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Best way to creep a girl? Stuff like photoshopping her pics naked,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Best way to creep a girl? Stuff like photoshopping her pics naked, bubbling, getting her Facebook password somehow, steal pics from her phone...

Show me your worst.
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shameless selfbumping
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come onn
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nothing? I guess I'll go back to my cave then
Once wanted to creep out an ex, so greentext
>Logged into her email account
>set default header to "free pussy xXx penispump"
>istn't shown in send email or anywhere but gets every email she sends blacklisted

>hacked (remembered standardpassword) into facebook, downloaded every foto she uploaded
>crapped picturequality and recolored her eyecolor in every foto

>tv kabel was going outside her house
>linked in personal tv card
>buy hack-remote to start tv
>start tv midnight with static noise
>play little kids laughing very silent

>make apointments to serveral psychologis in town for her
>say she is shizophrenic and may not remember making apointment
>leave her number

>dad died years ago
>send best wishes/regards-letters as if funeral was yesterday

>hack facebook again
>print pictures she sends to bff
>print a lot of pictures
>put them in mailboxes of every neighbor in her street

Heard from a friend she did go all mental about beeing stalked and creepd.

>send her dead mouses and cats via post

the end
dude wtf


at this point she is all apeshit about beeing afraid
>she spends some nights at her mothers
>crrp into her garden surrounded by high hedges
>dig hole deep as Mariana Trench
>install shit-throwing-machine
>machine remotecontrolled
>ex comes back home few days later goes streight to bed
>cover house in cow shit

at this point police got involved but it didn't stop the all mighty german revenge

>ex has serveral guinnypigs and rabbits and shit
>posts pictures of these fuckers all day
>buy exactly the same animals as hers
>broke into house and exchange all animals
>give old rabbits and guinnypigs to shelter
>suddenly pictureposting stops to unknown behavior of animals

recording to her facebookchat with her friend she is above apeshit by this point

Does the girl know you?
Just fucking finish it
dont fuck with this guy
That's.....fucking epic. Good job bro.

In all seriousness though, I'd probably anhero if shit like that really went down. At least nothing to do with her nudes right?
sick skills man.
but the shitinator overdid it
yeah haha, I learnt to photoshop naked people by just doing it on a chick I know. this thread here is me >>581474685
Don't give a shit if anybody is listening this has to be written down.

Not even close to finish

>ex is thinking about leaving town for a while
>can't go for ever cause of familyshit
>house is unprotected and isolated from other houses cause of shitty income
>sneak into house throu basement
>take every funiture and set it 1cm to the left
>take of kitchen interrior and screw it back to wall 1cm to the left
>leave note: is everything all right?

ex was going above mungomungoshit about this
policed started collecting hints and informations about who could be the revenger
didn't give shit

>after the all-left-attack she installed security system (but shitty one)
>sneak onto property at night
>hide dogfood in several places
>dogfood lures straydogs, cats and shit into garden activating security system
>alarm every night for weeks

Is she worth all that work

Well, if you want to creep her out, I'd stay all psychological. Do not approach her.
Make pictures of her house and send them to her per mail. Then pictures of herself. Call with a repressed number. Use personal facts. Her name. Her school.

The greentexted story also has good points.
yes, bitch killed my dog by not feeding him when i was on work for a week in an other country. so yes, worth the hard work.
I meant. Stop asking to continue. Your story is gold, just post it
Fucking bitch. She deserved all of that.

>after her total mungomungobreakout i took it slow
>didn't do anything for days
>situation calms down, police stops investigation due to no evidence or clue who could be the revenger
>weeks go into land, she starts to normalise
>follow her around all the weeks
>collect the cups from starbucks she throws away after drinking
>collect all of them
>one night sneak into garden and arrange them on windowsills
>all got her name on them starbucksstyle
>all cups are filled with flowers and hearts made from clay

her first visit in a pysco clinic was that week
girl was goin madeshit about everything
didn't see her for weeks until the coma-patient-incident
Comma? Dude more please
oh boy, we're only getting started
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c-c-coma patient incident??
will do so

>ex is a literatur worm, reads everything about everything
>make fake facebookprofil (w) and add infos that i like same books as said hoe
>befriend her friends
>befriend her
>start chatting with her about books n shit
>realy getting close to her
>recommend her books about seeing futur, scifishit and coma-dream-world-imagining-everything-but-can't-wake-up-shit
>she gets into it
>basicly the books are about people that think they are dreaming but aren't

>the coma-patient-incident begins
dude, no offense but... did you get yourself checked by a psychologist? you seem a little... obsessed. neurotic even.
Yeah, she's a bitch for killing your dog but you're going to kill her.
Is somebody screencapping this? It's gold!
But it's fun

>start with little notes like "wake up" and stick them arround town on ways she walks to work
>notes are starting getting bigger
>stick notes in her postcase
>stick notes throu her windows
>break into house throu basement
>leave notes all over the place
>hack back into her tv and start it at night
>play baby voices "wake up"
>play baby loughing

ex goes fucking 9/11-apeshit about it

>she writees to faky-fake-profil about it
>assure her it must be fake
>she can't be coma-moma

Suddenly notes stop
everything stops
until the homeless-bitchup
has to be pasta
or OP is a creative writing major
so are drugs
still, if you're are on drugs all the time you got a problem.

or you're a rockstar. But I doubt that F9pb7k+u is a rockstar
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this is great, keep going man
The final and all fucking homeless-bitchup

>search all over the fucking internet for an actor that looks remotly like her dead dad
>search was going for days until i found and old dude that could be makuped to look like her dad but older, more fuckedup
>hire privat dedective over internet
>let dedectiv hire said actor
>let him get makeup to look like her dead dad
>let the man walk up to her at a supermarket
>"wake up Lilly"
>fetal position established

i may was going a little over the tops here but worth it
didn't hear from her for weeks
didn't do anything up to this point
Heard she was send to mental clinic for several weeks
Dude, that's some gold tactics in the getting the bitch nuts shit! Taking notes
Got any pics?
You went all 'vanilla sky' on her

You're a sick bastard, but a genius. grats
All hail! I'm late to work cause I wanted to see this shit.

It doesn't end here.
There was the clinic-is-burning-down-incident.
holy fuck, you glorious bastard. continue then
write a book nigger, i would buy it
lol and she didn't have the idea, that you did all of this? Did she do stuff like that to different persons or is she just totally stupid.
Probably you are stupid as fuck, too, to trust her. Probably your fault

The biggest incident of them all, "the burning clinic oh fuck i have to get out of here" incident

>ex got into mental clinic
>it's half open so people can visit
>go there to look around
>google this shit and looked it up on streetview
>called there several times to see how long it takes them to answer the phone on different times
>sneak arround at night
>find out in which room she serves her time in mentalstate
> put little candles onto her windowsill
> come back diffrent days, totaly random
> find out her room has a clima
> epic simulate-burning-idea emerges
I think i know where this is going. Please, go on.
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Dude, you should of just strangled her and posted pics of her corpse on /b/. like wtf man
She did it to mee 12 years ago, had to wait to fuck her up so bad to not get thought about

>buy one of these figures they use to present clothe in stores
>dress it all black
>insert red-LEDs into head making it look like eyes
>put torch into hand
>fucking hard to get the figure to the clinic without being caught
>put figure infront of her window
>lightup torch
>burn little amounts of paper soaked in oil under the clima-soakin-thing
>insert little speakerboxes into clima laying kids voices about "wake up shit"

She woke up
didn't do anything
>>581474095 > upload the pictures of her
The final incident is going to be told now:

>weeks later she is released of mental clinic
>relativly stable but very socialy isolated
>i dress up all black
>with skying-mask and shit
>break into hosue throu basement again
>sneak into her bedroom

>shake her awak
>"Ariadne you still sleep! wake up! this isn't real world."
>she replys :"why didn't you tke the kids to paris?!"
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Vivec C0dA.jpg
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Should of sealed the broken mind with some rape
Let me see, you next move was...

>While ex is at clinic, steal papers of home property going through basement
>Hire lawyer, make fake identity in the name of Ms. Paghetti
>Change home property to that fake identity
>Arrange to rent 3 trucks and a ton of spaghetti
>Go to ex's house while she's at clinic
>Fill house with spaghetti
>Ex gets home, finds spaghetti all around
>Creep out of house and throw it from pockets
>Mental breakdown of ex
i don't get it
>Ms. Paghetti
>inb4 walk the dinosaur

At this point this seems fake as a $3 bill
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Man ...

Posting in epic thread. Archive pls
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 9

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