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Anyone got any personal dirty sex stories they want to share?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone got any personal dirty sex stories they want to share?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom, wife or girlfriend? Your wife's or girlfriend's mom, aunt, sister, best friend?

2.) Have you blackmailed someone for sex?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and threatened to expose them, if they didn't fuck you/suck your dick.

3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/want to fuck you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated and pics of females welcomed!

> Pic related: A picture of an amateur-looking MILF and a big dick. Hoping to get to read some stories that would be similar to what this picture suggests.
To give an example of stories that I'm looking for, I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's girlfriend lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
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Just bumping the thread with a pic of some fat MILF ass, to try to get some stories posted.
Another sexy, fat ass to bump the thread and to try to get some stories posted.
File: 1417816524273.jpg (29KB, 270x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since none of you faggots are posting this morning, here's a story that was posted in the thread a couple days ago:

>When I was around 12yrs old my me and my friend jerked off in front of his mom while she played with her pussy.
>She had us take our clothes off for her to see how much we were growing and maturing at a normal rate
>jokes about how our little penis' looked cute with barely any or in my case a small amount of whispy pubic hair on it. She then laid back and showed us her pussy and said how it'd hairier like hers
>asked us if we ever jerked off (which we did) then wanted to see how we did it. As we jerked off we watched her finger her pussy and rub her clit.
>me and friend were sitting next to each other across from her and when I finally came, a shot or 2 shot over and hit my friend on the arm and stomach.
>when she saw this she muffled a noise and started shaking as she came

>she looked like Deirdre Lovejoy from the Wire
>his thread

i'm too lazy to find and post the image.
Another story that was posted in the thread a couple days ago

>know my way around a car, fix bullshit problems, not a real Mechanic
> Wife's Sister is alway buying pice of shit cars and asking me to nigger rig them
> Sister is a double loser methhead who can't hold a job, kids taken away waste of a life
>Wife begs me to help fix brakeline in loser sister's POS beater.
>Spend my Saterday at ghetto apartment replacing brakelines
>Finish up, wash my hands in her ghetto ass bathroom
>Sister meets me in the doorway of the bathroom, loose tits in a dity tea shirt with pajama bottoms that barely cover her raging bush
> He hair is greasy and pulled back, her face is puffy dark rings around her eyes, a fucking strung out waste
> I push her down on her knees and stuff my cock in her mouth before she has a chance to say something
> She tried to fight it at first, then resigns to the fact that I am going to fuck her face like the whore she is
>I blow my load down her throat, and keep my dick in her mouth till she swallows it
> Set the money she gave me for the brakeline on the sink and go home
File: 1417537979744.jpg (481KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What the fuck does this mean?

Pic related: Just a sexy pic that I figure might help to get some interest in the thread.
File: file.png (420KB, 317x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
420KB, 317x699px
He was lazily referring to this image.
Oh look it's this thread again

I like these threads. I'd love to see some OC of cheating wives/girlfriend's/fiances getting fucked.
File: 1416665750988.jpg (79KB, 546x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's pretty cool. Thanks for posting that. And thanks for dedicating a picture to me, ya' cocksmoker!

Here's a picture of you when you were younger. From last week, possibly.
> > Wife's Sister is alway buying pice of shit cars and asking me to nigger rig them

Read this as
> Wife's Sister is alway buying pice of shit cars and asking a nigger to nig them
File: 1417792927678-.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for not being a rude fucking jerkoff, like some others decide to be.

Here's a post/story that was posted a couple days ago and a picture of the girl that is described in the story.

> Yes to 2 and 3.
Actually, what happened was I hooked up with a girl from craigslist for rape roleplay. I am engaged, she has a boyfriend. We hooked up, it was awesome. Then, I missed the opportunity to see her again, things fizzled out.
Started trying to again, and she had some issues come up - rescheduled meeting me about 5 times. I got sick of being blown off, so yesterday I made an xvideos and xhamster account for her, with all her pics (including face), with the profile name "(Geographic region) Slut".

She met me last night, after saying our safe word to take the blackmail down. Fucked her several places, took pics when we had proper lighting.
Pic related, her blowing me in a campus bathroom last night.
(The ad she responded to was "Big Dick Domination/Rape Roleplay"
File: the-shigs.png (109KB, 317x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meet girl in bar, she's pretty hot, turns out she's also a genius and insane
>tell her everything about my life because i think she'll know how to solve my problems
>don't worry much about trying to get with her because she's obviously out of my league
>she thinks i'm some sort of insane genius, does basically the same
>after 3 weeks it is like we've known each other for years, except we don't know anything about each other's day-to-day life
>we are somehow old friends without being friends, plus there is a strong sexual tension between us
>both very confused about this relationship, it is draining and surreal and we are horny but afraid to cross a line that would make this surreality a reality
>i am in bed with her, in a delusional state between waking and sleeping
>ask if we are going to have sex ever
>she says i dunno, i don't know what i want, i don't know what i feel
>i say basically that "afraid that surreality becomes reality" line, say my head is spinning
>she agrees
>we talk for hours about how the fuck this relationship happened, what we are gonna do about it, end up still at "i dunno" but at least we know what the other is thinking
>we talk about sex for a long time, i tell some stories and she keeps saying how hot they are
>in retrospect (i.e. because she told me after the fact) she was basically about to cum, i do not even notice these comments somehow
>eventually drift to sleep, maybe, i can never tell when i'm sleeping with this girl how awake i am
fuck off already you faggot
File: 1417795030346-.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 1280x960px
And a reply from the same poster about the story posted here >>583520321

Plenty of pics. I'll add as I check back up on this thread, but I will be on and off today - I am a TA and have some teaching/research duties.
She loves this dick.
She did compliment me on it.
It gets 10" fully hard, but usually is around 9" when fucking around.
Fiance knows about experiences in the past, but not now.
Once we are married, no. That's why I'm hitting CL so hard nowadays.
I have met and fucked at least 25 women from Craigslist. Some extremely fine, some not so much. Been using the internet to hook up with women since I was 15, over a decade of doing it now.
>sorry for potato quality pics, I have a potato phone to save $$ monthly on a shared plan with my woman
File: 1417499480920.png (2MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1280x720px

An anon posted these pictures claiming it's someone's fiance. He never posted a video.

However, some guy posted videos of him fucking and getting head from his married boss and I foolishly accidentally deleted them. So sorry.
should i continue?
File: 1417695187368.png (980KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: jj2.jpg (127KB, 664x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1417695297982.png (1MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1280x720px
>driving home from a party, drunk
>horny cause bitches at the party
>see a hooker, she's hot, give up and get her up
>Pay her and start kissing, she's very passionate and has two enormous plastic boobs, i like it
>she pushes my head to her crotch, i'm so beta that i was okay with licking a hooker pussy
>suddenly i have a dick in my mouth
>too beta to react
>i suck his cock while he calls me faggot and bitch
>he dicides it's time to fuck my ass
>i weakly ask for pity, she tells he knows that i want it
>exponential betaness, i submit
>as she tries to push it in i start crying like a girl
>he asks me if that was my first time, i say yes
>"i'll go really hard on you then"
>he fucks me like a whore for some time
>he takes it out, removes the condom and puts it in my mouth, then goes back to fucking me
>once again too beta to react
>he cums in my ass
>he makes me spill it on his cock and then clean it
>i bring him back
>i go home and fap to the aknowledgment that i am a faggot

I think this is pretty inappropriate
Yes, please continue. And if you have pics of this female that you'd be willing to share, please feel free to post them!
>after some time there is light, i guess i was asleep
>so fucking hard, i don't care what she wants, i'm getting off
>she is facing away from me, i roll over to spoon her and start rubbing her stomach
>start running my hands up and down her body, press my cock against her ass
>after a minute or so of basically no reaction she suddenly moans and slams her ass into me
>i move my hands up over her tits, her nipples are so hard i can feel them through her bra
>she starts moaning in response to me rubbing over the bra, i'm like wtf, i've never had a girl this responsive
>start grinding harder, move my hand under her bra to grope her, my breath is becoming shallow
>she turns to look at me, her eyes open, oh my god her eyes, she smiles in this sultry way that she does
>i take her bra off, roll her onto her back with my hands below her, crush her tits into my chest and bite her neck
>kiss all up her neck and the side of her face
>kiss down her body, linger between her tits as i rub them on the sides of my face
>come down to her underwear, just take them off, mine too
>go back to holding her, rubbing my shaft on her clit
>her legs wrap around me, she is breathing heavily and moaning

Will think about pics, all I have are public and reverse searchable ... and more importantly I suspect her of being a /b/tard. (She won't mind me posting this story with names removed, she definitely will mind a picture.)
Sucked off my own uncle when I was 15, progressed to fucking, continued until he moved when I was 18, if anyone wants to hear.
Real incest for you

Was 14 or 15, my sister was 15/16. She was always a bit weird, I was your typical asshole little brother, messing around in front of her friends, breaking her stuff when she pissed me off that sort of thing, but she was ALWAYS super-defensive of me and passionate to the point that she would have huge arguments and break ups with her own friends on my behalf, even though I was 99% of the time being obnoxious.
I never really 'knew' her that well, you know, we were never really friends, just lived together you know, because we were brother and sister?
One night, we were alone in the house and I had recently taken to visiting her in her room and having 'mature' convos with her, we had sorta recently just become proper friends, laughing about our parents and school and shit.
I always thought she was attractive, I mean, she just was, there was no denying it. I especially thought her feet were pretty and she had reacted pretty well when I had massaged them a couple of times in the past.
I was sitting on her bed, had a major teen hard on looking at her legs and feet and for a joke I told her "I have a hard-on!" right now.

She jumped on the bed and grabbed my cock through my tracksuit bottoms and gave me three or 4 hard jerks, I nearly came there and then. (We'd both had some wine by the way, if that makes more sense)
We were laughing really hard about but my cock was about to blow so I got up to leave. As I got off her bed she swung round and grabbed me, stopping me from leaving. Before I could say anything, she pulled my pants down and started jerking me off right next to her face. I swear she was going to blow me, but I ERUPTED as the tip of my cock was about 3 inches from her mouth. Got cum on her back and pillow. She was like 'Ewww!, gross!' but laughing.
Next day she was cold as fuck, didn't really ever let me in her room again.
Got jealous as fuck a few years later when I heard her fucking her boyfriend on the incest bed.
>Be 16
>Best friend's younger sister is a fatty but great tits
>At their house one evening
>She's having a snack in the kitchen (surprise)
>Friend with parents watching TV
>Go to get a drink
>End up feeling her up outside her clothes
>Can't get fingers under her wire-reinforced bra, go in from the top
>She's paralyzed, stops eating
>Meet her in back yard later
>Serious feel-up session
>Few days later after school, nobody but her home
>Suck big juicy tits
>She takes her pants off
>Wild bush, never groomed
>Doesn't flinch when I go balls deep, cherry terminated
>Pussy starts to get wet after a minute
>Brain switches off higher level though mode
>Body completely controlled by cock now
>Huge deep cream pie, stayed in until completely spent
>Brain function resumes, ohfuckwhathaveidone?
>3 weeks of pregnancy scare
Made her get on the pill. She knew she was a loser and didn't expect me to be faithful, did her for years, she loved it every time.
Not because of big dick but because of my big balls.

>Meet up with a 152m milf, phat ass, g-cup sized tits. A little chubby but waist is smaller than her hips.
>Just talking, drinking coffee and watching some TV when I decide I want to sit in the same sofa as her.
>She refuses, I grab her hair and slap her across the face.
>She moves, I sit down and she lays over my crotch cuddling a little.
>I move her hand over to slide my cock outside my pants
>She stops, goes to the bathroom for a little while
>Get's back and sits down on me face towards mine.
>Grabs my hands and places them right on her massive tits.
>Make out while I grope her, lift her up and walk toward the bedroom.
>She slides of my pants and looks at my balls.
>"Shit, how much do you cum?!"
>She grabs and massages them, making me rock hard. All while she comment how big they are and how much she wants me to cum all over her face.

Oldfag here (30's). I've had lots of sexual experiences in my life. In fact, if I were to tell you all the shit I've done you'd probably call bullshit.

Some of it is:

>Sexual experimentation with boys my age when I was 10.
>A sexual relationship with an adult male when I was 12-13.
>Used to fuck (and fuck myself with) inanimate objects when I was 14 and super horny.
>Let a gay dude suck my dick twice when I was 15.
>Fucked a friend of my mothers' (36 year old female) for a couple of months two months after the gay dude sucked my dick.
>Fucked a 16 year old girl when I was 16.
>Got a 12 year old gf when I was 17.
>Fucked an old coworker after a work party at a motel. I was 17 and she must have been at least 40.
>When I was 21 there was an old lady (50s) who used to tell me how handsome I was all the time. One day she grabbed my dick when no one was around and she ended up giving me blowjobs for months. Almost got caught by her son one time.
>Fucked my 40 year old boss that same year in her house after we got drunk.
>Got into an incestous relationship withmy youngest sister a couple years after that.
>Banged at least 20 hookers so far.
>and so on...

anyways, thats life sometimes.
I drunk raped my friends wife once. We were out drinking, and my friend went home. Me and his wife keep drinking. Were walking bar to bar, start walking thru a park. I'm drunk and horny, so pushed her to the ground and shove my cock in her mouth. She doesn't fight back, starts slurping like a champ. End up fucking het in park, theni crashed at their house on the couch. Next day her husband leaves for work and she comes naked to couch for more sex.
Kept fucking her for a month, before guilt made me stop.
12 yr old gf when 17 please

Thats just how it happened. Had I been 18 I would have put it on there. Same shit. Doesnt matter. Had sex. Bad sex if you must know.
>She starts licking all over my balls, only getting one testicle in at the time.
>Begin to jerk my myself when she slaps my hand away.
>She gives me a handjob like I've never felt before.
>Legs are shaking and she jerks harder and faster, all while slobbering my balls and scrotum.
>Feel my cock throbbing ready to cum harder than the force of a thousand suns.
>Tell her I'm gonna cum, she grabs my balls with her other hand, squeezing them ever so gently.
>Cum all over her face.
>"Holy shit, it's too much"
>I can't even respond. Just try to catch my breath after that immense orgasm of my life.

She loved my balls.
This is a pretty hot story, but I can't help but feel bad for the girl after the way you described her likely feeling about herself. Yes, compassionatefag, IDGAF.

As for your story, when was the last time you fucked her? Were you at least nice to her? Did she end up growing in to her body and losing some weight? And do you have any pics of her that you'd be willing to post? Also, did your friend know about you and his sister? And if so, was he pissed off?

I'm here and would be glad to read about some of these stories. While I started the thread and and asked about big dick stories (that's just because of a fucked-up fascination I have with being able to impress/control/punish a female by having a huge dick after watching so much porn over the years), I am not really interested in hearing about your gay encounters (that's cool, if you enjoyed them, I just don't have any interest in gay-dude stories).

So, if you feel like elaborating on some of the encounters you mentioned and offering some details about how they started, what the females looked like, if the female was married/had a boyfriend, if you got caught, etc., I'd be glad to read about some of your stories!
>Sis and I at her 13 y/o GFs house
>GF thinks I'm cute
>Playing around with me, pinching, teasing
>Asks my sis to go home and get some stuff
>Sis walks up stairs
>GF takes off her shirt and bra
>Lays down
>Pull her pants off
>Lay down, feel around, kiss
>Enter her, pump for several minutes, cum buckets
>Lay beside her again
>Notice sister sitting at top of stairs
>Strange smile on her face
>Look at her GF, GF sees her too
>Sis leaves
Deflowered my sister's best friend in front of her. Scared as hell she'd rat us out but she kept her mouth shut. She treated me like I was some sort of celeb after.
well i wanted to hear some stories of that

OP do you want uncle sucking or no?
>i pull myself up and look in her eyes, say "one sec" meaning i need to get a condom
>her eyes light up, holy shit these eyes, she is so fucking smart and there is always so much expression in them
>yess she shudders out, but doesn't unlock her legs, but i force my way up to go get a condom
>come back, she reaches down to stroke and fondle me while i put the condom on
>i slip in like an inch, she moans loudly and asks me to slow down
>i slow down but keep pressing in, she is so wet and she is writhing beneath me
>start fucking her hard, i want to mouth kiss her but morning breath so i don't
>after less than five minutes i come, wasn't expecting to, i say "shit!"
>my body makes me slow down and pull out, i am frustrated, wanted to fill this wild stormy brain of hers with a fucking hurricane
>i am beside her, sorta cuddling, know i hafta wait like 30 minutes after an experience like that, wish it was five
>she rolls onto her side, presses her tits onto me and says "do you want to help me get off?"
>my eyes lock into hers, i say yes
This really happened? If so, it certainly sounds pretty fucking dirty and inappropriate! Care to share some more details about this situation? What did she look like? Is she attractive? Big tits? Fat ass? Tight pussy? What all did you do with her sexually?

Did your friend suspect anything between you two? Do you know if she had cheated with him on anyone else? How long ago did this happen? And how exactly did you tell her that it needed to stop? Also, got any pics of her that you'd be willing to post?
>Had sex with friend' girlfriend's sister
>Had sex with same Friend's sister
>Had sex with same friends mom
>Had sex with sames friends girlfriend
He was "broken up" with that girlfriend at the time.. but someitmes feel bad about that one, and she was the worst in bed. They all knew about the previous ones I fucked and just didn't seem to care
I did her until she was about 25. The last time I saw her she told me she was getting married in a week, I'm sitting there on her bed with my cock wet from her and she tells me this is the last time since she'll be married. Say OK and that I'll miss our visits. Her marriage lasted about 3 months. She's a lesbian now and never lost any weight, real cow. I ended up with a 10/10 French girl that knew how to keep me from straying, she makes sure my balls are empty all the time.
Not if you are a dude. I appreciate the offer, but I'm just not in to gay stories.
For the sake of everything fucking holy stop posting that fucking Greek lumberjack fucking old as Noah female truck driver onthis fucking board

Each time I see that face from the fucking paleozoic era staring at that cock like the Loch Ness monster staring at three fiddy I get a sudden urge to fucking kill all greek women and bomb an embassy

Fucking dirty, old cock-hungry cumguzzler scatmuncher fucking dead-eyed fucking cumdumpster and you fucking faggot that keeps fucking posting the same fucking image each fucking day

Dont you have anything fucking smarter to do?
Or at least, fucking post a woman that doesnt look like she's been breaking bricks with her face for a living

Fucking heaven's jesus balls just look at that fucking yeti hairy head
and those fucking teeth that look like she's been using them to chew asphalt

And look at that fucking shirt
just look at that fucking shirt
Fucking worn by the first pope himself when he raped children in vatican

Fucking dead-eyed ancient female fucking pay close attention to that fucking nose
fucking kurd/jew nose mix, she can cut fucking glass with a tool like that

One more fucking time and I'm blowing up a fucking embassy
pic related, a woman worthy of cock
>So, if you feel like elaborating on some of the encounters you mentioned and offering some details about how they started, what the females looked like, if the female was married/had a boyfriend, if you got caught, etc., I'd be glad to read about some of your stories!

My friend's mother (the 36 year old ) shared an apartment with us. One night she came home and I was watching TV. She was gonna go back outside to her car for something and just stood there at the door looking at me. I asked what was up and she just said "nothing", and then smiled, and blew a kiss at me.

When she came back and went into her room she did the exact same thing, but at her door. I followed, and she just started kissing me as soon as I stepped inside.

I wasn't particularly handsome at that time, so I guess she was just horny and wanted some dick, and I was the only dick around.

She also wasnt very pretty, but had a big ass and a big set of titties that I had previously ogled on occasion. We fucked like rabbits every time we could until one day she got in a fight with my mother over some other shit and moved out.

I never saw her again.
Took my gf to a gloryhole Friday night. She fucked 6 cocks, overall, and, I helped her suck two of them. Last night, after drinking, saw a personal ad for guy wanting oral. Recognized him, went over to his apt, and sucked off my brother.
I fucked a family friend she was a total slut tho she was about 40-50 never ask her age just fucked her like 5 times in a storage room under my house.
>Fucked a 16 year old girl when I was 16.

holy shit dude
That got me like a diamond. You didn't get to stick your penis into anything.
She was very skinny, small tits with big nips. The next day after we fucked on the couch and their bed, she stopped me at the door as I was leaving, got on her knees, and looked in my eyes without breaking contact as she sucked my dick. That was hot as hell.
He didn't suspect anything. Hr almost walked in on us once when he got home early from work. Luckily, the bathroom was through their bedroom, and I Ran I there and got dressed.
Another story, got a hj from an 8yo girl when I was 15. Wanna hear?
Your mean in the basement?
My current girlfriend left her ex for me

I fucked my boss while i had my internship a couple time
No we don't have a basement I live in a town house 2 stories but we have a storage room for all the other townhouse since our townhouse is the last one in the corner. But Noone uses it.
>start rubbing her tits, suckling them as she starts fingering herself
>do this for like 20 minutes, i start getting tired but she keeps moaning, it's so exciting
>you're so fucking hard, she says at several points, i guess i was
>my mouth is drying out, i worry that i'll start sucking her tits too dryly and it won't work out
>her eyes bolt open and she grabs the back of my head with her free hand and forces it into her chest
>i break free and grab her with both hands, pulling her into me
>she starts yelling these absurd shout-coming half words as she spasms
>i'm holding her so tightly that she is spasming me
>i roll onto my side, she rolls with me, holding me tightly, radiating heat into me from her entire body
>anon, she says, i didn't know, you act like you don't have a lot of sexual energy but you were just repressing it for some reason
>i say something about being a calculus teacher, need to maintain a perfect "i do not want to fuck you, student" facade
>she says she used to want to fuck her teachers, asks how she should have done it, says i have a nice cock
>we cuddle for a while longer, then go again
>fuck for like 3 hours, then i realize i have to get to work
>leave, have to get to my place to pick up marked papers, then back to the school, no time to eat
>so hungry and tired and exhausted and still a bit headspinny from the night before
>tell students halfway through the lecture they can go home, i'm not feeling well
>walk a couple km from campus, have panic attack on the sidewalk
FYI, the reason I've been using that picture is because people have become familiar with it and I figure that it will help people to recognize what the thread is about and get some attention and stories posted in it. After your suggestions, maybe I will try using another picture for a while. But, you will need to post in a better writing style (that shit was somewhat difficult/irritating to try to understand, for real), if you reply to this post.

I used to post in the OP (what turned out to also be a 'shopped picture, that I was originally unaware was 'shopped) a picture of a short-haired MILF with cum on her face with comments that suggest that she had accidentally posted the picture to Facebook and then her son saw it and they are trying to delete it. I'll upload it with this post.

> Pic related: The picture that I originally sued when starting this thread a few weeks ago.
I guess that's the end of my story. I dunno, not really inappropriate, but I guess it's a lesson for those of you on /b/ with anxiety and whatever other mental disorders that these things don't actually stop you from having a wild sex life. You just need to meet somebody analogously fucked in the head, and accept that they are going to exacerbate all of your symptoms, and you them. And then I dunno what happens after that, we are only a couple months into this.
Did I miss something, was she a student
File: 1417908749345.png (2MB, 3616x2436px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3616x2436px
>well i wanted to hear some stories of that.

There isnt much to tell. She was really cute and had nice legs. I liked her physically for some odd reason. Then one day her little sister (who used to play with my sisters) told me that her older sister liked me, and that actually made me happy.

So the next time I saw her I made my move, and told her that I liked her straight out. She told me she didnt think I could like her because I was older, and I just told her I did very much. Then I asked her to be my gf, and we became a couple. (cute, yeah... I know)

Anyways, skipping to the sex part: it wasnt that good. It was like having sex with a corpse who just lays there and does nothing. Which was quite the turn off.

That thing lasted a few months, and then we broke up because her dad was a drunk and they had to move cause the fucker hit her mom and some messy shit with the police happened.

Never saw her again, but I still got a picture of her. True story.
Yes we would like to hear that story
No, she meant that back when she was a student, she wanted to fuck her teachers. These days I am a teacher and she is a musician.
Please post some more details about this. What was her body like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight pussy? Did you cum inside her? Did she like your dick? Did you kiss her? Do you think you started to love her?

Yes, I am certain that people would like to hear about this story. Details would surely be appreciated.

Btw, are your friend and his wife still married? Are you and him, and her, all on good terms? And do you know if she cheated on him with anyone else? Also, is his wife pretty?

Care to share some details about how exactly these things happened? And do you have any pics of the females form these stories that you'd be willing to post?
Why the Panic attack I don't understand you're story wasn't resolved there are too many unanswered questions
post pic, faggot
stop holding out on us
I think it was just too long fucking too hard, then not eating enough all day. But my head was also in a weird place, there was a lot of personal stuff between us that I tried to summarize in my first post "as though we'd known each other for years but not at all somehow". I don't want to try to describe this, for one thing a lot of it is too personal for me to post about her, for another it's beside the point of the thread, for another I still don't have this clear in my head. Suffice to say my life has changed in many dramatic and wonderful ways all at once, I was feeling very disoriented, and this whole relationship was like a parody of it all, it's crazy that I would randomly meet somebody whose mind was so like mine, and that she'd be an attractive woman who wanted my dick.

its in non-digital format.

id have to dig into boxes for it.

sorry bro.
What has happened since then
>Be me
>family friend I've known for few years
>comes to visit but Noone is home except me
>I give her a some water
>we start talking
>she ask if I have gf I say no
>i know she's got a bf I ask anyway
>she replies no
>i get interested
>She ask why a handsome young man doesn't have a gf
>I replied with idk I don't like commitment
>she laughs and saids so u only like hitting it and quitting it.
>I laugh say yeah I guess.
>I ask what about her.
>She saids she hasn't had sex in about 1 year
>I know she's lying but I stay on track and ask why not
>she saids I guess Noone wants me
>I say that's not true you look good
>she smiles and saids stop it you're lying
>I say no and put my hand on her thigh.

continue ? I'm on mobile so might take a while
I had a neighbor a few houses down who was a kind of cute 16yo chubby girl. She had an 11yo bro and 8yo sis. I went over to her house one day trying to hook up, but she was a total tease. This day she gave me a boner, and then left to get food.
I'm just standing there with a huge boner, and her little bro and sis come and start talking to me. The brother notices my boner and asks I that was my sick. I said yea, and he asks to see it. I'm guessing he's never seen a boner, so show him. Him and his sister look in shock. I tell them how jacking it off works, and before you know it, the 8yo girl is laughing and stroking me off. Her brother is watching, and he starts laughing too when i shot my load, half on his sisters face/arm.
I left and never walked back into that house, I was so scared of getting told on.
>17, fat, loud mouth uncle convinces my mom to have me mow his lawn for free
> Builds charactor, good for the boy, FML
> Finish mowing the huge field my Uncle calls a lawn with shitty push mower. Blister everywhere
>Go into cheap uncles huge fucking house to call mom to come pick me up
>My Aunt meet me at the backdoor with a glass of tea, she chubby, with big hair, but tits for miles
>Aunt tells me that she will give me a ride home, insists that I take a shower first so I don't fuck up her upholstry
>Don't think twice about it, their shower is the size of a fucking walk in closet, strip down, enjoy the water massage
>Aunt peeks in the bathroom with towel, she lingers
> I ask her if everything is ok, and she slide the shower door open
> She's standing there naked huge tits with dark nipples the size of frisbees, and a bush straight out of a 70s porn
> My cock gets rock hard almost instantly and she smiles and grabs hold of it "You want me to suck it"
>I don't know what to say, I feel light headed. She doesnt wait for me to answer, and get down on her knees and start sucking my cock, cupping her huge tits around it.
> Before long she has me sit down on the bench in the shower, and then slides he big fat ass onto my cock
> She's heavy, but her cunt is slick, and it make me almost cum instantly
> She tells me not to worry, that I can cum inside her because she is fixed, and I do
> Spend the rest of the summer mowing my uncles lawn for "free", dump a load in his wife every time
File: 1411025711338.gif (388KB, 267x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388KB, 267x199px
>> Spend the rest of the summer mowing my uncles lawn for "free", dump a load in his wife every time
We've fucked several more times (she seems to think I'm good, I'll take it), gotten to know each other a bit more as friends. A lot of texting of poetry and long romanticized stories. It's been almost a week since we had sex, though I texted her last night and she said "not tonight ... soon". Things are less unreal now that I'm getting used to it and I know her day-to-day personality a bit better, but also much more remarkable as I get to know her past and her mind.
You spoke about anxiety and mental disorders not getting in the way of life. Do you have either of these because I'm going through some shit right now.
please do
I love you.
I have mild anxiety and type II bipolar disorder. The anxiety does not affect my life too strongly because it (usually) goes away in the presence of other people. Sometimes not, then I'm withdrawn and don't want to talk about anything because my head is too buzzy. My friends think sometimes I'm just like this... I tell them I'm "distracted" or "working".

The bipolar thing is generally helpful. At times the manic episodes are really powerful and I'll do irresponsible things, but I have an intricate system of spreadsheets to track my finances and give me advice when my mind is unable to. For the most part, it allows me to study and work for hours a day for weeks or months on end, which make me appear much smarter than I am. In my lines of work (math Ph.D. in cryptography, also security consulting) this is really helpful.
Are you fucking serious about this one? You literally agreed to show this 16 year-old girl's younger brother and sister your dick after they noticed that it was hard? Then, you started teaching them about jacking off, and, then, the 8 year-old girl starts stroking your cock and you end up cumming on her arm and her face?

If this is true, what did you do about the cum that was on the girl's face and arm? Did you clean/wipe it off her? What did she do as/after you came on her? Was there a lot of cum? What did the brother do as this happened? How long ago did this happen? Did you end up fooling around with the 16 year-old afterward?

Also, do you have a big dick? And what other filthy sexual encounters would you like to share with us?
you know this is fake, right?
op makes me really uncomfortable even for /b/tard standards
No, I did not know that. I was of the impression that it was a story about something that actually took place. Why do you say/think that it's not a real story?
Any dames hot enough to be in this bread ought try
this is fake too >>583518239
In the last 6 months or so my mild anxiety grew so much that I can no longer function in social situations without medication (propranolol), has helped so much since my anxiety was fuelled by my fear of becoming anxious. I've also been suspecting lately that I have some sort of ADD or Mild Autism. From personality tests I seem to have a very rare combination of characteristics and I find I find it harder and harder to relate to other people. I feel like I'm becoming less and less human I can't talk to people I don't know without the medication. I'm 23 and just finished University, in High school I was extremely social and talked to everyone and was very popular so its all pretty fucked up. I guess theres nothing you can really say to help I just wanted to tell someone who has similar difficulties in life.
is there MORE of this pictures dude?
If this is the case, then why do you bother clicking on the thread? Do you just like being uncomfortable? If not, then I ask that you stay the fuck out of this thread and future threads like it and don't bother posting in this thread again. Go be a retarded faggot in another thread.
Phone's about to die, so ill be quick and get on later.
100% serious. I did wipe the cum off of her with a shirt that was on the floor. The brother said something like "that's so cool". I wonder what he thinks about it now looking back. I never hooked up with the sister, I was afraid the dad would find out about everything and kick my ass.
I have a pretty big dick. I've had girls cheat on their bfs because of girls talking about my dick size.
I once got blackmailed into fucking someone when I had a bf. I cried during it
it's not always about you.
Sounds delicious.
Oh this thread again.
The last couple weeks were uneventful. But a new neighbour moved in my apartment complex. Cute east european chick with a boyfriend. Gonna use an approach that worked before. I put my mail in her mailbox, hopefully she'll bring it to me and not throw it in my mailbox. If this happens I'm gonna open the door shirtless and ask her for a favor like tying a bow for a present. And than we'll see.
Tell us about it... did he fuck you in the ass?
From an email I sent to an old girlfriend recently:
>There are a lot of things along the lines of "choose to be happy"
>that can help to improve your mood, which will then improve your
>health. But they are self reinforcing so it is really hard to get
>out of this sort of rut. Something that I recall doing a long time
>ago was eating chocolate whenever I had a headache (which will make
>the headache go away for some physical reason), then switching to
>other candy (which feels the same but weakens the chemistry), then
>to something like peanuts (which is now totally a placebo), then
>to simply visualizing eating peanuts. This is a slow transition to
>a placebo, since brains are hard to directly fool, but the result
>is that you develop a mechanism to "choose to not have a headache"
>by simply thinking the right thoughts. Then you can extract that and
>do other stuff ... it gets easier because "this will work because I
>expect it to work" is the same as "this will work" as far as placebo
>effect goes, so it's self-reinforcing.
If I catch them early (when they are just a mild feeling of concern) I can also ward off panic attacks with these techniques. Add to this a clearer separation of what's going on in your mind, say by screwing around with psychedelics or by studying philosophy of consciousness and mind. Then rather than trying "choose to be happy" which is a huge impossible goal you can choose much smaller, much more precise things which will improve your mood and outlook on life. As a bonus you get a feeling of being in control of your own mental state.

But of course, this may very well just be the mania speaking :)

In any case, good luck with your life and your future! Remember that things are never hopeless...there is no downward spiral that actually cannot be reversed. These things come and go.
File: may.jpg (99KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 640x640px
tfw my fantasy
My GF 18 me 19 used to give me
bjs when her younger sister was in
the room watching tv.... sister maybe 14
sister would be sitting on edge of bed while
gf sucked away. One day I caught the sister looking at the mirror in front of her... to this
day still not sure why she liked to give blowjobs
in front of her sister
File: 1417795155861-.jpg (114KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1280x960px
Yes, the guy posted 3-4 pics of her, I think. He also mentioned a Photobucket album by name that has several pics of her uploaded to it (and of some others, possibly, iIrc). He mentioned it in the same thread from a couple days ago and I have that thread it archived, if you want me to try to find the album name, let me know.
Were either of them hot
File: paris2.gif (3MB, 280x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 280x281px
what kind of gypsy magic is this? if you eat chocolate, you become addicted to caffeine. when you don't have chocolate, you withdraw from caffeine - one of the physical symptoms of caffeine withdrawal is a headache.

you can't 'choose' to be happy, if your physiological makeup doesn't allow for enough serotonin/dopamine etc. to be present in the brain.

Moreover, one can't substitute peanuts for chocolate without suffering from the inherent physiological side effects of caffeine withdrawal.

Your logic is sound. But your methods are fatally flawed.
both 7/10 they had different dads so i guess they were only half sisters so it was ok
i fucked my sister 2 times
Pretty hot scenario though, was the GF doing it quietly trying not to be loud or just doing it like her sister wasn't there
Is she hot
be me
>be 20
>Dad and Dad's friend got into a verbal fight
>Dads friend break up with his GF
>Lets call her X
> X is 35, curvy, brown curly hair.
>Real fucking hot, not gonna lie.
>X starts to text me
>start to use " ;)" to me.
>one friday, invites me to beer and to see her new tattoo.
>Dont live at home anymore, live pretty far away.
> we text for a month, somehow dirty.
>time to see family again, take train to home.
>Asks her if she wants to see me.
>She agrees, but only, if i give her massage.
>i enter her house, we kiss.
>goes to bedroom.
>she checks if her kids are asleep.
>she lights some candles.
>she finds the massage oil and get naked.
>massage her for 20 mins, she moans.
>so fucking nervous.
>she takes my cloth off.
>blows me, still fucking nervous.
>shes all wet from massage, dont feel like giver her the old lickeroo
>i proceed to somehow put a condom on my half hard dick.
>i proceed to somehow get my dick inside of her.
>fuck for around 10-15 mins.
>She gets 'mad' for not letting her off first.
>thinking "bitch what do you want"
>pull myself out, she wants to talk.
>talking to her while getting my cloth on.
>just wanna get the fuck out.
>she goes on about if some of my other gf never taught me how to do these sexual things.
>i sucked, i know, i dont care.
>after her talking for around 30 mins she gets up and take cloth on.
>get to the door.
>get out, go to my bike.
>im looking up at the night sky, thinking.
>im the biggest, most dead retard ever.

>but i fucked her.
File: 1386200845151.jpg (371KB, 1599x941px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371KB, 1599x941px
>be 19
>have girlfriend
>have best friend that is a girl as well
>friend and I are going to go to some little get together at her college with a few others from our old high school
>go to friends dorm
>walk in
>shes at her desk typing something up
>kneel next to her and pester her to hurry up
>shes wearing short shorts
>sitting there a good 10 minutes while she concentrates on her paper
>all of the sudden get this urge to kiss her upper thigh
>I do it
>I look up and she has a look of "Oh that felt nice" on her face
>she says to do it again
>kiss her more, lick her thigh
>shes loving it
>tug at her waistband with my teeth
>shes so fucking horny she tears off her shorts as quick as possible
>has a pretty big bush but I dont care
>start eating her out
>shes squirming and pulling at my hair like shes never been eaten before
>get up and pull my pants down
>she gets out of the chair and leans over her bed
>shes so fucking wet I don't need any lube
>push it, kinda hard to get in, but keep going
>she starts making sounds of pain and is holding onto the bed for dear life
>look down
>blood all over my dick
>just took her virginity
>never knew she was a virgin
>fuck her from behind for a good bit and blow my load on her back
>blood everywhere
>we clean up
>kiss her goodbye
>dumb my girlfriend a week later and start dating my best friend

still dating her 5 years later
When you say cloth do you mean like a loin-cloth, Are you some George of the jungle mother fucker
she acted like she was trying to be sneaky but she totally wanted her sister to watch. The tv was right above a full length body mirror so her sister just had to look down and she could see what was going on behind her.
That same gf like to jack me off in her families mini van while her parents and sister were in the front see and do under the table action at any holiday.
Haha sorry.


>currently sleeping with my ex's step mum

>im 21 shes 30

>why the fuck not, shes a milf hahaha
>3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/want to fuck you because you have a big dick?
subtle cuck thread
OP should kill self
congrats on your exit from the friendzone.
we could all learn a great deal from this man.
give the details of your friendship pre fuck
any discernible sexual tension?
had you ever joked about it?
what lead up to this etc?
Sister thing is hot but id hate the parents in the front seat thing, just no good if you actually did get caught. Maybe if it was just the Mum but not the Dad
I like this story
your telling me. I think the mom would have like to catch us she was kind of kinky too and made some suggestive comments but her dad was 6'9" and he would have crushed me
File: 1235324357.jpg (175KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 1200x1600px
You are really smart. There are trap/sissy threads on here every fucking day, and this is an anonymous board, but you're right, I need to be subtle and sneaky to try to ask for cuck/dick stories.

Seriously, please go be a fucking retarded moron in another thread.
> Pic related: Just a sexy pic to try to get some some more stories posted, hopefully, by some people who are not idiotic cock-suckers like the faggot who posted this post here >>583530381
10/10 wouldn't be mad if you dumped me over this
File: 1409951533125.jpg (156KB, 442x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 442x550px
>Meet fat ugly bitch via tinder
>She is all wanting to have a relationship
>I pretend to like her.
>just pounding that pussy,
>cum in her pussy all the time
>fucked her ass hard, stuck shit up her pussy and ass, wrecking that bitch, facefucking her hard
>complete control
>make her wear all kinds of slutty clothes in public
>she is not allowed to say no, EVER. I psychologically abuse her into letting me physically abuse her.
>gave her chlamydia, never told her.
>dumped the whale over a year ago, she still isnt over it. Her pussy is wrecked for life by fisting, insertions etc. Her dignity is gone... if she had any.
I enjoyed fucking her up for the rest of her life, /b/.
post you CL ad. I want to try to copy it.
>exit from the friendzone

I had a girlfriend so I wasn't really friendzoned

>friends in high school
>went to different colleges but texted almost daily
>we would exchange pics, nothing lewd.
>would always tease with a "Looking sexy :)"

I've always thought about being with her but I never really asked her. turns out she was "saving" herself for me but she could never take a chance since I had a girlfriend
Hahaha yeah that would fuckin suck. Situation with the sister will be stored for later so thank you
Yeah friendzone is just code for "this chick is way out of your league" so if there was always something there then thats not friend zoned
i have been black mailed by younger friend of mine, but that story was posted so many times already
Nice! forgot about the gf thing. Whenever you have a gf like 8 other girls who have like you for years magically emerge and want to date you and or fuck up your relationship then if you leave your gf to date one of them they all scatter

not in your case obviously
> be me 2 years
> at a party, best friends gf is there
> we fucked once before they started talking
> she gets drunk
> starts hitting on me
> I playfully flirt back
> later she kisses me
> push her away tell her it's wrong
> she tries again
> I tell her in going to tell my friend
> she begs me not to because she really cares about him bla black
> claims she is just really attracted to me
> I see the opportunity
> I take it
> tell her she has to convince me
>"I'll do anything"
> we find ourselves in a bedroom
> attempt to fuck, whiskey dick tho
> tell her she better suck my dick to keep me quiet
> proceed to grab her by the hair and force my cock in her mouth
> feelsgood.mp3
> get her on her back
> climb on top of her
> skullfucking.webm
> bust all over her face
> we keep doing this behind his back for months
> she enjoys the abuse
> I enjoy abusing her
> never fucked her again, just skullfucking
> culminated with her tossing my salad
> no punchline
dont feel like green text but

i fucked my boss for 4 months straight anywhere we could around the office. almost got caught more then a few times but thats what was hot about it, that and she was much older then me and a solid 8/10.
No because he got with the other girl before he left the gf so there was an overlap, you need that overlap
What happened in terms of your job
Nice! thanks for that distinction.... thats what i have been doing wrong. No overlap
I can't tell if thats sarcastic
I remember reading a similar story a few months ago but the little sister joined in, it was a fuck huge story time as well.

Anyone have it saved?
File: Capture8.png (116KB, 686x514px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 686x514px
>be 21, party in my apartment
>decide to go to bar
>girlfriend studying abroad, bff joins me
>she gets too drunk and irish goodbyes
>left her phone and wallet with me because no pockets
>leave to track her down, find her sitting on her stoop
>keys are in my apartment
>she comes back with me and jumps me when in the door
>fuck her from behind on my bed while her ex bf (good friend of mine) sleeps on our couch
>she moans like crazy and talks dirty, no idea how no one says anything
>she bounces first thing in the AM, never speaks of it
>GF knows she slept over but thought I was just being GGG and taking care of her drunk friend
it would be nice if you could find it dude!
gtfu reddit
Who was hotter gf or bff
1) A friend with a long term partner.
2) Nope.
3) See #1. Started off with casual flirting, moved on to mutual oral, and eventually up to her letting me bareback her and dom the fuck out of her. It stopped after about a year, but it was the best thing ever.
I fucked my 17 year old female cousin. I have never cummed so hard in my life then when I do in her mouth.
>Be me 3 years ago
>Be 16
>Childhood friend's older sister showed up after spending her first semester in college, lets call her violet. Violet and I were always cool hanging out with each other even if my friend wasn't present. She was always kind of geeky and she's probably the most socially awkward girl I've ever met.
>fast forward to my first encounter with her after a year. I'm on my way to my friends house and as soon as I get there I spot violet and she spots me, she says "hey anon! How have you been?"
>I'm near spilling my spaghetti, violet has grown and blossomed into a sexy ass woman. I remembered her being the sedentary type, not anymore, she's got curves and ass, not to mention the most beautiful face I've ever seen. Especially when she allows a portion of her mahogany colored hair droop. I have to have her, I tell her in classic /b/ etiquette, "h-hey violet, its good to see you again", I fuck up and tell her this twice without even noticing. Fuck.
>fast forward some more, violet is a runner and she's always hitting up the local state park to run due to the fact that she does cross country, track and shit. I've been hitting the gym for approximately a few months so when we go to the beach with her brother and my bro were all shirtless, she's wearing a cute orange colored bra, and were fucking around inside the ocean. I start splashing water on her and she starts doing the same. Good stuff bro. I take it upon myself to splash water on her when her back is turned to me so it will slam her ass. She retaliates by to wet my face.
>fast forward, I start sneaking out of my house every night, its summer time for fucks sake, why the fuck not? I go to her house and I shit you not, we are playing smash bros and doing dares. This goes on for a few nights until one night she asks me, "a-anon, can I ask you something?" I tell her, "violet, I know what you're going to say and yes I like you too."
will cont. Not prewritten fyi
What's with the cuck hate?
It's basically just watching a woman you think is hot LARP porn.

You'll watch porn with strangers all day and that's fine? But sharing your woman with someone else because you think it's hot is off limits?

You sound insecure to me. Too bad you feel like you have to own your woman to be a real man.
at least this one is believeable
her friend, by far, tall cali blonde. She had a long distance bf but had a wild and horny side when drunk
> join marine corps reserves
> friend from high school is in the same reserve unit as me, Same company different plt
>he invites me to a little birthday get-together at a property his family has up innawoods
> go, beer liquor and trash can punch everywhere
> drink
> drink
> drink some more
> wander off to the woods and throw up, come right back and keep drinking
> stuff starts calming down, time to crash
> didn't bring a tent and all the rooms at the cabin are full so I go to crash in my truck which is literally no more than 10 feet away from the tent where my friend and his girlfriend are sleeping
> start to fall asleep
> someone opens my truck door
> it's ol boy's cousin
> never met her til earlier tonight, apparently she's a 25-year old divorced woman with 2 kids and holy shit is she fine
> she literally climbs in on top of my lap and says that she had tried to fuck one other guy that had come over because she thought she was a virgin and that the family had caught her and kicked her out of the house
>starts makino out with me, I'm drunk as hell and had been blue balled by my ex so my dick kicked my brain's ass and I end up fucking her
>no more than 10 feet away from her cousin
> on his birthday
>wake up the next day, oh god what have I done
> thought that I could just go home and that we could forget about it and that would be that
> turns out that she is actually 37, still married just separated, that she had been brain damaged before, and that she had done method at some point in her life
> and he found out
> almost lost one of my coolest bros because of that shit
> still cringing thinking about it to this day
You sounds like a massive beta faggot to let another man fuck your woman
File: 1417569400248.jpg (90KB, 774x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 774x768px
how are you not full of STDs buy now? I am impressed and jelly.
I wish this would keep going.
Was good fun so far.
holy shit. thats what I want to do. are you in the US?
did you ever think it was weird you sister fucking watched?
>Be 17
>Meet cute girl at friend's party
>She's all over me for some reason
>Some of the stuff she says seems sketchy, like looking for a soulmate and shit
>Whatever, has great tits and drunk as balls
>Fuck yeah she starts making out with me
>We look for some privacy
>Yeah laundry room seems fine
>Gives me a BJ
>Takes off her and panties and says she wants it
>We start to fuck
>Pretty tight, not a virgin but watev shit is cash
>Start slamming her
>She wraps her legs around me and begs me to cum inside
>Not sure if want
>She says she's on the pill
>Splort inside, feels good man
>After I pull out she starts pushing jizz back inside
>Seems hot but I'm like what
>She tells me she was lying about being on the pill
>Wants to get pregnant so I'll stay with her forever
>I flip the fuck out
>Hit her in the stomach with a lightning screw uppercut
>It crits her uterus so hard it burst
>She starts throwing up blood
>I auto chain into a sick 45 hit combo
>She smashes through the laundry room wall and onto some people at the party
>Channel my Ki into Lv. 3 Final Crusher Blast
>Obliterates the house
>No survivors
>1200 xp, Style S+ Skill S+ Damage S+
>Fuck given rating 0.00%
I've got a few.

>fucked my friend's girlfriend behind his back the entire time they were dating
>fucked a girl I met at a bar in her fiance's bed while he wasn't home
>fucked an unwilling lesbian during a threesome type situation with girl from first story
>fucked my best friend from college's 16 year old sister when I was 25 and staying at his house while travelling
>fucked my little brother's virgin girlfriend in his bed when back home for the holidays
>sell weed
>my little brother wants me to hookup some girl he's trying to fuck
>Fine whatever
>she calls me and I tell her to come over
>comes in with one of her friends
>they want a quarter
>no problem, hook them up for $80
>"ummm... We don't have any money."
>wtf, I'm not giving it away for free
>girl looks at her friend and give the "go ahead" nod
>"ummm, like, what if she blows you?"
>the friend looks eager, so fuck it
>sit on my bed and see what she can do
>undoes my pants and is licking my shaft like a pro
>tells me she likes my dick
>constant eye contact
>deep throat action
>swallows my entire load
>Smiles and thanks me
>Give her the bag
>tell she to come by anytime
>they leave
>call my brother and tell him what happened
>he is cracking up
>tells me she is 15
>gets blown by her all the time
>they call her Dyson because she sucks so much
>give no fucks
>Make Dyson my personal fuck toy for the next few years
>Accidentally knock her up
>she graduates 6 months pregnant with my kid
>never tells anyone who the father is
>turns out it wasnt mine and she was fucking niggers behind my back
fuck off you copypasting dickweed
Have fucked female cousin, and made out with sister.
What happened? This thread was not available/able to be posted to for about/over an hour, but it stayed a valid thread and is now active/available again. Anyone got an idea what happened? Also, for the record, other threads were active and working properly.

Are you interested in sharing some details about these stories? If so, please elaborate on them; all of them, if you're felling up to it.

Also, got any pics of any of the females form these stories? And do you have a big dick? Is that why you've been able to get so much pussy?
>Hit her in the stomach with a lightning screw uppercut
Well, you down to share some details about these two encounters? How did they start? Are they both attractive? How many times did you fuck around with each? Are you down to post pics of either?
>be 18
>classmate is a 28 year old latina, 5'1, darker than most niggers
>been flirting for a month in between classes
>definitely picking up on the hints
>offer to come over and make dinner
>arrive, her studio apartment is a fucking disaster
Moreso than your bedroom was when you were in highschool.
>she staggers over to me and hugs me, obviously hammered
>tried making small talk, but she was not coherent at all
>stumble our way over to the couch, she slumps over on me
>thought she passed out, but she kept nuzzling my crotch
>starts undoing my pants
>worried she might puke, offer to go down on her first
>I help her strip naked, feels like I'm changing a kid's diaper
>go down on her
>not a bad smell, pierced clit, a little stubbly
>she cums quickly, shivering and moaning like crazy
>slumps back onto the couch, clearly passed out for sure this time
>carry her over to the bed, lay her on her side, gtfo
To this day, she's my favorite fuckbuddy. She's willing to do just about anything and has had some of her friends join in
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