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ITT: Scariest or confusing shit that has ever happened to you.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Scariest or confusing shit that has ever happened to you.

I'll start.

>be me in summer of 2011
>was 17 at the time
>live in shitty part of town
>had summer school late during the day so i always had to walk home around 5:30
>one day I decide to walk home through the backwoods of my highschool as to avoid assholes that would fuck with me
>as im walking I get really fucking tired
>not your average tired this is some tylenol pm bullshit
>decide to sit down next to a tree
>open eyes
>pitch fucking black
>instant panic, check phone
>2:17 AM
>still confused, stay seated for a few minutes
>then it happens
>I start smelling something putrid, like a catbox mixed with rotten meat
>hear bass like sounds, kinda like when an amp is on standby
>get up and start running
>whole time while running I hear a low, bass like sound
>finally come out of woods onto main road

Rest of the story is uneventful, but it still confuses me to this day. Never went through those woods again.
>turn lights off to go to sleep
>lay down and hear somebody breating deaply in my ear
>look around my room for half an hour
>lay back down and hear it again
>Eventually fall asleep

Nigga your fat ass got tired walking home and you fell asleep.

Woke up not completely awake thinking youre hearing shit.
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>be me
>around 7:30 in the morning
>go take a shower
>finish shower
>hear knocking on door
>"let me in i need to get ready for school"
>its my sister
>open door
>sister not wearing make up

I stopped taking showers that day
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>walking home from late-night hookup with a girl
>it's about 5:30am at this point
>walking down suburban street
>completely dark except for porch lights illuminating driveways
>head randomly starts to feel heavy and fuzzy, vision slightly blurs, lights start to have "lens flare" effect
>walk past the only non-illuminated house
>as i do, hear someone say "hey" in a gruff voice from my left (the side facing the nearest house)
>turn around, see a shadowy figure on the end of the driveway, not more than 5 feet from me. immediately say "hey" back instinctively while walking
>suddenly notice how weird this motherfucker looks. it appears to be a middle aged-ish guy in a red shirt and shorts, standing on one leg with his shoulders hunched upwards in an incredibly tense stance
>get freaked out and walk a bit faster away
>look back a few seconds later
>nobody's fucking there or anything
>no way he could have walked back to his house that quickly, he had a relatively long driveway. nothing he could be hiding behind either
>Be about 13
>at a campsite with family
>we're staying in this log cabin
>about 10:30 we all go to bed
>can't sleep, beds uncomfortable as fuck
>suddenly become aware I can hear voices from lounge
>Not very loud so assume it's myparents still awake
>sat there trying to make out what's being said
>get out of bed to poke my head around the corner of the room
>no lights on wtf why are they sitting in a dark room
>notice flickering glow
>it's the tv, shits turned on
>bearing in mind it's about 2am now, everyone went to bed hours ago
>at first I think oh well it was probably left on by accident
>go to switch it off and remember I turned it off and fucking unplugged it earlier
> mystifies me to this day how the fuck it got turned on because I know no-one else was in that room after me

>walking in park with friend at like 2 am after it's closed.
>Hear ducks quacking. Hear a low pitched moo come from the lake as we see a duck flapping everywhere.
>We see it get sucked underneath the water and then silence.
>We ran out of there.
Its called fish
>be night time
>live in rich town
>lots of second homes that stay vacant for about 10/12 months a year
>be in neighborhood filled with second homes
>it's off season
>all of them are empty
>walk alone through center of street to avoid bears (it's fall and they always come into town to raid the dumpsters)
>hear this shit
>just run like fuck
It took me a while to figure out what made those sketchy noises.
i dont think ducks moo m8. Also it wasn't diving it was sucked down from it's belly.
Holy shit, i would've shit myself.
Who the fuck unplugs the tv when they turn it off?
Could still be a fish
it was your own breathing
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posted this in an /x/ thread once
>go for a cross state drive
>been driving all day, taking in the sights
>back hurts and im getting tired so I pull into one of those truck rest areas off the highway near the woods
>eat dinner, lay in the bed of my truck and read while listneing to music and staring at the dusk sky
>end up falling asleep, its dark when I wake back up
>fuck it ill just sleep here tonight then
>go in my truck, recline the seat, have my knife at my side and lock the doors (never can be too safe)
>fall asleep again, but wake up soon after having to piss
>the struggle of trying to ignore it and go back to bed becuase im comfy
>cant beat it, about to get out when I think I see something in the trees moving
>if its an animal Ill be stuck in here all night so I turn on my headlights to scare it off
>its a guy in a plaid shirt, jeans and a bunny mask sort of like the one from that CSI episode
>he wasnt even facing me, he was walking past the truck when the lights turn on and he turns to me and just stares
>think I might be lucid dreaming, pinch myself. nope this is real
>he starts walking towards the truck, then jogging
>turn it on and do a donut, speed off onto the highway going 60
>luckily it was late so there wanst any cars coming
creepeist thing to happen to me and ive dont a few of these road trips. I think it was either a crazy homeless guy or kids pulling a prank. But thats a lot of commitment (walking in the woods off the highway at night) for a fucking prank
Catfish eat birds.
i nearly did. about a year after that the sound appeared in my neighborhood. I would hear it move around through the allies and the streets, but i never thought a little fox could sound so sketchy. Took me so long to figure it out.
I've seen plenty of ducks get ''sucked'' from it's belly by big ass turtles before. Kinda cool. And gory. Turtles don't fuck around.
You NEVER go innawoods, m8. Now you know why.
You probably had wax or snot or some shit making your own breathing sound slightly louder than usual. It's often solved by exhaling sharply or shoving a finger up your nose.
>lay down in bed
>get really comfortable
>start to fall asleep
>feel pants being pulled down
>feel butt cheeks being pulled apart
>feel tongue start to lick butthole
>roll over
>no ones there
>mfw a ghost did licky bum bum
Maybe an owl? I once heard some heavy breathing during the night like someone was standing right next to my bed breathing heavily as fuck. Turned out to be an owl sleeping right outside my window and making retardedly loud breathing sounds.
That my friend was a dogger looking for a wanktastic time.
It probaly had a wetdream
I love going inna woods. Wonderfully creepy! I'm always armed though.
>wake up one morning
>mom is on the phone with someone
>ask if I have to shower, she says no
>have to get dressed
>ask where we're going
>We have to get an underwater weighing test
Yeah dude me and my buds were camping one time and I was unzipping the tent to get something int he supply tent and I fucking herad that shrill scream. Back then I didn't know whatt the fuck it was and we all were scared as fuck. Scary as shit to hear that where there are no people.

They were camping. Probably trying to conserve gas (assuming they were on a generator)
Just a note, there are places (Taos, NM most famously) that vibrate naturally due to interaction of wind and natural rigid structures such as rocks and trees.

On a quiet night, where there are no other sounds, these "hums" are plainly audible. I heard one in the Adirondacks once, sounded like somebody rubbing a glass bowl all night long. This would have been late fall, after the leaves had dropped and all the black flies were dead.
Gave you the ol' lickaroo, eh?
super jews think it saves them money
Fourth kind?
Did your sister pull her hair back like she was going to put it in a bun but she didn't?
It was shrek
>be me
>teenager at the time
>middle of the night vandalizing and car hopping
>gets to about 3:30 AM
>in the backyard of a 1 story house
>they have a huge air conditioner window unit
>presumably it's their bedroom
>running jump kick it into the window as hard as possible

wonder how much that scared them? also around that time:

>out in middle of the night
>doing same kind of stuff
>take someone's metal grill from their backyard
>put it on its side on decline of hill of main road
>hide in bushes
>small sedan absolutely slams into it
>sparks like crazy
The fuck are you talking about?
I pick my boogers regularly. it was somebody other than me for sure. I could tell they were right next to my ear.
>fucking jumanji
>be me home alone since family is out in new york
>Wake up every morning at 3
>go to the bathroom and the toilet is clogged
>there's a massive log in the john
>noped myself back to my room to sleep
>wake up later and unclog it
>next morning I wake up again and there's another giant shit clogging a toilet
>mfw this goes on for 4 days
wow you're really cool anon
It's a film bro. That should lead you to understanding our whole conversation lol
Either that or you're still trolling. I think so. Someone who wasn't a troll wouldn't respond as much.
You were taken by them.
Someone post the whole thing. Those stories spooked me and I want to laugh.
I know it's a film. I just don't see what it has to do with my first post.
someone is living in the attic. google some stories
oh yeah this is semi fitting
turn your volume up (not to much, just enough)
>lay in bed
>feel pants being pulled down
>feel shirt come of
>too scared to move
>i somehow feel force flip me over
>now laying on my belly
>feel stronf hands spread my cheeks
>something hard goes in
>agonizing pain
>suddenly undescribeable pleasure
>feel hands around my neck
>still scared but feels good
>feel breathing next to my ear

>"This is my swamp"
dafug anon, you livin in that house with a hidden part behind the Bookshelf?
and no, i do not mean anne franks house.
i mean banana for scale house.
The owls, bro, the owls in the film. Everyone sees an owl in their dream but then after a while being hypnotized they say it's not an owl, it's not an owl! (It's an alien)
Sorry, I thought you would go and look it up or something dude, and that I wouldn't have to explain the whole thing.
I just thought you were subtly slipping that in rustle some jimmies. It rustled mine.
Old paste is funny paste
back to reddit inbred
Fish can make noises anon.
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Yeah well you just assumed things and got mad when I didn't understand. I didn't dream an owl, it was just sitting outside my window and everyone in the house freaked the fuck out for half an hour. I don't see how that's fun.
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I am fourteen and I am camping with my friends in the middle of the woods.

> Did you hear that? What the fuck was that?
> Go to sleep you twat.
> Oh my god, look around.

There are three red lights moving around the tent very rapid and we hear the twigs and old leaves being crushed.
There is silence and awe for a while.

> What is happening, what the fuck is that?!
> I'm so scared right now.
> Call your dad.
> He's sleeping..

We hear somebody yelling "COME HERE! COME HERE!", we are all pissing our pants.

> Someone needs to go outside.
> You are right, Jake go outside
> Go fuck yourself.

The lights come closer to the tents and the voice is going further away.

> He's not answering.
> I'll call my dad.

A red light jumps on the tent and it implodes, we are now in the broken down tent and we are almost crying.
We hear a high tone.
The red lights go away.
We didn't sleep that night.
The next day we meet a farmer and he tells us about how he always walks his three dogs with red lights on their collar so he doesn't love them.
> mfw
>wake up next day
>have a morning fap
>brunettes fuck yes
>go down stairs
>turn on tv
>watch news
>some weeaboos blowing shit up in the middle east
>nothing new
>go make breakfest
>go to fridge
>note on fridge
>Read note
>hands shaking
>"its all ogre now"
>fucking explode in my pants, my black fridge is now white
>be 17 or 18
>hanging out with a few friends and one brought his dog
>decide to ruff up enough balls to take a trip to an abandoned mental asylum
>all hop into friends car and go
>break in and split up and look around
>friends dog smells something
>don't have enough balls to follow
>dog comes running back and a figure follows
>grabs me as I'm screaming and whaling and crying thinking I'm going to die
>friends run out as fast as lightning leaving me to die
>get locked in a room as I start crying and saying goodbye to my family mentally
>hear police sirens
>figure walks in and grabs me and yells something I cant remember
>too scared to comprehend shit
>police kick in door and friends are right behind them
>police grab guy and rip off his mask
>Principal Johnson!
>"And I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids and your'e stupid dog."
Alright, alright, I believe you now. Apologies. I'm sure it probably rustled your jimmies a great deal and that it wasn't pleasant. Apologies
>readeh for teh dick donkeh?
>yus sherk pls
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>be me
>be 3/4 nights ago
>gf wakes me up at around 3am yelling

>Her: "I'm so mad you did that!!!"
> Me: "Did what!?"
>Her: "Pulled my underwear down and stuck something in my butt!"


>Her: "You put your tongue or finger in my ass!"
>Me: "I've been asleep this whole time, you tit!"
>Her: "No, it was real! I felt it!"

>I had been asleep the whole time and she SWEARS that it was real.

makes me check apartment. all is well, just the cats are up.

pic related
he's 14!!
mods mods mods!
>be alone for one weekend
>spend all the time playing videogames and eating junk food
>saturday night went to bed earlier
> at around 3:30 am I suddenly wake up
> it was summer but room was cold as fuck
> I saw something coming inside, like a shadow but translucid.
> It was too tall for being a human, it reached the roof of the room.
> I cant move nor speak, I dont know how I "scream quietly"
> the shadow moves like "hey calm down, Im leaving you alone..."
> I swear it wasnt a dream.
> next morning my room's door is closed. I always leave it open.
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Fucking crying here
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you're gf is a femanon, because i just pasta'd this from a thread that 404'd.
>so he doesn't love them.
kek, best typo ever.
That wasnt a typo.
That farmer is a fucking pshycho
The "dogs" are his children he makes with his daughters
Fucking owls I tell ya man. I've had it with those fuckers.
oops, kek'd
you're not storyteller.
learn to id faggot.
Sleep paralysis
No fucking shit sherloc

I'm not the teller

I'm the farmer..
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I'm the storyteller and I hereby confirm that this guy is the farmer.
not lying anon. tongue punch her fartbox tonight while slowly whispering *4chan* and see what happens.
>be me
>be 7
>camping in backyard with sis
>sis 8
>wake up at 2am to demon scream coming from backyard
>noise continues for like 40 seconds
>too scared to move just hug sis
>see torch light coming from the house and hear mom yell out for us
>hear her voice and scramble out of tent and run to house
>look back at the sight of the noise
>two glowing eyes due to torch light thrashing around at the top of the fence
>demon noise continues as we run inside and nope the fuck out
>turns out a dog tried to jump the fence and got its leg caught
>didnt sleep for like 3 days
>still remember the sound
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How you like ya meat boy?
Hu hi hi hihi
See, when everyone talks about "the way /b/ used to be" this is what they forget. Idiots.
>uncle gives me ring
>go to elf town
>get friends
>more walking
>get stabbed by da ting dat want da ring
>keep going
>meet homeless midget
>midget calls me master
> y every1 want my ring
>midget takes me 2 spider
>almost get eat
>friend save me from Orc
>dress up like Orc
>friend carry me up hill cause I r lazy
>going to throw ring in fire
>midget get ring but fall in fire
>wake up in bed
>homo orgy with friends

Captcha: bestindidly
On iPad, no green text
>be me drunk as fuck
>stumbling through woods
>green glowing figure walks towards me through a clearing
>comes closer
>in a high pitched soft voice
>"I bring you peace"
>"I bring you love"
>me "ahhhhh!"
>him "ahhhh!"
>he runs away, I'm baffled
>turns out he was my boss high on his meds
toppest kek
>be me
>after school
>it's dark cos extra curricular activities
>can't see shit
>with my buds
>cross road
>stand still
>search for him
>see silhouette
>see silhouette running towards us
>buds leave me and run up the road
>every man for himself
>run fast as shit thinking this drunkard is on my tail
>we've all made it up the road
>look for man
>can't see him, he should still be visible
>i have to stay at the bus stop across the street on my own

lol i didn't die that night
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>be me
>be 13
>in park playing hide and seek/tag with friends
>trying to hide from friend
>go into an area of the park with loads of trees to hide
>going really deep into the trees
>see naked man
>he's staring at me
>turn around and start running
>trees too thick to run through
>hear him chasing me
>don't look back until I'm out
>mfw I didn't go to a park for years
>mfw I still hold an irrational fear of parks
when did this happen!? I had an experience like that, but the other way around. I was outside a park in the woods with me gf, getting it on, when this little 12 year old came running up.
>had a friend for a few years growing up
>good friend for about 3 years
>been to his house plenty of times but he was on the other side of town so parents had to drive
>my family moved
>said goodbye, nothing special, we hung out a lot but he wasn't a best friend
>going back in 3 months to visit people
>he was one of the people i wanted to visit
>parents dont remember him, wtf, they remember everyone else but not him
>they act frustrated with me when i insist theyve been to his house many times
>say theyll humor me and drive to where i say he lives
>get to his house, same house, yard and decorations changed
>ring bell
>stranger answers door, they recently moved in, bought the house from a famil they claim had a daughter but no son
>he did have a sister
i was like 13 at the time and didn't really have a leg to stand on after that, none of my other friends remembered him, and i never pursued it further but i've seen other people post similar shit on here and the fact that other people have had similar shit happen weirds me out more than it being an isolated thing
Someone took pictures!?
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I'd love it if anyone can explain this to me:

>me and friends pack beers in our pants and go to bar
>fumble around my smuggled-in beers in pocket to get wallet
>success without the bouncer catching on
>show ID to bouncer cause college, get in bar
>drink beers, leave bar
>walking home
>wallet not in my pockets
>fuck fuck fuck. just got paid so wallet has a lot of cash
>go back to bar, ask to look around for wallet
>bouncer lets me in. get strange stares from bored patrons seeing me crouch down on the dark bar floor. no wallet found
>leave and tell bouncer I couldn't find it. leave my name and number in case it gets found
>begin to walk back to my place. stop around the corner to think of all of the cards I need to cancel, etc..
>look down in a hole that a metal post used to be in. see shiny black surface. reach down and grab it
>it's a wallet. it's my wallet. everything is still there.
>what. the. fuck. just. happened.
Happened in 2009 I think? In a park in London.
you were shitfaced
oh different location. it was around 2009 though, was it fall?
live in the subtropics? crocodilians can make deep bassy noise that might sound like a moo and they eat ducks
That lamp tho. Kek'd.
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>Be me
>just chilling at park
>Nudist park
>enjoy having the wind tickle my testicle hair
>see weird kid starring at me
>think to myself "the fuck is this kid doing here, its 18+fucker"
>kid takes of
>run after kid, i need to make sure he knows whats wrong
>kid seems retarded, hes bumping into trees and shit
>keep chasing
>random mom apears
>"its not what it looks.."
>falcon punch to the balls
>get tea bagged
>mfw I havent been to a park for years
>mfw I still hold a irational fear fir parks
>be me like 4 years ago
>wondering if there's a party in the woods behind the school tonight
>decide to take a walk through by myself
>it's nighttime so it's completely dark
>don't have any type of light with me
>since i know the trail like the back of my hand i walk through
>arrive at spot, unfortunately nobody was there
>no tools to make a fire and chill so i decide to walk to the school
>woods are dark as fuck, creeped out whole time
>so dark can barely see the trail
>eventually im at the yard of the school
>nobody there either
>walk to the front and start walking home
>get back home and go to bed

Have more like this
I never posted this before but i guess i will, and to be honest i don't like remembering it

part 1

>be me, 2011 im a 22 year old college senior doing exchanged program in Japan inb4 weeaboo
> have been there for about 6 months
>me and a homie would go jogging around this old ass park on this mountain close to campus
>then we would buy a pack of smokes and chill to some classic hip hop in his apartment close by
>homie would get off work around, 1030 and we would meet at the park around 1130
>in the center of this park there was a big lake, and we would jog on a big trail that circled the lake about 4 km around
>met homie for jog one night, and he let me know that a body was found there earlier that day at the small temple that was in the park, body was there hanging from the inside cross beams
>then he informed me that about 5 people a year commit suicide at that park, and doesn’t like jogging there after dark, but never wanted to look like a pussy in front of me
I can't remember but I think it was in summer
even so, how could that have possibly happened?
how could my wallet have fallen out of my pocket between inside the club to outside and in that little hole? When I realized that the wallet was gone, I don't think I walked as far as the hole either.

It's like someone found it, carried it and dropped it there, and miraculously I found it shortly after

I still get fucked up thinking about it.
File: 1359869056335.png (58KB, 310x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 310x431px

>wtf japan, say let’s jog anyways, we jog, it’s uneventful, but the shrine looks extra creep
>go back to bikes and get ready to take country ass sweeping road that descends the mountain, and curves around; putting us pretty much at friend’s apartment once were to the bottom
>it goes directly back around the shrine
>we go down this road to where it sweeps through this bamboo grove by the shrine
>freaky as shit, think Asian sleepy hallow road complete with creepy temple
>look up on the ridge in the bamboo, and see a woman on all 4’s
>she has a white gown and a read-head band on, long black hair
>she looks at me and quickly runs back into bamboo out of sight without breaking her stare
>friend starts screaming about going faster, and something is bad
>think he saw it too
>get to 7/11 and ask my friend wtf was he screaming about (didn’t tell him what I saw yet)
>he says at the bottom of that ridge he saw a broken tori (traditional red Japanese gate in front of shrines and temples)
>tells me that the tori is a gate in Shinto that takes people to the spirit world
>says that tori was broken, and a broken tori allows evil spirits and demons to enter the material world
>tell him about what I saw
>he googles something on his phone
>mfw it looks exactly like what I saw and we never jogged in that fucked up park again
who the hell brings their own beers to a bar?!
yeah post more of you being a crazy person

what if you placed it there yourself and just don't remember it

i don't know what sort of shit you get up to when you're drunk
>D struggles
what did you google?
show pic of what you saw or tell me what to search if you can't deal with the trauma
This is crazy shit

We have a winner.
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Black Spew Bastard.png
465KB, 1024x4500px
poor college kids who don't want to pay extra to buy the beer in the bar. the bar is packed, very busy, and it's dark so they won't see shit.
>what if you placed it there yourself and just don't remember it
I never got that trashed that I'd forget. If anything, I might have reached that point and through some fluke, it did fall out.
I did have beers that water was condensing all over them so the leather wallet was somewhat sticky.
Anon is just a sad cunt who made up friends so he wasn't alone?
File: 1359869294028.gif (62KB, 160x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i don't remember man, he Google it

im not a superstitious person, to this day i try to tell myself that just hearing about the suicide earlier that day psyched me out, cause me to see things, but fuck man it was scary as a mofo
File: :x:.png (703KB, 1006x3722px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
703KB, 1006x3722px
I have plenty from when I was young, I think me and my siblings had over-active imaginations or someshit
>brother was born 5 years before me
>mother finds him talking to a stain in the wall when he was like 2 or 3
>we had an old creepy as fuck house
>myself and my twin sister are born
>2 years later we are found talking to the same spot on the wall
>we all had the same name for this stain
>I remember him being aggressive and scary but my brother and sister claim he was calm and peaceful
>we get dogs
>throw ball down where the stain once was
>dogs flat out refuse to retrieve the ball
>just stare at it whining

I have plenty more
>be 6months (bear with me)
>asleep in cradle
>wake up middle of night
>see shadowy animal on 4 legs (door closed)
>call for my mom like a phaggot
>dad comes in, turns on lights
>still remember how blinding it was
>shadowy thing gone
>blah blah nothing special

Turns out those were my first words when I called for my mom, I asked about it later and turns out I was freaking 6 months old and I remember it.

>out with friends one night
>this huge old mansion has rumors of shit
>one of them is that they let dogs out on you if you tresspass
>like edgy teenaged badasses we go on the property
>exploring around feeling like im about to get attacked by a dog
>see a doghouse inside of a chain fence
>noping hard but we still check it out
>get up to it and look inside
>nothing is there
>do more exploring until we get bored and start to leave
>as we're leaving i thought i heard dogs barking
>brush it off and continue to old cemetery

have more like this
>be me
>be really young
>like 3 or 4 or some shit
>sleeping in bed
>suddenly feel like floating
>opened eyes
>fucking fall a good foot or two
>whole fucking bed shook
>look around
>no one in room
>went back to sleep
File: mac_n_cheese.jpg (334KB, 2000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334KB, 2000x1000px
Chef can't the stop!
File: IMG_1939.jpg (184KB, 945x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 945x675px
File: backwoods man deer.png (1MB, 1106x5000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
backwoods man deer.png
1MB, 1106x5000px
>be about 9
>would never go down my stairs at night because creepy
>fall asleep one night
>the alarm downstairs is set so it should go off if there is any movement down there
>remember walking in a haze along my corridor towards the stairs
>remember thinking "what am I doing, STOP"
>couldnt control what I was doing
>couldnt stop myself from walking towards the stairs
>get halfway down
>look towards my front door, hear a WHOOSH and suddenly I regain composure
>the alarm triggers like it does when its waiting for a pin code
>in control again completely terrified
>dad runs past and enters the pin to the alarm
>angrily tells me to go to bed
>he gets to the top stair and the alarm triggers again
>he looks around downstairs
>my fucking sister was sleeping on the dryer
>didnt trip the alarm

he is on skype actually lol. he said its called waru ningyo

its a kinda Japanese voodoo doll that people nail to broken toris at midnight to curse some one they hate, and that doll causes a spirit of a woman to come to the material world, and she then searches to harm the cursed, also she always has a headband on of some kind

i tried to Google it now but there is just some fucking otaku manga shit
Where are you from?
>just moved into new house, super old and shit
>hear deep berating sound coming from down the hall
>shit bricks
>run down stairs and sit in fetal position for hour til mom gets home
it has only happened one other time but still scares the shit out of me
Still not spooky m9. Get a better life experience you sad cunt.
>be me
>playing skyrim
>playing skyrim masturbating
>smoking my weed
>grab my bong
>hit it
>put my lighter down on bed
>finish up skyrim and jizz
>start watching twilight zone
>"always toke during twilight zone intro"
>grab my bong
>turn to bed to grab my lighter
>it's gone
>search all over room
>flip over bed
>go through entire floor
>call parents, accuse them of being cunts and stealing lighter
>start crying
>cant facepalm
>bump on head
>look down
>there it is, the lighter is in my hand
I never felt safe again after that, had to get ADT security
woah man you're wild
rude! :[
File: 4.jpg (57KB, 615x824px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 615x824px
i dream of this face

don't look at it
Blood stain?
thanks you too
i had a dream that my friend had this exact expression on his face and chased me at the speed of light, i woke up a spilt second before he got to me

truly terrifying
nah it really freaked me out at the time, and my parents seemed to be a little weirded out by the house, they said it looked familiar but they didnt think theyd ever driven in this neighborhood before. and if the family didnt have a son i never wouldve had reason to be at that house, his sister was like 6 years younger and in elementary school, i wouldntve even met her. and i had other friends that i was closer with, he would almost have to be an imaginary acquaintance.
File: tunnel.jpg (29KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 400x300px
>be sophomore in HS
>be exploring with friends
>find an abandoned rail tunnel
>it's too dark
>we decide to come back another day with flashlights
>Come back two days later
>Head in a bit and a cool breeze hits us from inside the tunnel
>One of my friends gets the creeps and bails
>My other friend and I venture on
>we walk in, around a turn and walk until we can't see light anymore
>We find a giant glob of cave crickets
>My friend throws a rock at them and they all start bouncing around like fucking nuts
>Fuck him, now there's nasty crickets bouncing all over the place
>We keep going
>Is this fucking thing going to end?
>We eventually walk like 1/2 mile underground with no sign of an exit
>I say we should turn around, friend wants to continue
>Friend says "what, are you gonna bail out like that other pussy?"
>We feel a slight breeze again
>Suddenly a train horn sounds that sounded like it was right in front of us
>I almost shit my pants
>Friend is running like fuck out where we came
>Got out
>Never been back
>black guy tried to kidnap me

>currently being held hostage in a new jersey basement
File: mendeleev.gif (32KB, 310x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 310x291px

USA, sorry about the grammar. The story is actually kinda hard to follow. I didn't realize it until I read it again.

one of these days I might actually write it out in word, and post it so it makes more sense.

the grammar mistakes kinda take away from the general creepiness
this is pretty much the first ep of the x files
Possums make heavy breathing sounds, probs one of those.
>be me
>aged from 3-10
>sleep downstairs
>wake up upstairs


funniest thing I've read todau
Well m9 walking somewhere in the dark and feeling spooky doesn't qualify for this thread
File: 1412550240421.jpg (43KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 500x500px
This used to happen to me all the time. you were probably sleep walking.
>Be 17
>Be me and another friend
>We're out of town
>End up getting invited to some random party
>At the party having a good time
>I'm snorting blow and we're both getting black out drunk
>I wake up the next morning not remembering a thing from last night
>I'm lying down on a trampoline outside
>I have this orange construction workers vest on
>It's covered in blood
>Look over and my friend is lying down outside next to the trampoline
>Wake him up
>He has like two ounces of weed in his pockets
>Has no idea where he got it, he didn't have any weed on him before
>We're both really confused, can't remember shit
>Go inside cause my friend thought he'd left something in there
>No one is home
>House is trashed
>There were a lot of people there that night
>Fucking weird no one is here right now
>Find the thing my friend needed to get
>Get the fuck up out of there
>Still have no idea what happened, my friend doesn't have any idea either
>Scariest or confusing shit that has ever happened to you.
fuck you
File: Wolves Mtn Lions.png (2MB, 1126x3918px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Wolves Mtn Lions.png
2MB, 1126x3918px
This actually happened to me back in high school, probably 2000-2003-ish.
I wrote it out strictly for my own memory since I know the memory will fade with time. Hope someone likes it.
here's my only other one
it's just a straight-up a copy/paste of my post from some thread
I saw a ghost once, looked just like that. Mine happened at night. I was screwing around in the barn, looked up the stairs(pitch black almost except for slight moonlight) and this bright white thing went across the floor across the top of the stairs. It was only a few feet high though, and looked more like a dog or chicken/turkey for the few feet I actually saw it move before it was out of sight. It was nearly as bright as a fluorescent light, although it didn't give off any light to the rest of the room or the wall a foot away from it.
I actually went up there, didn't see anything, got freaked out like never before, went downstairs, stepped just outside the side-door of the barn and wondered what the hell I'd just seen.
Fast forward a few minutes and I started to hear bales of hay being thrown all over, into walls etc. They were hitting hard too, not just light bumps. This went on for a looooooong time while I was just standing outside the barn. Eventually I went back to the house.
I came back the next day, went upstairs where all the bales are. Everything was exactly where it was the day before, nothing changed. We had an elaborate tunnel system through the bales covering almost the whole upstairs, and nothing was moved. I have no clue what happened that night.
To say the least, I now believe in ghosts.
I also had a cousin that saw her dead grandma(my mother's side) in the closet. She just opened the closet door and there was grandma waving at her. She also saw our grandma from my dad's side of the family in the house my parents live in now(the house she died in). She described her perfectly, despite never having seen her in her life. Believe in ghosts yet?
Even if christianity is wrong, I definately believe in some sort of afterlife-ish existance after this.
why do people write these long, long, long stories?
just grab a tape recorder or camera and fucking tell the story.
it's way less time consuming.
You must type like a sloth or just be dumb as a fucking doorknob.
>be around 13ish
>in bed asleep
>open my eyes to feel an invisible force pushing me down
>Start freaking the fuck out, can't move, difficult to breathe, try and call for help but voice is stifled and weak
>all of a sudden weight lifts and I get out of bed and punch every space of air around me for 30 seconds freaking the fuck out
>don't sleep for rest of night
>found out later that it's a rare thing where your mind is fully awake and your body is unable to move or respond
Are you in the 4th grade can you not read long paragraphs without struggling. You lazy fuck
Its just fucking sleep paralysis.
now that's fucking sleep paralysis. it's happened to everyone
You were carried upstairs by your mom and dad
>fell asleep on the hood of your car completely exposed
>sleep in car with knife hours later because "you can never be too safe"
plot holes
i got something like you described too.

my mom died 7,5 years ago.
but before she died she was in various hospitals for some time.

at some point the mother of my best friends came by. my best friends are brothers, and their mother is actually my mothers best friend.

well she says she can see ghosts, i was like yeah whatever.
but on the one hospital visit where we were there together she perfectly described my mothers father.
i only had seen him in family pictures, since he died 10-15 years before i was born.
but the thing was, she had never seen those pictures.

she said that there was a man besides my mothers bed, watching over her.
and she described him in all detail, and my mom said it was exactly how he was.
my dad was knew my grandfather too, but he didn't really believe in it.

it was quite scary though.
later when my mother had passed, and i visited their house she also once said that my mother was with me.
shit's scary m8, also we have a display case with stuff to remember my mother, her urn is also in there.

and the light Always worked fine, until my mother had passed.
now it goes off from time to time, and it also seems like the bulb is slowly being screwed out.

and the last weird thing that happened when my mom died, happened right when she died.
my neighbors from a few houses down the street had a clock on the wall.
that clock never worked, and they couldn't get it working.
but when my mom died, it suddenly started running again, after alot of years.
we didn't even tell them at what time my mother had passed, but my neighbors knew the time.
they knew it because the clock started running out of knowhere.
that's not what i mean, i mean those pics that are being posted.
i read pretty fast actually, it's just that it could be a short book.
especcially when u try and read them all.
File: 141609695978.jpg (3KB, 150x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 150x150px
>was laying in bed waiting to go sleep
>suddenly hear solid tone and within a second it goes from sounding really far away to right in my ear
>at the same time i get shooting pains in my spine
>i roll over and open my eyes the pain gets so bad i try to scream but my mouth wont open
>my vision is blurry and has some sort of red filter
>the tone fades and so does the pain i close my eyes and open them again a few seconds later
>my vision is fine and im left with a tingling feeling in my spine and in a cold sweat

still have no idea what happened.
Pussy-ass faggot.
there's some things that will just never be understood

You lost all credibility when you used "u" instead of "you"
>I was a child, age 10
>I went to bed as normal
>I was having a dream where I was sitting outside in my driveway
>no one was around just the orange glow of the street light on the corner from my house
>a man in a long coat and boots came up behind me
>I suddenly wake up in my bed
then the worst, awful, terrifying part
>there was sand all over my feet and on my sheets like I had been walking barefoot outside
i felt dread.
You should go see a doctor. Something with your spine is fucked. The blurry vision and the tone in your ears where because of the pain.
Who do you think started AnonIb?
lel, pussy ass little bitch.
>be me
>be in the bus
>exhausted as fuck
>rest my head against the window
>half asleep
>thought I was gonna fall
>freak the fuck out
>banged my head against the window hard
>qt 3.14 dude beside me was laughing
>pretend to sleep again
Fug ov with this coby papa
Whew that was a lose one

check this forum ,it's legit and you just can't stop opening new tabs and read and read and read
wizardforums com/Thread-My-Experiences-With-the-Spirits-Q-A?pid=18001#pid18001

also this guys books are good start
Most confusing

>Be hanging out with gf like everyday
>All of a sudden is mad at me for no reason like usual
>She gets even madder, I become even more confused
>Eventually my freinds show up later, together and they come to my door acting all tough (confusion amplifies)
>I greet them like everything normal and we chill and play vidja games
>Later they told me she said I hit her, but knew she was full of shit the second they saw me.
>They thought they were going to beat me up (even more confusion)
>Made one of them wear a bra and almost raped him
File: image.jpg (64KB, 604x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 604x404px
>be me sitting at home parents out doing parent shit
>phone rings a man tells me in a thick voice hello is this anon
>i reply who the fuck wants to know
he comes back telling me the most scariest thing ever.
>its the police your parents were killed in a accident the driver was a alchoal
Is there more?
Looks like cut off at the bottom
not that I know of
>tfw half these stories were just cases of a furry getting lost in the woods from its orgy group and they try chasing you to get help but you think they're "monsters
>Super Jew
This picture was taken by my cousin out on the front porch of her house? Can you guys spot the demon/ghost?
no but i can spot the bad editing
File: images.jpg (6KB, 248x203px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 248x203px
>Be me
> Around 15
> Hanging out in girlfriends driveway, doing whatever
>Getting late, decide to walk home
>girlfriends house is a little tucked away, first part of my walk is a wooded road for about a mile or so
>hear something moving through the tops of the trees, like its keeping up with me
> Assuming my imagination is coming up with some scary thoughts
> About halfway down the road I look up, see something crouched in a tree
> Remember only beginning to try and decipher what it could be when I watch it drop from the tree
> Fall slowly like a paper bag to the ground
> Stand up on two legs, and run off through the trees and the pasture behind them
To this day I really just dont understand what it was, most other sketchy encounters like that can be explained for the most part, but this I have never had any explanation too. shit still freaks me out to think about
Ah I see you know your photoshop well.
>Be me, about 20 min ago
>Living in big house
>I men like really big (just so you get an idea: we're over 30 people living there, with a private room 15-25sqm each + 38sqm living room + party-room in basemont + ..., i think you get it)
>It`s old as well
>was built in 1913
>Squeaky stairs and all that shit
>Can`t sleep
>Go downstairs
>Some of the lights are mostly on (the ones in the corridors and stuff
>Go into living room
>Nobody there
>Everyone sleeping
>Turn on Tv, smoke a cig wahtever
>Be bored
>Turn off TV, leave living room
>Light in corridor is off
>Unusual but possible
>Go to stairs
>We have a really thick drain on foot of the stairs because of temperature reasons
>Go through it
>Suddenly hear strange squeaking noise behind me
>Bush away drain, corridor still dark
>Suddenly high pitched squealing noise stops
>Make my way to the wall, find light switch
>Turn on the light
>See trail of blood on the floor
>Foollow it, slowly
>In front of kitchen door
>Something meaty/bloody spread on the ground
>Turn to the side
>Find the head of a mouse
>Did i mention we have a cat?
>Always does this shit
>mfw i completely forgot abour the cat
>Was terrified as hell
>Motherfucker got me
>some years ago
>in the old family house
>be 17 at that time
>sister 11
>shared a room back then
>wanted to watch a movie late at night
>3-4 in the morning
>parents and everyone else sleeping
>sister decided to go downstairs to grab something to drink/eat for the movie
>she goes upstairs very quickly
>look at me all terrified
>"anon, there's something in the kitchen!!"
>goes downstairs to see
>there is actually someone downstairs
>looks like a midget but walks very weird making strange snorting noises
>the thing notices me
>midget start dancing erratically
>nope the fuck out upstairs
>tells sister I saw it too
>both freaking out
>decided to go look again in the kitchen
>quickly turn the lights on
>no midget

Still to this day we sometimes talk about that time we think we both saw a dancing little person in the kitchen. Everyone else was sleeping in the house but it could not have been a sibling because no one could be that short.
We had dogs at that time but they were in a shelter outside in the yard.
File: 1399139536823.png (232KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232KB, 512x384px
>be me age twelve camping with older brother
>only other person with us was our step dad
>step dad asleep
>brother falls asleep by camp fire
>be inside tent playing pokemon
>hear something in the fire
>brother is walking through fire apparently asleep
>pour water on him
>all of his hair burned off
>ask him why he did it
>said someone told him to do it in his sleep

>staying at aunt's house for the holiday
>lives out in the county
>sleeping in basement near window
>hear the most ungodly hellish noise coming from outside
>have no idea what it could be
>Waiting for monster to enter the house
>mfw that was the first time I heard a cat fight

'nother one

>coming home from doing laundry at my parent's
>enter house, 10 pm
>roommate is just waking up, works midnights
>he says "was that you?"
>"knocking on my door"
>roommate has door in his room that leads directly outside
>have no idea what he's talking about
>he proceeds to tell me a minute earlier before I entered the house someone was violently knocking and trying to open his door
>he eventually went to open it but no one was there
>mfw we try to figure out who it would be...
>if it's a burglar, they would want to make less noise
>if it was someone looking for help, the landlord's house is also on the property and closer to the road
>he leaves for work, I spend the rest of the night listening to spooky sounds..for example the pipe coming off the eves-trough was knocked over
>went outside several times to search for spooky, never found anything
File: sunn o))).jpg (14KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sunn o))).jpg
14KB, 480x360px
It sounds like you just lived a fucking Sunn O))) album, OP.
Get a camera.
Not even edited it. My cousin was 12 when she took this. I mostly use my cellphone. No computer, no photoshop. Completely serious /b/ro.

>taking a summer course at the U
>lunch break
>have to walk to my car parked on some street to get it
>decide to eat in my car with window down (summer)
>see guy walking by, looks like coworker
>he approaches, not coworker, shit..
>he puts his arms on my car roof and sticks his head in the window
>"so you want a blowjob?"
>stare straight ahead with gorillion mile stare
>you sure, I'll make it worth your while?
>he licks his lips exposing his whore crack between the two center teeth
>me, continue with: no....
>he walks away
>I felt so raped
Like I told the other guy, this is 100% real
File: 1385067549333.jpg (241KB, 896x1195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 896x1195px
holy shit OP
almost exactly the same thing happened to me once but I'm English so it obviously wasn't the same place, but damn
>on way home from school
>avoiding bullies
>take the back exit (heh)
>walk through wood
>get a headache
>pass out
>wake up
>middle of the night
(no phone because poorfag but when I got back home the clock said 3am)
>hear buzzing sound constantly (like loud air con)
>run back to the school
>hop the fence
>out the main entrance
>get back home
>parents hear me come in
>"what the hell anon, where have you been?!"
didn't go though them wood alone, ever again
woah dude, that's fukking spooky.
owls do not belong on oil platforms.
how many miles were you outside of the coast?
Not my pic, wish I knew the backstory. Makes sense though, prob. plenty of vermin to eat on oil platforms.
your brother obviosly got schizofrenia, the bad one too, when they hurt themselfs.
Damn ghost shits
it only happened once. hes completely normal now and has a degree in science
im 13ish at my house night time moms out home alone in my basement.
>mom calls to tell me shell be home soon
>watching southpark lawling when i here her walk in
>me being lazy fuck call her to bring me down food
>mfw "okay ill be home in five"
>hfw "you mean you arent upstairs rn"
>cry and pee bit
>nut up walk upstairs
>doors locked no window open and no one to be seen
how could vermin get there?
people get there by helicopter, since when do vermin have helicopters too?
Wake up one morning
Hear noise outside
Is nigger
perhapsjews lol
lol, some grouse scared you
Come in with supplies and shit.
damn anon, thats some wierd shit ass shit, now that i think about it i heard a simular story before, some guy who lives in the same town as me put his hand in boiling water, also a normal guy
> I went on /b/ today
This was awesome. Thanks. Love the map.
Dat fear id tho
yea right, like they don't check them.
besides that, the places where the supplies are gathered should be vermin free in the first place.
i think the damn owl flew to the platform because he saw the lights on them.
nah i wrote this one tonight, but i have seen people post similar. id really like to know how many people this has happened to, and what the fuck is the deal with the person who disappears. i wouldnt even be surprised if there was some m night shamalayn twist where it turns out that i had a psychotic episode and killed him but dont remember it so everyone just acts like he never existed.

good shit, northern spooky is best spooky
File: reactionface35.png (16KB, 158x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 158x192px
fucking genuinely lolled out loud
I hear that in my back yard all the time. Nothing to worry about
i'm pretty sure thats like a bird or something.
File: 1406548328821[1].png (2MB, 1280x1313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1280x1313px
>almost raped him
its ok, we're all /b/ros here, you can tell the truth, you busted a nut up in his butt didnt you?
>genuinely lolled out loud
You genuinely laughed out loud out loud
It's 2014 look him up on facebook retard
>Trying to go to sleep
>Light is fading, I'm nearly out
>All of a sudden start spazzing out
>Whole body is convulsing, look and feel a little bit like I'm being pumped with enough amps to kill a guy
>Feeling is kind of like when you shiver, only 100 times worse
>Feeling subsides
>Keep trying to go back to sleep

This happen to anyone else? Happens to me once every once and a while.
pic related?
File: forest nerd.jpg (202KB, 1025x1658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
forest nerd.jpg
202KB, 1025x1658px
File: forest nerd2.jpg (389KB, 1440x2501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
forest nerd2.jpg
389KB, 1440x2501px
Had that once (and thankfully only once). I was scared shitless, couldn't move, tried calling for help but no words would come out. Pure panic.
File: 1415592623335.gif (2MB, 345x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 345x199px
Slap slap slap
Clap clap clap
File: goat.jpg (2MB, 3560x2280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3560x2280px
raccoon, good thing you bailed. they walk around on their back legs to carry things with the front but they go all jazz hands jitterbug when startled. if you approached youd probly have been mauled a bit.
Dat ID tho
sleep paralysis + creepy dream.

i have the same recurring dream where a deceased family member, who is a person i have always trusted most in my life more than my own parents or wife, shows up at my bed side telling me that someone is about to kick down my door to kill me.

i try to grab my glock 23 but my arms can't move and neither can my legs. nothing moves. next thing i know, my door gets kicked down and the intruder murders me in a different way every time. sometimes he shoots me with his gun. sometimes he beats me to mine and kills me with my own gun. sometimes he stabs me, sometimes suffocates, etc.

and i am utterly terrified by these dreams because this particular family member has visited me in the past with predictions that all came true. i can't help but wonder if he is trying to contact me to prepare me for sometime.

what troubles me the most is that i am an incredibly deep sleeper and nothing can wake me up. my wife has pinched me, screamed, hit me and other things to get me to wake up. just doesn't work. i get yelled at at work for sleeping right through emergency cell phone calls.

I own all the fear games but haven't beat any.
May be an alligator snapping turtle, or even just a large snapping turtle. Or alligator.
starting to think it might have been a snapping turtle. still spoopy at 2 am
i dont remember his last name anymore hell im not sure i remember his first, i think it was keith

captcha tingly level
I bet some pedo sprayed sleeping gas towards you. Got your ass to sleep and raped you
get a camera dude, also try and remember at what time all of this happens.
you could try and sleep just right before it all happens, so that you aren't as deep asleep as you are when the dreams happen.
someone went to go watch tv in dark
left before you got there
Yes. It happens if I've had a few nights of drinking and then I take a night off. I think it's the brain launching into REM mode immediateately rather than going through the normal stages of sleep.
I am rock fucking hard right now
what if his parents killed him and you almost figured it out?
>no green text
>does green text
make up yo damn mind
Wow, maybe your right! I know they can enter houses to search for food.
If it's that, I'm kinda relieved.
So was she naked or what?
yeh but why would somone that's not existent have a facebook u know what i m sayin.
>Being at park
>Seeing naked man chase retard kid
>he screams "its not what it looks.."
>hit him in the balls
>kid tebaggs him
>mfw I havent been to a park for years
>mfw I still hold a irational fear fir parks
>at exes apartment
>slept til about 4pm
>woke up
>she was in the kitchen where she belongs
>I laid my head back on the pillow
>heard a little girl giggle
>mfw no tv or pc in her apartment and she has phone
>I took a shower

What would the camera be for? Taking pics of what position I'm sleeping in at the time it usually happens?

I can't describe how terrified I am of this dream and I'm usually not scared of much at all. Sometimes I avoid going to sleep just because I am petrified of having the dream.

And it's like I am more scared of the dream itself than it happening in reality. Or I can't tell because the dream is so real, they're one and the same.

It's the only one I have recurring and it happens at least once a week.
Here's on that actually happened to me:

>single guy
>go camping with a couple and a single girl
>set up camp site
>get everything put away and situated
>go to lake to swim
>get back to camp
>make some lunch, decide to go to river that's close by because the air is stagnant and it's hot in the forest
>couple goes to hike
>single girl and i hang out for a minute
>head down to river
>swim, talk, hit it off, make out
>fool around a little bit
>go back up to camp site
>couple comes back, we all get drunk as shit, couple goes off to sleep, girl and i fuck and pass out in my tent
>hear crunching noise at night, quietly reach and grab my .45, noise stops, fall asleep again
>wake up in the morning
>no signs of people
>UNHOLY smell in camp site
>smells like shit
>smells like the worst shit you can imagine
>jesus fucking christ it smells so bad like shit i can't deal with it any more
>couple gets up, lets their dogs loose
>dogs immediately notice smell and we let them do their thing to find it
>dogs locate smell behind tree
>opposite side of tree there's a small hole
>small hole and about a 4 inch radius all the way around it there's the most disgusting human shit i've ever seen
>how do i know it's human, you ask?
>fresh pile of toilet paper next to it
>someone took a dump 15 feet from my tent in the middle of the night
>couple claims to not have gotten up all night, too drunk
>girl didn't get up because i'm a light sleeper and i would have woken up
>god damn it.
that too, if i remember the full name of one his parents or sister i could look them up but assuming he did disappear without a trace i would have no reason to assume he would have a facebook for himself
>camping in the fucking mountains with friends
>literally noone around for miles
>be sleeping in the car cuz its cold as fuck
>some mountain guy walks out of the fucking woods at like 6am right towards where we are
>he just walks right past us as if its normal
fucking mountain men with their antics
because they are boring and repetitive
>walking to school thats like 7 miles away.
>Yeah I was seriously late but better to get my assignments.
>Kind of mountainous area but i decide to walk through forests rather than the highway because it's "safer". See a cabin and hear intense cacking noises.
>see a man with just pants on and a huge ass beard chopping away at a tree.
>Don't want to wave at him because he looks like he would fuck me up.
>Crouch and sneak away hoping he doesn't see me.
Are mountain men like actually a thing?
Just remembered a crazy story from my childhood:

>be 12
>have a year older brother
>one night, I dream of being chased through the woods by a man
>running for a while, then he catches me and drags me to some wooden cabin
>inside there's a table with my brother strapped to it
>the man decapitates my brother with an axe while I stand there paralyzed
>wake up covered in sweat
>next morning, tell him I had a crazy nightmare
>he says so did he
>tell him my dream
>his face gets pale
>he tells me he dreamed the exact same thing; man chasing him through the woods, catching him, dragging him to a wooden cabin
>I am strapped to a table inside
>only difference:
>the man hands HIM an axe
>and he chops my head off himself
>then the man carves me up and decorates the shelves with my limbs
>end of dream

We nope'd for days
oh so you actually know that you only see your relative when asleep.
never mind then.
maybe you should go to a schrink or something like that.
once a week seems like alot.
In colorado it's pretty easy to get a pretty remote cabin with no electricity or anything.
I remember some dude on reddit would go to work then go back to his basic cabin. Used his car to charge his phone
sounds like the dream, man

Yes - relative passed away 6 years ago. Visits me occasionally in dreams.

I'm otherwise a totally sane and ration person.
>hood of car
>anon explicitly said "go in my truck, recline the seat".

He was inside faggot.

Skinwalkers. Google them
seriously. sounds tough but rewarding. a back to basics kind of life.
why was a bear with you?
>Grandma died recently
>Her ashes were sent to our house this morning
>Leave the ashes in the basement, going to spread them tomorrow
>Never really knew my grandmother
>That night I see her walk into my room
>I can't move, but I don't feel scared for some odd reason
>She just stands there looking at me
>She raises up a camera and snaps a photo, then walks away

Later my brother tells me that he walked into the guest room that day and saw our polaroid camera floating in the air. Right as he looked at it it took a photo of him and fell to the ground.
that was just a hypnogogic jerk fag't
>in college
>valley town in PA
>rocky foothills all around
>at party getting drunk as fuck
>around 12am, totally wasted, exit party
>decide to climb tallest foothill
>stop at convenience store
>walk uphill thru town about a mile, base of foothill
>pitch black, no moon, no flashlight, worn out street shoes but the eyes have adjusted and my spirits are high
>scamble another mile up steep slope switching between woods and open rocky areas
>rocky areas especially dangerous, loose rocks everywhere
>reach summit
>victory fap on the peak
>making good time on the way down
>halfway through a wide open area
>hear something large moving towards me
>still drunk as fuck but keep my wits, maintain my pace and listen, its approach is deliberate
>no fucking moon out, starlight aint worth shit
>its about 60 feet from me but i cant see it
>i drop to the ground and feel the rocks, find one with a sharp end a blunt handle, perfect
>drunken sprint at a 45 degree angle to compensate for slope, rocks flinging everywhere
>the shadow of my stalker flees
>stop and listen, it didnt go far, it didnt keep running
>continue descent weapon in hand, it doesnt follow
>dawn breaks as i reach town buzz fading
>quick breakfast to sober up
>make it back to campus just in time for class

probly a bear or mountain lion, but all the more reason to be aggressive, act like prey get treated like prey
File: 1402981296565.png (182KB, 392x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Another one from when I was a kid. I was staying at my grandfather's house. He said he walked into the hallway and saw me shrieking while banging my head against the wall. I don't remember this happening.
I have full day dreams really. And they all end with me dying. its like I go to bed on a Sunday and wake up on a Monday. Day goes fine as regular. Then something happens around 9:00ish. Usually I'm home studying or something but sometimes I'm out with friends. Then, boom, I'm dead. Murderers, hit by a car, things fall on me. All different things. And then I wake up all cliche like in the movies throwing my upper body off the bed while gasping in a pool of sweat. Then the day goes exactly like in the dream. The same Monday morning I had asleep, except the deaths, obviously. But like say the dream I got hit by a car. Instead of fumbling into the street, I dropped something and picked it up and then the car whizzed passed me. The same car that killed me the night before. I'm mostly ok with it by now because its been happening for years. But I'm afraid at the fact that basically I'm going to die one day and its not going to repeat.
pretty sure that's what he was implying retard
Sheeeit. I'm doing that right now.
no shit, sherlock!
Does PA have mountain lions? I would say a black bear. Black bears are pussies
I have several moments in my life up until last year in which I did odd things but don't really remember. It's like someone else takes over my body for a while. I know that sounds weird. Last time it was when I was living in Colorado with my friend. All I really remember is that I locked myself in my room for a few days while talking to people who weren't there. Then I tried to hang myself. After that all I remember is being locked up in a mental ward at Centennial Peaks.
i think theres black bears, coyotes, and mountain lions but the mountain lions are pretty few, the black bears are mostly pussies, and a coyote would almost never go after an adult but in my case, time and place, they might, has been 1 case of a coyote killing an adult

>be me, 13 years old
>around midnight
>have to share bedroom with brother, 4 years younger
>dad's a drunk, parents are always fighting
>they're at it again
>listen to it for about an hour, wonder how someone can keep up yelling for so long
>hear my brother's awake, tell him to go back to sleep, it'll go over soon
>hear dinner plates breaking
>really pissed but as always pretty scared of my dad
>gather all of my balls to go down and confont him
>I'm downstairs
>all is pitch-black, no-one there
You could try and remember that it's just a dream while it's happening, so it won't scare you that much knowing that none of it is real
Fuck nigger, shit sent shivers down my body reading that.

Another story. When I was a kid I used to live in a small house in Cleveland. There was some unseen little girl who would always whisper for me to follow her. She always had me just walking in circles around the house.
Dude I fucking love when that happens. I get auditory hallucinations too.
File: 1415666421331.jpg (79KB, 585x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 585x686px

Weird. I'd like to see a coyote. Whenever I find myself in PA it's always just black bear, deer and foxes.
What is a dogger
I'll bite
>be with 7 friends
>decide to go in to a bonded mental asylum
>hear foot steps running
>we all run into one room close door
>quite as a mouse
>hear heavy dog breathing
>hear dog paws walking
>hear dog sniffing
>hear dog barking
>sometimes police will let dogs lose to find trespassers
>we give up opening door
>no police
>no dog
>nothing in sight
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