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Girl I lost my V-Card to. Retell your first time /b/

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Girl I lost my V-Card to. Retell your first time /b/
Pics please OP
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You're still an ugly fucking reject though.

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>be me
>friends with benefits with this one girl
>shes 6/10 but funny and cool
>shes afraid that if we have sex i'll leave her bc she wants a relationship and i dont
>tell her i wont leave her
>she says ok and we do it
>a week later i leave her
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> be 19
> dating same girl since freshman year (5 years )
> too scared to have sex because she thinks it's going to hurt too bad (almost 7inch cock)
> 5 year relationship, both still virgins
> feels
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I had more pics of her but got robbed so I lost my phone. Probably the best part was she had pierced nipples.
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Get yourself tested, dude.
Sweet cropping bro
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>friends with benefits
>afraid of sex
I don't think you know what that term means
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Have you become a man yet, faggot?
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thats a fucking disgusting pussy. enjoy your hpv
Those fucking tits my god
>no sex
>break ups

you seem to be confuuz
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what the dick.jpg
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>put on a condom
>inserted penis
>came literally after 2 seconds
eating skittles right now. shits good yo
For me, I was drunk as fuck and couldn't get it up. So for the longest time I just ate her out. That pic is when she finally got on top of me
>23 years old
>sick of being virgin
>go on dating site, send messages to literally every single girl within 25 miles of me.
>at least 500 messages sent
>2-3 fat/ugly chicks actually get back to me
>pick one out that's closest to me (and not black)
>end up going out with her a few times, meet her friends
>her friends are actually chill as fuck and I wouldn't mind being a part of their group
>spend about a month making out/oral sex
>after about 2 months we talk, she feels we're getting serious enough that she wants to have sex
>she's a virgin, I lied and said I wasn't
>Have super awkward sex, last about 30 seconds before I cum
>leave, never speak to her again.
>Looked her up on facebook recently and she's now engaged to a girl hotter than my current girlfriend

tl;dr I was a fat lesbian's one bad experience that she probably refers to when talking about how she first knew she was gay
So bad at fucking you literally turned a women gay.
Any tips on not being retarded the first time?
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>text bro to hang
>stepsister answers says my bro is passed out
>ask her if she wants to smoke the weed I was gonna smoke with bro
>she accepts
>Steal parents car and pick her up at like midnight cuz I'm only 15 and can't drive yet
>pass a cop on the way over nearly shit myself
>we go to the park after dark and smoke that tumbleweed
>we're talking and shit when she decides to run through the field barefoot
>gets stickers in foot so I carry her back to the playground with smooth ground
>lay her down and put my arm around her
>kiss her forehead then she looks at me so I kiss her mouth and we start making out harcore
>tell her we shouldn't fuck and she agrees but this only makes her want it more
>two hours later it's time to drop her off we had just been fooling around for that time
>change my mind and say "there's still the back seat"
>"I'll be in the back "
>throw her down
>remove all her clothes
>fuck the shit out of her
>she starts yelling my name and this makes me lose so I pull out and cum on her thigh
>as she's getting out of the car she says "I love you"
>didn't talk to her for 8 months then call her up for some more sexy stuff
>she's still in love with so she agrees
>meet up and fuck regularly
>only use her for sex
>mfw when I'm still fucking her and she still loves me even though I fuck other girls that she knows about
Do a tactical
Don't drink
Also porn will ruin your expectations of chicks. Unless, you know, she's a porn star
Fuck that's gold.
I was joking mate, no hard feelings. I had a hard time getting a boner first time as well.
i was 17
she was 16
i got hard
i put my P in her V
it was tight and warm
i came in condom
Oh, I thought you were the one I responded too.

Well, as anon says >>593621692

Also, do not overthink. Overhinking, basically thinking, am I doing this correct? Is she getting off? Why can't I properly thrust in this position etc. Don't think like that. Just simply think, damn I'm fucking this girl, holy shit this feels good
Succinct. Efficient. Well Played.
Fair enough. Still a virgin but I know this girl is like fucking in love with me and has fucked before and I'm preppin for the big day.
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The usual for most people I guess.
>Girl was nervous, super tight, difficult to get it in
>Eventually just decided and fucking forced it.
>Tears were shed on her side but I told her "this is how it always is the first time"
>She nods, believes me. ok.jpg
>Proceed to have really tight, slow sex for about 15 mins, loads of stopping, reassuring, kisses etc.
>She hurts too much so I decide to pull out, don't get to cum

Sex only gets better. The first time is usually shit, so don't let it get to you if it flops. pic related
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My friends 32 year old mom when I was 17. Friend was cool with it.
>Be 21
>Despite being really attractive can't really get the hang of it, was a loner in HS
>Always waiting for the girl to actually do something beyond looking at me
>happened a lot before too, but I was too much of a faggot/whiteknight to take up on pretty direct proposals from hot girls even
>Man up into it finally, this year's August
>Approach, kiss, take her home from club
>Can't get hard
>Trying for hours, still can't
>Fuck her with my glorious halfchub, finger, give her a massage bc I still want her to have a good time
>Wasn't nervous at all, not for a single moment
>Actually a lot less awkward and a lot better experience than I expected
>She wants to date but nah
>No action since then
>be me
>be 18
>be with this girl in serious relation
>she's 7/10, nice athletic body, fucking like a rabbit since 14yo
>she's blowing me off in her flat building atrium
>decides she wants it all
>she grounds me and starts riding like it's the rodeo
>gloriously come the cumming of a life
>rinse and repeat other three times
>returning home, spent the whole night realizing wtf happened

Relation ended up with her being oppressive, phisically abusing me (karate black belt) etc. etc.
Crazy bitch, but still, some of the best fucks of my life.
Yeah, how old are you mate, and how old is she? How long you guys been dating?

If she has fucked before, you're prob gonna be lucky and she'll use pills. Dropping the condom, you'll feel like a king, but might cum 2fast too
>decided to fuck a whore one day
>fucked her
>went home
you lost your v card to a whale,fucking white trash faggot
We are both 18. Haven't started dating but she has been hinting super fucking hard that she wants to date me recently.
> be me 15 and 14 gf
> freshman in high school
> we have biology together
> one day she's really horny
> tells me to finger her in class
> sure why not
> finger her
> could definitely see my dick in this pussy
> after school go to her house
> have really bad sex
> last about 4 minutes
> at least I'm not a virgin
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> be 18 collegefag back then
> be disappointed after bejng rejected and ostracized from a bunch of weebs for fantasizing about their hot cosplayer friend and wanting to fap in her mouth.
> decides to go on an "I'll fukk anything that walks" phase.
> go on an sms chatroom forum and hook up with a 27-year old computer analyst
> went on one date with her and afterward, she called me a player. kek.
> went on another date and we watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
> had a massage with her at a nearby motel
> v-card removal process occurs
> in the text of Charlie Sheen "#winning"
>be about 14 or 15 hanging out with a friend at his house
>he's got this neighbor that comes over all the time and annoys the shit out of us
>all we want to do is use the potato gun and launch bottle rockets
>annoying neighbor has a slightly less annoying sister
>one day neighbor comes over while friend and I our hanging out, says he wants to show us something
>we say not interested, but he won't let it go
>go over to his house, walk around the outside, peek through a window, sister is watching teh pron and fingering herself
>we knock on window and the bro freaks out and bolts
>we give girl thumbs up
>she opens window and we talk
>says she'll blow us (me and friend)
>we're like both of us and she says yeah
>climb through window, let this girl blow us
>guess my friend gets bored waiting on his turn, goes down on her
>she switches us up and I'm fingering her
>she's not paying attention, start rubbing dick on slit
>she's not complaining or really paying attention
>stick it in
>cum inside of her pretty quick
>friend nuts in her mouth
>put on clothes back out the window
>back to his place and launch bottle rockets
That actually sounds pretty fucking cool.
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she cheated on her boyfriend with me. didnt talk for a long time. still friends.
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sorry for no greentext here are bj stories

>first bj
>rub boobies
>she moan
>she grind up on me
>more rubbing
>more moaning
>she go down
>she suck
>and suck
>still sucking...
>never finish
>jerk off in her mouth

>first REAL bj (same girl)
>i get hard in bed
>she suck
>and suck
>i moan
>and groan
>i bust fattest load in memory
>she takes it all in her mouth
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Found one pic of the morning after.
Eh. Kinda.

Some crazy stories with this bitch, if anyone interested I might share.
Yes please! This is my first thread. POST THAT SHIT
Go on, I find the idea of a dominant karate black belt pretty arousing tbh.
is she from pennislvania op
Nope, we live in Athens
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>Be 19
>Meet 6.5 girl through homosexual friend
>She had beautiful body but a so-so face
>Seems cool but came with some beta guy friend
>Turns out to be her ex-boyfriend
>We meet up the next day to chill at her apartment
>Her ex still lives there so it's super weird
>Seems cool with me hanging around for now
>He leaves for work
>Me and her end up fucking
>Fuck for an 30 minutes without cumming
>She decides we take a break and we cuddle naked
>Eventually start fucking again for another 20-30 minutes until I feel it coming
>Tells me to cum inside her
>Stupidly do so
>Feels fucking awesome
>Cuddle naked for awhile until I bail before her ex comes around

Now that I'm older I see how fucked that situation was. I stopped coming around after he caught us and freaked out. In a happy relationship now after all the crazy bitches in the past.
While he is greentexting, tips on how to get the first kiss without being dumb/awkward? After first date?
Just let if happen. If it doesn't happen. DONT FUCKING FORCE IT
Just act like a normal person. If at some point she's pretty much right on top of you and her face is within 6 inches of yours, look at her lips, get your face in position to kiss and move a little bit closer, if she moves away you're done, if not great job.

Otherwise go in for a kiss at the end of the first date. Don't force yourself on her, go slow enough that she feels like she can back out at any point if she wants.
That's exactly what Adam would say.
>be 16 year old me
>talking to some crazy punk puerto rican bitch
>big ass, nice tits, pretty toned down stomach
>overall 7-8/10
>She has a bf about 2 years older then me, so i didn't assume anything like that would happen with me
>she start coming to my house and hanging out, watching me skateboard and smoking weed and shit
Fast forward a few months
>at a bonfire party in the woods with a few friends
>get a text
>"hey anon, my parents went to bed and i'm bored, what are you doing"
>nothing, drinking and smoking at a bonfire.
>"Well when you're done with that you should come over, i'm bored"
>ask my friends wtf i should do
>they all tell me to go over and stop being a fucking bitch
>end up riding my skateboard about 3 miles from the party to her house
>text her that i'm here
>she tells me to meet her in the backyard
>she comes out back with a blanket and lays it on the ground and we lay on top of it and she starts kissing me and shit
>massive boner starts rubbing on her leg
>she looks at me and starts giggling and grabs it
>"anon, what's this?"
>Uhh nothing, i'm just happy to see you
>"Good, cause so am i"

Proceed to lose virginity on that blanket, then in the house cause it started raining. Her bf never found out, and we fucked like rabbits for a few months after that.
Sounds more like Fred to me
Classic Adam
Does anybody else think that finding your second girl is way harder than the your first? I was with a 6/10 gf for 18 months. Lost my v-card to her and broke up with her last September. Now I have a 3/10 coming to my place on Saturday who definitely wants to fuck me and I don't know if I should just give in because it's been a few months since I have fucked somebody.
Seriously not Adam, name starts with a G.

Eh. Good for you I guess.

Anyway, I'll start with a little flashback with another grill.


>be 15
>teenage angst hitting hard
>develops everest-tier crush on girl
>friendzone in 12.7 seconds
>goes talking to friend who is a girl but that is not a girlfriend
>she cheers me up with a couple of beers and a little walk in the woods
>sitting watching the sea, she suddenly turns to me and asks if I'd like a blowjob

why shouldn't i drink
You sound like Eddie
What anon. said, I wouldn't recommend forcing it, wait for chemistry and for it to feel natural I guess. Also, don't be afraid of it, it's not difficult or anything, your instincts will take it from there. Though idk, I didn't initiate my first one
>Tired as shit, barely moving
>Really hot Mexican girl comes up to me
>Tell her I'm tired
>Don't do shit
>Maybe she'll just go away
>Doesn't, kisses me out of nowhere
>Wtf, I didn't imagine it like this
>End up making out hardcore with groping her tits and whatnot
>Be a total faggot and refuse to go to her room
>This was enough excitement for one night
>Was afraid of being awkward
do it
>9 lines
File: 1310650820313.jpg (11KB, 308x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18
>be summer vacationing in Germany for a week
>local friend introduces me to a qt314
>one year older than me, slim brunette, swim, dance, and theater dork
>bond over languages we are respectively learning
>started sleeping over at her place (only her hotter sis was there, parents were traveling)
>one thing let to another
>on day_(t-1) while making out I jizz in my pants, pic related
>the shame
>be overthinking it. No big deal...
>on day_ (t) clothes come off
>go down on her
>she be surprised cuz she though i was an expert
>we take each other's virginity
>le most wonderful feel in the world ='D
>le eyes sparkle
>........and I am done in 1.43 seconds ='(
>she says: "what? it's already over?"
>the shame
>realize she been holding back tears from the pain
>her flower be deflowered and bloody
>she starts crying
>be feeling horrible cuz I think I hurt her a lot and disappointed her
>few days laters be leaving Germany to go home
>be feeling horrible for weeks and weeks
>decide to give up on sex and become a wizard
>be freshmen at college that Fall
>meet several sex goddesses
>mfw finally become good at sex ^_____^
The legend of the whiskey dick still haunts me to this day. If you can't save your first time with eating her out and pleasuring her, a part of you will die
Okay faggots sit down and listen to how I lost it to the love of my life.

>be me
>gf 17
>both virgins
>still with same girl today
>staying with her for a week and her parents are chill with it
>one day things get heated
>attempt to put it in
>get 1/4 in she says no go too painful she isn't ready
>pull out

Flash forward to my last day staying there

>late at night we are in bed
>been watching her text over her shoulder
>texting her friends about how she's scared to lose it
>they all seem to reassure her
>we are laying down cuddling the usual
>gets heated again
>eventually she's ontop of me wearing nothing but my shirt
>ask if she wants to try this
>she nods
>grab a condom
>she's positioned over me
>ask if she's ready
>"I love you anon"
>I love you too
(Part 1 of ???)
>tells me to put it in since she obviously doesn't know what she's doing
>put it in
>she moans and goes down a little
>it's almost half in and she's tense and panting saying she thinks she's still not ready
>my body is ready
>can tell hers is too
>tell her to hang in there for me and reassure her, kiss, ect.
>grab her hips and push her down as gently as possible
>sharp inhales
>tightest thing I've ever felt
>can feel myself stretching her out and being the biggest thing to ever be in her
>she takes some deep breaths and gets situated while I slowly squeeze all the way inside
>she's taking a breather
>saying it's not as bad as she was expecting
>flex dick
>she tenses up and places her hands on my chest and tells me not to do that with a shy look of pain
>she comes down on me and is showering me with affection and smothering
>she sits back up decides she should move
>starts grinding on me
>hold her hips while she starts to ride me and gets the hang of it quick
>becoming a champ right then and there
>she used to ride her fingers so she's "practiced"
>she gets the hand of it and is going at her own pace, slow, fast, grinding
(Part 2 of ???)
>be me
>go to cinema with gf
>fuck her in stairwell behind cinema
>15 years
>my sisters best friend (14) gets my number
>she keeps texting me
>starts talking about hour horny I get her
>says she thinks we should just be friends
>oh, okay
>says she still wants to fuck my brains out
>only 15 and someone wants to be my fuckbuddy
>she comes over to hang with my sister
>sneaks into my room
>locks door
>MFW I didn't have condoms
>MFW still a virgin
inb4 pic-related for all of you cis-male-anon
*ducky taps webbed-feet excitingly*

nigger detected


>almost 7inch
>it's going to hurt too bad


virgin faggots never seen a razor bump up close

File: steph.webm (793KB, 640x480px)
793KB, 640x480px
here's a webm
>after a couple of seconds staring at her, my brain answers the only sensate thing to answer
>girl laughs
>"Here's the deal, you throw a coin, head I suck your dick, reverse we go home"
>start furiosly looking for a dime, a thaler, a golden solidus, no coin is to be found around
>"Would a shoe be a good substitute for a coin?"
>girl laughs again
>"Sure, why not."
>launches shoe in the air, praying god to have it land upright
>it does
>my inner footbal stadium explodes in a cheer like it's Germany 2006 all over again
>girl goes down, sucks me with heavenly deepthroathing skillz
>bust a nut in her mouth
>she performs the Sasha Grey trademarked look-have-cum-in-my-mouth-aaand-now-it's-no-more thing
>MFW my first blowjob was decided by a shoe

I still have that shoe by the way. My mother keeps asking why I don't put it in the trash. It's hard to come by with new stories for her to not do it.
I kept contacts with the girl and had the occasional blowjob every now and then.


>holding her hips tight, making eye contact and assisting her
>she asks if I can do the work now with a shy face and a smile
>she gets off and then with a face of realization she looks for blood
>no blood, we took our time, she was wet af, and I had been warming her up to it
>she sighs in relief and kisses me
>we try to get into a few positions but both have no clue
>agree on mutual position of her on her knees and elbows
>take her from behind, easier insert this time
>she's loving it
>going at it, teasing her, grabbing that nice small ass
>almost cum so stop for a second
>continue and she's got her face in a pillow
>"anon?.. Can you sit still for a second?"
>agree and pull back a bit

(Part 3 of ???)
Ayyyy lmao

>be me
>21 years old in college, introvert faggot
>kind of fat, not particularly good looking
>at a college party drinking and shit
>lots of people and chicks there
>beer pong, girl needs partner
>not super hot, but a solid 7 with huge tits
>drunkenly volunteer, we do bad but its fun
>start talking and drinking more
>later that night most people gone home
>she says she's going home
>drunkenly offer to walk her back
>get to her place, she starts making out
>just go with it
>go inside, keep making out and stripping down
>in bed ready to fuck
>cant get it up
>she says "oh well it happens"
>spend night cuddling and finger, eating out
>still pretty good night

>next night she texts me asking to come over
>just go with it, go over
>end up losing v-card for real
Do you have like autism or something?
no. you just need to play the game more
OP here
>First Time Story, on my pc now
>Roommate's 21st bday
>20 at the time
>Call her over to celebrate
>All my friends know her as her pet name that ive given her
>She will forever be known as Pussycakes
>FF to 1am-ish
>Door opens up party is stil going everyone is confused as to why someone showed up
>I look up and yell PUSSYCAKES! at the top of my lungs
>Collective "Ohhhh" in room
>We party together that night and i take her outside to smoke
>Start getting real close asks me if i want a cig
>Say no, quit 4 years ago
>Impressed with my self control, keeps asking me
>"There is something else i want tho"
>"What is it OP?"
>Look her in the eyes and start kissing her softly, then harder
>She moans a bit
>Slip my hands under her bra and start playing with her nipples
>Moans and says "Theyre sensitive"
>Keep macking for a little bit longer
>Take her back to my room and we start undressing
>Says "Oh honey, you having trouble"
>My face could melt the arctic circle
>Be straight up with her and say "Yeah..."
>Instantly starts deepthroating me
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3/10 wtf is wrong you with you? Dont be a betafag: dont bang anything less than 8/10
>be me
>be 14 (15 in a week )
>go to gf's house
>meet parents.gig
>go to her room
>make out alot
>grap her legs
>get her horny
>she closes her door
>mfw this is it now or never
>start to finger her
>says I'm good
>orgasms twice
>leave it 1hour
>get get horny again
>put in dick
>start Fucking her
>didn't cum she did again
>fuck her again a while later
>no condoms
>pull out
>have smoke
>walk home 6miles
>get kebab
Good sunday.jpeg
OP Continuing here
>She starts going to town
>I start loosing it
>Alpha-Prime Engaged
>Take her by the hips and thrust her down onto me
>She moans so loudly pretty sure the entire apartment could hear
>Fuck her for another hour and a half thanks to the numbing abilities of alcohol.
>Finish on her face
>Looks up at me and says "So... how was your first time"
>Start giggling
>We cuddle and pass out
Pretty successful first time imo
Do like me and awkwardly officially ask her to be your girlfriend and she'll laugh say ok and kiss you, in a happy relationshit for 5 months now and everything is great she's 23 and i took her Vcard on NYE,
>Have long distance relationship, my ex, with girl met at camping
>make her come at my home
>she's allready had sex with other guys
>we try to do it
>im too big and shes not wet enough probably cause shes a cold bitch nonstop smoking
>manage to come somehow
>every time we do it there is red on the condom
>get better at sex
>she cheated on me after a few months on her bday on NYE where i wasnt invited
>be me
>be 14
>noon on a tuesday middle of summer whoring girl wants me to come over
>Know im getting laid
>jack off before hand so no disappointing 5 sec performance
>grab like 4 rubbers and 50 dollars in cash and head to friends house
>we discuss how i'm gonna get there, i was going to walk but decide cab is better option
>walk back way to front of neighborhood to meet cab driver
cnt(how do you guys know how long you can type?)
>(and not black)

THIS -> -> -> >>593621412
There are no shortcuts for hard work.
Practices makes best.

Be open and frank with each other.
No over-thinking see:
Like this nigga said -> -> -> >>593621692
porn is nothing like real sex, mostly for the uninitiated genitalia.
Don't drink too much. A bit of good booze takes the edge off, but being drunk to any degrees may make you physically uncomfortable, clumsy, limp, and ultimately it won't be as enjoyable.
Smoke some nigger veggies if you both like it.

nigger detected

>learn to greentext
> +1 brownie point for conciseness, cool-mind, and efficiency
File: stephtits.gif (853KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
853KB, 480x360px
>she moans and starts pushing against my dick and doing all the work
>watching her fuck me like this
>loving every single second
>feel so good
>she's moaning and keeps going faster
>eventually I'm grabbing her ass and she has to stop herself from crying out. She stops moving
>she's cumming
>I grab her hips and go ham
>slow down as she's becoming finished
>she's panting and laying there exhausted
>says it was best orgasm of her life
>hugs and kisses for reassurance
>we lay down and she gives me the best handjob for a girl who knew nothing
>cum buckets
>we lay down together and watch Netflix
>she's texting her friends
>"guess who had sex"
>"I'm not a virgin anymore"
>continues to boast about it

Recall one friend she hadn't talked to in a year texting her right then and there and then asking "omg are you still a virgin?" To where she replies "not since a while ago actually ;)" friend is like "Oooh get it girl!"

>continue to be the talk amongst her friend group
>they all think it's the cutest thing ever we lost it to eachother

Stay loyal to eachother, I don't give a shit about how much pussy I get I already took a girls virginity and I actually care about her.

Fast forward to today, living together and her friends still talk about how cute it is and how lucky we are. Since they are all sluts who can't even remember who they lost it too

File: why.jpg (22KB, 500x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 500x315px
>be me in grade 7
>chatting with some native broad on hotmail (live in canada)
>she's a year older, but in the same class
>shes developed real early... had full tits in like grade 6
>whole grade had to take sex ed early cuz she was being sexually harassed by the boys and the teachers couldn't do anything cuz we didn't know enough about sex to understand why what we were doing was wrong
>Anyways, chatting her up during the summer between 7-8
>she invites me and my buddy over at like 1 in the morning
>we walk for an hour just to get to her place
>watch a movie for a bit and end up fucking with my buddy looking at porn next to us
>tfw couldn't cum
>end up spooning for a bit
>she tells us that she was molested
>we leave and never mention that night to anyone
>she goes on to fuck pretty much have the boys in our grade 8 class
Sometime I feel guilty about not saying anything, but then I remember that she grew up to be an entitled cunt so whatever.
He's got a fair point - you write like a retard.

anhero plz
▲ ▲

tisk, easy

Op plz
Engrish ain't my 1st language
I speak four others while I'm not currently live in an anglophone country
KeKek go on:-)

do a tl;dr one-line summary

>be 20 yo me, at birtdayparty of friend
>stay over at night
>sleep in same room as 17 yo friend
> noticed her looking at me before
>tall, slim red head with great body, 7,5 - 8/10
>she gets the bed, i sleep in a Ruf
>asks me if i want to share the bed with her, because its "more comfortable"
>join bed, Start cuddling, make out, Fall asleep.
> bang her in the mornig with morning erection after rating her out and blowjob.
>overall great expirience, although i die not last very long
>she orgasmd during Cunnilingus
>first GF would not want me to bang her, so it was about time.
Pic related, its her.
My bad, I have this thing that I think of having written more than what I've actually done. It's a medical condition, Trust me.


Onward with


>be me
>be two weeks after losing my v-card
>being at night in a very large bush near a playing ground at night, but still some people around every now and then
>getting all kinky with hands reaching for the naughty bits and clothes falling off
>deciding it's time to get the lead and jump on top
>crazy bitch goes nope and keeps on fucking like an animal
>I distinctly feel my hip bones creaking and my dick going "ok, maybe I won't be able to work after this but OH GOD WHY HAVE WE WAITED SO LONG"
>crazy bitch knows her work, orgasm denial and all this shit, thing goes on for kinda like half an hour
>when time comes I drop a B52 load on her pussy charlies
>The moment she's still on top she watches me strangely
>"Listen anon, we where fucking so it wasn't like the time to say it, but you have things walking on your head
>heart stops
>hand reaches for head
>touches wet thing
>hand retracts
>little slug says "hello!"
>I jump off, running around the place with only my pants on and yelling "SLUGSINMYHAIRSLUGSINMYHAIRSLUGSINMYHAIROHGODWHY"
>crazy bitch dresses herself up and walks away when the people around calls nearby cops
>spent the next hour on the run half naked hiding in a riverbed
>crazy bitch waits for me at her place laughing and observing my run for liberty

I hate slugs. I fucking hate them, and the crazy bitch knew it. To this day I'm sure she got some kind of sadistic pleasure in watching me covered in slugs.
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