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mom son incest experience?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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mom son incest experience?
yes please
my mom is kind of a nympho, but we have never done anything, but ive seen some sexual related stuff
>a blonde bimbo trophy wife
>even gets implants due to dad being a successful mofo and wanting her to get some
>start hating hugs because her boobs feel like really firm spheres on her chest
>hate makeup till i get about 26
>hate fake women till i turn 28
>end up mostly dating dirty and out of shape girls because they felt more real than other girls
>other girls remind me of my mom
>Only ever find 6/10s attractive

gonna need sauce on that particular image my friend
Start flirting with her!

yes, reddit
fuck you
go duck a dick
>Be me
>0 years old
>Mom's a dirty slut
>I'm inside her
>The force of my girth is destroying her.
>Mom starts screaming.
>My 1-cm penis is rock hard right now
>As the screaming continues, I begin to slowly exit her body.
>She quivers as my massive head exits her vagina
>And then I got to suck her tits.

lol bredy gud anon
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Bump for intrest
Bump. Anybody?
Annon if this is your mom I hate you
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Live free

man i love milf

>Live free
or die
>be me
>dad is is military
>used to go overseas a lot
>mom made videos and sent them to him while he was deployed
>i find said videos
>one is called 'a cheap low budget porno'
>others have her just talking about shit, while playing with her tits
>jerk off to them
>feel shame
>keep jerking to them anyway
>Mark dutifully took the seat and watched as our son slid his rock-hard cock incestuously to the balls in my receptive vagina.

>With his dad looking on, I spread my splayed knees further, exposing and tilting my whole cuntal area upward for better penetration and display.

>I began a stream of lewd encouragements and Steve was soon delirious with lust in the subjugation of his mother's willing body in front of his dad.

>His long, slime-slickened cock slid though my frothy cuntal lips in deep, full strokes as he held my ankles and fucked me possessively.

>"Oh yes my darling son, fuck Mommy good for your dad" I cooed as I humped my pelvis up in time with his rhythmic slapping into my overheated sex.

>"Show him how a rightful son takes over his mother's cunt. There's no rush, take all the time you want to enjoy your mommy's pussy sweetheart."

>I looked over to Mark while purring those words then added with even more sluttiness,

>"When you're ready, your mother's womb is wide open and waiting sweetheart. I can feel my naughty egg all ready to be fertilized by my beautiful son's sperm. Make a baby in your mommy darling!"

>With the added excitement of such a fateful moment, and with his father helplessly watching, Steve pounded me through another strong orgasm before planting deep, and pumping ardent, hot jets of his potent young seed into my welcoming uterus.
you're right, corrected

overwritten as fuck, not every action deserves an adverb.
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>be me adopted
>when I was 17
>old man dies so just me and his wife
>she has massive tits and a super round ass
>loves niggers
>gets drunk one night
>starts coming onto me
>we're naked
>rubs me in oil
>humping her while her cubbyish body moves up and down so sexily
>hitting it raw
>screaming cuz she never had a dick this big
>husband was small AF I was only 6 inches
>cum in her twice and start to fuck her asshole
>cum in her ass 3 times and start face fucking her
>cum again down her throat and fall asleep with my fingers in her ass
still do it to this day
I'm 19 now
she doesn't even care when
anytime I want it I just basically rape her but she loves it
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>be 15 jerkin in the bathroom in which one doorknob was missing

>connecting room was my brother's, who happened to be out for the night

>thought I was safe

>through the crack at the bottom of the door, I see feet brisk by


>see them pause out of the corner of my eye

>realize my mom saw me stroking my dick
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quite right
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blackmail wincest.jpg
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old story for you
You came 6 times? I don't think so TIm.
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>be 19
>dads out of state visiting his brother
>just me and mom in the house
>"anon do you want to sleep in my bed like you used to when you were little?" (i used to sleep in there every time my dad went out of state to go hunting or something with his brothers)
>"yeah sure"
>bedtime rolls around
>mom's wearing a really loose, low-cut shirt, tits are hanging very nicely
>i get a little hard
>she notices me staring at her tits
>starts talking to me about girls, if i've had any experiences etc
>i tell her i haven't and she says some shit like "oh well that's why you were looking at my old gross body blah blah blah the second you get a girlfriend you'll ignore your old mom"
>i defend her, say she looks great, tell her all my friends always give me shit for having an attractive mom with big tits
>tell her "they always talk shit about being jealous i got to suck on those"
>shit kinda starts to get real, i can see her nips poking through the shirt
>i realize i'm hard as a rock
>"anon do you want to see them?"
>mom takes her shirt off, scoots closer to me
>"go ahead, baby"
>she grabs my hand and places it on her tit
>"holy shit......"
>i start rubbing and playing with her tits, lean down and start sucking on them
>she's moaning, saying "oh, baby" a lot, said some "blah blah mommy" shit that i don't remember
>she pulls me off of her, pushes me onto my back
>fucking RIPS my pajama pants off of me, cock springs out with force
>she starts stroking me, i start sucking on her tits again as she rubs my hair with her free hand
>"mom, i'm gonna... i'm gonna cum...."
>she slides down the bed, hovers over me, tits touching my dick, keeps stroking
>i shoot a huge load onto myself and onto her tits
>we go to sleep
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Gee Whiz Mister Nigger....is that true?

Oh wait...
i wonder if they were both attractive... idk how I feel about that. If it were my mother I'd vomit at the thought but I want to say that story is slightly arousing. I wonder if his mom is hot. He said he'd get instant boners around her, but then again when I was a teenager little vibrations from the bus ride would give me a boner.
Hehe, white people trying to sound black
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>cuntal area

i cant jerk it if im laughing.
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>>Only ever find 6/10s attractive
That's a blessing, anon.
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Oh Spidey, you so cray cray
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>next day
>wake up, mom's not in bed, i put my pants on, take a piss, head to the kitchen
>hear and smell bacon cooking before i even turn the corner to the kitchen
>already thinking "fuck yes this is awesome"
>turn the corner, mom's only wearing an apron to protect her from the bacon grease spray
>stand there, jaw dropped, staring at her ass and sideboob
>"good morning sleepyhead"
>"uhhh morning mom"
>she acknowledges her lack of clothing
>"i figured you wouldn't mind... your father usually doesn't"
>"umm, nope, it's... very nice"
>go to fridge, get drink, sit down at table staring at her ass
>decide fuck it, off with the pants
>slide my pants off, get up and go throw them in the hamper
>get back to the kitchen, say "i figured you wouldn't mind" with a fucking shit-eating grin on my face and a rock hard dick
>she looks me up and down, says "not at all" while staring at my dick, then looks up at me and smiles.
>"come stand behind me anon"
>stand behind her, cock pressing into her lower back
>she reaches behind her and grabs my hips, pulls me right up against her
>i help her finish cooking breakfast while rubbing precum all over her back and ass
>we sit down and eat, she takes off her apron
>stare at her tits the whole time we're eating, she keeps giggling about it
>finish eating in record time
>"do you want to go back to bed mom?"
>she laughs, grabs our plates and stands up, giving me a "hmmmm" kinda thing
>walks back to the table and sits on my fucking lap, my cock standing at attention between her thighs
>she starts stroking me kinda, playing with my balls
>"why do you want to go back to bed? are you tired?"
>"well, why do you want to go back to bed?" it was almost like she was talking to my dick instead of me, because she was focusing on it
>"because i want to... um... you know"
>"i know what? spit it out, anon"
>".... i..... i want to do what we did last night..."
>"you want to suck on mommy's tits?"
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1407455210639 (2).jpg
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File: 1323065779076.jpg (38KB, 500x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can see how people are attracted to my mom like my friends but I wouldnt ever fuck her cuz its sick to think about.
>be 12
>sleeping at best friends place
>getting sick
>friend's mom asked if I wanted to go home
>I say yes
>she calls my mom/dad
>mom/dad doesnt answer
>I ask if she can just drop me off, I have a key
>she drops me off
>I see 2 cars outside ive never seen
>o well
>go inside
>hear moaning upstairs
>think mom dad are fuckin
>go up, must walk past their room to get to mine
>door not fully closed
>peek in for curiousity
>see mom being fucked by random guy while blowing dad and another guy
>watch in horror
>go to bed
>parents look embarrassed in the morning once they saw I was home
>asking when I got back
>I said early that morning

Tldr : found my mom being gangbanged
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1392584366910 (1).png
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I remember quite a lot of things from when I was really young and I vividly remember this one:

>be 6-8 years old
>alone with mom in the house
>mom comes out of shower, hasn't fully dressed yet
>mom sits on couch in her underwear
>notice pubes coming out the side of her underwear
>ask what it is
>mom pulls underwear to the side, revealing more hair and lips
>tells me they grow from there
>i touch one lip and ask what it is
>tells me thats where i came from
>i see some sort of opening, asks what it is
>asks me if i want to feel inside
>put finger inside, stir a little
>starting to feel wet, i say it feels sticky and gross
>mom grabs my hand, pushes in a little further
>feels all weird inside, pull my finger out and stop
>mom wipes finger clean

I used to sleep in my mothers bed from time to time, this is what happened almost every time:

>lay next to mom
>mom always sleeps naked
>waits till dad sleeps
>spreads legs a little
>grabs my leg and places it between hers
>i always felt that bush with my knee
>she grinds her pussy a little on my knee
>knee starts feeling wet
>keeps going on going untill i hear a sigh
>stops and falls asleep

I could never fall asleep next to her unless I had my leg between hers and my knee against her pussy, since I got so used to it, it felt really comfortable. Not even knowing what she was actually doing.
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Wincest 3.gif
608KB, 700x499px

>"you want me to do this..." she starts stroking my cock more "...again?"
>i moan yes
>"well we don't have to go back to bed for that"
>she gets out of my lap, "c'mon"
>walks into the living room, next room over
>sits on the couch, pats the couch next to her telling me to sit down
>i don't waste any time sitting down next to her and go right for her tits
>she laughs, tells me to slow down
>pushes me back a little, picks one of her legs up onto the couch
>my mom's pussy is right fucking in front of me
>"do a favor for mommy, first, anon"
>"sure, mom. what?"
>she starts rubbing herself, looks down at her pussy
>"lick me"
>i stutter a bit, manage to get out "mom i've never done that before"
>she says she'll teach me
>face between her thighs, her hand on the back of my head
>spend the next 30-45 minutes kissing and licking her pussy while she tells me what to do
>she cums while i'm licking her and she's rubbing her clit
>"mmmmmm, good job anon... very good job"
>she pulls me up, kisses me, we make out a little
>pushes me onto my back against the arm rest
>strokes my cock for a little, starts sucking it
>i'm moaning and groaning like crazy
>"mom i'm gonna cum oh my god"
>burst a huge fucking load in her mouth, she doesn't even flinch
>swallows it, says "you're just like your father... we're going to have to work on your diet"
>spend the rest of the day naked and playing with each other
moar now

in a little bit, gonna play some vidya games because this thread is dead as fuck and i feel like i'm talking to myself
no youre not
keep going man
it's hard for us to type with our dicks in our hands

And all the times they had suggested that you spend the night at a friends house came flooding back....
my aaaassssss!!!!! https://www.biupbox.com/blks30/shared_file0265.php
File: 1303030920486.jpg (21KB, 429x410px)
21KB, 429x410px
dude go on
its not dead, but it's exciting and we are waiting for your next story. jeez

alright fine

>the morning after the couch blowjob/oral fun day
>we're laying in bed, dad's coming home that night around 5pm
>both naked, dick hard as usual
>decide to wake up mom, spoon up behind her, cock against her ass
>she lets out one of those sleepy moan "mmm"s and pushes back against me
>"morning, mom"
>"good morning, anon"
>ask what time dad gets home, say some shit about being bummed about not being able to sleep in here anymore
>"or do this anymore," reach around and grab her tit, squeezing it
>she laughs, grinds her ass against me
>"well, anon..." still grinding on me
>reaches behind her and points my cock down, lifts up her leg and puts my cock between her thighs
>"...how about we do something else?"
>"ummm... mom...?"
>i can feel how wet she is, cock is rubbing against her pussy
>"shhhh, baby"
>she reaches between her legs, i feel her grab my cock
>pushes my tip against her pussy, pushes her ass against me
>i thrust in
>she's a little loose but holy fuck it feels amazing, she's really wet
>she starts bouncing her ass against me a little faster, we're still in the spooning position
>squeezer her tit harder, start humping her
>she jerked me off right before we went to sleep so i don't blow my load instantly
>we switch to missionary
>watching her tits bounce as i fucked her was amazing, did me in
>"mom... can i cum inside of you?"
>she tells me yes and inbetween moans says her tubes are tied
>learn something new every day
>HNNNNNNNG, fucking explode inside of her
>collapse on top of her, face in her tits
>fall asleep with her rubbing my head, both of us out of breath
File: 7645068.jpg (25KB, 200x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did you confront her about it once you got ooder?
File: me.png (636KB, 472x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is my story guys

>be me, be 22, be today
>mom is at work, I'm alone at home
>open firefox private browsing on my Linux machine
>go to milfzr.com
>search for video "stiffy fucked his mom"
>fap to all the mommy talk
>jizz all over my hand
>feel disgusted with myself, close the vid before cleaning up
>mfw I don't even want to fuck my mom
File: 1407909460843.jpg (73KB, 657x957px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 657x957px
I believed the story until that point.
why? Is something not believable about pre-cum?
It's a myth that only women believe in.
Tits or GTFO
wat? nigga you just went full retard
Never did, actually. I thought it was hot, when I realized for the first time what actually happened. Was too embarassed to talk to her about it though.
File: 1387553557552.jpg (72KB, 500x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 500x900px
>why? Is something not believable about pre-cum?
Virgins don't know what precum is, ha
File: 1387354850477.jpg (74KB, 715x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 715x960px
Would you ever want a hot mommy that wears bikinis and spends quality time with you when you're a good boy?
Are you still in contact? How's she doing, your story didn't make her seem that stable.
File: 1387354786955.jpg (147KB, 841x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 841x960px
probably traumatic for you but that's really hot!

did you sit in your room all night hearing her moan and dirty talk?

did your parents ever give you an explanation?
>women actually think precum exists
Yeah, we still get in touch. She's doing perfectly fine actually. Stable too, as far as I know. She's just really open minded (I could always talk to her about sex for example, just couldn't bring myself to talk about what happened in the past).
Any more stories about things that happened?
Yeah I was gonna say. After foreplay, it looks like I piss myself because I pre-cum so much.
boats & bitches YEAHAHAHAHAHAH (??_?)?

I don't find my mother attractive at all... why the fuck do these stories/pictures give me such a boner?
It's a thing dipshit. I peg myself every once and a while and get it.
It's just like some girls and rape. They fantasize about it but would never actually want to get raped.
Go grab her breasts.
Nice end. Could you start a thread with your stories later?
Not to be a downer on the thread, but the reason I like this stuff is because my mom never showed any love to me at all. Liking shit like this is an extension of that, along with a general taboo fetish.

I can't stand my fat, bitchy mom. But I do like to imagine myself in these stories of moms fucking their kids, and imagine having that mom instead.
File: sbi_1406616349.jpg (138KB, 1692x888px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1692x888px
File: 1387553525426.jpg (39KB, 500x888px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stopped reading there
Kill yourself mommas boy pussy
>Dad left and married his mistress in my senior year of high school
>Spend a year in college and come home to Mom's house
>Mom and me alone
>Mom cries a lot and bitches some about Dad
>She also drinks
>We were snuggled together watching a TV series she likes. She is wearing shorts and a t-shirt with no bra
>Mom's boobs are pressed into my side
>Get a hard-on
>She lays the back of her wrist on the hard-on and says "Oh my"
>Doesn't move hand at all
>After the show she gets up, kisses me on the cheek and goes upstairs
>I masturbate
>Back at college now

Work on the subtlety of your troll next time.
Same. It turns me on though
She wanted you to follow her upstairs

sure, when i get done playing dayz i'll see if this thread is still up or if any are up calling for my stories

posting from steam browser bai

not if /b/ doesn't want it to be. but i don't have time for greentext right now
What TV show?
no, please don't leave
Ditto. I don't think it's an actual incest thing because brother-sister stuff turns me on and I don't even have a sister
Your right, I can't read a story if it's not green texted... Doesn't feel right
Don't be selfish man... </3
cool story bro

touchme daddyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.biupbox.com/blks30/shared_file0262.php

pic that approximates your fat, bitchy mom pls
>me and friend in the sauna
>towel on because no homo
>mom knocks on the sauna door and asks if she can join in for a few minutes
>she walks in, completely nude
>me and friend feeling a bit awkward
>mom tells us to remove the towel
>''its natural to be nude in a sauna''
>so we do it
>throw the towel out from the sauna
>feel a boner coming
>I start to semi panic
Someone make a thread without mothers.
c'mon finish the story fag
>Not to be a downer on the thread, but the reason I like this stuff is because my mom never showed any love to me at all. Liking shit like this is an extension of that, along with a general taboo fetish.
>I can't stand my fat, bitchy mom. But I do like to imagine myself in these stories of moms fucking their kids, and imagine having that mom instead.

you are me?
Imagine a Polynesian sumo wrestler but with curly hair.

That's about it.
what college?
I'm sure there's more of us in this thread than others are willing to admit, anon.

i won't be gone too long. dayz is too fucking buggy and frustrating to play for long. i'll be back in a bit
Yep. It's just the taboo that makes it hot for most of us. Same with most fantasies.
File: 15.jpg (99KB, 615x546px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 615x546px
if this thread has 404'd make your own
bump this shizzle

>say Im sorry, I dont know why its getting hard
>they start laughing a bit
>friend says he can get a boner too so I dont feel alone
>mom asks him if he needs help
>she's standing infront of him and is teasing him
>he get rock hard
>im just semi hard
>mom tells him that he wins
>''what do I win''
>mom grabs his boner and starts stroking it
Bumping for moar wincest
File: 1383969702005.jpg (875KB, 3008x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
875KB, 3008x2000px
That shit makes me want to puke.
It's all nice and fun when it's a fantasy, but when it's close to happening it's messed up. To this day I'm still mad at her for this.
File: image.jpg (28KB, 460x297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 460x297px
Well hiw about you tell us anon.
You should hate rape her for her atrocities

k i'm back, what do you guys want to hear

every single story you have. Everything you 2 did. Anything you have.
Your traumatizing experiences are our fap material.

you guys are seriously retarded if you think any of those stories are real.

that shit started when i was 19... i'm 24 now, you're gonna have to be a LITTLE specific about what you want to hear. i don't have all day to sit on /b/ greentexting, damn.

>Had this period when I was 10 to 13 when I was obsessed about boning my mom.
>Mom had zero sex life since my dad was unfaithful as fuck
>Couple of times I ended up riding her, supposed to be a hug or whatever. Had a raging boner 5 cm away from her pussy. Even fully clothed I could feel her crotch being hot as hell.
>Worst time this happened I had my forehead against hers and my lips were 1cm from hers. So close I could feel the small hairs above her lips.

The fucked up thing is that she was horny as hell also, breathing heavily etc...

We never talked about it. Needless to sat 15 years later it's still awkward when I give her a hug. This shit is messed up
Post what you think are the best ones.
Well i've always been an ass guy... anything involving her butt or anal and i'm good.
File: 1406431499123.gif (3MB, 500x206px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 500x206px
Not my mom but happened with my aunt

>be 12. Boners all day. First crush is my aunt. Redhead, big tits and pleasantly plump. She never had kids but I've always been her favorite nephew.
>over one summer day. Uncle out of town for work
>Had a jacuzzi tub. Convinced aunt to let me use it after playing in pool
>beg her to join...like grovel on my knees. Fine ill join you in a little bit
>jump in butt ass naked. She comes in later. Makes me close my eyes(I peeked) she knew. She drops into the tub trying to cover her massive tits. They easily spilled out of the sides
>have a fun bath with aunt blowing bubbles and shit
>she dries me off after. No fucks given. Our secret anon! Sure thing

Fast forward
>be 15. Spending summer at aunts house up north.
>swimming, golfing and chilling
>uncle out of the country until a few more days
>aunt cooking breakfast I'm doing crossword puzzle..horribly
>aunt keeps coming over and helping
>she comes up right behind my shoulder and pushes her humongous tits against my head to peak over my shoulder
>my neck is literally bent at a 90 degree
>after the fourth time and thinking shes def doing it on purpose. with my throat in a knot, heart rate racing, and palms sweating...


>>heart rate racing, palms sweating
i can feel the spaghetti coming from here
Post about her actions more vividly.
I wanted to fuck her, she wanted to fuck me. Not much more to say. We didn't kiss but we were this close. We both know she wanted it too which is what makes things awkward to this day.

Look anon if you want messed up shit what don't you ask anons who've been molested to write about it. Considering there is pizza thread everyday here I promise you many have. I was raped by my grandfather from age 3 to 10. He got everyone my cousins, my brother even my aunt when she was a kid too. He was an absolute monster. The day he died this world became a better place
>I reach back a grab a handful of tit and with a laugh say aunt e your boobs are gonna break my neck
>She gave a small gasp and sarcastilly says sorry
>I laugh and say its fine they're like soft amazing pillows
>she teehee's back to the kitchen counter to finish cleaning breakfast pans
>I contemplate my next move. My hands are shaking. I'm a nervous wreck I'm relying on my pint up teenager hormones over my biggest fantasy that I'm reading this situation right
>I sneak up slowly behind her. Her head is down scrubbing away
>I slip my hands under her arms and over both breasts and kiss her softly on the next
>I caress and say something lame like sorry I needed to feel them again
>she sighs out, closes her eyes and leans her head back on my shoulder
>after a couple rubs over the shirt she expertly unclasps her bra and guides one hand up under her shirt
>fuck if I don't still dream about the first time my hand touched that magnificent tit. Euphoric

I'm joking anon.
I don't actually enjoy incest story's just messing with you. Sorry you had to go through that.
Yes fucking cont
go on..

there we go.

>always wanted to try anal
>about a year since everything started
>mom's working from home
>wake up, know it's just us in the house so i stroll out to the kitchen where she's working
>ever since we started, she was usually nude when working from home
>it was awesome
>she's on the phone with someone when i walk out, i start teasing her
>she mouths good morning to me
>i say good morning, and walk up next to her sitting at the kitchen table
>start getting myself nice and hard right next to her, dick basically in her face
>she's kinda pushing me away playfully
>then grabs my dick and starts stroking me as she's talking on the phone
>hard as a fucking rock
>phone conversation finally ends, she starts sucking me almost immediately
>she gets up, bends over her laptop on the table
>i get behind her, start fucking her from behind
>staring at her butt, start teasing her asshole with my fingers
>"mom have you and dad ever done anal?"
>she says no
>"can we do it?"
>"not right now, i'm going to be pretty busy with work today"
>"but... before dad gets home?"
>she says yes
>keep fucking her til i cum inside of her, get her some paper towels and let her get back to work
>she actually was really busy that day, usually work from home days are slow
>couple hours later, she's finally done
>i'm out with a couple friends, see mom calling me
>"gotta go guys my mom needs some help with shit around the house"
>fucking rush home, hard before i walk through the door
>hear her shower running, strip down and join her
>we have some soapy foreplay in the shower, then move to her bed
File: 1407426969156.jpg (220KB, 1012x1060px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 1012x1060px
It's alright. Everyone has someone in their life who messed them up. Fucked up world.
>we stay in the position for a minute or two me grabbing tit and softly pinching nipple
>she turns and faces me we make out a bit and I lift her shirt up
>her nipples could cut diamonds. I suck and suck till they start to hurt
>we kiss some more and after breaking free We look at each other and kind of do that oh shit what next?
>she pecks me on the forehead and says that's enough for now, slips on her shirt and heads upstairs to shower
>I jerk off in the kitchen like a madman. Cum everywhere. I'm in a daze for the rest of the week
>no more funny stuff happened. Uncle came back the next day and was home for the rest of my trip

I'm out of time but to finish the story. I visited again when I was 17-18. Uncle was away for work. I went downstairs for breakfast and my aunt was making breakfast in a bathrobe.
I snuck up behind her and undid the rob, she laughed and said something like I didn't think you still wanted me. I tossed her up on the counter and we fucked like rabbits over the course of that trip.

I was never alone with her to rekindle that fire for quite a while after that. We would sneak off and I could get a quick blow job at thanksgiving but nothing major.

A few years ago I dropped by to visit her. It's been almost 10 years since the last time we fucked. She's a little older now but damn if the fire didnt come back quickly. We fucked on the living room couch after sharing a bottle of wine. I stayed over that night and we made sweet love all night. That's the last time and will probably be the final time we hook up but it's def memorable
>then move to her bed
awww yiss!
you all right, anon. You came through, you're still with us.

you did good.
Get over it you little bitch
File: 1407215082503.jpg (47KB, 418x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 418x455px

>she gave me a blowjob in the shower, made me cum
>i start eating her out the second we're both on the bed
>she stops me, points to the clock and tells me we don't have a very long time before dad will be coming home
>she reaches into her nightstand and pulls out a bottle of lube
>flips onto her stomach, ass up
>"oh my god, mom. i love you."
>she laughs, hands me the bottle
>pour some on her ass, start fingering her asshole and still eating her out
>tongue gets tired, kneel behind her and start fucking her pussy from behind while i'm still fingering her ass
>can't wait any longer
>pull dick out of her, pour some lube on myself, some more on her ass
>press cock against her asshole, slowly start to push in
>she's moaning like fucking CRAZY and rubbing her pussy
>after what felt like forever i was finally all the way in her ass
>we SLOWLY start fucking, she cums
>slowest fuck ever, but feels so fucking good
>she keeps telling me how amazing it feels
>i want to go faster but it's not going to happen this time
>i'm about to cum
>lean forward and grab onto her tits, thrust all the way into her, start cumming
>she starts fucking cumming again
>lay on top of her after we cum, dick still in her ass
>"oh my god anon that felt so good"
>we're both out of breath, jump in the shower again together to clean up
>45 minutes later, dad comes home
Any pictures of your mom? Or is that too much to ask for?
Nothing sexual unless you want to. Just a normal picture.
Thanks man, it's a good surprise to get some kindness from /b/ros.

Faggot being well doesn't mean you don't get them feels when you reminisce.

yeah sorry not gonna post any pictures. try to think of like, sara jay and susan sarandon somehow mixed together.
Please could you
Feels are feels and I think we can all agree that the feelings you get when you have feels are not important and best left forgotten
marathon stories?
wut ?
You talked in a way that reminded me of a friend nvm

like, days that we spent all day fucking?
Also blowjob stories. In detail. Like talk about what exactly she was doing with her toungue and mouth not just "She sucked it".

okay, we've had a couple of those.

>22, finally get my own apartment
>somewhat close to home, only about 15-20 minutes away
>about a week after i move in
>come home from work one day, think i see my mom's car parked outside
>"nah she's at work today, one of my neighbors must have the same car"
>get inside, mom's lounging on the couch naked watching tv
>instant boner
>close door, drop my shit and walk over to the couch
>we start making out, my pants are off pretty quickly, shirt as well
>"mom didn't you have work today?"
>she took a half day to surprise me
>start eating her out, she's being VERY loud... pretty unusual for her
>tells me to fuck her
>"wow mom you're horny today..."
>"i've been thinking about this ever since you bought this apartment."
>she gets on top of me, starts riding me on the couch
>she notices the fucking window blinds behind us are open, first floor apartment. anyone walking by could easily look in and see her bouncing on my dick
>i want to leave them open but she closes them
>fuck her missionary on the couch, blow a nice load on her tits
>we shower, she says she has to get home but tells me to call out of work tomorrow, she'll do the same
Bump for fapping
2nd this¨
My cock is so hard, ahha.
god dammit. people still believe that this was real? i thought that we proved it was a troll and it was either:

1) a researcher trying to see how people react to an oedipal relationship when given anonymity

2) a bored researcher who had fantasies himself and lied about these other people to get his fantasies out

or 3) some dude who got some older woman (or his real mom idk) to lie with him to this researcher about their fake sexual relationship so he could go on reddit and get karma and a boner and make guys jelly
I dont believe its real, I like it.
>dad is military
Your dad was the entire military?
Just a one man army?
Or was your mom just a cumbucket for all the soldiers?
wait, what? thats was the marathon?
File: 3jpg.jpg (1007KB, 559x4582px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1007KB, 559x4582px
I want mommy to put on my favorite bikini and give me a lap dance
File: 4_tbc.jpg (791KB, 600x2649px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
791KB, 600x2649px
What's up me.
Number 8.
Pretty much 100% me too... at least I think. I used to have a good relationship with my mom when I was young, not any more though. But even back then I had an incest fetish, just not a mother/son fetish... always fantasized about 2 of my aunts and a few cousins. Now I'm all about the m/s.

>next day, i'm up bright and fucking early. go to text her that i'm up when i hear the front door open
>she comes straight into the bedroom, strips down while i stare at her them jumps into bed and we start making out and having some hand fun
>was gonna just say she gives me a blowjob but i'll add some details for my anon bro up there
>she starts giving me a really slow, nice blowjob
>licking up my cock with so much fucking eye contact
>flicking her tongue on my balls while stroking me, i'm already almost ready to explode
>tell her to slow down, she's gonna make me cum
>she wraps her lips around my dick and slowly starts sucking me, using her tongue more than she's moving up and down.
>starts speeding up, bobbing her head up and down faster
>"oh holy shit, mom... i'm gonna cum"
>she slows down, just has the tip plus a little more in her mouth
>flicking her tongue on my head
>i explode into her mouth, she swallows
>slowly sucks me for a little while longer
>lays next to me, i start playing with her pussy, slide down the bed to take care of her
>take my time with her as well, trying to remember every little thing she taught me about eating pussy
>she's pulling my face against her, almost pulling my fucking hair out a couple of times, but i love it
>make her cum twice
>she tells me to lie down on my back
>climbs on top of me and starts riding me
>my favorite position because i can suck on her tits while we fuck
>i'm fucking crazy turned on, so we switch to doggy
>we start going at it fast, rough, and loud
>in between moans, "your father never fucks me this fast"
>immediately start fucking her harder, getting close
>start pulling her hair, teasing her asshole with my free hand
>she's moaning loud as FUCK, obviously gonna cum soon
>i tell her i'm going to cum
>"me too"
>start pumping a surprising amount of cum into her considering i just blew in her mouth not extremely long ago
>she cums on my dick, we fall asleep for a little while
Why did I find this hot
no, that was just the intro to it

fuck off
File: 1378044304486.jpg (281KB, 920x1316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281KB, 920x1316px
File: mom_teaser_gif.gif (923KB, 232x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
923KB, 232x225px
Because it's fucking boner food, don't be ashamed.
File: 1380407246732.jpg (370KB, 1160x1716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
370KB, 1160x1716px
I was wondering why those tapes were moved every day. And I thought mother was just cleaning and move them around.
Post some pictures of your auntee?
> be me about 7
> friend is over
> mom sleeps naked
> tell friend my mom had hair down their
> no she don't anon
> goes to her room
> pulls up blanket
> touch it anon
> no
> dare you
> do it
> mom wakes up
> get the youahouldntdothat talk
> get sprite and ice cream :D
Gotta few more nothin to good tho if any interest
mind concluding this?
>were were you when dad was military
>i was at home watching cheap low budget porno
>when suddenly phone rings
>dad is military
Lol reverse epodipis rex sydnrom
first time jerked out to a story but it was amazing
>take my time with her as well, trying to remember every little thing she taught me about eating pussy
Have you gotten compliments from other girls for that?

i am
I came.

>wake up about an hourish later
>jump in the shower together
>wash each other, then i push her up against the wall
>slow fuck from behind while i finger her ass
>"i think i know what you're doing, anon"
>"i hope you do"
>"we're going to need lube, not water"
>quickly run to my room and grab lube
>she's laughing when i get back, drying herself off
>"not in here, jesus... this bathroom is too small"
>she walks into the kitchen
>bends over the counter
>oh hell yeah
>walk up right behind her, pour some lube on her ass and on my dick
>slowly start pushing into her
>we'd done anal a few times since that first time, so after a little while we could actually properly fuck, but it was still a bit slow
>"i can't believe i'm fucking my mom, in the ass, in the kitchen of my apartment right now."
>she moans, laughs, "i love you, anon."
>"love you too, mom."
>speed up a little, reach around her and start rubbing her clit
>she cums, i still have a bit to go before i'm ready
>pull out, she squats down and starts jerking me off while she licks my balls
>"lets go back into the shower, quickly anon"
>wants me to wash my dick off a little before i fuck her or she blows me
>she washes me off, sucks me quickly in the shower before we move back to the bedroom
Jesus that atrocious spelling
glad i could help out anon

i have. it's always a biiiiiit awkward if they ask where i learned to do it so well. i always just tell them practice makes perfect
I think you may have a sydnrom
File: 1404758560022.jpg (459KB, 1247x1593px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
459KB, 1247x1593px
>be about 14
>having a lot of wet dreams recently
>bed sheets are usually wet and smell like cum
>mom realize whats happening since she has to wash the sheets
>she probably got tired of it and one day, she
decided to teach me how to masturbate properly (parents were divorced so I guess she thought someone had to teach me)
>she told me that getting hard was perfectly natural
>she took off my shorts and told me to sit in her lap
>gave me the reacharound and jerked me off into a tissue

she jerked me off a few more times until she thought I could do it myself
any of you guys would screw your aunt?
File: 1407799339438.gif (448KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
448KB, 500x275px
aunts in their mid 50s so not really an option
mmm mommy wear dem shorts
> next night
>Did the same thing to said friends mom and older sister
> sister was like 13-15 Idk
> mom on couch sister on other
> friend holding towel infront of moms face while I'm checking his sister
> took what felt like years to get her jammies off
> move panties down
> I'm as hard as diomands
> see cooch no hair
> touches it a few times
> finger goes in
> freak out
> turns out she's not all the way asleep
> stop dad
> freak out n krab her like that
> run to the trampoline
> friend right behind me
> how was it
> scary as fuck man
> scary
> as
> fuck

Didn't expect this thread to be active after getting home.

To highlight some of our best moments

1st fuck (kitchen) I had her propped up on the counter. All I knew about sex was from porn so I went to town on her pussy with my tongue and fingers. She seemed to enjoy it but after a few minutes she grabbed my arm and guided me to the couch where I pump a dozen times into her soaking wet pussy and finished all over her tits

>after this I do some google searching on pleasuring women. It's a little after lunch and she's laying on the couch napping. I snuggle up to her and we start kissing. I milk this time. Kissing her everywhere you can imagine. Slowly undressing her. I pulled her jeans away and she's shyly closing her legs covering herself. I laugh and pull her legs apart...she was so fucking wet it was like a cobweb of cum between her legs. Her thighs made an audible shlick when I parted them and lines of cum could be seen connecting her milky white legs. I licked and fingered where I'd learned and she bucked and moaned and shuddered until she let out of fuck, grabbed my hair with both hands and shook violently with an orgasm

4th day I was there. At this point we've fucked and sucked a dozen times already. We're in my bed going at it. I'm finally getting in a groove and can last a couple minutes. She's got her legs spread as wide as they can go, she's grabbing the headboard behind her and I'm drilling that pussy like there's no tomorrow. I know I'm hitting the right spot when she starts panting fuck fuck fuck. After a few more thrusts she wraps my waist in a bear hug with her legs and starts shuddering. I busted my load in her that time I couldn't have pulled out if I wanted. She said that was the first time she cummed whiled being fucked in a decade
mmm what did she wear when she did that?

>get to my bed
>she lays down on her back, legs spread wide
>start fucking missionary, really slow, making out and sucking her tits while fucking her
>she tells me to go faster
>stop leaning down and sucking her tits, straighten up
>grab her hips and start fucking her harder
>tits bouncing everywhere, she's trying to hold them steady
>i roll her onto her side, close her legs so she's kinda in a spoon position
>so much fucking tighter like this, feels so fucking good
>keep fucking her fast, she cums
>i'm getting close, she wants to ride me
>straddles me, starts fucking me really slow while we make out some more
>she speeds up a little, i start playing with and sucking on her tits
>she starts really slamming herself down onto me
>gonna cum real soon
>pull her down, we make out as i cum inside of her
>she pulls off of me, then turns around
>69 is my favorite number
>starts sucking my cock, licking her cum and my cum off of it
>i don't really want to lick my cum out of her pussy, so i start licking her ass and rubbing her pussy instead
>she doesn't mind
>she sucks me til i'm really hard again
>wants me to fuck her in the ass
>fucking lube is in the kitchen
>"let's do it in the living room again anon"
>i love my fucking slutty mom
>bend her over the couch arm rest, start fucking her in the ass again

somebody pls screencap the whole set of stories from this guy?
"stop dad"

what the fuck? Oh shit...
Last one from that trip
Last day: I was helping her do yard work in the backyard. She was wearing a light sundress and after the fourth or fifth time she bent over and sneaking a peak at her panties I couldn't resist. I snuck inside and slathered my dick in lube and walked back out with no shorts. I got behind her while she was yanking on weeds, flipped her dress and pulled her panties away in one quick motion and slid my dick in. Got a little aggressive and grabbed her hair while i fucked her doggy. She had to grab ahold of the tree to keep from falling. She was trying to keep quiet with muffled umphs umphs

Thanksgiving: family time. I would steal kisses and gripes while we were alone in a room. After a couple hours and everyone is downstairs she's says she needs my help getting something upstairs. We walk into the master bathroom and she tosses me against the wall and grabs for my dick thru my shorts. She gets down and sucks me off like it was a race. I cum in record time. She swallows every bit like a champ. We got a few more of these in including me finger fucking her late one night we were there after a "midnight snack"
post some pictures of your aunt pls
Need new thread
>are you me?
> be 10 or 11
> still not clear what sex is
> mom with her bf me and sister in hotel
> mom n bf fucking
> I watch all of it getting hard as hell
> her bf leavs for something
> gone for hrs
> mom passes out
> I find a bottle of what I think is candy
> eat one
> get hard and Idk why
> wanna do what mom and her bf did
> get in bed with mom
> rub my lil pecker on her lips and between her but cheeks till she wakes up
> got the hell beaten out of me with a raging boner
> got more sprite and icecream cuz I wouldn't stop crying
Too fake even to be funny
>Be me
>be drunk
>having heart to heart with mom about our rough time after dad left years ago
>mom is old in shape, solid 8/10 for her age
>she makes a move on me
>refuse cause not a fucking faggot or attracted to her at all
>will never forget that she tried to kiss me
>fucking gross
ok, so while wankin it to this...
>on second floor
>hear front door to house open
>sis walks upstairs
>quickly cover with blanket
>opens door
>I am naked under blanket
>she is currently 1 foot away from me...laying in a tight pair of jeans and tight cammie...

holy fuck.
Why is she in your room?

idk how much longer i'll be on /b/. i'll be around tonight but might have to run for a little bit. you anon bros can kik me if you want, i'll make an account with my ID as the username
we usually hang in here:
>smoke pot
we're pretty tight.
shes a solid 9/10 as well.
at least finish the marathon
grope her
Dude! Why haven't you made a move yet? Just fucking start jerking it and she'll want a piece of that dick
File: lexi belle..webm (1MB, 588x392px)
lexi belle..webm
1MB, 588x392px
>my brother
>my gf's swoon over him
>tell me it's to bad he's my brother
>they just laugh if I ask, did you fuck him?
>I start to get angry
>I start to get jealous
>one night I can't take it
>sneak into his room
>stand there looking at him
>see his cock is tenting his pj's
>reach down and slide it through the flap
>my panties are soaking now
>slowly sit on bed
>reach out
>lightly grasp it
>start stroking it while I rub my pussy
>feel his precum dripping over my hand
>lean over
>about to suck his cock
>then it happens
>a whisper from behind me
>susan, wh-what are you doing
>get over here
>she grabs me, drags me to my room
>she berates me
>calls me a whore, a slut
>leaving she says this isn't over
>I lay on my bed
>I think what I've done
>I'm ashamed
>I try to go to sleep
>10 minutes later I hear my mom scream
>that fuckin bitch
>get up to tell her off
>push doors open
>they're fucking
>forget what I was gonna say
>just watch
Looking back on it now I can see why she said that
> hot as fuck
>7/10 now 99/10 to me then
>skinny Russian
> nice tittys
> lived in a trailer park in the south
> pic related her body type
because...long story short I have a heart. Just a fucked up fetish...also I feel bad for groping her as a child when we were kids. wow...never told anyone that before.
File: 1407794925724.jpg (141KB, 960x715px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 960x715px
will do, anon

>look at the clock while i'm fucking her
>"dad's probably getting home from work around now..."
>she moans LOUD, pushes her ass back into me
>take it as a hint, start fucking her a little faster
>"dad might wonder where you are..."
>she moans again
>"i bet he'd never guess what you're doing right now"
>she starts rubbing her pussy
>starts moaning more
>makes herself cum
>no shit, her phone starts ringing right then
>her bag and clothes are in my room
>try walking in there with my dick still in her ass, but it was too awkward cause she's too much shorter than me
>she gets to my room, bends over to get her phone out of her bag
>too horny, don't care
>get behind her, push her to the bed, she's looking at her phone as we get to the bed
>she's bent over the edge of the bed, i slide back into her ass as she shows me her phone
>missed call from dad
>i moan, start fucking her
>"i told you he would wonder where you are"
>phone starts ringing again
>i try to get her to pick it up but she refuses
>get her to let it keep ringing
>cum in my mom's ass while my dad is calling her cell phone
>we shower up, play a little in the shower again, she heads home
>find out she told my dad she took the day off to clean up my mess of an apartment and ended up cooking dinner for me
Yeah I'm dyslexic
>I can make eye contact
File: once again.jpg (27KB, 324x284px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
once again.jpg
27KB, 324x284px
>your whole story
It's ok man, I just figured you was hot for your sister. you shouldn't ever let anyone make you do something or someone you do not want to do

this shit is fucking beautiful, i want to read this at an open mic
Were you that stupid as a 14 year old or did your mom turn you on?
damn, thanks

If you still have time, any jelousy story? Like, she finds you with a gf and then fucks you.
Greetings, this is Dslyecxi and today we will be looking at porn.
My nigga
ask her what color her bra is then
File: 1384229668089.jpg (435KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 1024x1024px

eh, not really. she never got jealous like that. she just made sure i showed her anything that i learned from another girl
its black, I can see it.
File: 1382840200696.jpg (49KB, 666x690px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 666x690px
That's pretty sick. Any other stories, or pictures of her?
They were in Fear Factor apparently. He let that slip in the thread on reddit.
Holy fuck your stories are A++

plenty of stories, no pics that i'll be sharing
Alright, that's respectable.

#based poster though.


not even a regular pic of your mom bet most are curious how she looks
>he doesn't know what precum is

yes, i'll post a picture of my mom on /b/ after telling you guys about fucking her. that couldn't go wrong...
Did you guys ever do anything in public or a semipublic place ?
No. She doesn't think that way. Not even if she were really drunk.
File: 8de.png (757KB, 1198x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
757KB, 1198x1200px
You just need to fuck her to get past that awkward stage, it'll help your relationship with her


>going camping one year
>dad's driving his truck, mom and i are in her car with whatever we couldn't get to fit in the truck because of my kayak
>i'm driving mom's car
>we're on the highway, following dad to the campground, it's about an hour and a half away
>i start rubbing my mom's thigh as we're cruising behind dad
>she gets the hint
>starts rubbing my cock through my shorts
>i unbutton, pull dick out
>she starts jerking me off as we drive
>i unbutton her shorts, slide my hand down and start rubbing her
>we're masturbating each other as we drive down the highway right behind my dad
>i don't last very long because of the whole situation
>shove my hand down my mom's shirt, start playing with her tits
>she moves my hand, says dad might see in the mirror
>go back to rubbing her pussy
>"mom i'm probably gonna cum soon... it's gonna be messy."
>try talking her into letting me cum in her mouth but she's really paranoid about my dad seeing something weird going on in his mirrors
>she keeps jerking me off though
>cups one hand in front of my cock when i'm about to cum
>catches almost all of it in her hand
>licks her hand clean, makes me keep rubbing her pussy the rest of the way to the campsite
hell no
yeah I'm not 12 anymore dude.
Thanks for the tip though

inb4 different id but same guy
It couldn't if you do it properly
I'm just going to leave this here
100% real.
3 vids in total

http://www.xnxx com/video5754956/chrissy_and_her_dad_homemovie
File: 1406688690739.jpg (36KB, 562x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 562x600px
We're looking for the opposite, m8.
I only fish for legit stuff.
Never seen real mom son.

chrissy and dad is the only real incest I've seen. It's fucked up as hell. It the other vids they talk while they fuck about her boyfriends. Dad is insecure as fuck. Keep asking if she enjoys fucking him.

not too many, but yeah. we actually fucked in the woods once, quickly, on that same camping trip
awesome, you have any like favorite fucks? Some that where just above the rest?

hmmm... that one i might have to think about a little bit. that first time we fucked in my apartment was pretty amazing.
you got time to greentext any of those for us?
Someone should archive your posts

not right now :/ i'll post in a thread later if there's one up. and like i said in the earlier post, i'll answer questions and shit on kik
in how many hours will you post said thread? i wanna be there for this shit
I'm ahead of you

idk, probably around 11pm est. 8:30pm now... so like 3-4 hours?
i'll be there
it's almost 3 am here so I can't attend, could someone archive it for me?
This please

Also thanks OP!
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