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Have you fucked a crazy chick? Was it good?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Have you fucked a crazy chick?
Was it good?
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You can see it in the eyes
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Fucked a bitch that got right out of highschool and did everything with her. About 20 times after fucking her she started wanting me to cum inside of her even when she doesn't have birth control. So I creme in the bitch well over 50 times with a plan b pill following most of them.

Goddamn what a slut. I can't believed I decided to go out with her. And even after we broke up she still wanted me to come to her dorm and creme in that pussy.
And in how she's sucking a cock while getting fucked and photographed.

nice trips, btw.
moar of this set??
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Yes and yes
Bitch has serious abandonment issues
makes for the best sex and relationship
Go for the ones with abandonment issues
I dated a nympho for a few months. She almost ruined sex for me.
I've got a few of them under my belt...

Broke it off with the last one and she just stopped by to chat my with my roommate for a minute.

First time we hooked up
>go camping with her and a couple
>couple has to leave, sick dog
>leaves us in the woods
>we get HAMMERED by a fire, i cook, we eat, we get more hammered
>she's been into me for a while, playing it pretty cool
>she sees her chance
>rubs my neck to let me know
>fuck it, kiss her
>30 seconds, she's on my lap
>30 seconds, we break the chair and go in my tent
>1 minute, she's on my dick, going crazy fucking me
>2 minutes, she's fucking my shit up with her fingernails
>3 minutes, she jumps off and gives me the toothiest blowjob i've ever gotten
>3 min 20 seconds, pull her head off my dick, throw her down
>3 min 30 seconds, pin her legs back
>4 minutes, start really fuckin' her
>5 minutes she comes
>6 minutes i come on her
>10 minutes, i'm asleep

I was really hammered so I'm sure that's exactly how fast I came. Woke up in the morning with scratches all over my body from her nails. Hickies on my neck. Hickie by my dick. Jesus Christ.

Used to flip her on her stomach, grab both her hands and pin the behind her and fuck her. So she couldn't scratch the shit out of me. Dunno who taught her that blowjobs involve teeth, but I fixed that real quick.
just like fucking a non crazy chick
my adopted cousin. she has so many problems. started out just fucking like crazy. from the first time she goated me into slapping her. she told me that she wanted me to knock her unconscious and rape her. i took her anal virginity, made her walk around with my cum inside her, shoved my dick down her throat at family reunions.

but the bitch got crazy possessive and things got really weird since a lot of our family figured out we were fucking
Looks like a professional photo haha
Plan b is $50 a pop
i find this insanely hot. is there more of her or more like it?
>toothy blowjobs
literally the fucking worst
and with braces?
fucking forget about it
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Sauce of pic? I see this chick all over /b/ lately, image search isn't helping much. Name?
>meet girl at coffee shop
>girl is hot as fuck
>girl is digging me
>invite her to my bar when she's off
>she stops by
>stares at me the whole time
>get her number
>call her, walk her home the next day
>take a shower at her place and get in her bed
>she rips my boxers off and immediately sits on my dick
>fuck her and come in her
>again in the morning
>date for a little while
>things escalate
>can't seem to escalate fast enough
>starts with fucking her
>then fucking her in the ass
>then fucking her while dildoing her ass
>then choking her
>then choking her while fucking her in the ass
>then choking her while fucking her while dildoing her ass
>run out of hands to do weird things with
>have to get creative
>bend her over the foot board
>splay her hands out and tie to the foot board
>choke her with the belt, holding it in my mouth to keep pressure on it
>dildo in her ass, work it with left hand
>beating her ass with a belt with my left hand
>octopus man

Eventually the crazy got to be too much and I broke it off. She hit me up for a while. Then cut all her hair off and showed up at my work. Told her to get lost or I'd fuck her world up. Saw her recently, got super chubby...
All I could think every time she blew me:
"Feels like I'm fucking a sock full of broken glass, ow ow ow ow ow ow ow"
My point exactly. Spent so much fucking money just to cum in the little slut. It was some great sex though goddamn.

Stfu fucktard
Several. Great in bed. But one of them wanted to kill me.
More like this?
Eh, there's different kinds of crazy.

There's "You don't like me?! Well then I'm going to fuck your dick off until you do"

I haven't had the pleasure of that. More just selfish cunts. One LOVED giving head in public. So she did, to another guy. Or the really sexy one that looked amazing giving blowjobs but the lazy cunt would stop too soon.

Then the 9.5/10 model with ugly duckling syndrome that fucked like a corpse.

So no. I'm still looking for that combination of Crazy and Monkey Sex.
Yes and yes.

She borderline ruined my life for the two years I was with her...so crazy girls as a long term thing is a very bad idea.
>octopus man
Good lord my sides...
You spent $2500 on BC pills?

That's kind of awesome.. I'm not even going to talk shit.
yes. yes. would i do it again. NO. Fuck. It can get fucking scary afterwards
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white malaka want some of that [spoiler]junk[/spoiler]
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I did..

Then I marry her..
Not. Worth. It. At all. Sex is great and all but having 7 voice mails from a chick you fucked twice (and texts 3 months later asking if you want to meet her parents over the holidays) isn't close to worth it
This is NOT the best story of this girl... We had a lot of sex like this, one night:

Backstory: girl was raped in high school, parents didn't believe her, she developed a meth habit, got in too deep, the got her out, cleaned her up, and helped her leave the city to get away from her old friends. Never did meth again, good for her. Would drink gallons of coffee for a buzz, do coke sometimes, smoke too much weed, drink too much, etc...

One night

>we're drinking
>drinking tough
>we're down a bottle of vodka and working on some gin martinis (i idolized bartenders when i was 21 and loved making cocktails)
>she gets a call
>she's hysterical
>she's crying and yelling
>no idea what is happening
>her friend died
>she is distraught about how all her junkie burnout friends are dying in fucking Fresno, who gives a shit
>i'm trying to be comforting, having a hard time pretending to care about them, just keeping an eye on her
>she slams down the martini olives too hard breaks the jar cuts her hand
>bleeding all over the place
>won't let me help her
>get her into a cig outside to calm her down
>not working
>starts fucking with me
>you're a pussy, you've never even been in a fight, i get in fights all the time (she did), i bet i could kick your ass
>i say, you challenge guys all the time and most guys don't hit girls, slow your fuckin' roll before you do something stupid
>keeps challenging me to a fight, she's 110 on a heavy day, i'm close to 200 and stay in pretty good shape and my primary form of cardio at the time was heavy bag work... an hour every other day for a year by then...
>slaps me across the face
I was so bad that she turned normal
Yes. She was fresh out the asylum too (which is why we met) and has huge abandonment issues and insecurities. She also used to be a child prostitute so she wasn't tight but i enjoy her body just fine.
walk the dinosaur?
Quick I'm taking a shit and can't finish til u end the story
>abandonment issues and insecurities
The best mix a man can ask for
>what the fuck
>tries to slap me again, slap her hand as it passes my face to make a point, throws her off
>punches me in the chest
>tries to punch me again
>wrap her up and tell her to knock it off
>tries to get free, no chance
>let her go
>tells me to hit her, no, HIT ME, no, HIT YOU FUCKING PUSSY, fine
>she braces for it
>give her 60% uppercut into the solar plexus
>absolutely knocks the wind out of her
>goes down on her knees
>push her down onto the ground
>leave her then, go up on the porch and sit in a chair
>she's in the street, drunk, laying on the ground with the wind knocked out of her
>figure that will teach her
>she gets up, comes up to me and tries to hit me, wrestle her down on the porch and kiss her
>leads to making out
>about to start fucking outside
>go inside
>she grabs the gin
>takes a swig
>takes another
>finishes the gin
>get to my room
>start fucking
>rail her again the wall until i cum before her
>she looks bad
>eyes light up
>uh oh
>push her over the toilet and grab her hair to direct the vomit
>pukes her guts out
>passes out with me holding her up by the hair
>keeps puking
>gets it all out
>has managed to puke on herself, not going in my bed
>strip the rest of her clothes off, throw her in the shower, spray her with the shower wand
>clean her off
>put her to bed
>wakes up, tells me her friend dies, starts crying all over again, bitch blacked out the entire fucking night and we have to do it all over again the next day
sauce plz
>I creme in the bitch well over 50 times with a plan b pill following most of them.
>50 expensives pills
> a woman can only take so much before organ damage and hospitalization
>confirmed for 15 year old

Good story though

It's a shop. And creepy at that, I wish people would stop fucking posting these.

why does he have tits?
you almost got a domestic violence
yeah, once. bitch wanted it rough and she was one of the most beutiful girls ive had ever seen, pumped her pretty hard, but to get her in bed i had to talk real fucking dirty, the winning sentence was "I will fuck your pussy blue and yellow", that sentence made her pusy wet
oh, i fucked her shit up more than once. never did anything she didn't ask me to do though and my friends lived in the same house as us and would have backed me up if it came to it.

glad to have washed my hands of that whole thing.
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My nigga! Them fucked up insecure bitches are awesome!

Fucked both these sluts! The older one was gross. The one my age was awesome! Loved that slut!
another one?

i'm delaying studying my quantum chem homework because it sucks and there's LOT of it...
Strangley yes, YES YOU CAN. She has that same fucking look on her face as well. Definitley crazy
Aye, I lost my virginity to one.
>Meet her on facebook
>Becomes clearly into me
>Hang out once
>Eat five guys and back at her place
>Ends up straddling and grinding me with no underwear on
>Wet as fuck
>Honestly not sure what was going on I didnt expect it at all
>Didnt fuck, asked her out soon after
>Few dates later I fuck her while watching Cosmos
>thank you black science man
>Only dated her for a month because I learned more and more how insane she was
>Heard voices and had a demon guardian angel
>Had a necronomicon and satanic bible
>Claimed to have prayed to the blood moon and I was the response
>Felt kinda bad but I couldnt handle that kind of shit
Sex was great though. Fucked plenty during that month. She wanted choking, spanking, anal, the whole nine yards. Getting laid is all I miss.
Oh shit! You're both crazy! Eating 5 guys and shit.
>broke up with girlfriend of two years
>have 16 y/o neighbor girl over a week after break up
>high on coke, fucking like animals
>date her for a few months
>started with her wanting me to give her nasty hickies while fucking her, she liked to bite me/hickey me
>starts getting me to hold her hands down while fucking her
>escalates to me tying her up and choking her while fucking her
>roleplay rape occasionally
>break up with her
>fucking a new chick at my house the next day
>while I'm fucking new chick crazy ex starts walking towards my house balling her eyes out with a knife and a carton of eggs
>elderly neighbor calls me and tells me he just stopped her from egging and slashing the tires of the car that belonged to the chick I was fucking

thats the last time I hook up with a crazy italian bitch
Leaving her was the right thing anon! That's a next level crazy bitch!

Same girl...

>my best friend at the time was this pretty hot punky type Portland girl, one of those suburban punk chicks with identity issues because the suburbs are boring as shit, but she was chill
>my girl HATES her, super jealous but i've known my friend for like 6 years and we get along well
>anyway, friend has epic birthday, i get way too drunk, dgaf about my girl and i'm just hanging with old friends
>my girl bails
>i get home
>she's pissed, locked out, been on my porch for HOURS fucking livid
>k, sorry
>go inside, go to bed, wake up in the morning
>try to get her to come to breakfast with us, she wont, go anyway, fuck her
>get back, she's got all this stuff that's hers in her arms, says these exact words, "I think I'm done."
>K, give me a hug, have a nice life (THIS IS VERBATIM)
>she leaves
>weeks go by, having a good time being single again, no bullshit anymore
>get a text, "i want to see you."
>not a good idea.
>"i really want to see you. i'm so fucking horny. i just want your dick, please come over."
>get to where i'm supposed to meet her
>don't have my glasses, can't see too well
>there's no one at the spot but what looks like a short haired hooker
>can't be her
>all of a sudden the hooker walks over to my car and leans in the window
>"hey anon"
>this bitch has cut her hair into a pixie and it's spiked with gel, she's wearing thigh high stilleto boots, a red plaid school girl skirt, and a white top tied at the middle with her belly showing... she's got an overcoat on over it to kind of hide it all
>she looks fucking fantastic. even with the hair, which i am not a fan of girls with short hair
>alright, i can work with this
>she smiles, gets in my car, drive to her place she's house sitting at
>get into the kitchen
>she drops the coat on the floor
>asks if i want a beer
>opens the fridge and bends over
Yeah, fucked a girl who thought her schizophrenic brother could talk to interdimensional aliens once. She kept stealing LSD from my fridge to give to him. Shit was lols.
Yes. And she broke my dick. Never let the crazy girl on top.
NEVER stick your cask in crazy! NEVER!!!
>no panties
>staring directly into her asshole
>god damn it, i guess i'm actually going to fuck her
>she's taking waaaay too long with the beer
>fuck it
>walk over and lean over her crotch to ass
>need some help down there?
>"i was just trying to get one from the back so it would be extra cold"
>quietly to myself... like your soul
>this is good and cold, thanks
>she's in full seduction mode, and it's really working
>okay, so why am i over here?
>"well, i want to apologize for being so crazy... i miss you."
>yeah, i was doing pretty well, you think this is a good idea?
>"i don't know, come here..."
>go into bedroom, candles are lit, she hasn't gone in there since we got back, she lit those before she left
>what the fuck
>she gets on the bed on all fours and looks back at me and slowly bends forward and there's her asshole again
>looking at me
>fuck, fine
>walk over and slap her on the ass
>the sex was mediocre, finish up, roll off, laying there
>she rolls over on me, face to face, "i love you"
>"i know you don't feel the same, but i really do. no matter what happens, i want you to know."
>push her off, sit on the edge of the bed, can't do this again, nope
>get up and go to the bathroom
>come back and she's got my phone and she's trying to unlock it
>okay, this was a bad idea, everything is coming back now, gotta go, bye
>grab my shit, walk out, finish getting dressed outside
>she starts texting me, turn my phone off

That was it for that night. She called me about two weeks later and told me that she had a threesome with a girl and a guy and they both had chlamydia and i should probably get checked because she hadn't gotten her results back yet but she might have gotten it.

Didn't get it. Got checked anyway. Never talked to her again.
Your just a pussy that couldn't tame the wild cat
>OP asks /b/ if they've fucked a crazy chick
>OP hasn't realized /b/ is full of virgin beta fags
Yeah it was fucking awesome. Before we started we started talking about how we'd both experienced being molested as kids and then half way through sex she started calling me her little boy and she was my mommy. I nuzzled up to her bosom afterwards and she stroked my hair as I fell asleep. Shit got crazy as fuck the next week though so I haven't talked to her since.

But yeah it/s fun and fucked up at the same time
Sex was pretty awesome.

Every other aspect of the relationship was a nightmare.
my brother did, its her ex-wife. he is all kind of fucked up now.
nigger knows no commas
>longest 3 word green text in mylife

Agreed. Not worth it!

I bet she sucked your ding dong like no other though.
I have a friend who did.

He said the sex was exceptional, but not nearly worth the rest of the crazy. Honestly, from his story, the sex was probably about 50% better than average, but the rest of the relationship was easily 100X crazier. Not at all worth it.

If you're just looking for intense sex, save up money for a special hooker.
Yeah. She had spent some time in a facility, got addicted to xanax and a fucked up shoulder from a straitjacket because of it. Sex was average when she was on top, she would just lay there when I was. I miss her.
.nein hook neded
groom that slut yes GROOMING
File: 1422434994779.jpg (86KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to be the landlord of a duplex that my family bought. I invited 3 other guy friends to live with me at the time and effectively this place became a fucking partying pad.

We did all sorts of stupid shit, drank and smoked a fuckload too. At one point, the girlfriend of one of the roommates invites a barely-of-age friend over to one of the parties (barely in mind, the people who live here are like 21-24).

My roommate friend apparently moved in on her and for untold reasons decided to ditch her (they did nothing sexual). One weekend we decided to throw an 80's themed party and I dressed as Robert Smith. Apparently this chick loved The Cure because I passed out momentarily in my room and woke up to this girl sucking my head.

Like hands down, this was the most amazing blowjob I ever got. This girl knew how to play a dick like it was an instrument. Bare in mind, I'm fresh out of a long-term relationship, so I had a "fuck it" mentality.

For a couple of month, we were fucking like rabbits. This girl swallowed god knows how much of my cum and loved every ounce of it, to a point where she seemed more like my personal nymphomaniac sex toy.

After those months subsided, she started having feelings towards me outside of physical shit (and frankly I was too). So fuck it, we started a relationship that ultimately lasted 2 years.

During this time, I had the most amazing sex of my life. This girl was wet 24/7, willingly blowed me in public places for the thrill of "maybe" being caught. It was a glorious period in my sex life.

Then the crazy side came out of her. She started cutting, hitting herself, having melt downs, etc.

Shit didn't last too long after that. Last thing I fucking needed was people thinking I was the one doing that shit to her. Tried talking about it, but nope, she kept doing it for personal reasons.

Eventually I blew a load in her mouth, ended shit with her, and started dating her best friend, thus repeating the crazy sex cycle.
I have had sex with women all women are crazy therefore I've had sex with crazy chicks.
moar story of friend

fucking love the cure
No, just my sister. Wasnt too bad, she had ketchup in her pussy though.

Captcha: lavia
>Be me
>Crazy girlfriend checks my phone while I'm out
>Sees other crazy bitches
>Goes full crazy mode
>Goes over to her friends house and fucks him almost immediately
>Calls me with the dudes jism still on her face
>her words
>I just bought Subway
>Six inch cold cut toasted with cheddar on Italian herb and cheese bread
>Walking home now, pissed but more hungry
>Bitch pops up out of nowhere
>Proceeds to start screaming in my face on the sidewalk
>Ripping my favorite shirt
>I swing my sandwich arm 180 degrees
>Smacked that bitch with a delicious sandwich
>barely in mind
File: 1420608042515.gif (982KB, 380x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982KB, 380x255px
Oh, I've had a lot of crazy bitches.

This particular one lasted a year:

>Meet this bitch online
>About two years younger than me
>Black chick with huge tits
>Automatically pick up that she has issues based on her family life (mom abandoned her, step dad touched her at one point, etc.)
>She lives about an hour away
>Meet up, have dinner blah blah blah
>We end up fucking the first night
>Shit was pretty damn good
>Heavier bitch, but damn she could suck a cock really damn good and worked to get me off when I was inside her
>Already displaying heavy feeling for me
>I know it's a bad idea, but attempt a relationship

Cut to six months later


>I can't see her a lot because of distance and work
>She messages me all the time eventually saying she wants my baby, loves me, etc.
>Shaking my head and just change the subject
>One week, I don't get back to her
>I was busy as hell and didn't have time
>Weekend goes by and I talk to her on the phone
>"I cried and cried for three days because you didn't talk to me."
>"I'm sorry, I was occupied. I'm free now, what's up? How was your weekend?"
>"I got drunk for two days and..."
>"...and what?"
>"I got a tattoo..."
>Bitch already had stupid ones, but this one topped it all
>Dave Matthew's Band logo
>"All because I didn't answer you?"
>...I missed you and thought you were mad at me."
>Say nothing and hung up, just text back and forth trying to work around her insane bullshit
>Decide to keep her around because fuck it, sex

That was her opening act. The main event was six months later when she moved away.

Her friend and I met one night when she was visiting my crazy girlfriend. During this time, her friend was couch surfing and fresh out of highschool. Her mom died when she was younger and her dad wasn't really supportive, so she sort of lived a very "vagabond" lifestyle in the rave scene for a few months before we met.

She was beautiful, mellow, and very well spoken. Pierced lip, faded pink hair, and tastefully gothic apparel (none of that faggy Hot Topic shit, she just dressed in dark colors and combat boots).

At the end of my relationship, my girlfriend left to France for 3 months while I took up a new (high paying) job doing IT work. Her friend caught on to this, and my (soon to be ex) girlfriend suggested I fix her friends laptop as a means for getting us acquainted.

Girlfriend leaves to France, I drive 3 hours to meet up with her friend to work on her laptop (and yes, my girlfriend knew about it, I was 100% honest with all that shit). Once I got there, I determined the laptop needed more work (hardware problems) and would have to come back with me, and she asked if she could tag along and stay at my place. Pass it by my girlfriend, shes cool with it, I say "sure, crash on my couch".

She packs a duffel bag full of clothes, and comes back with me. The first few nights she crashes on my couch, we have fun drinking and bullshitting, nothing crazy at all. Then she makes her move: I turn around to ask if she wanted another drink and she moves in and starts kissing me. Bare in mind, I had absolutely no intention of doing anything with this girl, yeah my relationship sucked at the time but I still cared about my crazy bitch girlfriend.

Well somewhere between the booze and my sudden adrenaline rush of the situation, I get lost in the moment and she drops to her knees, undoes my zipper, and starts slowly blowing me. One half of my brain is like "OH FUCK, WHAT IS HAPPENING", the other half is like "dude, your relationship was certainly toast anyway".

How can you see in the eyes that she is crazy?
look at that face

Yea? On what do i have to focus

Trick question.
All women are crazy.

>confirmed for virgin 15 yearold

Not a virgin 15y/o.
But i want to know, i never had a crazy gf
got drunk and fucked a crazy girl
no she is incredibly annoying
autist detected
File: 1422597147717.jpg (61KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 720x960px

I noticed that right after I posted, I've had a few ales so pardon my shitty typing lol.


So there we are in my kitchen, shes on her knees giving me an absolutely killer bj. Shes swirling her tongue around my head, lapping the underside of it and lightly nibbling with her teeth just to keep me on guard. Whereas my other girlfriend was amazing was pleasure, this girl was even better at teasing.

I tell her I'm about to cum, and she slows down and gets back up, begins softly kissing my neck and says "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself any longer" (bare in mind we have been chatting as friends casually 2 months prior to this). At this point, I realized I was enamored with this girl, simply put - we just clicked better on a mental and conversational level so the chemistry was already there I suppose.

Without thinking too much about it, I kiss her back and things escalate rather quickly, removing articles of clothing while making out towards the living room. She pushes me on the couch, turn around, and positions herself squatting in reverse cowgirl over my cock and slides me in.

This girl literally fucked my brains out from 1am till 6am, I had to call out from work because I was so goddamn spent and dehydrated. It was an amazing experience we had to say the least.

Anyhow, fast forward past the "should we date?" phase, and yeah we ended up dating for 3 years. Things went amazing until I had to travel more and more due to my job, and she ended up cheating on me. I ended up catching her by keylogging her computer and reading emails she was sending to another guy. I confronted her about it, she cracked, I "forgave" her, we moved forward.

Out of guilt, she let me do her in the ass and come inside her. A fair consolation prize in my opinion, not that it changed how I felt about the relationship lol.

you clearly haven't had much life experience in this department lol

I don't. Never dated a crazy girl. So what should i focus on?
They are all crazy.
File: george2-150x150.jpg (10KB, 150x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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also it's bear, not bare.

for future reference, not trying to be a dick.
she sucked in bed but the shit she would say made my dickbrain insane

Consider that a good thing really, either you've lucked out or simply followed your gut lol.

See for me, the thing I generally pay attention to is overall conveyance of facial expression (which naturally encompasses characteristics centric to the eye). Some experts will tell you that you can tell someone is lying by momentary ticks, movements, or (very) subtle muscle contractions in the face. In a way, the same applies for people who have a certain personality type, granted that this varies from person to person.

The common thing I've found over the years is posture, head movement during conversation, and eye contact. The combination of those things sort of plays in sum in determining (roughly) the personality type you're dealing with.

No offense taken at all, will note good sir.
anal alwas helps
Haha, her face looks like Sid from Toy Story

Dude, I hate fucked the hell out of her cinnamon ring and blew my man yogurt so deep I think she was shitting my cum for a week.
if this is real to any degree im thinking how much of a checkmate this broad just put on herself
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Not really. It's just a matter of learning that you should ride the bull (get on top or behind), and not let the bull ride you.
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