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TL;DR: What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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TL;DR: What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city in America? And why?

I tried this thread yesterday and got some good stories, so here it is again.

Usually, I do a larger list with 25 spots on it, but with around 40 different cities total - which I will copy/paste in the next post - but I figured I'd just do a Top 10 in the OP and try to pick out the worst-of-the-worst.

So, here's my Top 10 list of the most-dangerous cities in the America:

1.) Detroit, Mi
2.) East St. Louis, Il
3.) Gary, In
4.) Camden, NJ
5.) New Orleans, La
6.) Memphis, Tn
7.) Oakland, Ca
8.) Baltimore, Md
9.) Youngstown, Oh
10.) Chester, Pa
There surely are other places deserving of being mentioned, so feel free to mention any places you think should also be included. Obviously, LA and NYC have lots of crime, but the places I listed seem to have particularly violent cultures and a higher per capita-crime rate.

So, what do some of y'all on here say is the most-ghetto/dangerous city in the U.S.? Is it where you live now or are originally from? I am from, and live in, Arizona, on the outskirts of Phoenix, and there's certainly crime here; but I've tried to keep my ass out of trouble for many years now, so I don't have many good stories to share.

However, I'd like to hear about the places y'all think are the worst of the worst. So, anyone looking to post this morning?

> Pic related: A police car from the Oakland Bay Area that was vandalized after the George Zimmerman verdict.
Chicago isn't on there?

Chicago has areas that are downright scary.
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And here's the list that I typically post in the OP:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis & Nashville, Tn
6.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
7.) Kansas City, & St. Louis, Mo
8.) Baton Rouge, & New Orleans, La
9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh
10.) Baltimore, Md
11.) Mobile, Birmingham, & Prichard, Al
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Birmingham, & Mobile Al
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Atlanta, Ga
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Milwaukee, Wi
20.) Bridgeport, Hartford, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Columbia, SC
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Tulsa, & Oklahoma City, Ok
24.) Buffalo, & Newburgh, NY
25.) Phoenix, & Tucson, Az

> Pic related: Some African Lions that were found in the basement of a house in Detroit that were allegedly kept as pets by a Detroit drug dealer.
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I typically include Chicago in the list, and it's listed at #4 here >>589216588

Personally, I think of Chicago as being really fucking scary and legitimately dangerous, but in previous threads, many people have stated that most of Chicago is actually nice and that the vast majority of the shootings that are on the news are in concentrated areas of certain bad parts of the city.

However, Chicago seems similar to Detroit, to me, so I think they are both hardcore, ghetto, gangster cities with all sorts of crime and danger available around the city.

Btw, where are you from? And do you have any stories about why you think Chicago is scary?

> Pic related: The awesome-looking skyline in Chicago.
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Gary, Indiana, seems to get mentioned often in these threads, so I'll post a screencap of a story someone posted about driving through Gary, Indiana, on their way to Chicago and having cars pull out in front of him and block the road and try to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

And in regards to being in danger of being a victim of a crajacking, it seems as though Camden, Gary, and Flint are similar in the sense that people have claimed that you are literally at risk of being robbed/carjacked/assaulted at all times; particularly, if you are from out of town/white.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
And here's a re-write I did of a story someone posted in a previous thread about getting beaten up in Camden, NJ.

Basically, the story went something like this:

> Mexican kid/guy, about 18, 6'2'' and 200 lbs, fairly muscular, goes to stay with grandmother in Camden
> been there for a few days, decides to walk to the store for grandmother, by himself
> apparently, a very bad idea
> walks inside store, big, older white guy clerk immediately says that he should not be there, that it's not safe for him
> Mexican kid/guy walks out of the store after making purchase and is encountered by 3 large, black males walking down the sidewalk
> one of the black guys says that one of them dropped their bag of dope and that they saw him pick it up and take it
> Mexican kid/guy says he is legitimately frightened, as the 3 black males are huge and don't appear to be fucking around
> Mexican kid/guy nervously says that he did not take their drugs and that he did not want any trouble
> the 3 black males decide that he deserves to get violently beaten up, so they immediately start to do so
> Mexican kid/guy says that the 3 black males all start punching him violently and he falls to the ground and is getting pummeled
> while on the ground, one of the black males starts grabbing his fingers and literally starts breaking them, he ends up with 3 fingers broken
> while this beating is happening, a cop car pulls up and blares his siren, the 3 black males start walking away, Mexican kid/guy feels like crying, because he is so happy
> cop pulls away without even getting out of his car
> apparently, in Camden, someone getting jumped by 3 guys was not important enough for the cop to get out of his car and check on the victim

> after that experience, the Mexican kid/guy stated that he did not go out in Camden again before moving back home

> Pic related: A rooftop view in Camden, New Jersey
Chicago has had a lot of spill over into the nicer neighborhoods. I grew up there.

Scariest stories of Chicago, imo, are the gang initiations where they drive into nicer areas and kill someone innocent. Those get brushed under the rug as general homicide... but they aren't.
File: CamdenNj.jpg (92KB, 714x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 714x553px
The guy who originally posted the story that I posted here >>589217722 told it in a better fashion than I just did; but, I'm sure you get the gist of what happened.

As for Camden being a really shitty place, in the same thread that the guy shared the story about getting jumped, another person also posted, a white kid (around 16-17, iIrc), and told a story about having gotten lost after driving his parents car home from a concert and ending up in Camden. I don't recall the specifics, but I think he was at a stop sign/stoplight and just got ambushed by someone on the street who smashed through his side window and dragged him out of the car. Ultimately, he said that he ended up getting curbed-stomped and almost died, literally. He said that the only thing that saved his life was some foreign shop-owner running outside with a shotgun and screaming at the people trying to beat him to death. And this happened because he was a white kid driving a nice car through their neighborhood.

I hadn't realized it, but based on lots of posts in previous threads, New Jersey apparently has several absolutely terrible cities in it. Besides Camden, people have claimed that Patterson, East Orange, Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City are all ghetto cities with rampant crime and truly dangerous areas. Overall, though, it seems as though almost everyone agrees that Camden is the worst city in NJ; and, likely, the most-dangerous/fucked-up city on the East Coast. People have compared Camden to a little Detroit. And many people have stated the same thing about Flint, Gary, and East St. Louis.

So, anyone looking to post some stories tonight??
File: Chicago3_SvG.jpg (116KB, 946x611px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for replying. Do you still live in Chicago? Or near there? If not, where do you live now? Also, I'm not especially familiar with the area, but I'm of the impression that Chicago, Gary, and East St. Louis are all somewhat by one another. If so, have you been to Gary and/or East St. Louis? And if so, what would you say is the most fucked-up/violent/scary out of those 3 areas?
File: east-st-louis-il.jpg (2MB, 4373x2666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4373x2666px
Apparently, East St. Louis is really fucked-up. Here are some posts about ESL that were posted in the thread yesterday.

I live 5 miles from East Saint Louis. Parts of it look like a bombed out warzone. I used to work for a sewer contractor, and we would go down there to pump some old peoples tanks, I asked him one time why nobody messes with us and he said the nigs all believe the septic truck is owned by the mob. A few nice old people down there, but overall a very scary place. The city has almost no cops, due to having no money, mostly from corruption.


East saint Louis is pretty bad. I've never seen any thing quite like it in Chicago, or Detroit, Rockford has a rep for being a tough town, but I have a friend from there who says its no bad, just a lot of drunks. A lot of E.STL is empty feeling...parts have been destroyed for a long time. It was a nice city back in the 50s and 60s, my mom tells me that they used yo go shopping at the department stores downtown when she was little. The city just died, but its been dead for 30 years longer than Detroit. It reminds me of fallout 3 in places. Just rubble in places, a few houses with people in them with little hope.


E.STL...It looks like beruit during a war. Old buildings that look bombed. Sparse population. Abandoned downtown. No, no malls, no movies, some areas barely have power or water.. Its close to the Mississippi..I know a few people who fish in it, swimming in it is death. ESTL is a warzone where the people are too hopeless to fight the war anymore.

> Pic related" A view in East St. Louis, Illinois
Here's another picture of East St. Louis.

And here are the comments used to describe the image:

>A thin line separates civilization and barbarism... just beyond the horizon rests 98% black East St. Louis.

It also mentioned how there was a wild brawl at the DES Office in East St. Louis while people were waiting in line to get their food stamps refilled/approved.
Gary is about as bad as it gets. Worse than East St. Louis. It's also extremely depressing...all these coal towers and empty industrial buildings. It literally smells like burning ash.

In Chicago I grew up in a bunch of neighborhoods. Really anywhere West or South is the worst. Rich people live North, but really the politics are so corrupt there that the crime rate gets underestimated (even if it ranks high or number 1 in a year).

Chicago is the most violent. The gangs are out of control.
It seems like no one wants to post, but before I give up, here's a post with some stories about Albuquerque, New Mexico

I live and work in Albuquerque as a bouncer and a security guard in the south valley.

>walking home from work, double shift
>see two kids get chased into a ditch by mexican
>screaming, gunshots
>duck the fuck out, call the cops
>APD wont come into this part of town, they tell me to call county


>working security for the avengers movie
>theyre shooting in the abandoned railyards
>tell us to clear out the bums
>go upstairs, hear a ruckus

>kick open door, three mexicans raping a man
>nope the fuck out, get chased down stairs
>pepper spray two mexicans
>cops show up 45 mins later


>working security at bar by laguna pueblo
>two indians pull up in a 90s ford taurus
>immediately start shooting at me and hooting
>I take a .45 to the shoulder
>cry, piss in my pants
>return fire wildly with 9mm, empty two magazines
>they tear ass out of the parking lot
>nobody in the bar even gives a fuck
>cops show up 20 mins later, no ambulance
>drive self 30 mins to hospital downtown

lots of shit stories

>working security for breaking bad
>they pick the shittiest neighborhood twisters for fake chicken restaurant
>sitting on top of a half million dollars of copper caples
>mexicans obviously casing the joint, drive by repeatedly for two hours from 2-4am
>load shotgun, sit on truck hood holding it
>mexicans watch me from parking lot across the street
>cops take 45 mins to show

i fucking hate albuquerque
fuck mexicans
fuck indians
you ask me to name a violent shithole city, and i'll show you where the niggers live.
You ask me to show you where MLK drive is in any city, and I'll show you where the niggers live
Britbong here, are they all 'black' cities?
Another post by the guy from Albuquerque:

Okay yeah i have more stories

Actors are all generally pretty cool. I was up at val kilmers house in santa fe for a party and hes weird but cool. Bryan cranston would bring us breakfast burritos in the AM. Harrison ford and daniel craig were cool, met them doing cowboys and aliens.

Tommy lee jones is a drama queen pos.and the cap america guy is an asshole.

I lived in Milwaukee for a bit and it was alright, a little worse than abq.

Phoenix is a suburb piece of cake. Its nice there.
More post by the guy from ABQ:

Yeah I think Abq is quite a biy worse off. They don't talk about it as much but south of I40 isnt okay to be after dark.

Never met Tapia, but I boxed at that same gym for awhile. J. Voight was a cool dude, he sat next to me at tuscanos downtown. Sam jackson was a serious asshole. We ran into him in old town and he told us to get the fuck out of his way. My wife and I were sitting in the grass. Grade A douche. My wife's friend called him a trash ass nigger. I laughed.


People get kidnapped out of town and there's a pretty serious problem with human traffickers. Also if you dont lock your shit up tight your truck will be stolen. Will be.

At about 3am the other night some asshole started banging on my door yelling about needing change for the bus. Ofc my wife is like "go do something about it"

I opened the door and this asshole tried to stab me with a little insulin needle. I had the baby monitor in my hand and i hit him in the face with it six or seven times before it broke apart. I didnt even make the conscious thought to do it, just happened. Took APD almost 45 minutes to show up.
And another post by the guy from Albquerque:

>driving out towards isleta pueblo in my bronco
>looking forward to a good day of offroading and drinking
>old ford truck stops in the middle of the road in front of me
>two mexicans get out and point guns at me
>yelling spanish gibberish
>floor it, drive off the road into the bosque
>fucking brown people shoot my back window out

another time

>playing poker at route 66 casino
>taking hands from drunk indians all night >cash out at a little over three grand
>three asshole mudskins following me from cashier to exit
>tell security
>they refuse escort to my car
>run from exit to truck
>am fat, smoke, get caught
>get a few good hits in but recieve ass-beating of a lifetime
>retards only took 300$ from my wallet, not 3000 in boot

>driving patrol in internat. district, run over some construction bullshit
>blow out a tire
>mexicans gather, one tries to grab keys from me
>shove beaner onto the ground, kick violently
>get back in the car, drive six blocks on the rim
>not today mudskins

>land of enchantment
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Where exactly are you from/do you live? What's it like there? Are there gangs? Crime? Violent thugs? And have you been to America?

> Pic related: A picture of the fine city, Detroit, Michigan
File: detroit.jpg (41KB, 614x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a welcome sign in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
And here's how the friendly citizens of Detroit say hi to the GoogleMaps van.
I was asking about demographics.

I live in a place pretty overrun by Pakistanis, but id only fear going out at night if I was a white schoolgirl and the molestation gangs were out in force.
And here's how you might get greeted by the folks in Detroit.

Btw, apparently, I'm something of a moron, as I got the pictures mixed up when posting.

> Pic related: This is the welcome sign from Detroit.
File: 1402430911347.jpg (56KB, 403x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I knew what you were asking, and, yes, pretty much all of these cities have large black populations. Some people will argue the culpability of the blacks and the crimes they commit, but the reality of them being responsible for the majority of the crime in these cities is undeniable.

As for the Pakistanis in your city, are they hardcore and violent? Do they bully people? Do they rob, assault, kill others? And do you think they are on the same level of violence and crime as they gangs and gangsters here in the United States?
baltimore would be a nice town if it wasnt overrun with nigger apes
File: WadenaGang650.jpg (194KB, 650x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 650x537px
Here's a story that was posted about an experience in Cleveland, Ohio.

fuck it

>>go to see a concert in cleveland
>>never been to cleveland should be fun
>>get together with clan of friend and load up in a big ass navigator
>>all skater bros etc.
>>get into town a day early to see the city fuck off skate etc.
>>later that nig...

oh wait allow me to tell you a secret about ol clevecityburgville easily the dirtiest city this side of the 1st world part of the equator. holy fuck people throw shit in a garbage can please

>>later that night we split off
>>me and the current gf head off skating
>>she is kinda wore out so she is walking with her board as I skate back and forth
>>really just cruising seeing the city
>>i would skate ahead a bit and wait for her to catch up
>>i have a thing about night skating
>>lub mah night skates
>>anyhoo skate ahead and turn around
>>strange city etc trying to keep an eye on her
>>fucking bum out of an alley
>>lunges out grabs her and pulls her into an alley
>>didn't see me i guess?
>>crazy endorphins
>>mad adrenaline
>>i all of a sudden was positive I was bulletproof
>>run into the alley without thinking or commanding my body to
>>he has his back to me as I get close she kicks him away
>>he takes two steps back and
>>catches the heaviest set of independent trucks they ever made
>>directly to the side of the head
>>I even spun my foot as I swung
>>like full tilt
>>the noise
>>the blood
>>he flies into the brick wall and collapses
>>no movement
>>i'm pretty sure I just collapsed this guys skull
>>grab gf
>>meet back at the hotel with the group never told anyone
>>we still haven't talked about it to this day tbh
>>no idea what happened to him but i'll assume he wasn't wearing his life alert so probably kill

Pic related: A picture that showed up after searching Google Images for "Cleveland Ohio Ghetto"
File: balt14.jpg (47KB, 648x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 648x486px
Are you from Baltimore/do you live there now? If so, would you say that The Wire is a realistic portrayal of how bad it is in B-Mo? Or, like I have suspected, it is exaggerated?

Also, have you been watching any of the re-broadcasts of The Wire in HD on HBO Signature?

> Pic related: A picture of the fine city, Baltimore, Maryland.
>implying Independent has lighter trucks
Is no one really interested in sharing some stories about heir city this morning? Are you fucking gaywads too busy in the trap/sissy threads?
Not really tbh. I think those fundamental sharia fellas are well hidden wherever they are, and the overtly harassing ones usually patrol the shitty parts of London.

The ones round here just operate sketchy fast food shops, taxis, and as greasy landlords of cheap rental houses.

Oh yeah, and pestering white schoolgirls in shitty hatchback cars, whilst pretending they're black because they found a tupac CD in the glovebox.
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Thread images: 18

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