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Anyone got any dirty sex stories that include any of the following:

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone got any dirty sex stories that include any of the following:

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate, like your wife's or GF's mom, sister or best friend? Or a friend's mom, wife or girlfriend?

2.) Have you blackmailed someone for sex? Especially, if you caught them cheating and then got them to have sex with you to keep quiet?

3.) Have you had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

These are 3 scenarios that I find to be especially arousing, but if you have any dirty cheating stories, feel free to share them.

> Pic related: An amateur-looking photo of a MILF that I think is really hot.
In an effort to bump and get some replies/stories, I'll be posting some pics of females I think are attractive/sexy/dirty. Feel free to contribute with stories and or pictures.
Just found this


Might tickle your fancies
1. Friends sister about as inappropriate as its gotten
2. never needed to
3. Yup
I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and how he himself is also really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost-immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
Two of those, First I blackmailed my ex girl friend into sex when she texted me by mistake about her cheating on her husband. Second I got drunk with a co worker at a employee party and fucked her while her husband was playing pool. she wondered into the mens room while i was pissing and seen my cock. next thing i knew i was fucking her in the stall.
Thanks for posting the link. Unfortunately, I've seen that copy/pasta posted a few times before and don't recall seeing any good stories posted in the threads. Maybe that thread will end up being good, though, so I'll keep checking it out.

Care to post some of the details about your friend's sister? How old were you two? What did/does she look like? Did you fuck her more than once? Did your friend find out? And if so, how did he react/what did he do to you? Also, got any pics of the sister you could post?

And are you suggesting that you have a big dick and that girls have cheated with/fucked you because of it? If so, got any stories? Details?
I've been fucking one of my best friends wife on and off for the past 4 years
Damn, both of those scenarios sound like they are fucking filthy and sexy! You want to post more details about these encounters?

What all did you blackmail your ex in to doing to/for you? Did you fuck her more than once? Did her husband find out? If so, what happened? And did you know the guy she was cheating with when she meant to text him?

Was your duck hard when this woman wandered in to the bathroom? Were you hard when she saw your dick? Or is it that big without being hard? Did you end up cumming inside her? Was she impressed with it after you started fucking her? Did you fool around with her again after that? Did the husband find out or suspect anything?

Also, got pics of either of the females?
I've been stealing my best friends dads underwear so I could smells his cock while wanking. After 2 mouths of that I found a guy online I could suck, been meeting up since

College roommate. His family came up for a weekend to visit. Sister was hot. They were going out to dinner - she came round a couple hours early to hang out with him before heading out; he'd already left for a midterm then heading right over there. I was in the room - we hung out, flirted a little, she was obviously up for it so fucked her on his bed. Every time they visited from then to graduation we got a hookup in somewhere.

They talk to each other man - lotta girls out there hear about a big one and get curious. Not at all shy about asking about it...so ya flirt a little, offer to show them - it happens a fair amount
OP, you have a small dick and developed a cuckold fetish due to your insecurities, haven't you?
File: milf-big-tits-06.jpg (56KB, 510x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 510x768px
I appreciate the replies, but are any of you going to share some details about these stories you're telling us about??

Seriously, I've tried this thread a few times over the last few months and it's often gotten some really good stories. Please try to post some details, as it really helps to make the stories more interesting/appealing/erotic!

>Pic related: Some picture I saved (probably, from a thread on here) of a female that I think it really fucking sexy.
File: mfw.jpg (13KB, 222x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 222x277px
Not exactly what you're looking for, but definitely inappropriate.
Fucked my middle school teacher. Parents found out.
> 24 year old teacher when I was 14.
> Developed a relationship with her.
> She would rent hotel rooms for us.
> Was dating a girl my age at the time.
> Moved states in the middle of this.
> Best friend wants in her pants so he told now ex girlfriend.
> Ex tells the school system and my parents.
> Lie to parents and say that she's mad because I don't want a LDR.
> Talk to teacher. She's terrified.
> Talk to school and try to cover everything up.
> School believes me.
> Now I'm hours away from both women. No sex. All bullshit.
> Regret nothing.
> mfw all of this is true.
holy shit! details! okay I dont have pics of either one of them, My ex sent a text saying she was banging another guy for a bout a month. she was a cheating whore anyhow. she could suck cock like a pro! anyhow when she realized what she did she called me right away in a panic. her husband was not a friend of mine but we grew up together. I told her I was heading to her house to tell her husband. she freaked out and drove to my house to talk it over. She walked in and i didnt say a word, I just whipped my dick of and pushed her to her knees. we fucked on the stairs and I came on her ass. she left and I didnt say a word. they are still married. LOL! the other story is a little long. need a coffee and ill write that one next.
I posted a greentext yesterday about my German teacher I used to fuck.
Can post again if you guys like.
So last year I started out in my new school in upstate New York and I became bestfriends with Allison and she was in the ninth grade and I was in the tenth however we became close and hanged out, (completelyplatonic) but the little shithead Lily was heavily attracted to me and I was a sucker for younger kids in their early years (13-14 anything below no go) but it started when she sat on my lap when we were alone and tried to kiss me I pushed her off and played it off but holy shit I was fucked up cause I had the biggest boner I have felt. She eventually got her way and I been having sex with my best friend's kid sister for the past year. I taught her how to tongue kiss, give blowjobs, and etc. Greatest choice I ever made no regrets. Sametime GTA V came out after December was when I took her virginity and when I stopped playing Xbox. Anyway that's my story.
damn cuz, how many times are you gonna make this thread?
No, I don't have a small dick; I'm a little above average, around 6.5 inches. However, I have long had sexual fantasies of having a huge dick and being able to punish a woman just by being able to fill her up with a big dick. I really don't know why/how it started. And I've seen so much porn over the last 20 years that it has certainly corrupted me in some ways and has affected me mentally after seeing so many huge dicks fucking women. And it's been made worse by porn movies using angles and camera lenses to make guys' dicks look even bigger than they are.

In regards to your other implication, without question, I have no interest whatsoever in cuckholding.

Nice try, though. This place is anonymous, so I would have no reason to not admit this shit, if it were true.

How big are you, roughly? Have you had lots of comment/compliments about your size? And have you had a female cheat on their boyfriend with you, or want to fuck you while you had a girlfriend, because they heard/knew that you had a big dick?
same anon but on my comp now instead of phone. not gonna green text cause im lazy and drunk which is why im even admitting.

i'm 28, i've known my best friend since we were lik 14 or 15. he started dating this girl around 20ish so ive known her since he's known her. he got me a job with both of them as a server at this restaurant, so because we're such good friend he would let me give her a ride home on night where his schedule didnt line up. we were both drunk one night after work and she came on to me. she's hot as fuck Panamanian. I nailed her in my car before i took her back to her husband and my friend. since then if we get the chance and she's a little drunk i'll fuck the shit out of her. i love my friend and she loves him too or else i'd feel worse about it. if she were to treat him bad or vice versa id be honest with him. bbut what we do is just baseless sex every once in a while and i know how it is to only fuck the same person all the time. also, she doesn't know and i haven't told her, but because he's one of my best friends he's told me his stories about cheating on her which also makes it easier for me to do it.

my ex cheatedon her current bf that time cause i had a big dick and were much better in bed

she acted all stupid and first said shit like we can't do this and this is so wrong.

i just grinned at her and said of course we can then started kissing her whilst feeling up her breast

i'm usually not that type of guy but i hated her bf because he tried so hard to get with her even though he knew she had a bf (me) so this was a very satisfying revenge
Nothing like making a girls eyes light up with your dick
Hardons a lil over 8.5. Pretty girthy. I'm a short dude so it looks a lot bigger. Gets a lot of comments - its one of those things, people don't think twice about talking about your cock in public if its a big one, its kinnda odd but you get over it.

I've had girls want to experience a big one and let me know it sure. Cheated with one-offs a lot, girls with boyfriends sure. Never long term things - usually just one off fucks...they get to say theyve done it, I get laid, everyones happy
I have a very large, thick cock. One lady who was 5'10" (I'm 6'3") was a big fan. Two ladies who were 5'1" and 5'3" were not, at all, fans.
hey this thread again! i was in the last thread, sexual relations with my boyfriend's brother

The other time was this co workers wife, she was sexy as hell. her husband worked there as well which kind of made things strange after the fact because every time we talked I kept thinking " your wife is a good fuck" anyhow i was taking a piss when she stumbled in half in the bag, She laughed and said sorry but i was half in the bag myself. I said " see anything you like?" she looked and said " sure do" she walked into the stall and sat down and started pissing, I washed my hands and walked into the stall with my cock out. Im not huge but about 7 inches. I closed the door and she made a comment about someone walking in. I just said who cares. she blew me and I fucked her on the toilet. someone did come in at one point but they didnt notice what was happening as we would stop and wait till they left. After that night she started coming over about once or twice a week to my place and we would have sex. this lasted for about four months and then she called it off because she started feeling guilty. in the end She told me she was kind of getting back at her husband because she found on his computer that he was watching shemale porn and felt hurt, she never told him that she found it and this was her way of getting back at him. she still digs me and we talk once in a while but fuck i miss fucking her!
Americans really like to move on
Dude, that's a direct violation of the man code. Thou shalt not fuck a buddy's wife without his permission.
I work nights and often sit at my computer and fuck around for hours after get home from work, so, sometimes, I feel like at least posting and seeing if people are interested in posting and if there might be some good stories posted.

I don't understand why people, like you, give me a hard time/ask why I'm starting this thread again, when I see fucking "Trap" threads every single fucking day, often, multiple threads for traps going at the same time. Do you go and post in these threads and ask the OPs why they are starting the threads every day? Or do you think it's just fine to start threads and request pictures of dudes dressing up like females and showing off their dicks to guys who want to act like they aren't gay, but are literally only looking for pictures of people who have cocks?

Seriously, there are trap threads every fucking day, so why not go ask them how many times they're going to make the same thread?
File: 1342799675333.jpg (391KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391KB, 1280x1024px
1. all the time, I have 5 regular fuck friends all married or have BF's
2. Nope
3. all the time, think is my looks in combination with my huge cock that draws them to me (also I don't kiss and tell)

trick i learned from 4ch here
>current GF
>really fucking hot
>does everything asked in bed
>didn't come over that often
>I hate her husband
>I want her to stay and be mine forever
>her first time sleeping with me
>while fucking her I put a fentanyl patch on her lower back
>I remove it as she wakes up and put it away
>She leaves feeling a little extra special
>I do this every time she came over and fucks
>I don't put patch on her if she doesn't fuck me
>She is always saying no man has ever made her feel like I do
>she leaves her husband for me
>she says she knows what true love feels like now
>She doesn't care if I fuck other women and asks to join if the other woman is hot enough
post it again
What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?

Calm down you prissy little faggot
>me being 14
>German teacher is hot but a total bitch
>I suck at German
>Spend a lot of time with her in the breaks talking about how to raise my grades
>Stare a lot at her cleavage when I think she doesn't notice.
>She has a very nice ass too
>One day I have to retake a test during break in a classroom alone with her.
>During the test she drops something from her desk
>She bends over to pick it up, ass facing me, she doesn't even bend her knees.
>She is wearing super tight skinny jeans and I just stare at that amazing booty.
>She suddenly looks back and looks me right in the eye.
>See anything you like? she asks
>I start to blush and look at my test while trying to concentrate.
>This is not enough for her so she walks up to my desk and says: I asked you a question.
>I answer with: I don't know what you mean miss.

>She says that she is not stupid and she has seen me looking at her.
>She continues on about it and that she knows I do it all the time.
>She then tells me she doesn't mind and considers it a compliment but doesn't want me to lie to her.
>She goes back to her desk and tells me I have 10 minutes left to finish my test.
>Can't focus on the test so I completely ruin it and leave for classes.

>A few days later
>She marked my test and wants to discuss it with me (I failed the test again).
>During lunchbreak I am alone with her in a classroom again.
>She wants me to sit opposite of me on her desk.
>I noticed she had unbuttoned her top button but it was warm that day.

You can't be fucking serious...
>While we sit at her desk she starts talking about my grades.
>She tells me that if I continue to mess up German I will not pass this year and will have to do this again.
>Meanwhile her foot finds my foot under the table.
>She is just touching it. Enough to be suspicious but not enough to say something about it.
>She asks me how it is that I keep failing tests.
>Eventually she asks me if she is a distraction.
>I ask her why she thinks that.
>She explains that she has seen me looking at her and thinks I might fantasise about her.
>I tell her I don't think she is a distraction and try to stear the conversation in an other direction.
>She tells me she told me she didn't want to be lied to.
>I look up and she is staring me right in my eyes.
>I feel that I am starting to blush.
>I tell her I do but that I would never act on it.
>She asks me why.
>I tell her because she is my teacher and she would lose her job so she wouldn't allow it and I would only make a fool of myself.
>She says that such things will only be a problem if it comes out.
>She puts her hand on my knee under the desk.
>I now have a boner.
>We just sit there and stare at each other for what feels like forever.
>Eventually I lean in towards her.
>Halfway there she leans towards me.
>The closer I get to her the slower I go but the faster she seems to go.
>When we meet we kiss.
>At first it is just a peck on the lips but it soon turns into a french kiss.

>When we stop kissing she stands up and walks toward the door.
>She locks the door.
>She goes back to her desk and sits on her desk.
>She asks: Anon, get over here.
>She is now sitting on the desk while I am standing between her legs.
>she has her arms around my neck and I have mine around her waist and we continue kissing.
>She removes one arm from around my neck and unbuttons her shirt some more.
>She then grabs my hand and pushes my left hand inside her shirt and left boob.
>I squeeze her boob and she seems to like it and her breathing gets heavier.
>I decide to be alpha and but my hand inside her bra.
>She doesn't stop me.
>When I start playing with her nipple she pull me closer to her and her breathing gets even heavier.
>After some time she gets of her desk and continues to hold me and kiss me.
>Her right hand goes against my chest and starts to make it's way down.
>Eventually I can feel her hand on my trousers stroking my cock.
>I get harder and harder and start to touch her more.
>The school bell rings and she lets go of me.
>She buttons up her shirt unlocks the door and tells me to not be late for my next classes.

1) yes, wife's sister. 7 years younger. wife goes away for business a few times a year. we get drunk and fuck. no emotional connection so doesn't present itself when we're all together. she's had one abortion since we started due to accidental pregnancy
2) No
3) Yes; dirty chav slut at a place I used to work at about 8 year ago.

And I'm the faggot... Lol
I had sex with a married uncle.
>I go to my french classes still having a boner and being horny as hell.
>It is Friday so after today it will be weekend.
>Won't she my German teacher until Tuesday.
>after the rest of my classes I go home and jerk off.
>The weekend and Monday were uneventfull but Tuesday I start my day with German classes.
>Can't focus the entire hour and keep staring at her.
>At the end of the lesson she tells everybody what our homework will be.
>Then she says: Anon, your German vocabulary is not what it is supposed to be. I checked your roster and I saw you had the fifth hour off.
>I would like you to meet me at D14 so you can learn and I can check your progress.
>I tell her I will be there.
>Since I am really shit at German I think for the rest of the day if she is serious about me having to study German or if she wants to mess around some more.
>When I get to the classroom my legs are shaking.
>I enter and she tells me to take a seat.
>After I sit down she walks up to the door and locks it again.
>She walks towards me and asks me why I am shaking.
>I tell her I am nervous because I don't know what to expect.
>She sits on my desk and looks at me and says: "I taught this is what you wanted".
>I tell her I do but that this might be wrong and all.
>She tells me it is not wrong because I want it and that I am old enough to make my own decisions.
>She then gives me a kiss on the lips and hands me a list of German words.
>She says I have to learn these words and she will test them this hour.
>If I do good and get a 7 or higher she will give me something special.
>Mildly disappointed I start to learn.
>After 20 minutes she wants to test me.
>I completely fail the test because I really suck at German and score a 3.
>She tells me to try again and she will test me in 10 minutes.
>The next test she gives me I score a 6 (so close).
>She then comforts me saying that I at least passed this test and showed a lot of improvement.
>She then says: "Because you tried so hard, do you still want it?"
>I say sure not knowing what is going to happen next.
>She moves away my desk and starts sitting on my lap and kissing me.
>I get rock hard and she seems to feel it because she starts to smile and move her hips a bit.
>After a few minutes she gets of me and gets on her knees.
>She unzips my pants and whips out my rock hard dick.
>She starts to jerk me off very slowly while maintaining eye contact.
>After something like 10 seconds she moves her head down and kisses the tip of my dick before opening her mouth and taking it in.
>It felt amazing.
>First she just went up and down a bit but then she started to make circles around the tip with her tongue.
>In for a minute or so when I feel I am about to cum.
>I tap her shoulder. no response.
>I say: "miss, I am about to cum"
>She says nothing but adds her hand and starts jerking me off while giving me a bj and she is getting faster and faster.
>I can't hold it anymore and I cum in her mouth.
>She stops jerking off but continues to make circles around the tip (fucking glorious feeling).
>She gets up and looks at the clock.
>She tells me my classes start in 5 minutes.
>She then makes out with me before she tells me to pull up my pants and unlocks the door.
>I went to classes and couldn't wait until Thursday because then I would see her again.
>Thursday I have German again.
>Spend the entire hour looking at her and smiling.
>She notices but does not acknowledge anything is different.
>She even tells me a few times to pay attention and do the exercises given.
>When I drift of again she tells me that she did warm me before and if I can't manage to work then I'll have to continue working during the break.
>Not really sure whether I was being punished or if she was trying to get us alone again.
>When the class leaves and I am left behind to continue working she sits at her desk doing teacher stuff.
>After a good 5 minutes she walks up to me and asks me if I am here on a bike.
>I say yes and she asks me if I know my way in this neighbourhood.
>I had lived there my whole life so I told her I did.
>She then asked me what time I needed to be home.
>Since my mom works and my dad left years ago I only need to be in time for dinner which is at 18:30.
>She ask me how late my last class is finished and I tell her it is 16:00.
>She asks me if I am interested in coming around.
>After I say yes she explains how I need to ride there.
>After school I get on my bike and ride to her house.
>Since she owns a car she is already there.
>Ring the door bell and she lets me in.
>She has an apartment where everything is on the same floor so I see the kitchen livingroom door to the bathroom and a big door which I guess will lead to the bedroom.
>As soon as I close the door she pushes me against the door and starts to make out.
>I show that I stopped being all passive after this and grab both her boobs with my hands and push her to the dinner table.
>All the curtains in the house are closed so I guess she planned this all.
>She leans back and starts to lie down on the dinner table.
>I lie on top of her and continue making out and groping her boobs.
>After sometime she pushes me of her and stands up.
>She takes my hand and walks me to the big door.
>We are now standing at the foot of her bed in her bedroom and continue making out.
>Suddenly she stops and wraps her arms around me before dropping herself on her bed (taking me with her).
>I am now in bed with her on top of her and she continues to make out with me.
>Her hands are now under my shirt and I start to unbutton her shirt.
>She pulls up my shirt so I have to stop kissing her so she can pull it over my head.
>At the moment that I can't see anything because of the shirt over my eyes I feel her lips touching my nipple and she starts sucking it.
>When I am freed of my shirt I decide to return the favour by unbuttoning even more and taking of her shirt.
>When she is without I shirt I see a wonderful red bra filled with two beautiful cup D boobs.
>I start kissing her boobs and groping them while she is just laying there.
>She grabs my hair and pulls me toward her and kisses me.
>She then pulls me away and looks at me and says: take it off.
>Take what off I ask her.
>My bra she says.
>Fumbling at her back with both of my hands some time and finally manage to get it off.
>She takes of her bra and I am looking at the most perfect tits since ever.
>I remember her sucking my nipple and I decide to suck hers while groping her boobs.
>Her breathing tells me she enjoys this.
>When I start to kiss her again she rolls over and is now on top.
>She passionately kisses me and than stands up.
>She is standing besides the bed, boobs showing.
>She takes of her pants and socks and is just standing there in a thong.
>She looks at me and I look at her and she says: "Do you like what you see?".
>I answer with: "Yes very much".
>She lies down besides me and asks me if I remember the bj she gave me.
>of course I remember and tell her how great it felt.
>She asks me if I can lick her.
>Since my only experience with sex comes from porn this makes me nervous.
>She looks at me and tells me not to be scared cause she will guide me through it.
Thanks for posting some details! Both stories are erotic, and dirty. Do you think the husband suspected anything between you two? And did you get your ex to cheat on her husband with you more than just that one time?

That's also a sexy, and dirty, story. Do you think your friend suspects anything between you and her? Do you think she has cheated on him with anyone else? What do you think your friend would do if he found out? Would it be the end of your friendship? Try to fight you? Would he end the relationship with her?

Are you suggesting you have a big dick? If so, how big? And do you have any personal stories/experiences you want to post about?

Are you sure you're that big?? That's seriously huge. Like, big enough to hurt many/most females, I'd think. Are you usually the biggest guy any girl you fuck has been with?

How big are you? Care to post some details about these encounters you mentioned? Were these petite girls able to even take your whole dick?

Yep, you got it.
>She tells me to make her naked.
>I pull of her thong and she is just laying there completely naked.
>She tells me to rub her clit.
>I start rubbing it and she seems to breath deeper and deeper.
>After some time she says I should but a finger inside her.
>I start fingering her and she tells me to add a finger, and again.
>I am now fingering her with three fingers and every time she starts breathing faster I go faster.
>She then tells me to lick her clit but to keep fingering her.
>Her pussy is just perfect.
>Not a hair in sight and it feels so soft.
>I start licking like the amateur I am and keep fingering her.
>After some time I hear her moan.
>After she moaned a second time she sits up, grabs my hand from her pussy and throws me down on the bed.
>She sits on top of me at belly height and I can feel her juice dripping on me.
>She moved lower and lower and she starts to unzip my pants and take them off.
>When my pants are around my feet she throws them of the bed and removes my socks from my feet.
>She lies down on top of me completely naked while I only wear my boxer.
>She moves her hand towards my boxer and pulls it.
>She says: "Any reason this should stay on?"
>I tell her no and she takes them off.
>She reaches for her night stand and gets a condom from it.
>She opens the package and puts the condom on my now hard as diamonds dick.
>She lies down and pulls me on top of her.
>We are completely naked besides the condom I am wearing and I am on top of her.
>We start making out again and she guides me inside her.
>Getting inside her feels great.
>When I am completely inside her I rest for a few seconds because I feel like I am about to cum.
>Then I start to slowly pump her.
>her fingernails are in my back.
>It hurts but it is very nice at the same time.
>We stop kissing and I move up a bit so I can watch her body while I fuck her.
>Her legs close around my waist and I look at her boobs bouncing up and down.
>She tenses up and starts to breath very fast.
>Her pussy gets tighter which is why I can't hold it anymore and I cum buckets.
>I lie on top of her and am completely wasted.
>We lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy.
>She asks me if I liked it.
>I say hell yeah and ask her if she liked it.
>She said she did and she was about to cum but then I came and stopped.
>I apologize to her but she says it doesn't mind and thinks I will get better.
>We make out for another 15 minutes or so and I get horny again and start playing with her nipples.
>She notices and asks me if I want to go again.
>I say yes (still inside her from the first time) and start kissing her more.
>The sight of her, the feeling of her kissing me, the idea of going again, I got hard again.
>Second time was even better.
>We went faster and she pumped back.
>I lasted way longer and she told me to stroke her clit with my hand while fucking her.
>After a while I started to feel her nails again and she started to tense up.
>Knowing what it was I felt her getting close so I started to fuck her faster and harder.
>She came eyes rolling back and her whole body tensing, a few seconds later I came.
>She said I should leave if I wanted to be home in time so I grabbed my clothes and before I left she kissed me once more.

This went on for the rest of the year.
Meeting up at her place and fucking her.
It got better and better.
We tried different positions and I had sex at least once a week for a year.
She never contacted me using notes, e-mail or texts because she never wanted there to be a trace.
After a year I got an other teacher for German and it just stopped.

I never taught she loved me or anything.
She just wanted sex and I could give her that without getting caught.
Measured many times by girls who wanted to be sure man, i is what i is

No the husband of the second story is a complete fucktard, he still watches shemale porn and never clued in,

My ex and me only had that one session. there was no real pleasure in it for me, it was a grudge fuck if anything.
File: carrienudde.jpg (121KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 640x480px
As for dirty sex stories I have multitudes
To the best of my knowledge my first time doing someone else's wife
>be 17
>Get drunk with best friend and his pregnant gf
>Can't drink and drive
>his GF mum lives near
>we all crash drunk on pull out couch
>My bf needs to go to work first thing in morning
>he fucks his GF right beside me
>I have raging hard on and am pissed off
>he goes to take shower
>his gf laying with out pants or panties beside me
>I start feeling her pussy
>she grabs my hand and moves it off
>I stop for a second but try again
>she grabs my hand again and moves it off
>this time when she's moving my hand off I guide her hand to my raging huge boner
>she feels the size
>starts stroking my cock, I start fingering her clit
>my best buddy (her BF) comes out of shower
>we pretend to be asleep
>he kisses her good by
>we hear his car start and pull out
>We immediately start fucking like animals
>My buddies cum in his GF is my lube
>she can't hold in her moans
>I can't hold back my cum any longer
>she's gushing wet
>her mum comes out
>Her mum see's my riding her daughter
>she goes WTF?
>I look up and pull out
>I shoot my load all over my Best friends GF
>her mum just watches and then freaks out
>Tells us to get the fuck out of her house
>Her daughters face hair and shirt are covered in my cum
>we get dressed and leave in a hurry
>2 year fuck buddy relationship starts
>one day my buddy catches us doing a quicky with me doing her from behind bent over the trunk of his car
>we fist fight
>I win
>I never seen either of them again
Seriously just fuck off. I'm not in the mood

Was he really as much of a pussy as you're making him out to be?

Oh, you're a snotty little waste-ape aren't you!

Did your mom confiscate your Wii because you got shit on the controller from buggering yourself with it?
I don't even own a wii
Did you use a condom with this slut? Did she even beg for you to use protection or just accepted it raw without any protesting?
File: Lee ann.jpg (1MB, 1920x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lee ann.jpg
1MB, 1920x2560px
I don't think he's a pussy, just his dick was smaller and he was doing "wham, bam, thank you mam" with no consideration for her pleasure.
Sex when married to the same person for long periods of time becomes boring and repetitive. When some one like me comes along who they know doesn't kiss and tell and is discreet the married woman will 90% of the time take the side fuck just so they can feel like a woman again. Just never kiss and tell, avoid getting caught at all costs. they will tell their friends and then their friends find out and want to do it too.
story time

>be 19, bf 22, live with him at his parent's
>have a fwb thing going with his brother behind his back (greentexted how it started last time, lmk if you wanna know more)
>we talk on kik to set up times/places
>his brother and i are home alone there (both students, parents and bf work)
>i text the brother to ask how he's doing
>he says playing games
>i ask if he's up for some fun
>he says can't pause the game, maybe later
>i ask if i can come into his room anyway
>go inside
>he's on his computer playing games with his friends on mic
>crouch under his desk and get between his legs
>unzip him
>he stops me but i keep going
>put my hand inside his jeans and unbutton his boxers
>put my hand inside his boxers and take his flaccid dick out
>start playing with it, it gets hard
>i put the tip in my mouth
>he's having trouble speaking with his friends
>i move my head so it's deep in my mouth
>he stammers to his friends 'hold up wait'
>friends question why he's being retarded in the game
>he turns his mic off
>starts moaning and playing the game
>cums into my mouth
>i lick his dick a little
>put his dick back in his boxers, button his boxers
>zip his jeans
>go back to bf's room
That's a really dirty story. You're lucky your friend did not try to kill you after catching you doing that. How long ago was this/how long has it been since you heard from either of them in any way? Have you not gotten a text or an e-mail from either or seen them around town? Also, how pregnant/big was his girl when you fucked her for the first time? And why did her mom make you both leave after she caught you? Why not at least let her daughter stay in the house? Was she so upset because her daughter was cheating on her boyfriend? And is that picture of the girl from that story?

Also, how big is your dick? Have you had girls let you fuck them/suck your dick because they heard about it/you showed it to them?

And do you have any other dirty stories to post?

Yeah, because your mom took it off you.
fucking sauce this big titted cumdumpster
about a year ago i moved to an new apartment, held a moving in party, invited a guy that lives 30 min drive away from me, who i had played some dota with, never acctually met the guy irl, just played / skyped with him, i invited him and he took with him his GF, and since they lived 30 min away the dicided to drive here and slay for the night, after many hours of parying he got really drunk and passed out on the couch, and there was only me and her left, it got abit awkward so i said i was going to bed, she could sleep in the guestroom, after 30 min i heard knocking on my bedroom door, just gently, the door opend and she was standing there, she didnt say anything just stood there, then after 1 min og silence she came, reached under my blanked and start rubbing my dick, i started to unbuckle her dress and we fucked like 3 times that night, and 3-4 times the next 2 months, havent seen her in since.
You should have stopped when he turned his mic off and started again when he turned it on.
actually i agree, but i didn't in the moment.. all went pretty fast
Did something similar again?
I posted that picture, but I don't know the sauce, as I probably saved it from some webpage after searching for "MILF big tits" or something like that on Google Images. Try doing a Reverse Image Search on Google Images.

That's a pretty dirty story. Especially, considering that you had just met that night. Was/is she hot? What did/does she look like? Do you have any pictures of her? And did the boyfriend suspect anything between you two?

Also, you fucked 3 times that first night/morning while her boyfriend was passed out/sleeping? And do you still keep in touch with her and/or her?
>slampig with super tight vagoo, bf can't satisfy
>one day I came on her stomach and didn't wipe it off and it like just dried there
>she told me the next day that he was like licking the fuck out of her stomach
>mfw she says he always wants to fuck her right after me but has no idea
>what a cuckold
>might hit her up again soon for smashtime because feelsgoodman.jpg
not under the desk thing... it's actually really uncomfortable under a desk, theres cables everywhere and a hard floor and little room to sit... but fantasy-wise it was great, always wanted to do something like that
ANYONE got the story about the guy who impregnated his sister in-law because her husband was sterile and wouldn't do anything to fix it?
Did it change how you and him acted towards each other?
Did you suck him of again?
Did you have sex?
I don't but I sure want to now.
>Did it change how you and him acted towards each other?
it wasn't our first time, we were relatively comfortable with having sex together. first time was different
>Did you suck him of again?
>Did you have sex?
I don't think I have that story saved, but I think I've read it before. Does the guy have sex with his wife's sister his wife's request? As in, his wife wanted him to get her sister pregnant, so that she could have a baby, and they kept it a secret from her husband? I seem to recall a story like that, but it may have been with his wife's best friend, and not her sister.

I've also heard about a story that was posted by a guy who fucked his ex-girlfriend's mom and ended up posting pics of her and then getting caught/found out about, because someone recognized the mom's sweater or was able to find out who she was based on the sweater from the picture?

Does this sound familiar to anyone on here?

And does anyone have any similar stories? Either from here or that you personally know happened?
File: DCS_000674.jpg (63KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 1024x768px
I last seen them when I was 19, never seen them again. I'm 41 now so 22 years.She was about 6 months. Yes her mum was upset with her for fucking around on her boyfriend in her house. No its not the same girl (its another guys wife I was doing for a while)
11 1/2 inch's by 7 3/4 round at head. I'm 6"4' tall, blond and I lift/workout.
Yes that is usually how I get my new fuck friends
lots of stories
>Last Sunday
>fucked a girl all night
>she lives near and is married
>Monday morning comes
>get knock at door
>My other married fuck friend is there
>she comes over every second Monday morning to fuck
>opp's I forgot
>I open apartment door let her in
>she starts chatting loud and butting beers in fridge
>Tell her shush and point to bedroom
>she's like "you have a girl in your room?"
>runs to bedroom to see who it is
>they know each other
>she wakes her up
>starts fucking laughing
>then grabs a beer and I grab one too
>I'm like 'oh fuck oh fuck'
>My Sunday night gets dressed says hi to Monday morning and leaves
>My Monday morning says if your up for it go take a fucking shower
>I didn't get much sleep those two days
As far as I know everything is cool with them both but they would rather not have known about each other
>1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate... etc.
Oh hi, OP. It's you again! Always the same questions?
(Anon who fucks gis wife's cousin and once blackmailed a colleague into anal reporting in)
File: cute_girls_36.jpg (51KB, 467x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 467x700px
Thousands pics of hot chicks
►Super chanorg◄

>I don't think I have that story saved, but I think I've read it before. Does the guy have sex with his wife's sister his wife's request?

yeah that's it.
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