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Hello this is a continuation of the innocence lost thread >>578051405

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hello this is a continuation of the innocence lost thread >>578051405
My story will follow soon, feel free to share your own stories.
Lv587... ID guy here. Hoping others come and share more stories :)
mask-chan reportin' and ready for more...
I'll post it here too, why not

>be 12
>living in the actual living room as one room is taken by dad and the other is taken by my brother
>if you come in via the front door, you see the living room and the couch I was practically living on
>anyways, fapping, headphones on
>I hear a crack
>I see something in the corner of the eye
>door opens
>I slowly turn my head to the left
>brother and his new gf
>I slowly clean up, pull my pants up, close the porn, put headphones on the table
>hey, what are you guys doing here?
>c-came home to pack up a few things
>oh okay
>she is my new girlfriend, <name here>
>I turn to her
>hey, I'm Anon, nice to meet you.
>she doesn't say a word
>I continue
>I'd shake hands with you, but... well, you get the point
>she's just standing there
>I can see it from the corner of my eye that my brother is almost blowing up from the laughter
>I walk away and wash my hands
>they don't say a word to each other, just pack up and leave
Red's guy here. ID of 2dQk4M/b previously.

I suddenly feel like I'm down for round two for some reason. Go on... what did you do to TentAnon?
Okay here goes, will do my best to make it a worthwhile retelling of how I lost my virginity.

>Be 18 and texting with a female friend of mine in the north of my country.
>She invites me up for a summer vacation at her place and I accept because it sounds like fun.
>Unbeknownst to me, this is part of her plan to rid me of my virginity and letting me lose into the lands of sexually active adults.
>Jump on a train and think about how much fun I'm gonna have partying with her and meeting her friends.

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bumpin and stalkin, followed through the whole last thread, keep going

Captha: 420
As someone called me Commander Bleu. I suppose I'll say I'm here. Be back when I'm caught up. Don't have any stories like this, but I could probably think of something sort of relevant to share.
That was me, sharing is caring! You are decidedly purple now though.

Go on, love a good virginity story.

dont "cont." after four lines of greentext you fucking dicknob
Purple, blue, i can't think of anything to say. Potential bump since I'm not keeping up with this one yet.
>After the train ride I have to navigate my way through two different bus routes and then walking down a long dirt road.
>Be walking down the road and see my friend and another girl I haven't met before waving at me.
>My friend is wearing a purple little tank top that fits very snugly on her body, showcasing her very lovely and soft looking boobs.
>This combined with her short shorts makes my jaw drop.
>Catch myself in looking like a nob and close my mouth quickly in an attempt to pretend I didn't just react like that.
>We walk towards her home and I get introduced to her family.
>Her parents seem a bit suspicious about me, but soon warm up to me as I rev up my friendly charming "I'm just a friend of you daughter, seriously" attitude.

I did that to keep thread alive until others joined, posts will be longer from now on.
Yeah, it's a slow start to this one. I want puddle-chan back. I guess I could share something to get this one started?
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>be me
>be 14
>first learned what masturbating was
>be in history class
>decide it's a good time to bate
>pull dick out of pants slowly under the desk
>start stroking dick
>girl next to me doesn't notice
>suddenly hear 'What do you think you're doing???' from the teacher
>freeze everything
>realize he wasn't talking to me
>other kid whips hand out of his pants at 9000mph
>'NOTHING' he exclaims
>teacher forces him up
>pants unzipped, underwear showing
>teacher flips the fuck out
>kid sent out of the room to the office
>mfw my hand is still around my dick and I came
That would probably be good for bumping. I'm checking back between parts of stories in the previous thread. I think I've thought of one I can share though.
Hey now, be patient, let the others have their fun! Besides, my last story is short (ish) and not that good compared to some of my others. I'll share once everyone else is done - for now I want to hear what they have to say...
My apologies. As we have learnt, I have very little control of myself.

It's all kicking off now anyway, later perhaps.
Yeah, by the time I'm finished catching up with last thread, who knows how far this one will be.
I think the last thread just died actually.
Don't refresh!
>I keep noticing the smiles my friend is sending me and wondering what they are about.
>She doesn't share any info about it and I just chalk it up as her being excited about the party coming up.
>Normal hang around stuff happens until her parents leave for a short weekend vacation.
>As soon as they are out of the door, me, my friend and her cute dark haired friend start preparing for a big garden party.
>We set up an Igloo tent(I didn't know why, but found out later), prepared a bonfire and made sure every sort of drink and snack a drunk partygoer could want was ready.
>We then went our separate ways to get dressed for the party and soon afterwards the guests started arriving.
>My friend and her friend were both wearing very short, almost sheer summer dresses and were both looking decidedly pretty.

Now a lot of regular party stuff happened, not really pertinent to the story, everyone got drunk/stoned and had fun. Now we fast foreward a bit.

>It is now semi late in the evening and for some reason most of the party decides to go on a walk. Leaving me sitting alone with two very pretty girls at a bonfire.
>They both get a mischievous look in their eyes and without saying anything, they take my hands and drag me into the tent.
It certainly did. Oh well, as long as I keep it open I'll be fine.
Is puddle-chan still here?
I have to do some housework. I shouldn't be too long and I'll be back to catch up and fill you in with my last story. I've not read this thread properly yet but it sounded like there'd be plenty to occupy you here.

Back soon.
Oh god that last line, go on...
Alright, my anticipation is through the roof.
Yeah, looks like bumping might be a good idea.
I'm thankfully almost completely caught up now. Only a few more minutes I think.
>We kind of awkwardly sit in there while the sounds of the other partygoers slowly dissipates into the distance.
>I was still rather confused about what we were doing in the tent(clueless I know).
>But I soon put two and two together when the girls start making out in front of me and giving me smoldering sexy looks.
>I'm sitting there feeling completely goofy and wondering what the hell to do, when my friend crawls over and starts unbuttoning my shirt while kissing my neck.
>Make a mental shrug and start rubbing her boobs through the fabric of her dress.
>While I do this her friend is laying on the mattress, her back arching slightly while she touches herself.
>This soon turns into one of those lovely awkward undressing everyone while giggling moments.
>Since we are three people in the tent, having sex is looking to be an elaborate affair, so we start out by just laying naked in a heap, kissing, touching, tasting, smelling, smiling and laughing.
>We end up focusing on my friend and the girls make out and grope each other while I try my best at eating her out with no prior experience.
>After a bit of tongue fumbling around in her sweet smelling puss, I feel a pair of hands guiding my head to the right spot.
>I start licking her clit and shivering limbs and moans ensue.
>I honestly don't know how long I was down there, I just having the time of my life.
>At some point she clamps her thighs around my ears, almost suffocating me while she comes rather violently in my face.

Celebratory bump for catching up
Congratz! Feeling... drained?

God I love being between thighs, it's great.
Not yet. Hopefully that will change.
Aww dammit, my ones didn't get you?
After all that effort.
Oh my, you seem to have misinterpreted it. Years of fucking up with women and being alone have helped me build up substantial endurance. Hell, I can even power through the whole sensitive feeling after cumming now.
apparently I'm puddle-chan, and I've finished work.


Sounds like you got pretty damn lucky, anon...

>I'd shake hands with you, but... well, you get the point

Strongly considering sharing a story of my biggest fuck-up with a woman when I could have potentially lost my virginity, or at least have gotten her as a girlfriend. If I do, I'll wait until some people are done their stories.
>When she releases my face and gives me a chance to come up for air, I get her a big and very wet grin.
>I start crawling my way up her body, trying my best to position myself in a way that wont squish her.
>This concern is quickly wiped from my mind though.
>As soon as I get to about face level of the two girls, her friend pulls me in for a kiss that now tastes like her sweet breath combined with the juices of my friend.
>Simultaneously my friend clamps her legs around my butt and to my great surprise(and happiness) I feel my dick wrapped in a feeling of intense warmth and wetness.
>My mind goes kind of blank at that time, I remember no coherent thoughts, only feelings of moving around and groping body parts without knowing who they belonged to.
>Actual thoughts return when I again open my eyes and realize I'm now laying on my back being kissed by both girls while they help each other to rub my dick.
>After some clean up and getting dressed, we all exit the tent with rosy cheeks and happy faces.
>A guy is sitting by the fire and greets us with the words "I've been sitting here for about half an hour, sounds like you were having fun".
>We all smile awkwardly, but don't have a chance to answer because the rest of the party is now coming back from their walk.

This has been act one of that evening.
Act two will follow shortly.
I am very, very jealous.
Generally after I'm done I flop into a useless pile of limbs. My one saving grace is that practice has made perfect on denial, I can ride the edge for quite a while.
Pretty damn lucky is an understatement, I felt like I'd won the sex lottery without even buying a ticket.
Well these stories have been sexy and fun, but it's 3 19am in Australia so it's time to sleep. See you puddle chan, red hair guy and others. It's been fun :)
It took years of practice. It's probably only still like this because a virgin I remain. All the stories I could really share are ones of utter failure. They'd probably suit a beta or cringe thread more than this.
Good night!
Sleep is for the weeeeeak

The original thread was actually a cringe/awkward/embarrassing/caught stories thread...although I suppose it did just turn straight sexy, especially when Red joined in.
Yeah, I kinda got lucky after the whole Red thing. My current gf is the only other person I have been with, a few 'group activities' aside.

All you gotta do is find someone as crazy horny as you are.
I want to believe..
It definitely did. I guess I could share them in a bit then. They're stories that only me, the girl involved (different for some stories), and one of my closest friends know about.

One of which is the story of my first kiss though, and how awkward it was.
I'm going to take that as a compliment. It was more awkward afterwards than anything else.

Tell usssss... one of us... one of us...
oh, I suppose I can bump too. Derp.

Waiting for act two while writing some more myself.
Another time lapse ensues here, much partying is done and drinking to regain pre coitus drunkenness.
Once more the party goes for a walk.
>I find myself sitting at the bonfire, with the two girls and the smirky guy we met when exiting the tent earlier.
>He smirks once more and says "Round two?"
>The girls look excited at the idea and I was drunk enough to think "heck why not, he's not bad looking and we'll be focusing on the girls anyway".
>We all crawl into the tent and another session of groping, giggling and undressing ensues.
>We end up in a pile of limbs, kissing and touching.
>We focus on my friend again, because the other girl is feeling a bit timid.
>The girl and the guy is kissing my friend, while I go back to my new favorite pastime of having a late night snack between her thighs.
After a while the sexual tension leads us back into a huddle of pleasuring touches and the definite feeling of "More than two people are touching me right now, that guy is touching me too".
>Tentatively test the waters of groping everyone including guy, turns out this makes everyone hornier than ever before.
>Mass of limbs and pleasure ensues.

To be quite honest, my drunkness/stonedness kind of makes the rest a blur. Everybody seemingly came, nobody was really sure who caused whom to come and we didn't really care.
The rest of the night was an awesome party and I will always remember it fondly.

This was the story of my innocence lost.
Alright, I suppose I'll tell after act two. Unless it takes too long to start. Off the top of my head, I have 3 stories. The first being interactions with a girl I liked and a girl who liked me (nothing sexual happens in this one though. It was also 4 years ago), the story of my first kiss (3 years ago), and the story of my night shift alone with a girl when we were volunteering at a convention (this year). Any preference?

It certainly helps. And I'm excited to hear more of your stories.
The convention sounds interesting, but whichever you think is best.
I almost don't believe it myself, I felt like the luckiest person to ever live. All the awkwardness and fumbling somehow just made it better.
The convention one is my favorite and at the same time least favorite. I suppose I'll tell it then.
it's hard to make much comment on a night which was basically "we got drunk and had an orgy, I remember almost nothing but it was awesome", but hey. Did this girl really conspire to get you to lose your virginity? what was her angle? Why was she doing this for you?
Definitely the volunteering story.
Sorry about the late reply, I was... distracted.

That is pretty awesome, nice one man.
"distracted". Ahem. Right.
I'm pretty sure her and her friend had this planned at least in part.
They were acting very flirty with each other and me most of the night.
We knew each other through her ex boyfriend and she'd found out about my virgin status, I'm even pretty sure he knew because my last conversation with him was accompanied by a knowing smile and the words "don't do something I wouldn't do".
As to the why, I don't know to be honest, perhaps she just liked my personality and decided to do me a favor. It was pretty evident from the start that this was very casual and not the start of anything close to a relationship.
Okay, story of my convention experience.

> Me and my friends have been going to conventions twice a year together since our freshman year.
> Around our senior year a few of us started volunteering so we could get in for cheaper, and subsequent years for free
> I volunteered for the day shifts every year until this year
> for some reason I just went onto the 8 hour night shift
> I got my partner, some girl I didn't know
> when i got to the first volunteer meeting and met her the first thing that went through my head was "oh fuck she's cute."
> I had no previous knowledge of the night shift, but from past years, things seemed pretty crowded where we were working
> I sighed in relief, thinking I could avoid any mishaps including potential spaghetti
> about a month later, me and my friends got to the convention, unloaded our stuff into our hotel rooms, and headed out
> it was a pretty standard convention, cosplayers, showing rooms, all the stuff I was used to
> check the schedule to see what is going on when
> find out that there's a cosplay contest going on before my shift on the second day
> figure I can stop by there
> before the first day ends I tell my friends and sister about my shift and they said they would hang around with me during it
> fast forward to next day
> a few of my friends cosplay as some characters, we head out to the convention again
> hang around all day, taking pictures with people, buying stuff
> contest starts


Not sure if boring or not so far.
Building tension is good, I for one is looking forward to the rest of this.
I admit nothing. Except that memories are powerful things.

Oh god cosplayers. Jesus, I need more tissues.
Just don't get your hopes up, remember, this is a failure story.
I can dig it. No self control remember?
I already like where this is going, failure or not.
Nearly finished my writeup. Can start posting as soon as people want it.
Go ahead, I am able to get horny by more than one story at once.
> The contest starts and my friends who were dressed up enter
> we all find a seat
> I wasn't very interested since every other year half the people in the contest weren't necessarily the right body type for the costumes
> our seat was pretty shitty from what we all thought
> half the stage was blocked by a big black screen and we couldn't see what was going on
> I had the best view since our rule was tallest sits in the back
> with less of the screen blocking my view and being the only one able to see over the people in front of us I watched
> almost all of the cosplayers were amazingly attractive
> there was a group doing a dance that I found particularly astounding
> mainly due to my groups poor choice of seating
> our poor seats paid off for me
> all I saw for a solid ten minutes was upskirts from a really cute girl
> she was dressed as Rikka from Chuunibyo
> allofmyboners.png
> my friends kept asking what was going on
> I blanked them out because of the glory of the panty shots
> contest progressed
> no memory of what happened until the end
> my friends got some sort of reward because they were considered some of the top-tier costumes

Whatever you prefer!

Hoo boy I do love me some panty shots.
Plus they were upskirts pantyshots. Got some very nice fap material from the memories.
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At least this fail tale wasn't a total loss! Keep it coming

I'll start posting my story now, since it's written and I really need to be getting to bed some time soonish.
>Texting tentanon while wandering around, some Friday after school
>can't go home for various reasons, mention this to tentanon
>he suggests we could meet up
>"Do you know where the library in town is?"
>sure do
>I take the bus and head to the library
>Not in a great mood, but thinking of hanging around tentanon is cheering me up - haven't seen him in months
>Suddenly remembering why I like hanging around with him so much
>some fidgeting begins
>more fidgeting ensues
>I'm unconsciously rubbing my legs with my hands
>Notice some forty year old guy on the other side of the bus watching me
>suddenly realise what I'm doing
>Look out the window and try to calm down

It was a not-thinking-straight kinda day. Have to say I wasn't exactly upset about the attention though.

Might be worth mentioning that I hadn't yet changed out of school uniform.
>reach library
>search for tentanon
>can't find him at first, just a bunch of random people who must think I'm lost
>eventually find him behind some bookshelves, on a laptop, hidden from view
>sit down next to him
>start complaining about my life in whispers
>go on for about five minutes
>Get shushed by someone I can't see
>shut up
>kinda flop on the table
>close my eyes and just relax a bit.
>Mind turns back to thoughts of tentanon
>dangerous thoughts stir
>take off my blazer, drape it over my chair
>take off my shoes
>nudge tentanon
>indicate for him to move back
>he pushes his chair back a little
>I turn sideways, lean against a bookshelf, and put my legs across his lap
>He looks around, seems kinda nervous
>starts stroking my leg
>this is more like it
>I stuff my blazer behind my head/back for comfort
>close my eyes
>he keeps stroking, sticking to the safe areas
>he's not touching sensitive areas, but rather stupidly, my imagination is running away with me and before long I fidget a little
>flex and curl my toes a little
>rub my legs on him a little
>Not getting super aroused, just relaxed and calm.
>nevertheless, a degree of moistness is developing.
>relax into his touches on my legs. it's like a massage.
>drift off slightly
>when I come to, something is slightly odd
>why is he pressing his finger into my leg like that
>why does it feel weird, is his hand in his pocket
>he's just pleased to see me
> as the contest ended, I got ready for my shift that was in 3 hours
> quickly headed to a nearby store because of poorly planned out day. (Woke up at 5am so I wouldn't miss anything)
> stocked up on food, energy drinks, and water
> head back to convention
> spend last hour before shift hanging out with friends
> head to my shift
> friends hanging out with me 5 minutes before shift starts
> find out that a showing room nearby is playing a show thet haven't gotten around to watching
> it will be playing for two hours
> tell them they should go watch it
> alone
> see girl dressed as Rikka getting her picture taken by a bunch of people
> ohgodnotanotherboner.jpg
> panic thinking my partner could show up at any second
> conceal it under the table (working registration desk)
> figure once people start showing up to get in things will calm down
> if that doesn't work, there will still be a bunch of people around because of the cosplayers from earlier
> then the worst/best possible scenario happens
> "Rikka" gets closer in her schoolgirl outfit
> looks at me and says "sorry I'm late for our shift, a lot of people wanted pictures."

I still can't believe how coincidental that was.
I like where this is going... brb.
First time I jerked off was to the episode of Mythbusters,
the one where they tracked Gold Fish, memory.

No green text, because it's a statement, not a fucking story.
Bump before I continue
>feel dick pushing against my leg
>I like it. I like it a lot.
>Feel it rub and twitch against my leg
>Notice his hand is tapping me
>open one eye
>on his screen, he's typed out in huge letters, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY
>stick my tongue out at him, grin, and close my eyes
>Enjoy his touches some more
>without opening my eyes, unbutton one button on my shirt
>rub my leg against his dick
>feel it twitch against me
>that was awesome
>undo another button
>another twitch
>spread my shirt so it's showing my bra (yeah, okay, I don't need to wear one...)
>this feeling of twitching as I constantly rub my leg against his dick
>moistening rapidly develops
>stroking suddenly stops
>I hear a zipping sound...
>he's rubbing his dick against my leg
>holy shit this feels amazing
>I'm actually stimulating this guy and...whoa
>open my eyes to look at it
>beckon tentanon to shuffle his chair closer to me so I can stay leaned against the bookshelf
>eventually get him to half sit on both seats
>his dick is pressing against my thigh
>raise one leg and lower it on the other side
>now, his dick is squeezed between my legs
>feel it hot and twitching between them
>i am so wet right now

I'm pretty much gazing at his dick by this point. something amazing about stimulating someone else so powerfully. As I shift my legs and rub them together I feel the twitching increase...
How am I supposed to write mine with this boner? Only one thing to do I guess...
>stare at his dick poking out between my legs
>move my legs more; small up and down motions, back and forth, etc
>feel him twitching. a lot.
>his breathing gets deeper
>my wetness is ridiculous, I can feel it soaking through
>look up at his face
>he's looking at my chest
>unbutton two more buttons, now you can probably see my belly button if you were looking that low
>pretty sure he's not looking that low
>his breathing speeds up
>his hand squeezes my legs and he closes his eyes
>scrunches up his face like he's concentrating on something
>I suddenly feel BIG twitches between my legs. And a damp, sticky feeling.
aaand that's it. We got cleaned up (he had tissues, luckily...), I got redressed, and somehow we never got caught.

Great times, great times. Loved that day so much.
Virgin semi-autist reporting here.
Holy shit OP. goddamn that was sweet.
God damn it. I think he would have slept with you in an instant. Just saying.
I didn't think I could get a third one in today, aaaand I was wrong. Thank god I went to get more tissues.

TentAnon is a lucky man.
I had thought I could keep my underwear dry, so this time I kept them on.

I was mistaken.

Erm, sorry for interrupting your cosplay story, anon...
Rookie error. I am literally only wearing a hoodie, and it isn't even zipped up.
uh...everyone busy fapping, or...?
Alright time to continue.

> she sits next to me
> I begin to fear that she will notice
> there's nobody around yet
> finally somebody stops by
> a homeless man asking if we could spare any change
> reach into my wallet and give him $5 just so he will stay a little longer
> every second someone is around is a second that I don't risk losing my spaghetti
> I keep him around long enough for someone else to show up
> they get their admission ticket out, we set things up, confirm his payment and send him on his way
> I'm alone with her again
> "wow, that was really generous of you, why did you give him $5?"
> ohfuckfuckfuck.jpg
> "I felt like giving him something, but all I had was a five."
> "oh okay." She said as she sat back
> a few minutes passed of awkward silence
> we realized nobody was coming, and I couldn't stop looking at her skirt from the corner of my eyes
> all I could think about was how a few hours ago I had seen her panties
> to distract myself I decided to ask her a question
> "Aren't there usually more people around here at this time? The contest had a lot of people."
> "nah, everyone gets tired after the contest, it's why there's less interesting stuff going on this night."
> as she said those words, i began to panic realizing that until my friends came back in about an hour and a half, I would be alone with quite possibly the cutest girl I had ever met.
No worries. I enjoyed your story.
Anybody still here?
Yes, I am. Not for too much longer, but I want to hear how this story goes.
Yeah sorry, was 'distracted' again.

Go on... I like the idea of you two being alone.
Okay, I'll try to finish it quickly.

>Soon I realize why she was at the convention
> the exact same reason I was there
> i decide to start talking to her about shows she like and other stuff
> we had a lot in common
> we were both into anime (as I could tell from her costume)
> eventually we got talking a lot about or favorites
> we both had the same favorite series
> we started relaxing with eachother, both of us getting to know eachother
> before I know it, my friends show up because their show ends
> they tell me they are tired and are heading back to the hotel to go to sleep
> I tell them not to worry because me and my partner began to hit it off really well
> they call a taxi and head to the hotel
> we're alone again, but forgot about what we were talking about before.
> realize that we have internet access
> decide to start watching a few shows we liked
> she starts getting cozy with me
> I panic since I've never had a girl do this with me.
No worries. I was distracted earlier too.
Bump so I have enough time to type up the next part.
Keep going anon
keep going, still here. Just, uhh, cleaning up. Again...
I stand watch.

Keep it coming!
>Before I know it, we've gone through 3 redbulls each and had only two hours left of our shift.
> we were getting close to the end of a series she had been watching and started watching episodes she hadn't gotten to yet
> we decided to watch them together
> a few episodes from the end her favorite character dies
> she starts to cry into my shoulder and clings to my arm
> never having a girl do either of these things with me before, I began to panic a little
> I didn't want to screw this opportunity up
> I reached my arm around her to comfort her, and it seemed to help a little
> after a bit of time she felt better and we went on to finish the series
> about 10 minutes before our shift ended, we realized how much time had passed.
> I called a taxi and offered to have them drop her off at her hotel before I went for mine
> she was happy with my offer and told me she was going to "Hotel A"
> I was shocked, we were both going back to the same hotel
> the entire night was coincidence after coincidence
> when our shift ended, we packed up our stuff and headed to the taxi

Next part is the finale, and includes how I fucked up badly.
Alright, this shouldn't be too long of a part.
Hi guys, my computer crashed and I decided to get a shower while it cooled down. Now I'm off to have fun with friends, I really enjoyed both reading and sharing stories.
aw... this was beginning to be kinda cute
come onnn

Hooo boy this is getting good
Aaaaaaagh. Wheres the rest fffff
This makes my story seem boring and unorgasmic
so cute. I'm ready to be crushed with disappointment.
Finale time

> as we got into the taxi, we both commented on the horrible smell of it
> we both laughed almost like we had been friends for years
> we told the driver where to go and headed to our destination
> as we we're in the taxi I began to get hit by the entirety of the day.
> waking up at 5am, spending time at the convention, making trips back and forth, going to the contest, watching the countless panty shots, and getting supplies for the shift. All followed by the shift itself.
> we were both extremely tired
> we finally get to iur destination
> I pay the driver the $20 fare
> grab out stuff and get in the elevator
> I ask her what floor she is on
> "floor 4 she says quietly."
> "okay" I say as I press the 4th floor button
> on the way up she asks me what floor I'm on
> I tell her I'm on the sixth floor
> "if you want, you can come back to my room. Then you don't have to head all the way to yours."
> to this day, I still can't believe what I said
> "don't worry, I'll be fine." I say as I see her off and make sure she gets to her room alright.
> I get back in the elevator and press the sixth floor button
> realizing what I had just said i shamble back to my room
> collapse on the ground and wake up 4 hours later to my friends slapping me in the face saying we should go since it's the last day and they want to get to the convention before it ends.
> lie down for twenty minutes thinking of my mistake.
And if anyone wants to stick around I've got another two stories.

Once people finish this one, I'll just add something of my own little "epilogue"sort of deal.
Just float uhway now
Oh god... the crushingness, I feel it.
She was yours man, oh god.

Okay well, it could be a lot worse.
I'll sticky>>578101996

I suppose I'll type up a quick epilogue now. Shouldn't take too long.
File: WI2HiAS.gif (903KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
903KB, 400x300px
Ha ha ha
Alright. Which one of these do you want to hear? They're both not as long as this one. >>578090707
File: 1.png (273KB, 486x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273KB, 486x325px
>"don't worry, I'll be fine."
kill yourself

>two stories.
do it foo
File: zqlZhyI.gif (3MB, 186x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 186x190px
Thx for ask

Oh man. Oh man. she was...right...there...

Right there.


Right, my bedtime was literally ten hours ago. I have to crash, sorry I can't stay for the rest.

Loved talking to you all tonight, guys.
File: 5UC6h2Dl.jpg (55KB, 640x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 640x434px
10 hours
> the last day of the convention started
> after finally getting up I decided I could hopefully get to see her again and get her number
> I searched around everywhere for her
> I couldn't find her anywhere
> we heard the announcement saying there was only one hour left of the convention
> enter panic mode
> I start desperately searching again
> my friends notice
> "have either of you seen the girl I was working with last night."
> they barely know who I'm talking about
> they only caught a quick glance of her last night
> realize I'm fucked
> convention closes
> we leave
> haven't heard from her since
You too Puddle-Chan, sweet dreams.

I'm also out buddy, goodnight all from Red.
Alright, seeya guys.

Alright, next will be the first kiss story. Just a quick heads up. All three are stories of me being beta. Possibly even Omega.
>lit up a joint

>my life was never the same
Beta omega b

Puddle frat
File: oqp8zC9.jpg (38KB, 592x790px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 592x790px

> be me 17 (3 years ago)
> highschool crushes 18th birthday party
> we used to be close friends but due to circumstances (story that hasn't been told yet) we started to get distanced
> we're holding a surprise party so our friends brought me anyway
> they don't know what happened between us (teasing at other story)
> get party set up
> friend picks her up
> upon her arrival we all surprise her
> she figured it out already
> she was more surprised to see me there than the rest of the party
> there were only about seven of us in total since we were her "best friends"
> these people included me, my sister, the girl, my friend John, and a few other girls.
> we mainly sat around watching movies for about three hours and moved on to the games
Anyone else have stories to share?
File: IMG_6432.jpg (60KB, 330x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 330x400px
Dint listun to that

Keeeep going
Yes >>578104724
Want it?>>578104724
> start hanging out with this girl first year of college
> cuute, petite, red framed glasses, nice form
> kiss her a bit
> start skipping chem to make out while roommate is in class
> swapping gum a lot
> start face licking and boring crap
> month 2 at school, roommate away for the week3nd
> start heavy petting Friday night
> she pulls it out, a pull off her bra
> Fruday night ends with us cuddling naked

I peed in her dorm then went back to mine. More?
>The game we played was some shit they found online
> you take an equal amount of cards based on the amount of players there are
> make sure there's one pair in the set
> the people who get paired together have to roll a die (each one roll) and take the sum
> the sume determined the punishment
>the only notable punishments were
5. The pair had to reenact a sex position while fully clothed
7. The pair had to kiss
> at this point it's obvious that I'll have my first kiss so I won't go too far into detail on that
> we played the first round but as everyone was getting started, it was really slow.
> about 5 rounds in, me and my sister got paired up
> I rolled a 2 and she rolled a 3
> they all laughed at the fact that I had to perform a sex position with my sister
> me and my sister begged not to for a couple minutes
> they decided that since we were siblings it would be too awkward
> instead we had to reroll and got something bland
> a few more rounds passed and I got paired up with the girl I liked
> I rolled a 2 again, and she rolled a 5

I remember that day in full detail. Enjoying so far?
Awesome. I'll read it in a bit. I've got something to do quickly.
No sisterly.

You had me fooled.
Lemme know>>578105989
Should only be a few minutes until I can.
I've got class in 20 minutes so let me lay down pt 2/3.

> We meet for breakfast saturday in the dorm
> she's wearing her contacts, no glasses
> more makeup than normal
> even
> hotter
> wearing summer dress. Very short
> she giggles profusely at all of my jokes
> stares longingly over waffles
> even curled her hair for me
> no one eats the waffles just flirt
> rent a horror movie
> watch it all, uneventful
> after, do other crap with people all day
> saturday night
> serious making out
> get nude and touch a lot
> I have to pee
> I pee and then we fall asleep in the common room with clothes back on

One night left before roomy comes home
Bump again so I can type out another part quickly
File: dzQX77M.jpg (112KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 768x1024px

> last night alone
> she wants me she says
> lol what
> making out naked
> lamp is on this time
> tiny nips great body
> she grabs me and kisses it
> we slow down after 30 minutes of grinding and licking no finish
> I get up to pee
> she asks if she can help me finish this time instead of me doing it alone
> mfw I just had to pee
> mfw I was peeing every night when she wouldve finished me

That's two nights of no finish that I still regret
> me and girl I liked had to kiss
> friends knew I liked her
> they didn't know that she knew I liked her
> she doesn't want to kiss me
> I'm happy at the roll
> realize she doesn't like it
> despite what happened to us half a year before I still don't hate her
> I argue that she shouldn't have to do something she doesn't want to on her birthday
> transcend from beta to omega
> friends say that she has to and that I have to
> get ready for a kiss
> still know she doesn't want to
> make a split-second decision
> angle my face to the side a bit
> we kiss eachother on the cheek
> nobody but us knows
> friends celebrating my first kiss on the lips
> I fake celebrating it with them
> move on to next rounds
I'll be back again in about 20 minutes. I've gotta do some shit still.
I have class.

Shall no one wreak havok join the impending death of this thread by continual bump?
Damn, then I guess it will 404. Well, I'll stick around (leave it on auto-update) until it either 404's or I can get back.
I'll try in class if no one is next to me
Awesome, I'll try to get back as soon as possible. And keep the story short. It's over half done anyway.
i have a story id like to post. hopefully i can get it typed before 404
Awesome! Can you also keep the thread bumped? I know it's asking a lot to do both. But it would be great if you would.
File: e5koSGG.jpg (165KB, 952x1275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 952x1275px
Do it.
Don't make me do this alone.
> Be me
> Be 14 in 9th grade
> Be akward and goofy looking with nerdy friends
> Sit between solid 7 and 8 in English class
> Lrn2 flirt with them only cuz I am less boring than English
> Start taking interest in 7
> She is pretty and always has a nice dress on
File: cover.jpg (260KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260KB, 1000x1000px
> Little on the heavy side but dresses so well you can't notice
> We'll call her cookiecrush
> All year nothing fun happens
> Next year, guess who sits next to me?
> Dontfuckup.jpg
> Start flirting in between assignments and lectures
> Always partner up for projects
> Finally get the balls to ask her out
> mfw "sorry but I don't think so"
> Actually kind of relieved i finally asked a girl out
Still posting because prof cant deal with pc
File: 1410132569036.jpg (440KB, 900x1391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440KB, 900x1391px
> more time goes by and cookiecrush asks if i wanted to come to her house with some friends to hang
> mostly just sat in basement, chilled and talked with everyone
> not one of her friends thinks i'm interesting
> make only a few awkward comments and try to keep my attention on cookiecrush
> end of night and cookiecrush's mom drives everyone home
> me and her are in far back seat of van
> i reach over and try to hold her hand
> WTFrejectedagain.jpg
You're a victim of medium heavy girl confidence boost.
never heard of that before but i have to agree
>Rounds continue with mundane "humiliations".
> get paired up again
> with friend John
> roll 1
> he rolls a 4
> fucking cringe
> Sex positions
> friends decided we didn't have to do something too bad
> "just pretend to get a blowjob"
> friend complies to get it over with
> I still don't want to
> get it done and over with
> five seconds and we couldn't handle it anymore
> get pissed at friends for doing that
> feel bad for John since he was the one who had to give the "blowjob"

I still don't understand why these people were my friends.
Wish I could say something more notable about that night but that's as far as it went
> we hang out here and there after school but i never get the strength to actually kiss her
> worst part is we mostly hang out at her place with no parents
> summer is nearing
> goody-goody-two-shoes-boy-scout-anon (me) decided to sign away my summer volunteering at summer camp
> i know right
> Cookiecrush does not like this but decides not to tell me
> my fault for never initiating a deeper interest between us

here comes the screw up
The neice of a former mlb player played ne like this
> i go over to cookiecrush's house for last time before camp
> she shows me her new phone and how it has pandora
> Tells me about her favorite band at the time, Fleet Foxes
> starts playing pandora
> night coming to an end
> we stand close to each other by the passenger door of her car
> still no balls enough to hold her
> Cookiecrush's favorite song comes on
> Thisisyourmoment.jpg
> I hesitate for a good minute while i build up the inner strength
> song comes to an end
> i'm finally holding her and we hold each others gaze
> i look at the door and say "ok ready to go?"
> awkward ride home
> didn't talk for a good while after that
care to elaborate?
I will deliver in an hour if life stays here
It's taking longer than I expected. Almost done though.
Once I'm back, I'll also do the other story if anyone wants it.
Final part

> my friends start getting bored
> decide to have one final round
> change up the rules
> three pairs now
> only one person doesn't have to participate in a humiliation
> get dealt cards
> don't care anymore just want to finish playing
> get dealt a card
> friend gets dealt the same card but different suit
> I roll
> 6
> they roll
> 1
> have to kiss
> partner is John
> try to avoid it
> friends say: "it's not that bad, and you already didn't have to participate in one, just get it over with quickly."
> I complain saying I refuse
> before I can do anything John swipes in and fucking kisses me
> pissed off
> my first kiss is something I wish never happened
> to this day I believe the fucker is at least partially gay.

The end. God damn I hate myself.
Anyone still here?
No words
Did you cringe yet?
Get hyped

Anyone care for my last cringe story? Or should I bump until >>578114985 gets back and he shares his story?
I liked it
Awesome. I'll share my last story in a bit then. It shouldn't be a very long one either.
30 minutes
>no wincest
why are you on /b/ again?
Because I hate myself deeply.

Anyway I'll start typing up my last one now.
Story #3 (chronologically, 1)

> be me 4 years ago
> 16 years old
> beta as fuck
> develop feelings for a girl
> one of my sister's best friends
> we hang out daily, talk constantly, all sorts of shit
> instead of manning up, go into omega mode as I usually do around girls I've liked
> use money from my job to buy all sorts of shit for her
> spent hundreds of dosh on her (I regret this immensely)
> friends pry because they know I liked someone

Any lurkers?
im still here
> tell friends who I liked
> they laughed and said that it was "cute that I liked a shorter girl."
> don't care
> continue spending money on her for about a month
> friend tells me about a girl that likes me
> think he's fucking with me
> get dedicated like a huge fucking faggot to chasing this one specific girl
> eventually she stops talking to me much
> ask her what's going on
> begins to tell me that she has feelings for a guy whose been nice to her lately.
> tells me that she has noticed that he's been buying her all sorts of stuff recently
> think "oh shit, is she talking about me but just trying to hide it?"
> tell her that it's awesome
> conversations continue like normal
> start talking frequently again
> confidence is getting really high
> girl confronts me saying that she likes me
> don't pay her any attention
> continue going for girl I want
> friends tell me not to
> figure "screw them"
Awesome. Do you have any more for when this one is done?
>Be me
>Be early 20s
>Go to friends wedding
>Everyone drinking, bar is free
>Hot day, everybody in pool, wedding is that night
>Too many drinks, people talk about going back to rooms to get ready
>For some reason follow bride-to-be at a distance
>She goes to room
>Hotel is series of small cottages close together
>Patio door open, screen door
>Hear shower
>Climb over wall, open screen door
>See her underwear on floor
>Shower still running
>Rummage around in her shit, find more underwear in suitcase
>Big bras, didn't know her tits were that big
>Bras smell good
>Used panties smell really good
>Shower running but bathroom door opens suddenly
>She's naked and wet
>She sees me with her panties
>Walks across room quickly
>Puts hands on my shoulders, pushes me down
>Wants me on the ground
>She climbs on top of me, straddles my face
>Says eat me like a goddess or you're dead
>Her pussy is hot and wet
>Tongue her and eat her, slowly and with love
>Erection of steel
>She's keeping my hands by my sides
>As she's approaching orgasm #2 I work a hand loose
>Start playing with her ass even though it's close to my chin
>Quickly lick my finger and shove it in her ass
>She goes crazy like a cowboy riding a bull
>I'm sucking her clit and trying to pull it off
>She's making noises like Voldemort

> be 15 in civics class
> not total beta but oblivious
> Hispanic girl behind me
> 9/10
> gorgeous
> eyes
> lips
> medium weight but more curvy than gross
> instantly panic when watching her talk
> her lips move so smoothly
> always poking ne with her pen
> scoots down in her chair
> boobs on desk
> one day, asks to see my hand
> writes on it
> gets it wet with her lips to scrub it off
> laughs at my shock
> ask her to the dance
> lolno.jpg

Medium weight gurl confidence boost
naw not really. my life has been prettly simple and boring. Married now so I don't feel too bad about past. I usually just try to forget stuff.
> i decide it's finally time to tell her
> build up all of the confidence I obtained until then
> get ready
> talk to her
> "hey, how was class?"
> begin thinking "fuck fuck fuck how am I going to do this?"
> panic
> Spaghetti falls everywhere
> "i just wanted to tell you that I like you." > Spaghetti has reached the ground, leaving a hole for me to fall through
> wish I could sink faster
> I remember verbatim what she said after that
> she muttered while looking at her shoes "why couldn't you have been gay?"
> every bit of confidence I had built up had shattered
> I shuffled away and went home
> thought about how much of a faggot I was and just lied in bed.

Almost done
the rest...
>She comes again and again, I forget how many
>She's rubbing her cunt on my chin, haven't shaved today
>My chin is starting to hurt, her pussy must be raw
>I jam another finger up her ass, she's shaking like a washing machine
>She comes and falls off sideways onto the ground
>Her pussy is bright red and bleeding from my chin
>Wipe face on couch cushion, leave big red streak
>She looks at me like I'm a god
>Says no one ever ate her like that
>Yeah right I say
>I want to fuck her but her pussy looks on fire
>Says she wants to see me cum
>Kneel in front of her, jack off
>Doesn't look at me, stares at my dick, cradles my balls
>Shoot out streams of hot cum all over her
>She looks at me like she wanted this to be another day
>I gotta go, this is her wedding day
>I leave, take her panties
>Go drink some more in bar
>At wedding that night she limps up the aisle
>I do the right thing and stay out of sight
>She has a look on her face I can't explain
>She's happy but preoccupied
>Always think about her
> next week
> shuffle my way back to school
> see her
> figure she had told friends
> she didn't
> she decided to keep my humiliation between us
> head to classes
> see girl who likes me
> think it's the perfect idea to get her out of my mind
> "sorry anon, I have a boyfriend now"
> "oh, okay."
> get back to classes
> think about how I deserve this
> continue being a fucking edgy teenager for a few days
> get over her
> don't talk anymore until a few weeks pass
> she messages me on Facebook saying that she thought that the reason I was being so nice to her was because she thought I was gay
> go on a few months and friends have me go to her 18th birthday party since they thought we were still close friends

I fucking regret not going with the girl who liked me. She was at least a solid 7/10 and her and her boyfriend are still together today. I still believe I deserve it too.

So did I cause any cringes?
Are u the anon with the mask fetish??
I cringed. i have a similar story that i can relate to but its not worth greentexting
Are you the anon with the yes fetish
So are we all done here now?
about two weeks before summer ends the cookiecrush texts me about how she misses me and about how sorry she is for being a jerk and not talking to me. this is like the best moment of my life at that point. I get back with her after summer but same boring stuff. Now another girl starts taking interest in me. 7/10 as well. Cookiecrush asks me over for another small get together hinting that there will either be drugs or alcohol. Boy scout instinct kicks in and I tell my mom. Mom decides to have talk with gf and me. Cookie crush is not happy. I decide to bail on her and try this new girl out. I meet up with cookie crush after school one day and say the words that I most regret to this day. I asked if she still liked me after everything and she said yes. I then said, and I shit you not, "well there was a 50/50 chance you'd say that and I was hoping for the other" She said, "well I guess not then. Never talked to her again. Also, things didn't work out with other girl so it was a waste.
Dunno I just got here but have to leave to work in half an hour

can anyone update the archive as the thread progress? I would love to read through it when i get back from work
TLDR>> OP is a fag
Maybe somebody could. But the thread is pretty much over it seems.
that's pure adrenaline
I suppose there's a chance I'll be partnered with her again next time if she volunteers again. And assuming things go well, I may end up not fucking up for once ib my life.
The things you regret most in life aren't the things you do, but the things you dont
Well, it's pretty obvious what I didn't do in that story.
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