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ITT: First Sexual encounters/Fapping stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: First Sexual encounters/Fapping stories
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>Be me 9 yo over at my friends place
>He has 7 yo sister
>Both messing around with her (Playing doctor and shit)
>Friend tells her to suck my dick (Fucking amazing!)
>Then she starts sucking his dick! (Must have done that before ;)
>Swap back and forth a few times
>Don't cum, but to this day it was the best blow job I have ever had!
>Cock was still hard 20 min later while going for a bike ride! My whole body was tingling :)
>Have yet to feel anything like it ever again :(
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Nice, perhaps someday anon
also porn bump
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First video I fapped to was a video of some girl getting fucked by four dudes in the same hole, at the same time. Then she crawled down the stairs, or out of the room (can't remember) to some guy who she then sucked off.

Best thing I ever watched, never saw it again
Holy fuck, would like to find that
You and me both, anon.
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>be young
>watch Howard Stern late a night
>rub myself
>never cum, always stop first
>one time what'sherface is on, super hot
>don't stop
>scared, cause wtf?
>clean up
>don't know what to do
>I do it again.

>be fetus
>snuggled up in warm, quiet womb
>just been fed through tube
>all that exists in warm, quiet womb
>can feel mom's heart rate begin to quicken
>little distressed
>feel lots of rocking back and forth
>getting a little uncomfortable
>hear muffled moans
>feel something touch my lower back
>freak the fuck out and spin around
>massive black cock heading towards me
>scramble and toss like fuck, try to bat it away
>black penis keeps getting closer to me each thrust
>eventually pierces me and makes large hole in my stomach
>black cock ejacualtes, nigger wasn't wearing condom
>spend the next few weeks floating around a womb with likely HIV positive semen
>born with hole in chest
>doctors baffled
>mfw I know the truth
>can't look mom in eye to this day
My first time was with this girl who sort of made me her boyfriend in highshool. I was shy and she liked me so I went with it.

One time at her house after like 5 months of off&on-ish dating we were at her house one evening while her mom was out and we were making out. Pretty soon she's like "Take your pants off". She started giving me head and after a while climbed on top of me.

It was going along fine until I started to just lose it She asked if I was gay.
> "WHAT NO!?!?"
> "Do you think had is hot?"
> "Susan. no."
> "I think he his."
> "Ok..."
> She leans in and starts kissing me neck "Sometimes I think about kissing him."
> "...."
> "and him playing with my nipples"
> she starts to play with mine
> "he'll start licking my ear" which she does too
> stopitboner.jpg

And I cum inside her while we start talking together about how hot he is.

After we fooled around a couple times she convinced Chad to join us. During which she dared me to blow him. LOL

isn't that how mary made jesus?

No, she was raped by a nigger and had to lie to her parents and others about still being a virgin and being immaculately impregnated by God to spare herself the shame.

Course it was much easier to pull these sorts of things off in the days before lying had really caught on.
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>Lost my V when I was 16 to a sexy 26 yo 8/10 Filipino bar girl in Hong Kong.
>Older brother was living in HK (Parents flew me over to see him)
>Went to "High class" bar with brother (Didn't get carded :)
>Didn't tell her I was a V, only lasted 5 min or so, 6/10 experience
>But thank fuck I was no longer a virgin!
>Was in HK for 5 days and she wanted to see me again privately :)
>Fucked her 3 more times (Did a much better job 2nd time round :) and had her for a tour guide around HK for 2 days
>Only really paid for the first night (Brother paid the bar)
>Gave her a little bit of cash directly for being my GF for the 3 days we spent together before I departed.

And no STD! Awesome experience!
i've had sex but this one is memorable

>be around 15/16/17 at home
>cousin and her mom are over
>i was always her "favorite cousin"
>my mom and her mom talk for a while
>i'm on the arm of the couch just watching tv catching up with family
>cousin is just sitting there quietly
>her mom says "anon we're going to the store, look after her"
>they leave and its just us
>i'm sitting on the arm of the couch looking down just spacing out and thinking
>she's 10 11 or 12, maybe 13, i can't remember
>she's wearing short shorts
>and i mean they were fucking short as fuck
>before i know it shes facing away from me and her ass is right in front of me
>ironically my dick is positioned perfectly for this
>she sits on it and just starts grinding so hard
>she grabs the bottom of my thighs and starts really going at it
>my dick has ascended into the skies
>she keeps going and starts moaning
>she's developed relatively well, almost my height
>my dick is in between her cheeks and she's just going at it
>notice a wet spot on her jeans
>holy fuck shes horny as shit
>realize what's happening
>morals got to me
>stopped it
>never mentioned again

There's some regret, but I know if word had gotten out I'd be fucked. I'd prefer the safe route.

To this day at age 24, I'm still her favorite cousin.
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panty virgin.png
37KB, 1314x513px

Sounds like you were actually raped, bro.

Stop trying to put on the brave face, you don't need to pretend to be proud of this. This isn't some badge of honor shit.

It's okay for men to feel vulnerable and like victims.
>be me
>15 at the time
>at girlfriends house
>making out hardcore, grabbing, typical teenager shit
>her little brother goes to skateboard with his friends
>he was grounded, wasn't supposed to leave
>her mom leaves to go find him
>blowjob time
>she starts sucking
>she tells me to go down on her
>I do
>she orgasms but wants to keep going
>I'm down
>start fingering her
>ask if she wants to go all the way
>she says yes
>no condom
>"just pull out"
>reluctant, decide it's worth it
>stick it in
>virgin betafag, don't know where to put dick
>eventually get it in
>after like 5 minutes my dick slips out
>ask if I can put it in her ass
>"if you really want to..."
>fuck yea
>Hella spit on dick and asshole, didn't have lube
>stick it in, barely get the tip in
>she moans
>"deeper anon, deeper"
>stick it in all the way eventually
>she loves it
>almost screaming, but doesnt want brother or mom to hear her just in case they come home
>she's about to finish again, so am I
>hear her mom open the front door.
>gotta finish, can't miss golden opportunity
>here the door handle of her room twist
>it's her mom
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>she's developed relatively well, almost my height

Manlet detected.
Na! It was cool! I was painfully shy when I was younger, that's why my brother took me, but I did indeed want it to happen!
>be me 10 years old, 31 years ago
>go with mum to meet her new boyfriend
>mfw he has cutie 3.14 8 year old daughter
>laying on floor under blanket
>watching wizard of oz
>her hand slides into my pants
>cum buckets
>no idea what cum is
>run to bathroom freaking out
>wash up
>go back to movie like nothing happened
>we play doctor many times
>she loves playing with my cock
>6 months later she's my sister
please do
Bullshit! You don't blow loads at 10!
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
actually different people start puberty at different ages
>18, live at home NEET
>call girl
>make her laugh
>she drives 29 miles to my house
>we do n2o and make out in her car
>blows me
>cant cum because I jerked off like an hour before
>but I did indeed want it to happen!

No, you didn't.

You were raped.

Hard as it may be you need to confront this. This women may have done with with other boys and girls, some of them even younger than you were.

10 days later

>she drives to my house again
>we make out and I elevate it
>she finally is ready
>said she was spotting so didnt go down on her
>10/10 pussy
>fuck her for a long time
>keep going soft because of nerves and weed combo
>still make her cum
>dont get to nut

nah. i fapped while being a fetus and the last two months in that womb were pretty disgusting floating in that much sperm.
nice fucking thumbnail you god dam moron
Your right! I'm sure you're always right!
You know my feelings better that I do, do you?
You're being a neck beard troll so i'll let it go ;)
Nice try though!
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this was the best position for ape fucking

You probably can. First time I spermed I was like 11 or 12, very possible for someone to do so at 10 I imagine.

Freaked the fuck out when it happened, like I knew what it was and shit.

But was a distressing moment nonetheless. For years I'd enjoyed being able to fap anywhere, anytime without leaving any sort of trace.

From then on I'd always need something to collect the sperm, and when you're in your mid-teens, been looking at porn on your shitty phone and can't find anything to sperm into..

Shit gets fucking real.
>2 days as my sister she playes with my cock again
>when finished she grabs my hand and puts it in her pants
>warm and wet and i'm loving it
>we do this almost daily for the next year
>be almost 12 now
>start really understanding whats going on
>want to fuck
>she is playing with my cock
>i'm rubbing her pussy
>try touching my cock to her pussy
>she freaks the fuck out like i just impregnated her
>she wont play with my cock anymore
>>realize what's happening
>>morals got to me

holy shit. there's two words for you.

dumb and ass

Was actually satire, faggot.

You legit were raped though, whether you consider it wrong or not.
At my friends hangin out with him and his gf, get a text. Hes asking if I wanted to hit his GF so I text back yolo. We all drink a lot of beer and smoke some weed and my friend has a boner out of nowhere. He just pulls his shit down and she started sucking him off right in front of me so I pull down my shit, gettin my dick sucked while he watched. Shes took all her clothes off, she starts sucking on my dick again while my friends up in it from the back. That sound just got me the fuck off. After that I couldn't take it and stuck it in her while he put it in her ass. No condoms no problems. I just remember her hair hanging over me and looking up at her and also a little dick touching but I didn't give a shit. That experience was soo priceless, and i'd kill myself if I would have passed it up just because a little dick touch happens. I was 17 at that time. I'm going to hell if it exists but who isn't.
>Be me
>Be 17
>Work at grocery store
>also collect shopping carts from the parking lot
>also smoke pot
>every chance I get I blaze
reek of weed every time I come back from break. I know I missed the > but I give no fucks. this one can be black
>27 y/o redhead starts working there as cashier
>she ugly
>talks about her newborn
>baby daddy is clearly not in the picture
>but she can suck a dick
>buys whiskey for me
>comes to work to smoke me out even when she is off
>sucks my dick once or twice a week in her shitty pontiac sunfire
>eventually hotel party.
>super drunk
>take massive, gross smelling dump in the dinky hotel bathroom.
>everyone is grossed out
>they go to the local gas station to restock party supplies
>just the 2 of us left in the room
>still reeks of shit
>she strips down naked and begs me to fuck her
>do it anyway
>it was gross
>I came inside her after like 20 seconds
>she wanted more

...wtf is wrong w/ womenz?

you were raped. that was rape. i feel so sorry for you.
>Bullshit! You don't blow loads at 10!

hell. some of these guys cum at 5 or 6, if you believe their stories...

More rape.

This thread is really sickening and depressing.

When are women going to start being held to account for the children they have preyed on sexually.

Why'd you bust that quick? I'd find it hard to get a boner if I knew I had a time constraint, I suck under pressure ._.
>meet girl at work
> 19 at time, she was 26
>decently cute, not obese, check out
>tickling her one night about 4 weeks into the relationship
>make up some total bullshit excuse to kiss her, kiss for a few hours.
>watch pirates of the carribean at worlds end
> tickle her some more, start trying to tickle my way into her pants
>legit 20 minutes later she FINALLY lets me put my hand down there
>she's fucking soaking wet
>finger her until she pretends to cum or whatever, learn she likes slow clit stimulation
> few days go by, get first blowjob. Have to drive 90 all the way to work just to make it on time
>few more days go by, we get drunk and have sex. I fail to properly warm the car so it's a little dry in the garage
>uncomfortable sex, pump it out for about 20 minutes and fake cumming because I'm exhausted
>more time goes by, fuck about 4 times before finally cumming
>while I'm busting she's saying over and over again "it's okay, it's okay"
>fuck like clockwork to pirates of the Caribbean after that, started the movie like 14 times still can't tell you what it's aboat.
>date for a few months, start college and dump her.
>convince girl from 4chan to drive 21 hours to see me
>have sex once, she has the pussy stank that fills the room
>that was 2009
>several opportunities to have sex since, including a 39 year old milf.
>bail on all of them last second, break off communications
>pretty sure I'm fucked up, fear of intimacy or some other disorder.
>feeling sorry for a screenshot
>girl from 4chan
>she has the pussy stank that fills the room

Well what exactly did you expect..
>nov 2 2002
>being born
>penis rub against wall of mom's vagina for several minutes
>get pulled out of her vagina
>never got near a vagina again
>try to get shit started again for a few more months
>be 13 and give up on trying to fuck my sister
>live fairly normal life
>good normal relationship with sister
>she gets married has kids, all the normal stuff
>she gets divorced, the birth mother passes away
>more normal stuff
>be last week
>she calls me and sounds sad
>i go to her house
>she is so drunk
>crying uncontrollably
>im holding my sister in my arms comforting her
>she is really upset over the divorce 5 years earlier
>crying about losing her mom 10 years before
>she hugs me tight
>my hand is accidentally her boob
underage b&

She was young and attractive, weighed about 105 pounds soaking wet. I was expecting some decent sex. I think she had a chronic illness or something, apparently that can make it bad down there.
>never near vagina again
underage b& nigger
underage b&
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First sexual encounter.... Uhhh. Lets go with my first girlfriend. Cliffnotes.
Teens. in my furnished basement. Go from kissing to making out quick, to grinding into her, to getting her off... Cuddling asleep- then waking up in the AM with her on top of me, kissing me gently...grinding into me... Until we both end up fucking.

First fap story? Fucking why would you wanna know that? Faggot.

I recall being absurdly young grinding into my hand until i popped. Except at that age it's a bit different.
still good story, got me hard until the very end
long story short junior year went to prom, after prom was this whole big thing everyone was making out with everyone else except for my friend and his out of town date 9/10 and for some reason though he didn't want to have sex with her that night, FF to 6:30 in the morning chilling outside she comes up to me and says don't tell Luke and starts making out with me we do this and smoke almost an 1/8th of his weed after that we go find the only available room and bang, she ended up telling him 6 months later

tl;dr fucked my friends prom date and smoked all his weed
>she stops crying
>grabs my hand that's on her boob
>she pulls it in tighter on her boob
>she didn't have these before
>squeeez all the boobs
>she says it reminds her of our childhood

I would say this is gay, but it's almost like vintage it's so old. Classic /b/

What the fuck?

You're a faggot.
File: hotAF.gif (261KB, 499x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my first fap.
classic /B/ from last summer, eh?
get the fuck off /b/ you faggy little twat
you fucker
when i was 17 i had a small get together at my house in the garage, guzzling down heaps of piss and smoking heaps of pot. Girl i was sort of dating at the time(15) ,very attractive girl,was there. Putting her hands down my pants trying to feel my cock in front of all my mates. Realise its time to take her inside and try my loose my v plates. take her into my room. get her clothes off, finger her pussy , wet as, manage to get 3 fingers in(very loose for a virgin),she loves it, go to grab a condom, she says "no sex in a christian" . me thinking fuck my life,ok then, finger her for a while longer, i stop and she falls asleep in my bed. friend yelling outside trying to get her to come out. wake her up. walk her home. havent really spoke to her since that night kinda fucked shit up, remember seeing a text from her the next day saying we "went to far " blah blah blah. theres my first sexual experience.
Femanon here, have I ever told /b about how I lost my virginity to a wild wolf?
Well mobody is gonna believe but im 16 and today was the first day i touched a girls tits
underage b&
Underaged b&
inb4 >MODS!
Mods get off your asses there's a poor innocent child here
>all my mates.

At least try to make it somewhat believable, faggot.

I'm 5'11, very shy of 6 foot.

She's basically an amazonian woman.
>don't know what to do
>I do it again.

...this pretty much describes all of us
tbh i couldnt care less if you believe it or not,im explaining it exactly as it happened.
They ban kids on here? What the fuck
>I'm 5'11, very shy of 6 foot.

So a manlet then.

Anything under 6'2" is legit bordering on manlet in my opinion.


I could probably count the amount of woman in the world who are taller than me with one hand, faggot.
but no im not kidding about the tits

it was seriously aamzing as fuuuuck i want to do it again so bad

we mostly cuddle with each other. she is 18 and im 16 she doesnt eant a telationship her senior year since she is leaving

wat do?
Underage AND a newfag, wow
Yeah you are super elitist dude whatever i dont give a fuck

i am not really a newfag i basically only go on r/4chan cause it filters out autists like you
No cp or underage stuff here. USA allows cp literature as an art form
I remember my first fap was when I was drinking a high c juice box while watching tv. I took the straw out and unconsciously forced my finger in the straw hole. Eventually I made it large enough to a point I came up with an idea to stick "it" in the hole. I did and was just playing with myself for a good fifteen minutes until my sister opened the bedroom door and bursted into laughter. Me 10, she 20.
>cp literature

Are you serious?

"CP literature"?!

It's fucking child erotica you autistic faglord. And why the fuck would it be illegal?

US isn't thought police tier like UK.. yet.

Reminds me of a Britbong article on why Japan still allowed loli which they kept fucking referring to as CP and even CSA..

Fucking Britbongs.
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258KB, 1145x766px
> be me
> be 17 and simultaneously hungry and horny
> parents left me $30
> order Imo's Pizza
> STL pizza is the shit
> get some garlic bread with the shit nigga
> eat pizza, have garlic bread left over
> still horny
> look at garlic bread real hard
>take two pieces of garlic bread and fuck them
>cum so hard I yell a little
>best fap I ever had
>no regrets
This is technically a website purposed for adults only, and yes they do take this aspect very seriously about half the time.
Meh ok whatever im gonna sleep now anyways

Sorry if i broke the rules. Might as well still to lurking.
you ain't lived my life. No judgement
First time was with my friends cousin. We pulled my bed out and hid behind the head board until my sister walked in and ruined it. We were like, 11.
continue you filthy fuck
File: datface.png (532KB, 516x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
532KB, 516x595px
>pretends to be oldfag

Give up.

Just stop breathing, man.

Be at peace.
14, 6/10 gf coming over to my house then we are going to the movies (gf 8/10) get to the movies typical first gf situation constantly saying we love each other over and over, I put my hand on her leg. I slowly move it up to her vag I slowly start to rub her she breaths out and in a little a little harder and her hand grabs my dick she starts to stroke my cock and I move my hand down her shorts (mid summer) she starts to moan and bit her lip she looks at me and whispers "Anon, I need something" I responded "Anything babe" she looked me dead in the eyes and said "I need about tree fiddy" Now it was about this time I noticed that this cute 14 y/o girl was a 7ft tall mythical creature
>Be me
>Be 10
>Realize I am 10
>no sex cause i'm 10
>Be me 19 almost about to be 20
>still a virgin

Beta as fuck.
Lol dude i laughed like if there's no tomorrow
Sauce please!
File: 1406612517493.jpg (19KB, 309x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 309x282px

>be 16
>in beautiful mother russia
>she same age
>i cum very quick
>ehhhh she yell
>her face when
>she is goat
File: profile.jpg (27KB, 460x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 460x306px
10yos can have sex all the time

Retarded, new and likely homosex.
Same bro...
Fuck you,I laugh if I want to
This thread is either flooded with semi-decent trolls or some 12 yo has been shown /b/ by his big brother (who actually plans to rape him) and has in turn informed every 12 yo in his school of /b/ and this thread.
>both live with parents
>end up getting a hotel room for the night
>place reeks of weed (clearly we're in the right place)
>put on cowboy bebop for background noise
>kiss, nibble neck, start removing clothing.
>put on condom, she guides me into her pussy
>cum nearly instantly
>lay down together, kissing groping. she cleans herself.
>she tells me I didn't have to use the condom she has a IUD
>I hadn't satisfied, so i go down on her.
follow advice from the video "eating good pussy"
Except toilet paper you fucking idiot
Look clearly Ukrainian goat. Look like Auntie.
Why you Russians steal all stuff.
>>be me 12
>>have a 10yo friend w/8yo sister
>>find dad's stash of porn, vhs and mags.
>> me and friend faps, jerks and blows eachother
>>we get his lil sister involved.
>>gets blowed by both as he fucks his sister.
>>nut in her face
>>try to fuck her but don't want to push it as my dick was bigger than his(stevie was about 4in, I was 6in)
>>she peegasms before i nut.
>>she trips out cause her dad near my house calling for them. She thought he heard us.

weeks later
>>I go to their house for the first time one night for a surprise visit.
>> see massive painting of their naked mother in living room
>>See thier hot naked mom
>>ask where they at....oh in tub
>>wait with boner to the max while the mom is bending over, sitting legs spread.
>>wet and naked
>>his lil sis sits down on my cock
>>te mom smiles
>>pull cock out
>>dick glides slowly in pussy
>>we fuck in front of their mom as she fingers herself.

we had fun awhile later, then I moved and never saw them again. Wonder if Steven and Miranda ar b/tards.

First Fap:
>be me
>be 9
>Just got WiFi
>stoked as fuck
>just got Wii
>google weird shit
>one day types in google, p0rn
>finds some incest on slutload
>realize I like it
>copies the dude and jerks it
>2 minutes later
>splats on the wall
>cleans up and never does it again for a month
>googles jerking it and realizes it
>hasn't stopped since

First Sexual moment
>Be me
>playing Halo with shitty ex best friend
>in 6th grade
>wants his 8th grade sister
>bets if I win I ask her out
>he cheats with rocket launcher
>he goes to pee
>heads to his sister room
>she's wet asf
>slowly licks her until she wakes up
>she forces my head closer
>eats it like no tomorrow
>b0ner time
>fucks her in the ass
He doesn't know still
>be 13 hanging out with extended family
>12th "cousin" Xremoved is super hot she like 15
>by super hot i mean to my 13 y/o horny dick she was a 20/10 in reality probably 7/10
>we "playing" away from adults b/c we're "teenagers" & "too cool" for anything
>she gets all up in my business just getting close "tickling" me.
>instant boner
>she sees and says something like "oh wow, i didn't know you were having this much fun"
>I panic & say "sorry, i can't help it, you're my cousin"
>she gives me kinda angry look & leaves to go outside & smoke a cig
>i sit in that room for probably only 2 min but felt like an eternity
>something in brain clicks (or penis over rides) & I bolt off after her
>say something stupid like "well you're not really my cousin" it was really dumb but she responded positivly
>start to walk in the hills around the house
> hike up to a rope swing
>no one around, things get intense, she gets really close
>boom! making out hardcore she starts groping my pants
>how did i not cum immediately?
>we mack for a bit, i put my hands down her pants & start rubbing around
>she likes it....a lot
>takes her pants off pushes my head down
>eat her out an holy fuck did it taste good
>def in the top 5 pussies i've tasted
>she cums & says "let's leave"
>but no! what about my about to explode (in a non cumming way, more an over pressure of blood way) dick?
>nope, she got what she wanted & i was left with my first blue balls
>still totally worth it
>that was the first time i really did anything sexual with a girl after puberty.
>i did a few "doctor" things with my friends when i was much younger (i didn't really have many guy friends, mostly girls) but i hardly count it. I was mostly just exploring.
>all went well except for the part where my nose was crushed against her pelvic bone
>had to hold my breath while eating out, wound up nearly passing out right as she was moaning, convulsing and digging her nails into my back, and arms.
>come up for air, she begs me not to stop.
>finish off after filling my lungs
we both collapse.
I've been trying to sauce that vid for a long time, I can't find much through reverse image
bad for you you filthy Ukrainian scum,
this goat now belong to mother russia
>ITT: Sexual Fantasies

>be 12
>barely started puberty
>gf also 12
>gf basically full grown woman already, shit you not
>gf already lost her virginity
>make out for first time
>begin to regularly feel her (massive for her age) tits and even slip my hand down her pants occasionally
>one day making out on bed of her friend
>talk about fucking but I'm spaghetti as fuck and don't really know how to put on condom
>end up just making out and she gives me handjob
>cum all over her hand in like a minute
>never even got fully hard

Now 22yo and still a virgin, don't know what the fuck even happened.

Started so brightly..
File: 1368158930534s.jpg (2KB, 125x83px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 125x83px
>be 19
>be at house party
>slightly drunk
>qt grill starts hitting on me
>she is obviously intoxicated
>we start making out
>after a couple mins we decide to go upstars
>things get hot
>alcohol makes it difficult to get a boner
>finally gets it up
>she starts blowing me
>suddenly my dick is diamond hard
>had to think about my naked grandma throwing up to prevent blowing my load
>its my turn now
>start eating her pussy
>sweaty taste but whatever
>"fuck me anon"
>start at missionary
>shit was so fucking cash
>ask her to get on 4
>she does
>as soon as her asscheeks spread the worst smell of shit that i've ever felt in my life comes up
>seriously smells like fucking diarrhea
>didnt enjoyed it cause had to hold my breathing most of the time
>praying to be over soon
>handly can stand it anymore
>finally came
>dressed up
>never spoke to her again

i dare you faggots to have a first time worse than mine
There's an abandoned house near my house,
Girlfriend was over and my parents were home, so we said we were going to walk to the gas station, and just walked to the filthy condemned house. It was dirty, and missing most of the floor, but still had all of the furniture and whatnot. We madeout for a bit, she sucked my dick, and I fucked her on top of a vintage TV. Then I went to the dentist and didn't have any cavities. It was a pretty solid day.
>12 years old
underage b&
>be me
>raped by a nigger
yeah you right, I made my first sex partner squirt in that position
File: oh-yes.gif (495KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495KB, 500x275px
>Be me
>10 YO betafag
>got this fetish for hairy cunts
>random friday ngiht, no school the next day
>Lie down in bed completely naked, because hot weather and being comfy
>Suddenly terminator 2 ends, it's midnight
>mfw i know what happens at midnight in Golden
>Porn movie starts
>Protagonist has hairy magnificient cunt, playing dominatrix
>She rubs her pubes and gives the fingers to taste to the dominated man
>My dick hard as fuck
>she starts humping on his lap
>Dick gets hard enough to break diamonds
>Suddenly i feel relaxed and my dick twitches
>Realize it is "cum"
>No sperm but a drop(probably precum)
>Pants up, go to sleep
First and only time i've camed without hands or anything

That was not my first sexual encounter tho, but yes the first time i learned about masturbation
First time i used my hands for it was at 12-13 YO, at my grandphater's hospital room, before that i rubbed my crotch against teh pillow until i came.
Neither was the first time i saw titties (after my mother's ones being a child,of course)
> qt
> worse smell
you lie faggot, it was a landwhale, but hey we all do that shit when we drunk, just don't lie about it.
File: 1417952146135.jpg (152KB, 1106x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 1106x864px
>going on reddit
legit just kill yourself now
I am 21. try not giving a fuck.
>implying some qt women arent gross
you'd be surprised

>I go on /r/4chan

Drink up!
first fap

>be 12
>friend talks about masturbation constantly
>get boners all the time
>super catholic family
>masturbation is a sin
>Cave in to temptation
>decide it doesnt count if i dont look at myself doing it
>dunno why
>Close eyes as tight as i can
>jerk off as fast as possible
>dick is red raw
>dont know how this is supposed to end
>just stop when it starts to hurt
>dick is red raw and throbbing
>try to get on with my day
>boner remains
>try and distract myself with vidya
>wont disappear
>Decide to go for 2nd try
>barely graze myself and bust a load
>shoot myself right in the face with load
>freeze in shock
>quivering from first orgasm
>sit bolt still for what feels like an eternity
>clean myself off
>Swear of masturbation
>jerk off again 15 minutes later to much the same result
>be me
>be 11yo girl
>staying with aunt
>aunt says I need to take a bath
>tell her I had one like 2 days ago
>says doesn't believe me and makes me take bath
>walks in while I'm in tub naked
>says she needs to pee
>guess it's okay, both girls and family after all
>see her out of the corner of my eye staring at me
>finishes peeing and starts to wipe her pussy dry with TP
>does it for while
>hear her breathing getting heavy while continuing to do it
>finishes and pulls her pants up, washes hands
>comes over and dips her hand in water, brushes along my thigh and lower stomach
>says she is testing water temp and asks if it's okay
>sits on edge of bath and keeps staring at my body
>asks if she can join me..

your sex was probably worse than when I lost my virginity but mine might give you a run for your money. Be 13 & best friends girlfriend is my neighbor (a few houses up the hill). We hate eachother b/c we compete for best friends attention. He hates us not getting along, demands we figure out shit out. We make plans to hang out, get drunk, & burry the hatchet. Somehow ends up her taking my V card. I barely remember (like only a few "still frame" images). Awkward next morning when she calls & confirms it wasn't a nightmare. We can't figure out what to do. Tell best friend? fuck that. We call mutual friend & ask his advice. He say SAY NOTHING IT NEVER HAPPENED. 3 months go by, all "good' she & i are getting along better, the mutual awkwardness kinda helped us bond. On Aim one night & think i'm talking to her but it's best friend on her account. (i'm 13 and dumb) he figures out we hooked up and confronts her. Her response "he raped me". He flips out, parents involved, her parents involve police. Huge police investigation, everyone in school thinks i'm a rapist. Investigation proves me %100 innocent but the damage was already done. Lost all but 1 friend, & i chose to move schools, real bad times. Ended up meeting my "first love" at the new school so there was some kind of silver lining. Now whenever i go back to my home town ppl always come up to me & apologize for being horrible to me. It's nice i guess, but i'd rather just not have to relive all that bullshit. I avoid my hometown like the plague.
Sauce. Pleeeease
dude that's no lie, attractive women can have some retarded minds.
I used to fuck this woman who did a lot of modeling, nothing world famous but locally/county famous, and it went to her head.

We broke up after a while and I used to go steal her panties- when I'd find a pair they were so fucking disgusting, like toilet paper was absolutely haram or some shit. I almost threw up remembering one specific pair- almost turned me off to panties completely.

But yeah, attractive women sometimes never wipe their own asses.
Of course continue
Part 1

>be me
>senior year of HS, at Christmas party with lady friend, Amanda, from neighboring town
>meet all her friends, one being Abby
>Abby is cute, blonde, 5'6'', thin with nice hips
>go home
>be June, 6 months later, still virgin
>get text from Amanda asking if I want to hang out with Abby
>"Sure why not"
>No license, get picked up by Amanda
>In car heading to Abby's house
>"Anon, Abby thinks your cute, want to fuck her?"
>"Sure why not"
>Get there, just the three of us
>Her parents aren't home
>drinking whiskey outside on outdoor couches
>warm June night
>Abby is getting cuddly
>get text, its Amanda who's sitting 2 ft from me
>"Hey want me to disappear for a half hour"
>"sure why not"
>Amanda leaves
>Abby says "I saw that text anon"
>I don't even remember what I said next, so plastered
>she sits up and we start making out
>lay her down on the couch, continuing to make out
>her hands are all over me
>I feel her up
>small boobs, but I pull off her shirt and suck her nipples
>get my hand in her pants
>finger her soft virgin pussy, can only fit a finger in there
>my shirt comes off, her pants come off
>kiss down from her tits down to her pussy
>lick that pussy like a fudgesicle on July
>when she's done moaning I sit up
>she starts unbuttoning my pants, stroking my rock solid dick from outside my boxers
>"You have a condom?"
How the fuck is no one asking for sauce?
part 2

>I did, I get that shit on
>Lay her down again
>Get on top of her, standard missionary
>She grabs my dick and puts it in
>start thrusting, she was crazy wet
>keep it slow, slowly building up speed
>her legs start shaking
>I can feel her squeeze even tighter
>we stop, asks me if I finished
>She gets on top of me, cowboy
>We fuck a little longer
>Kissing occasionally, I just watch her tits bounce around
>not even close to cumming
>she gets tired
>fuck her missionary again, trying hard to cum
>she's starting to moan a little bit more with each thrust
>feeling tired
>then we both hear a moan that wasn't from either of us
>we freeze up
>these couches were right next to those small pool cabana things
>I pull out and go see what the noise was
>grab phone to use as flashlight
>Abby is freaking out trying to find her clothes
>Walk to the opposite side of cabana, nothing
>Circle around to the back side
>I hear an "oh fuck"
>its Amanda pants around her ankles, sitting against the cabana on the concrete, theres a huge puddle under her pussy.
>I'm standing in front of her with nothing but a condom and socks on, and a stupid grin on my face
part 3

>totally staring at her landing strip, no chance I made eye contact at all
>Amanda is tiny, 5'4'' ish, huge tits, nice figure, adorable smile
>"We're you just.." I don't even finish my sentence
>Don't even remember what she says next, but I help her up
>Lead her to the couches, Abby is in her bra and panties
>she shouts "Amanda! What were ya doing back there?"
>Amanda's stumbling and slurring her words
>"She was flicking her bean!"
>They both erupt in laughter, we're all stupidly drunk
>Abby says something like "You know you could've joined us, right, anon?"
>"Sure, why not"
>We all sit down on the couches, and we each take another swig of whiskey
>I'm naked, Abby has her bra and panties on, Amanda is fully clothed, her pants are loosely on
>I'm too dumbfounded to speak
>dick is still directly pointing to the north star
>Abby chimes in "We've had a lot of fun, anon, maybe Amanda would like some of this"
>Abby takes her index finger and runs it up the shaft of my cock, Amanda starts staring at it
>Amanda slurs "jesus its been half an hour and your still up, anon?"
>Amanda sheds her sweatshirt and shirt in a sloppy motion
>Her tits are perky as fuck in a lacy red bra
>So locked on to her boobs I don't even see Abby get up and remove her clothes
>I'm surprised to find Abby's hand wrapped around my cock, as Amanda takes off her panties
>I'm still sitting there like a fool
>Amanda straddles me
>her tits are right in my face
>start sucking one and squeezing the other
>I sit back and Abby immediately starts cuddling up against me
>she's slowly rubbing her clit
>I put one hand on the back of Amanda, and the other around Abby
>After a minute Abby is squirming again, only for a moment
>She turns her head around and we start making out
first fuck

>be 15
>Dating girl in school
>her friend talks a big game about fucking her boyfriend
>friend is younger than us and is seemingly dating some creepy neckbearded 30 something year old
>see them together a lot
>he picks her up after school and shit
>Dunno how no one ever stepped in
>gf broaches the idea of us fucking
>"valentines day is coming up annoy, itd be romantic" etc.
>decide to wait til valentines day
>i usually get home from school about 2 hours before parents
>arrange with them for her to come over
>they dont suspect a thing
>she comes over on v day
>we awkwardly attempt to undress each other
>both just stand there naked as fuck and trembling for what feels like forever
>she decides she wants to put a condom on me
>neither of us can get it to sit right
>it breaks when i try to put my dick in her
>"anon, we're both virgins and i heard you cant get pregnant your first time so do we need a condom"
>know thats wrong but also heard sex feels better without condom
>after a lot of awkward pushing get it in
>Wotn stay in
>she decides to go on top
>slides in
>she starts awkwardly trying to ride me
>eventually gets a rhythm
>about 3 thursts in i feel it happening
>cum inside her
>control myself
>The show must go on
>dont want her to think im premature
>she continues to ride me for about 20 minutes
>dick is numb and aching
>start to get feeling back
>gonna cum again
>blow second wad
>shuddering and feeling weak as fuck
>huge wad of cum/ blood falls out of her and right onto my belly button
>forgot some girls bleed their first time
>both frozen in horror
>sprint to bathroom and clean up
>consider killing myself

part 4

>Amanda is a sexual freak, and is still hopping on my dick
>She stops and wiggles herself as far down on as she can
>Every inch of me is in her, as she starts grinding in circles
>Amanda starts moaning loudly, even louder than when she was behind the cabana
>Abby pulls away, we're both just watching Amanda gyrate, losing control.
>She starts humping up and down again and shrieks, pulling off my dick
>She squirts everywhere, on my chest, a bit on Abby, and a good amount on the couches
>Abby and I burst in laughter, as Amanda still writhes in orgasm
>I was really close to coming but Amanda beat me to it
>Amanda comes back to earth, realizing the mess she made
>"Shit, im so sorry" She starts freaking out
>She grabs a towel that was sitting near by trying to dry us off
>Abby grabs the whiskey and takes a swig and passes it to me
>She swallows and slurs "Don't worry, but now I want to do that"
>I'm still drinking the whiskey as Abby grabs the condom right off my dick and tosses it to the ground
>I nearly spit out the whiskey in shock, but am able to swallow, coughing as I do it
>I gain control and see Abby laying down again giving that "come hither" thing
>I pass the bottle to Amanda
>I get on top of Abby and we start making out again
>My index finger is in Abby's pussy, and the thumb circling her clit
>Amanda is standing there stark naked
>"Where do I fit in here?"
>We break out in laughter again and spend a minute trying to get in a position that works
>We finally figure it out, like solving a rubix cube- but instead of one smart asian, its three drunk white kids
File: 1422294509679.jpg (185KB, 768x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 768x820px
>be me, 11
>get involved with idiot friend who smokes pot and snorts his mom's adderall and hydros
>call him speedy
>he asks if I want to go over to his place after school to meet his dealer
>at speedy's place when his dealer shows up
>mfw he's a scrawny pedo-'stache douche with a fedora
>he tells speedy that he brought the shit, that it's really good stuff
>speedy is experienced, can tell it's laced with something
>douche says it's acid
>speedy takes huge hits, I just puff it into my mouth
>copy what speedy is doing, he starts to look dazed, mostly unconscious, passes out
>still playing copycat
>douche pulls out his dick
>he leans over speedy, pulling down his pants while he jerks off
>get up and punch him in the face and start elbowing him
>his face is fucked up, bleeding everywhere
>roll him over on speedy's bed
>rape his asshole
Speedy found out the next day, guy's face was proof enough.
part 5

>So Amanda is sitting on the arm of the couch
>Abby is on her hands and knees, with her mouth right in Amanda's dripping pussy
>I'm on my knees taking Abby from behind, doggy style
>I wasn't wearing a condom, and was to drunk to care, as was Abby
>We get into a rhythm
>Amanda is the first to start moaning, before I even enter Abby's tight snatch
>I use the head of my dick and rub it against Abby's pussy lips, slowly pushing the lips apart
>I finally enter, and without the condom it feels absurdly good
>I hit Abby's g-spot after a few thrusts, and she nearly collapses
>I keep doing it, Abby gives up on trying to eat out Amanda
>She gets her ass higher in the air, burying her head in the squirt-soaked couch
>Abby takes one hand and starts furiously rubbing her clit, as I continue to push against her g-spot
>Her ass starts shaking in ecstacy, and her pussy walls contract hard
>The pressure pushes me over the edge
>I slide out of Abby's wet pussy in a single move and shoot 3 good shots of cum onto Abby's back
>Amanda is in shock
>She gets up and licks up the cum, Abby can't even form words
>Amanda keeps working her tongue down Abby's back until she reaches my cock
>She sucks the tip, and it drives me crazy
>We finally hear "holy fuck anon" murmur from Abby
>Amanda starts giggling with my cock in her mouth.
>Abby turns gets up and asks if theirs any cum for her, she wants to taste some.
>Amanda guiltily releases my cock from her mouth
>Abby looks at me and slurs "I hope you have a bit more of that, anon"
>She grabs my dick and starts licking the head in a circle
>Amanda gives Abby her space, moving up towards me
>She rests her great tits on my chest and starts kissing me
>I start feeling up Amanda again
>Abby works further down my dick
>Amanda feels down my chest, settling on my balls
>she plays with them as Abby full on sucks on my cock
>it was my first blow job ever and I was already feeling the need to burst again
Why did you even ask, any story not involving a dick is more than welcome in here
part 6

>Abby delivered the killer blow
>She flicked her tongue right under the head of my penis and I knew I was going to erupt
>I moaned hard
>Amanda still gently cupping my balls felt them contract and knew what Abby was going to get
>the cum dribbles out and Abby attentively slurps up each bit
>Amanda giggles watching her best friend bring me to orgasm
>Abby loves it too, she's giddy finally seeing me lost in ecstasy
>Amanda kisses me a few more times as Abby licks up the few shots that slid down my shaft
>I kept squeezing Amanda's tits, they we're seriously that great
>I had nothing left in me, and Abby starts kissing her way up my chest
>Amanda gets up and goes for the whiskey
>Abby reaches my mouth and we kiss quite passionately
>I wrap my arms around her
>Sort of lost in each other, we forgot Amanda was standing there watching us again
>It was both our first times (certainly not Amanda's) and it was down right the best
>It had probably been around an hour of fucking
>I can hardly get in drunken exhaustion
>It's nearly 1 am at this point
>I lie there and just watch the two of them giggle as they put their bra and panties on
>theyre so drunk though the can hardly find their clothing, stumbling in a sexy way
>We finally get our shit together and head inside
>Clearly too drunk Amanda says we have to sleepover
>Is that ok, anon?
>"Sure why not?"

the end.

>don't want her to get in
>don't want to be rude, her house after all
>say "okay I guess"
>starts taking her clothes off
>fully nude, turns facing me frontways as she climbs in the bath
>catch full sight of her hairy pussy and drooping lips
>laughing and talking and acting pretty chill
>start to relax, maybe no so weird
>eventually starts asking about boys
>still at age when I pretend boys disgust me
>tell her "boys are gross"
>she agrees with me, looking back must have taken this as some sort of sign in her warped mind
>starts play splashing me with water
>giggling and splashing back
>soon realize her leg is rubbing up and down my inner thigh
>goes on for long enough to know it's on purpose
>Inb4 Spidermen
I didn't read your story.
Nobody cared a single prick
File: 494789663.jpg (44KB, 507x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 507x338px
>be me, 17, virgin
>16 year old gf
>been dating for 6 months
>didn't fuck beforehand because of fucked up shit from her last relationship
>finally get alone with her on our 6 month
>write her a poem, get her a necklace, purely for the pursuit of datass.jpeg
>"Well I guess we could, but I'm on my period"
>Period = no condom necessary
>awwww fuck yeah
>she cleans up
>we go at it
>really hot and passionate missionary
>mfw I don't give a fuck that there's blood on my schlong

>get fidgety trying to signal her to stop
>see through water her hand is rubbing her pussy
>heart is beating fast, know what that is and have done it myself
>she notices I seen and asks if I ever touch myself there
>go super red and don't say anything but she asks again
>tell her "no"
>tells me to try it
>say "I'm okay thanks"
>keeps persisting until eventually I just do it
>staring at me the whole time while still rubbing herself
>asks me how it feels
>"uhh, okay I guess"
>"only okay, anon? here let me help you"
>leans forward until she's on top of me, looking into my eyes
>puts her hand over mine and starts rubbing my pussy with my own hand
>kisses me on the lips
>in shock, can't move or speak
>kisses me again and forces tongue in my mouth
>making out with her now
I'm so jelly of those who don't get grossed out by period blood. My girl wants it but I just can't, freaks me out. It always has. Not the blood, but the smell, that period smell. Shit really gets to me, can't boner, & besides i'd rather politely refuse than start w/ her & make her feel self concious & gross when I can't keep it up & am not enjoying myself. Feels bad man. only "positive" aspect is i pretty much always know when a woman is on her period. I can fucking smell that smell from miles away. Worlds most marginal superpower.
keep going post short messages at a time to keep it bumped.
Also, bump.
File: mj-hot12.jpg (94KB, 660x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 660x800px
>Be me
>be ten
>just learned how to fap like three months prior
>home alone
>find bootleg vhs of "the flintstones"
>pop in
>hxc porn, hours of it
>mfw I fapped 9-10 times in one day

>feel super awkard and uncomfortable but at same time what she's doing to my pussy feels amazing
>stops making out with me and looks me in eyes
>starts kissing my neck and licking it
>moves my hand onto her own pussy and tells me to rub
>pussy feels gross, meaty and hairy
>starts rubbing my pussy again with her hand, rubbing my thighs and body with her other hand
>making out with me again
>can feel her breath getting heavier and heavier as I continue rubbing her
>feels meaty and hairy
This scares me, but I'll pretend it doesn't.
File: 548558661.gif (2MB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x180px
Moar plz!!
Are you fucking retarded
File: 1418908861317.jpg (115KB, 942x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 942x709px
>my hand is accidentally her boob

>my hand is accidentally her boob
>accidentally her boob

nigger your retarded if you think that's not bullshit
>be me
>26 fast approaching wizard status
>senior in college
what color hat should I get?
Moar you fucking pleb!

>do this for a while
>eventually slows down and tells me to sit up on edge of bath
>just doing what I'm told now, totally in shock. feel like in a dream
>starts rubbing my thighs with both her hands and opens my legs
>begins kissing and licking all round my thighs and lower stomach, eventually goes down on me
>wow, this actually feels amazing, feel like I'm going to piss myself
>tell her I need to pee
>tells me to just pee if I need to, then continues licking and sucking on my pussy and thighs
>don't actually pee, orgasm instead after a few minutes
>she slows down and eventually stops, looks up and asks if I enjoyed it
>tell her I did
>asks me to do it to her now
>hesitate, don't want to really
>tells me it's only fair, favor for favor
>can't argue with that logic
Not really a superpower, that's called instinct. All animals have that ability as it signals prime time for breeding.
File: 1420937791219.png (2MB, 1420x1420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1420x1420px
>Claiming to be extremely drunk
>Remembering this many details

I just mean like typical mid-30s pussy. Like pretty large, hanging lips and really hairy (didn't have bf, guess she didn't really have much need for grooming).

At the time it was super gross and weird to me though, obviously.
oh i thought i was special
File: 1422300478383.gif (2MB, 320x227px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x227px
>mfw i forgot that you were 11 at the time
Bumpen it
I couldn't cum from being nervous or whatever. So i just pounded that pussy for a good hour longer than most peoples first time, like a champ, and brought her down a peg for not giving it to her. Telling me a few days later she still wanted it

>stands up out of bath, full sight of pussy and tits again
>I sink back down onto my knees in the water, she remains standing rubbing her tits and body
>puts her hand on my head and gently guides it towards her pussy
>"I don't know what to do"
>tells me just to do exactly what she done to me
>start copying as best I can remember
>her breathing gets super heavy
>her hand is still on my head, keeps running it through my hair
>don't like it much, hair is really gross and have my eyes closed
>tells me to look up at her while licking
>tells me to keep looking up
>starts moaning out loud
>tells me to stop and just stick my tongue out, keep looking up at her
>begins pretty much grinding her pussy along my tongue and face
>kinda hurting me a little at times
>getting rougher as it continues, moans getting louder
>eventually orgasms, like can remember her left leg shaking and everything
>sinks back down into the water and wraps my legs around her
>starts kissing and making out with me again, running hands through my hair
Anything else, Anon?
This story is not particularly erotic, but it's probably good to talk about it.
I 15 and hanging out in with my friends 14 year old girlfriend. I had these weird deep closet things in my house with no light and a hidden door. she was curious about them so I took her in one. she tripped and fell, so I tried to pull her up, but also fell. we laid there for a couple of minutes, one thing tyo another, she started sucking my dick. we went back into my room and fucked for an hour. it was weird because I was having trouble staying hard. she dumped my friend and we dated for five years.
I can't help but imagine the aunt with a disgusting messy woman 80s afro
>been talking to a girl living across the world
>been 1 year
>Total prude
>Randomly asks if I want to see her tits
>fuck yes
>Ill show you pussy if you show me your cock
>sounds like a deal
>2 months later flies over to see said girl
>Fuck the shit out of her for 2 weeks
>leave a happy anon
>This story is not particularly erotic

Actually makes me pretty sick, looking back. At the time as well it didn't feel very good.

The rest of the weekend she would touch me and rub me and stuff. Kiss me a lot as well.

Oddly next few times I stayed nothing happened, just was my normal aunt again.

Especially disgusting since I'm not into girls at all.

No, I ended up telling my mom a year or two after when I started to become aware of just what the fuck happened.

Police got involved and she ended up in prison I think. I don't know, mom just told me I wouldn't ever hear from her again and I wouldn't need to worry about it anymore.

Haven't talked about or heard from her since.
>Oddly next few times I stayed nothing happened, just was my normal aunt again.

At least I don't remember anything happening.

I don't know, slept in her bed so God knows what could have been done to me.

Makes me shudder.
File: image.jpg (111KB, 1024x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First real experience. With my now wife.

> summer time and I'm 15
> riding around the neighborhood with my brother at around midnight
> no real goal just cruising
> out of nowhere some girl comes yelling at us down the street
> hard stop, turn around just to check it out
> future wife comes up and introduces herself! just moved in
> she is about 15% dressed to say it nicely
> cropped tank and bothy shots with no undies
> talk for a bit! me and her hit it off
> send my bro hiking
> after about twenty minutes in her front yard she out of nowhere just starts stroking me
> I repay the favor and we kiss a bit
> she fucking cuts it short, smiles and said
> see you at school

Married that girl....and still got her 18yrs later
I'm sorry that happened to you, but I'm glad she's eating muff in Dyke Prison

Would it be weird if we asked for tits?
File: 1412403999599.jpg (18KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 413x395px
>be me 26 yo
>party with a 10/10 17 yo, beautiful face & hair, a body, my God, you wouldn't believe
>have sex afterward and for a couple weeks
>3 months later, do it again with another girl, 17 yo again
>never planned it, it just happened out of the blue twice
>mfw it's legal where I live and most of you faggots don't get to experience fresh pussies
>also mfw some of you won't believe me, like I give a single shit
How are you this bad at English?
keep on telling yourself that faggot
>Would it be weird if we asked for tits?

No, being /b/ and all, but I'm not giving them because:

1) I don't want to
2) I'm just going to sleep
3) I don't have a webcam, too much hassle uploading it and stuff
super high and read it all just now. seems more like a fantasy than a true story, but i fapped. thanks anon good story, well written.
>I moaned hard

Fucking faggot.
nekbeard detected
I'd be content knowing what color/size/brand panties you're wearing and if you're wet right now.

have some nice brother sister incest to fall asleep with
And yet it's true. Go be butthurt somewhere else, retard.
>upset about some moron
>it's true
Yeah right nigger.
Read ops post
Saw nudes
File: 1403902845787.jpg (61KB, 387x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 387x480px
>"she wants to fuck and play with me, lets me touch her tits, wat do?
Come on, you beta bitch, FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!
>be me
>be 15
>sleep over with friend aka gay heaven
>watch tv on air mattress
>put my head on her stomach
>stay that way for like thirty minutes
>she puts her hand down my shirt
>unhooks bra
>get up and take off her shirt, sucking on her double D's
>make out shirtless for a long time
>start grinding on her leg
>go down on her
>she flips me over and sticks her hands in my pants
>she rubs for a bit then throws my shirt at me and tells me to get dressed
>goes to sleep

A few years later we really fucked, but that was my first experience.
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