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no asian cutie thread? asian cutie thread!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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no asian cutie thread? asian cutie thread!
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fuck! forgot to mention: any experiences with going to asia and getting tons of girls?
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Why make it more difficult for yourself? Just go to any US college with the slightest hint of name recognition and there'll probably be a decently sized Asian community in it.
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i'm a eurofag
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guys, wht happened to this board? cant we even ahve a decent asian-thread any more?
So....London or Paris? Though, at that point I guess you'd be going purely Chinese or close to it.

I've never been to an Asian country myself but there are tons of Youtube videos where Asians (usually guys) try to figure out why Asian girls like white dudes so much, etc. Even places that speak English like Singapore just view white dudes as exotic and a welcome break from the norm.

But for general knowledge that's widely shared by people who have gone (on here and people I know personally):

-stick to cities, people will like rather than shun foreigners
-most cities will have clubs and bars frequented by foreigners. White-chasers go there on purpose to get white dick
-other clubs will probably see mixed results, but they still exoticize you (friend was pulled on stage to rap to a DMX song for being American, everyone was hype)
-you're a novelty, so you could very well get laid just so the girl can say she did it

Don't buy into all the people who claim to be running a fucking Sultan's harem but do walk into it with the confidence that you're at least getting most girls' attention. Like the only black dude at Slavic church.
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Why would you want to fuck anything else than isn't master race? You're either not white or you're too ugly to get the real women. Either way, you're a faggot and should kill yourself before you get rice ebola from those chinks.
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Time to contribute

My cute and porn folders are mixed up, so if I'm purposely going for cute this might take a little while.

White dudes are master race, not white women. Asian women aren't all keepers but I'm passed done with white girls
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>at that point I guess you'd be going purely Chinese or close to it.

i'm mainly into chinese, from what i know (they all look the same xD). just wondering why you suggested chinese?

>you're a novelty, so you could very well get laid just so the girl can say she did it

that'd be lovely. i guess i'm a stable 7/10 here in germany. that should do it...


disgusting! thread requests CUTIES!
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<Time to contribute

you may continue

Paris and London are the only cities in Europe that I know of which have Asian enclaves, and from what I understand they're largely Chinese. I really don't know much about Asian diaspora beyond the Americas, though. (Relatively certain that girl you posted is Korean, by the way).

You should do OK, I've heard from a few Asian girls I know that they're into strong white features because they've sort of internalized that as a male standard of beauty (their words, not mine... and they were born in Asia). I think Northern European male looks would do well. Especially if you're blonde, since that's impossible to find naturally in Asian men.
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sorry, still trying to pick out the cute from the porn
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I'm sort of struggling to curate what I've got so at most there'll probably be about 5 more, but don't be surprised if it is fewer.
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Newcomer here, I might have a couple
(I think this one is from the band dempagumi.inc)
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I got some but it will be slow posting, I have a lot of crap to look through.
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(and most if not all of mine are japanese)
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God damn having yellow fever is bothersome.... I'm not even obsessed with Asian culture but there's just something about an Asian women that I can't put my hands on, my penis on the other hand..
Good mother nature, I am lost, may that picture and trips guide me back at you.
Does any one have a picture of an asain girl that was posted few months back in a cowboy hat? Plz help
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>something about Asian women I can't put my hands on

Their bodies
Well I'm going to China this spring and I hope to put my hands on some...
Her eyes are huge... Not that I didn't like that tho
Save this thread niggas, it's the first Asian thread I've seen in days
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Bumping. Don't let this die
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