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Hey /b/, anyone wanna rap battle? You must come up with original

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/, anyone wanna rap battle? You must come up with original lines, as I will do the same
yo you're gay...you suck...fakes. oh. all night...that...your face all...wells up and it... fades away..
sitting on /v/
playing with my cock
i dont have a job
im just running out the clock.
see this fucking honkey,
wants to battle me?
I used to be a rapper like you till i took an arrow to the knee
File: 1416690691400.jpg (551KB, 2760x1518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nigga nigga nigga nigga u fagget
His spaghetti is weary, knees weak, arms spaghetti, there is spaghetti on my sweater already, it's spaghetti, he's spaghetti, but on the spaghetti he looks calm and ready to drop sauce, but he keeps on spaghetti what he wrote down
Go on, you are literally Slim Shady
My brain is like acid
But my soul is placid
Looking at you makes me go flacid
My raps and lines are dirty and grime but a lot of effort and a lot of time goes into each and every line each verse is a crime, verbal abuser
Shocking like a taser, shootin like a lazer, fizzin like a phaser, brighter than a quasar, im a thousand black holes from ever being light, if our souls were colors, mine would be midnight
Its a damn hard life
Always being the dark night
Its just myself
Starting yard fights
You'd get scared I'd hit you like a train
So call it freight
But through all the pain
And all the things in my brain
For those who say I'm insane
My behavior is off the chain
I have tar in my veins
But it gets you throughout the night
To tell you these 4 words
You Are Goddamn Right
Op is a fag
Op is so gay he plays tag...
With dicks
ooga booga looga nooga mooga tooga
This thread is filled with crazy.
You're wasting your life being lazy.
You're on 4chan dumbshit you better get off
Or spend all of your life with spaghetti.
I have a flame inside
Call that internal fire
Spittin so hard
Watch me spit this saliva
My spirit is space bound
Now watch me go higher
Cause Imma beast
Yeah Im a survivor

Im bigger than you
Notice i didn't say taller
In fact, im better than you
If I said otherwise, I'd be a liar
Wanna bring your dire pants to the spire, gettin higher than Heaven, call me Bryam Adams
I am a computer
You cant compute
I'm a calculator
And youre a fruit
Say i'm throwing books
Cuz I be droppin mad knowledge
You're so stupid
You go to a community college
I rock harder than Kiss
And I have a rock hard penis
Oops! That slipped out
Looks like I put too much lube
I guess I am just in that mood
After I rape your mom, ask how it was, how ever you may
Ask how she felt takin that foot long like it Came from Subway
But that shit was 5 dollars cuz I dont work for free
Maybe she was Little Ceasars as well
Cuz she was hot and ready
Oh my god!
he actually replied!
im so fucking happy that you actually tried,
sorry to tell you that your rhymes all suck dick,
but ill keep on reading them while im playing with my dick
where do i go from here? i guess insult your mom
shes so fucking big i couldnt fit her in this song,
i will tell you that my rhymes arent very long
but one thing that is is my motherfucking dong
Yo, im like a flame
I'll ruin your day
Burnin holes through your raps and everything in between
Im the light
That people see and pray at masses
My future is so bright you are gonna need sunglasses
My freaky flow is formulating a fantastic scheme, scary and scarcely, my raps are like a bad dream
Because once you think its over, its comin back
Im laying spikes and tacs all over your dumb track
Bustin and beatin and shakin
Breaking everything up like the aint no further mistakin
That I'm the best, there ever will be
Everyone else just bows down to me
So hide your kids and hide your wife
Because all of y'all are gonna kiss the knife
Your rhymes are shit
OP's rhymes are shit
You're all made of shit
I'm still only using shit.

How does it feel to know I can rhyme better than you with one word?
I don't disappoint, but by now I'm sure I've been heard.
Tell me, does this make you scurred?
Of course not. You're both faggots.
Yo, im the coldest MC
Hell, you cant see me,
Your eyeballs are frozen
Frigid as fuck
Better duck
Or get struck you fem
My flow is like Eminem
With a sprinkle on N9ne
And some Pac, only if I had the time
Speaking of time, do you have a watch?
Cuz thats all this time you've been, staring at my crotch
But yo, man, I speak like a bullet
If you could measure how long I could rap
I'd be 8 miles a minute
I think I can be from the 313
But its best not to discard me
Cuz im rotten to the core
313? More like 424
Because I am better than the rest
I never failed the test
I'll make you flinch like I stuffed you full of pepper
If you want to step to me make sure you got a stepper
I am only 5'2" but im still better than you
You're so thirsty, would you like an Aquafina?
Cuz I gotta demon in me like my name was Tech Nina
Making monstrosities that mangle morons like your itty bitty brother, banging your mom, while im jackin off in the shower
Alright I think I've gone too far for now
But just remember, like a flame, I never go out
Are we doing this twice?
Use your brains boys play nice
Make sure you turn the bowl don't burn the ice
And get a clean needle if you're hitting a vein
before you're digging under your skin in pain
Just to make that heroin sickness go away
That's sweet, anon
you keep thinking you've got something special.
Captcha accustomed rmatComm
this is the gayest shit ive seen in a long time
its given me cancer and made me rhyme
i now realize what a beta fag i am
so now i will an hero on cam
If you think that you're hot you've lost your mind
since you talking good shit i'll toss a line
but i spit with the force of 9's
firin at your belly. take your loss and die
your shit is basic, tasteless, with a whole lot of fake shit
i love rap and this leaves my heart aching
freestyle is an art you can't partake in
after one punch line i'll leave you fainted
Im about to go hard everybody get back
Im about show this wack weeabo how to rap
I got rhymes for weeks
So hot that not of you will compete
Im a beast
I'll mutilate and maim
Your whole entire day
Beat you so hard
You'll look like the hunchback from Notre Dame
My raps are like acid
Spillin chemical X
You're so useless
Your mom shoulda used a Latex
Yo, check this out
Im out here rappin
Trying to waste more time
Before going to bed
Op's mum is waiting
She wants some of that vitamin D
But she has to keep waiting
Because before i have to pee
See, i can rap for days
My flow is too underground
Drake spittin on my headphones
Usa is not my hometown
English aint my first language
That only gives me more value
Yeah im a true gangsta
West Coast Best Coast
All you weak muthafuckas betta chek yourselves
>>5819112I want to put you 6 feet under, in the dirt. Permanently, no more hurt.
Pfft please
My flow is so cold
That'll freeze your toes
I'm colder, than the Cold Wind Blows
Dont get to close, or I'll snap
Shattered ice all over your track
Not even antifreeze will stop the chillin'
Cuz this cold hip hop villains' given major lyrics, spillin and killin till MC's sound like crickets
youre the scum of the earth
look at you
your what I scrape from the bottom of my shoes
Yo, im the illest MC
I got sickness like I had HIV
wait no, scratch that, matter of fact, let me show ya
Makin' all the rapping idiots drop dead like they had Ebola98
File: 1.jpg (45KB, 975x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 975x650px
Listen up OP!
You're a faggot, not like me.
Trap threads are your thing,
while your mother just crowned me king.
Why don't you lurk more?
Oh that's right, you're a fuckin' post whore.

That's my OC, I'd go on but I'm playing some vids and my match just started.
who you callin a weab, you little dweeb
go stick a dick in your ass and squeeze
ya boys so sick he had sneeze
left my snot on your crotch
and you don't wash it off
cuz this could be the first time a girl touches your cock
i could spit for days
put you on display
as what happens when scrubs fuck with A
get ko'd like melee i throw the first punch and you screaming mayday
Explosive, you know this, come get your daily dosage
I spit that funky shit, can you send a medic for my halitosis?
The flow is as solid as diamonds
Niggas should know they cannot corrode this
So motherfucker bow down as if you're tryin to suck on your own dick
You are fucking autistic
Its like you got a brain necrosis
You're just a sperm cell that climbed up out of your dads rectum
Motherfucker I got balls like I'm Ash Ketchum
OP should not have fucked with me.

My rhymes are dope,
Knocked Shady down,
Only held by a rope.
Fighting, struggling,
Trying not to drown,
I'm spitting out lyrics,
You just sink,
You stupid fucking clown.

Knock, knock,
Who's there?
It's just your momma
Being dragged by her hair,
Daddy's gone and hit her again,
Now she's falling down the stairs,
As your dad sits back down
And drinks down his cares.

But why even bother,
You stupid little shit
As you play, your mother
Is still getting hit.
Just sit in your room
Close out the pain
Go to the one place they know you
The one place they never know your name
300 confirmed kills, maggot
Anon's the god, OP is just a faggot.

Don't be shittin' on Ash.
Pokemon is fuckin cash.
You wouldn't know,
You're just 12 years old.
Hell, little boy,
Bend over,
You're my new fuck toy.
File: Politikz.jpg (77KB, 1283x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'm a spiritual lyrical
miracle individual
miracle lyrical
spiritual lyrical
miracle spiritual
individual spherical lyricali'm a spiritual lyrical
miracle individual
miracle lyrical
spiritual lyrical
miracle spiritual
individual spherical lyricali'm a spiritual lyrical
miracle individual
miracle lyrical
spiritual lyrical
miracle spiritual
individual spherical lyrical miracle
Alright wanna laugh?
I'll give you something to laugh at
Look at nerd
Looks like a fucking lab rat
Your 5 inches hard
Im working with a soft 10
What are you gonna say to me then?
Your are a old neckbeard
Im all young and new
You are so fucking useless
Your mother should have swallowed you
Last name fail, first name never
Cant think of any first and last name ever
The way it is, im just better
OP is the king
OP is the God
Looking down on you niggers
If my dick was in IPhone
Yours would be an Ipod
I can eat fucking soup
And shit a better rap
I'll show this damn trap
Trap, you're a trap, since your a trap, you're fake
I wrote this while I was asleep
Imagine if I was awake
I'll shoot you up like your name was Mike Brown
What the fuck do you have to say to me now?
You're shit.
File: images.jpg (5KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ayy b0ss
File: Spagetii.jpg (8KB, 500x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 500x277px
Gib me deh pusay b0ss
sorry all i heard is you're soft
why even respond when you already lost
little kids shouldn't talk to the boss
i'll get you whipped more times than that dude on the cross
and i bet you are ten
like just turned ten
you try to fight fire you get burned then
here's some nickels for you mom
she earned them

My lyrics be nimble, my rhymes be quick
OP can't rhyme and loves that dick
Coppin lyrical content from Kanye on rapgenius
Copy paste augment, and still meaningless
Says he wrote this shit sleepin; I believe him
Yall know he weepin, cup filled to the brim
With tears cause he know he ain't Slim

Whack motherfucker aint even worth a full stanza
Cuz OP's shit is soulless like Adam Lanza
Fuck you
i habe cancer
Get burned?
Bitch I got fire retardant
Speaking of retardant, aren't you retarded?
Your mom never loved you
You never knew your dad
Go an hero your self on cam
Useless little fag
I bringing the cold
Breaking down the door
Im a dragon youre a sprite
Curlin' up the floor
I snip at you so hard, call me frostbite
what about my mom?
what about yours?
mine is rich
yours is a whore
MC without a name getting blames on the tag
lagging like a shitty turd fag
Steve Jobs is dead
you're a man without a third leg
if your dick was in iphone, you'd get electrolaid
fuck if we doin' analogies, mines an iPad
You bake Half-Ass whack shit when awake
you don't have what it takes
You eat soup? I don't even need to beat my brain to this shit for me to know I drink soup
All your shit turned inside out
Like Taco Bells with Lettuce Sprouts
I'll meme fury all over ye yiff like 4chan
You don't fetch feasible feat.
No point you asking shit
Fucked your mom outta her brains on her period
Sick and Straight to the point to bend her over
Get hit like a pregnant lady in the tummy
You're a whack bum, and that's all you can be
Dude I see you tryin to hurt me
I call and raise you, let's get this shit dirty
Speaking of raises, give your ghost writer one
Because without his aid, you're as good as done
I can fuck you up dude without even gettin serious
I see you want more of me, now I mean business
Do you have an idea who you're fuckin with
I'm young, I'm smart and my lyrics are fuckin vicious
You seem like butthurt, did I hurt your feelings
Or is it my dick in your ass causing all the pain you're feeling
Gotta admit it, I like this rap battling job
After all, who doesn't like gettin a blowjob
It could actually be better if you stop being a fag
50 cent is not your name, it's your fuckin price tag
I'mma stop by your hood just to give your bitch a holler
After that, she will give me a blowjob just for a single DOLLAR
She thinks about gettin a green card and moving to the Cali
She will earn more there by just fucking in a back alley
Lil wayne is your name, you don't know shit about the rap game
Prolly you're dissin me just to get fame to your name
This is not a rap battle, it's a lyrical homicide
Don't worry people saw what you're all about
Before I stop having mercy, you should just peace out
Watch me while I'm swagging
OP is a faggot
virgin neckbeard kids on 4chan
who are unfortunately spastic
I spit so quick and I am better than eminem
I have sex with a gay nigger
I'm gay right now for a frisch's Big Boy
I want that big boy pussy
File: Red.jpg (40KB, 600x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Everybody in the thread after this you gon' be bleedin'
Team Rocket in my Swisher got me Koffing, Weezing
Flow is so rare you couldn't catch it with a Master Ball
You talk and I don't listen you can call me Ash's Charizard
Catch me in the Trapinch, flyer than a Flygon
I'm the best, disagree I'll break your fucking DS
Goin' harder than Tyranitar, I run it like Terrakion
Bodybaggin' trainers, I don't count what fucking badge I'm on
Bunch of cash, and I get it faster than a Rapidash
Something like a Bug-Type, every day I Spinarak
All these niggas unknown, Sorta like an Unown
All of you the same shit, something like a Ditto
True story every rapper in this thread to me's doomed
Cause dog, I'm spittin' Fire like a fucking Houndoom
I'm causing all this Static like I'm Surge's Raichu
I get to shooting then I'm fleeing faster than a Raikou
I'm smoking on that Loudred, flow sorta hostile
Tell 'em Omanyte, nigga you don't wanna joust though
Blast with these toys, big shells, no Squirtle
Put a bullet in this thread now its smoking like a Torkoal
File: 1417140696315.jpg (10KB, 183x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 183x276px
Bitch, you wanna mess with this?
I got a little somethin in store with this ish
Platinum record, over 40 mil
Your mom suck my dick, and I hand her the bill
Fucked her in the ass, the dirty slut
Looks like your bro gonna be a mutt
Nah man, I'm white, but my dick black
Fatter than your girlfriend's saggy rack
Yeah my rhymes fly, Bitch don't cry
Fuck yo ass till it bleed red
Wipe my dick on the bed
Wrote this shit on the toilet
So take yo best rhymes, record it
Pop it on the rack
But man don't take it back
Cause I don't, I won't quit
Cause this ain't my shit
Nah, I won't quit
My day job.
Im droppin beats
At their screams
Through the roof
My thoughts fly
Alright I admit, that as pretty good
But at least I can afford some food
Poor little anon, hiding behind his screen
I asked your mom for a rim job
She licked the shit clean
Oops, no pun intended
In fact I pretended
To care if your offended
My raps make weeabos like you cringe
Please stop ctrl v'ing, its copy right infringed

nice 1 shofu
Tryna catch me ridin dirty
Tryna catch me ridin dirty
Tryna catch me ridin dirty
Tryna catch me ridin dirty

Listen up little bitch.
You think you've won?
I can spit shit with just a twitch,
of my cock in your hun.
Oh wait you don't have one.

How's that hand of yours?
I bet she's pretty sore.

What's her name?
Is it,
"OPs shit at the rap game"?

I smell smoke upstairs.
it could be you're singed ass hairs.
I aint a nigga
But i still got a finga
So alahu ackbar
Im fucking admiral ackbar.
Okay, lets get back to Apple
If you were a juice
It would be Trapple
My dick is an iPad
Yours in a nano
Put your tampons away
Lets do his mano y mano
The way my rhymes go
It'll ruin your flow
Stop jackin to mlp
And grow a fucking pair, bro
Get out of your mothers basement
Breathe some fucking air
And stop trying to diss me
Nobody fucking cares
Alright, I have better things to do
To argue with some cracker ass jew
like you
Bye for now asshole, i'll see you in a few hours
And please, stop with all that fur
I'm sick of all the 4chan cancer,
Like I'm the only lady depantser,
On this board with an answer,
And none of you have a chance or,
Am I reading the signals wrong?
Cause you got a twist in your thing,
Tighter than a dress on Ada Wong,
Game threads end in Pong,
All threats and boasts belong,
On this site, but they should go with
A legitimate, back up, that's no shit,
To no one, and fuck all the people who
remember the old days, these old gays,
Trying to fold games and makes us lose,
A sense of self, It's all controlled by the Jews,
I say that with the grin of the man of ruse,
And maybe I guilty of tryin to spin the news,
And make up shit,
But the only original content,
In this cluster fuck mosh pit,
Is the gfur threads and bitch,
I just wont stand for it,
This is sick,
Cause we got Tumblr and Reddit,
And the Faggots from Instagram,
I say we all head it,
Go and get all the shit to grab,
And take back the mantle,
Regain the crown,.
And Fuck the White Knights,
The Sissies, The Risk thread,
Fuck Civ bullshit and roll if want to see dead,
People or animals or just some vagina,
Every time a,
Faggot like that posts some shit,
We ought to snap back and lower a bitch,
So fuck all the faggots,
Here's to the Trolls,
Fuck the Jews and Dykes,
The Nigger who stole you Bike,
Fuck all of everything,
All the shit that we spurn,
Cause we are /b/
Here to watch the world burn.
I'll blow you up like diarrhea
Alahu Acbar echoing in your ear
Ripping every boddy tissue without fear
like a carebear on opposite day
Your dick is hung up like a skinny twig
with raggy ballsac antics
your shells mushy
you should kill yourself
no need to thank me for help, dickhead
go to bed, and never be awake
Goodnight sweet prince
I dissed you without pulling any strings
Listen here you little shit
Isn't past your bedtime?
Go back to your mother faggot
Oh, wait, nevermind
My honest prediction
Is a sneaking suspicion
That a freakin mortician
Will help your future condition
I got more people to diss, and even less time
I Don't even have to rhyme
The fucking last line
Because poetry is for queers

OP needs to stop butchering rhymes
Spitting such shit in here that its a crime
Untrue accusations bout weeaboo status
Won't fix your don't-work writin apparatus
Scheme sketchy like livestream underage suicide
Sing "OP is the king," cuz this shit is regicide
Blown the fuck out, flown back to gaia
Deporting after reporting the false messiah
Curtain call and fuck it all, cuz
O. P.'s some dopey ass scuz
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
any rap that starts with YO immediately sucks ass and should be sent out to an island with a lot of food, and they should starve you to death
>the size of my dick is enough to shut you up
>came to krispy kreme after I dunkin your girl's donut
>come on and ride my rhythm
>just like gods i am knowledge with endless wisdom
> for greater understanding Im landing blows
> and knocking some sense to those that impose
They said I had a stutter
So then I grabbed the butter
Greasy ballsack and nutter
in their coffee, you see it's easy to squeegee
my man meat because they can eat it.
my plan? Beat it in their food because their rude and my crude juice is smooth as butter.
I may stutter but my dick don't sputter blanks.
So they mother said "um, I licked your nutter, thanks."
Hey anon, hows it going
Is your day going well?
Good, cause im about to fuck it up
and seig frickin heil
I get all the girls
You love all the men
Now make like a good slave
And swallow my children
Just opened this thread
To see shitheads trying to freestyle over the internet
What the fuck? how you think people gonna like it
They cant even hear us, we should allhave a mic in
But ill keep spittin it anyway
Cause all you guys a faggots and and you'll probably reply with 'your gay'
Fucking faggots, /b/ is full of fat cunts
Every single weed thread all I see is 'bongs are shit, everyone should smoke blunts'
Dont get me started on all the you laugh you lose posts
When everytime I crave it
theres always one faggot saying
'I really really like this pic, do you mind if I save it?'
Yeah im talking about that fucking banana
Something you amerifats have never held in your hands
Still getting laughs of memes about futurama
Guys I think you need to check your humorous stance
Pretending to spew half assed shit, trying to be new
what are you blind? trying to find words in braille
Even for a blind man they're not hard to tell
I already called dibbs on the iPad
I guess I spit more diss than you could bear to hear
The way your rhymes go, they're so slow
they make me wanna go
You call that a flow? there must be some queef in your pussy, because that's not how it goes
there, your flows blown like a hoe on a unicycle
Ask your mom if my pair was good enough to deflower her peachy pearl pussy
I rubbed it all in her squishy vagina
That's right, I'm the man behind ya
You can call me D-A-D-D-Y
I slay whack wannabe rap babies like you
Dear lord, let me back in
I'm killing rappers
I know that's a sin
But I can't help it
It's in my nature
I'm a cool motherfucker but chill
Cause I got something tucked in my blazer
Put it down, put it down, put it down
Put the crown on the king of the underground
No Rihanna, Kanye or anon gonna run this town
And I got the realest flow like I stumbled on gold
Everybody wanna pawn it now
Im the OG
And yes I'm feeling swaggy
Name one dude in the game with the balls
To dare get at me
Pull 'em out and I kill 'em all
Trash bags in the trunk and I fill 'em all
And we selling out show and we shutting down malls
When you need someone real who you finne call?
Dirty as HIV trolling /b/ too see nudes of someone's G that's girlfriend pideotto my flows a whirlwind Other emcees is homo
sitting on the laptop jerking Bitch slap you with four hands Contributing never lurking this thread leave fake rappers dead drowzee hit em with that confusion Government want us all locked up In federal institutions
how the hell you get all that ass in them pants?
how you drinkin and you ain't got no glass
now you came in here and you ain't got no man
damn, to me you look perfect
bend that ass over, lemme see how you work it

Homoerotic fantasies in every single line
Robotic reactions, all you can design
More predictable than steam begging threads
War ain't your style, retreat before it spreads
It's clear to everyone you got dicks on the mind
Shits why you bring em up all the time
Pretending youre the master but it's a fucking disaster
Bending over like you got a Catholic pastor
Dicks on the mind and now you got dicked from behind
Faggot motherfucker - moot and elton combined

You're not even original, no point in battling you digital
You're just a carbon copy, a big floppy
like a donkey dick
I just jacked you off backwards
Go think of piecing together original words

You're a half-baked fake asshead cock eater
Roses are red.
Violets are blue
You guys are faggots
And you all suck dicks too.
File: B8Miles.png (140KB, 677x1887px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 677x1887px
OPs such a faggot, beavers used him to make a dam
Like dam
take the hint, sir, youre getting canned
Thread is full of edgies so make sure you dont get cut
No one is willing to challenge me, so the damage is already done
So im out
get in my car
fill it up cuz imma go far
find another place where i can finally go hard
cuz i got 3 bad bitches in my gas tank
pull up to the boulevard fast lane
running over haters cuz its worth getting all the stars
Going gta on these hoes
and collecting money from the start
File: tineyetest.jpg (6KB, 100x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 100x150px
Damn neckbeard with a back that has a hunch
quiet you nigger, don't try to sell me out
I only fucking copyed and pasted it once
And that was an accident I did it by mistake
I guess that's the last time I use my brain
because there is the devil in these lines
subliminal messages all of the time
tryna pick apart my raps
you cant even come up with your own you trap
napalm this anon into an oblivion
flow with force of a million Taurus
verse after verse chorus after chorus'
Dean corral mad body's in storages
the story is anon be dissing,dismissing
his issue little baby back bitch need a tissue
in fact ill rip spines out backs if there's issues
I hella be
Smellin me
Some heavy
Jokes on you,
I am a mortician.
Servin' dead people,
is my profession.
Speaking of dead,
Your mom dropped you on the head.
Explains the lack of skills.
And I'm sitting here,
not worryin' about the bills.
You enjoy life as a fry cook?
Cause I ain't shook.
Hell, i'll order.
Make me one horror.
Spit, jiz, shit, you name it.
Throw it back at your face.
You fucking disgrace.
I'll beat you with my dick, standing in my leopard mink,
You're thirsty for my cum so I'd better give you a drink,
While I'm jizzing on your face your mother's giving me a wink.
When you an hero on cam, make sure to leave a link.
I got the heart of a lion
I have the balls of a bull
I know that you were lying
And everything that you say is bull
You aint shook?
Im an earthquake
My raps are faster than Mac Lethal
Yours are like Drake
Im a fucking beast from the east
Im rising like my name was yeast
My raps have the most burns
You have the lease
I can almost guarantee that I am one of the only people who will ever get that Mac Lethal reference. Sadly underrated.
bro you live under a rock if you think no one else but you recognize mac lethal
Op is 12
the fuck you mean im 12?
I'll fucking murder you with a rock
and beak your head like a shell
the only thing that's 12 is the size of my cock
First off you trying us, but homie you mismatchin'
Claimin' you a killer, that shit is 'bout half plastic
Fuck this swag faggot let's bag em and toe tag em
Throwing hollow tips from full clips at his closed casket
Kek'd. Touché, le OP, touché
You're a major faggot with a maggot in pants
You stand no chance of winning
you'll get crushed like ants along the fence
I am the bully
cruelity is top n only priority
I make your innards extra crispy
Hey colonal, sure you can jump this hurdle
Laser beam from the sky turn all of you into fries
The though of you ripping my spine
is as terrifying as a kittens behind.
I'm sure you're fearless with each stroke of the key
but honestly, NO 1CURR and believe you me
Keep yourself hidden in your slut mother's basement
Because even if I leave this thread, there will be replacements
of childish replies and hackneyed rhymes
time after time after time after time.
You're from the east?
Eyes squinty,
to say the least.
Go dine on your favorite dish,
diarrhea feast.
I'll let you have your dying wish.
Open wide, it's a beast.
Hot, runny, squish squish.
Tasty ain't it, greased.
Also, Mom's Spaghetti.
Gonna put you underground
Make you scream like a hound
Stabbin you till you stop screaming
Give you brain damage and make you retarded
Make you speak broken English like your name was Ling
Hold on, 8, gonna call the feds
'We got an underage here"
"Oh a place called 4chan"
"We gonna rape his ass until he stops breathin' "
Oh, snap
Like im back
Cup a cap on
Call a snapback
Frost bite on dark night
with the Dark Night
Comin' to show you the light
Im bonkers
going crazy
call me Conker
its going mayday
Im the bomb
going hard
like my shlong
slap you in the face y rock hard 13 inch
making you cringe
and twitch and flinch
"Its Super Effective!"
my cock spits hot fire
call that Sirachi
Im not Asian but call me Hibachi
I got Elphantitis of the penis by proxy
what are you saying?
Im Golden Freddy
and you are the new version of Foxy
That's not even a rap
We all know who's the trap
You're a SCAM
I don't give a damn
Say what you say, if that makes you gay
What do you mean I lose?
I've already won
When I first made this thread
I was the one
Get on your knees fag
Take it doggystyle
I'll put a bag over your head
I would still see you smile
So what up Fido?
How's it going Rover?
And like I said before
as soon as you saw me, it was GAME OVER
You're a fagu, sittin eatin' ragu, your rhymes are total poo, foo.
You're trying too hard
Fuck everyone in this motherfucking thread
Kissless virgin faggots who thinks rapping can get them in bed
19 year olds with weird ass fetishes
America god bless
My freedom, simon says
I take it in the ass
Like what your mom did in the past
To fund your elementary
She had to suck dicks like it was a hobby
Im the best
No one can attest
I didnt even read the thread
But I know you all fucking suck
Im not trying hard
Im GOING hard
I could straight through steel
Didn't you know?
Im a Navy Seal
300 confirmed kills fag
I have the whole USA in bag
In my room, with a sniper
I'll strike at you like a viper
With precision this world has never seen
I'd shoot your dick
But its so small, not even Hawkeye could hit your peen
So no i'm not going hard
I AM hard
Im all /fit/ and you are all /l/ard
Here's a song for you, perhaps a sing along, Loser.

I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno
I'm not a Puerto Rican, but I'm speakin so that you know
and understand I got the gift of speech
and it's a blessin,
so listen to the lesson I preach
I talk sense condensed into the form of a poem
full of knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome
I'm kinda young--but my tongue speaks maturity
I'm not a child, I don't need nothin for security
I get paid when my record is played--to put it short
I got it made
I'm outspoken--
my language is broken into a slang
but it's just a dialect that I select when I hang
I play it cool--'cause coolin is all that I'm about
just foolin wit tha girlies, yes I'm bustin it out
I'm Anon and you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior, yo--I never lose
I never lost 'cause I'm the boss
I never will 'cause I'm still
the champion, chief one, won't lose until--
I choose
which I won't 'cause I don't retreat
I'll run you over like a truck and leave you dead in the street
You're invitin me, a titan to a battle--why?
I don't need your respect 'cause I--
got it made
Did you say bomb?
That's what you should take,
to the farewell prom.
Leavin' behind a wake.
But we all know you'll be at home with mom.
The only chance of sex you'll take,
Is fucking a cobra snake.
What the fuck y'all even doing on 4chan
Y'all need to go and kill yourselves like that poor Stan
Got pity for him, your shitty rhythms aint got nothing if you was rappin at the door man
Poe in this bitch you hoes just misclicked y'all in the wrong thread
Y'all just fucking killed it, fuck it this song's dead
it's more than lyrics nigga you ain't shit y'all are white i'm black
I'm talented, yes I'm gifted
never boosted, never shoplifted
I got the cash, but maoney ain't nothin
make a million dollars every record that I cut and--
my name is Anon and I'm a super-duper star
ever other week I get a brand new car
Got twenty, that's plenty yet I still want more
kinda fond of honda scooters--got seventy-four
I got the riches--to fulfill my needs
got land in the sand of the West Indies
even got a little island of my very own--
I gotta frog--a dog with a solid gold bone
An accountant to account the amount I spent
gotta treaty with Tahiti 'cause I own a percent
got gear out wear--to everyday
boutiques from France to the U.S.A.
and I make all the money from the rhymes I invent
so it really doesn't matter--how much I spent, because, yo
I make fresh rhymes--daily
you burn me--really?
Think, just blink and I made--a million rhymes
just imagine if you blinked-- a million times
damn I'd be paid--
I got it made
>Hey /b/, anyone wanna rap battle?
>You must come up with original lines
>as I will do the same
>original lines
>I will do the same

Thus proving yet again, OP is a faggot. Copypasta ripoff again. You're going hard as in having dry shit and tryna squeeze hard/ CONSTIPATION. Deep Sympathies for you, poor thing.
I'm kinda spoiled
'cause everything I want I got made
I wanted gear--got everything from cotton to suede
I wanted lead--I didn't beg I just got laid
My hair was growin too long, so I got me a fade
and when my dishes got dirty, I got Cascade
when the weather was hot, I got a spot in the shade
I'm wise because I rise to the top of my grade
wanted peace on Earth, so to God I prayed
Some kids across town thought I was afraid
they couldn't harm me--
I got the /b/ army brigade
I'm not a trader
if what you got is greater I'll trade
but maybe later 'cause my waiter made potato -n- alligator souflee--
I got it made

you beat me to it. Plus, he's better than any of the shit today.
Oh so you wanna Let It Go?
I'll you I can rap with any material I know
I'll frickin turn away and slam the door
I'll fucking punch your mom, just for being whore
See, you are a princess with no mom or dad
I'd call you Annie, but anon is more grand
I'd cut your head of like Olaf
While I brush all the snow off
Your mothers face
After I giver her blizzard
Getting my white all over the place
Its in your mouth and in your hair
I'll haunt while your sleepin
Turn your dreams into nightmares
So I'll go for now, and leave my snow to stay
Call me a faggot sure, the hate never bothered me anyway
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (91KB, 1920x816px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
maxresdefault (1).jpg
91KB, 1920x816px
youre probably a fag,
smack you with a branch...
Bitch I can dance.
Got wood in my pants.
Take a razor and create a tic tac toe grid on your back.

Scratch that I'll play sudoko on your ass.

And I'll keep cutting you till the bone.
I couldve stopped slicing at a poke and moan.
But the master is back and will turn you to ash...

Your rhymes are pathetic- you go do the math.
Stop fucking commenting
Hop off my fucking dick
Is this what you do all day
Try to rap, then get dissed?
Do you ride horses?
Cuz you sure can ride my dick
Get out of here you brony
You hillbilly spick
File: 1407305509198.gif (236KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 500x500px
I never thought I'd see
A rap battle on /b/
So I thought "Fuck it, why not"
OP is probably a faggot
I've only just learnt to rap
So forgive me if I'm crap
I've got lyrics on tap
And pics of gore and trap

I'm sorry if these rhymes seem berserk
I'm bored as fuck, sat on my arse at work
But OP seems like a cool guy, would chill
I bet you wish you'd have taken the blue pill
You should have left your feels at door
Just like porn webms, you'll be asking for MOAR!
i hope I don't have to write this again
Because I think these rhymes are 10/10
Would bang again ;) >>581908031
Its finally good to see some anon come to their senses
I know I can kick their ass
These niggers jumping fences
Y'all fuckers hide behind an ID, remaining without a name
Acting like you're capable of spitting game
Just because you can throw out any insult you choose
Yet your rhyming level is the equivalent of Dr. Seuss

You want originality and claim that you will as well
But all I see is reruns and a bunch of hollow shells
There's nothing behind your words that hasn't been said before
OP can't deliver anything but a bore

I can't really fault you, I'm sure you really did try, you see
Pounding away at a keyboard instead of a pussy
However your attempts to rap are nothing but tragic
OP is now and will forever remain a faggot
you asked for it..
>be me
No ceilings muthafucker good morning,
Dick in your mouth while you yawning,
I'm goin in, Gudda why they started me,
Marley why they started me,
I'll bring you to the front door like you ordered me,
Back in this bitch but a lot more rich,
On my poppa bear shit, need hot porridge,
Gotta a lot more shit than you could ever fathom,
A big head n-gga couldn't even imagine,
The shit I do, most doer's never done,
I'm a fuck this beat, your bitch who you better come,
Better run this shit, I don't run from shit,
I still beat your ass like a fucking drumstick,
Weezy fucking baby baby make the ladies come quick,
The money can't fit in my pockets but I bet that gun fit,
And I'm so unfit cause all I eat is rappers,
And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster,
Syrup got me slow like a turtle round this hoe,
And I'm flyer than the highest flying bird around this hoe,
What's the word around this hoe, you get served around this hoe,
Yeah you get served like a fucking H'ordeurve around this hoe,
I don't slurge around no hoe, no I don't shine in front no bitch,
Cause after she get off my dick I be like find the front door bitch,
I don't know why the fuck your bitch keep coming by and I fuck your bitch 100 times
what the fuck your bitch got on her mind, my fucking dick,
I call her dick head, spicy like a big red, strike you like a bic head
Your flow sick, my shit did, sillier than vic said, soulja boy and arab,
You should see my eleven year old daughter do they dance,
I call it the nay nay dance proud to be nay nay's dad,
Gun on the waistline, leave you in the wasteland,
We are not the same, I am a martian, this is space jam,
No ceilings R-I-P a man, muthfucking cave man
Beating on my chest Young Money Cash Money,
And I'm eating all the rest n-gga no offence,
Sorry if your offended,
Riding high like I'm on 54 inches,
Man Id rather chill with 54 bitches,
real nigga wanna try and tussle
but these motherfuckers don't understand the hussle
and hassle, and pots, and pans, you niggas suckin cocks, kissin a man, ya'll niggas deserve a ban
i bust a niggas ass just because i can
anger problems nigga? what i look like?
a straight real nigga, least i ain't a dyke
i'm up here going ham i'm fuckin up this mike
furry 4chan faggots busting a nut on a wall
to a picture of sonic grabbing his dick and balls
and going in malls and shit dressed up as him in overalls
fuck all ya'll niggas i just went hard
like devin polard nigga i piss in your yard
'cause i'm an og dog you can't touch my bars
high in the sky nigga slam dunk mars
I would have replied with a clever rap maggot
But too bad I only do that for people who make their own raps, unlike you, faggot

File: 1417214994759.gif (2MB, 220x177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 220x177px
go rap in jail fucking niggers
Mustard on the beat, hoe!



get on my lvl m8s no h8
OP is dead post operation
Shouldve called you DOA
Death of Alliteration
You've entered the ward, I do this because I'm bored.
Could give a fuck about the rules, I'm monopolizing chords...
Which reminds me I'm not done stringing you along-
Plucked the g-string to your larynx with my razorblade tongue
Literally this is fun... and they call me dumb?
Bitch three words out of my mouth could make you cum.
But it is true.
I hate you....
If you werent hiding behind some faggot who you date, while you think of me every day, because youre living in a walking haze fallen straight into my maze of words- stuck in platos house of caves... Then I wouldnt behave like a brave brigade of gay psycho clowns on parade.
While I bully you into the streets so I can prey on you with trays of sawtooth serated surgical steel- oops I shouldn't say...

If I revealed what Im about to finish you with it'd have to be bourgeise...
Thats french for hands off...

Thats the nickname of my girlfriend.
Transgender? So what- guranteed to make the war end.
Because the head she gives is nuclear and will make house of leaves turn into a gumpy forest...

Your faggot friends theyre the poorest... I HAVENT EVEN WARMED UP AND I COULD OUTSHINE A CHORUS.
faggot i'll chop you to pieces
on the cut up like reese's
your mixtape is feces
and your whole set basic
like some northface fleeces
so jesus
call me when you stop getting beats off of youtube
cos these dudes
can see through
every wack move
your crew do
it's over
trust, blood
i'll be sending ya mom flowers
only rappin with your dumb ass
for community service hours
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