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Anyone got any personal sexual experiences that include any of

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone got any personal sexual experiences that include any of the following?

1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate?
- A friend's girlfriend/wife? A friend's mom? A mother-in-law or sister-in-law? A girlfriend's or wife's friend or relative?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone in to letting you fuck them or having them suck your dick?
- It could be any kind of blackmail, but I'm curious if anyone has specifically caught someone cheating on their husband/boyfriend and then threatened to tell on them if she did not fuck you/suck your dick? It would seem to be especially hot if you were to have blackmailed your mother-in-law or a friend's mom in to fucking you or giving you a blowjob.

3.) Have you had a girl cheat with you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated. And details about sexual encounters get extra points!

> Pic related: A picture of a MILF with cum on her face that gets posted on Facebook and then her son sees it and she realizes it and is asking for help removing it.
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In an attempt to bump and get some replies, here's a picture of the MILF from the 'shopped photo in the OP.
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In another attempt to bump the thread and get some replies, here's a screencap of a greentext story that was posted in a previous thread about a guy who fucks his friend's girlfriend while lying in the same bed as his friend is passed out. I found it to be extremely arousing.

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described.
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In another attempt to get some replies and stories, here's a link to an archived previous thread. Maybe, some of you will check it out and get an idea of what's been posted in previous threads like this and then decide to share something new.

There are some good stories, and some sexy pics, posted in this archived thread.

Link to archived thread: http://4archive.org/b/thread/570548814

> Another pic of the MILF in the photo in the OP.
post more of this slut
I wasn't going to jump in this until I saw 3.
>be 21 get g/f pregnant
>3 months into pregnancy
>says I'm to big and she's worried about miscarriage.
>think nothing of it
>she's secretly facebooking guys
>read messages
>lose my shit and call her a fucking whore
>another message comes through as I'm losing shit
>"wanna come fuck again?"
>lose my shit even harder
>Same message from a different guy comes in.
>rage uncontrollably and leave
>then I fucked her best friend
>then fuck one of the dude's gf's
>fuck other dude's mom
>never went back
>I'm 10 inches and the width of a can of axe body spray for reference

wait, was she prego before you dated her?
Nope my baby. Hence my rage
That is insane. How did she handle it?
I just shoved it in and held her down. She was sub and I'm a dom.
First off, that's a fucked-up story all the way around.

Second, there's no need to exaggerate the size of your dick.

Third, do you have pictures of any of the chicks you fucked? Or of your supposedly-10-inch dick?
so ur having to take care of a sluts kid? ooooooooooooooh... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. That sucks.
>inches and the width of a can of axe body spray for reference

you fag, you want to see his dick?

Also, I just realized that you claimed that you fucked your girlfriend's best friend, one dude's girlfriend, and one dude's mom. If true, that's pretty wild. Care to share some details about how you pulled off getting these women to fuck you? And does your ex and/or the dudes know that you fucked these females?

And what's your relationship now like with the female who had your baby? Also, why was she cheating so much?

Women don't need reasons to cheat. It's a power fantasy.
Silly anon.
Don't you know that everyone on /b/ has a massive, majestic dick that is the envy of the world, and the social and sexual prowess to nail anyone he sets his eyes on one-after-another? Why, those guys are lucky he didn't bang their girlfriends and moms all at the same time and turn them into his private, eager, cum-guzzling sex slaves. After all, he has the power.
Story time. Beware, it gets depressing, and stays a bit depressing.

>break up with girl
>her mom and sister even told me to because of how shitty she was acting
>apparently I'm the first guy to ever break up with her
>she turns into total bitch to everybody
>afterwards she starts dragging her best friend to club every night to keep her company while she finds guys to fuck
>her best friend is married, so she just has to deal with it
>her best friend and I are friends, and she was looking for somebody to hang out with after her and her husband split just two days prior
>I head on over
>ex is there
>we've only been broken up for two weeks
>apparently her best friend called me over to keep her company because my ex met a random dude online that night and wanted to meet up, but wanted her best friend there as backup
>so my ex was there, with random dude
>we all start drinking
>truth or dare contest begins while we are all hammered
>escalated slowly until my ex, her bestie, and I are naked
>starts picking up
>get her bestie to suck me off
>it all ends when random dude tells ex to finger bestie and make out with him
>instead she takes him to his truck to fuck him
>I'm laying naked with bestie
>she's pissed off because of it all
>I am too, to be honest
>ask her if she wants to fuck to spite my ex, since my ex now loathes me since the break up
>apparently that was her plan anyway
>we end up fucking outside on her trampoline and ex walks back and sees us
>ex moans and groans from how pissed she was
>after we're done, she throws big fucking fit, I leave

I'm sure I could have done something different, taken a higher road or something, but I'm unsure what I could've done different, that seemed to be the best path.
File: 1403156929815.jpg (5KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 225x225px
I fucked a married ex who cheated on me and broke up her marriage to the guy she cheated on me with.

Feels good man.
Pretty simple, I knew them all and just asked them if they wanted to chill. Told them I have a big dick and I know how to please a woman and they were down. They all know, I told them and the women admitted it except for the best friend, so I showed her the texts where she asked, "when can I get that big dick again?".
We have no relationship, I told her I hate everything about her and I will do everything to take that kid. I'm not very affectionate to dumb bitches, she was stupid so I told her she was being a dumb cunt. I have no shame or a reason to lie for pussy.
Not a fag, but if dude claims to have a dick that size, I'd like to see him prove it.

Also, when watching porn, do you like to see a dude with a small dick fucking the girl? It's not about personally liking cock, you idiot-fag; it's just about a sexual fantasy. Which is why I asked about stories that might involve a female cheating with someone because of a big dick.

And if dude states he's packing like that, yes, I'm calling him a liar.

How do you know it's your kid if she was sleeping
around so much?

Just making sure you got it tested, would suck
to be raising one of her fuck buddies kids
I don't have any good pictures so unless you want me to get on cam somewhere idk what to tell you.
Umm, I fucked an ex best friends girlfriend the first night I met her. I would also have whatever girl I was talking to at the time hook him up with her friend or best friend and eventually fucked most of them too. One time my older cousin wanted to use my phone to call someone lame guy she was talking to and she was a slut anyway so I told her she had to give me something so I fucked her while she talked to him.
Do you have any pics of any of these females? Your ex? Dude's girlfriend or mom whom you fucked? And did you confront/fight any of the dudes who'd been fucking your girlfriend? Or did they not know you/that she had a boyfriend?
I'd kill her. I told her that too. I'm a brutally honest person and if I had wasted my time helping her, for some other douche's kid, I would have snapped.
I got with a girl my friend was interested in for months after knowing her for two weeks. Fingered her in his bed while we were all watching a film ololol.
I had pictures of all of them, phone they were on is smashed, I can take a picture of that phone for you though lol. I'll take care of the dude at a later time, not my main concern right now. They knew, one tried to buddy up with me before I found out.
my best friend's girlfriend grabs my cock and tells me how bad she wants it, kisses me as soon as he leaves the room everytime we are drinking and other shit . I can't say anything about it cause it would ruin both of our relationships and we live right next to eachother so it just wouldn't be good
>Beware, it gets boring, and stays a bit boring

tell him so he can dump her whore ass. be a real
>1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate?
Thanks for the offer, but I'm genuinely not interested in cock. I was just curious to see if you actually have anything close to what you claimed to have. And even though I have an above-average size dick, I do have some penis-envy, from being corrupted from watching so much porn over the years. And I've become attracted to the thought of being able to have the ability to hurt a woman a little simply by having a big dick. It's an extremely arousing thought.

If any of these stories are true, please post some more details! What did the best friend's ex look like? And your cousin? Did either of them have big tits? Big ass? Tight body? Tight pussy? And do you have any pics of any of these females you'd be willing to share?
I'll go with a nice story
>be 16 at high school
>get along really well with moms friend talking and shit
>has 24yo neighbour (which i didnt like) trying to hook up with me into losing my virginity
>once in the same bed with her with porn movie on, still not interested
>a few interesting chats with mom's friend with hidden meanings
>used to sleep at her place lots of time, my mom was abroad and she would feed me and stuff sometimes
>one night i meet her on hallway with sexy shirt that makes her breasts go out
>next night meet her on hallway (she dreamed me before)
>slammed her into the wall, started kissing, she felt my big cock
>gets me to the other room, we get into bed, i asked her something like should i give my pants down ???
>we are doing it, feel a bit uncomfortable, but still ok
>lights were out maybe that's the reason
>i finally found some relaxation in my head and i am about to cum(she used to take pills then, even though she didn't have a man/fucking for 3 months or so)
>just a few seconds before i'm about to cum, the lights turn on, and i was like...is this real or not
>she was over me (cowgirl i think it's called) and i see her talking to her 6yo or so daughter.
>pretend to be sleeping she says i am ill and she is fixing me up or something
>the next times she used to take fuses out for lights, this was in 9 february and the 14 february was a really awesome night (bought her some headphones)
>my mom realised there's something between us when she came home, but she accepted

>now i am 23 and i am still in a relationship with her, all goes well, she's like 42, 43 in a few days but looks 30ish, really hot
best relationship i could have had!
1. Two different girlfriends' sisters. Got away with it both times.
>1.) Have you ever had sex with or fooled around with someone inappropriate?
> - A friend's girlfriend/wife? A friend's mom? A mother-in-law or sister-in-law? A girlfriend's or wife's friend or relative?

>Former high school teacher.
>Started talking to some students on social media.
>Ended up going for a drive with one one night.
>Got head.
>End up fucking her for a few years, from 14 - 17.

>2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone in to letting you fuck them or having them suck your dick?
>- It could be any kind of blackmail, but I'm curious if anyone has specifically caught someone cheating on their husband/boyfriend and then threatened to tell on them if she did not fuck you/suck your dick? It would seem to be especially hot if you were to have blackmailed your mother-in-law or a friend's mom in to fucking you or giving you a blowjob.

>Have a cute little cousin that I hadn't seen since she was 2.
>Family reunion, shes 16 and a very cute and innocent.
>Accidently lets slip that she got drunk at a friends a few weeks back.
>Begs me via Facebook to never tell her super religious/strict mum ever.
>Tell her to send me some 'pics' for my silence.
>Expecting maybe some undies pics.
>Get topless instead, beautiful little wog tits
>Still considering what to do next.
Well i flirt a lot with my friend's GF, which is my ex... and currently lives at my house. Nothing happened but some boob touching for me and ass touching for her
Here's another, it's how I lost my virginity. Not that fucked up, we were only 15 and 14.

>be 15
>hanging with best friend and his girl all the time at her place
>he's kinda a dick to her, but still I envied him because I've never had a girl or even a first kiss
>she calls me over one day, since we're friends as well
>we sit down in her room
>she's bawling her eyes out
>my bro was actually really abusive
>his ex said the same thing, but nobody ever believed her, because he was so nice at school
>apparently he would force her to have sex, make her watch him jerk off, threatening if she didn't, punch her if she interrupted his video gaming
>his new gf is saying the same shit
>blew my mind that my bro was like that
>she starts talking about how sweet I am because I help her with chores when we hang out
>my bro doesn't
>I offer to help with everything, and always offer emotional support with stuff, I even helped run a student ran support group in school, just my nature
>she tells me that I'm so sweet, just goes off about it
>ends up kissing me
>I push her away because she's my bro's gf
>we keep talking
>I'm horny as fuck at this point
>kiss again
>and again
>and fucking again
>first time for this shit, so I'm not making a move
>she does though
>end up fucking her
>she gets pregnant
>we lived in a small town, everybody knows about this shit soon enough
>nobody could tell if it was my kid or my bro's, we both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin, and so does the kid
>she claims it is his
>here we are, ten years later, I've moved hundreds of miles away, she actually left him for his other best friend (ha) and that small town is still second guessing who the father is
>oh, please, merciful god, don't let it be confirmed as mine
File: Photo08151715.jpg (125KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 640x480px
Still fuck her from time to time, got nudes if you want. She sent them when I started to feel bad about fucking around
She went from being 8 years older to about 20 years older? Get your shit together anon you fagot
I'd rather it be me and have her get it out of her system and not actually cheat. You don't know my friend doesn't matter who you are he will start throwin punches . he's like the big brother that always kicked my ass... So I'll just let it play it's course.. I'd get a few good shots in but he's just mental ahah

Who's to say she isn't doing that shit with someone else?
well faggot, i said she had a neighbour she tried to hook up with me, not her...

>has 24 year old neighbor
>i'm 23 and still with her, she's 42, going to be 43
in a few days

At least you tried, anon
Why did you mention the girl you didn't like then? And why didn't you originally mention the age of your mother's friend? You need some literary lessons or some shit, it's a confusing story.
First off, yes, nudes, please! Second, which girl is this? Third, in my opinion, she's really sexy! Please post lots of pics!
i was 16, she was 36, she had a 24 yo neighbour and tried to hook me up with her, but i was interested in top kek
>meet two whores at local dive
>one red head slut and one pudgy with nice tits brunett
>wanna cum on red head and she is DTF
>she is also flirting with other dudes
>we all agree to go to pudges trailer
>pudge rides with me
>fire crotch never show (ended up fuck the other dude)
>no fucks given as pudge is sucking my cock.
>treat her like a whore fuck her hard,slap her,squeeze her pudgy belly a few times ,
>try to stick my sharpie in her pooper nogo
>have her bent over fucking from behind
>hey pudge I am gonna cum where do you want it
>pudge says cum in me.
>nope don't need a kid right now
>pudge replies "I am 3 months pregnant"
>cum hard huge load in her fertile cunt pull up my pants an tell her
>"you could have said that before"
>leave still see her around she still wants the D but seeing her in the sunlight is godawful
well, i think in my native language.. Long time has passed since the things started and i might have missed some important details, at least i tried :)
also i tried anal once with her but bunghole too small, and oral lots of time, very good sex with milf
Because there's always so many people around and he's usually with her. I'm the only friend that he doesn't care when i go hang out with her .like I said though it's only when we get wasted, when it's just a regular day it's a completely different, just not worth bringing up to him or anyone I know
>friend comes to bar where my band is playing after his wedding with new wife (bartender at the bar)
>she is dressed like a slut but he is a pseudo friend
>we are standing there her in between us we are talking to people and te bar is crowded
>I put my hand on her ass and she doesn't even acknowledge
>squeeze her ass again no response
>slide my hand up her skirt and put my finger on her asshole and apply pressure
>she whispers in my ear "your touching my asshole"
>I say I know and continue to rub her brown eye
>nothing more ever happened other than shit talk he never found out
and then the dude finished masterbating to his personal Jerry springer fantasy
>be at 10 year reunion
>best friend there with what I always thought was bitch wife
>my GF there but goes to gamble
>bitch wife is drunk as shot and flirting
>I put up with her shit for my buddy am she says she wants to fuck
>she is pretty open she is flirting with everyone and me
>I assume he knows she is a whore
>at one point she kisses me
>eventually I go up to there room with them
>she and I have been touchy feely aLl night
>buddy goes to the bathroom her and I make out and I finger her for a while"
>he comes out and we have stopped before he does.
>no more said about it
>years later they divorce cause she is a cheating whore and he is distraught.
>guess he didn't know
Alright I'll bite, reading all these stories and realized I actually have my own. This happened about 5 years ago.

First time greentexting I dont usually post, so bare with me

Pretty much counts as number 3, this guy from schools girlfriend.

>be 15
>a guy I knows girlfriend starts messaging me on facebook out of the blue.
>7/10 face but easily 9/10 tits and 8/10 ass
>tiny chick only just over 5"
>british, little chubby but not fat
>the guy is a real dick, especially to her, super controlling
> cries whenever she even talks to other guys
>shes tried breaking up with him before but he tries to kill himself when she does
>we start talking quite a lot
>bring up sex etc
>tell her I'm a virgin
>she wants to "collect virginitys"
>ask her who in our group of friends she'd fuck
>Im on the list
>you should come over to my place soon then
>she actually does it
>somehow we end up messing around on my bed
>tells me how a week ago she sucked off some guy I knew
>I sort of gave her a funny look
>she knew what I was thinking
>ripped my pants off, undies down
>Starts giving me head
>never had head before
>back then it was amazing now it would be a 8/10 maybe
>my dicks 8' so she couldnt quite deepthroat it but knew what she was doing
>cum in her mouth within a minute or so
>tells me I have a huge dick
>"why isnt my boyfriends as big as yours"
>still just chill in bed
>gave me a handjob within the next few minutes
>still virgin so I was basically hard again straight away
>felt up her huge tits
>she went home
cont -

pic related its her
These are two fairly dirty stories. It surprises me to hear about how many females are so willing to fuck with their man's friends. And how do you fucking guys have the audacity to do such shit to your friend's girls? Obviously, it seems as though many people don't have much of a moral issue with doing it; but aren't you motherfuckers worried about getting caught/told on?

Also, anyone got any more stories? Or pics of females you've fucked around with?
Fast forward another week

>get her to come over again
>gonna fuck her im pretty sure
>we start drinking and watch independence day
>start kissing
>undress her
>go into my room
>"anons gonna loose his virginity"
>get ontop of her
>condom on
>start fucking her
>retarded virgin level sex
>feels good though
>cum within a minute or so
>fucked again 4-5 times within half an hour
>she let me go in raw the last two times
>finish up
>she goes home again

didnt really talk heaps after that she started to feel really bad about it

A year or so later it started to surface that she'd cheated on her boyfriend with a couple of guys

boyfriend to this day is in denial about it still, they've stayed together up until now.
I'm reading. Nice story, so far! Please continue. And, assuming you've had sex/fucked around with additional females since this story, do you have more stories about girls who've been impressed with your size? If so, more stories? And more pics?
I have told all my friends that if a woman wants to I will so don't get pissed at me because of it. They are the whore. All women are whores on some level and when alcohol or drugs are involved they are more so.
I have more.
I have also been cheated on
I had a group of friends where for a while playing with each others girls wasn't uncommon. It rarely happened but flirting wasn't uncommon. We all flirted
>Be expatriate engineer working in partnership of five
>One guy has slutty-looking bleached-blond slightly overweight wife with big titties
>At their house for social gathering
>Wife has been dropping hints for some time that heavy-drinking husband is not performing
>Alone with her, talking in kitchen, somewhat drunk
>On impulse, whip out half-hard penis
>She falls instantly to her knees and starts sucking, with commendable expertise
>I later pass out on couch
>Wake up in morning, she is in spare room
>I return the favor
>mfw when she told husband/workmate
>Still remained friends
Interesting story. Did you end up fooling around with her more than that one time? How exactly did you find out that she had told her husband? Did you end up fucking her? Was the guy angry/confrontational at all? Do you have any pics of this female/her big tits? Do you have a big penis?
Can't be bothered to green text so deal with it.

I carried on fucking an ex for a long time after breaking up even though I left her for another girl. She would indulge in my kinks and it was great. Had couple pictures sent to me through out it. She started dating a friend but then complained as he wasn't putting out. One day round mine I teased her a little with talking about things and could see she was visibly pent up. Without her permission I lifted her skirt and buried my face into her ass and started licking her she backed up letting me better access til she came. This started the hooking up again and she tried breaking it off as wanting to date a new guy but I told her she had to give me one last wild fuck, you could tell she was being forced to at first as she reluctantly did a strip tease but the slut quickly got into it.

Another girl I was fucking was absolutely a whore, used to fuck her dealer for coke from young age. Was fucking her regularly and she had a bf, one day went to her actual house and he was there so we hung like friends til he left the room so I touched her up and he came into room to see her top up me playing with her tits and she just smiled at him. Brilliant girl.
1. No
2. He told me over lunch
3. No
4. A bit, but did not let it spoil the friendship
5. No pics
6. Average size, ~6"
Pretty sexy story! Got pics of either girl? Do you keep in touch with either of the females? Did the boyfriend get pissed off when he walked in on you and his girlfriend with shirt off? Also, do you have a big penis? Did this possibly have anything to do with these girls wanting to fuck you?

Thanks for replying! That had to be a really awkward lunch. Why was he not more upset? Was he aware that he was not up to par sexually with his wife? Did you immediately acknowledge what happened and apologize? Did you see the wife many times/at all after that?
File: 1383711538787.jpg (175KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 500x667px
No stories ut a boot
I fucked my mums boss. I think I gave her Syphilis
Got pictures of the ex, ones posted in the /hc/ close up pussy thread but others are more identifiable. Do wish took pictures of the other girl although tiny tits she had good body. The boyfriend left room crying then screamed at her then went home. It made the next fuck even better ha. I'm around the average size, it was more as I'm talented and some reason considered attractive by quite lot of girls.
No time to green text and I'll TLDR this shit.

Fucked my gf's mom a year before we hooked up. They're both okay with it. Her Mom said once to her,"He fucks good, doesn't he?"

I'm a god amongst my friends for this.
You've got to be joking?? If you have a few minutes, please share some more details on this situation. How exactly did this happen? How old are you and the girl and her mom? Are they both sexy? How was the daughter not bothered by you having had sex with her mom? Have you fooled around with the mom since you got with the daughter? And do you have a big dick?

And do you have any pics of either that you could post?
Thread posts: 69
Thread images: 8

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