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Ok lets try this one more time. reddit had some good ones but

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ok lets try this one more time. reddit had some good ones but I know you faggots have done some even more fucked up shit.

ITT: the most fucked up shit you've seen/done at camp

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Bumping with my own story

>Be me 13 at governor's school
>school for "gifted" kids so a lot of fucking weird kids
>roommate came from some crazy homeschooled shit and wasn't allowed to play video games, watch tv, or or do normal kid shit
>super autistic and only wanted to talk about monty python's the holy grail and dungeons and dragons
>was shy about his body and wouldn't take a shower or use the bathroom if someone else was in there. also wore the same pair of black jeans and had only three different shirts to wear, even though he had a ton of shit clean in his bag.
>after about a week of not showering and not shitting, this kid is starting to feel pretty shitty.
>is always constipated so he gets laxatives from the nurse.
>I talk shit about this kid to all my friends because he fucking stinks and creeps me out with shit he says when I'm trying to go to sleep
>we decide to fuck with him and lock him out of the bathroom when the laxatives kick in
>we go into bathroom a little later and put a broom through the handle so we can hold it shut
>suddenly kid tries to get in
>we hold it shut
>kid won't go upstairs to use that bathroom because he's autistic and too embarrassed to shit around a different group of people, let alone on our floor
>kid starts to panic
>after a laughing we decide to let him in but the kid won't stop pulling on the door
>we tell him to relax and let us pull the broom out but he won't listen and starts screaming and pulling harder
>mfw he shits him self and starts crying in the fetal position on the floor
>mfw he fucking wears the same pants the next day
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aaand bumping with another story

>same kid as before
>has a journal his parents make him write in every night detailing what he learned that day
>friends and I read it
>find out that he's been talking shit about me in his journal, saying that I was a bad influence and a sinner or some shit.
>last day my friend and I head up to my room and go into his journal
>skip a few pages in and write some gay shit about how he touched some guy's dick and saw one in the shower and was excited.
>tried to copy his handwriting as best we could
>next day, our parents come to pick us up
>his get there before mine
>mfw his mom opens his journal and glances through it
>mfw she stops on a page and starts reading something
>mfw she looks at me and we make eye contact
well fuck you guys then
fucking kek
Second one was my favorite OP
I lol'd
Le bump for interest
I have some more stories too but this shit looks like it's dying
Dont tell us you've got more, post more

thats like a doctor walking into the cancer ward and declaring " I've found a cure for cancer. But you all seem to be dying" and then just standing there
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ok one last self bump with another story

>last one about the same kid
>might as well give him a name
>we'll call him robert since that was his name
>by the third week, this kid just fucking reeks.
>my floor's councilor finally makes him take a shower
>robert goes in still with a t shirt on and boxers
>fucking wierdo still didn't wash his hair though, just kind of stood in the water for a while and then came out
>everywhere roberts head touches now, there's a big grease stain
>pillow is stained dark yellow
>last weekend of camp we're playing truth or dare with kids from another dorm we know
>by now, amost everyone there knows how autistic this kid is
>buddy calls robert over and dares a girl to kiss him.
>she says no
>agrees to a hug
>as she's hugging him robert gets a raging boner
>when she stops and pulls away, he looks down and his hair goes into the girls mouth
>literally can see the grease from his hair glistening on her lips like lip gloss
>she fucking starts dry heaving
>mfw robert starts crying and runs out of the room with his boner on blast while this girl as at the sink trying to puke and wash the oil out of her mouth
Faggot OP needs recognition
i already posted three fuckboy

at what point do you guys help me out
well it seems you went to 'camp'

I'm British, we don't really do 'camps' , so ive never been to one. i spent a weekend in an outdoor adventure center with my school once. it was orderly, well organized and entirely uneventful.

so you are have 100% more experience than me
fucking right I do
you guys don't have basketball camp or some shit over there even? what kind of upside down shit fuck place is that
I've played Basket Ball while camping with family once.
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ok last one and im abandoning ship
>be me 15
>at basketball camp like that british faggot up there
>a lot more normal kids than governor's school but had one fucked up kid in our house
>half black, half something else, he would never tell us
>kid takes reaaaaly long showers so we bust in on him one night screaming and yelling and dump a pot of ice water on him over the curtain
>kid freaks the fuck out
>falls in the shower and starts making gurgling noises like he's having a seizure or some shit
>we gtfo
>roommate goes back in to check on him
>kid is ok and standing back up but won't answer
>stays in the bathroom with the water running for another hour
>get tired so we got to bed while he's still in there
>mfw I wake up to screaming from the other side of the house
>mfw the crazy half nig is covered in shit, all over his face, chest, arms, and dick, and is completely naked
>mfw he is trying to rub his shit onto other kids while growling like a fucking lunatic

had to call the office for security for that shit
>reddit had some good ones
Ok okok, OP has good stories, but you better tell us what happened after the mom gave you the Glare o' Death. Meanwhile I'll dump a few of mine

>Be 8 y/o me
>Go to school for kids with learning difficulties aka the mental ward of teen education.
>During break we play 'soccer' on the grass field
>Fatfuck as keeper
>Grabs the guy who wants to score
>Hammer throws the guy who then cartwheels three feet away.
>I get angry, try to sling him, fail miserably, run off
>Turn because I figure I can take him anyways
>He tries to kick me, I grab his foot in reflex
>Mister Fat thinks he's a martial artist and tries to kick with his other foot.
>Mid swing I let go in surprise of his action.
>Lands horizontally making every tile in a 8 foot radius jump as if a bombshell hit the schoolyard.
>Never bothered me again.
gonna tell me they didn't faggot? look the thread up
either way half the people on that shit or on this piece of shit site too. guarantee you have an account on reddit fuckboy
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Camp helper.jpg
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I turned on the oven once
Bump, your stories are interesting anon, but;

>mfw she looks at me and we make eye contact

What happened after this?
wish i had some crazy shit to tell you that followed her "glare o' death".
nothing happened. robert saw her reading it and got excited saying he kept that shit every day. she said I know it looks like you did a great job, I'm going to read more on the plane home, and put the journal in her purse. but she didn't say goodbye acknowledge me when they left
>school for "gifted" kids so a lot of fucking weird kids
why the fuck do they keep doing that in the USA? Like seriously, whats the point of saying gifted, different, and names like that for obv retard kids, only make them preach stronger for their "difference" instead of accepting their inferiority and doing something to change it for the best instead.

pisses me off.
>gonna tell me they didn't faggot? look the thread up

number 2

>Same shitty school, age 10.
>Special kid is from Germany
>Edgy kids as we are, we keep making fun of him with WW2 related jokes.
>Teacher not there, so one of us starts getting on his nerves
>He looses his shit right before teacher comes back.
>Gets told by the teacher to get his shit together.
>Has a meltdown, goes absolutely apeshit, grabbing the teacher by her throat and cursing/yelling in German.
>Everyone absolutely shocked.
>One kid, not grasping the gravity of what we just caused this poor dude "SHE'S NOT JEWISH! SHE'S NOT JEWISH! RELAX!"
>Kid gets suspended and we get a lecture on WW2
I love lectures on WW2!!
your loss then
stole some retard's Pokemon Yellow Cartridge. the day after i took it i told my dad i didnt want to go to camp anymore. lol
>your loss then

Not really.
no dude this shit was for smart kids who scored well on PSAT's so they took the real SAT's in middle school and scored higher than a lot of high school kids. a lot of them are fucking autistic because a lot of smart kids are weird as shit
>be me
>be 16
>be on camp in hungary
>this fat asshole ruins camp for our group
>friends from group tell me to avenge them
>they wake me one night and help me shave his eyebrows off
>shit is not intense enough
>go to bathroom masturbate and cum in small cup
>friends await my return
>show them the cum
>pour the cum on the face of the fat fucker asshole
>he somewhat awakens as i pour the cum on his face
oooh fuck.jpg
>ninja skills activated
>i quickly lay down on the ground and wait for him do lie down again
>stand up and see him wipe his face in his sleep
>wipes the cum on his entire face and mouth
>holy shit
>im a fucking hero the other guys think
why not
>was a kid
>went to camp
>displaced my own insecurities by ideontofying an easy target
>some kid name james
>pick on james the entire time to look alpha in front of these fags i just met
what did the fat fuck do?
that's how it usually goes
can't deny it was funny as fuck though

...or are you really james and you have your feelings hurt
Well shit, my names Robert. Course I'm not autistic as that fucking kid.
I have tons of stories....
>at 16, I was a counselor at a 'fresh air' camp for underprivileged inner city kids
>~49 of 50 are black kids, obviously
>these kids are fucking tough, scary at times
>first day of session, returning to cabin after swimming
>kids need to change and shit, I am lagging behind cause need to make sure no one left at pond
>kids freaking out in cabin, something is up
>hootin and hollarin, can hear from 100 yards away
>walk in cabin and this kid maybe 8 years old
>swinging his monster dick around like a helicopter blade
>I shit you this thing literally hangs down below his knees
>"cmon guys, lets just get dressed, basketball in 5 minutes"
>No one listens
>Huge dicked kid starts chasing the only white kid around the cabin with his dick
>Other black kid screaming "you betta run nigga run" to white boy
>White kid stops dead in his tracks "I am not a nigger, you are a nigger"
>Dead silence
>me holding back laughter
>I need to rescue white boy, black kids rioting like its furguson
>Takes an hour to get everyone to calm down
>rest of camp, white boy needs to be supervised for his own safety
so he was right, you were a bad influence
Number 3

>This school man... age 14
>Have two teachers, one tiny Indonesian lady who's an absolute drill sergeant, one tall kiddyfiddler-looking guy in suit... always... in suit...
>Always get shit from both because I fucked it up on the first day by tossing an apple-core on the school roof (so I had to clean the whole fucking roof).
>X-mas dinner, I sit next to this chubby girl,
>on my left two giggling idiots
>we having a laugh with our stupid 14 y/o humor.
>I look to my right, see a piece of bread hanging from her mouth.
>In my jolly mood I say, "-now- you look like a proper pig."
>Didn't notice the tiny drill-Indo-lady was seated next to her because she was small enough to hide behind a 13 y/o fatty.
>Sound blasted my way above the legal dB.
no, the kid was a bad influence on ME
fucking never showered or changed, polluting the air in my room when I'm trying to sleep.
inner city nigs at camp
lol perfect
> be me
> 12 years old
> some shitty leadership camp
> kid talking shit all day
> scrawny and pathetic
> wait until he falls asleep
> friends and I think it would be funny to fart on him
> 6 of us move in for the 'kill'
> I fart first in his mouth, friends roar with laughter, as they do, this kid wakes up
> I move like lightning back to my bed
>he asks why his mouth tastes gross
> everyone laughs
> he falls asleep again
> 3 more people fart on him
> story of the farts gets told at breakfast
> kid gets the title of 'fart-boy'
If this thread is still around in half an hour I have some funny basic training stories
God you're a little fucking bitch
>Be 15
>working as a counselor for a camp
>sometimes kids stay over, sometimes it's a day camp
>when it's a day camp it's just 4 of us teenagers all alone there at night
>I didn't get up to much cause I'm a stick in the mud
>One night we break into the lifeguard's (two girls age 17 or so) room to prank them cause it was one of their birthdays.
>I catch a bullfrog and put it in a box with a label "organic vibrator happy birthday!"
>Everyone thinks I'm weird.
>Take years to realize why.
>Eventually become lifelong btard
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I lol'ed
been to away camp every summer since forever
worked as a counsoler too
nigga let me tell you, kids are fucking gross
they piss all over their hands and the floor
act like coked up mini androgenous andy dicks
its a surprise that some of these parents think their lunatic kid is gonna be alright with another group of kids for two fucking weeks

>be my first year counsolering
>fat niggra kid
>pretty slow, but like "uncle ray ray ate half the turkey" slow
>genuinly good hearted kid
>didnt know how to be bad
>ends up pissing his bed the second day of camp and doesnt tell anyone
>until the putrid piss stench reached all the way to the counsolers bunks

this kid must have been living in this bathingsuit full of piss for a week and a half
I kissed a girl for the first time at camp.

Other than that it was just normal singing about Jesus, dealing with mosquitoes, swimming, bible study, etc. It was very enjoyable as a kid, even though I'm a fedorian now.
>be me, 14ish?, on school camp for the week.
>be in a huge open room with little cubicles along either side of room, "bedrooms" basically.
>pedo south african teacher comes on camp
>my cubicle is right next to his
>I have a history of doing weird shit in my sleep (trying to bake cakes, shouting at people for no reason, talking about french ps3?)
> getup and walk around at night, only slightly aware of what am doing.
> make way back to cubicle and sleep coz tired as fuck.
> Wakeup and look around, notice this isn't my cubicle.
> walk out and check next door, mfw im in pedo's bed.
> go back to sleep, tell friends next day. turns out pedo man went to sleep in another room altogether.
>mfw nearly hopped into bed with an old dirty man.
Number 4

>I'm telling you, this school... age 12
>One kid is extra special because he's got an even stronger rage than many of us.
>Wears clogs, because it's Netherlands and I live in the farmer-area.
>This kid is fat too, in addition to his rage problems this makes him an even easier target.
>Occasionally chases us with, armed with clogs in his chubby claws.
>I liked to play with marbles, I was good at it.
>Carried a bag of marbles around like I was the marble-kingpin.
>Get in the situation this guy is coming at me with clogs
>My ever so clumsy luck in every real life fist fight I got into made me drop a handful of marbles.
>Kid slips, like a slapstick fatty.
>Lies there on the ground squeling, kicking and yelling, face red like a tomato, flailing his arms having a hard time getting up again.
>No one tries to help him, because they fear his feral rage and don't wish to get injured trying to help a wild raging beast in distress.
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>"I'm not a nigger, you're a nigger."
fucking lost it. Nice one.
> being this new
you just bite the bait of terabytes
Guess who's penis she thought he touched.
i learned to hate tards with a passion in my experience in summer camps
>got bunked with a 18 year old tarded as shit, "my tounge is too big for my mouth" nigger tard
>his dad was the headmaster or whatever bullshit boyscouts had
>this kid constantly was chewing on his tounge, spraying bugspray everywhere cuz
>i dun wan any bugz in ma mouf
deadass we had to hide the poisonous bugspray cuz he woulda just ate it
>he locked himself in a semi truck cockpit and blasted the airhorns for two hours while we were getting our "trucking" merrit badge or some shit

another large tard in charge niggra i got stuck with decided to pretend ot be asleep whenever we went to do something she didnt want to do
>be me
>1st year of counsolering
>first activity
>play guitars with anon woo supa fun time
>catches tards eye
>oh fuck dont come to my activity
>her and her two tard handlers
yes two tard handlers for this hefty 6'2" 300 lb12 year old tard
btw let me explain that they didnt just let tards walk around willy nilly
they had their own personal counsolers. shit pissed me off, it was 1 to every 20 kids in my area but the tard handlers were basically all just a social club that watched a tard or two

and on top of that, even though theres copious amounts of tard handlers, theyd always ditch their tards on us non tard handlers
>1st couple times this tard got ditched on me was ok cuz they came back before lunch
>the one time they didnt however..
>nigga, its time to go
>literally 20 ft from the mess hall for lunch
>all other kids pissed cuz hungry
>literally had to pied piper that tard up the hill with a merry song and dance with the guitar

camp was alright though
sex was everywhere
mad ppl got stds
Underrated post
A Frisian on 4chan?
Guess i'm not the only one.
bumping thread for keks
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dybs angels.jpg
169KB, 960x960px
Not quite as fucked as all these wierdo's posts but whatever

>be me, around 10
>be at some random school camp
>theres a sports field nearby and we were not allowed to go anywhere after bedtime
>one of the last days
>wake up
>some of us decided to go play basketball on said sports field
>counselors tells me i cant go
>turns out one of the counselors caught me going outside in the middle of the night
>am 100% sure i didnt
>apparently i was sleepwalking
>pissed as fuck
>kicked a curb in my kiddo rage
>toe gets rekt and it starts to bleed like a motherfucker

only time i ever sleepwalked still mad that i couldnt go play basketball
another one from basketball camp
>be 13
>have a kid in my dorm room/suite from mexico
>around the same age, name was hernan so we called him herman
>camp for a bunch of different sports so he played tennis
>was always eating wierd ass mexican candy he brought from home
>also always in just his underwear whitey tighties
>its sunday so we had most of the day off
>herman has been complaining of stomach pains from the cafeteria food
>goes to the bathroom for what seems like an hour
>hear herman start yelling help! Help! from the bathroom
>we run over and see him standing in a puddle of shit, in his whitey tighties, while the toilet is overflowing with brown water
>has one of his nasty mexican square lollipop things in his mouth
>we tell him to get the plunger and try to stop the toilet while we call maintenance
>herman grabs a plunger and starts fucking with the toilet
>in his vigorous thrusting, his lolipop falls out of his mouth onto the shitty floor
>mfw he picks it up and puts it back into his mouth
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Bump coz OP is a bro
File: 1390648948340.png (320KB, 523x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me 15ish
>go to Irish camp cause parents want me to learn the language
>Middle of the Burren nothing but rocks. seriously look it up
>retard ginger who i shall call weasley gets put in bunk beside me
>Other kids hate Weasley, he smells and rats us out if we don't speak Irish to the Bean an T
>Weasley takes sleeping medication because of some reason or another. Pretty much when he takes this stuff he's dead for 10 hours
>Last night of the Irish Camp me and about 7 others decide fuck this guy
>We pick up his shitty wooden bed and bring it out into the middle of the Burren. We walk for almost an hour before dumping the bed.
>mfw i get picked up by parents early and the Bean An Ti still hasn't realised Weasley is missing.
>Mfw he little ginger is still sleeping in the Burren.
>be me 17 years old.
>dad says i'm a lazy shit and i should kindly get a work in the summer.
>i agree i need money
>i talk with my uncle he is charge of a few summer camps so i figured i could be a counselor
>get into this place for the super rich, ultra snoobish kids.
>my activities range from making sure other staff don't ruin everything up to taking kids on excurtions.
>other conselours thinks i get paid more.
>i do lol, they mad.
>there was basically 4 sub sites in the camp, 2 for girls, 2 for boys.
>i was in charge of A, for girls.
>kids arrive, and we prepear a small party for the newcomers, etc.
>i meet my group.
>20 of the most annoying 12-15 year old girls i've ever meet.

under rated post
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Yyyyep, born n raised Frisian. Although I'm half Caribbean, one quarter Frisian and one quarter Belgian by blood.
Folks joke about Friesland being a backwater. Though Overijsel and Gelderland aren't much better, I do think the average upstanding citizen could've been any of the New Kids crew.

You know you're in a really special middle-of-no-where town if the most popular singer is called "Rinus" and produces hit-songs like these:
>scroll entire thread
>no "I'm blushing so hard" screen shot
File: affage.jpg (864KB, 1900x1900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>In Outdoor Camp of America for the Boys and Girls Club
>Don't even remember what age probably 9-13
>Every morning at 8:00 we hear a knock on our door from the adult bunk caption outside
>We then sprint out the door and run around outside doing random stuff for 5 minutes
>They tell us to do this so we are greeting the day with energy
>Our Bunk and 3 others secretly decide to do it in the nude on last day
>Last day arrives and we hear the knock
>We throw the covers off and sprint outside
>30 boys and 10 girls exit the cabins completely skyclad
>MFW our parents were outside ready to greet us and the Bunk captions were losing their shit trying to explain that the camp isn't like this and they weren't doing anything wrong

Pretty sure it made the newspapers at the time too.
>be me at 16
>always see illegals in the woods behind my house
>they have little tent village
>one night they are loud
>sneak out to see what's up
>they are partying and drinking
>watch this one girl dancing
>I am mesmerized by her hips swaying
>watch her for hours stroking my cock rock hard
>she goes off into the woods to piss
>I follow her
>wait until she is squatting
>run up and punch her in the head as hard as I can
>she goes down into the leaves
>out cold
>my heart is racing a million beats per second
>Kick her legs apart and drop my pants
>force my dick in
>a few pumps and I cum buckets balls deep in her
>she is starting to stir and I don't want her to scream
>jump up and kick her in the head and run the fuck off
>go the opposite direction of my house and circle around
>wait for sirens
>nothing happens
>no police
>no reports on news
>got away, and it was so easy

...and so began my three year journey of terrorizing illegals in my woods.
captcha vigilance bigetal
gimme moar since noone wants to hear my stories
another from governor's school but a short one
>short kid named rolando
>kind of weird and has really demanding parents
>always following my group of friends around
>really really rich though so we let him hang out with us because he buys tons of candy and drinks from the store and gives some to us
>always wears really expensive polos, button downs, and designer jeans.
>also wears some snake skin leather boots
>one day convince him that it's really cool and trendy to cut the sleeves off of polos
>all the models do it to show off their arms
>also to duct tape your entire boot and draw designs on it
>mfw he actually does it
>mfw he ruined a pair of $600 dollar boots and walked around for the rest of the time at camp with them covered in silver duct tape
keep going faggot

OP are you Robert?

Are these stories really just things done to you?
>be at summer camp at lake when I was like 10
>boxing with black kid
>thought we were just playing
>boxing and punching each other in the chest/stomach
>he calls me a nigger
>confused as fuck because I'm white. I should mention this was my first experience with a black kid.
>say "look who's talking?"
>he punches me in the face, hard
>fall down backwards, look at him like wtf?
>calls me a cracker bitch and walks away
>cry because I don't know wtf is going on I thought we were having fun
>tells all the other kids I called him nigger
>none of the other kids would talk to me or play with me for rest of the camp
>worst summer ever
And that's when I decided I hated niggers
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Dr88 city. Worked their in the theater
oh shit dude you got me figured out!
File: face_size.jpg (64KB, 700x695px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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moar! we need more stories fag
b u m p
i want to hear
most people are little shits at some point in their lives. >>582811806 obviously saw the error of his ways, based on his wording. give the guy a break. you've never done anything you're ashamed of?
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De Lawei is nice! Iduna has good days too. Phoenix is the best place imho if you want to gorge yourself on as much food as possible in 2,5 hours.
Our cinema is shite,
File: Shocked-Face.gif (485KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
485KB, 300x225px
trying to keep this thread alive because I want to hear this guy's shit. hopefully he'll deliver
in the meantime, have a another shitty story

>basketball camp again
>be 12 or 13
>one of the kids in my suite stole a jar of powdered gatorade from a storage room at the gym
>pours half of it into some international kids bed while he's asleep. think he was from russia or some shit there for the tennis camp
> russian kid wakes up the next morning stained purple with the sheets stuck to him.
>russian is PISSED
>that night, goes on the nightly camp bus to walmart
>goes to the dollar store next door and buys itching powder, we all laugh and think he's going to put it in the other kids bed to get back at him
>when we get back, russian goes into the other kids room. we think he's doing the deed
>confused when we go to bed and don't hear any commotion about itching powder
>next morning come back from breakfast to see security and an ambulance outside our dorm
>fucking russian put the itching poweder into the rest of the gatorade powder and the other kid drank it
>mfw the kid had to get taken to the hospital and the russian was deported back to the motherland
>be me at a camp I've been going to for a long time
> me and some friends who are also oldfags at this camp have to scout a trail that everyone else at the camp will be going on shortly
>this has been done multiple times before, but we have to do it to make sure there isn't any rattlesnakes or dangerous shit this time
>the trail is clear, now we just take our posts to make sure no one coming walks off track
>when we're all spread out, there are only two of my friends close enough for me to talk to
>it's about 30 minutes before people start coming down the trail, so we begin shooting the shit
>when we have nothing else to talk about, we start doing dumb shit
>start throwing rocks up in the air for no reason
>something that's not a rock falls out of a tree
>what's that?
>oh shit, it's a motherfucking bird
>the poor thing is still alive, but in serious pain
>we start freaking out, wondering what to do with it
>it's wing is seriously damaged, it can't fly
>it has no chance of survival, we decide to put it out of its misery
>try to drown it in shallow creek
>too slow
>slam huge ass rock on its head multiple times
>too slow and painful
>combine the last too, put it in creek with rock on top
>I stand on rock to hasten process
>we all freak out
>removal of rock reveals that I snapped the body in half
>in fucking half
>we cover it in more rocks until you can't even see it
>mfw the entire camp unknowingly walks by the grave and I have too act chill.
that's some dark shit
I knew you had it in you /b/
I wanna hear this shit man
Was it Balaton or Bernece? Those 2 places are the most popular
Only been at a camp once, but also have done stuff while camping.
>did a few creeper fap
>girl at next site wearing skirt was still setting up tent
>went inside my tent and whipped it out while enjoying several views of her black panties
>pool had an observation window
>lots of cuties
>much youngling cameltoe, wedgies and nipple
>stroked it through the nylon liner in my trunks
>still hard, so I had to hold cock through my pocket to keep from looking lewd/perverted
>jump in pool to get some shrinkage
>find water jet to power wash my cum out
>boner again
>let jet finish me off while casually leering at girls tanning and walking around the pool

>a few weeks go by
>tent village has been moved to a little clearing deeper in the woods
>spy on them at night
>see girl I raped still among them
>any time girls go off into the woods they go two at a time
>one night I get there really late, nearly 3am
>guy and girl are on a blanket a little ways off from the main camp
>guy is fucking her from behind
>Hit him from behind with fallen tree branch
>girl scrambles for a second but I kick her right in the chin
>guy tries to get up but falls over and I hit him a few times in the head
>just wait a few seconds.... Silence
>girl is moaning and holding her face
>I piss on them both and take off
>get home and jerk off to thought of rape again
>start working on next plan
>Be little kid at camp.
>I'm a high functioning autistic and don't have many friends.
>Counselors are all snotty teenagers who don't give a shit about me.
>Go swimming in the lake.
>Start fucking DROWNING.
>Counselors too busy fucking each other to notice.
>I fucking DIE.
>Return to life as a deadly behemoth out for revenge on teenagers.
Y not
lol continue
>Not American.
>Only ever seen summer camps on TV/films.
keep going. we all love some fake underage fantasy shit right?
Gifted classes are the opposite of retard classes, autism kid obviously there because math wizardry...

thats fucked up
>Start of school year
>8 year old me in classroom
>Get a new Polish teacher with a thick German accent
>Kid draws swastikas on the board and textbook
>Other kids joined in and started Nazi saluting
>Ultra racist German accents begin
>Everyone acts like Hitler and pretends to shoot her
>Turns out she's Jewish

The teacher quit after one lesson and the other teachers tried covering it all up. We were too young to understand the gravity of the situation.
more mate
File: skeleton-computer.jpg (16KB, 300x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 300x240px
bumping for this guy
Top fucking kek
>Saturday night
>I head into the woods with a sports bottle full of gasoline
>only a few people are at the campsite
>squirt streams of gasoline on the backs of tents closest to me
>spray on ground and trees around the camp
>flick a light anywhere match at the tent
>shit ignites in a heartbeat
>I'm running as fast as I can
>the whole woods is alight with flames from the fire
>scared of being spotted
>take longest possible round about route back home
>fire trucks are in the neighborhood way behind mine
>commotion all night
>next day, the whole camp is wrecked and empty
>read about illegal camp setting fire to woods in paper
>two weeks pass and illegals have moved to new area of woods
>my work must continue
dat edge
File: imacheartmary.jpg (115KB, 303x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 303x466px
This is 9 years ago and i cant get his face out of my head
>be me around 15
>at christian camp, because jew nigger
>alone in room late at night
>fapping bacause bored
>there was no mobile phones full of porn back then so fap to pic of Maria
>fapping so hard the bed bangs the door
>priest walks in, stands in the door, and give me a dirty look, smiling as he does
>walk 5 miles home strait away
Keeping it short because high and fuck you
>be me grade 2 at a zoo sleepover
>only have the class went because its a sleepover at the fucking zoo
>surprisingly, the weird kid was there. I think he actually had autism, he'd hit himself with his shoes all the time
>only 2 of my friends were there so we stayed tofether
>had to follow guide around zoo, couldn't go off on our own
>looked at animals until dinner time, they started bringing animals inside
>we ate shitty pizza and played shitty group activites
>this goes on for awhile until the teacher starts freaking out, realized the weird kid wasn't around
>teeacher leaves with one guide to look for him, a guide stays behind to watch us
>girl starts crying
>guide comforts her and we sneak out
>follow the teacher quietly so she doesn't knoe
>she gets the the gorilla exhibit and starts screaming
>weird kid is actually me
>I'm fucking a gorilla
I suck at greentexts. Not Amerifag, never been to a camp. However, schools where I live sometimes organized trips for the whole grade.

>be me 14 or 15
>trip with almost every fucking kid on my grade to another state to spend a couple of days
>we had to share cottages with another group of students
>the most annoying and disrespectful fucktards
>day 3, me and friends playing truth or dare in our side of said cottage
>fucktards show up and start talking shit about us
>decide the fat weird faggot was the optimal target
>admiral fucktard comes up to me and start talking even more shit

Should I continue?
ok fuckboys my last story. tried to save the best for last...
>back at governor's school
>keep hearing rumors about some kids two floors up who have been cumming in a gatorade bottle and collecting it
>friends and I go up and investigate
>they proudly show two weeks worth of brown/yellow fermented cum
>they tell us they're going to dump it on some kid they don't like at the end of camp.
>we tell them we're going to do it too and help
>we try but seeing another dudes cum grosses us out and we stop
>two weeks later, end of camp, second to last day
>the kids upstairs tell us they're going to pour it on the kid while he's showering
>gotta see this so we go up to watch
> enter the showers and they open up the bottle
>the smell immediately fills the bathroom and smells like death
>kid holding it starts gagging
>shower boy hears him and pulls back curtain to see what's going on
>gagging kid throws the half full bottle of cum at the shower
>brown jizz splashes all over the kids face and curtain
>we run out while the kid starts puking
>mfw I wasn't even laughing anymore and kind of wished I would have just stayed down stairs
that's good
don't ask, just do it
continue you alien fuck
no fuckinng way it's real. You had to dramatize this event.
Thats not very nice.
Some poor fucks living in the woods because they cant afford better and you burn their stuff?
shut the fuck up you whiteknighting wannabe hipster emo cunt
File: kRp6z2w_700wa_0.gif (818KB, 319x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
818KB, 319x260px
Stop crying faggot
captcha: increase insani


>tell him to back the fuck up
> adm. fucktard laughs, spits at my face
>stand up, grab him by the neck and pull him from the groud
>"Please, apologize"
>fucker can't say a word, miniontards looking at me in shock
>guy responsible for not letting us kill each other shows up and breaks us apart and helps the fucker to a bed so he can breath

>day 5, adm. fucktard and his minions gather about 40 people to try and beat the shit outta me and my friends
>surround us right outside the cottage when the son of a bitch responsible for us is nowhere to be found
>fuck it, I'm doing this shit
>rush to the faggot in command, grabbing him by his arm and break it
>9 fucking years of judo had some fucking results
>hold him by his neck (arm flailing around) and tell some random fucker to go and call someone

cont. soon
every one of my stories is true
believe them or not, I just wanted to share them

but governor's school is a crazy place man. take some of the most autistic/smart/insane teenagers in the country and stick them together for four weeks with supervision by college kids and shit will go down. third or fourth night I remember we all got locked in the commons with our counselors because some lesbian bitch got dumped by her new girlfriend for some guy and started cutting her self
>Be me
>Folk dance camp
>Drunk a half bottle of wine
>Showered, forgot towel
>Went back naked, while doing dickcopter
>Some girls seen me.
>Not a single fuck was given.
Barely worse than Hazes
what the fuck dude
Oh god my sides
Don't cry
File: a14.jpg (237KB, 917x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237KB, 917x720px
Nope just kids being edgey
mad much huh?
>coked up mini androgenous andy dicks
>coked up andy dicks
So... Andy Dick?
Lit a dudes nuts on fire. It was the 4th night in a row he came over and pissed on the fire so we hit his nuts with a little bug spray. He didn't do it a 5th time.

If the only people who can score well on a SAT test in the USA are autistic kids who shit themselves, then that country has no future.

No, smart kids are not supposed to be weird as shit. Not even most of them.

you got me laughing there
Came here just to say this never happened.
>Wait a few months before checking out illegals camp again
>a lot of them are new
>a lot of them are women
>pick out new illegal GF
>watch and wait
>she goes off with four other women of varying ages
>Follow them
>holy fuck, a satellite camp
>four little tents about a half a mile from main camp
>stake it out for a few more nights
>see my GF head out to main camp alone
>she nearly shit herself when I grab her from out of nowhere
>I'm 6'2 and she's barely 5ft tal
>keep her in choke hold until she stops resisting
>Carry her far from the camps and deep into the woods
>Pull her skirt up and rip her panties open
>finger her a little and then bury my cock in her balls deep
>she wakes up while I am fucking her
>she never yells. Just keeps staying "Basta" and "por favor" over and over
>eventually just sobs into her arms as I finish
>she disgusts me, subhuman illegal scum
>I kick her on the ground and spit on her
>she just lays there sobbing
>it's making me hard hearing her weak cries
>I push my forearm into the back of her neck and hold her down in the dirt
>struggle to get my cock to her asshole
>every time she resists, I punch her in the head
>she tries to scream as I push it in but I clamp my hand over her mouth
>fuck for a while but I'm not going to cum again
>the whole time, I'm impressed that her hair smells good
>she lives in a tent in the woods, but her hair smells nice
>leave her there and run off into the darkness
>get paranoid and throw all of my clothes away
>scrub myself as my dick in caked in cum, shit and blood
>wait a few weeks before resuming woods patrol
that's why America is fucked up dude
did they watch you or what?


>of all people, random bitch called the man responsible for us
>"What the fuck is going on, Anon?!"
>I ask the faggot I'm holding to explain the situation, not releasing the grip on his neck
>after mumbling all the shit that went on, I let him go, crying, to see whatever fucking doctor came to work
>the man decides to wait and tell the headmaster and whatnot after we go back, which would be the following day

>back home, my parents went to school to give me a ride home and had a little surprise
>shitting my pants in fear of being expelled or my dad beating me up
>we went to the headmaster and I explained the whole fucking situation
>the headmaster, 85 yo priest SHOOK MY FUCKING HAND for having stood up for myself
>my dad does the same
>everyone in school, including teachers, were fed up with that little fucker's attitude
>find out he forced everyone to gather to beat me and my friends up
>he's moving to another country after this
>mfw when I became some sort of hero in my school for breaking a guy's arm and teaching him his place
Holy shit...

You are doing God's work anon
>people who ask if they should continue

>be me, be summer between 6th and 7th grade, 1986
>be at church camp
>kid in cabin named Billy Corgan
>he performed satanic rituals at midnight. i swear i saw a red flash in the mirror. freaked me out for the rest of the week
>be 2009 or 10
>stood in book signing line for 5 hours a few years ago after buying billy's stupid poetry book
>get to front of the line
>ask him if he went to Camp Squanto in 1986 and performed satanic rituals
>"dude do you think a guy like me seriously went to church camp" no smile.
>took the book. said thanks. figured it was a different Billy Corgan. The feels
>as i go to step away, he stopped me and said
>bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary and smiled.
>was the exact chant of the satanic ritual he performed at church camp.
>MFW i went to church camp with Billy Corgan
>true story
File: 1411979357687.jpg (31KB, 292x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 292x257px

Billy Corgan was 20 years old in 1986 dude :v
>Me at age 16 working at a camp
>campers are 10 years old
>my bunk smells like straight feces
>a camper had shit himself
>he panicked and hid his shitty boxers n shorts under his bed
>we search bunk to find shit smell
>kid doesn't say anything about his shit under his bed
>we find his shit
>extreme shame
File: 1380559115531.jpg (92KB, 398x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 398x500px
>organic vibrator
this shit sounds like a movie
minor detail.
i consistently scored high on tests when i was a kid, and i was autistic as fuck m8. what it all comes down to is exposure to other people, if kids dont socialise as theyre grow up even the intelligent ones turn into complete social retards.
File: image.jpg (86KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 640x960px
>be me 15
>freshman in highschool
>English teacher wants to do show and tell shit to break the ice
>why we are doing this in high school I'm not sure
>I bring in some baseball shit, a book, and my fav vidya like a normal kid(oblivion at the time)
>super huge faggot austist kids turn
>let's call him tommy
>for his show and tell he brings in a white hood
>"this is my clan hood, I where it at night for special activities in the community."
>he looks at the black kid in the room
>everyone is losing there shit
>teacher is totally stunned
>sends tommy to principal
>gets expelled
>tommy shits in a bag and leaves it on teachers door step a week later
>has a note saying he will get back at her
>teacher doesn't report it to police simply moves away in a couple weeks

last time I saw tommy he was doing acid and had a Jesus beard
Pic related it's him

i love you and your stories

go write a book
>sex was everywhere

I imagine that being a good looking man in a camp where counselors are the same troubled kids that used to attend as campers gets you some props with the lady counselors. Also, that weeks on end isolation must help the vagoos start dripping.
lol cont but longer stories ffs
LOL even unconscious you were not attractive to a pedo
>be on school trip at 17ish
>we're planning to go up to some alpine marshes, which involves going on a chair lift first
>on a chair lift with my friend, we're chatting shit
>suddenly see something fall from the chair lift in front of us
>it takes us a second to register that two of our friends have jumped off of their chair, must have still been a few meters off the ground
>we get up to the top regularly a minute later, teacher's in the chair behind us and obviously saw the whole thing
>they walk up to the station a few minutes later
>teacher asks them what the fuck they thought they were doing
>both of them look at him like he's the crazy one, and one of them says 'It looked like fun, and we figured the field would break our fall anyway'
>entire class faces them with looks that range from amazement, to 'fucking retards'
Then later on someone got Falcon Kicked into a sinkhole in the marsh.

I've got plenty of other stories involving one of the friends, but they're drunk stories, instead of camp stories.
>no one bats an eye
What happened
The look on her face was priceless. Never really talked to me after that which is a shame cause she was cute.
Because we all go there too
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