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You’re all so interested in some inter-family sexual relationships.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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You’re all so interested in some inter-family sexual relationships.

I got one for you that has only just recently come to light in my family. Id rather vent on the internet. Dont worry, I pre-typed, like a good boy. Sorry if its a bit wordy.

>Be 13 years old
>Mother and father have had a privately strained relationship over the last few years, decide to split up. Moms got a boyfriend, moved in with him some ways away from us
>Custody battle ends at 14 with her willfully letting me and my brother live with our father while we finish school
>Whatever, me and my dad get along great anyways
>Dad doesn't take the split too hard, actually seems happier
>Starts dating around
>By the time I’m 16, he’s had like 12 “girlfriends”
>Finally settles down on a nice lady, lets call her Allice
>Allice is a wealthy woman, self made. Very kind, very friendly, not too bad looking either.
>She has 3 daughters, all of whom are beautiful girls.
>Lets call them Becca, Sam, and Ashley
>Becca is 2 years older than me, I knew her from around school. She dated a friend of mine for awhile
>Sam is 3 years younger than me, my brothers age. I had seen her at my schools Football (US) games, and knew she played Soccer
>Ashley is 6 years younger than me
>Instantly fucking shocked at how attractive Becca and Sam are
>More into Becca, because her names been passed around, but Sam isn't too bad either.
>They’re very friendly girls, we talk and joke
>Relationship develops steady, really nothing special for about 18 months
>I turn 18
>Start doing more adult things: Work, start college early, so on and so forth
>By the time the summer rolls around, I had moved out of my dads place, was working locally, going to school
>Working at a local manual labor job (Roustabout/Leadhand in the drilling industry if you insist upon knowing), my work was seasonal (May to November) in nature
>Free time was seldom, did not see the girls at all until November
>But, by god, how they changed
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81KB, 800x800px
>Becca was still hot, still somewhat slutty
>Ashley was still too young, but had started to develop into a proper teenage girl
>But sam
>Oh lord, sam
>A 5’4 (162cm for Eurofriends), athletic frame with large Cs or small D cup breasts. Her stomach was tight, her hips were wide for her abdomen, and her ass was absolutely glorious
>Walking through the door that day, I hardly recognized any of them
>They’re over my dads house for whatever reason, Allice is working, Becca is going out soon
>Spend some time talking to Becca about school and shit, mostly casual conversation
>She leaves, Sam and I talk while my dad, my brother and Ashley go outside to do some yardwork or something
>We actually have a genuine conversation about my job and school, things that she wants to do after high school, so on and so forth
>The conversation actually never lulls, it evolves from one topic to another, joking, laughing, so on
>Shes sitting facing me, legs uncrossed, smiling, constantly making eye contact
>Fuck, theres no fucking way this is really happening, right?
>Apparently, it was.
>The interruptions come inside, dad asks me to run to the store to pick up some things for dinner
>Sam jumps at the chance to go out, begs me to take her too
>Agree, not that I wouldn't have in the first place
>Were driving along, talking about stuff, laughing, singing along to the radio
>We start laughing following us poorly singing one of those shitty top 50 songs the local stations sneak in to remain relevant
>After were done laughing, theres a moment where were trying to catch our breath
>She suddenly asks me if I drink
>She asks again
>Obviously, growing up in rural America in a blue-collar area, college student, of course I drink
>Tell her I do
>She laughs and tells me she drinks too
>Fucking highschool, man
>She says we should drink together some time
>Agree and bury the conversation, we continue to talk through the night and over dinner. End of the night I give her my number if she needs anything
>She texts me about half hour later, we end up texting into the early morning
>Think to myself I can't get into this shit, im too old, its illegal
>I really don't care though, strangely
>Few weeks go by, I see her at thanksgiving
>Shes very friendly, cheery. Sits next to me, keeps touching my leg, giggling, smiling
>I reciprocate, touching her leg and such as well
>She grabs my hand at one point, we hold hands for about 15 minutes
>Somehow, no one notices any of this going on
>By the end of dinner, im pretty sure I know what i’ve gotten myself into, and I don't mind it in the least
>With finals coming soon and her mid terms, we go some time without talking to one another
>The Friday of my last final, me and some buddies decide we're going to drink some at my place
>Memory pops into my head I promised Sam i'd invite her next time I decide to drink
>Send her a text right after my last test, asking her what she's doing tonight
>She responds really quick saying shes free
>Tell her what's going on, she gets really excited, as she just finished her last test too
>Tell her to text me when shes home alone or go over a friends house or something so no one gets suspicious
>She tells her mom that she's going to be over a friends house overnight, that shes just running home to get cloths and she’ll be overnighting
>Her moms fine with that
>She gets home, her sisters out so she tells me to come over and get her
>We still have a few hours to set stuff up, so we drive around getting booze from my various people (Amerikanski, can't drink legally until 21) and getting stuff for the evening
>we get pack to my apartment, shes never seen it
>Give her the “Grand tour”, which was really just walking in and walking down a hall
>Shes needlessly impressed, obviously in an effort to flirt further
>We hang out for awhile while we wait for my friends to come over, sit on couch and watch a movie
>While watching, she sits closer and closer to me
>Eventually shes at a distance where shes not on me, but clearly wants to be
>I wait for a few minutes to see what she’ll do
>She does nothing
>Shes clearly afraid to make the first move, so I do
>I put my arm around here and pull her in
>She giggles but easily folds in, putting her head on my shoulder and grabbing my other hand
>We sit there for about fifteen minutes like that before she starts rubbing my chest with her other hand, so I start rubbing her hips and thigh
>Sexual tension so thick, you could probably cut it with a knife
>I look down at her
>She's staring forward, biting her lip, trying to not look at me
>I'm about to go in for a kiss, when the door opens
Bump. Keep going OP.
>>I'm about to go in for a kiss, when the door opens
Better not fucking be a dinosaur.
>friends come in with booze, snacks and everything else in tow.
>Introductions are made, introduce her as a friend from my old school
>Let the booze begin
>We're having fun, games are played
>She remains glued to my side all night. Clingy, happy, and cute
>I’m actually pretty happy around her. Were acting like a stupid couple. Were touching each other, whispering stupid shit, smiling
>Still haven't kissed her
>Around 1am, im now good and buzzed, shes pretty drunk
>Others start to go home, party winds down and the last people leave
>230am, the last of them leave, I close the door and turn to her
>Shes sitting on the couch, smiling, clutching an unopened bottle of Vodka
>I ask her where she hid that
>she giggles and asks me to join her
>well why not
Bumping with a question, how old is she at this time?
No dinosaurs here friend. Im trying to recall a better time.

>waltz over to the couch
>She hands me the bottle with a look in her eyes. A look somewhere between bedroom eyes and innocent puppydog eyes, something i've never seen any other girl do
>My brain goes numb for a second
>I crack the bottle open and pour us both a shot, hand her one and hold the glass up
>She taps her glass to mine, all the while giving me these eyes
>To new things
>I throw the shot back. The Vodka is still a bit chilled, but it warms me in all the right places.
>She does the same, but takes longer than me. I can see her wince as it slips down her throat, and a small tear trickles down her face
>I put my hand on her face and wipe it away, laughing, knowing how absolutely fucking cliche that is
>She giggles and puts her hand on mine. Her eyes go back to how they were before. These beautiful, green eyes. They say more than her mouth could, but that doesn't stop her
>She purrs my name. This soft sound, a beckoning voice from the pit of her throat. Its quiet, almost too quiet for me to hear
>My brain goes numb again. I suppose I went into autopilot at that moment, because I kissed her
15. Do math, dumb fuck.
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trap? sam is short for samual
File: girls-in-bed-221.jpg (52KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It was, at first, a harmless peck, I thought. It lingered for a moment. I could feel how soft her lips were, how warm she was. And it left me wanting more
>I went for a second kiss, this time, she beat me to the punch. She followed me back, and before I knew it we had bumped into each other. It hurt for a moment, but I didn't care. Neither did she.
>I take her hands in mine. They're shaking, absolutely trembling. I pull her over to me and lay back, none of which she fights.
>I can smell her. She smells lovely, like peach. Her lips are soft and warm, and her face is flush red.
>When we pull away, she speaks quite suddenly
>No, damn it, get back here
>We spend the next ten minutes kissing. Touching, feeling, smelling one another.
>My hands are all over her. The only thing I haven't touched are her breasts and her crotch, im just waiting for some sign that this is going there.
>Within a few seconds, she pulls away and sits upright on my lap.
>I compulsively follow her up. I dont want it to end
>She pulls on my belt, entirely unable to figure out the buckle
>Its going there. Oh fuck, oh fuck yes.
>I stop her, and tell her if were going this way, we should use my bedroom
File: NO.jpg (33KB, 400x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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AYYYYY lmao fuck you math wizz
>She agrees and jumps off me. Im not sure how we got to my room. It was somewhere between a run and a sprint, even if it was only the matter of a few meters
>She lays back on the bed and flashes a smile to me, which I reciprocate.
>For a moment I pause. Shes beautiful. I’ve been with women before, but regardless of her age, shes still more beautiful than those i've been with.
>She coos to me, asking me to ‘start the show’
>Suddenly, moms spaghetti is in my pockets, and I have to resist doing something stupid. Whatever it was I don't remember, but I spend a moment giggling to myself while I take off my pants.
>My pants drop, and her eyes light up
>Wearing boxers, standing at full mast
>She just sits there for a minute, before moving a bit closer on the bed. She lays back and undoes her jeans, lifts her legs and pushes them to her feet
>Shes wearing a lovely red thong, which makes my dick twitch
>I climb into bed and pull them off her, before climbing next to her
>She pulls off her shirt and wraps her arms around my neck, and presses against me
>shes so warm, so smooth.
>I get my first really good look at her scantily clad body
>She really is absolutely beautiful. Her neck is in perfect proportion with her body. Her breasts are firm and perky, and her chest is wonderfully toned. Theres a small mole on her left breast (its still there). Her abdomen is well toned and tight. Her hips are wide and really emphasize her hourglass figure,. Her thighs are pretty big, but fit well with her body. Shes pale, shes cleanshaven, and she's absolutely wonderful
Dis about ta get gud
>she grabs my hand and guides two of my fingers into her snatch
>I still can't believe it's actually happening
>she moans and says "give it to me!"
>I'm still a virgin, so I swallow hard and say "give you what?"
>she says "...about tree fiddy"
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>Her hand trailed down my chest and touches the head of my dick, which she giggles at.
>She makes some comment about it, what it was I dont remember. I was too busy trying to decide if I should take off her bra or her thong first.
>Apparently the Spaghetti was also in my underwear, because I ask her which she would rather me take off first.
>For a moment theres silence. My heart jumps to my chest, hoping I didn't just fuck this up.
>Just as im about to choke out an im sorry, she whispers something to me, but what it is, I can't hear.
>I lean in and as her to say it again
>”Have you ever gone down on a girl?”
>I chose not to answer with words, but just do it. I have a strange fetish, I love to eat girls out.
>I slide down and push her legs apart, which she spreads
>Theres a very clear we mark on her thong
>I try to take them off with my teeth, fail miserably
>When I finally do get them off, im not disappointed.
>Shes perfect. Clean shaven, clean, and smells wonderful
>I look up at her with a smile on my face and inform her of how beautiful she looks
>She doesn't respond, just looks at me
>Her eyes are soft. Shes somewhere between scared and excited
>I lean in and start to get to work. I start off soft, slow. I like to tease her. Shes making these noises, These soft squeals of pleasure, like shes being tickled.
>She tastes wonderful. Its something about her, she tastes sweet, fresh. No smell besides her natural smell, which itself is absolutely intoxicating
>As time goes on, I start using my hand, my round, my lips, everything I can. The whole time though, i've been holding her hand. Its tight, squeezing mine. Her nails dig in a bit, but I don't mind it. I actually rather enjoy it.
>Shes whispering my name after about twenty minutes. Her breath is fast, and he legs are moving more
>Eventually shes enigmatic with her words. I can make out a few, but for the most part they’re impossible to understand. Shes in the throws of an orgasm, and im not stopping
>Her hand tightens around mine, nails digging in. Its something of beauty, really
>By the time shes done, im quite pleased with myself, and ready to take her
>She pulls on my hand, and I pull up to her
>She leans up and kisses me, her taste still in my mouth. Her tongue licks mine, and for a moment we just hover there, kissing
>She whispers to me that shes not a virgin, but shes never had a guy as “big” as me (I'm entirely average if above, negligibly)
>She informs me shes on the pill and asks me to be gentle with her
>I position myself and slide in slowly
Uhh, anon-San, eating pussy y only a strange fetish if you're some kind if beta fag
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>OP said 3 years younger, be 18. Fuck you, he's probably trying to make it sound less perverted, although I would have preferred 14 & TYFTT.
>Her eyes are fixed below, watching as I push into her. For the last two inches/5cm or so, she winces in a bit of pain
>Inside, she's wonderfully hot. Warmer than average. Shes wet, shes warm, and shes firm but soft all at the same time.
>I pull off my shirt, and start thrusting in and out of her slowly
>She smiles up at me, before biting her lip. She closes her eyes for a moment and lets out a soft noise, somewhere between a moan and a gasp
>In in love with the way this woman feels.
>Keeping gentle, she seems to really be enjoying it. She keeps looking at me, touching me. One of her legs is on my shoulder, the other is around my waistline.
>After about five minutes, shes moving with me. She had undone her bra strap at some point, and her bra is starting to slip off. I can see one of her nippes. Its small, and its perky. Its about the size of a quarter. Its bouncing around with our motions. Good god, even I think this girls nipples are beautiful
>She whispers to me. She says my name, she tells me what to do. Harder, faster, slower, softer. Touch my neck. Kiss me.
>She starts to moan louder with every passing thrust. Before I know it, im coming inside her. Its not a normal load, its more. My leg starts twitching and my hands are shaking as I finish inside her. Its sticky, its hot and its wonderful. Shes on the verge of coming, so I dont stop. I cant. Though it takes a minute, she gets there, goes limp for a moment.
>Think to myself I can't get into this shit, im too old, its illegal

She's not blood related, and she's 2 years older than you.

Either you're an idiot and decided to leave holes in this madeup story, or you're looking for an illogical excuse to not fuck her, which makes you gay.

Fake and gay, but I'm still reading.
File: pepe20.jpg (186KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fucking a non-pure slut
top kek
>I retract from her, which makes a rather wet sucking sound. I walk over to my closet and grab a washcloth, wipe myself off, and bring her a towel.
>She stays limp, breathing slowly, deeply. She looks at me with those beautiful eyes, which are positively glowing. Her body is radiant.
>I tell her ill be right back and run to the bathroom and take a leak. When I come out, shes standing there, and darts in.
>I decide to wait for her and just stand there for a minute, thinking about what I just did
>I just had sex with my stepsister
>I just had sex with my underage stepsister
>And I loved it
>And she loved it
>And now im waiting for her to come out of the bathroom to kiss her, and to take her back to my bed
>Just as these thoughts leave my head, she comes out of the bathroom, the two of us naked
>I wrap my arms around her, and she does too. We stand there for a minute in a hug, before we kiss again
>She asks for some cloths, which I oblige, and we lay in my bed for the rest of the evening until sunrise

We spent those few hours talking. We talked about everything. We talked about the sex, about what it meant for us. We talked about our feelings, our hopes in life and what we wanted. We talked about school, about family, about friends. We talked about our favorite TV shows, movies, comedians, actors, actresses, foods. We told stories and jokes. We got close to going for a second round, but we eventually stopped and it disintegrated into kissing, which lasted almost an hour. Which, I must admit, I liked more. The entire conversation was had under the covers, and I don't think we ever stopped holding hands.

By 7am, we had come to a conclusion: We hadn't had sex. We had made love. And anyone in a longterm relationship will tell you, there is a difference. We decided that, despite the risks, we showed genuine interest in one another. And we should try, at least, to be something.

It went from there. Any questions?
2-3 years younger
are you guys still dating??
>>Becca is 2 years older than me, I knew her from around school. She dated a friend of mine for awhile
How long ago did this happen? How old are you two now? Any other interesting stories?
Sure. Are you a white deviant 'cause it sure sounds like it.
he fucked sam retard
Troll. I work in o&g exploration and have worked in production. We work uear round and we are very north. Fuck off faggot wanna be roughneck

Sort of.

She went away to college. I happened to move to the same city as she went to college, which allowed our relationship to exist peacefully for a few years. Recently some...issues came up. The last time I saw her was in September. Im going to see her this week, and im rather excited, because I do like her quite a bit and I know she likes me.
I stand corrected, I missed the one spot where he says Sam, must have had a momentary case of dyslexia.
Sounds pleasant. I'm happy for you OP

What sort of issues?
this is the gayest shit i've read all night, and I frequent trap threads.
Best of luck to you anon. This was just kind of a sweet little love story.
Stemming from kind of an awkward place, but it was sweet.
>strange fetish, I love to eat girls out
I, too, have a strange fetish - I enjoy sex.
File: image.jpg (15KB, 303x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Issues? Tell me more...
Im 24. Shes 21. 5 years. I have a few, but it would take some time to tpye them, as im awful at brevity.

You've never worked a team that allows workers off, then? Some of our crew was released every six months, I was on that crew for reason that I needed to attend school, which I could only do a few hours a week when working.
>I have a few, but it would take some time to tpye them, as im awful at brevity.
We've got time. Give us a short list, we'll pick one, and you can get to typing if you have time and feel you can finish it within two or three hours or before bump limit.
Im not even mad, its alright anon.
I wish I could say im presently happy too.
We tried to keep aperences. It worked for years. There was a slip. She panicked. We had a fight and we haven't talked for a few weeks, someone in my family asked me a few questions about it that are a little too in the know for there to not be rumors.
I figured since /b/ seems to enjoy this stuff, and I have no one to talk to it about, I may as well talk to /b/.
Have you considered writing professionally

I suppose I could.

>Sex at her house with her sister home

>Vacation with the family, one night we got horny and fooled around, nearly got caught

>My fit of jealousy

>Her fit of Jealousy

>When someone thought I was her step brother, and the elaborate web we weaved to get rid of that notion
Dude, I know about the more ... Interesting aspects of this type of relationship. I hope everything works out. Me and my stepsister came out to the family as a couple recently (and revealed that I wasn't helping raise my 'nephew' ... I'm raising my own son. But yeah, our stories are a good parallel. Me and her are 2 years apart, we first kissed when we were teenagers, but we never talked about it. We kept our distance. It's pretty scary with all the social implications and shit. Now we're both pushing 30, have a 5 year old together with another one on the way.
No, im a pitiful writer. My average writings are scientific papers.
the elaborate web you weaved to get rid of that notion
Third. Also, jealousy stories.
If you're still here, Id like to know: How did they react?

I hate to say it, but I love her and she loves me back. In order to keep appearances we've dated casually, and it drives both of us absolutely mad. And right now I just want to get it out so we can stop pretending. It would make things that much easier for us.

I guess im over ruled.

Forgive the time this takes, ill tpye it to keep the thread bumped.

>Her first year of college
>Shes moved away to it, staying local
>She has a friend whos super chill, allows her to fake living at her apartment while she actually lives with me, since I live conveniently near the campus (Its near my job)
>She has social interactions with many people, being a very outgoing girl, she makes friends no problem
>She brings them around, that's fine. I'm normally scarcely around when the are, because work
>sometimes I make a guest appearance in these gatherings, playing the role of work-weary boyfriend
>I start to recognize faces, voices, and names, but attempt to remain as unrecognized as possible
>One day I get a call from her at work
>She tells me theres a crisis and I need to get home ASAP
>Cut out of work early and go home
>Crisis mode engaged

>She tells me a boy who, apparently, has a crush on her, has been Facebook stalking hella hard
>Its been years since weve met, we hardly remember half the time there was once a point where we weren't together
>This faggot managed to look through thousands of facebook photos, pictures and posts and, in all those, had managed to finger me as being her stepbrother
>We spent hours going through facebook, trying to draw the fucking line he did
>We just cant fucking see it
>Shes crying, in hysterics. This faggot threatened to tell her friends and all, which certainly would spell social homicide
>And if he told her mother, shed make her move schools, move away from me, and it would kill our family
Began reading to fap, ended reading for feels.
Really a sweet story.
Thanks, anon
>I stay up all night trying to figure it out. I called out to work the next day looking to find the fucking way he figured it out
>Thousands of posts, thousands of photos, I managed to find myself exactly twelve times in her pictures, and almost all of them im either in a mask (Football or Hockey), or im just in the background somewhere. Theres exactly one photo of me and her, and its of us at my graduation
>This doesnt make any fucking sense
>Even the posts on her wall dont draw a line: "Get well soon", "Happy birthday", shit like that
>My account has her unlisted as a relative, this is just stupid
>When we finally do figure out, we realize how fucking stalker this kid is
Grace us w a picture of this Madonna opie
bumping for feels
>He looked at her mothers profile, who has a different last name and is not listed as mother on hers, which led to my father, which led to mine
>Does this faggot have nothing better to do?
>Clearly not
>We had to formulate some plan, but we had no fucking idea what to do
>What ended up happening had me pushing family by the wayside to keep my family from not pushing me by the wayside
>We invite him over with some of her friends, and we come out in front of all of her friends with what hes accusing us of
Will take care of stalker problem for pics and a pair of said stepsisters panties. Let's make a deal.
laughed out loud
Anxiously waiting
>He explains it to the group. That evidence was pretty damning
>I tell them the truth
>I'm an estranged child
>After my parents divorce, I chose to live with my mother, I hadn't seen my father in years
>I only kept his last name for tax purposes, I actually hate him
>Hes only on my facebook so I can make sure hes suffering or some such nonsense
>I know Sam through a mutual friend from school, we had only just learned about this
>In order to fake this proper,I got my mother to even play the part by telling her an entirely different set of lies to her.
>Of course, they didn't beleive me. So I called her, and she collaborated my story, believing it was for the express purpose of making my father angry
>Though the story was shaky as fuck, the group bought it
>The entire idea was quickly buried, much like that kids social life
>I didn't talk to my father for about six months because of that, and for years I had to invent stories about almost a decade of my life
File: 1406032546273.gif (317KB, 500x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317KB, 500x344px
I honestly expected the story to turn out like that, so I figured I'd beat him to the punch.
File: image.jpg (984KB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984KB, 3264x2448px
Waiting w baited breath

I was that stalker you faggot, I knew you were lying! Quit doing this to Sam you're going to ruin her life. Let her be with someone who really cares.
That was a great story op. Hope you and Sam find happiness together

This actually persisted for awhile with some of her friends from school who just HAD to know if we felt weird about it, ect. We maintained we didn't know one another until this last year, and her friend who she fake lived with was kind enough to collaborate our story, after we told her a different set of lies that we had to live.

Thanks, anon.
That was some sweet smut. Thanks OP
My offer to force fuck this kid out of your life still stands
Oh man xD

>being this new.
I appreciate it, but that was years ago.

If /b/ cares, i'll post about the results of what happens when I see her on Tuesday.
File: as8.jpg (110KB, 630x1060px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 630x1060px

Totes, in the mean time can we get an abridged version of both your fits of jealously and then the fill scoop on you two fucking with her sisters home
Please do, OP. I hope everything works out well for y'all.
Why so serious candy ass . Get a sense of humor, like I'm literally going to box some kid for some other kid, besides heaven would fuck me up.
Being this retarded
>be me
>be at home watching tv
>sister walks in
>starts annoying me
>she suddenly starts rubbing dick
>i gotta run home and get some water
>we are home, anon
>starts hyperventilating
>are you ok,anon
>water water water
>sister runs out side
>i fall on floor and start twitching flinging my spaghetti all around
>sis comes in with hose
>shoves hose down throat
>the stream is heavy
>turns water off
>passed out in a mixture of spaghetti and water
apply yourself

I appreciate it.

>can we get an abridged version of both your fits of jealously

Sure. Ill start with mine.

>In order to keep up our appearances, we agreed we would date other people at the same time. It was agreed upon that no matter what happened we couldn't have sex with the other person
>We had a few here and there, but mostly they lasted about a month, two maybe
>She starts dating this real fucking cock about two years ago named Gregg
>Gregg was an insufferable frat boy
>Gregg, however, was also connected, and got her concert tickets and other fun things
>She was spending an awful lot of time with Gregg, and I naturally became jealous
>I understood in a way, though: I worked 12 hour shit 4-5 days a week, sometimes I worked overnight, and she got lonely. Her mom was getting suspicious, so I allowed it
>After about three weeks of it though, I got real fucking mad about it
>I dont know what it was about that night, but something just didnt feel right when she went out
>I came home around two, and she wasnt home
>I called her, and Gregg answered
>Aw fuck
>Whos this?
>Yo homes, this her boyfriend, who the fuck is this?
>This is her...lab partner. I got something for her she needs. Let me come drop it off for her, where you at?
>After a few moments of rustling and some muffled talking, he tells me to come to the frat house
>Aw hell naw
>Storm my angry ass over to the house, which is just off school property
>Theres a pretty big party going on
>Takes me about 20 minutes to pick up Greggs scent, the ode du Douche cologne he wears is very distinctive
>Hes upstairs with Sam, shes on the bed, holding her hed
>Hes just sitting there
>The fuck mate, what you do to her
>He insists he didnt do anything and that shes just tired
>She jumps up and starts yelling at me, turns out she really was
>Grab her by the arm and tell her im taking her back home
>Dough gets mad at this and gets up in my fucking face

some seemingly plotholes
came anyway.
>Protip: 9/10 frat boys are not actually tough, they just rely on numbers
>Protip: strike fast, strike hard, and strike cheep. Violence of action.
>I pop him right in the side of the head, he goes down
>I grab her arm and remove her, kicking and screaming from the frathouse
>Get her in my car and start talking
>She really was legit tired, she had a bit too much to drink and figured I was too tired to come get her
>She tells me I just embarrassed the hell out of her in front of all her friends
>I tell her about my feelings of jealousy, shes choked up
>We send the car ride home discussing it
>Shes profusely sorry, I feel awful for embarrassing her in front of her friends
>When we get home, she agrees to check with me about things like that for now on
>She gets a breakup text from Gregg in about an hour
>We laugh about it while watching TV together
Got a paper due in about 9 hours, but this fuckin story is too engrossing

Fake or not, this story is top-tier gold. Good luck to the protagonists
This needs to be turned into a movie on Lifetime...

Them feels
I don't get it, she's not your sister by blood. just thru marriage. whats the big fucking deal. you both never even lived under the same roof growing up. I know several couples that were brought togeather the same way and their family's have no issues, some even had their respective parents try and play match maker... and no they aren't morman lel.
There has to be more to this beautiful tale of love

Sorry to distract you, anon.
Id like to say I was creative enough to come up with this, but its real.

I guess its her turn to look like the good guy.

>Start seeing this girl from work
>We spend a lot of time together, because, duh, we work together
>Shes mildly interesting, shes smart, and she likes some of the things I like that Sam doesnt
>One such thing is hiking
>We spend a lot of time hiking together, spending quite more time with her than Sam
>When I come home from dates, I talk about them, so she knows nothing serious went on
>Poor her, unlike me, doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and is entirely unable to trash my fake girlfriend
>She gets rather sad over this. Its not like I didn't notice it, I just didnt notice it enough.
>After I come back from a date with her, shes curled up in our bed, just laying there, surrounded by tissues
>I come in and ask her whats wrong, and she insists its nothing. I repeatedly said "Tell me whats wrong" for what felt like an hour before she snapped at me
>She screamed at me about how I was being an inconsiderate jerk, about how I was spending too much time with my fake girlfriend, how she had taken a backseat, how all I talked about or did anymore wasn't about her
>I felt like quite the dick, needless to say
>I made arrangements to break up with her
>Problem was, because we worked together some of the time, id need her to break up with me
>I 180d myself: I started acting stupider, slowly. I stopped returning calls and texts, I stopped going out with her after work and on weekends. After about three weeks, she dumped me
>Sam held a bit of a grudgewith me that whole time
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Good luck with her, Anon.

Just wondering:

Do you two ever plan on going public?

Also, I don't mind spending time on this thread. Gets me in the feels somethin fierce in a good way
Im on my phone and it needs to charge and I need sleep but I can't miss this amazing story that would make for a Hallmark movie.

Its...kind of sweet how much you guys enjoy this.

I guess now ill tell you about the time we had sex while her sister was home?

>My dad was out of town and they needed some electric work that needed to be done in the house
>My dad is an electrician by trade, I grew up learning the business
>I get asked to go over to their house and fix some stuff, which I happily do
>Pull up thinking ill get to wire some stuff, then fool around with my girlfriend
>See Beccas car in the driveway and get a bit sad, but shrug it off
>The hardest part about seeing her around family is acting like I dont have feelings for her
>We can get away with hugs and other such minor things, but there is seldom a chance where I can kiss her
>This is shitty, as I really do love the way her lips feel
>I knock on the door, Becca answers
>For a moment, she forgets who I am
>Not surprising, dumb cunt is an airhead
>I actually have to tell her my name
>For fucks sake
>She lets me in and shows me where im supposed to do what I have to do
>Just installing a new Co2 detector and running a wire to the 2nd floor, easy enough
>Bring wire down into the basement, Sam is there waiting for me
Thanks for the good reads, OP. I'm off to bed now and got to actually wake up tomorrow.

Also, though it would definitely make y'all's lives easier, wouldn't all of the lies you told your mom come crashing down on the two of you? That and she'd remind your mom every day of her failed marriage bc she's from your dad's new wife.

I'm not trying to derail the feels, bc I have them too and want more posts. I'm just asking seriously if y'all are ready for any possible shit storm to come from your relationship. (I'm excluding the social life implications bc y'all already had a feel of that.)

again, best of luck and happiness to you two.
Maybe. Id like to, it would make things easier. We talked about disappearing a few times, but we agreed mostly that we like our families too much, generally.

>She runs over and hugs me, looks behind me and pulls m face to hers
>We kiss for a few seconds before pulling away
>"I missed you so much"
>I haven't seen her in three weeks, school got very busy for me and I havent been around
>She runs her hands up and down my torso, and makes some lewd comment about her wanting me to run a wire to her or some such teenage nonsense
>I smile and tell her we can do that, if her sister wasnt home
>She says not to worry, and she'll think of something
>While working on what im doing, she occasionally pops in and gives me looks
>Looks that drive me crazy
>At one point, with her sister in the same room, she flashes me
>Shes trying to kill me oh god
>Right as im about to finish, I get a call from my father
>"Anon, sam is complaining about her wall outlets not having power, whatcha do"
>Get in an argument with my dad over how I didnt do anything, blah blah blah never touched the fuse box, no wires ran near her room
>Then I realize whats happening
>She faked it, obviously, so I could stay longer
>Explain the issue to Becca, and she just whatevers it
>Go into Sams room, all the lights are off except for a meager glow from a single bulb
>Shes standing there waiting
File: 4ç.jpg (36KB, 285x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 285x400px
I love these stories. It reminds me that life is beautiful and not everyone is dead inside like me. Best wishes OP.
I refuse to let this thread die
I didn't know I had any feels left. I thought the marines took them all when I went to boot but I guess they left a few.
File: 140215330389.jpg (33KB, 556x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 556x417px
>The best imageboards from around the world
>Women - something to put your dick in
My relationship with my mother is strange. I dont see her often, and she has no contact with my fathers side of the family besides me and my brother. She lives in New Mexico now, which is hell and gone from where I live.
>Shes laughing a little bit at me
>"You like my idea?"
>Well no shit
>She comes over and starts kissing me, pulling on my pants
>Inbetween kisses, she manages to wisper out
>I went from flacid to steel in about ten seconds
>She notices this and started rubbing me through my pants
>We hold still for a minute and listen
>We hear water running, her sister had started the shower
>Oh yes
>We disrobe within seconds
>Her bed is much smaller than mine, creating a logistical issue with our sex almost immediately
>After some failed attempts to get to a proper position, she stands up and turns aroumd, bends over and places her hands on the wall
>Shes significantly shorter than I, so I adjust my own position to match up with her
>After some adjusting, I slide into her
>After three weeks without having sex with her, I've missed being in her so much its like a homecoming
>She lets out this shrill moan, loud enough that she cups her own mouth
>I slowly start moving in and out
>Every thrust produces this ungodly loud slapping sound, louder than it really should be
>This creates another logistical issue
>I ask her how long her sisters showers take
>She pulls away from me and runs across the hall
File: 159.gif (2MB, 235x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 235x240px
>mfw OP isn't a fag
>mfw his stories ain't bad
I just love the way your stories are written. It's succinct, describes in detail exactly what lurkers want to hear, and doesn't disappoint.

You're probably a lying faggot with a hyperactive imagination. But, god damnit, you really can sell the shit out of this story.

Do you have any nudies or body shots of your lady? My only request. I understand if you want to protect your identity, if you don't want her boobies "out there in the interwebs" or whatever. But I just want to get an idea of whether the way I imagine her to look matches up at all with reality.
gotta wake up in 4 hrs for work.
no fucks given.
must hear more.

hahah 2 here
>She returns to her room and grabs me, and pulls me into her sisters
>What the fuck
>She brought her dildo, shes going to be at least 45 minutes
>Fucking yes
>She lays back on her sisters bed, legs spread open
>Get inside me faggot
>Actually laughing as I enter her again
>Something about having sex in her sisters room makes this all the more fun
>Shes warm and shes wet, but theres something new here
>I can feel her pulse
>Her heart is racing, shes clearly excited by the idea she could be caught if her sister decides to cut her shower short, or something
>Shes moving with me, more aggressively than I am, even
>Shes not even trying to hide the fact were fucking, shes actually being quite loud with it, almost like shes trying to get caught
>But nothing does come of it: Its just a way for her to get off
>And honestly, I dont care. Shes amazing
>After a few minutes, shes just about to cum
>I pull out of her, prompting a what the fuck
>I wait for a minute, easing her with my fingers
>Shes dripping wet. I can feel the heat coming off her pussy. The smell of sex is in the air
>I go back in after a minute, but insist on taking my time
>Shes getting off to the idea of getting caught, why not make her edge and make that risk higher?
Whats wrong with you
Holy hell
Write a book
Same here Anon, too good.

Im afraid I dont. I have one of her from when she was like 16, but its a total creepshot.

This may be my last story for the night. I can try to have some for you guys if you want an update.

I like telling the stories. It makes me feel better about the current situation.

>Shes letting out these little squeaks with each thrust, her eyes are closed, and her breathing is short and rapid
>She finishes first, but I finsh a few seconds later with her
>We linger for a few moments, just glad to be together
>Thats when the water shuts off
>She runs to her room and slides out my pants and shirt, which I throw on
>My shoes are still in her room
>And most of my tools
>I linger in her sisters room for a minute before getting a brilliant fucking idea
>I take my handsaw and unch a hole in her wall, cut out a small square
>She comes in wearing her towel, an obvious dildo wrapped under her arm
>She gives a what the fuck look
>"The wires lead back to this wall, I had to punch it open to take a look
>Whats that smell?
>Oh this is an older house...uhh...and..since...its buy a ...swamp...its...musty...in the walls
>"Thats so weird, it smells like BO"
>No fucking way she bought this
>She comes over and smells the hole
>"Ew, you're right"
>Oh my god
>While walking out of her room, I step on something we
>Its a fucking trail of my cum, dripping from Sam
>Fake a sneeze and wipe it up
>Pack up my shit after patching the hole and go home
How does it feel, OP?

Knowing you're the reason anons don't give a shit about falling class our getting fired because of your stories?
no pics of her anon?
what the fuck?
Actually saving the story. It's 12 pages long already.
I've been screenshotting this story just so i can go back and read it whenever I need to feel some feels

and bump

I care.

If I wasnt low on the bottle right now, I might also be asleep
If I was in a more positive mood, I might also be going to work
But, if you guys enjoy what I got to enjoy for so long, im glad. I am honestly impressed you all enjoy it so much, I've always considered myself a horrible writer.

Post that shit somewhere
bamp for pics
Good idea.
Anon, you made my night. 6AM, here and i enjoyed every minute reading the stories. Thank you for sharing this with us. Good luck with your relationship. Good night, good sir.
That was probably the hottest thing i've ever read, I think you're a great writer, I wish I was like that with my words
Well written OP, it's gold.
Seriously? You have kept this ADHD blown out fag here for a good while so that should say how good of a writer you are. And the feels ofcourse
basic white collar job while going to school.
i drink an energy drink and i'm good to go.
Archived this for future references.

Op you said you needed to vent on here. What's got you down?
Better man than me.

I'm a cheap man-whore for sleep. Won't get out of bed for anything
Op I love you.

I hope you and Sam get to be truly together one day.
Well, OP, if you wish to share more or just get stuff off your chest...
[email protected] >>581075687

I really appreciate it guys.

So, a lot of questions came up concerning us coming out.

We have talked about it a lot. We're rather in love, and I do want to marry her. Id love to, actually. But with the potential to be alienated by our family, we really cant. Its just the way our parents are. She loves her mother and sisters, and I love my dad and brother. Its just something we feel unable to risk, currently.

We have discussed running away, somewhere away from where we are, far away. The problem is leaving behind so much. I know I feel that, with her, I can leave behind anything, and she feels the same way, but we have to support ourselves, and shes almost done with school (5 more months). She doesnt want to wash away all her hard work.
OP, I really hope it works out for ya. Sounds like you two have great chemistry from what you've said in this thread.

You need plenty of money in a bank account, like yesterday. That way if you two are exposed fully, you got some funds to just move away with. Won't have to deal with social destruction in a place where you are completely unknown. Make new social media accounts. Hell, change names if need be. If you're gonna make different accounts, don't be a fuck up like a lot of people. Delete every single picture on your old account. People can't photo identify you back to a place where you are an outcast. Ban everyone on your friends list that doesn't support you two.

I'm a romantic at heart, mixed with some desire to fully take in my partner. Your story plucks at all the right strings for me to want to support you two.

Technically, you two are step-siblings, so none of this should be an issue. I'm sure her mom will not support you two, but I assume that is mostly because she has worked hard to get where she is (most likely) and wants to protect it. Your relationship could potentially harm her position. "Sam" is old enough, however. How can she be forced to move away? She's a legal adult now.

Good luck. You're about to face the hardest part of a relationship like this.

Op, Thank you. Not for you finding your *lover* , but for sharing it with /b/ and it's faggots/btards.

Thank mr op
>How can she be forced to move away?
The threat to cut her college funding. It's a bitch move, but a powerful one.

Ah, weve had a scare, which resulted in a fight. A photo appeared recently on social media of her and I at a Halloween party mid-kiss, though you can only see her. Someone tagged my name in the comments, fortunately it was a relatively ambiguous and common costume (Zombie, for the record) so that I played it off as being a fellow in the back of the photo. The picture was taken down for unrelated reason (titties, the main focus of the photo) but she feared damage was done.

She left to cool off, with a friend.

Recently Some family has asked some oddly specific questions concerning us, and I fear they know.
what kind of questions
It doesnt matter if they know or not, every day that goes by is a day you will never have again, and a day you spent with someone you love. There are only so many days left, spend as many as you can being happy.
thanks for a great thread OP. Good night.
Is it wrong to have this many feels?
I just have to say I would not care what others thought because if the person makes me happy fuck everyone else because I see them as taking away my happiness.
Allow another person to have power of you, and you run the risk of being controlled and unhappy. Free yourself from the bonds, and nothing can stop you.

OP, I recently saw something concerning education, though I am not fully sure if it is true. I saw that Germany is offering tuition-free secondary education to US students. If need be, take that route. There are almost always options.
One asked as to what we were doing on a specific date.

As far as most know, I see her only so often. They think she lives some ways from me.

Im...aware of this.

You guys are going to make me...go see her today instead.
No, these feels are so good
Do it. Do it for her. Do it for yourself. Be happy.

Unfortunately I only speak Russian and Spanish. Plus, my job is rather...unique to the US. I suffer from being the primary breadwinner, as it were.
While I agree with this, let her finish school then do what you want. If you truly want to be with each other, make sure you can support yourselves if your family finds out and shuns you. If they can't understand what you guys have, you shouldn't waste your time with them.

OP you have been good to /b/ tonight. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you live a happy life. Like anon said, we only have a certain number of days to live, so make the fucking most of them.
OP Plase put all your stories on a paste bin, please!
But when they end we will be feeless. So wouldn't it have been better to never have feeled at all?
I haven't been in anything like the situation you're in, but I'd say if it does come out, and nothing's gonna push the accusation aside, I'd say come out clean and hard. Full disclosure about feelings, not the physical side obviously. All the feels on the table.

If it does come out, few to none will care about the "step" part of "step-sister." They'll only see that she's family. They won't understand.

The closest I can get is... if my parents didn't like my gf, fuck them. I love her too much to loose her to family. Ya, it would hurt a lot loosing them, but the choice for me would be simple.
Almost went to prison for a long fucking time for her once. Did it to help her save-face with her family. Luckily charges ended up being dropped. Reputation restored to her family. Mine never found out.
It's better to have something and lost, than to never had it at all.
I wish I could post some amazing feels stories on here. But I worry that my bro may find the thread.
The things that make us stronger and healthier as individuals is overcoming adversity. You can take the patient route, and attempt to curb everything until she has her degree. This harms you two more than putting off a diploma though. The other option is of course, say fuck it. Throw caution and secrecy to the wind. Be together. Be happy. This comes at the cost of future security. But would an uncertain future in loving hands be much better than a certain future in hands that won't be around?

We hold a very finite amount of time on this planet, and I firmly believe most of it should be spent on experiencing whatever we can reach that intrigues us. My views on existence are... Complicated, but that is the easiest way to sum them up. Fear and loneliness are terrible enemies that can only be conquered through love and compassion.
If you like her then bake her a cake. Bitches love cakes. If you don't like her then don't bake her a cake. Bitches hate not getting cakes
op you are a lucky mother fucker ... i can't get someone to fucking hold me man ... it isn't the fact i can't talk to girls it is just they want to keep me around and so they never end up fucking dating me man ... i just want to be able to fall asleep with someone in my arms ...
This made me chuckle. But this is irrelevant to what's going on.

No my child. Cherish these feels, always be grateful for them and their eventual departure.

Only after having experienced great feels can we truly appreciate life and what it has to offer. These feels give us the power to go on in life.

Remember these words, anon
Based heavan

You lucky bastard. She sounds like a keeper. Just don't marry her. Ever. Marriage ruins everything.
I understand your point, but getting her diploma cut off, and then having to deal with her family, while being without anything to do, especially with him having such a bitch of a work schedule, would be terrible for her.
I require moar.
All things considered, this is a story that could more than likely take a little over a decade to unfold and come about to what we want it to come to.

OP does as asked.


You anons have...inspired me, really. I cant thank you.

I suppose ill go see her tomorrow then. I just hope shes missed me as much as I have her.
Thank you for all these feels OP. Good luck. Goodnight /b/ros.
Good luck with it mate
There are very convenient legal measures to avoid dealing with people. Not to mention she might be able to continue paying for her education on her own. When I attended college, one of the big things for paying for the tuition where I went is through Work-Study. From what I understand, it helps tremendously.

Do it OP. Don't let the fate of your and her's happiness rest in the hands of another. People can get fidgety and drop it.
OP wasn't a faggot today
God speed, you mad romantic
Go to her op and embrace her, love her, cherish her because you have found that special person that many people never find. Seriously
see if she'll let you stick it in her pooper as well.

Its the difference between a good tie grill and a god tier grill
I'll post an update this week...And if you all enjoy it enough, tell you past stories.

Maybe they'll provide some clairvoyance as to what we should do. I dont know.

Goodnight anons. I appreciate you all listening.

OP actually delivers. You beautiful sonofabitch
File: 1370494698363.jpg (552KB, 1358x905px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
552KB, 1358x905px
bamp for brother & sister love is purest love
Good night, Lucky Man
Goodnight OP. Wherever you are.
I wish you luck, OP.
Good luck and God bless, you hopeful romantic.
I hope everything works out for you two.
Good night, and don't forget that if you wanna talk, my email's there.

'night /b/
Actually, if someone could post a compilation of all the relivent information in this thread, that would be great, so I can bring other anons up to speed when I do an update, since you all stuck with me though ,what, 4 hours of posting? You're all beautiful.
I originally came here for a glorious fap. I ended up filling to the brim with feels
figured i'd F5 before shutting down. figured right.

i'll work on one. don't know how well it'll go. lost my bootlegged photoshop disc.
File: 1415626752500.jpg (56KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 1080x720px
download a sister.
This is a glorious fucking thread.

OP, your writing is the stuff of the gods. You say more with less and it tugs at hearstrings.
I came here looking for something to keep me awake and entertained. What i got where feels that I'll never forget. Thank you OP for this wonderful night.
This day will forever be marked "the day OP was not a faggot"

I rarely get feels these days, thanks OP for inducing the feels I felt today

Just one of the little, yet no less beautiful, aspects of life that are the greatest
This is what makes us human.
10/10 story op. Not true but well written and interesting.
What if this post stayed on front page till op met up with "Sam?"
We can make it happen
I'd love to see this thread every morning.
7am here. Still around.

Feels good being human, man. I've forgotten the feeling.

And thanks to OP
Popping vyvanse and bumping til this happens. If I die at least I'll die with this beautiful tale and hope in my heart

bare with me
There is a thing called a bump limit. After a thread gets 250 some replies it goes on auto-sage, so you won't be able to bring it back to the front from bumping it. It'll fall off page 15 pretty quick when that happens.

You'd have to make new threads.
You did well man.
Thanks for your time.
What the fuck OP
I went from wanting to fap to wanting to cry
that was most likely the most beautiful story ive ever heard
thank you for sharing
only in my dreams
Someone archive this
Already done dude.
my god OP i cant agree more with you

you have never had sex but you have made love. There is such a huge difference between the two.

>tfw made love to my ex

its one of the greatest feelings a man can ever feel. Making love to the woman they love.

Well done OP i'm proud of you
Godspeed you OP, you made my day
Does the archive auto update or does somebody need to keep adding the thread every now and then?
Auto-updates, no worries.
File: All these feels.jpg (1MB, 1920x3270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
All these feels.jpg
1MB, 1920x3270px
Well, since I've apparently lost my photoshop bootleg, I had to resort to MS Paint. It's legible, but shit quality. Here it is, but i'll post if i can do better, or find my PS. Will look again.
legible if you DL it.
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