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tell your stories with anal sex.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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tell your stories with anal sex.
whats to tell
I dreamt about it once.

...just kidding, I haven't even done that. All my wet dreams are pretty vanilla. Apart from the autofellatio...
>gf requested butthole fingering
>performed butthole fingering
>gf left me a week later
i used to fuck my ex gf ass all the time. she wasen't on the pill so we always fucked that asshole. Loved to watch her gape
thats sad, bro
have you tried to talk to her again?
asked girl if i could fuck her butt while i was drunk

i hurt her a little but she liked to be dominated so i came then stopped

>she told people i raped her
Was back in college, my girl, then 19, had what she called the "flip-n-fuck", which was some kind of pillow thing you sit on the floor. Anyway, her roommate was out, and she was horny, but we only had like 10 mins before the other bitch would be back, so she slipped down her pants and I mounted her from behind. Pumping away, I came, she came. All good. Pants up and "normal" just before roomie walks back in. On drive home she calls me to let me know that I was in her ass that whole time. No shit stains on the cock. Feels good man.
rape is cool
It was shitty.
i truley dont feel it was rape, we WERE in a relationship at the time and we did do some dom/sub stuff. it was a mutual experience we didnt repeat because it hurt her.
>Apart from the autofellatio
I get that one too
She didn't leave me over that. Other reasons. This ain't no feels thread, doe. If you want, if you know a girl with the initials KS, tell her RO misses her a lot.
i bet she would of like that.
also nice repeating digits 131313
3x the bad luck
fake. no lube, no pain, no mention of wrong hole upon penetration.

As a woman who has anal sex about twice a month with her husband, I can verify those things are necesssary for comfortabe anal. If you don't want anal to be painful for your lover, it takes time.
i fucked some girls in the ass, and it was alright.
No lub, no much pain.
Not fake. She was more than capable. Not sure if she stretched that out a lot with a dildo (or other guys) or not. But true story. Wartburg College for the win, my man.
>be at party with a friend
>later in the night, can't find him anywhere
>ask someone where he is
>tells me he is upstairs having sex
>find him and he says they want us to do a double anal
>"dude, I don't know. Seems kinda gay"
>tells me that it is not gay because I know he isn't gay and he knows I'm not gay
>starts to make sense
>I agree to do it, only because I am certain of his sexual orientation. If I didn't know the person or had any doubts about their sexual orientation I would not have done it
>Go ahead and do it
>Our balls only touched a few times but it was definitely not gay
>We both agreed that it was the best sex we ever had and that it was not gay
>the dude we fucked didn't think it was gay either
A girlfriend I had a while back started this new pill thrashed caused her to have her period for 20 days straight. After day 20 we decided we had to get it so we had straight anal for about ten days.
Without condom it kinda smelt but never had shit projectile at me. A little smear here and there but it was great.
Currently trying to convince my current girl to have anal with me
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she must of had a slimy ass
It depends. I fuck my husband with a little bit of saliva and nothing else. Lube is gross.
>First time having sex
>slips out
>attempt to put it in wrong hole
>she looks at me says go ahead
>fucked her ass till she collapsed
>took it out put out right in her mouth
How many fingers did you use? If it was more than 6 I can see why she left you
>no lub, no much pain.
Maybe she was just loose or quiet.
My husband can't even get the tip in when he fucks me in the ass without lube, and without it or even spit, it hurts and skin pulls.

I honestly couldn't tell you. From my experience (but I guess each person is different, so I can concede that much), it would hurt without lube of any kind, I would let you know it was in the wrong hole, and 10 minutes isn't enough.

Also, the fact that you thought it was a different hole sounds kinda false too. I mean, the ass and the vagina feel completely different inside. While "A hole is a hole" is great for justifying people insecure about their sexuality, the holes do feel different.
Is there too few?
Fake. Lube is needed on boh sides otherwise its unpleasant for all involved to say the least
File: b.correlations.png (609KB, 776x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You should take a look at this and get back to me.
File: 1393132079369.jpg (57KB, 420x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i've got but one such story
you already know it in its entirety
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>first and only time I had anal sex
>first girlfriend
>no condom
>door #2?
>on her brother's bed
>he kept watch for parents
>about 30 seconds inside, parents come home
>go to bathroom to finish alone
>shit on dick
>fucking disgusting
>I tell everyone at school
>get called poopdick and puddingpop for a year
shit on my dick various times with various girls, other times perfectly clean. despite excellent hygiene by the girls. dunno what was up with that. Anyhow its great stuff. just difficult to get girls to do it
Those feels /b/ro, don't make me relive them.
Did you go to Huntington High School, because we called a kid poopdick for a long time.
Have regular buttsex with my wife.
Shit stains on dick every now and then, but thats to be expected. Doesnt really phase me any more.

Feels amazing. Also its my fetish.

Luv takin it up the pooper from hordes of asian traps with their tiny little kawaii penii :3
Tits or gfto
File: 1375903606844.jpg (145KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 1000x750px
No m8, I went to Thomas Carr howe community high school in Indiana.
What is this? It isn't ks
Ah, well then you should know someone else got called poopdick for a lot longer than you, I never referred to him as anything else ha ha.
It's version 2.0, much better IMO, and longer too.
Download link?
Girl I went to school with
first time trying abel
mom's brand new white leather couch
shit all over it
recked it
mom pissed
It's fanart.
Lol good to know
One day, I stuck it in her arse, The end.
File: 1397701608482.gif (783KB, 187x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I shoved my dick in and they screamed. Before I knew how to loosen up the anal cavity..
stop being so pathetic faggot move on
Fuck that then,wouldn't be the same
I meant >>587135505
>Wife and I start watching a porno
>Both naked, lying on a pad made on the floor
>BJ scene on the TV, slowly rubbing wife's tits, and slight clit rubbing
she gets very horny from BJ scenes for some reason
>start focusing on her clit more and more
>Anal starts on the movie, I am dry humping her and rubbing on her clit full time now
>She reaches back and points my cock to her ass
>Gyrating hips back and forth to work my cock from her ass to the bottom of her pussy
>This goes on for a couple of minutes, I reach my hand back and stick a finger in her ass.
>Moaning and loving it, I finger/rub it for a short bit, then go back to her pussy
>She puts my cock back against her asshole, rubbing it all around
>It is super juicy down there from her wetness and precum
>I am about to give up and think (I'll just pull her on top and finger her ass until my cock while I fuck her pussy)
>Suddenly penetration
>Still trying to rub her clit while fucking her ass, I can see her biting her lip and rubbing on her tits.
>She moves my hand out of the way, and tells me to focus on fucking her ass, and that she will rub her clit.
>Getting pretty deep now, fucking her ass while spooning.
>Tell her I am getting close, and that I am going to shoot a load in her ass.
>She rotates her torso forward so that I can penetrate her ass a bit deeper.
>Shoot huge load nearly balls deep in her ass. (Haven't came in 3 days)
>Leave dick in there slowly pumping until the orgasm fades away
>Lay over on to my back, as she gets up to go shit the cum out.
Look up and the guy in the porno just fininshed shooting a load all over the sluts ass.
>Good timing bro.
gf says we will never ever ever ever do anal

>wake up
>gf on period
>gf super horny
>starts rubbing my balls and moaning
>reaches into drawer and grabs her vibrator
>moaning as a rub it on her clit
>starts digging in drawer again
>"what are you doing?"
>"looking for the bottle of lube"
>"What for?"
>"I thought we could do anal?"
>lube up, stick it it her ass
>"anon it hurts"
>ow ow
>im cumming
>im cumming im cumming
>shes cumming harder than she ever has before
>anon cum in my ass

finish then take a shower. No poop
Anal sex is your one way ticket to demonic shit fucking you in the ass.

Seriously, one of the easiest ways to invite demons into your energy system is by deriving pleasure from filth.

Stay safe out there.
I was really drunk one night, shoved it up her ass. She went full facial "GOWZER!!" Then ran to the bathroom. I could only laugh at the situation.Given that my best friend asked right afterwards; did you slip it into her ass?" I stated back that I did. " thats why your back doors blinds are all fucked up."
I'm straight so I have no anal sex stories.
Fuck off faggot. Go charge your crystal.
She grabbed those blinds like an anchor, then ran to the bathroom.
>implying straight guys don't fuck female ass
File: 1417540355729.jpg (61KB, 615x519px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: lidocaine.png (13KB, 1313x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying that choosing door #2 when door #1 is right there doesn't mean that you have closet gay fantasies.
Go back to your basement so a demon can leech off of your compulsive masturbation.
Oh lord
>implying period
>implying no condoms
>implying open minded
>implying taboo
>step your sex game up noob
Fucked two of the girls in the ass I met on tinder (seperate occasions). Both during the first time we fucked (within an hour or two of meeting) and apparently each girls first time with it.

The one let me raw dog and cum in her ass, she's the one who liked it. The other one wasn't as big into it.

Women are whores. But that's okay.

closet faggot detected
>date nympho gf
>always rawdog it and cum inside her
>she has done everything but anal
>asks if I've done anal
>Tell her no, but I've had chances. Say I'm not that interested in it which is true
>she says she will never do anal because it sounds painful and disgusting
>she always brings up the topic of anal sex randomly
>become suspicous
>ask her if she is interested in it
>she says no every time and how she thinks it is disgusting
>she still talks about it daily
>get bored with her, want to break up but dont say anything
>be my birthday
>we have sex
>she tells me to fuck her ass
>I do
>tells me to cum inside her ass
>I do
>it was awesome
>everytime we had sex from then on for a month(3 times daily) she would beg me to fuck her in the ass and cum inside her ass as well
>eventually break up with her
>we both get drunk
>go to my place
>fuck her in ass but instead of finishing inside her ass I switch to her pussy
>make sure to pull out
>cum on her face for first time
>of course she fucking LOVES it
>go to sleep
>Then next night she complained her pussy was sore and burning
>hours later she is like crying in pain and thinks she caught something somehow
>tell her I feel 100% fine
>she thinks it must be uti
>I leave her at my place while I go downtown to fuck some other chick
>she smokes my weed and fucks my roommate
>turns out they both have hiv now
>get tested
>clean as always

That day I realized there is a god and he loves me.
I do miss the constant sex though, but she had a shit tier personality so im ok.
Whatever you say m8
>Be me
>Spending a night with a kinky married woman in a hotel
>Wake her up with morning sex
>It's dark, move to try another position
>She says ''anon, thats my arse you're fucking now''
>Pound away for a bit, then go back to regular fucking
>start talking to 18 year old week before birthday
"What do you want for your birthday anon?"
"lol okay"
>comes over
>fuck her brains out
>5 minute breather
>lube ass and dick
>finger butt
>shove dick in butt
>go slow for a minute
>get bored
>start fucking her kind of hard
>she cries
>starts to like it
>I think and still think it's okay
>she never let's me do anal again cause it hurt to much

that word is an instant boner kill from a woman
>ex liked it when I poked her ass during foreplay
>never actually got it in
Dated a girl who almost exclusively wanted it in the ass. I tried to get my fill because I was pretty sure my next gf wouldn't be an ass whore. The fucking birch then accuses me of being a closet fag because of anal. I told he the truth that she was a dirty ass whore and I figured why not take advantage
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Haha I have that maddox book c:
>be teaching in South Korea as an english teacher in an elementary school
>have a secret relationship with a 6th grader girl in my class
>invite her over to my apartment under the pretext of "private English lessons"
>try to have sex
>her vagina is too small for me
>ask if I can do her ass
>says yes
>finish inside her
cant say she enjoyed it too much but I definitely did kek
>tits or gtfo
What state?
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Thread images: 11

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