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Can we start a green text wincest thread going?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Can we start a green text wincest thread going?
C'mon I'll even start?
Bump for interest
Here's an archive.
Will anyone be able to add to it?
Guess we'll find out.

http://goo .. gl/j18y4x
>be 9
>cousins family is over late one evening
>going on a late night picnic
>fem distant cousin is also here
>8-9, met her like twice
>somehow we end up in my mums room in the dark sitting behind the bed and the wall
>she wants to play a game
>she says to kiss her chest and then she will do it to me
>heart racing?? Ok
>says to kiss/lick her bum
>I kinda chicken out, nah I don't wanna
>she says she will go first
>curiosity gets the best of me
>turn around and face my bum to her, very shyly
>she pulls them down half way and kisses my bumcheek
>I feel really excited
>she kisses my ass and I chicken out and say it's her turn
>she turns around and now that I think of it, she literally took her underwear off and shoved her asshole and pussy in my face
>she tells me to kiss her bum so I kiss her cheek
>says no!! Bum...
>I curiously licked her asshole for about 5 seconds because I freaked out again
>we went back outside and went to the picnic as normal
>saw her like 3 times after
>both totally forgot about it
> never saw her or her family again
>because of that expirience, incest stories really turn me on ha
Does a wincest story have to actually have win in it to qualify?
Not at all!
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All incest is wincest!
Incorrect. There needs to be penetration or similar to be wincest.
>be 14-18
>sister is 17-21
>regularly steal panties and masterbate into them
>regularly see her get out of the shower
>regularly fantasise about her
>checked her phone and found loads of nudes resulting in the hardest cumshot i've ever experienced
I must agree, penetration is wincest but all incest is bestu
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> be me, 7 years old
> 4/10 hambeast cousin from down the street is hired to babysit me while parents go out
> she lets me stay up late to watch a movie, snuggle up with her
> go to scratch my face, accidentally brush her nipple
> she gets aroused by my touch
> asks me if I want to see something neat
> lifts up shirt, pulls out boob
> asks me to suck on it
> Seems odd, but I go along with it
> Suck on her nipples for about 10 minutes, then she tells me she has to go to the bathroom
> Finish watching movie by myself
> Fall asleep
> Wake up to dad carrying me to bed

Some time later...

> parents want to go out again, monthly open bar night at the local fraternal order or some shit
> cousin comes to babysit
> she brings cards, we play go fish
> eventually get tired of playing go fish
> cousin wants to teach me a new card game
> she explains; I don't really understand the game mechanics, but it seems like it would be funny to make her be naked
> strippoker.exe
> I lose (of course)
> Mad about losing, down to my underwear, don't want to be naked in front of her
> go in my room, she tags along
> she turns off the lights, but I don't want to be in the dark
> turn on the nightlight portion of pic related
> she takes off her shirt and bra
> has me suck on nipples like before
> she starts rubbing me through my underwear
> get a semi, don't really understand why
> she takes off the rest of her clothes
> all hairy down there, that's weird
> she straddles me, I think she's going to tickle me or something
> she convinces me she's not going to do anything bad
> pulls down my underwear, starts grinding herself on my cock
> she's very warm down there
> and wet
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> this is neat and all, but I'm 7 and it's late
> start to get sleepy
> cousin finishes? I guess?
> puts clothes back on, I get my PJ's on
> fall asleep


>Be 12
>Sister is 13
>Live on the countryside, no neighbors, have to always play with each other
>See people kissing on tv
>"Wanna try?"
>Make out with sister in her bedroom for what feels like hours
>Time moves on, don't think about it much
>Sister tells me adults get naked and kiss and it's called sex
>get naked and kiss on her bedroom floor
>penis gets hard
>she touches it
>feels good brah
>Tells me to kiss her pussy
>Don't really know what I'm doing
>She says it feels good
>Touch our privates together and rub them
>feels awesome brah
>She was wet and slippery and it was rad
>put underwear on and go to bed
>happens a several more times
>we grow up
>havent ever talked about it but i think neither of us care much about it, we were just kids anyway
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Well this is getting interesting
Keep going faggot
File: 1387146963386.jpg (89KB, 400x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot to mention in previous post, cousin was 14 at the time.

> be me, now 12
> parents divorced, I live with mom in a different state
> forced to visit dad for 6 weeks every summer
> dad remarried, stepmom's a bitch, dad always sides with her
> 6weeksofhell.gif
> spend a lot of time at cousin's house (she still lives at home with her parents)
> always try to get her alone in her room, but it's nearly impossible
> go over one day, cousin is home alone
> shyly ask if she wants to play strip poker
> takes some convincing, but we decide to skip the cards and go straight to shenanigans
> still no clue what I'm doing, but memories from when I was 7 have me curious
> we both take our clothes off
> she puts my hand in between her legs
> warm and wet
> rub her awkwardly for a bit
> get a boner, don't really notice/understand why
> she leans back, I put it inside her
> she grinds against me, thrusts back and forth a bit
> asks me if I like it
> not really sure, but say yes anyway
> she tells me not to finish in there
> no clue what she means
> she gets off
> car pulls up outside, aunt is home
> put our clothes back on and pretend like we're just watching tv
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>be me, 13 years old
>have little sister 9 years
>often jerk off in bed before sleep
>one night whole masturbating she comes in the room and jumps up on the bed
>doesn't say a word, just sits real close to me
>can feel my boner intensifying
>I put my hand on her and gently brush her
>"What's the matter, did something scare you?"
>She doesn't say anything, just looks at me a bit before sitting even closer to me
>I know she must've felt my dick by then
>Suddenly lose all control
>Stop thinking about consequences and shit like that and pull out my dick from under the covers
>She looks at it for a little while before she slowly starts licking it, as if inspecting it
>I can feel my adrenaline pumping
>Not before long I start cumming all over her face
>She jumps back on the bed
>I look her in the eyes and I notice
>that's not my sister
For what it's worth this is a 100% true story, (might be an excuse for my shitty writing skills)

Story of me and my cousin
let's call her C

Part 1/3

>at every family gathering we go to the bed and wrestle
>parents checks up on us every hour or so and just shakes their head and laugh
>I'm a looser in school but C doesn't know this
>I act alpha to her and treats her like shit
>she starts to crave my attention and "care/love"
>mfw I didn't realize what I was doing right years later
>we hit puberty
>wrestling turns into me "loosing" and her holding me down while sitting on me
>starts to grind our sex organs together
>time goes on
>I start to learn the way of the sex
>when we wrestle I hold her down and starts massaging her pussy
>she's reluctant at first
>she tries to hold her legs together to stop my hand
>I keep forcing her legs apart
>I feel her legs ever slowly getting numb
>hear silent moans
>I drag my finger up and down
>I slowly put 1 finger inside her panties
>"wow this is really warm"
>first thing I touch is wet hair
>internally freak the fuck out
>for whatever reason I have a hair phobia
>go back to massaging her pussy from outside her panties
>parents calls us for dinner

Part 2/3

>after dinner she says that we cannot do that "thing" anymore since we're cousins
>I laugh and say ok
>we keep doing those things
>never do anything more then massage her pussy for fear of parents walking in on us
>they make us play with my stepbrother and stepsister
note my stepsister is borderline retarded
not diagnosed as a tard but a real fucking idiot
>C does some flirting disguised as a joke towards me in front of them
>stepsister goes "C and anon sitting in a tree..."
>C goes eww no we're cousins
>stepsister goes "no that's fine and legal here!"
here is Sweden btw
>the fucking look in Cs face
>staring right at me
>Stepsister is fucking clueless what she has started.
>I stand up
>goes to my room and gets a condom and a person sized towel
>I tell my step siblings that me and cousin are going swimming
>"where?" stepsister asks
>"i'm not telling you"
>we go out and go across a few fields of wheat and down to a river
>yellow wheat, green grass, Blue water and sky
>I put the towel down on the gass
>I tell her to lay down
>I pull of her pants and go down on her
>I stop with the licking and start kissing her while undressing
>I get my dick out and shove it inside her
>last for about 20 seconds
>cum inside her
>oh shit where'a that condom?
>find it strap it on and go again
>and again
>and again
>I let her go on top
>I feel the suns heat against my skin
>a light breeze rolls by
>my feet in the warm streaming water
>C bouncing on my dick
>this is what life is about
>after we both cum we go into the water and just hold each other and just "exist"
>go home
Part 3/3
>now at every family gathering we sneak away and fuck
>when we get tired of fucking we go into the bedroom and cuddle
>every time a family member comes by we pretend to wrestle
>we keep on this routine until I'm 18 and get a car
>I now drive to hers and pick her up and goes to our familys "summer lake house" and we fuck the entire day
>im now 28, married and have 2 kids
>still fuck my cousin when we get the chance

and that's me and my cousins story.
>be taking a shower
>wash ass with shower head
>little spray of hot water shoots up my hole
>do it some more
>couple of wet farty bubbles squeak out
>get hard
>push shower head up my ass and spray boiling water on prostate
>balls starting to twitch
>suddenly I'm ejaculating semen and diarrhea
>boiling diarrhea shooting from my mouth and nose
>bathroom flooded with septic half-digested food and semen
>sister comes in, starts writhing on the floor massaging stinking semen mix into her vagina
>don't you ever knock?
>she starts giving birth to puppies
>every puppy has my face
>be 15 years old
>on school trip to a fucking zoo
>animals and so forth
>go in elephant house
>oh god it smells so fucking bad
>stench of elephant shit is burning the back of my throat
>feel something grab my waist
>elephant picks me up with its trunk
>srsly wtf
>forces me up another elephant's vagina
>for no good reason I get naked
>walking round inside elephant's womb
>holy shit my sister is in here too
>suddenly everything starts shaking
>look out of hole in cervix, see huge elephant penis thrusting in and out
>we both reach down elephant pee hole and massage it from inside
>it's throbbing and pulsing
>hot steaming semen starts to erupt over our arms, flooding our womb prison
>I punch my sister in the tits for a laugh
>she is so turned on
>massaging elephant cum into each other while I punch her tits and kick her in the cunt
>we're still in there
>zookeepers push sandwiches up elephant's cunt for us
>we have wireless internet in here
>be me
>be 15 or 23 or whatever
>be getting out of shower
>walk across to my room
>fall downstairs
>towel flies off
>land on my sister
>knock her unconcious
>all the blood rushes to my boner
>accidentally her bunghole
>beat her peepee to a bloody mess with a cactus
>she wakes up
>tell her she fell off her bike and hit her head
>to this day I still sometimes fall downstairs onto her
>be me
>be 36
>have new baby sister
>rape her completely in half at the pelvis
>tell parents it wasn't me
>flawless victory
>alpha as ungodly fuck

Fuck my math, she was 21, not 19.

> be me, 16
> beta as fuck
> can't get a gf
> discovered masturbation/orgasm shortly after the incident from the previous post
> jerk off all the time
> have to use imagination mostly, as this was pre-internet days
> sometimes think about the things I've done with my cousin
> Christmas vacation comes around
> 10 days of forced visitation, fucking hell
> Christmas Eve, I'm at my grandparents' house, where all the family gathers for a big meal
> Still early in the day, not many people there
> Cousin, now 23, spent the night in the converted basement bedroom
> tell grownups I'm going to go watch TV with her downstairs
> no plans to watch TV at all!
> walk into the room (which had no door), ask if she wants to fool around
> no way, anon! everyone's right upstairs!
> convince her we'll be quick, no one will bother us
> 10+ minutes of me practically begging
> Get a sudden burst of alphaness
> whip my dick out, start playing with it
> her face goes blank, like that eww girl in the Omegle webm/gif
> she stands up, drops her pants, sits on the edge of the chair
> puts her legs up in the air, I dive in
> going at it hard, feels good
> she tells me not to finish down there
> mom intentionally kept me out of sex ed for religious reasons, so I'm still not 100% sure what she means
> hear someone coming down the stairs
> ohshit.jpg
> pull up pants hastily
> dinner's ready, everybody come upstairs
> tell them I'll be right there, have to use the bathroom first
> planning to jerk off, can feel her wetness still on my dick
> go into bathroom, lock the door, drop my pants
> dick is covered in blood
> underwear is covered in blood
> hand is bloody from where I put my dick away
> beta mode engaged
> think I've broken something
> have to sit through dinner while my blood-encrusted briefs dry to my dick

hours later

> get home, it's late, stepmom tells us to go immediately to bed
> beta mode is in overdrive, not sure what to do with bloody drawers, so I stuff them in the bottom of the hamper

2 days later

> Sexual escapade (and narrow escape) forgotten
> Stepmom calls me into the laundry room
> holds up underwear
> beta mode goes into overdrive again
> tell her some blood leaked out when I peed, but it's fine now
> stepmom freaks the fuck out
> calls dad at work
> dad comes home
> try to convince them nothing's wrong, but they want me to go to the ER right now
> mfw I have to fess up and tell the truth
> family gets split apart
> cousin gets arrested, but I refuse to press charges, so the case is dropped
> not allowed to see cousin anymore
> not seen her since, and it's been... well... a couple of decades.
jesus fuck anon. You suck. Really do suck.

I feel sorry for your cousin. Have you ever tracked her down?? Or heard what she's upto nowadays.

In my defense, I was raised in a strict Christian environment with no sexual education whatsoever. For whatever that's worth.

I've googled her name, but nothing comes up. I'm no longer in touch with that side of the family because I was disowned after being caught in a totally unrelated wincest incident. I'd tell that story (and the OTHER one), but they're not nearly as interesting.
im fapping to your story
That poor girl. At least the charges got dropped. Damn dude.
Welp. Young and stupid I suppose.

Reckon she'd an hero?
>let's call her C
stopped reading there

learn to storytell faggot
>12 years of age. (boy)
>Cousin 14 years old. Extremely attractive and a bit of a player. (boy)
>At grandmothers house and decide I want to stay over with him
>After a good day we get into bed together.
>It’s cool we’re super close and family not weird.
>We’re best friends not afraid to say anything to each other.
>We’re into the same shit.
>We’re on his laptop and watch straight porn.
>Searching for anal obviously.
>Both rubbing our cocks under sheets.
>Don’t know how but it ended in me rubbing his. Probably because I kept touching his leg and getting feely.
>He probably gave in.
>I get out my phone and take sheets off of us.
>His cock is about an inch and a half longer than mine and fairly bigger.
>Huge turn on.
>My cock is as hard as it’s going to get. 3 maybe 4 inches.
>Start taking photos of my mouth open around his cock but not on it.
>”Make sure your dad doesn’t see these”
>”Uh k” Drop phone and start licking his tip
>He looks down at me surprised
>Put the tip in my mouth and suck up and down his cock hands free.
>Going up and down it sucking hard, I had just discovered my passion for sucking cock.
>Keep accidently slurping and scaring cousin. He probably was thinking we’d get caught. Now reflecting on it. I was being way too loud.
>About 3 minutes into it I start deep throating. Feel his cock in my throat and pull back before I gag.
>Learning to control it and do it more without gagging so much.
>”Dude are you deepthroating me” I try to smile best I can with.
>”If I knew you were like this I wouldn’t need a girlfriend”
>continue sucking up and down. Trying to keep him longer in my throat each time.
>after 20 minutes he starts rubbing my ass and says we should fuck.
>”Okay but suck mine now”
>He looks at me and goes down “Ew, man you need to wash”
I had showered 3 hours before hand and washed my cock. Looking back now he probably just wanted to get over with fucking me or just didn’t want to suck cock.
>I get on my hands and knees on the bed and he went to lube up.
>He used something like shampoo or shower gel.
>Pulls down my underwear and starts rubbing it on my hole
>Goes to stick it in. “FUCK” it stings bad and I lurch forward almost crying.
>”It hurts” He sighs and looks at me disappointed.
>it stung a little, too horny to fully care.
>”Can I do you now?” He must of realised he was unfair with BJ shit or just wanted cock in his ass.
>Go to bathroom and use all in one wash on my cock and have loads in my hand.
>Come in and he is bent over the bed.
>Standing behind him, align up my cock.
>Rub it up and down his hole the rest I put on his right ass cheek.
>push my cock on hole and it doesn’t go in.
>”It won’t go in”
>”Just push harder”
>Don’t have to ask me twice.
>Pushing harder and it plops in.
>My legs are wobbling and I am pretty sure I am about to explode.
>I am stood there with my cock in his ass, I couldn’t get any more in.
>Pull back a little and start thrusting.
>Slowly in and slowly out.
>10 seconds flat and I cum hard and deep.
>Stay in his ass until I am hard again and start moving.
>again deep in and all the way out, I last no more than 30 seconds now.
>As I pull out my legs are still jelly and I climb into bed.
>He climbs next to me and doesn’t even pay any attention to me.
>Laying on his side.
>I go to cuddle him and he doesn’t seem to want to.
>”Can you feel it?”
>”Want me to suck again?”
>I go to bed and wake up next day like nothing happened.
>http://goo .. gl/j18y4x

Thnax nigga
I'm happy to help
oh okay.
Came buckets
File: 576965915.jpg (79KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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11/10, definitely true, props anon
lol sounds like someone is butthurt
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funny godfells.gif
2MB, 230x175px
no sister, no cousins, mom passed away when I was 4. no incest
Dat suffering
Bumping for interest

wasted opportunity anon
>both totally forgot about it
K I got one
True story
>be me 22 autist, live alone, play Wow mostly, jerk off to porn a lot
>have shitty job at mcdicks as shift manager whatever
>half sister 17 lives in across the other side of the state came to live with me for the summer, bout to enter the uni as a freshmen
>haven't seen her since thanksgiving and dem titties. DD, fat girl titty status
>6/10 to most probably but I love chubbies
>either way, brown hair, big green eyes, and nice full cock sucking lips
>have day off one Saturday
>hey anon do you wanna go to the pool
>sure yea hold on
>only towel I have is MLP Pinky Pie
>Julie gives me a weird look when she sees it
>say it's an ex gf's
>at pool
>swim for a bit, mostly sunbathe next to her in one of those lounge chairs
>sunglasses on
>stealth mode boob tube marathon .exe
Tell the stories. I wanna hear how you got caught
>she's worried about losing her boyfriend, not sure if long distance will work out
>she thinks he might be cheating
>say "I would never cheat on you"
>quickly change subject to this Raid I'm doing with my guild tonight
>she feigns interest
>11pm that night
> party telling me I should just talk to her so it's not awkward
>look at poster of zyzz on my wall
>decide to not be beta for once in my life
>she showering
>have my ear pressed to the door to listen
^lost hope of it being true.

but continue anways
File: image.jpg (8KB, 180x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hear faint moaning and water running
>hand on my cock
>imagine her naked body
>that hopefully furry bush
>spend 8mins debating on whether not I should go through with this
>close to finishing
>about to chicken out when I put too much weight on the door and it opens
>uh oh
>she sees me
>zyzz halp me
>sphagetthi falling out
>oh no
>then in slow motion, it was like an out of body experience, I was standing up, shorts around ankles
>stepping out and then stripping off my shirt bay watch style
>be 12, sister 13
>used to share a bed with my sister as we were poor
>used to watch movies in bed
>talking about masturbation
>ask her what it is
>she starts fingering me
>i start fingering her
>then we go to sleep
>start beating my chest and growling
>suddenly all other males in the vicinity started to pound their chests and stomp not the floor, jumping up and down, giving me their power
>look dead in her eyes
>dat fear.
>"anon what are you doing"
>start stroking my cock hyper speed as I walk towards her
>6 1/4 in, not porn star big but enough I guess
>grab her head and force her down to her knees
>she struggles so I smack her across the face
>resists a little more so I punch her in the eye
>force my dick at her lips
>tell her open
>fuck her mouth
>good god
>she half heartedly resists and gags every now and then, complains about not being able to breathe
>tell her use some tongue or else
>she complies and starts licking my balls while deepthroating
>holy shit
>start jizzing like crazy
>she chokes and tries to back up off it, it's too late
>what didnt go down her throat went up and out her nose
>her face is all red, she covers her self with her arms and just sits there's on the floor crying
> I grab her hand and make her just keep on stroking my cock
>bend over and whisper in her ear
"i'mma need about tree fiddy"

>and then I realized I was possessed not by zyzzy but a plesiosaur
>goddammit Loch Ness monster
why the fuck you gotta spell lose like a retard
File: 576960451.jpg (84KB, 706x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 706x750px
anyone have any better sites than hbunny?
Hbunny? Whats it about?

Asstr dots org is a text site filled with kink stories of every kind.
>Be me around 8
>Male cousin is 6
>We have been watching porn mags hidden under his parents bed for sometime now
>Always ask me to leave when he wants to put his peepee on the pictures

>A few month goes by when he would always tell me shut up or suck my cock for no reason

>Out of nowhere I finaly said ok let me suck it
>We go to his bedroom close the door
>I lower his pants and see his little cock fully hard
>He was uncut with a really tight foreskin
>I put it in my mouth for a few seconds
>Ask him to do it to me
>Says no :(

This was my first sex experience ever. We did more for the next 10years

This is the first time I will confess this to someone...

>be me
>have a twin sister
>we are 13
>we already hit puberty
>before puberty we were pretty indistinguishable, we could exchange clothes and pass for each other
>before puberty we were often sleeping in the same bed, since early childhood
>parents put a stop to this at some point, we didn't know why
>but that night parents went for a party and deemed us mature enough to be left alone
>'do you want to sleep together like before?'
>we go to bed
>we hug
>I realize that my sister has now boobs
>I start to touch them, massage nipples
>I stop at some point
>'don't stop, Anon, it feels good'
>I continue
>I realize that weird feeling in my pants
>I look my sister in her eyes that are identical to mine,
>I pull her pyjamas up and feel the urge to suck on her nipples
>I do that
>she moans
>we were always comfortable with each other's bodies
>she starts to touch my body too
>she finds my penis, already hard like a rock by that point
>we undress
>she is dripping wet
>it goes fast, it feels like our parts were meant to each other
>afterwards, we go asleep cuddling together

We were having sex since then. I love my sister as my sister and as my lover. I want to spend my life with her despite what society says. We currently rent a flat together (we go to the same music college), have two bedrooms, but one is rarely used, only when our parents visit. They don't know, I think.
most likely suspicions
That sounds nice man. Good luck bro.

5 siblings and they are mostly fucked up assholes.

I don't know.

We brought home other boyfriends/girlfriends when we tried to adjust to society's norms, but it never worked out in the end.

And we always tried to be wary when parents were close. Although, there was this one time when we are just having a love session in the tub and we heard a car pulling out.
Fastest dressing up ever and I felt that you could see on our faces what we had been doing.
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I would have to describe our whole life together.
So no one want to hear bout my fag incest story :(
>be me 7
>neighbor friend and his brother are same ages as me and mine
>our older bros become friends and ditch us so we hang out
>it's cool cause we like the same shit
>would play outside or bike around the neighborhood
>this day we are in my room
>anon, wanna wrastle?
>mattress was on the floor so we'd hiptoss and practice throwing eachother on it like wrestling super stars
> funashell.png
>one of us must of got a boner
>tell friend how i play with a big doll my sister has and pretend it sucks muh dick as i grind it's face
>i show him
>we decide to add this to our game
>if one of us falls onto the matress they have to suck the winners dick
>pretty soon we just skip that and start taking turns
>he's blowing me and crazy good tingle builds up
>a-anon, i'm gonna pee
>he keeps going
>i didn't say it out loud
>mfw i think i just peed in his mouth and he didn't notice
>brothers come home and we go back to regular play

My older brother was a mean bitch and molested me from around that time till i got to highschool (read: till i got big enough to fuck him up when i told him no). Had to do that twice before he backed off. Found out years later he was diddling my little sister up untill he moved out and threatening her if she ever told. Honestly if he wasn't a bully then I wouldn't care at all what happened between us.
if it's wincest then go and write you big faggot.
Inspired me to green text mine. Did it open the gates to gaydom for you or turn you Bi? I'm for sure Bi but having practiced it since then.
Svensjävel! Bor du på Gotland eller?
Turned me bi. But I haven't touched an orther guy beside him and that was 20years ago.

Also since then I always had that craving for the smell of ass. I used to lick his everyweek after our wrestling.

The first time he accepted to lick my ass is still the best orgasm I ever had.
I blew my load in 10sec the most delicious seconds of my life.

I still had my pants on when he did it. Came all over my underwear without even touching my cock. Still get a hardon thinking about it.
Holy shit. I don't think i'd be into having my salad tossed or getting fucked but I could for sure fuck a bro or suck him off. Haven't done anything either since.

Is it time for us to hit up grinder or craigslist?
do it
Would you post some of those stories? Interested. What was your first straight experience?
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Bumping for more brother/sister goodness

I've posted the first when he dared me to suck his cock.

It is really blurry in my mind but I remember licking my cousin pussy (his sister) around the same age. We got busted by grand mother. Never did anything else.

The real first sex was at 18 still with the same girl now ...

I am trying hard to get back some details but it was such a long time ago.
Eurofag here. A shame you wouldn't like your ass licked. What a glorious feeling it is.
(var annars knullar man sin kusin)
>be me
>fuck sister
Fuckin kekd
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I wanna show you new chan for adult. Teens, Ameteur, Milf. Non moderate. Come and share!!


Just remembered a nice one

>Be me around 12 him just turned 11
>Being bored as fuck watching cycling on the telly on grandma bed
>I am starting to get horny so I initiate wrestling
>As always he starts to dry hump me with his little boner
>Manage to turn him around and sit on his legs
>Pull down his pants and spread his asscheeks
>Fuck it ! it smells even better than usual
>Proceed to lick him real good
>Finally got the nerve to ask him if I can try to put my dick in
>He says yes FTW !
>I put him on his knees with his belly on the bed
>I start rubbing my cock on his bum and try to force entry
>No way it will fit :'(
>Proceed to bust a nut on his hole
> He didn't like it
>I clean him up with my tongue
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