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Loli thread? Loli thread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Loli thread? Loli thread.
are loods welcome?
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I've came so many times to this
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Yes please
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Cute non-lewd loli is best loli.
Get out
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no, no it isn't
But it is! It is!
You're delusional
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any sauce?
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So am I gonna be the only one posting?
Girls in school uniforms are best of all.
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10/10 hottest kid ever alive.
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Go away.
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hello? is anyone there? I don't want to be the only one posting.
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Sup, loli thread?

Would anyone be interested in reading the first five chapters of my loli story? I already posted the first two chapters a month or two ago and I just finished chapter five an hour or so ago. All told it's somewhere around 130K of text. It starts slow, but chapter five has a pretty fucking decent scene.
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loli story?
whats it about?
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Hooray for lolibrides!
Go for it
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The budding relationship between a 25 year old guy and a ten year old he saves from a possible drowning.
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All right I'm in. Post that shit nigga.
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Alright, here goes! It's going to be a while though, like I said, it's 130 or so K.

(You may skip if you'd like, it's unnecessary, but it does explain the why of this story's existence.)

I originally started this story simply as a method of dream creation. By that I mean that as I'm trying to sleep I will occasionally try to start a fantasy narrative in my head with the hope that as I fall asleep it will naturally flow into my dreams. This one turned out too good though and I quit trying to sleep entirely in order to start writing it.

While I was trying to come up with names for the main characters I kept coming back to Karen for the female lead. This is of significance because I primarily associate the name Karen with the older sister character from Rufus Fugit's epic 'Jenny's Couch'. If you want to read an amazing tale of preteen depravity and mind fucking you can't do much better.

(Warning spoilers for Jenny's Couch ahead.)

Much of the story focuses on the character Karen and the narrator's quest to coerce her into more and more outlandish forms of shame and degradation, originally in an effort to keep her from telling her parents of the narrator's sexual encounters with her younger sister Renee. As the story goes on though it becomes less and less about shaming her into silence and more about forcing the notion into her head that her only reason to be is to be a preteen prostitute and that god put her on this Earth specifically for that purpose.

After a number of chapters you can plainly see the effect this has on the child's psyche. She has accepted the fact that she is little more than a sperm receptacle and that she doesn't even have the human right to claim the actions perpetrated on her constitute rape. This didn't bother me THAT much. It did bother me some, but then I reached a chapter which was an interlude that skipped ahead to her freshman year of high school.
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A friend of hers from middle school came up to her at her locker and told her he had something she had too see. He showed her a secret room and then Karen knew what was coming. He was going to ask her for sex. Her whore persona complied, but the little girl inside, which harkened back to her fifth grade self before she was told of her 'calling' was both angry and sad that the first true friend she ran into in her new school only wanted her for sex at that moment.

Towards the end of their encounter Karen is having trouble reaching orgasm, a problem she never has in earlier chapters. Anyhow, she pulls an Exacto blade from her bag and demands that he cut her. He tries to, but can't, however Karen shoves her thigh up into the blade and as her skin is cut her orgasm overcomes her.

This chapter made me truly sad. At that moment I pitied Karen. All I wanted to do was hold her, comfort her and tell her how her true calling wasn't that of a whore and that she's in control of her own life, but I know that even at 15 years old it's already too late for her.

And that's how my own character acquired the name Karen. I like to think of her as the same Karen as from the Jenny's Couch stories, just in an alternate universe. Her family and upbringing might not be the same, but in spirit this is the poor little girl who in the original story learns of sex and love (or lack thereof) in what may be considered a horrific manner. I wanted to give her a happy, uplifting and for once romantic entrance into the world of preteen sex.

Now with that said this is in no way a negative criticism of Rufus Fugit's story. It is an amazingly crafted piece of erotica and I spilled countless loads while reading it, but it cannot be denied that Karen is a poor lost soul who will never experience emotional love and sex at the same time. I just find that to be sad.
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The Perks of Heroism

Chapter One: Hero of the day

It was an uncomfortably hot July day and I needed to cool off. The dam by the old mill was a nice swimming hole and near enough that I could walk, so I set off at about 2PM, taking nothing but a ten dollar bill, stowed in a zippered pocket. It was my just in case money. Never leave home without it, you'll never know what you might need it for.

The walk never took more than about 15 minutes and the roads taken are all minor ways with very little traffic. The dam is in the old industrial end of town that is all but deserted now as far as actual industry is concerned. A number of houses and apartment complexes had sprouted up in around the 70s and 80s. Some of them were low income housing and others middle class. It was not a good part of town, but neither was it bad.

After ten minutes of walking I reached the path through the woods to get to the dam. The going would be slower from here, but it wasn't more than a few hundred yards away anyhow. I could hear the water rushing over and I also heard the sound of other people. The dam was a very popular spot for the teen and 20s crowd and being 25 myself I fit right in. Considering all the commotion surely there were a few people drinking. Nothing wrong with that though. Fortunately the man who owns the land is just fine with people partying and such as long as the dam and surrounding area are kept clean. I'd usually see him three or four times a year and he was never less than welcoming, even enjoying a few beers offered by people likewise enjoying his dam.
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I reached the end of the path and the woods gave way to meadow on either side of the smallish river that splashed over the dam. The dam was built unevenly on purpose and as such the water only poured over the right hand side if you were facing the dam. The ledge of the left side stood about three feet higher than the right and offered a fun little jump of about 12-15 feet. As I made my way onto the dam I saw a kid, looked about 14, jump off and do a half assed cannon ball. When he surfaced his friends cheered for him. Cheering for a cannon ball? Really? Wait till these guys see my aerial skills.

Taking a survey I noticed about 16 to 20 people ranging in age from about 10 to 30. The cannon ball kid was from what appeared to be the largest group, made up of seven kids in their mid to late teens. There was another group of five, these ones 20 somethings, enjoying some afternoon brews. The rest seemed to be lone wolves and couples. One oddity was a little girl, couldn't have been a day over 12 , keeping to herself. She was a cute one, too, Still too young to have any curves, but you could see the promise in her young figure. Her oval face though was immaculate. She had a button nose and her cheeks were flawlessly smooth. Her mouth was formed by a pair of pouty lips that naturally rested in a slight frown. Topping it off she had piercing blue eyes that would outshine diamonds.

I looked away from her and towards the dam. I wouldn't want to be caught leering, after all. After a second person from the largest group jumped I made my way to the jump point and took my spot as if to jump straight in.

"Is it safe?" I asked, as I turned around, positioning my feet so my heels hung just over the edge.

"Yeah man, it's nothing. Come on g-"

That's all I heard as I gave a little grin and launched into a back flip which pierced the water at a perfect vertical angle. I was no greenhorn when it came to the art of air.

I surfaced to a roaring applause as I swam to the edge and climbed out. I casually made my way back to the top of the dam and as I came out of the woods (the path from the bottom intersected with the path I took to get here) the group gave me another cheer.

"That was pretty slick, dude," said one of the guys from the drinking group. "You want a brew?"

"Nah," I replied. I like to keep sober for the tricks.

The little girl walked up next to me and looked up. "Hey mister," she said, "that was a really cool flip."

"Why thank you, little lady," I answered.

I took this opportunity to study her closer. She stood right around four and a half feet tall and wore a one piece bathing suit. It was black with a thick diagonal stripe of electric blue going from her right shoulder to her left hip. Her hair reached the middle of her back, appearing to be dirty blonde, but since it was wet she was probably straight up blonde. The only hint of a womanly figure were the protrusions of her just budding breasts, little more than bumps where her nipples should be. Her hips were still quite narrow and her legs were lean, which made her slight bubble of a butt all the more surprising. Yes, she would indeed be beautiful some day, but then again, I already fancied her today.

"I wanna jump too..." she said, startling me out of my assessment of her body "...but I'm scared."

"There's nothing to it, darling. Just jump out and gravity will do the rest."

"I... I won't hit the bottom will I?" she asked with a look of concern.
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"Not a chance," I assured her. "You're far too light to make it that deep. Just jump right out here and you'll be good," I pointed out to the best direction to jump and she nodded. The little girl turned towards the edge of the dam and threw herself right off a moment later. Brave little girl that one.

Down at the bottom I saw her surface and I cheered for her as she did. She tried her best to swim to the edge of the lower pool, but it was obvious she was having difficulty. A moment later I saw her head duck under the water and I immediately jumped off the dam towards her. I reached her in an instant and pulled her up till her head was clear of the water. She gasped and choked a bit as I swam the two of us back towards the side of the pool.

"Are you OK?" I asked her. "Why on Earth did you jump if you can't swim?"

"I'm fine," she said, "now. Thanks a lot, mister. And I can swim! Just... not very well."

I stood her up and got to my own feet, then motioned her to walk up the path as I followed her. "I see that, sweety, by the way, I'm Shane, what's your name?"

She turned around towards me and at that moment she was on a rock so our eyes were level. She looked straight into my eyes, her shining diamonds piercing my soul and she opened her mouth to answer. "I'm Karen. Karen Labee, pleased to meet you sir," Karen extended her had as she said that.

I reached for her hand and gave her a shake. "Please," I said, "just call me Shane."

"OK, Shane," Karen giggled. "Thank you, so much for helping me. I didn't know what to do back there.

"Well, it's not my place to judge since you're not my child, but I'd never let someone who wasn't a strong enough swimmer swim in a flowing river like this, especially alone. Where are your parents?"

"My mom's at work right now, well, maybe not, it's got to be right around time for her shift to end, maybe she's home already," Karen stated with a slight sigh. I could tell it bothered her. Perhaps her mother worked too much. She continued, "I don't have a father."

Poor little girl I thought, here she is all alone because her mom has to work, probably too much, and there isn't even a father around to care for her.

"Tell you what," I told her as I motioned forward for us to climb the path. "How about the two of us grab a quick snack and I'll walk you home?"

"I don't want to be a burden," Karen said quietly.

"It's no burden, honey," I replied. I could use the company. I'm pretty lonely myself.

"Well, if you insist then sir."

"I do insist, Karen. And I said it's Shane, remember?"

"Ohh, right," Karen said as she turned left onto the path back towards the road. "If you insist, Shane." She let out a little giggle as she said my name. "Sorry Shane, it's just a little weird for me to call an adult by his first name. I was taught never to-"

"Never mind all that. I hardly think of myself as an adult anyway." Karen laughed at that.

We reached the road and I asked Karen which way her house was. "I'm on Briarwood," came her reply, so we walked towards Briarwood, chatting as we went. A few minutes later we were passing a small store and I put my hand on her shoulder. Karen turned and looked up at me.

"How about an ice cream?" I asked her.

"Oh I'd love that Shane," Karen said as she clapped her hands together three times.

"What's your poison?" I asked her as I sidled up to the counter.

"Ohh I'd love some coconut ice cream, it's my favorite."
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"It's one of mine too," I told her. "Two coconut cones please, medium," I told the girl behind the counter. She looked to be about 17 and certainly a healthy specimen with her curvaceous figure and firm breasts, but then I glanced back down at Karen and I knew instantly which of the two I'd rather bed. I fished the ten out of my pocket and paid for the cones, then shortly after the girl handed me one which I handed to Karen. Mine arrived moments later and Karen and I set off towards Briarwood again.

We got to know each other better as we walked. I learned that Karen was ten years old and would be entering the fifth grade at Center Street Middle School this September. I told her I was 25 and I told her about my job, but I think that just confused her so I let her talk more instead. She told me all about the stuff she had done so far during her summer. She took a trip with her best friend's family, as well as a lot of biking, gymnastics classes and of course cooling off at the dam. She seemed to be a very active child, which I'm sure is what keeps her little body so lean.

We finished our cones just as we turned down Briarwood and I looked down at her to see a bit of ice cream dripping off the side of her cheek and running down towards her chin. My mind immediately went somewhere wrong and imagined it was cum dripping from her face after receiving a facial.

"Karen, honey," I said, "you've got a bit of ice cream on your face." Karen just wiped her face with the side of her arm and looked at me again. It was cleaner, but there was still a little smudge. "Close enough," I told her and she giggled at me.

"Here's my house," Karen piped up as we approached an apartment complex and she began walking up towards the main door. "Looks like my mom isn't home yet, well, thank you for everything, Shane."
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"It was my pleasure, Karen," I told her and she reached up to give me a hug. I lowered myself and Karen wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her too and my hands naturally fell to her plump rear end. I gently kneaded her bottom and her body went rigid. I stopped and removed my hands from her pert young butt, not wanting to scare her.

"It's OK," Karen said as she hugged me tighter. I put my hands on her skinny hips and rubbed them gently as I slowly worked my hands back around to her tush. With my hands in place now I once again started massaging Karen's rear end. She melted into me and I could feel the hot skin of her cheek against my chest as she sighed.

Then I realized I was in public in broad daylight groping a preteen girl, so I pulled myself away. "I guess I'll see you later then, kiddo," I said to her as I stepped back.

"Bye Shane. Thanks again for saving me," Karen said sweetly. "Ohhh and thanks for the ice cream, too. It was yummy."

"It was my pleasure, Karen," I told her and waved as she skipped towards her front door. I kept my eyes fixed on her tight rear end. My god was it spectacular. Karen entered and the front door closed behind her, then I turned and started the walk home.

After I got back to the end of Briarwood I started home down the bike path. Karen's house was actually closer to my own than the dam was, so in under ten minutes I was back inside my house. Good thing I suppose. I didn't mean to spend that much time away from home. I still have work to do before the end of the day. I fired up my PC and got ready to work. I let out long sigh as the desktop appeared on the screen.

Had that really just happened? I wondered. Did I really just save an adorable preteen girl from drowning and then get rewarded with a feel of her little ass? Certainly not the worst way I could have spent a day I mused before getting to work.

End chapter one.

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Hell no
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This is the last loli I'm posting /b/ros. Have a decent night.
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Suck a dick, spidey!
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Too lengthy, decided to skip.
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Sorry I'm a slow reader so I'm not caught up yet but yeah homie go for it. You post I'll read.
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That's not even a fifth of it. Did you miss the part where I said it was chapters long?
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Well, OK, if it'll make you happy and this guy >>594715161
mad then sure, I'll continue.

Chapter Two: Karen's Lesson

It had been a very long week. I must've spent 70 hours on my PC over the last seven days trying with varying levels of success to get the damned system to work properly. I don't know what the fuck the idiots over at INTECH did to it, but god damn was it ever fucked. I finally got it to properly recognize data and execute again last night. There's still plenty more to do before it's useable, but it's a start. I slept the sleep of the dead for ten hours and woke feeling better than I had all week. Thinking back though last week was totally worth it. I made a little over $10,000 in those 70 hours of torture. I can only imagine how much the company I work for is going to bill INTECH for my work.

Continuing to think back to last week I chuckled to myself. It was definitely worth it. Last week I met the most beautiful little preteen girl, Karen Labee, rescued her from a possible drowning, befriended the little waif and even managed to cop a feel of her ass. I really hope I get to see her again some day, but what are the chances? I suppose I could wander back and forth on Briarwood hoping she spots me, but I'm not that desperate.

Thinking about it though, I've done very little this week besides work and sleep. I deserve a reward and heading back to the dam for some cool down sounds just great. It was a warm day, but not the scorcher it was last week. Still, I did like a good dip in the river.

Once again I stuffed an emergency tenner into my pocket (It sure did come in handy last time), tossed my shirt onto the couch because I just plain didn't feel like wearing one and headed out to the garage. I pulled my bicycle out, checked the pressure in its tires and took off.
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The ride only took about five minutes before I reached the path towards the dam. I dismounted my bike and wheeled it into the woods. Once again I heard the noise of a crowd at the dam. It was quieter this time, no doubt owing to the fact that it wasn't as hot out. In a few moments I broke out of the woods into the clearing and quickly walked towards the dam. I leaned my bike up next to a nearby tree and took in the scene.

Looking around I saw about eight or ten people around and they all looked to be in their teens. There were no discernible groups this time. Perhaps they were all one group or perhaps they were just socializing. It wasn't important.

I was very much in the mood to jump so I quickly made my way towards the high side of the dam. The small crowd parted for me and I turned around to prepare to do a back flip. I was in the process of bending my knees to propel myself from the ledge when I thought I heard a soft voice call my name. I looked to the left and right, but didn't see anyone. Then I heard it again. It was coming from behind a group of older teens. Looking their way I could see a hand waving over their heads.

I stepped away from the edge of the dam and walked towards the waving hand. "Who is that?" I called and then I saw her. Karen stepped out from behind the group of teens and waved at me. Just seeing her put a smile on my face and I ran up to meet her. She was wearing the same one piece bathing suit as last time but this time her honey colored hair was dry and pulled back behind her in a high pony tail. I held my arms out and Karen wrapped her arms around my waist, her small form pressed firmly against me. I wrapped my arms around her, my left hand came to rest on her left ass cheek and my right found her shoulder.
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I hugged her tightly and I heard her soft voice, almost a whisper, "I missed you, Shane. I missed you so much," she said.

I released her and looked down into her sparkling azure eyes as she looked up at me. "I missed you too, Karen," I told her. "I thought I'd never see you again," I continued. "I guess we're just lucky to meet up again so soon."

"Not exactly lucky," Karen told me with a devilish grin. I gave her a quizzical look and she went on. "I've been here every day since last week hoping you'd come back. And now you have."

I gently nudged Karen away from the dam and towards the meadow, wanting a little more privacy before we really talked. I could feel the stares on the back of my neck of some of the kids around. I didn't want any of them getting the wrong idea (or the right idea, for that matter) so I did my best to keep my hands to myself as Karen and I found somewhere we could talk alone.

When we had enough distance between us and the rest I lowered myself to the soft grass of the meadow, and patted the ground in front of me. Karen had a seat, her legs crossing Indian style the same as mine. I held my arms out slightly, my elbows resting on my knees and my hands palms up. Karen placed her hands in mine and we both squeezed gently as we once again looked each other in the eyes.

"Karen," I began, speaking softly. "Why would you do that? Come here every day just to see me." I gently stroked her fingers with my thumbs as I spoke.

"Because I love you, Shane," came her even response.

"Honey, we only spent barely more than an hour together, you can't possibly know that," My words were gentle, but I could see the pain they caused her.

A tear rolled down one of her cheeks and more firmly she spoke, "I love you, Shane. I love you, I love you, I love you."
I read it, I didn't think it mattered in making a useless post.
is there a tldr of whatever is being posted right now?
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I pulled her close and held her, rubbing her back as her tears started flowing more freely. She kept repeating those same three words, her voice trailing off into sobs as she did. I kept holding her and continued gently rubbing her till she quieted and her body stopped shaking. When I felt that her breathing was even again I pulled away and looked into her eyes once again. They were red rimmed and puffy from crying, but when I gave her a smile she smiled back at me.

"I like you too, sweetheart," I told her, when I finally spoke, "but I don't know if what we have is love just yet. You're so emotional right now because you're thinking about what might've happened if I weren't there to pull you from the river. You're right for feeling the way you do, but before you pledge your soul to me how about you reflect on it for another week or two OK?"

"Ohhhh... OK," Karen said softly. Um... Can, can we just go swim or something? Get my mind off of this."

"Yeah," I said with a smile. But I don't know about here. You're not a very strong swimmer, remember?"

"It's OK," Karen said with confidence in her voice. "You're here, nothing bad can happen to me now."

"Well, OK, we can do one jump," I conceded. "I'll jump first so I'll be down there in case something happens."

"OK!" Karen squealed, obviously pleased. I stood up and extended my hands to her. She grabbed on and I pulled her to her feet. The two of us went towards the dam again, no one giving us any dirty looks any more. That was a relief to me. I didn't want anyone getting suspicious and maybe saying something to the authorities.
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Well, I'm the author, so probably not, but if you need a tl;dr then erotica is not for you.
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I took my spot again at the edge of the dam and turned around to look at Karen. "Ooooh, you're going to do it again," Karen chirped, clapping as she did. I nodded to her as I positioned myself, just my toes and the balls of my feet still on the dam. Then with practiced precision I bent my knees, threw my hands up and pushed myself off of the dam in one clean motion, flipping in the air and adding a half twist at the end. My landing wasn't as clean as the week before, but the trick was better, so I got a loud round of applause when I surfaced. I swam back from the spot where I landed and motioned for Karen to jump.

Without a hint of fear Karen leaped off of the cliff and splashed down about fifteen or twenty feet in front of me. As she surfaced I shouted to her what a brave girl she was. I could see her struggling with her swimming, but I encouraged her and slowly but surely she paddled towards me. When she finally reached me I turned my back to her. Her hands found purchase on my shoulders and when she was close enough she wrapped her coltish legs around my waist. I started swimming towards the edge of the pool with Karen on my back and when I got close enough to the edge I stood up, with Karen still holding on. I stepped up onto the rocks and bent my knees slightly.

"Slide off, Karen," I called back. "I'd be happy to carry you further, but the path is a little too treacherous to do it safely."

The little girl gently dropped to the ground and I turned around to face her when she was free of my back.

"So... what now?" Karen asked.

"I have an idea if you're up for it," I told her.

"Yeah, what's that?"

"I have a membership at the Y," I said. "I can bring a guest too. Want to go to swim at the Y? I can give you swimming lessons while we're there."

"Oh yeah! That sounds fun," Karen answered.

"OK, I'm going to have to go back to my house and get my car," I said that as I started walking up the path, with Karen in step behind me. "You should go back to your house and throw some clothes on over that bathing suit of yours."

"OK, I will," Karen said, happiness in her youthful voice.

We reached the part of the trail that intersected with the path out of the woods and I stopped. "OK, I have to get my bike," I spoke, "but you should just go home now. The fewer people seeing us together the better." Karen nodded. "Now after you get changed go back to the store where we got ice cream and wait inside. I'll stop in with my car, it's a black sports car. When you see me walk in, you just walk out and sit down in the passenger seat, OK?" Karen nodded again. "OK, kiddo, I'll see you in a bit," I said as I started backing off towards the dam. Karen waved at me then turned to go back home.

I went back to the dam, collected my bike and headed back out towards the street. I pedaled quickly home and returned my bike to the garage. I went upstairs to my bedroom and put on a T shirt. Then I grabbed my keys and had a quick bite to eat. I wanted to be sure that Karen had enough time to get home, change and get back to the store before I arrived.

In the garage I opened the door and got into my car, a 2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th anniversary edition. It sure was nice to make enough to afford toys like this, I thought as I sat down inside. I fired up the car, put it in reverse, let the clutch out and backed out of the garage. In only a few minutes I was at the store. I parked my car and entered. I walked to the beverage aisle to grab a bottle of soda or something and I saw Karen standing near the cooler looking in.
>it's ok to have a long winded and boring story because it's ``ART''

She was still wearing her bathing suit, it appeared to be a two toned shirt which disappeared into her tiny purple denim shorts. They hugged her body very tightly and had no back pockets. They may as well have had a sign on the back saying "pedos stare here." A pair of black flip flops finished off her summer look.

She saw me and smiled. I nodded to her. "Can I have this?" she asked, holding up a bottle of Coke she had just fished out of the cooler.

"No," I said and she pouted. I took the bottle from her and put it back in the rack before grabbing two glass bottles of Coke. "You can have one of these though, Coke tastes way better with real sugar." She smiled once again. I gestured towards the door. Karen got the hint and started walking towards the exit.

I took the bottles of soda to the counter and the clerk rang me up, I paid with cash and then returned to the car. As I lowered myself into the driver seat and closed the door Karen looked at me with a huge smile on her face. "This sure is a nice car," she said. "I've never been in one. You must be really rich or something."

"I like it too," I told her, "it's fast as fuck and no one ever asks me to help them move," I chuckled as I said that. Karen smiled too. "I wouldn't say I'm rich though," I continued, "well off certainly, but not rich." I used the edge of my key chain and popped the cap off of one of the bottles of coke and handed it to her. I followed suit with the other, then I leaned my bottle towards her and Karen clanged hers together with mine.

"To new friendships" I proclaimed.

"To new friendships!" Karen agreed emphatically.

I started the car and pulled onto the road. As I did that Karen started poking at the dash, I assumed she was trying to turn the radio on. I brushed the back of her hand with my fingers and took hold, wrapping my own fingers around to her palm. I then guided her hand through the sequence on the touch screen to turn on the radio.
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herpderp exposition is for dolts

"So what are we going to listen to?" I asked Karen.

"How about some Boyzone?" she said. Then she started cracking up. I chuckled along with her. She tuned the radio to the local pop station. Well, it wouldn't be my first choice, but I could put up with that. Taylor Swift's most recent single starter pumping out of the speakers, far too loudly. "Why so loud? Karen shouted over the radio then she turned it down to a listenable level.

"Metal is supposed to be loud," I answered.

"So, you're a metal head, huh," Karen said, more a statement than a question.

"Yup, and you listen to boy bands," I said with a laugh. Karen gave me a dirty look before cracking up herself. I liked watching her laugh.

I continued navigating the streets while Karen's head bobbed with the music. Whenever I was in the same gear for more than a few moments I'd lay my right hand on her left hand or brush her arm or leg. Any sort of friendly contact. I could tell she liked it and I did as well.

Twelve minutes of driving later we arrived at the Y and we both got out of the car and I locked it with the fob. Then I popped the trunk and grabbed out a pair of towels. I handed one of them to Karen and she thanked me, then we both made our way into the building. I showed the counter person my membership card and told her that Karen would be my guest. She wrote something down onto a notebook and asked me if I'd need a lock.

"Two, please," I said and she gave them to me. I gave one of them to Karen and told her to follow me. We walked down a hallway and when we reached the locker rooms I motioned Karen towards the women's room. "Change up and leave your clothes and towel in a locker. Just like gym class I'm sure. I'll meet you right here."
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Writefags. Not even once.

"OK! Karen said excitedly and made a bee line for the proper locker room. I entered the men's locker room and quickly changed. After shoving my shirt, shoes and towel into a free locker I made my way back out to where I told Karen I'd meet her. A minute or two later Karen walked out of the other locker room and started walking towards the aquatics room, with Karen on my heels.

The aquatics room was huge. It would have to be to hold a lap pool, a kids pool and a pair of hot tubs. The lap pool also had a pair of diving boards, one just off the surface and the second one on a platform ten feet from the water. I wondered how long it would be before I'd be showing Karen how to dive from that.

I walked over to the counter where a woman was stationed and handed her my key. Karen saw what I did and followed suit. The woman put the two keys into a cubby together and reminded me of the two lock numbers. I thanked her and walked away.

I led Karen over to the kids pool and she was about to object till I told her that she was a beginner and that three or four feet of water was plenty to learn in anyhow. I jumped right in, making a bit of a splash, but not bothering anyone who was already in the water. Karen followed me in, her tiny body making a much smaller splash.

"Now, this might sound silly, but when I was a kid and my mom sent me to swimming lessons the teacher always started every lesson by having us blow bubbles into the water, so lets have at it, kiddo," I smiled at Karen and then lowered my face to the water line. I started blowing bubbles and Karen giggled before doing it herself. "OK, Karen, now that you're nice and relaxed, how about you show me what you can do. Swim towards the other end of the pool." I pointed beyond myself towards the deeper end of the pool. It was only four feet at the deepest point, so Karen would be safe.
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Illiteratefags. I don't know why I'm still typing, you probably can't read this.
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Karen clumsily began swimming away from me and I followed her easily. I saw right away a number of issues with her technique, but allowed her to finish off what I asked. By the time she finally reached the other end and grabbed onto the side of the pool she was huffing and puffing. "How'd I do?" The child asked expectantly."

"Well, You're definitely putting in a lot of effort." She frowned slightly at that. "It's OK, that's why we're here," I told her. "Now hop on and I'll swim us back to the shallow end." I turned my back to her and again she latched on the same as back at the dam. I gave a number of strong stroked and propelled us to the other end in no time. Karen dismounted and stood looking up at me.

"OK, so what'd I do wrong?" she asked.

"Well," I said, "The first thing is your hands are all wrong. Look do this," I showed her my hand as I cupped it slightly. "This way you catch the water in your hand and push it back, thus pushing you forward."

"Alright," Karen said. "Anything else?"

"Your arms are all over the place," I informed her. You want a more consistent stroke. Keep your elbows around 90 degrees and pull with your shoulders like this," I showed her the motion with my arms and she mimed me. "Good, now what I want you to do is lay on my hands and when I say so start doing that, OK?"

"OK!" Karen replied excitedly. I'm glad she was enjoying the lesson. I got the impression that she enjoyed learning.

I held my arms down, elbows at an angle and put my hands out palms up. My hands were a good foot under the water. Karen sort of jumped at my hands and I caught her, positioning my left hand between her chest and belly button. My right hand supported her under her thighs. I lifted her up till she was most of the way out of the water. It felt like I was lifting a cloud. She couldn't have weighed more than 65 pounds.
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"OK, Karen, give it a shot," I said and the youngster started doing the motion I showed her. I could feel her pulling herself forward and I held back enough to keep her in place. "Good, good, now point your toes and kick." She followed this instruction as well and I lowered her into the water and let her go. She took off towards the other end of the pool and reached the side much faster than her first try. I followed her over and she turned around just as I got there.

"And how was that?" she asked smiling.

"Much better, honey," I told her truthfully. "You're a very quick learner."

"That's what my school teachers say too," Karen beamed as she spoke.

"Now how about we keep doing laps for a bit?"

"Okie dokie, Shane!" Karen said, her voice full of cheer and she took off towards the shallow end. I swam after her and caught up quickly, at which point I slowed to match her speed. We both reached the other end and I stood expecting Karen to stop, but she turned around and headed right back the other way. I again paced her and at the other end she did the same thing.

She finally stopped when we reached the shallow end again and she stood up. I stood up too and looked down at her. Her face was the very image of happiness. "This is so much more fun than before," Karen said, her voice practically a song. "Is there anything else I need to do differently?" she asked. I was proud of her for wanting to keep improving.

"You're doing great, Karen," I told her truthfully. "The only thing I can think of is maybe try kicking your feet harder and faster. Your leg motion should start at the hips and flow all the way down. Think of the way a fish wiggles its tail. I think you can get even quicker if you do that."

"Can do!" Karen said with confidence and started towards the other end again.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold on, kiddo," I said loud enough for her to hear. She stopped and looked at me, concerned.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked.
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"Quite the opposite," I said. "I thought maybe you'd like to try the big pool instead."

"You sure?" she asked.

"Absolutely!" I proclaimed.

"OK then," Karen swam towards the edge of the pool and pulled herself up and out of the water. I was right behind her and as she strained to get her right knee up to the side of the pool she bent slightly at the waist. As she did so I had a magnificent view of her taught backside. I could see her muscles working as she extracted herself from the water and realized that the plumpness of her rear came not from any extra padding, but from a very strong pair of glutes. I quickly figured out that it must have been the work of her gymnastics classes, although perhaps just a bit of help came in the form of superior genetics.

I pulled myself our of the water and adjusted myself, not wanting Karen to see that I was at half mast. Luckily she never looked back, but instead quickly walked towards the lap pool. She jumped right in and I followed her. She took the right hand edge lane and I took the one next to her. For the next twenty minutes the two of us swam lengths, stopping every now and again to chat. Karen's technique kept improving and by the time we stopped for the final time you'd never know that just an hour or so ago she could hardly swim.

"Do you know how much time you have till your mom gets home?" I asked her. "I should probably get you home before she does."

"Just let me out at the park at the end of my road," Karen said. "I can walk home from there and mom will never know."

"Can do, kiddo," I said to her. "Now how about we go get dried off and change?" Karen Nodded and the two of us swam towards the ladder. I offered her the opportunity to exit first, partly to be considerate, but mostly because I wanted another look at her shapely rear end. After getting out I went to the counter and retrieved our keys. I gave Karen hers and the two of us went to our respective locker rooms.

I threw on my shirt, socks and shoes quickly and again was out before Karen was. Karen came out moments later and the two of us left the building and piled into my car. I put the key into the ignition and was about to start the car when Karen spoke. "I want to thank you for this, Shane," she said. "Now I'll never have to be scared of the water because of you."

"It was my pleasure, Karen," I said smiling at her.

Karen threw herself over the center console and wrapped her arms around my head pulling me towards her. Before I knew what was happening she was kissing me. I was a little stunned, but regained myself fairly quickly. I didn't do anything to stop her though as she pressed her lips against mine more firmly. Finally realizing again just how public this parking lot was I broke the kiss and gently pushed her away.

"I'm sorry," Karen said, a hint of guilt and sadness in her voice. "It's OK if you're mad at me."

"I'm not mad, honey," I replied. "I'm concerned. This is a very public place. If people saw me kissing a ten year old I could be in a lot of trouble."

"So... you didn't hate it?" Karen asked, hopefully.

"Honestly, I wanted it as much as you do. I know it's wrong, but it felt right."

"I thought so too," Karen said. "The naughtiness of it all is exciting. It doesn't hurt that you're a major hunk either." I smiled at that compliment.

"Well, maybe next time we can leave a little earlier and find some privacy somewhere," I suggested.

"So, there's gonna be a next time?" Karen asked. "Good to know."

"Of course there's going to be a next time, honey," I answered with a big smile. "I still have to teach you how to dive."

"Ohh I'd love to learn that, thanks."
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