i have shit to do, but i have to watch people in the store
>gooks come in, literally whole families (as in 3 generations)
>split up, each look at the prices of the whole store
>sometimes they discuss stuff, sometimes they don't
>spend 5-20 minutes looking at stuff, only to leave without buying anything
the worst i ever had was 35 minutes. i was fucking mad
makes sense, hot topic dominated clothing in my age range for like a decade

alrighty, thank you
just perfectly described one of my friends'

be careful fucking with Target, they're not like other stores in that they dont peruse any one item, instead they often tally things up, asset protection can sometimes build cases over the course of months, they'd rather hit someone with 1 grand theft charge than a dozen small timey things, so make sure you dont hit the same store too much
target doesnt survive as the #2 because they give things away
Right, these jobs are intended for children. It's what you do as a starter to help build work ethic. They aren't intended as a career.

>processed bovine protein design specialist
Burger flipper isn't something you're supposed to retire as. It's what you do to earn money in the summer to help pay for a car or trip that you want to go on.

What's that in a currency that matters?
I'm gonna switch things up here and so a customer with a weird experience at target
>go to target right up street
>some how always check out with middle aged fat clerk with dreads
>she's the incarnate version of randall from clerks but female and works at target
>constant smart remarks with dry humor
>she obviously hates her job
>one day go in to buy dinner
>"when's this pasta going down? "
>"uh... Tonight. "
>clerk behind me at other station says "it's her birthday today" and winks at me
>old fat lady gives me a desperate "I'm ugly and it's my birthday i need some dick" smile
>pay for my stuff and nope the fuck out of there
>nope, not falling into that fox hole
>work in cafe where you can dine in or take away
>Bogan as fuck butch guy comes up and I begin to take his order
>orders a bunch of food and drinks, being really fucking rude and demanding
>my co worker notices him being rude so she comes over to help me pack all of the stuff he ordered
>he pays with card but he takes the chip out too early so it declines
>ask him if I can put it through again as the card declined from being pulled out too early
>starts going on a rant about how the machine is fucked ect
>pack all his shit and give it to him, wish him a nice day
>he finally leaves
>turn around to serve another customer
>I accidentally slip on some food on the floor
>co worker let's out a huge laugh
>see the guy I just served heading towards me in a fit of anger
>starts shouting at me for laughing at him
>I am shocked because I don't know what's going on
>tells me to go fuck myself because he's some paranoid Bogan trash
>he probably beats his wife and children

Well, here in America, everyone is an entitled sassy fuck face, and thinks that people working service jobs are little more than life-like robots. It didn't used to be like this. I've heard tales and legends of "Manners" and "Compassion For Your Fellow Man" but that's all that is left of them.
another one

>working at coles
>around 6, maybe 7pm
>asian fellow, seemed to be chinese comes to my register
>all he has is about 10 cans of baby formula in his trolley
context: baby formula is limited to 4 cans per customer/transaction, because they are shipped to china and sold for profit, because they are very expensive, anyway
>tell him he can only buy four
>"Its not that kind of brand" in broken as fuck english
>heard this 100 times
>Sorry sir, that is a limited item and I can only sell you four of those
>"I want to buy 10"
>I can only sell you four.
>i'm getting fucking pissed off
>grabs baby formula can
>slams on check out belt
>basically screams "I WANT TO BUY ALL OF THEM"
>I can only sell you four. You can buy four, or leave.
>*beings screaming at me in ching chong gibberish*
>Call supervisor over
>"Whats the problem"
>chinese guy screams at her, telling her I'm a racist for not selling him 10 cans of fucking baby formula
>"Sir, you can only buy four, please calm down"
>*screams at supervisor in more ching chong gibberish*
>"Sir, buy four, or leave."
>work at grocery store
>old hambeast hobbles over my way
>asks where sale yogurt is
>point her in the direction where it is
>returns spewing out orphases that i didnt tell her about the cheaper 4 packs of yugurt
>'maybe when you value money and have a family you see it matters'
>um sure, im not ur personal shopper mammoth
>be working in Yacht Club (basically a club for rich old white people)
>was hired as barman, but end up having to clean, wait tables and do desserts
>underpaid, overworked, terrible clientele
>be nearing end of hellish shift on Father's Day
>woman comes up to the bar, points at what she wants, gives me the money, I give her her change
>"Thanks, Miss"
>Think "whatever", carry on working
>5 minutes later, she comes storming up to the bar
>Pushes her way to the front and calls me a thief
>She accuses me of stealing £20-ish from her (her change)
>I insist that I gave her the change
>She calls me a liar and a thief, demands to see the manager
>Co-worker goes to find manager, I carry on asking her to look through her pockets properly
>She's got her friend to come up to the bar and corroborate her story
>Manager comes out, she immediately screams at her to fire me on the spot for thievery
>Everyone else at the bar is listening now, and the woman's little shit of a son (I assume) is giving me this shit-eating grin that makes me wanna behead him
>I ask her (for the 100th time) if she's checked all of her pockets
>She stares me down, reaches into pockets
>Her face freezes
>Pulls out a £20 note and some loose change from her pocket
>Says "hmph. well you can't blame me for suspecting you" and walks off, no apology, nothing
>Manager bollocks me for humiliating a customer
>mfw quit on the spot
File: 1415091580834.jpg (50KB, 544x598px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>spy on customers
>to protect my minimum wage check

Neat. Bet you are a blast at parties.
typical natives. i watched a show about alaskan troopers or whatver and EVERY FUCKING TIME a trooper dealt with a drunk indian they screamed about how we took their land. like give it up
Anchorage. Here. Whered you work?
File: tryingthishard.jpg (24KB, 680x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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download (1).jpg
13KB, 284x177px
>be me
>Gamestop Employee
>our trade policy is literally Satan
>buy used 360s, must have cords and controller
>"oh, you don't have the hard drive for it?"
>"best we can do is 20$ in-store credit"
>turn around and slap a 15$ HDD on it
>sell it for 100$ (approx.)
>lady calls in asking how much she can get for her used 360
>see above
>"oh, okay thanks"
>half hour later, she comes in the store
>manager and I are stunned at the sudden screech of the mythical banshee
>"Sorry, ma'am, but we're not sure what you mea-"
>"Sorry, ma'am, but we don't control the pricing here at all, we just do what policy dictates-"
>actually agree with her a little there
>calmly try to explain that we have nothing to do with the pricing and how supply and demand works, the shit training tells us to say
>she gives no fucks
>starts to get physical, leaning across the counter, trying to swat at my manager
>at this point I notice that she's most likely on meth
>manager steps back out of reach, this enrages the banshee further
>forgoing reason she propels herself over the counter
>makes one last swipe at manager before catching her waist on the inner edge of counter
>gravity works its magic
>banshee faceplants behind counter, full scorpion pose, legs over head
>manager and I exchange looks
>bust up laughing, along with a couple customers that were recording with their cell phones
>call cops, barely contained laughter trying to explain
>she's still out, scorpion post with face on floor and legs pressed against inside counter when cops arrive
>customers that recorded banshee face-plant show cops, they giggle heartily
>took her away
>manager's and mfw all this bullshit
File: 92xvKzT.gif (2MB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x225px

There is no greater disrespect than paying for the meal of someone you hate. I know this because I've seen it in numerous gangster movies.
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>confirmed for first time on the internet is today
>continues to scream at me and supervisor, calling us racist pigs etc
>Grab loudspeaker
>Call Mr Johnson
mr johnson is who we call for over the phone, pretending its the store manager, but its the code for we have a violent customer, and all the stocky grocery boys come to the area
>30 seconds later, 5 grocery boy
>surround asian guy
>asian guy instantly shuts the fuck up
>Biggest guy: "Leave. Now"
>asian guy has a tear roll down his face
>walks out, leaves trolley behind
>mutters some shit about suing us
>grocery boys head back to stocking, while me and the supervisor talk about plans for the weekend
that was a pretty fun night
that's a fair point
i worked at target for a year, just stopped cause they pulled out of canada. our AP chick got chewed out by corporate for pursuing people who stole shit, and i have watched a woman walk out with a cart of clothing i watched her pick up and throw in there. they fucking suck for a reason, their ap int allowed to do shit
faggot detected
i do this sort of thing daily
you are awesome
>ascended beyond
>hurr durr participation ribbon is just as good as first place
Don't be embarrassed. You didn't ascend, you are failing. Quit chasing traps and focus on what you want out of life. Make a plan to get it. Execute that plan.

I knew I wanted to retire and raise a family. I realized this at 13 or so. I moved out of my parents place at 15. I worked full time as a stick framer while finishing school. Built my own home on a lot my boss gave me, 30 acres or so in southern Oregon. Got my EE at 21 and went in to a very specialized low v field. Ten years later, zero debt, two kids, wife, two homes, three cars, decently invested.

You don't have to have everything given to you to be successful, you just have to not be a lazy piece of shit.
>post on /b/
>have a real job
pick one
all this talk of bogans makes me want to watch crocodile dundee
>but on the other hand she was willing to put her money where her mouth was on taking care of people she respected.
not even close
100% cunt, 0% respect
she just wanted to back up her cuntness
I know that feel anon
I had several uncomfortable shitty jobs but this one was the worst regarding customers
We call Mr Johnson at our store as well.
Lol you were given a piece of land, you dumb fuck. How do you supposed other people obtain such a large plot of land without going into debt?
You got lucky.
Also, shut thee fuck UP. No one cares dude.
Bwahahaha, 907 ftw.

Anchorage or Soldotna?
Proof or you're lying.
That's not how this shit works. You come on here making outrageous claims with the intent of offending, back your shit up. Otherwise, gtfo
gonna assume you mean american, 38k * 0.78, so a decent amount for not asking for ID

>xD hey everyone check out this fag, he has a job and ACTUALLY DOES IT!!!! XDDDDDD
remove yourself from parents' basement and your opinion might be worth something to someone. until then, keep trying, u wil tr0ll sum1 1 day XD !!!!
What job?
Yo does her name start with a C?
The Freddie's near Northern Lights BLVD
Good times
Work at a truck stop all stories are not noteworthy. Always steal food and drinks though, they never check the cameras so I've probably taken a good few hundred bucks or more from them
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>be working in IT for a chain of offices
>get a job that a printer is broken
>travel out to office and inspect printer
>out of toner
>inform office manager that we don't replace toner
>give them brand, type and product number of correct toner to purchase
>mark job as closed and leave
>day later get a job that a printer is broken
>same office
>go out there and check
>out of toner
>inform office manager that we don't replace toner
>give them brand, type and product number of correct toner to purchase
>and closest good store to buy it
>practically everything except getting it for them
>mark job as closed and leave
>day later get a job that a printer is broken
>same office
>inform boss that this is the 3rd time
>he says go anyway
>go out there and check
>out of toner
>inform office manager that we don't replace toner
>mark job as closed and leave
>day later get a job that a printer is broken
>phone them up and inform office manager that we don't replace toner
>mark job as closed
>day later get a job that a printer is broken
>mark job as closed
>get a complaint against me that my service was unacceptable
>escalated bullshit
>boss calls me into his office
>can't just close jobs. reprimand for behavior
>ask what to do about the printer because they'll just keep logging it as broken
>boss' exact words: "give 'em a new printer."
mfw i have to go and install a new printer because a perfectly working printer is out of toner

it's not all fast food and gas stations
Quints be mad

she's probably using you

checkin' 'em
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>implying 90% of /b/ isn't college students
nice, rek'd by quints
2 years ago:

Work at expensive hamburger place, like Five Guys but local and pricier. Fuck you I was in college. Day before Thanksgiving, less than five minutes to closing. Dishes done, trash out- all we gotta do is clock out and leave. Brett Favre and 14 other people come in. "Looks like you guys are about to close heh heh." People order seemingly one of everything on the menu, so instead of throwing down patties and cutting a few fries we gotta do fucking chicken salad, sausage dogs, new chili, etc etc. They take literally two hours to leave, shooting the shit, taking smoke breaks, having a grand old time. Finally get up and leave, no tip no "thanks for staying open so late Happy Thanksgiving fuck you"- nothing. Some asshole ran a stop sign and t boned me while driving across state to grandma's (i wouldn't have been there and then if it wasn't for Favre.)

The best part? Later that night his bitch wife posted a review on urban spoon complaining that her burger had too much mustard. 100% true story.
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this is just too much. I'm dying over here. 3/10 for keeping up the façade.
not exaclty retail but very customer service oriented.

>work at shitty little amusement park along a beach
>wristband deals. ppl with wristband can go on any ride for however many times up to 5:30pm
>grandma comes up
>has wristand
>"Ma'am it's past 5:30 wristbands are over"
>starts going off how i'm being greedy and a little ignorant shit and she wants to get my manager.
>i lean over railing of my ride and wave manager over
>i can feel him roll his eyes underneath sunglasses
>he comes over and woman instantly starts shouting about how she wants free stuff for having to deal with me
>he shuts her up with one hands and looks at me
>i tell my tale
>he doesnt even look at her, scribbles something on a clipboard "It's past 5:30. you want to ride? buy tickets"
>bitch has a fit and drags her two little grand-demons off
>manager laughs and says "i hate our job"
What do u work bruh? I actually care
not sure man, sorry
dude ust got rekt
Not really a customer, but I'm a vol. firefighter and I was helping this methhead.

>Get called to ghetto neighbourhood
>OIC calls police because ghetto
>Methhead is high as a kite, on all sorts of shit
>Fire is in her front yard behind a fence
>Putting water down to cool everything off to stop reignition
>Methhead walks up to me demanding I put water over by the swingset because it was still smoking (it wasn't)
>Say OK and put a bit down to keep her happy
>Methhead things I'm patronising her and tells my captain that I was being disrespectful and that I should be trained better because she pays for my training or some shit
>Captain says that I did everything right, and tells her to go away, which she doesn't, so he tells her to fuck off
>She tries to get cops to charge us with harrassing her and threatening her
>Captain says okay, fuck you, I'm fining you for starting a fire on a day of fire restrictions

Captain is awesome.
>filling shelves at the supermarket
>bitch approaches with red face
>hereeee we fucking go
>I'm still standing here with her full fucking trolley
>I have to put it all away
>check where she said the out of date shit was
>it's in the fucking reduced for quick sale area
>it's not out of date until the following day

He also bitched out an immigrant student I knew who worked a shitty local fast food place because it was the first time anyone there had ever made him pay for food.

Fuck Brett Favre.
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nuh uh yur a doo doo hed
File: 1417390858431.jpg (16KB, 400x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not the fact that he does his job, it's the fact that he doesn't serve people of the legal drinking age based on heresay. Also, we all know he is you, so I'll leave you alone, you already seem pretty butthurt XD !!!!!
>working front counter at small sporting goods store
>guy comes in, goes to winter clothing, comes to front looking angry
>Out of nowhere, blurts out "Are you seriously telling me you don't have any water proof gloves?!"
>nigger what I didn't say shit
>"Well actually sir we do carry them, they should be on the other side of that rack you were lo-
>"No, I fucking said waterproof, are you even serious? Are you listening right now?!"
>man what the fuck
>Manager comes up
>"Hey sir, is there any problem here?"
>"Uh, yeah, you guys seriously don't have waterproof gloves?"
>Manager politely leads him to the gloves, shows him the dozens of pairs we have that say 'waterproof' right on the package
>Dude is refusing to look, literally turning his head so he can't see the label
>"Are you fucking serious? This is so unprofessional."
>Comes back to the front, grabs some other small item, can't remember
>buys it, huffing and puffing, rolling his eyes and sighing

Nigger there are waterproof gloves right in front of your face stop being a colossal faggot.

Jesus Christ.
i eat bacon for breakfast at least four times a week
mad because a faggot denny's employee gets walked on every day and in order to feel better about it he goes on the internet and tells stories
haha thats awesome
What do u do?
>tfw you have no face
Good thread, gents. It was good to get some of those stories out for others to laugh at and learn from. I must be going now, because that dude that makes 90k a year has inspired me to get off my ass. When I wake up at around 4:00 p.m. today I'm hopping in the shower, brushing my teeth, and heading to Taco Bell to put in an application so I can have more stories to tell in future threads. Wish me luck!
Except that is 100% the law, and he would be accountable for paying a pretty hefty fine.
he was probably on meth
>sees over 9000 penises per hour on 4chan
>not traumatised
>sees one at the drive-in
>exposure and headache
>work in liquor
>customers come in and rip a single out of a 6 pack to purchase

all liquor employees will know
>at Pizza Slut
>answer call
>"yeah me and my husband are homeless, can you give us some free pizza?"
>"No, I'm sorry I can't do that. We are a business not a charity."
>"but u guys did it 4 me before!!!!1"
>"Well I'm not doing it for you today. I'm sorry"
>"Screw u! I hope you end up homeless!!"
>Woman slams phone and I hang up while laughing

One hour later.

>incoming phone call
>caller id reveals call from Hotel
>"yesssss we ordered a pizza last night and got food poisoning, weve been throwing up all night!! can you replace our pizza?"
>notice that the voice sounds like the homeless woman
>no record of order found
>tell bitch we can't give her a pizza
>she hangs up
what a moron
everyone knows firefighters are given a shit load of leeway on the dozens of codes any average person is probably breaking at any given time

What a God damn crybaby, Jesus christ.
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dubs and I post myself calling for mr johnson at coles on their intercom
>taco bell
Not to argue with quints, but I worked for the land. It was a near worthless lot. 30 acres of high desert in southern Oregon, sells for around $500/acre, so worth the equivalent to a used car.

I'm working in Georgia right now, where I bought my second home. $25k for 6 acres and a 3/2. People who don't work in fast food can purchase land in low income areas for next to nothing, comparatively.
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