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Share your incest greentexts here

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Share your incest greentexts here
btw I'm a girl
Prove it
>I wiped my ass with paper
>I did it
Bumping cause wincest
show me your tits
bumping for incest
btw im a grill
>be me
>have sex with me mum

should i continue /b/?
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This'll be good
im a grill btw
Nope. S'all I need.
i came already, cheers bae
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>fucking flowers
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>Be me
>need to take care of my 6 y/o sister
>Our parents has left
>"Anon, I'm so dirty, Could you go with me to the shower?"
>"umm, sure..."
>going with little girl to bathroom
>need to be calm down
>watching lolis since 2007
>mom slapped my cock with a vegetables knife
>she like hard games

Should continue?
>be me, 16, 5 years ago
>fuck a random dog

2 years later I realized he was actually my 8/10 cousin's dog so it was incest
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spiderman thread.jpg
35KB, 544x400px
>living with aunt and uncle
>upstairs in my room, stay there most of the time because it's a really confusing time for me
>she's kinda old
>dgaf, still turns me on how hot she used to be
>out of fucking nowhere my uncle dies
>I guess I get a better shot with my aunt now
>come home one day
>she's gone
>know exactly why
>strip off jacket
>run outside
>put mask on
>climb to top of apartment building
>Doc Oc you've gone too fucking far this time
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images (1).jpg
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I guess I will continue

>get a boner even to a irl little girls
>bathroom, "anon, could you undress me, please?"
>the boner is going up
>Undressing my sister
>feels weird but good at the same time.
>the boner is at the final stage
>she saw a protruding thing in my pants
>"what is that, anon?"
>"U-ugh... It's n-nothing..."
>she moved closer to my dick
>"Please, show me what do you hide from me."
>don't know what to do
>let's give it a go
>unzipping pants
>she saw my big dick
>"What's that, anon?"
>"...It's a thing that your dad have, too..."
>"Wow, I didn't know that my dad have something like this. Can I touch it?"
>holy shit
>what to do
>they will call police and I will go to jail
>want to lost virginity
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>"C-come over here..."
>She moved even closer
>"Firstly, just touch it"
>she touched my penis with her little cold hands
>"It smeels bad, anon."
>"no worries, everything like this smeels that bad"
>she didn't care about it
>she was touching my dick with her two little hands
>"Um... do you want to taste it?"
>"Ugh... I don't really know..."
>"Just give it a go, it won't hurts, I promise."
>she took my penis into her mouth
>the feels where even better
>she was slowly licking my glans
>then she started to suck it
>she was moving harder and harder
>the semen was starting to get off
>She stopped sucking
>"Maybe we will end here, you really need to take a shower..."
>"Oh right!"
>She laugh and went to the bath
>started to wash her up
>washed her hair and body
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>oh w8
>need to wash her pussy too
>fuck man
>touch her pussy with my finger
>she screams quietly
>"Anon! Why did you touch me there!?"
>"O-oh I'm sorry... but I need to wash your whole body..."
>"Oh, okay then..."
>touching here pussy with my whole hand
>slowly rubbing little girl's vagina
>she was moaning louder and louder
>"shhh... calm down."
>she didn't say anything and just turned around
>starting to lick her pussy
>the smeel was good
>get off
>put my penis into her vagina
>she screamed loudly
>she started to cry
>"A-anon, that hurts! Please don't do it."
>feel bad
>we dressed up
>went eat something
Sauce anyone?
Ugh.. Ok

>be me, 19 m
>always thought my sis was really cute
>now that she is 14 she's no more cute, she's hot as fuck
>try not to think about it but she is so hot, and we always cuddle, she doesn't even mind if i touch her butt sometime
>one day we were on the couch and she started kissing me on my cheek
>"bro i really love you"
>"me too sis"
>she starts kissing my neck
>that's hot
>"w-what are you doing?"
>she laughs a little and then she says "nothing" and puts her hand in my pants

tactical cliffhanger. continue?

New fags copy paste,gg
damn tactical cliffhanger
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hahaha... why is this not a thing. I think I can get behind this.
top keks
>be me
>with sis watching some shit movie on netflix
>My sis is 16 and I'm 17 btw
>Pull out my phone and watch porn (I did that when I was bored)
>My sis sees and doesn't say anything
>30 mins later I'm watching some threesome
>Sister still sees me watching it
>she secretly watches
>I turn my eyes and see her looking
>She starts fingering her self
>I turn my head and catch her
>She doesn't stop
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>My ass
>I wiped it with paper
>I did it

Should I go on????
do it fag
>be me
>be 19
>watching movie with gf
>we make out after the movie
>my sister walks by my room
>ew you guys are gross
>my gf goes home
the story ends
the real world is pretty boring eh?
If you don't mind.
Sometimes I wonder if there's a science to producing random greentext. Like, is all greentext ever generated by some one troll in Nebraska somewhere? Does he have a list of bullet points to go through for each story - "okay, pick younger/same age/older" "gotta have the shy cuddling scene" "fear of $authority figure finding out" etc etc etc
It would be interesting to write a program that could do all this. Like, infinite shitty greentext incest stories for everyone

>as she feel my boner she blush
>"you should not do this"
>"i know but all my friends already did something and i want you to be my first, you can't hurt me"
>fuck, this is so cliché, i can't believe it is happening to me
>"are you sure?" i say
>she looks at me and nods
>a moment of silence
>we stare at each other for a while and then i take off my pants
>she smiles at me and starts to jack me off
>we are still staring each other
>anytime we just smiles and laugh a little, but it's soooo hot
>"maybe you could..."
>she comes closer, her lips are so close to my penis

tactical cliffhanger no.2. sorry, i'll continue, it's hard to write with one hand
damnit cliff
>be me
>be 19
>sister be 53
>take shower
>sis walk in
>she takes shit
>she leaves
>mfw forgot to flush
>I flush for her
the end
hmmm ye doesn't work
>be me 15
>have same age twin sister
>find her super fucking hot
>she constantly ignores me
>be really into videogames, shes a cheerleader
>parents go out one night
>sitting in my room playing vidya
>she's on the phone with her friends
>she barges in and tells me she's having friends over and not to tell mom and dad

go for it
Of course!
Post your sick fantasies elsewhere
Kek'd hard. Next dinosaur
>she menopause now
>say i wont get prego
>her bf come over
>bf be 16
>they go to other room
>i hear noise
>it be Netflix
im a grill btw
yes plz
no, just your life
I'll continue anyways

>her friends come over and they're doing some shit in her room
>go to shower
>shower successful, engage in drying process
>dry off and walk back to room in towel
>have to walk past sisters room
>walk past and they all stare at me scared and confusedly
>don't even care
>get changed in my room and back to vidya
>spend rest of night playing vidya,
>her friends leave
>1 am
>hear door open while playing Mario

>We stare at each other
>She starts moaning a bit
>Relaize I can jerk off right now
>We do this for around ten minutes
>Then I relize we can fuck
>I crawl over to her side of the couch and start taking off her clothes
>She doesn't resist
>Take off here top and bra
>Holy shit dem fucking tits
>I'm a virgin so I start licking them
>Start licking her whole body
>I then take off her pants and pantis and go down on her
>Shes moaning like hell
>20 mins pass by and I get up
>Sit next to here and tell here to stand
>Nudge her over in front of my and put her legs around mine
>She lowers her body and my cock slips in her
>We start fucking and shes a screamer
>I'm about to take it out and she stops me
>tells me that she wants me to cum in her
>I do its over
>We then start fucking almost everyday till I left high school
>this is a pic of here
>Be my ass
>need wiping
>find some paper
>get wiped
>He did it
them's is fightin' words.
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Well played anon. You got me
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top kek
How i am lost virgin
>am 13
>sister is 1
>am masturbait in room
>sister com in
>sister say anon what r u doing

>"What was what?"
>"Um.., What?"
>"What about it?"
>she storms out all pissed
>few hours later
>turn off vidya and head to bed
>gentle knock on bedroom door
>get up and open it
>"Hey anon, sorry for the outburst earlier, it was kinda rude.."

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share yours?
I told mine earlier today and some hero screen capped it all
>their bed starts to squeak
>i go peak through door
>he not in there
>she be half naked
>she just changing to pajamas
>he be in bathroom
>he goes back to her room
>mfw did not flush
>hear more squeaking
>i go look
>they just making bed
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>come in tipsy/drunk from a day out
>house is silent, guessing I'm the only one home
>stumble in to my bedroom and strip naked
>goes to have a piss
>open unlocked bathroom door to find my sister (pic) having a bath
>she quite obviously checks out my cock (which was half hard so looked pretty big)
>she then stands up and shows me her naked body
>she grins as my cock starts to get hard, then just walks out to her room (still butt naked) and smiles when she goes in and closes the door

Nothing was ever said but now when she has her bf over she's very loud during sex, and she never was before.
Why do I fap to artistic works of fiction and falsehood?
Nothing better to do?
100% real no fake
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>looked pretty big
She probably had to grin over your small cock and has learned, by contrast, to truly enjoy the bigness of her bf's penis.

>she looks at it
>she's so cute
>she take courage and then she kiss it and laugh
>"don't be afraid" i said
>she looks at me "i'm not afraid" and then she lick it
>never been so excited
>so she starts to blowing me, she's not really good but at the time i didn't even noticed
>it's like 10 minutes now
>i feel it
>"hey sis, i'm coming"
>i expected her to say something like "eew" and go away
>she just says "mh, ok" and just stand back
>"where do you want to come?"
>fuckfuckfuck she said it
>"can i cum in you mouth?"
>she laugh and says "yeah ok"
>i stand up and she goes on her knees
>i'm fapping, watching my sis waiting for my cum with the head of cock in her mouth

i'll continue
>be 13
>home alone with cousin who 15
>playing cars on gameboy
>hey cousin its me your cousin let us have sex
>was good
>she seems so sad and sincere
>decide to take advantage of it
>"Yeah, it was. Is that all you want? I was heading to bed."
>"Well, anon.. Would you like to...?"
>"Like to what?"
>"You know, anon..."
>mind going crazy
>"Sure come on i-"
>"Alright, what's that?"
>"I'll tell you afterwards, anon..."
>so shy and scared
>it's great
>"Have you ever done this before, sis?"
>"Little slutty, losing it to your brother."
>get undressed
>she sucks dick for awhile
>change position
>we fuck
>finish inside
>she starts freaking out
>"now I'm gonna get pregnant, anon! Fuck!"
>calm her down
>"So what's the favor you needed?"
>"Well.. Anon... I need about tree-fitty."

It was at that moment that I realized my sister, the girl who I just had sex with and lived with for 15 years was really a huge loch-ness monster in my room.
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>Be me
>Be 15
>18yo sister is dog sitting for a friend
>She asks me to come over to keep her company and because she doesn't want to be there alone
>Night of the First Day
>go to bed
>share a single queen bed
>sister falls asleep early, I'm wired
>look over and start to raise my hand
>let it slowly fall to rest on her boob
>all that is between my hand and her boob is an old, super thing t-shirt
>proceed to fondle her all night
>tits, ass, and vag all become mine
>Dawn of the First Day
>Wakes up
>sister says she's getting in the shower
>their house has one bathroom, and the door is broken so it can't close
>turn off all lights in hallway so pitch black
>watch her shower through large crack in door

And this process was repeated for 3 days. It was great. To think that was about ten years ago... I remember posting some pics to /b/ along with this story back then, and some dudes pulled up the exif data and said the make and model of the camera I used, the time, and everything. I freaked the fuck out.
File: 1419794074296.png (210KB, 495x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210KB, 495x495px
ofc faggot
File: 1420096174825.jpg (100KB, 476x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 476x700px
File: 1398642215691.jpg (3KB, 109x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw incest is my only fetish
>tfw I cant believe a single story on this thread
Believe mine, anon.
File: 1422487897270.webm (3MB, 854x480px)
3MB, 854x480px

>i finally cum in her mouth
>at first she is a little scared and weird but then she looks at me smiling, with some cum dripping out
>i ask her if she wants to swallow
>she shakes her head and go to the bathroom
>when she comes back she says "well, it wasn't disgusting as i thought"

a week after our parents went away for a weekend and she asked me if she could do it again.
it's been 4 years now, she is 18 and i'm 23, she still give me blowjobs and i eat her pussy every time we can
we never had sex, but we are talking a lot about it
the end
oh fuck off to hornbunny then
Wanna toss that by me once more, big guy?
believable but not really incest
not a bad idea
>21 at new year party
>mom is drunk
>approached by moms friend
>small chat for a bit before she asks if i have a big dick like my mom brags about
>choke on my drink and nearly spew it, she's laughing and grabs my crotch and asks me to show her to the bathroom
>get to the bathroom and she pulls me in asking me to answer her question from earlier
>she pulls my pants down and starts working my dick, gets it hard "I guess she wasn't exaggerating"
>the moment she gets the head in her mouth the door opens and my mom sees us, "what are you doing?"
>"sucking your boys dick want to help?" I thought i was dead when my mm closes the door, locks it and gets on her knees
>both begin giving me head, moms friend blowing me while my mom works my balls, they switch off a few times
>getting close to cumming when my mom takes me deep
>blow right into her mouth and just hold it there
>when she backs off they share a kiss swapping cum
>we all clean up and i get my moms friends number
Story from a while back - not mine, but it was worth the read:

>When I was 25 I moved from the UK to Germany, settled down with foreign chick and got married.
>I have a good relationship with her family and spend a lot of time with her nephew and nieces, who live in the flat downstairs of the large house we share.
>Oldest niece was 11 years old when I moved. Hung out, played, everything innocent, no pedo.
>She would often pretend I was a horse and want to ride piggy back.
>Always knew that she would be a heartbreaker when she got older.
>She has long brunette hair down to her waist, big brown eyes and a cute smile.
>Skip forward a few years and puberty started. She started filling out in all the right places. Loved to ride horses and do gymnastics.
>Body was tight. I started to notice but felt wrong. She was half my age and barely legal (14 in this country), she was far too young to me.
>Even though she got older she still stayed playful. I thought she would show less interest in hanging out with her uncle to spend more time with friends but she lives a sheltered life.
>Mother is very protective; she doesn’t get out of the house much, doesn’t have many friends over.
>She is older than her siblings by a few years. None of them are allowed to watch much TV and they don’t have free access to the internet.
>She spends most of her time playing kids games outside with the others so she is emotionally immature and seemingly clueless about boys and sexual desires.
>Her behaviour started to change around me slowly. It seemed like she would find excuses to make more body contact.
>She would hug me every time she saw me and hold on longer then what I would consider normal.
>When I played piano she would sit beside me so that our legs and arms would touch, often fidgeting so they would rub together.

>One time I was sitting in the armchair playing Xbox while my wife was shopping. My niece came in the flat to drop something off, then came and sat on the arm of the chair, which is positioned at a right angle to the TV.
>Her back was facing my left shoulder and I had to lean back in the chair to see around her.
>She slipped off the arm and fell on to my left leg. I moved slightly, thinking she had done it by accident.
>She placed her hands on my leg, to push herself up back on to the armrest of the chair. As she did it her little finger made contact with my cock.
>She turned, smiled sweetly and apologised. I said she didn’t have to, it wasn’t a problem.
>Over the next few minutes she started slowly lowering herself back in to my lap, bit by bit, trying not to be noticed.
>This is when I finally realised what she was doing and watching her arse slowly lower towards me inch by inch started giving me dirty thoughts about her for the first time.
>I shifted slightly in the chair so when she finally made contact she was sitting on my junk.
>It was summer, she was wearing a skirt and I was going commando underneath a pair of thin cotton lounging trousers.
>Just as she started letting the rest of her body weight settle on me, my cock was already starting to wake up.
>She asked if she could have a go at playing the game and I let her. (Any excuse to keep her there for a little longer).
>It was a racing game and she leant slightly with the corners, especially the sharp ones, slowly and gently grinding on my dick.
>At one point she was on the final straight in second place, she started shouting to go faster while bouncing up and down.
>It took a lot of willpower to fight the inner moral faggot inside me, who was screaming that this was wrong, but I stayed there for 5 minutes while she squirmed on my then throbbing cock.

>After the race she got up like last time, this time squeezing my cock quickly as she stood up, thanked me for the go on the game and went downstairs.
> As soon as the front door to the flat closed I whipped out my dick and started masturbating furiously. The forbidden was such a turn on.
>Afterwards I thought about the situation. I love my wife, we have a daughter and although I would never actively go out, hook up with another woman and cheat, I did decide to not shy away from my niece, and, if possible, encourage her behaviour. At least it would give me new material to think about when I jerked off.
>She would still occasionally want piggy back rides when she saw me but it was different. I knew she had probably outgrown this shit but was only doing it to force body contact.
>She didn’t pretend I was a horse anymore but would sneak up behind me, diving on my back to catch me off guard and make me jump.
>I didn’t complain. I now enjoyed the feeling of her tits pushing into my back, having her legs wrapped around my waist with my hands firmly gripping her thighs.
>A few weeks after the grinding incident she jumped on my back. She was wearing another dress, which became ruffled up at the front.
>I wasn’t wearing a T-shirt and the thought of her pussy being so close to me was turning me on slightly.
>I was holding on to her thighs as close to her arse as possible. Her skin felt so soft and smooth. She started to slip down so I bounced her up to catch her again.
>As I did that I moved my hands in closer together and the middle finger of my right hand found its way between her legs.
>Instant surprise when I realised she wasn’t wearing panties and my fingertip had made contact with her pussy lips.
>I stayed like that for half a minute or so, pretending like I hadn’t noticed, walking around with her on my back as she directed me to the patio doors that lead out to the balcony.

>When we got to the doors I turned slightly so that she could open the door. I was standing far enough away for her to be out of arm’s reach so that she had to lean sideways.
>As she leant to reach the door I moved my hand slightly and stretched my finger out as much as I could.
>She leant back to sit straight and my finger was then between her pussy lips. I wiggled it slightly and started to feel the moisture as the tip started to run over her opening.
>I pretended to shuffle her up again as if to stop her from sliding but let her drop slightly lower than before. The very tip of my finger was inside my niece.
>Felt so soft and tight. Felt instantly turned on and my mind was racing with dirty thoughts.
>I wiggled it in her a few times and then let her down on the ground. I don’t want to push it too much and I felt like I had already taken it too far.
>I went upstairs and jacked off, sniffing my finger.
>Nothing worthwhile happened over the next few weeks, just the usual brushing of body parts and increasing the sexual tension.
>Towards the end of the summer we had booked a holiday for a few days so I could visit my family In the UK. The niece had asked to come along to improve her English and her mum agreed.
>My daughter isn’t even one year old and my wife was worried about the long car journey and ferry ride with her. It takes about 17 hours to travel from door to door.
>We decided that my niece and I would drive in the car with all the stuff, take the 7 hour ferry ride together, stay the night at my parents and pick up my wife and daughter from the airport the next day.
>As we were driving down the motorway we had to stop for a piss break. There was a summer storm, so it was raining really heavy when we pulled into the service station. No park places near the toilets, so had to park a good distance away.

>Told her I didn’t need to go. Couldn’t be fucked to go out in the rain. Waited until she was gone, pissed in an empty McDonalds cup and threw it outside.
>Niece comes back fucking drenched. Looks like she fell in a swimming pool. I laugh at her and, being the responsible adult that I am, remind her than she can’t stay in wet clothes.
>mfw we realise that all of our spare clothes are in special vacuum storage bags underneath everything.
>She tells me not to look and strips down to her underwear. Of course I fucking looked but I was pretty stealthy. I don’t think she noticed.
>Now I get to see her in most of her full glory and realise she really has become a hot chick as she got older.
>Still feels wrong as fuck. Married, have a daughter, and here I was having dirty thoughts over my 14 year old niece.
>I know many people would consider this a taboo, but don’t forget, she was legal according to the laws of our country. Admittedly only by a few months, but legal nonetheless.
>The next hour of the journey went by without me hardly looking at the road. Every time she wasn’t looking at me I was taking a peek.
>She caught me a few times but just smiled as I awkwardly looked back at the road. She knew I was looking.
>And she liked me looking. Her grin said it all. She had been strangely flirting with me in her own weird and innocent way for almost a year now and she knew that her magic was taking hold.
>I couldn’t help myself. I just had to keep looking. Her skin just looked so smooth and soft. Slightly tanned from spending so much time outside with her siblings.
>Her body was looking so fine. All the time she spent horse riding and swinging on the gymnast bar in the garden had toned everything so nicely.
>She was wearing a pair of turquoise coloured panties. I was sitting there absolutely torn between sexual arousal and morality.

>Her flat stomach raised and sank again as she sighed, looking out of the passenger window. Her perk little tits mimicking the movement under the white bra, almost see-through from the rain.
>How I wished we were in my truck on a dirt road so I could see them bounce, but no, family car and motorway. But I still had more than I bargained for.
>She was turned slightly away. I starred at her lips for a moment. Not the fullest I had ever seen but I imagined how nice they would feel on the end of my cock.
>I turned my focus back to the road, I could feel myself getting worked up and I needed to concentrate.
>As we reached the port I unwillingly went to the back and searched for some new clothes for her. The heavy summer showers seemed to be over, or we had driven far enough away from them.
>It was really warm now and asked her if she wanted to wear something light and thin. It was her first time out at sea. I conveniently failed to tell her how windy and cold it could get.
> I also had no problem picking out the shortest sundress from the 3 that she had packed. A thin yellow one, almost see-through, but not quite.
>She slipped it on and removed her bra, honestly, I could not figure out why she needed one. They didn’t droop a single millimetre.
>mfw she removed her panties, complaining that they were still wet.
>Don’t know why, but I asked her if she wanted a new pair. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to just shift through her underwear but she insisted she didn’t need any.
>I’m glad I wasn’t looking in the mirror at the time. My open mouth from surprise before saying “ok” probably wasn’t very attractive.
>She just grinned and got out of the car to stretch her legs. I could have sworn she was biting her lip but I wasn’t sure.
>Once we were on the boat we had some food in the café. Once or twice her leg brushed mine under the table but she was never looking at me when it happened. She wasn’t flirting, she was teasing.

>We chatted for a while and played some cards. The crossing takes 7 hours, everyone is on the boat for almost 9 hours. It’s good to bring something to pass the time.
>Once the boat was underway and we had been moving for an hour we went out on the sundeck. The land was barely visible on the horizon. And the wind had picked up.
>I watched her while she looked out to sea. Her long hair wildly flowing in the wind, her delicate figure visible through the dress as the sun shone through it.
>Her dress flapped in the wind, occasionally lifting slightly at the back. Behind me was an empty bench. Other people were on the deck but were at the other end in the smoking area.
>I sat down, to lower my position. The wind blew her skirt slightly and I could see the bottom curves of her firm arse cheeks. She turned and caught me looking.
>I felt embarrassed and looked away for a moment. When I looked back again she was leaning further over the side with her legs slightly parted.
>A gust of wind hit her dress again and I caught a glimpse of her smooth, little pussy.
>Because of her sheltered life and lack of any sexual history I was really surprised to notice, at least from the back, that there was no hair visible. I think I was expecting it to be fairly unkempt.
>Now I was curious what the front looked like.
>I noticed that my hand was resting in my lap. I started gently and slowing stroking the head of my penis through my jeans with the tip of my finger.
>Realised it was not the time or the place for that, got up and told her that I was tired from all the driving. We had woke up at 4am and had been travelling for about 9 hours.
>We always book a cabin when we travel. They are really cheap, there is a double bed, toilet, shower, TV etc, and a quite place to go without having to sit with all the other people on the main deck.
>Decide to watch TV in bed, maybe have a power nap to pass the time and she decides to take a shower.

>I strip down to just my boxer shorts and watch TV. Nothing of interest is on since it’s mid afternoon and half of the channels are Dutch, which I don’t speak.
>I was starting to nod off when I heard the bathroom door open. I peeked through half closed eyelids to see her standing there in just a towel.
>She was looking at me and must have thought I was sleeping. She removed the towel that was wrapped around her and stood there completely naked.
>I couldn’t believe how nice her body was. So fine, and completely shaved. She started drying her hair with the towel. At first facing me, but after a slight pause, staring at me, she turned and continued facing away.
>I opened my eyes a little more and got a full view of her arse. My heart starts racing and my dick starts to twitch.
>She slipped the sundress back over her head and climbed under the covers with me. I had my back against the cabin wall facing the TV and she was laying the same way.
>She shuffled backwards until we were spooning. My dick was about half erect and I was worried he would give the game away.
>She wiggled her arse a little until my cock was nestled between her cheeks. She knew, she definitely knew.
>I pretended to move in my sleep, gave my hips a gentle thrust, just once, so that my shaft ran the length of her arse crack, and moved my arm over her.
>She grabbed my arm, placed it on her stomach with her hand on mine and we stayed there still for what seemed like an eternity.
>I was afraid to move, determined not to actively instigate anything. I wanted to remain passive and not be blamed for anything.
>It had already gone too far for my taste but I could still claim my innocence if I had to.
>I lay there, not moving, anticipating her next move. After a while her breathing became more regular and heavy, so I knew she had fallen asleep.
>Despite my aching cock, I managed to switch my thoughts and go to sleep.

>When I woke up, she was still asleep. Her dress had rode up and I got a real close look at her arse. I had to climb over her to get out of bed.
>I undid the button on my boxer shorts and pulled my dick out slightly. As I climbed over her I let it gently glide over her arse cheek. It was so soft and silky.
>I left her like that with the cover off of her so I could look at her a bit more. I went to the toilet and while pissing realised that, because of another mirror on the wall of the cabin entrance, I could see the bed from the toilet.
>Turned shower on, soaped up my cock to fuck and slowly bashed one out while staring at her naked young body and it felt fucking amazing.
>My balls exploded with the force of a nuclear bomb and I unleashed one wave of cum after another on to the wall of the shower. I glanced back at her and noticed something.
>She was awake! She hadn’t moved, was still laying in the exact position but her eyes were open and looking right at me. If she was awake for longer than 30 seconds, she would have known exactly what I was doing.
>I carried on washing my body, pretending like nothing was happening, occasionally looking back at her out of the corner of my eye. She had pulled the covers back over her.
>I started to wonder if I had maybe disgusted her but I noticed that the duvet was moving slightly and she was staring right at me still. Was she touching herself?
>I didn’t know, but I stayed in the shower longer than necessary so she could have a good look. I had enjoyed her; I could at least return the favour.
>Carried on as normal after that. Sexual tension over for the time being we went back to hanging out, talking shit, no awkward moments, which was nice, and finishing the rest of the journey.
>Several hours later we arrived at my parent’s house. A 3 bedroom cottage in the countryside. It was already late and they were in bed.

>My brother’s old room was full of Christmas and Birthday presents for us. They had obviously forgotten that I wasn’t coming alone and hadn’t sorted it out.
>I know it was summer but we only visit once a year with the car when we stay for a week or two. We go by plane for 2-3 days at Christmas but can’t take gifts back because of luggage restrictions so we take everything while we are there in the summer.
>That bedroom is opposite my parent’s one. I didn’t want to accidently wake them up by tidying everything so I told her to sleep in my bed and I would crash on the sofa in the living room.
>She told me not to be silly, we had shared a bed several hours ago and we were family after all, there was no point in me being uncomfortable for her sake.
>It was quite warm, so we removed the duvet from the covers to sleep with just the outside sheet and opened the windows wide.
>I wasn’t feeling overly tired though because of the nap earlier. So I decided to stay up for an hour or so and “relax”.
>This generally means drinking several bottles of beer from the fridge, which my parents luckily did not forget to do, and sneaking out to the garden shed.
>We store a few things in there, including an old guitar amp that doesn’t work anymore but I kept for part salvage. In the back of it is where I store some weed and a pipe.
>I necked about 3 bottles within half an hour and was getting a warm buzz going. We sat outside in the back garden on the patio.
>She was fascinated by the amount of stars she could see. In her home city we can barely see more than a few main constellations because of the city lights but in the English countryside thousands are visible on a clear night.
>She asked for a beer but I refused. She told me that her dad secretly lets her drink on rare occasions. It might have been true, but I could smell teenage bullshit.

>I was her age when I first started experimenting with sex/drugs/alcohol, so I finally agreed she could have a half bottle as long as she promised not to tell anyone. She downed it in one.
>Told her she should get ready for bed, I just had a few more things out in the garden to do. Probably not the most stealthily way to say it because she naturally got curious and kept asking what I wanted to do.
>In the end, since she had already promised not to say anything about the alcohol, I told her I was going to smoke a pipe.
>She instantly asked for some and I outright said no. I did not want to be responsible for her feeling ill from smoking too much but I said she could come with me and sit in the little shed while I hotbox it.
>Loaded that shit up, I like to drink first, makes it kick in so much stronger without having to smoke as much. Works out cheaper and I am a tight cunt with my money.
>I almost finish the pipe and she is looking at me with big puppy dog eyes. I wasn’t thinking straight anymore and said she could finish it.
>There was hardly anything left, mostly just ash; the ember only glowed for a second or two. She coughed her lungs up instantly.
>We sat there giggling for another half hour or so and then went inside to go to bed. This is when things really got interesting.
> She was quite giggly so I helped her get organised and kept her quiet. She went in my room to get changed for bed while I went to the toilet.
>Realised I am a little bit further gone than I had planned. Sitting on the toilet, pissing while brushing my teeth, staring at the floor, mind pretty blank. Grin to myself,( usually do when I’m wrecked and then realise just how fucked I am).
>Walked back in my room, the light was off but the lamp beside the bed was on. The light was fairly dim, just enough for reading but didn't make the room bright.

>I always sleep naked, so without thinking, stripped down to my birthday suit and climbed in bed.
>”You’re naked”, she said playfully, poking my chest.
>”Shit, sorry, I always sleep naked and forgot. Wait a sec, I’ll put some shorts on”
>”It’s ok. I’ve only got a thin nightgown on, I’m almost naked too”
>Good, I thought, because I really can’t be fucked to get up again. The room was already spinning a little and I was comfortable.
>The open windows had let a really cool breeze in, (my parents house is a few miles from the coast with only fields between us and the sea). Was starting to get quite cool but it was so much nicer than the sweaty heat filling the room when we first arrived.
>I started nodding off instantly, it felt good to lie down and relax after such a long day.
>Suddenly I flinched in my sleep and woke up. I’ve had it happen a few times before. Almost like a muscle spasm and sense of falling just as I drift off.
>I settled back into a comfortable position on my side. We were lying side by side again like we had in the cabin. This time with about a foot or so distance between us. A few moments passed.
>Suddenly I got a tickling sensation on my balls causing my leg to twitch. I heard something move quick against the covers and it suddenly clicked what had happened. She was touching me up.
>I stayed as still as I could for a few moments and surely enough, her hand found her way slowly back to my groin.
>I sometimes have a tickly nut sack so I fought against any urge to spasm and squirm and let her probe. Strange choice of words, but that’s what it was.
>It was uncertain fumbling and poking. I was then very awake but with eyes still closed, concentrating on the sensation of her exploring my junk.
> I shave all my pubes with an electric razor to keep it really short and wet shave the areas around it including my balls.

>She ran her fingers on my ball sack, feeling the texture. It tickled a little but now I could focus on the pleasure and it started feeling really gentle and nice.
>She moved her hand away, only for it to find its way just above my cock. She rubbed this area a few times. Pausing after each stroke, obviously trying to determine if I was still sleeping.
>Once or twice the side of her hand brushed up against my dick, which at this point, was already getting hard. Then she suddenly grabbed it, holding it firmly in her hand.
>It was still slowly getting bigger and harder in her hand. I tried really hard but my dick muscles twitched and she suddenly let go.
>A few seconds later she started stroking the full length of the shaft with one of her fingers. At this point I was fully hard.
>Another minute or so passed, then she stopped and turned her body slowly and carefully to face me. I kept my eyes firmly closed and breathing normal. She removed the sheet to expose my body.
>For a few moments nothing happened. I opened one eye slightly and could see the silhouette of her curled up on her side lower down beside my body. She was just looking and examining it.
>I pretended to stir in my sleep and move my body so that I was halfway between laying on my side and my back, and I moved my right leg to give her a good view of my package.
>She froze for a second, and then started slowly reaching for my penis, regularly looking up at me. I could barely see her through the eyelashes of my one squinted eye.
>She cupped my balls with one hand and slowly started massaging my cock with the other. Her lack of experience was really showing. She was pulling the skin down a bit too hard and mostly just squeezing, as if it was a stress toy.

>Doesn’t matter. The alcohol/weed buzz, the months of sexual tension, the shock of her going so far, the thrill of it being so forbidden and wrong, and the excitement of pretending to be passed out while being “abused” was making it such a surreal and amazing experience.
>This went on for several minutes. I was just relaxing, chilled out to fuck but at the same time, so tense, because I didn’t want to give the game away. If she thought I would be awake for even a second I would’ve had to stop it or there would be no denying it later.
>She moved her head closer to my dick. I start thinking to myself ‘is she about to do what I think she is doing’. There was a pause that felt like forever. I noticed I was holding my breath, and then…
>The familiar feeling of moist lips touching my bellend.
>Quick kisses at first. Right on the tip, just as if she was giving someone a quick peck on the cheek. Her lips felt so warm and soft. She was so gentle.
>She slowly inserted my whole helmet into her mouth. It was so wet and sloppy. She tickled the inside of my thigh with her hand as she slowly moved it up to my sack. It took all my strength not to flinch.
>She didn’t move her mouth up and down. Her lips stayed firmly around the end, flicking it with her tongue, occasionally kissing the very tip.
>Her thumb and finger were working the rest of my cock at first but finally were replaced by her whole hand. Jerking me off so slowly, taking about 5 seconds to run her hand up and then down again each time.
>This went on for a good few minutes. It was such a tease. It was so fucked up. It was so disturbingly amazing.
>She licked the whole length of my cock twice and then let go. I waited a few seconds and peeked through one eye again. She was just sitting beside me, staring at my dick. She glanced once or twice at my face, I still hadn't moved.
i have a story at 5, a story from 8yo-14, a story at 16, and a story at 23

each will take me a bit to share. they'll all to do with my mom. which one first
>sleeping on couch at my aunt's
>wake up to her trying to take my pants off
>say 'what the fuck', she gets scared and moves in with herself and her husband in bel-air
>wonder what the fuck
>wake up and wish i had pulled it out and showed it to her
>disappoint that i could have been blown by my aunt
>fantasize for a long time about her gagging on my dick while i ate her out

>Then she turned away from me, laid back down beside me. Her hair landed on my face and tickled a little. It smelt of the cheap shampoo/shower gel from the ferry.
>I wanted to reach out and touch it. Move it to one side and kiss her neck, caress her body but couldn’t. I stayed still, feeling disappointed that it was over.
>The tension in my body was overwhelming, my balls felt like watermelons. I knew I would have to get up after she fell asleep and jerk off.
>I was deep in thought about how awesome it was, I was took by surprise when she suddenly shifted backwards, reversing her arse towards me and I felt my dick being clamped between her thighs.
>There was no pause, no hesitation. Before I could even register what was going on she started thrusting her hips.
>My cock was now involuntarily being dry humped in her sweet little thigh gap. My cock was still a little wet from the blow job, but had dried somewhat.
>She lifted her leg slightly, I felt her hand on my dick for a brief second and then she put her leg back down. She started moving slowly again.
>This time I could feel the head of my cock rubbing up and down her pussy lips.
>It felt really good but I couldn’t figure out what to do with my right arm. I was laying on my left, with my right arm straight down my body with my hand resting on my hip. Made me feel like a penguin. Had to try not to laugh at myself.
>Decided I needed to put it somewhere. Made a slight moaning noise, moved my head on the pillow a bit, put my arm over her and placed the hand on the bed right next to her tits.
>She instantly stopped moving. I started breathing steady and deep again, pretending to be asleep. She waited about half a minute before slowly resuming hip movements.
>She grabbed my hand and sticks it on her left boob underneath her nightdress. It fit perfectly in my hand. The breeze from the window had made her nipple poke out a bit, I could feel it trying to poke between two of my fingers.

>My cock didn’t feel as dry anymore. The tip had found its way between the lips and was now gliding up and down. I could feel her elbow vibrating on my arm so I guessed she was touching herself.
>She let out an occasional moan. She was being really quiet. My heart was racing but I concentrated on keeping my breathing steady and my body motionless. Much more difficult in that situation than I would have guessed.
>Her body moved away from me slightly and her back arched. Suddenly my cock found the hole, bent slightly and flicked past it.
>’Shit me… She’s actually trying to fuck me’ I thought.
>My dick slid back and forth a few more times before she tried again. Same thing happened. The tip found the hole, failed to pop in at that angle, bent slightly against the edge of her opening and flicked out again, sliding along her lips.
>She tried again but this time I felt a couple of fingers push on the head of my cock. ‘Oh fuck’. Morality is slapping me in the face. ‘Stop! Pretend to roll over and face the wall. It’s got to stop’.
>Too late. The tip popped in. It was so tight; it felt like she was just trying to squeeze it in half. She let out a little moan and just lay there a while without moving. It was so warm and moist. Fuck! I wanted to just slam that tight little pussy so much.
>A few minutes passed, felt like forever, then she started to rotate her hips. She didn’t move up and down. It was just a circular motion so that only half of the tip would slowly move in and out.
>Slowly and steadily, while still rolling her hips in a circular motion she started to slide down further. I was really surprised when she got almost all of it in before hitting her cervix.
> It took several minutes of wiggling, pausing, getting use to my girth and length before rotating down further.
5. Don't prequel it.

>Because of her sheltered life she had to have been a virgin. Her hymen must have broken through tampon use, horse riding or gymnastics, because she had 6 inches in her already without any resistance, except for the tightness.
>She started moving back and forth on my cock for a while. So slowly to try and not wake me up. Pressure was building and I wanted to cum so bad but it just wasn’t quite getting me there. It was the biggest tease of my life.
>Eventually, I was almost at the point of no return. Had to risk it. As she moved backwards, I moved my hips forwards slightly to quicken the stroke. My movements mirrored hers slightly, not enough to make her notice but enough to make the pace faster.
>About to explode, pretended to move in my sleep again, made one big powerful thrusting movement into her. Basically slammed her once, real fucking hard! And just filled that little rapist up.
>Just squirted all of my life essence into this little whore. Couldn’t help myself at this point. I was thrusting slightly with every convulsion, hand firmly squeezing that one tit. And then all the energy just disappeared out of me.
>I lay there, my dick slowly going soft, still inside her, still holding her tightly, my face buried in her neck and just fell asleep.
>I woke up in the morning a few hours later. My flaccid cock still between her legs. Started to worry about what to say. Just decided to get up, have a shower straight away and clean up.
>When I went back through she had put on a pair of my boxers, I could see them underneath her nightgown. Was difficult to act normal. She seemed awkward to start with, just ignored it and tried as hard as I could to speak to her like I normally would.
>made her breakfast, picked up my wife later that day. Fucked her that night. Was not as exciting but at least I could participate and imagine my niece.
I really really like your sister.
Dream situation
Keep going

>Acted normal for the next few months, shit bricks every time my niece spoke to me. Thought she might mention it, or even worse, declare a pregnancy. Few months later, finally realised I was in the clear.
>Still flirt and make body contact like we did before the holiday. Suddenly she has decided to share my passion for camping and wilderness survival. My wife hates sleeping outside.
>Asked me if she could come along. Her mum said it was fine. That’s definitely going to be an interesting night. Cuddle for warmth. It’s a survival tactic, you know.
fucking Germany, legal is 14?
I need to pack up and move there like you anon

There... Done. Hope you enjoy it. Once again, gonna stress this isn't my own story, just one that was posted here in the past
ah. Well then like that other anon
>Be me
>Be 11
>Sister is four years older
>Going through that phase at high school when everyone starts getting boyfriends
>Sister's always been a bit shy
>Watching tv together in the dark, scary shit that parents don't want us to watch
>Sat super close together
>I'm oblivious to what's happening
>"Hey, anon, have you ever kissed someone?"
>Obviously not woman, I'm 11
>"Want me to show you how, my friend showed me"
>Leans in and kisses me
>Sloppy as shit, tries to part my lips to get tongue in, I'm super confused
>"Here, you're meant to do this"
>Takes hand and puts it on her boob, I just leave it there
>Takes it in her hand and starts moving it around
>Feel an odd sensation in my trousers
>"Then you put it here"
>She's wearing night gown thing, pushes hand down between her legs
>Super warm, starts making me rub
>"I think we should stop"
>Hear footstep upstairs
>Never speak of it again

Nice save
Showered naked with my 13 yo bro when I was 10. Both of us popped awkward boners for the first time and I saw he had some hair on his intimate parts when he bent over
Same guy who just posted that super-long Brit-in-Germany-with-niece greentext. Found a few picture versions of greentext wincest. Anyone want it uploaded?
>Be me at age 8
>Visiting aunt and 9 year old cousin
>End up playing in her room
>She garbs out one of those doctor play sets
>Both take turns as the patient
>Patient has to strip down and lay on the bed
>She is curious about my weewee, starts holding it
>I'm now doctor, she gets naked and lays down
>End up taking plastic thermometer and sticked into her vagina
>I lay down thinking I am now patient
>She stays on the bed and hugs me with the thermometer still inside her
>My mom and aunt walk in
>They both burst out laughing, tell us to get our clothes back on because dinner is ready
Oddly enough things have never been awkward between me and my cousin...
how old is sister
>Fast forward five years
>Sis is now at university
>Lost a lot of weight (she was a bit chubby)
>Tits got super big by the end of high school, 36E according to one of her bras
>Crashing at her place
>One bedroom flat
>Double bed
>Go around the city during the day, have dinner, come back to hers
>Asks if I want a drink, only had two beers before with my friends
>Makes me a vodka orange, same for her
>Down it in one because I can't taste the vodka, laughs and tells me to take it slow
>Makes another
>Half a bottle of vodka down we're both a bit tipsy
>"Alright time for bed, you have to get the train in the morning"
>Ohshit, heart racing, at this point I actually knew about girls and shit
>Broke up with "girlfriend" a month ago
>Sis gets changed in bathroom, I get undressed in her room, started sleeping in my boxers and a t shirt
>In bed, lights out
>Realise her heating is shitty, should have brought PJs
>Shiver a little
>"Anon are you cold?"
>"Aww, come here"
>Hugs me front to front
>Big tits pressing against me, can't control hard on
>Wince, brace for impact
>Feel the tip bump against her
>Basically at pussy level, we're the same height at this point
>"Oh, have you got a..."
>"Yeah, sorry" back away a bit
>"It's alright, as long as you're warm"
>Pulls me in closer, slip my arm under her so it's not uncomfortable, accidentally brush boob
>Shit it's so soft
>Dick now fully erect, rubbing against her leg
Have you fucked her?
>Sis falls asleep
>Head super close to mine
>Can't sleep with raging boner
>Eventually doze off
>Wake up to her lips brushing mine
>Opens her eyes as I do
>Decide to throw caution to the wind, kiss her again
>She kisses me back
>Make out for about five minutes, start moving my hand to her hip
>Move it lower and cup her ass, pull her close
>Boner is now at full attention again
>Runs her fingers through my hair
>"Here, I know you want to"
>Takes my hand and pulls it up to her tit
>Oh sweet jesus
>Squeeze it a little, play around, find nipple with tip of my finger
>Lets out a little moan
>Moves her hand to my dick, rubs it up and down
>Pulls down boxers
>Cups balls and moves fingers up shaft
File: 1413247509319.jpg (26KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Limited knowledge of vaginas, never made it that far with gf
>Run my hand down between her legs, start rubbing randomly
>Pushes hand lower to actual vagoo
>"One second"
>Sits up and pulls off her top, slips off trousers and underwear
>Tits in full view, glory hallelujah
>"Now you"
>Pull off t shirt, take of boxers and throw away
>Start making out again, head straight back for pussy
>She lays on her back and opens legs, guides my hand, starts moaning
>"Inside, inside"
>"Your fingers, here"
>Takes my two forefingers, rubs up and down and then slips them inside
>So warm, wet, and pretty tight
>Move them in and out out of instinct
>Moans more, reaches for my dick and starts stroking it
>"Okay stop."
>"Lay on your back"
>Lay back, she gets on her knees at end of bed, bends over and puts dick in mouth
>She's clearly done it before, sucking and stroking like a pro
>Amazed I haven't nutted yet
>Stops sucking
>"Have you, yet..."
>Know what she means, shake head
>"Do you want to?"
>Panic for a second. Want sex, but this is my sister, could destroy our relationship.
>Nod slowly
>She moves up so she's straddling me
>"No condom?"
>"I'm on the pill," she used to bang guys she met at clubs sometimes, told me
>Positions head, slips it in slowly
fuckin' lost. topkek.

good one though, had me going lol.
>Goes all the way down
>Almost too much to handle
>"You okay?" both breathing heavily
>Starts riding up and down
>Cup her ass with one hand, fondle boob with the other
>She starts moaning, can feel pressure building
>"I'm gonna, I can't stop"
>"It's okay"
>Five more strokes
>Cum like a firehose, feel her clamp around my dick
>Hold onto her hips for dear life
>She gets off slowly, dick all covered in cum, rolls onto her back
>"We should really get cleaned up"
>Nod, too out of breath to talk
>Roll off bed and follow her to bathroom, still stumbling a bit
>Realisation hits me that I just fucked my sister
>Heart pounding
>"Come on, let's just shower it off"
>Get in shower with her, small cubicle
>We're up against one another, soaps up, passes it to me
>Start making out again as we wash
>Go back between her legs, lick her nips
>"No, no not again, not tonight"
>Disappointed, she strokes dick a couple of times then gets out
>Sleep like a baby
>Woken up next morning, sis in dressing gown, hands me coffee
>"What happened last night, we were just drunk, it can never happen again."
>She laughs, "Well, maybe not ever, but you literally cannot tell anyone."
>Takes me to station, give her a hug and get on train
>Get home and go on her fb, pictures of her on holiday with friends
>Fap until dick is raw
>>"Please, show me what do you hide from me."
What a complicated sentence for a 6 year old.
Never amazes me the stupid ass story people come up with in these threads.
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Holy shit.
OC. On my /b/?
And spiderman related too?!
Good lord gentleman. It has been a pleasure
>To think that was about ten years ago...
You were on /b/ back in '05?
pictures of your sister or it didn't happen.
>Analyzing wincest stories on /b/ for temporal discrepancies.
You poor fool.
>Fast forward two years
>Me at end of high school
>Sis finishing her Masters
>Been going out with girl for a few months, actually sexual now that I'm older, fucked a few times
>Sis throwing a party to celebrate finishing masters, invites me
>Hop on the train friday afternoon, memories of before basically forgotten, texting gf and listening to music
>Get to station, sis is waiting
>Still slim, tits still big, got a new haircut, wearing this really floaty sundress
>Can make out shadow of bra through it
>Realise my sister is now actually a bit of a hottie
>Gives me huge hug, "So happy you came, let's go get some food"
>Having lunch, just sibling talk, tells me about her research
>Gf comes up in conversation, starts asking me about her
>Tell her, show her pic on my phone, asks how long we've been together etc
>Inevitably gets to the "Have you had sex yet?" question
>Smile and nod
>Laughs, "Finally all grown up"
>Apparently she's just forgotten everything that happened
>Get to her place, still in the same flat.
>Her friends all come over, met some of them before, they're asking me about school and where I want to go to university
>Everyone's having fun, drinking some beer
>Shots come out
>Pound some tequila with her friends, still a bit of a lightweight at this point
>Start feeling drunk, room spinning, slurring badly
>Sis finds me and tells me to drink some water and lie down in her room
>Chug some water, stumble into her room and lie down
>Wake up an hour later, party winding down, go out and tell her I'm probably just going to sleep
>Strip to boxers and get in bed
>Light sleeper, so when she came in and turned the light on I woke up pretty quickly
>She thinks I'm asleep, starts undressing
>Boner starts growing
>Watching her with one eye half open, unzips her dress and takes it off
>Lacy blue underwear, can see her ass through it, slightly push up bra
>Dick is diamonds
>Takes off bra, still facing away
>Goes out to bathroom
Lemme try find a good one, she took down a lot of her more cleavage-y/drunk ones when she was job hunting
plz continue
File: 1422548937019.jpg (8KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 500x333px
nice story worth the read
anything more ?
also how come she didnt get pregnant
One of her at her Bachelors graduation
Getting pregnant is by chance, virginfag
Please just continue the goddamn story
fuck you

Don't know - the anon who posted it didn't come back before the thread died.

As for the anything more, I have two greentext pictures: one is lesbian sisters, and the other is a slutty cousin. Coming up
File: 1413148845819.png (144KB, 1354x1465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 1354x1465px

Lesbian sisters (though the poster claimed otherwise)
slutty cousin pls
File: 1413150423324.png (277KB, 1192x4589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277KB, 1192x4589px
And slutty cousin - enjoy!
File: cousin_italy.png (1MB, 1779x5398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1779x5398px
this is from a couple months ago... i was in the original thread, people were losing their shit over this. not slutty, but cousin nontheless
>Comes back into room, no underwear on
>Full frontal view in the light
>Keep closing my eye every few seconds so she doesn't see
>"Hey, anon, are you asleep?"
>Don't move, keep eyes shut
>"I was going to make a snack if you want anything"
>Action time
>Moan a little, act like I'm waking up, rub my eyes and open them
>She's putting on a robe as I sit up, get a few seconds of body before it's gone
>"Nothing you haven't seen before" Laughs
>Holy shit she does remember
>"So do you want something or not?"
>Follow her to kitchen, she starts making us sandwiches
>"I knew you were awake"
>Fuck. Heart starts racing, feel my face redden, no way to lie my way out
>"Sorry, I just couldn't help it, I'm only a guy after all"
>"Yes, but I'm your sister"
>Get a bit pissed off that she's taking the high ground
>"Well I said I'm sorry, so just drop it."
>"Fine," keeps making food, hands me a sandwich on a plate
>"If I'm honest, I didn't really mind."
>Stomach drops
>Is this actually happening again?
File: 1417128292318.png (224KB, 358x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224KB, 358x310px
Fuckin finish already
>"What do you mean?"
>Try to swallow sandwich, stuck like a lump in my throat, go for some water
>"I mean you looking, I don't mind. It's not like it's hot or anything, it's just, nothing."
>Nod as I down a glass of water, heart is still racing.
>"I mean, I could show you again, right now, and not care."
>Can tell she's basically daring herself to show me again
>Act the innocent, keep eating and shrug my shoulders
>Taller than her at this point, by a few inches.
>Looks up at me, can see a look in her eyes, she's going to do it
>Drops the robe.
>"There, look as much as you want, I don't care"
>This is getting weird, she starts turning slowly on the spot, can feel the boner growing
>Forgot I'm still wearing just my boxers
>End of dick peeps out of bottom, she sees.
>Doesn't say a word, just walks closer and yanks down my boxers
>"What are you-" silenced as she puts her lips around my dick
>All the memories come back, push her head further onto me, backed against kitchen counter
>Eventually pulls away, stands up and kisses me
>We kiss for a good five minutes, my hands are everywhere, her hips, her ass, her tits, eventually I make my way between her legs
>Much more experienced now, tease the inside of her thighs before running a finger slowly up her pussy
>Feel her shudder
>Spin around so she's against the counter, spread her legs and kneel down
>"Are you sure?"
>Nod and go down, eaten out the gf a few times and I was getting better
>Eat her out for a few minutes, all the while she's moaning and running her hands through my hair.
>"Wait, stop"
>Runs to her room
>Oh crap, did this just end?
>Stand there for a minute, dick still hard, hear stuff moving in her room
>Comes back into kitchen with a condom
>Rip open pack and slip it on, turn her against counter and bend her over
>Slip it in slowly
>Not pretyping
Seriously, anon?
holy shit...i think i even remember this. well i remember someone posting pictures of their sister showering a while ago
I would fuck that. 9/10
>Start moving in and out
>Pick up the pace, she's moaning, arching her back and kissing me
>She's not as tight as my gf, but still feels amazing, can feel myself about to go
>"No, no stop, let's go to the bed"
>Thank fuck, get a break
>Takes me by the hand to her room, pushes me onto the bed. Gets on top and slips it in.
>Starts grinding, grab her ass
>Flip over, put her legs up over my shoulder and go in deep
>She's moaning like crazy, just makes me cum even faster
>Finish with three big thrusts
>Lie there for a minute, both panting
>Eventually roll off, go to bathroom to dispose of condom and clean up.
>Come back to room and sis is under the covers, smiles at me and pats the bed.
>Get in, kiss
>She turns around so we spoon, fall asleep quickly.
>Same shit the next day, "Don't tell anyone," takes me to station, act just like brother and sister.
>Gives me a hug, and little kiss on the cheek, then another closer to my mouth, then just kisses me normally and pulls away.
>Go home
>See gf next day, asks about my sister's party.

That was about five years ago now, nothing has happened since, she's been with her boyfriend for three years and I'm pretty sure they're getting engaged.
We were both pretty drunk both times, which probably explains it, but that's the true story of what happened with me and my sister.
Sorry bro, first time I'm telling this.
Who wouldn't Captain Obvious?
Been here since 06'-07' myself.
It's not entirely unplausible. However if someone says 03' I never believe. 4chan wasn't well known the first year it was around.
I think my story truly began the day my wife died giving birth to our second daughter. I can say now, in all honesty, that it was hard for me to not blame her. When the doctor came out and told me what happened I hated her. I think it was later in life that I understood that hate, accompanied by my princess.

She changed everything. She was only 6 but she knew what she wanted and it was easy for me to take that "big" step with her.

In retrospective and talking about it with her, its obvious to both of us that it was the natural thing to do, but I must admit that at first, when she touched me, it felt weird. But quickly it felt good and we never looked back. Its been 17 years since that night and I have plebty of stories. Last time I shared them people insulted me but my princess has encouraged me to keep sharing, and I dont wanna let her down.
Anyone else got a tale to tell?
I don't fully understand what you are talking about and you sound like a faggot, but I would like to hear your stories, anon.
>fucking run sonic run
>spaghetti everywhere
Alright, I'll bite
After I have a cig, keep the thread alive.
i have no incest stories, bump
First time telling this one

>Be me
>Indian, lived in England my whole life, been to India few times to see family
>Cousin's getting married, parents send me and sister because they're working
>Go do some tourist shit, then go to wedding
>Staying in the family house
>Been there for generations. Big ass mansion type thing, but a separate smaller house in the grounds
>Uncle decides all the kids (us) can stay out there
>Having a good time with my cousins, play some cricket, knock back a few beers
>Some distant relatives show up
>My mum's cousins come, they have a daughter my age
>She's grown up in America, shows up in t shirt and short shorts, headphones in
>Hasn't met any of us before
>All the cousins are sat around, chatting, playing some cards
>Sits next to me
>Everyone else is super Indian, we bond because we both speak English as our first language
>Have a long conversation, everyone else is sleeping, we stay up and just chat about growing up and what it's like being Indian abroad
>Go to bed
>Same thing for the next few nights, just talking, gets to where we're hugging before we go to sleep

>be me
>i can't keep my hands off me
>so hot
Sounds hot. Continue.
>Wedding time
>Only seen her in normal clothes until then
>Everyone's dressed ethnic, see her in traditional Indian stuff
>Long skirt, top, shawl thing, bit of stomach showing
>Notice how nice and toned her body is
>She sees me looking, smiles all shyly
>Wedding is about three days of customs and stuff
>Generally fun, meet bride's family, everyone's having fun
>Wedding is done, some people leave
>Everyone sat around in grounds, kids playing, adults chatting, us teens in the house having some drinks
>Aunt calls me and her out
>Tells us to go to the shops to get something, take my uncle's scooter
>I'm driving, she's sat on the back, holding me around waist
>Feel her boobs against my back, solid C cups
>Just talking as we go, get the stuff
>Tells me she's never been here before, decide to do a detour to show her the town
>Take her around, stop in a cafe for a drink because it's crazy hot
>Some creepy local guys staring at her, holds my hand so they think we're together
>Meet her eyes, she ain't so shy any more
>Go back, rest of the day goes by, everyone turns in for the night
>We're up talking, decide to go for a walk
>Walk far from the house, near a river, trees and shit
>Turn and look at each other, then go in for the kiss
>Kiss for a while, feeling her body, she's pretty petite, firm ass
>Pull down her shorts and go for the pussy
>Gasps a little, then lets me do my thing
>Only the moonlight to see by
>Backs away and takes off her top, see her tits in the moonlight, dick gets super hard
>She kneels and pulls down my shorts, starts sucking
>In heaven
>Pull back and push her back onto the grass, push her panties aside and slide in
>Fuck her slow for a while, then get quicker
>Put my finger in her mouth to stop her moaning too loud
>Pull out and kneel, she puts her mouth on my dick and jacks me off into her mouth
>Make out and get dressed, go back to the house
>Next day they're leaving, gives me a long hug when no one else is around, kiss for a bit
>Get back to England and look her up on Facebook
>Pictures full of her in bikinis, on holiday, with her friends
>Chatting on fb, tells me to add her skype
>Start video chatting, just normal at first
>Few weeks in, regular chats, we start talking sexual
>Starts stripping on cam
>Mutual masturbating, sends me nudes during the day sometimes
>Start college, don't talk as much, eventually stop altogether
>Next summer parents tell me we're going to America, to see my mum's cousin
>Hell yes
>They live near NYC, big usual American house, we go round NY with their family
>We're chatting as normal, just waiting for a chance to be alone
>Hold back from family to kiss, taking pictures together and stuff, tell her I can't wait
>One night the parents are out for dinner
>Sister didn't come
>Her younger brother is in his room sleeping
>We're in the lounge, making out
>Pulls down my shorts and climbs on top
>About to bang when we hear the door
>Pull up trousers, cover boner with cushion, she straightens out her clothes and hair
>TV is on, tell parents we were just up watching a movie
>Tell us to sleep, going somewhere in the morning
>Turns out it's some shitty nature hike
>She's in short shorts again, can't keep my eyes off her ass as we walk
File: f.jpg (39KB, 637x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 637x318px
my sis this pic
File: pepe87.png (24KB, 954x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 954x539px
>be OP
>have 50GBP
>Ask mummy for tendies
>blowey wowey instead
>Get to rest stop
>Parents decide to turn back and go for lunch somewhere, ask if we want to come
>Look at each other and say no, want to walk further
>Say they'll come back to get us after lunch
>Walk further up this hill, nice summers day, pass other couples
>End up holding hands as we walk, move my hand around her waist
>Come across a smaller path going into the woods, walk in for a while
>Ring of trees around a small clearing, can't see the main path any more
>Can't wait
>Push her up against a tree and start making out
>Pull down her shorts and mine, spin her around and bend her over
>Fuck her out in the open, sun shining, don't give a shit if anyone can hear
>Pull out and walk further into woods, lie on my back as she rides me
>Tell her I'm about to come
>Gets off and puts her head on my dick, come in her mouth with the force of a thousand suns
>Get dressed and head back to the car park
>Leaving the next day, get up early in the morning for some reason
>She's up as well, coming back from a run, sit in their kitchen just talking
>Eventually gets up to shower, strips as she's walking down the hallway in front of me
>Tosses me panties, "Keep them."
>Leave that evening, panties hidden in bottom of suitcase
>Go back to college, drop out of contact again

Been about two years now, haven't spoken much, just a random message now and then. Though I may see her again this summer, another cousin is getting married, possibly time for more fun.
I am very much enjoying this story.
File: 1.jpg (23KB, 276x458px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 276x458px
>be me
>14, vacationing with cousins
>13 year old cousin is girl, kinda cute.
>play truth or dare to see tits and vag in real life for first time.
>dare to jerk my penis
>she does it
>grab her head
>she sucks it
>14 yr and 12 yr old male cousins watch.
>Not sure if they ever think about it.
>> $ before variable.
>> fellow developer detected.
Brofist bro
Wicked hot. I encourage you to keep /b/ posted.
Aren't you also a loch ness monster if you're her twin?
good story to go with it?
Have a pic
just hidden cam bathroom
Got any more?
File: Naamloos2.jpg (81KB, 866x857px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 866x857px
would bang! good job!

When my wife died and I came home with my newborn daughter I was suicidal. I saw no future where I was happy. That first night was definately the hardest, my princess was 3 and she missed her mom, like me. My newborn (lets call her B from now on) wouldnt stop crying. I went into my room and layed in bed with my daughter, B on the crib next to us and cries myself to sleep. For a few months it wasnt much different. My princess refused to sleep alone so we got into the habit of sleeping together with the crib next to us. Some mornings I would wake up and she would be awake looking at me sleep.

I can honestly say I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for her. She kept me going.

Now to that night, I apologize for taking so long but I wanted to give you all a little perspective of how things were for me. 3 years after my wife died things were slightly different. My princess was 6 and such a smart little girl, she saw everything, always had her eyes wide open, looking at things, trying to understand them. That night we had been watching tv before bed, B was already asleep, me and my princess were laying cuddling and I passed out. This was normal back then, often she would turn the tv off after I had fallen asleep. That night, I woke up shortly after and saw her rubbing my pants. Obviously I was startled and got up quickly, she seemed to look surprised, I tried explaining to her that she shouldnt do that but she kept asking why why and looked very sad. Eventually she told me that she had noticed my erections in the mornings and at nights when we were cuddling and that she often touched them because she could tell it made me feel better. It goes without saying that after my wife died I had stopped having sex so I was clearly needy in that regard. I told her that it did felt good but that was something adults did and she was a child.

Should I continue?
dude this again? this is a still from a video online. failure is bad, anon.
Nice tits bro

Looking back it's kind of unbelievable, I'm not the best built guy. She'd probably be out of my league if I just met her randomly somewhere, guess the being somehow related thing just made it hotter.
I rate 8.5/10. Lucky bastard.
isn't this dutch voyeured chick anneliek?
did you (brother?) place the camera or are you bullshitting us?
real story plz
Of course continue. That's a silly question, anon.
related vid
mylus DOT
i did
File: 1422336081838.jpg (178KB, 700x1225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 700x1225px
>i guess i get a better shot with my aunt
lo to the fuckin l
File: 1420992873095.gif (1MB, 276x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 276x260px
tits or gtfo
you are a hero!
btw its not her real name
File: 1422717000079.jpg (43KB, 570x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 570x587px
File: 1328584520989.jpg (66KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 640x480px
>just turned 15
>was spending the night at my grandparents house
>parents were spending the weekend at an interracial love-in
>grandparents didn't have tv
>tell my grandma that her house stinks like cabbage and I'm bored out of my gourd
>she pulls an ornate ivory and pearl jewelry box out of a crawl space underneath the rug
>box had very detailed carvings depicting images of what appeared to be demons and satyrs sodomizing children in a forest.
>opens the box
>small baggies with different substances in each
>small glass pipe with white power and baggies with green bud just to name a few
>grandma picks a baggie of yellow pills with pentagrams pressed into them
>grandpa comes into the room
>grandpa is wearing neon colored bracelets, rainbow knee-high socks, and a pacifier
>he also has pink electrical tape in 'X' shapes on his nipples
>grandma tells me to hold out my tongue and gives me 3 pills
>wash them down with some purple kool-aid
>the room starts to spin
>colors start trailing
>become highly aware of the techo-throbbing rhythm of the latest Cher single
>grandpa's balls taste like oranges
>parents walk in the door
>get on the floor
Haha, thanks man, we'll see if anything happens next time.
vertel eens meer dan :)
That stomach hhnnggg
wat valt er verder te vertelleN?
File: 1422574686042.jpg (38KB, 692x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 692x461px
Spidey is coming now
ze is heel netjes, laat niks merken dat ze los gaat enzo. maar wie weet
>little 8yo cousin
>"accidentally" let her see boner
>asked if she wanted to touch
>she nodded and did exactly that
>that is all. only happened that one time because I was afraid she'll tell someone
File: 1231.jpg (48KB, 461x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 461x386px
you're jealous you never had a great sexy story like any of these
share your story, Anon. let it out.
Basically how she looked at the wedding, but her hair was a bit longer.
i dunno, gebruikte cam, is het echt jouw materiaal? ze weet van het online staan neem ik aan?
deze foto nooit eerder gezien, altijd benieuwd geweest eigenlijk naar haar, puur omdat het zo enorm geil/creepy overkwam, die meerdere NL creep videos
welke meerdere?
ja ik ben t echt, nee ze weet het niet en dat is ook niet de bedoeling
English mother fucker do you speak it?
Engels spreken mothefuckers
>Google translated
File: 1419960913419.jpg (158KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 640x480px
OP tell us your story ;)
kun je me met een nieuwe vid/screenshot overtuigen? weet van 4/5 vids namelijk,dus ben benieuwd naar authenticiteit.
ook als je dat niet bent is het natuurlijk mooie dame
Then where are the titties?
Anyone got more original stuff instead of just images? Been a good couple so far.

She told me she was like an adult, that she liked it. Suddenly I realized she was right, she did so much around the house and I asked so much of her in terms of responsability it seemed clear why she viewed herself as an adult. I told her that she was too young and that she should stop, she looked sad and went to bed.

It took me a couple of hours to go back to bed, I went to the kitched and had a few drinks, trying to understand what had happened. Many years later she confesed she had seen me and her mom make love a couple of times before she was 3 years old, and that seeing that and seeing us so happy was what made her touch me those nights when I was sleeping. She also confessed she had started masturbating around 5, rubbing her private parts and having orgasms, what she would call "feeling extra happy".

When I went back to bed I was exhausted and a little tipsy, and I fell asleep rather fast. Most of the times I dont remember my dreams, but that night I remeber having a really sexual dream where small hands would touch my body and I couldnt see their faces it was just feeling pleasure and good. The next morning I woke up surprised to see my princess rubbing my penis, she had taken it out of my pants and she was sitting there playing with it. For a second I jumped at noticing she had influenced my dream and she noticed quickly that I hadnt gotten up and got on top of me and started kissing my chest, something her mother did a lot and that she had obviously seen her do, but not knowing that at the time, it was so strangely similar that it just shocked me.

I told her this was wrong but she just kept kissing my chest and grinding her crotch against my leg, I noticed she startedbreathing heavily and I just let go, I made a very straight forward decision to just let her continue. I started breathing heavy too and she quickly noticed and started rubbing my penis again... it felt too good for me, I started moaning and shaking my head.
File: Naamloos.jpg (26KB, 584x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 584x120px
heb je links daarvan? ben benieuwd waar ze zoal staan
>me (11) sister (10)
>play truth or dare on nintendo ds wireless chat
>dares me to show my small dick
>Bitch doesn't even enjoy it
>later dares me to lick her out
>she likes
>dare her to give me a blow job she refuses
>tell her to do it for 10 seconds
>she grinds her teeth i tell her to stop
>next I dare her to let me stick it in
>she agrees
>tip goes in and she says stop and get out
> never did anything after that
> 7 years later i find her nudes
>the end
What sort of 5 year old can orgasm?
Fucking delusional pedos.
ja die ken ik ook uit de nedersletten
xhamster, voyeurshd, thevoyeurforum, etc.
ff op het moment geen directe link voor je maar altijd interesse gehad in verhaal erachter.
zoiets moet ze toch op den duur teruggekoppeld krijgen, zeker aangezien er zo'n collage met dr FB circuleert
I banged my sister, damn right I am. this shit is hot.
tis haar echte naam niet, en ik delete al die vids op sites
She asked me ehat was wrong and I told her it felt too good, she gave me the biggest smile I had seen on her face in 3 years and right there, at that second, I knew that what we were doing was right.

She asked me how she could make me extra happy and I told her to suck it. She quicly stood up and crawled to my legs, grabbed my dick and started to suck it. I came so fast in her mouth that she had no warning and she looked so surprised but she still kept sucking and sucking. After a bit she stopped and swallowed and hugged me and told me she loved me and she loved making me happy. I had no words. I turned around and saw B looking at us silently from the crib.

That was 17 years ago, I'm sure you can all imagine how many stories I have.
File: IMAG3969,png.png (4MB, 1885x1269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 1885x1269px
this is my sister, found it on her phone, took a photo of the screen that's why it's bad quality
Fu k yeah
File: 1420663418152.jpg (62KB, 482x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 482x357px
tell more! teen/tweenage!
do you have pics?
tsja, dat deleten is vechten tegen de bierkaai vrees ik vriend, zeker sinds de nedersletten volumes
xhamster movies/1083732/shower_teen_hidden_spy_cam_girl.html
daar staat sowieso nog iets. meer exclusieve shit?
Best story yet
Got any to share?
Looked for my sister's pics a few times, she never has them on her phone, but I know for a fact she's sent stuff to her boyfriend.
I have a girlfriend, but I've just always wanted to see my sister's tits, and ass, and pussy, just all of her really.
File: 1415489808414.gif (691KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691KB, 600x450px
Shared mine earlier today.
Share it again.
which one?
nailed it

I never had to result to molesting younger family members because of a failure to get girls my own age.
hou et toch al 4 jaar vol
mogelijk heb je alles al gezien
File: 1295340815010.jpg (34KB, 300x460px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 300x460px
One time I was fucking this girl and she turned out to be my mom

pic related`
Had me chucking there mate.
the guy who capped that was a hero

Don't steal my story bro.

haha, zou goed kunnen inderdaad. als je daadwerkelijk de maker bent, hoe is dit dan uitgelekt, en is dit echt je zus en ouderlijk huis etc?
dacht altijd gefrustreerde huisgenoot in studentenhuis ofzo :D
How old is she again?
omdat ik wou zien wat andere van haar vonden
en ja
wat vind je van haar en wat van dat ik het gedaan heb?
this one
you're op?
somewhere on the top we got the idea OP is/was a girl

cool story bro, whoever capped that is a hero
fucking strak figuurtje met rondingen op de goeie plekken natuurlijk, erg geil.
nice om d'r mét en zonder schaamhaar te zien
en zoals altijd hier : moar? :D
File: CrazyShit.jpg (41KB, 463x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 463x720px
"more than a father, my boyfriend and soon he will be my husband, love you, thanks for this 8 months, daddy"

"Today 1 month to be daddy girlfriend. Its the best. love you daddy love is real."
not op

Just saying that was mine from earlier.
File: 1293874293487.png (301KB, 564x5611px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301KB, 564x5611px
ok maar dan wil ik wel weten wat ben je er mee van plan
haha, verkeerde post aangeklikt.
niks geks van plan, gewoon beetje fappen, je weet toch. mail adres is ook goed anders?
File: 63214173982.jpg (25KB, 300x295px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 300x295px
Your failure to rub out the little black line you so idiotically left on, is the most amateur thing I have ever seen in a yarn.
he did it so it cant be reversed you fucktard
Very hot, nudes????
Used to have some on my old phone, but I wiped that, just pulled this one from her Facebook.
Any bikini ones then?
Any bikini ones?
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this kid was a pussy, her sister too
I can have a look, but she's deleted a bunch of stuff for some reason, think she's trying to make herself look more professional.
voyeurshd com /videos/videos/shower-length-3.html
op deze pagina ook te bezichtigen kameraad :)
As luck would have it, I found one.
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haha ja die link ken ik al, nogandere sites?

Yes, she is hot!!!
vola, tell me what u think>>595778810
Anything else would be much appreciated, thanks for sharing.
haha nee mijn kennis houdt ook ergens op
geilde je al langer op dr en was dit gewoon een gevolg daarvan of dacht je van 'ff kijken of dit mogelijk is' ? het deleten lijkt te lukken denk ik, paar jaar terug trof ik dr als liefhebber van dit soort materiaal overal aan...toch niet underage in filmpjes hoop ik?
voor oc ruilen etc houd ik me aanbevolen overigens, je mail zal door mij vertrouwelijk behandeld worden
[Alt+255] [Alt+255] {Alt+30]
[Alt+30] [Alt+32] [Alt+30]
Another time guys, turning in for the night. Hope you liked the story.
>box had very detailed carvings depicting images of what appeared to be demons and satyrs sodomizing children in a forest.

Beyond keking
THREAD will 404
>Be At family reunion
>Be Horny
>See younger cousin
>See developing hottie
>Talk younger cousin
>Flirt/Entice cousin
>Nelly's it's getting hot in here is heard
>Give cousin 4 alcohols
>Lead cousin by hand to backyard
>Leave Shame Station
>Arriving at Jizz City
>Wipe penis on cousin
>Kiss and hug cousin
>Tell him i'll see him next year
>No Homo
Thanks for sharing
Best fap of my life anon thanks for sharing this
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