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runescape stories thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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stories thread
> One time I played RS.
> Get killed by lvl 3 Goblin.
> Quit and never played again.
I kid I was "friends" with in middle school got me to go to wildy with him, he killed me and I lost my shit. So when I got back to school on monday I beat him up.
I miss runescape sometimes, but my account got stolen and I don't want to grind through that shit fest again.
>never got a 99
>be me 14
>just sold a girl a black platebody then hooked up with her
>get married, used rings of seeking/hiding
>goes upstairs in Juliet's house
>cybers for the very first time
>felt good, best feeling ever
>later that day break up
>took it too seriously
>she then logged off and never on again
>thinks about her, epic feels for a week
>edge of crying when my mom is listening to Air Supply and other 80s love songs

yeah, good times.. got some more though, if interested..
>got on recently
>Its been at least 3 years.
>I have like 100mil.
>I was broke when I left.
>Someone messaged me
>Hey Phil, whats up?
>My name is Nate, wtf you talkin bout m8?
>Oh... Phil hacked your account, but he didn't want to take it from you so he wants to share.

Me and Phil get along now, pretty much pen pals, but we text each other instead. pretty neat
would play if ne 1 wanted
nicest hacker in the world wow
>Be me lvl 48
>2008 rune
>playing around with some mates
>one of my mates brings up the agility training areas
>we decide to go
>suit up in my mythril
>we head through wildy
>me being a scrub never went to wildy
>we start making our way there
>Take out some mobs on the way there
>avoid high lvl players for our own sake
>getting close to training center
>Wild gate appears
>Make way to entrance to get through gate
>lvl 58 hellhounds appear
>friends make it out alive but I die
>All my shit in high lvl wildy and I have like 5 mins to get it all back
>End up losing all my shit
>friends say they will help me to reclaim my shit
>I deny all of it because I was a betafag back then
>end up quitting and forgetting account

I started back up again on the Old game server, hopefully I have a better time.
wrote my own bots using AHK.
Got 6 99s in 2 months. Got banned when i used a pro bot.
Stupid pro bots.
File: LgtWlRX[1].png (193KB, 770x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 770x480px
playing osrs right now lel
was it a difficult task to write the bots?
>guy leading group into wild
>i come along only have a rune hatchet
>something happens that i forgot
>only me and him now I didn't like the way he talked
>start talking shit to him
>I start axing his face in but his def was too high
>he's coming at me I'm low health so I make a run for the chaos elemental
>he obv didn't know it existed
>Chaos elemental stuns him and wrecks his shit
>I survived.
Never played runescape because my dad payed for my world of warcraft
Lol, yeah. He's a real /b/ro. And whats weirder is he had never heard of /b/, reddit, or anything. He just played runescape. I told him if he keeps making millions, I'll pay membership for the account each month, (I pay cash just in case the little nigger wants to fuck me)
Want meet up? Be warned I just restarted not too long ago.

Name: AzureZakura
>plays for a year
>recently logged back on
>never got a skill to level 99 or finished dragon slayer
>check bank
>only 200k
>what's wrong with me
add marhooba if your on, niggers
>sometime around 2006
>playing runescape with IRL friends
>just got 30 defence and bought full addy
>traded my bank which was 15k for an addy kiteshield
>friend suggests we go pking
>i suit up in fully addy and an inventory of chickens
>we go to level 4 wildy
>instantly attack someone my level
>no knowledge of skulling system
>this dude starts beating the shit out of me
>i die and lose my addy kiteshield
>i blame my friends and instantly log off
>i didn't talk to them for days afterwards
3 accs 2 mem and i dont even play.
Do you know any profitable ways of getting to 94 mage? I've done DT and I'm at like 67, it's just hard and expensive man.

A few weeks later, I found another girl.

>she was great, cybered her by the beach a few minutes later
>after cybering a few times, fell in "love"
>our timezones were fucked up, hers being 6 hours ahead
>got her fb, started messaging her on it
>in school even during class i message her
>felt like i found my soulmate
>used to miss her like fucking crazy
>few weeks later, she said her dad saw me added on her fb acc and made her delete me
>gets left a few days later
>cries, get depressed
>wondering what i did wrong
>went into deep depression for a week
>got over it, found another girl
>let's call her "the right one"

Not really. Its basically find and click. really crude but really effective way to bot using the standard client.
someone wanna get on habbo with me and be friends?
does anyone know how to get membership for free
File: UgtnRlw[1].png (215KB, 758x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Currently at godwards dungeon doing slayer task of spiritual rangers.
pic related
Do Desert Treasure and blood barrage in the abyss
File: 1399936705400.jpg (38KB, 559x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>World one packed as shit on saturday v west
>see people dieing from poison every now and then
(when other people see people dieing from poison in trade area they go apeshit and dog pile the person usually not getting anything)
>hatch great idea
>needed to clean bank so grab all kinds of worthless shit
>get myself poisoned and put on nice shit which ill keep when I die like fury godsword etc
>act like I cant find anti poison
>Die keep all my good shit and leave all the pathetic scavengers to take my worthless shit
>mfw when they thought they were bout to be rich.
>be 4 years ago
>still underage b&
>have all summer to fuck around. had no friends back then
>slave away on gayscape
>get 99 woodcunting
>"that was boring as shit. i need a bot"
>find rsbot
>get 99 fishing with it
>buy member card to get cape
>fagex bans me

fuck runescape and fuck jagex
> played it a lot for 2 years
> was so proud when finally able to afford full rune
> played it for 2 hours
> got as much money as I got in those whole 2 years
I'll be home in 2 hours if anyone wants to duo arraxxor.
Rsn Grimnuts
Heh. There's no way I could there in the state that I am. But right now I'm just doing Farmer Fred shit and killing goblins. Gotta start somewhere.
Its very difficult without the grand exchange as far as alching goes. But the only thing i can say is just work over to that skill. Woodcut, to fletching, to alching. And other than that runecrafting to using ancient casts on groups of enemies. Sorry I cant be of more assistance.
can I have one?
Add me: DrumMachiner

All my old friends quit got a full list of no one online.

Currently chopping elders to 99 wc while getting 99 farm.
File: rsfeels.png (519KB, 786x841px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519KB, 786x841px
my noob days were 2007, didn't even start getting good till a few years later. Yet those days are some of the most fun I've had in game. I love old school RS.
>sometime in 2007-08
>poor and stupid
>fall for backwards password scam
>didn't realize what happened until 3 minutes later
>log out to change password
>"Sorry, but you're already logged in else where"
>Freak out
>Get on my alt account and add me
>Start telling dude to give me my account back
>He says no
>I get more worried
>Fortunately all my stuff is in my bank and I have a pin
>Guy tells me to give him my pin
>Say no
>Says he won't give account back
>Give away pin the second after he says that
>Beg he doesn't take my addy pick, rune scimmy, and money
>He takes it all
>Tell my friend to spam report him like I'm doing
>Hours later
>Change password back
>Get back on and see all my stuff is gone
>"You have been muted for 9 days"
>Never bothered to appeal it
>Week later after account got hacked
>On random website
>"Give us your account and password and we will give you 2m"
>Do it
>Hacked again
>Got it back instantly
>Never trusted anybody afterwards
free rs2007, you need to make a new acc, it only lasts 2 week tho
Absolutely true. and farmer Fred is a wonderful place to do so.

Captcha: seizure thompward
>be 2008
>Skype with a few friends trying to come up with a scamming scheme
>One friend has an acquaintance with a party hat whose trust they built together over the years
>Confesses he's always wanted it
>Idea arises
>Friend starts a clan with party hat guy
>Tells him a buddy and I are a rival clan and invites him to our skype
>We agree on a 'safe' match, convince the guy we'll give everyone's stuff back if they die
>We're all in the field, waiting anxiously for him
>He steps out
>It begins
>I entangle and we all attack him simultaneously until he died
>Bitch cried for hours before we finally disconnected, sold the party hat, and split the gp

Current RS is shit.
You are probably one of the most retarded people I've ever seen
Jesus fucking christ... You shouldn't be allowed to own a blender.
File: image.jpg (51KB, 518x348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Posting a story I screencaped once
current RS isn't even runescape anymore. it's trying to be like diablo or some other generic game.
File: image.jpg (51KB, 543x464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened to a friend of mine, bitch said she was preg and had a baby for him kek
yes pls
Got any money making tips?
File: image.jpg (60KB, 543x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was a runescape nerd. I cared more for my account than anything, but I was fucking stupid too
File: image.jpg (51KB, 471x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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GW2 is better
anyone remember older runescape machinima makers? tehnoobshow, excl, skychi, ect? I hate how excl has either removed or made private most of his older videos
>be killing chaos druids
>PM appears
>'Mod Mark'
>"you should check your inbox"
>me - "who are you?!" "brb banking"
>Mod Mark "Just check your inbox theres something good there"
>I lobby and look
>what the fuck is a player moderator
>hell yes Im a mod

still am a mod to this day and that was about 7 years ago
>wanna buy a box?
File: image.jpg (59KB, 589x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 589x463px
Yes I'll buy your stupid box
>tfw the box isn't for sale
>Y'all are noobs
>Be 2000 RSC
>Get to highest lvl
>Games a Joke
Skilling will get you far. Slayer is great if you like training combat and money will come easily with it as you get higher levels. And generally like it just takes a good amount of time to make money on this game. Fast money only really came with the GE.
Fast forward a year or so later

>met a girl with a douchebag bf on the game
>hung out with her until she logged out
>we had so much fun doing al types of shit in F2P
>i listened to her about her life
>gets a bright idea, gonna be her white knight
>after some more days of fun
>gets a pm a few days later "we need to talk"
>goes upstairs the archery shop in varrock with her
>she says she left her bf
>knows what i have to do
>tries to cheer her up
>takes her to the beach south of smithing cape guy
>hangs out on the beach
>seduce her into cybering
>we move from the beach to upstairs rimmington's general store
>cyber for a good hour
>at the end she says "i love you.."
>tfw you feel the same way
>i tell her that i love her too
>she is now my gf
>oh this lovely feeling of being in looove!
>goes to school a happier man
>highly motivated
>everyday i go on to cyber her
>not a care in the world
>she used to leave member's world to come to my broke F2P ass and cyber

Does anyone know where to play the 2007 version of runescape, or is that gone forever?
Alright then.
I got more stories
>Some time in 2006
>Poor stupid noob
>My gear consisted of shit and Silverlight
>Do ghost whisperer quest
>Friend is over my house the same day and in the other room on the other computer
>I die by the skeleton
>My precious silverlight is on the floor
>Start freaking out because thats my only weapon
>Spamming my friend PMs and screaming at the top of my lungs telling him to pick it up because nobody but us is home
>He doesn't get it
>Some douche bag kid picks it up
>Start swearing at him to make him give me my silverlight back
>He says "lol no"
>That infuriates me more
>Start getting mad at friend
>Start getting super sad and shit
>My only weapon gone, no possible way to get it back
>Spend the next few days sulking
>Ask cool kid at school who was the only member in our 4th grade class if anything is good as the silverlight
>Tells me every single possible weapon is better than it
>Don't really believe him
>Find out I can get the silverlight back
>Use that until 30 attack
Theres an old school runescape private server on /vg/ search in catalogs vscape.
still here.
there is a temporary f2p version, but if you got normal members, you also got access to oldschool scape.
File: rstimeline.png (247KB, 1238x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lmao so you were just a runescape player? And just keep going, I wanna hear it all.
lol yes
right, but in this case, I rather support the official developers.

>tfw you're at the line between oldfag and newfag
>what does that make you?
Oh boy.

The most fond memory I have of runescape, outside of the adventures we all had as noobs, was creating ancient rangers with a friend years ago. Shit was so cash. Doing all the quests and pking together. The feelz
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this post was meant for
File: walking is hard.gif (2MB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
walking is hard.gif
2MB, 400x225px
>looking for free game
>try runescape
>typical shit
>don't know UI yet, walking like pic related
>see people
>see coin on the ground
>pick up coin
>guy starts raging at me to put it back
>I lose my shit and tell him not to put shit on the ground if he expects to keep it
>yelling at this kid for 5 minutes
>actually starts apologizing to me
>decide I'm already fucking done with this game
>uninstall game
>go look at porn instead
Wait what do you mean? How'd you know that? I've only been here like 3 years.
oldfag... like 2005 2006 oldfag but still
my original reply wasn't meant for you, it was for the guy right above you with the graph. sorry m8.
Oh alright now I understand. Lmao
>uninstall game
mfw no one cares about rs3 anymore
>Farming cows for leather and prayer in lumbridge
>Get to lvl 25 Prayer
>Giant fucking chicken appears outa nowhere
>Chicken lvl 83, proceeds to rape me and my goods
>Hurridley run back from spawn to get my stuff
>Get killed by chicken again
>Mope around the goblin village
>Look into goblin shed
>Chicken turning slowly over fire with three goblins in room
>Hold breath
>Proceed to back away very slowly
>Never entered lvl 3 Goblin village again
All I remember from runescape is farming those fucking hobgoblins for some roots to make some gold
actually, wait, I can remember playing this game very casually back in 2006, so I guess that (barely) makes me an oldfag.
dude this was fucking years and years ago my memory is hazy but I remember that encounter. I'm honestly not even sure if it was Runescape or some other shit, but when I saw the thread name, this story came to mind.

Looks like I made the right decision since they seem to breed a particular type of faggot
I'll throw you a bone
wat lvl r u m8
Last memorable story

>Some time in 2011-2012
>Same account that lost silver light and got hacked a bunch of times because I gave out my pass
>around level 110
>Got full void on and borrowed claws
>Bored and decided to walk around for a while
>Go to clan wars on a non clan wars world
>See some kid getting trashed talk by a group of people
>Get invited to a friends chat
>People say they are going to scam him in clan wars
>The options were no food, prayer, and items drop
>Wouldn't let me bring borrowed claws
>Who cares, just get my whip and dragon defender with my full void, glory, d boots and obby cape
>Go in ready to kick some ass
>Guy is standing there all alone while me a couple of people are trash talking him
>Fight starts
>Clan members on my side fall back a bit
>I stay
>Insta frozen
>Huge crowd of 20+ people come out of nowhere
>Get dropped instantly
>Lose everything
>Lose void
>Had money to buy back my shit, but disappointed I lost my void
>Spent a week getting it back with the shitty chess void game
>selling a bunch of coal
>100k price agreed upon
>fucker changes 100000 to 10000 right before hitting accept
>don't notice

well if you uninstalled java, then yeah, you uninstalled runescape.
File: 1407660662384.jpg (15KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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RSC came out in 2001

Lol, I got married/cybered on the scape when I was young too. Not 14 though, like 12 maybe. Shits hilarious, I wonder if she was an old dude or something...
>Be me, 10 y/o, live in Netherlands
>level 61 or something
>I go PKing
>rekt some guy. r2h, plate and legs. Jackpot
>Go to the bank to sell doing the birdman hand rub irl
>Guy finds me
>"cunt, too scared to fight me one on one. you're such a fucking knob give me my stuff back."
>Don't understand half of the cuss words he's using.
>Try to feign ignorance, by asking "Who are you?"
>Brain crashes - meant to type who
>Type "How are you?"
>Guy goes ballistic on me. You fucking took my stuff then you ask me how I am? Goes on a full 5 minute rant on me.
>Trying to think how do you spell who?
>Again: "How are you?"
>Guy is legitimately confused.
>"You fucking killed me and took my stuff dickhead"
>I reply with: "I know, reported."
>mfw he got 48 hour mute
>be playing RS in middle school
>realize game is shit
>stop playing video games like a kid and start getting laid
grow up nerds maybe if you do you might get a girl friend
Gimme 10m plz
Kennen we elkaar?
The weapon is only as good as its master

I mean, unless you're a wizard with Snare and shit. Then you just fucking lose.

>gf lol
>be 11/12
>says you gotta be 13 to play and if you're not 13 you can't play
>fuk tha police
>lie and say I'm 13
>feel like a rebellious badass
File: 0B4H5dv[1].jpg (351KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351KB, 1920x1080px
why block your username out
bs, silverlight is and always was untradeablw
what he said
why? that buys you shit all
Didn't feel like putting out my rs name
I remember some retard like this. Some random person added me and said hi. I asked him "Who are you" and all he kept saying was "I'm fine" getting increasingly more angrier each time I asked him "Who the fuck are you" until he just lost his shit and I ignored him and changed my password
Wtf is that Rainbow Phat?
File: 1407113838901.png (255KB, 592x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255KB, 592x317px
well I bought an ags and I'm jewish as fuck so I like to look at green money
Is Runescape finally free to play forever now?

See I used to play it during summer break back in 2002/2003, and I couldn't do shit without having to pay to play on that fucking thing.

Fuck paying to play that piece of shit I said, and I just stuck to mining ore with like two Shemen (masters of the penvag), all while trying to just have fun.

>Talk about Coke Studios if you have the balls.
Why the fuck did you change your password? Lol
I didn't know that at the time. The guy was able to pick it up, but I didn't know you can't trade it back
I prefer stacks of items
I have all farm items etc etc
working on 100k of each seeds within reason
I was a mod too but got b& for botting 14 99s lmao
Bro I have the best runescape story ever. Best thing to ever happen to me.

Here goes:

>Be me playing runescape
>Never play again
File: 1405841540102.png (254KB, 680x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254KB, 680x778px
yes not much, spent all on skills/armor before eoc. come back whip etc is all 100k and under and dont have time to play anymore also cbf getting the poh armor/90 tier weps
Made my account in 2004
This was like a year or two after I got hacked a bunch of times. I never really trusted random people who pm'd me so I thought he was going to hack my account.
>it's 2006/2007
>this was the hayday of when I made bowstrings for money
>had barely any cash to my name
>decide to do shit in falador one day
>go to the white knight's castle
>notice there's a guy in full guthan's who is poisoned and his health is ticking down
>"he can't be afk can he?"
>sure enough he was
>he dies
>I wait for his stuff to appear and scavenge it
>sold the set to some guy for 5m
>split it with one my IRL friends
>bought a whip which I couldnt even use yet
>one of my ingame friends asked to see it
>I gave it to him and soon enough he gets his account hacked afterwards
>I spend like a month trying to get it back
>He claims he lost it
I believed him at the time but the more I think about it he most likely fucking stole it and ran off with it

don't trust anyone in runescape
back in the days i build a php website
conviced everyone i had a clan
only 70+ could join
just login to the website with runescape login + password
automaticaly syncronise with runescape server
you just have to log of an log in again to confirm it
in the mean time i looked at a txt file of the usernames and passwords
as soon as they logged off i logged in to their accounts and stole their stuff and changed their passwords and recovery questions
Ah alright man, I was just wondering. It seemed kinda odd to change your password for something like that.
2014 xmas event m8
Goblins are fucking hardcore.
Level 3 OP
you know it's funny. my original main lost an account due to falling for a runescape scam. they used it to advertise their fake server and got permanently muted. only item of importance was the reindeer hat from the 2006 christmas event, no big deal
>60cb, convince mum to let me get members
>power level through summer to 101cb
>barrow released
>buy torag set 3.5m
>think i'm the shit
>castle wars phase ensues, where you went castle wars for a month solid and nothing else
>this was back in day where seeing 126cb was like holy sheeut
>just running around with flag not dieing
>kek is a top one
>6x ancient magicks geared to fuck 1shot me as a combined effort
>i was only 12 or 13 at this time
> cry of humiliation
>quit runescape, be too embarrassed to go to school the next day cause my friends were in the game and they saw it all, i was meant to be the 'cool' kid out of those who played rs cause i was highest level
rs was always free to play forever, you just had the option to buy membership

sage for dumb comment
Topkek. I'm tearing up so hard because I'm sure I did this a couple of times.
File: 1401302715629.png (46KB, 889x987px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 889x987px

>asks her for fb
>says she's shy because i might not like her
>says she's ugly etc
>adds on fb anyway
>she's a 7/10, chubby-ish
>doesnt care about looks, in love
>we cybered everyday
>loved every second of it
>gave her my irl #, she called, i said i loved her, no reply
>she then hung up
>gets a pm on rs "meet me at the beach"
>meets her, she says she didnt say it because her mom saw her and she hung up quickly
>understands and says ok
>we date like that for a few months
>got married on rs, double wedding and shit
>had a house in varrock
>cybered for hours everyday
>so much passionate "love making"
>happy as fuck, gives her a poem
>she cries and says it's the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for her
>feels like an official white knight
>talk to her/cyber her from sun up to sun down
>eventually she quit rs
>we moved to fb totally now, no more rs :(
>doesnt cyber for months
>got bored one day and say "fuck it"
>it felt so good after not doing it for so long
>eventually start skyping, her face was red af when we first skyped
>we skyped whenever we got the chance
>we both became better persons by helping each other out
>tells her i want to meet her irl and marry her
>it's a deal, so we have to wait until she's 18
>tfw she was 2 years younger than me
>i was 16, she was 14
>age is just a number
>the wait is on, 4 years, gl patience
untradeable means it cant be picked up, either

odds are the faggot had his own and got annoyed that you wanted his sword lol
i remember playing runescape in school before it was banned, and showing the teachers my guy
You dont sage comments you fucking retard.
lol, hacked like maybe 10 accounts, then i got bored of it, lost the account tho, lucky i didn't use my main account :p transfered everything
I remember back when the fucking ge never existed and When 101's were praised before that dumb fuck zezima strolled around
>Be me in Year 11
>Friend (lets call him friend 1) is high level and is rich as fuck
>Pretty much devotes himself to the game
>My other Friend (friend 2) is trusted and has his account details
>Next day Friend 1 comes running towards me, eyes'a wild
>starts going off about someone hacked his account
>Furious, starts telling me how he will bash the fuck out of that person
>Friend 2 comes over smug as fuck
>Confesses with a smug grin that it was he that spent all of Friend 1's money on food items, mainly fish and eggs
>mfw i realise how much eggs that would be
>mfw i realise he sold most of his good items for eggs
>mfw friend 1 felt so depressed over that time
>mfw we still keep this secret between us to this day
maybe. All I remember was him holding a silver light and me being pissed and crying
File: trimming.jpg (11KB, 279x181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 279x181px
Hello f2p fags.

Do you want to know the literal, best possible way of making the most gp an hour?

I can share, but if it's just members, this protip will be put to waste

Only f2p poorfags like myself respond

Will dump
>First week playing
>Make my way to wizards tower
>Going to get a skele head aww yeaaa
>Down in basement right when someone dies
>Fucking fire staff
>Loaded as fuck
[spoiler]Not even close[/spoiler]
so how old are you both now
Why did he even do that? That is such a dick thing to do.
>Got three gnome scarves in under an hour
>Sells at GE
>Buys Armadyl Godsword
>Few months later
>AGS rose to 16m
it was a lot of fun standing in a group of 30+ people waiting for someone to trade with you the items you wanted rather then standing in a group of 30+ people waiting for your items to be traded on ge.
Buy diamond bracelets at 1k, enchant them and sell them.
File: MUVAjIV[1].jpg (661KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
661KB, 1920x1080px
Anyone use to use swiftkit back in the day?
Amen brother

im a 2002 fag anyway cuz the newfags now dont know about zezima im sure.
Superheating steel bars can be very profitable, especially if you make them into cannonballs afterwards
File: dsadsa.png (207KB, 756x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 756x498px
Getting that smithing exp.
does zezima even play the game anymore?
continuing+the end

Fast forward about 6 months, after the 1 year anniversary and shit

>she wanted to do some stupid shit, cant remember so well
>tells her no, she insists
>i then stop talking to her until she changes her mind
>she cried to some guy on skype
>a few days later i ask her if she changed her mind
>she said no, asks me to break up, i say yes(not giving a fuck, still loved her though)
>i thought she'd be back
>next day she posts a pic on fb with her kissing a guy
>deep depression
doesnt talk to anyone at school
>quiet as fuck
>thinking about her
>cant stop
>this goes on for months
>eventually quits rs
>got over her after a year, starts playing rs again
>sometimes I still wonder if she's ok
>sometimes i dream about her

She eventually came back a few months ago saying she loved me, misses me, I'm the best guy in the world, all that bs.. Told her to fuck off..
>tfw ever since then i couldnt fall in love again

I'm 18, so she'd be around 16. We broke up like last year February
fuck this makes me want to come back to rs. is it worth playing 07?
>be me on rs in 2006
>be like 13
>role playing with some faggots
>I plan a wedding for two faggots who were probably both dudes
>guy says he will give me 10k if I do it
>all I have to do is literally go to the church and say stuff a priest would
>they get 'married'
>ask guy for 10k
>he ignores me
>logs out
>flip shit
>next day I'm at a friends house
>I log on and have a heated arguement with the guy who scammed me for like an hour
>guy logs out again
>flip shit again
>friend tells me to calm down
>slap friend in the face and start crying
>run home

no word of a lie
File: screen03.jpg (109KB, 735x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 735x594px
rsdemon anyone?
Coackroach soldirts
i can just imagine him logging in to a naked character, 0 gold, and a bank full of eggs
friend 2 is a fucking genius
File: maxwealth.jpg (73KB, 752x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 752x503px
one pic
He walked through the Dwarven Mine while I was farming gold ore like a scrub

I'll never forget my first erection.
fuck if i know, havent played in years and jagex account guardian is fucking me out of my acc
You reminded me of a really fucked up thing I did. Thank you.

>Friend is given a level 120 account that wasn't a member at the time
>Bank is filled with expensive memebers items like a fuck load of seeds and other expensive weapons and items
>This was when I was in 6th grade and was never a memeber before so I assumed it was all shit
>Friend gives me the password to the account too
>He constantly complains he can't use the bank
>Sick one day
>Decide to do my friend a favour and clear out his bank
>Spent an hour and a half making the bank go from 450 to 32, removing anything that had "Members Object" as a name
>Go to school the next day
>Friend isn't mad, but says his friend was furious that all his Items were gone because he was still using it and was going to get memebers again soon
>Decide to make it up to friends friend
>Make 200k cutting yew logs, feel rich
>Buy all rune weapons and buy full regular rune
>Never went on the account again and assumed the friend was happy
>Never heard anything after that
i just started playing 07
username :let
add me
>Be me, level 11 never got past that al-something desert
>Pretend to be sick, didn't go school
>playing RS
>Found 11k, couldn't believe it
>Thought I was in ballers league
>never has luck like that ever again
yep, rank 200 or so now
>tfw ever since then i couldnt fall in love again
I know that feel all to well.
here's a really early one

>be me on runescape years ago
>I was a weird kid, I would go around on rs calling people niggers and scamming them
>would spam doubling money for ages
>would spam trimming Armour
>sometimes worked but I didn't get much
>be at castle wars harassing some guy for no reason
>suddenly banned
>show my dad so he can get my account back
>Fagex kept a log of all the weird shit I've said
>dad see's stuff like 'whats good, niggernog?', 'wanna spank my pooper'?
>I'm not even fucking kidding
>dad flips shit
>I cry
>next day I log in
>account is muted
>genuinely thought everyone on runescape just didn't speak anymore
>find out what muted meant years later
>be 10 years old
>friend gets me a mythril set
>i die in a dungeon and lose it all
on classic that isn't that impressive
and where's the time stamp
>be me just started
>hit 100 gp
>seriously think i am rich
>some guy comes out of nowhere and wants to trade
>he puts up 97k
>my first time looking at 97k
>absolutely lose my shit because it was a tower of gp
>guy exits trade and runs off
>them good ol days
RS was the only game that me and all my friends played when we were like 8 now its only me playing games with myself i miss those days
Yeah man, it feels like that part of me is dead, Loving for me is impossible..

No, you couldn't go to half of the P2P places. Basically you were limited to a small amount of places, limited equipment, and were stuck dicking around at checkpoints unless you PAID to go beyond them.

I'm wondering if you can play the full fucking game now without paying or not.
Me neither lol
YES and i took a ton of screen shots never knew how to take one on purpose
File: ay.jpg (204KB, 1274x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 1274x734px
yoo getting def exp
that isnt what you said at first,fag

to answer your question: no
File: zsSY8BV[1].jpg (270KB, 1128x847px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270KB, 1128x847px
Ran into some guy ingame who went to the same school as me, didnt know him but said he would give me some rares for free when I met up with him the next day. Fuck he looked like a freak irl but he ended up giving me 2 santas for free just cause we talked irl lol.

Good ole runescape
lobby didn't exist 7 years ago but ok
File: 1408154947379.gif (473KB, 500x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473KB, 500x338px
this one has stayed with me for a while

this one isn't really funny it's just something I really remember from when I was young

>be me in 2006
>be off school for the day
>have the worst diarrhea of my life, not just diarrhea, a head cold, vomiting, the works
>feel horrible
>be on runescape, feels amazing cause I'm supposed to be in school
>just chilling, killing goblins and feeling like shit
>meet another kid
>he's ill too, so he says
>tell him about how my shit comes out like rusty water etc.
>he says he has to go to the hospital tomorrow
>we bond for a bit
>make plans to go wildy and shit when he gets back
>never logs in again
>still think about him
File: Screenshot_9.jpg (248KB, 1279x702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 1279x702px
Originalfag reporting in.
Shit was impossible
>not using a magic specific cape
kekity kek
Currently getting 99mining.
Rsn - Sml Potatoes
>Be back before HD update and what not
>Chillin' at the Falador Drop Party Room
>Oh shit someone put in a Armadyl Godsword
>Fucking snag that shit
>Go to the GE and check its worth
>Sell it and buy a Green H'ween Mask (same price at the time)
>Strut my stuff in that thing
>Week later account gets hacked and takes Mask
>Check back years later, worth over 100m now
>God fucking dammit
the equivalent of lobby then
I'm not sure what else you would call it
back then I was a mega noob
couldn't even afford a rune kite
nmz is legit free

originalfags sound off
File: shaft.png (1MB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1366x768px
If only.

Since fletching is now (up until level 5) a free-to-play skill, you can get an axe and cut up logs in order to make arrow shafts. You might be saying to yourself: "But Anon, that's bullshit!" I thought that at first too.

The way I have it set up:

>axe equipped
>nothing in inventory
>go to low-population world
>cut trees outside of GE
>full inventory of logs
>make them all arrow shafts
>repeat, repeat, repeat

Only sell once you really have like 2000+ arrow shafts total. If you feel like you have to sell them so you can check on the price, that's acceptable. But if you truly want to maximize your Gph, your best bet is to just keep going until you have a solid amount collected and fletched, ready for sale on the GE.

The great part about this is the fact that the location and speed of the method make it the best. Sure, killing and looting Hill Giants nearby is okay, but half an hour and like six or seven trips loot only about, what, 50k? At best?

I just checked the Grand Exchange. The price has gone down by a bit since the last time I've played. It may or may not be the best method of making gold as a f2p player anymore.

Then again, you can always just beg or go to The Party Room.

2,000 arrow shafts sold on the GE at 28gp each (in order to sell as fast as possible, sell on a highly populated world) will net you a nice 56k gp. That's pretty good for the rather low amount of effort and skill (none) required for this task.
Do you remember a player by the name of Tidus455?
You'll stop being a child eventually, don't worry.
File: niggas_laughing.gif (1MB, 175x131px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 175x131px

I remember going to Death Con with some girl.

>asks her if she likes me
>she says she doesnt know
>asks her what she does know
>she says dirty girl stuff
File: runetale.jpg (91KB, 822x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 822x750px
I love this one.
One of the best times I had in the scape was in... probably 2007, I was walking to varrock from lummy, and right to the right of the entrance after the wizards, between the wall and the spears or some shit, was a stack of gold. Walked over and picked it up, it was about ~117k. I. Flipped. My. Shit. I screamed. I was so fucking happy, I called my friend and told him, freaking out the whole time. Shit was great.
God damn.. Makes me wish I never quit RS and when I start in 07 my ex clan retired. Mayhem Makers best pure clan.
>played 6+hours a day for years back in HS.
>had maxed zerk pure

I'll answer questions about the game if anyone wants. I quit in 2011, gave away all accounts *f2p jacked graphite pure, decent main, zerk,

no acc. names because /b/ random anonamoose shit.

tele grab wines of zamorak at the zamorak shrine by the wilderness.
any of you oldfags ever pick this shit up?

was legit as fuck back in the day lel
File: Z6O8rcW[1].jpg (184KB, 1014x660px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 1014x660px
kek those were the days
>that feel being home from school sick, knowing everyone else is suffering while you chill the fuck out playing vidya
Holy shit, I'm 95% sure I saw that at a middle school book fair and wanted it.
You can spend gold on rs3 to buy bonds now. They're 5 mil and give you half a month of membership
File: dHBM4Sm[1].jpg (162KB, 925x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 925x600px
Heres a fun one, had inv full of spartan equipment and handed it out to like 30+ people, ended up making a 20 man line and walking to falador and back. Was an epic community back then.
Holy nostalgia, I fucking have that shit somewhere. I need to find it
Oh fuck. Elementary school book fair dude. You just took me way fucking back.
Thanks Anon.
I wish warring was like this these days, only a few clans in Legacy mode maxing about 100 people total, no World Wars in F2P, only serious clan that cares about warring is Drunk Pkers, others are shit, nothing to do, Jagex fucked up on Legacy,gg.

pretty sure it was either that or one of those old book orders where i got this thing
Fucking hell man, That was one of those i pestered my parents for, god damn
>got 99 mining before gold mine
>im a huge fgt btw
G shit, it's cuz all of the 07 players nowadays were like 13 back then, we all grew the fuck up and aren't that same community we used to love.
Hell yeah. I remember I went twice that week. The first time because I just wanted to look. I saw that beauty and fucking captain underpants. Went back a day later and got both. Fuck man, life was awesome then.
I've got a few retarded stories

>be like 11
>join some clan because they sound cool
>go pking
>take all of my fucking runes
>die almost instantly
>realise what I've done
>never pk again

Trying to remember more but it was so long ago
mother fucker, i still have my cap underpants i think ,_, 18 and the mentality of a 12 year old
I used to lure noobs to where the wine of zamorak spawned by goblin village and shut the door in their face when they tried to escape. I can't be the only one here who did this

was so great getting shit like that back in the day
kodak09 is a cunt
Please come and play /v/scape, we are a small community with a lot of support from the admins and moderators. It will take you back to the old days of grinding. XP rate is 2.25x

we need someone to archive this thread. ._.
File: mlIrBiX[1].jpg (196KB, 1016x665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196KB, 1016x665px
Cant forget castle wars, minigame is dead as shit now full of afk faggots who only play for themselves. I was honestly enjoying runescape in 2011, its when eoc debuted that really fucked things up and just overrall made me uninterested in the game
>had a working keylogger and auto spammer
>would spam to add me on msn for a free autoer
>noobs with next to no items would add me begging for it
>send the 'autoer' and the keylogger
>steal all their shitty items, alch them while they're on another account begging me to get off
>delete all their friends
>if they're a pure, I would go buy mind runes and get their magic up

dem feels.

also had a 113 on classic.
Fuck man. I'm 21 and I still get feels over that shit.
File: Fullpotato.jpg (17KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 225x225px
I used to scam kids saying I was selling a level 75 character. Used a name I found on the leaderboards and told them to give me all their gold on their current profile in exchange for a non existent password.
mfw I actually got a fair bit of gold from that scam
This was yesterday

>camping barrows all day
>about 95 chests dry at this point
>get 11 kc and see that kanube (streamer) is at the chest too
>hop to his world and yell "cheese banana!"
>open chest and get a guthan spear (6.75m)
>he gets a karils top (1.4m)
>tell friend about it, he comes and gets a karils top too

I just can't believe how lucky we all got
Fuck anon, you're bringin' feels back.
Did you ever buy any of the crazy accessories like big ass red pens with the huge black top?
you dont ever fuck with those greater demons guise
step up
shit there was so much of that crap around those, like even shit like those boggle pens

good times...

remember when simple shit was like the best thing?
rs3 or 07?
there ya go
i remember when the book was mentioned on the front page, theres a quote by zezima on the back of the book i think aswell
>leveling magic on a pure is a bad thing
They aren't as tall/heavy as they look
it cuts out on all threads at a certain point doe
>Be me, 15-ish
>No clan or friends that played, total solo player
>Full black plate and 2h sword, Kirito aint got shit on me
>Be out exploring, stumble upon that fist of Guthix minigame or whatever
>Get in, its a total clusterfuck
>Niggers casting spells, chopping of heads
>Some nigger comes up and tries to kill me
>Kill that faggot with one hit
>Still don't know what the fuck is going on

To this day I don't understand how that minigame worked, but that game was definitely cash as hell. Until I discovered WoW that is, and I never went back.
Not if it's done 0hp to match the combat level cap.
top kek
File: rage.gif (149KB, 299x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 299x200px

>Be 2002
>6 years old or so
>Grinding willows in Draynor
>Need new rune axe
>Go to bank
>Guy gives me 100 cooked lobsters
>Never did ANYTHING other than chop trees so did not understand its value.
>Trade all cooked lobsters for 1 rune pick
>Realize my fault and try to ask the guy to trade me back
>Calls me stupid and blocks me
>Rage ecstasy
>Tell my mom
>Try to get her to call the police
>She tries not to laugh.
>never been so FUCKING mad in my life and it still bothers me to this day.

That FUCKING cock sucker in his faggoty-ass black w/ gold trim armor. I hope he died of cancer.
Yep, bought that thing and when it was handed out during class (we ordered through the catalog and the teacher handed it out) I hid that fucker so fast as to have none of my classmates see me with it

fuck man.. where'd the time go
>be me circa 2011-2012
>receive 'extremely generous donations' totalling around 7b within 2 weeks, was planning to RWT all
>buy cracker because fuck yeah i can
>1 day later, account locked
>day after this, 'Your account has been disabled'
>tfw banned with 7b bank which was worth about $2000 at the time

feels bad man
Hell yeah dude. Like whenever you got a game, or I'd always freak out because my dad would come home from deployments, and each country he stopped in he'd bring me a gundam model from there in their language if he could. And if he couldn't, he'd bring some of their currency back. Fuck man, I had bad times with my parents, but I wish I was a better kid for them. I had a pretty good life.
>>have all summer to fuck around. had no friends back then

Someone more like this? I know I started for the same reason
wtf? Either?
it was the simple stuff that was the best

god damn i miss that, seriously when you didn't have to worry about money/time/people
>be me
>havn't logged in years
>log in now
>wtf is all of this shit?
>dissapointed with new changes
>notice Swanky Boots equiped
>remember fealling like a boss cause of boots back in the day
>well fuck this shit
>log out for the last time ever
Oh shit, anyone remember that "Dungeon of Online Safety" thing? You got these sick boots for beating it? I went through that thing at such a low level, running past the monster and healing in the safe zones between doors. Ahhh good times.
You still play rs3 and you're a player mod? You must be a total fucking loser.
We did that shit too.
swanky boots are not even old, like 2010?

but yeah sure, back in the day
Stronghold of Security
File: wat.png (42KB, 277x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 277x268px
Can you still play RSC and RS2?
Hell yeah. Especially when like pretty much everyone in your grade could get along.
anyone wanna buy me 99 pray?
58 on 07 and like 130 something in rs3, all combat stats 99 except prayer cause that's a ton of money
on runescape classic it was bad if your pure was around level 40-60, the classic 42-1-66 kind of days. your hp already combat capped you because of your defense being so low.
tell me /b/

do you have the balls to kill a level 83 dragon?
File: memespouter420.png (45KB, 274x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 274x249px
Yeah, you can play classic and they brought out oldschool runescape like a year and a half ago.
It's an exact copy of runescape in 2007 except they've added a heap of shit.
Anyone remember the noclip or the moonwalk at draynor?
Check out this Let's Play of the Legend's Quest.
Can't forget 6/6/6 u dirty niggers.
>died to cows at lv 2
>didnt play for a week cuz i lost all my shit

I've lost my old account, can you play both with newly created accounts?
Runescape's RP servers were actually pretty good. I can't remember the world, but one was EXTREMELY dedicated. I played a monk for two years, and it was fairly pleasant. I think a total of 200 or more people we involved in this.
How can you forget?
> friends talking about runescape gets me into it and at first it feels weird and shit because it was the first ever mmorpg i ever played
>meet up with friends at lumbridge chill, hang out and skill together with them telling how to play and what to do

> level 10 acc
> me killing goblins and finds talismans thinking they're worth a lot and are very valuable
> friend tells me their not and gives me 10k since im a noob and gives me full iron
> mfw i get my first armor in game and i smith my own bronze kiteshield and bronze dagger
> so damn happy that i can kill goblins and unicorns effectively now.
> fast forward 3 years later me maxed 138 acc cant even get happy on runescape anymore without leveling up skills and killing new bosses and doing new quests.
>tfw you wish you were a noob again.
Is this kinda shit still around? Or has the community fucked the RP up too?
That's a sense of adventure right there anon.
8/10 for quick thinking
What the hell are those crowns everyone has in inventory? I think those werent even implemented to the game when i played
AHAAH shit man I remember I bought this thing back in 8th grade
I'm pretty sure you can only play classic if you were a member at some point in time or something but you have to start fresh on oldschool anyway.
They give you a 2 week f2p trial too btw.
Party hats? I don't know when you played, but they have been around for 13 years.
File: woonscape.png (1MB, 1033x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1033x875px

This thread inspired me to pay off the 10 bucks I somehow owed Jagex to unlock my account. I thought that mask would be worth a fuckton but it actually dropped in value
u want bang?
>tfw my closest was a 92 fishing
>not playing osrs

captcha: osrsvai any

>be in grade 2
>chilling in al-kharid, level 8
>a level 14 is there, hes got a bronze scimmy
>"thats so sick dude, wish i had the gp for that"
>"hahah lmao"
>"what does lmao mean?"
>"laughing my butt off, actually the a word."
>he then offers i try his scimmy
>trades it to me
>start walking away with it
>"yo man wat r u doing, give it back"
> tfw the kid followed me around for over half an hour and i didnt even respond back
File: 9RYJlgl[1].jpg (305KB, 1112x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1112x730px
good ole community back then man
i know that feel. back in the day when you can skill and not feel like you have to rush.

nowadays it feels like you have to get everything done in such a rush and it ends up consuming you. i miss having fun on the game even though i have a little bit of fun

>nothing like the old days
The game was ruined by the time summoning came out.
File: disbelief.jpg (4KB, 270x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 270x186px
>be me
>shitty ranged build
>like I was using a fuckin willow bow out in the wildy trying to pwn noobs i got nothin
>have a couple of my boys
>find the occasional lone straggler, rekt them, split their shit up between us
>get some pretty nice dragon weapons w/e
>finally run into some guy
>Lv. 110
>get mad boner just thinking about what this guy might have
>we strike a deal, tell him he can have 100% percent of the loot of the next two guys we kill if he tags along with us
>find a nice open clearing
>kill a couple monsters
>suddenly turn on the new guy
>he systematically slaughters every one of my friends
>the only guy doing any damage to him is me, getting lucky shots
>dude pounds a chocolate cake
>start to run away
>go deeper into the wildy
> lose sight of the guy
>wait like 20 minutes, lost, scared, on the verge of tears
>start to walk back
>find massive pile of god-tier shit
>this dude got picked off by some monster
>grab all his shit
>become god of death
>head back to edgeville
>get ambushed by pkers 20 feet from border
holy shit, i am almost positive that is me with the veracs and d claws out. i think i remember the shit talk going on. i loved fight pits and castlewars for the shit talking
Varrock bank

>selling rune skimmy 30k
>selling rune skimmy 30k
>selling rune skimmer 30k
>selling rune simmy 29K
>selling r skimmy 30k

if you dont remember this youre definitely not an oldfag
you forgot

and the many others
File: M2LFD29[1].jpg (246KB, 1113x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246KB, 1113x730px
This guy is probably maxed now, looking back on his past having the feels rush through his body

File: 1405906313653.gif (445KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
445KB, 320x240px
>be right now
>no reply from log in servers
I'm selling steel 137 steel bars 630 gp each if anyone is interested.
File: 1406916818301.jpg (11KB, 441x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 441x408px
>Playing RS with a friend of mine
>Dude come up to us and starts speaking in our native language(swedish)
>Friend calls him a nigger in our native language
>the dude goes apeshit and goes around screaming He called me a nigger
>friend keeps calling him a nigger
>guys starts screaming nigger back, not in our native language
>guys gets banned
>mfw i caught a shit load of seafood while my friend got a guy banned
What is nigger in swedish?
look jagex blocks your password ***********
a qp
A q p
Space space space space space W
ah the nostalgia.

>selling coal 50k ea
>have friend buying coal for 500k nearby
Congratulations! You've been randomly chosen to become a mod! You will be given a free phat and permanent membership as soon as you send us your password to register!
Buying gf
Soneone make a new thread before this 404's
Playing through tutorial island feels so weird. Also holy shit so many connection errors.
I quit after RS3. Most the role players were already gone, major changes were coming, and Jagex closed down a shit ton of worlds for F2P. Pretty sure ours was closed too.

It might exist, but I'd doubt in the glory we had it. We had a King who stayed in Varrock (who was later deposed by his brother and resulted in a civil war lasting a few months), would make decrees, had raiding parties cleanse the Wildy, simple farmers, hell, we even had a guy run the jail in the Desert Pass and make them work the mines for a few days.

Fuck I miss it.
Anyone want to sell me whips on rs2007? 1.35m ea
>got full dragon (g) from friend
>some fag says come to wild to kill me for video
>go to wild and try to fuck him up
>fags got an army of ancient mages out there
>I hit him first = skull
>teleport block
>they went in dry.
well fuck screw this game.
>go back to ge
>see the butthole that jacked my shit...selling it

i never pvp anymore... if i ever do play, i just merch.
fucking theiving daily tho
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>most vivid RS memory
>spending hours picking flax like a cotton picking nigger
The fucking book fair! I remember me and my beat friend both put in 4 dollars so we could buy this shit. He still has it. Kek, good fucking times
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/v/ has a private server called /v/scape. you guys should play look it up on steam
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