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Banging your cousin stories. Go

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Banging your cousin stories. Go
One time, I banged my cousin. Shit was SO cash
Hahaha perfect.
>baning cousin
>everyone walk the dinosour
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Haven't banged her yet, but here is a pic my cousin sent me. :) we haven't seen each other since she sent it to me but when we do ;)
banged cousin then home to bel air
Anymore pics?
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No other nudes yet, I'm working on it. This is her though.
Damn. Get moar!
>be me, age 4
>getting babysat by older female cousin
>asks me if i want a bath
>undresses me
>fiddles my diddle
>rapes me
Now I like cock
I just asked her to send another. she is 2 years older than me and used to change in front of me and everything when we were younger.
>be me
>8 or smth
>live behind a old guy that had a nintendo and the other neighbor was my female cousin
>went with the old guy sometimes, he was friend with my dad so is ok that I used his nintendo
>once I arrived and he was seeing porn
>see a blowjob, looks like fun
>tell my cousin the next day
>she is one year younger than me
>we try the blowjob thing
>do that several times
>she lives in germany now and is sexy as fuck
>tfw we never see each other again
>never talked about this since then
:( sorry about that.
Oh god I want moar!
Damn. Have any pics of her?
New one
The other day this anon posted a killer story of his cousin being sent to stay with him and how she totally seduced him. Was hoping he would be on.
>have cousin
>had sex
>true story
yeah but I'm not retarded as many people from here who post shit and then this summer whiteknights faggots come to fuck up everything.

this is fucking amateur porn bro :(

I can tell that she is the sweetest girl (10/10 face) I have ever seen and with a 9/10 body, would marry even if my family hated me for life.
Any way to get those pants off her?
She's a hottie.
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had my cousin suck my cock

pic realted
My cousin also fiddled my diddle, but it didn't make me a faggot.

>be me ages ~5-6, my younger brother is ~4-5, and my cousin is ~12-13
>cousin always asks if we want to play simon says
>she'd get us to do stuff like sucking on her tits for "milk" and plays with our dicks
>she'd get us to get naked and then we'd "play" one at a time rubbing our naked bodies against each other and kissing
>never actually penetrated

So I guess I technically wasn't raped.
>on family vacation
>ski trip
>everyone's out except me and my cousin
>go to bathroom
>forget to lock door
>cousin walks in and immediately back out because i'm in there wankin
>she needs to grab something so she comes back in
>literally bends over in front of me and pulls her skinny jeans down
>stand up
>walk over and fuck her as hard as anyone can be fucked
>massive cum explosion that leaks out of her pussy
>wake up
I remember that thread, anon, I was there.

It might be archived somewhere, I'll see if I can find it
True -_-
Twas a killer story. Almost enough to fap to.
Hahahaha! At least you finished
found it, will post
I'm working on it
You are amazing

do et

Are you like 8? She looks young as fuck dude.
found the screencap, I'll just post this rather than copying ans pasting
I love you.
If you take the time to read this, you are a virgin.
Lol she is 23 years old now actually
mines not that great of a story. but meh, w/e i'll post it.

>grandparents house
>they have a pool
>barbecuing is done
>family goes inside
>12 yr old cousin is outside with me
>we want to swim
>Cousins mom: "Anon, watch her. make sure she doesn't drown.
>my mom: "Have fun"
>swimming around
>cousin likes to try and wrestle me under water.
>she's climbing on me like a spidermonkey on a tree
>managed to bring her around the front
>she clings to me
>trying to get her off, get a fistful of 12 yr old ass

"what is that feeling ...?"

>Bathing suit slipped aside. i am on pure booty
>Still grabbing. making her laugh
>she cant reach my butt, arms too short.
>Grabs muh dick through muh shorts
>one can of instant-boner
>Start feeling around
>Pussy located
>twiddling that shit about with two fingers
>awkward hand cramping as i juxtapose a finger into either hole.
>boner intensifies
>She's clinging to me for dear life now, breathing heavy
>whip my dick out. start pumping away
>she's got no idea what's happening.
>Rubbing dick on her clit.
>Cum almost instantly.
>she makes some odd noises
>mfw i think i gave my cousin her first orgasm

she's a repressed lesbian now. attends christian schools
>christian school

I wish her luck anon
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here's my 2nd cousin after my birthday blowjob. We both turned 18 together, 1 week apart, and decided to have some fun.
> Me 15, cousin is 13 blond qt 3.13
> Driving from Cousins to Grandmothers house. > Mom driving, grand mom in front seat
> Me, cousin and gramps in back
>On the road for hours, staring at cuz' cookie, fantasizing
> late at night
>cuz is asleep, leaning on me
>My arms are crossed, extend arm caress her little boob
You made your cousin a lesbian. LOL not a bad story though
ugly ass tits
got a hard on reading that thanks anon
she's adorable anon

any more pics at all?

God amongst men.
>be me. 8. Femanon.
>Go to Aunt's farm for visit
>See cousin, male, 11-ish
>"Want to see my fort?"
>Sure, why not.
>Cousin takes me to secluded spot in woods
>there's an old couch and stuff
>He rapes me on the couch
>tell no one
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>have a cousin that I would like to bang
>so fucking hot and sexy
>try to flirt with her casually to see if she's into
>don't want to straight up say "let's fuck" because she could tell everyone and fuck my shit up
>play it cool and be kinda vaguely flirtatious
>she asks me wtf is going on
>what do you mean?
>she says it's almost like I'm flirting with her, which would be disgusting since we're cousins
>tell her I was just messing with her. haha.
>she laughs, says she was worried for a minute.
lol. welcome bro
i feel bad and awesome about it at the same time
File: IMG_5207.jpg (112KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not really a fucked story but

>visit cousin at his condo, has a swimming pool
>he has wife and kids and always invites other relatives over to swim and play with his kids
>go swimming and people wanna play chicken
>13 yo cousin wants to get on my shoulders, made it no problem
>she's short so everytime she falls over she needs to hold onto me cz water i stand in too deep for her
>holds onto my shoulders with one arm and keeps using her other one to hold onto my stomach
>hand keeps getting lower the more she does it
>also keeps brushing her toes against the back of my knees
>feelsgoodman.jpg but i dont wanna pedo.exe

she also likes to draw dicks a lot and scribbles over it before she thinks anyone sees esp on ms paint and on her drinks when it fogs up on the outside of the can/glass
File: IMG_1036.jpg (637KB, 1632x1224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And then there was whipped creams.. fun night . I'll never forget or regret it.
File: nervousdad.jpg (98KB, 343x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she also likes to draw dicks a lot
She is sexy af.
We planned it for months and she almost backed out a day before the big day. Luckily she didnt.
50 shades of gay?
>be me, age 12
>at grandparents house with 8/10 15 yo cousin
>"Anon.. Can you give me a back rub"
>Mount her back getting my hands deep into her back
>she takes her shirt off
>quietly studder out "c..can i feel your tits
>she turns and looks at me.
>she screams at the pitch of 1000 air horns
>slaps me
>runs out crying
more stories
I would be pissed.
File: 1407519456798.gif (190KB, 300x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I would be pissed
Because you're a faggot with body weight issues? Or because you're a grill without a sense of adventure? Either way, an hero
Rofl! Have you talked to her since?
>15 years old cousin
>she's in my place cause her school is in my town, and she's from a different one
>one day, we end up being alone
>in room, asked her for massage
>after doing it, we start talking about sex
>she's virgin
>told her she may ask anything related to sex
>we end up talking about wanking
>pulled my dick and start to fap
>tell her to try out
>after a few seconds, she grabs it, wank it a bit

i also have licked her tits, and played with her butt

still in contact, may try something more
File: 1384819350387.jpg (338KB, 598x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw I've fapped to cousins, my older sisters, and my own mom.
Faggot with body weight issues. Thanks for the great story.
Pics for a /b/ro
ass pic?
I did that with my step sis at age 10
File: image.jpg (95KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's my cousin that's a model in Colombia.
File: 1404952121600.jpg (53KB, 492x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They're some sad fucking nips m80
>Be me
>Be 13yo
>Moving to another city, where mothers family lives
>Siser and i move first, since sis is unemployed and im on summer vacation
>Move with aunt
>Have 2 cousins, a guy older than me and a girl 1 year younger
>Guy is pretty cool, girl is a bitch
>Her mother is a feminist, her mother literally thinks women own everything, so my cousin thinks the same
>If im using my cellphone or playing with my GB, my aunt literally takes it off my hands and gives it to her
>Fucking hate her, both of them
>Sis cant do anything, since we are leaving at her place after all
>This is a fucking hell for me

Anyone in here? should i continue?
bump, dont die
go ahead
Go for it
File: 1407711175043.jpg (153KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go on.
Continue pls
File: A LINK TO DA PAST.jpg (35KB, 327x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Moaaarrr stories!
go on
File: 1406420187565.jpg (101KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're a godsend, son.
File: 1407560414253s.jpg (4KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread must live!

This. Bump for justice.
File: 1406515391057.gif (2MB, 425x261px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Still waiting, motherfucker.
I want you to have my babies.
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>be me
>be 14yo
>family vacation to cali
>stay with aunt, uncle, 3 cousins
>16yo m, 14yo f, 13yo m
>bro out with bro cousins
>ride bmx and shit
>ride around town and chill with their friends
>16yo lets me ride his dirtbike
>getting ready for bed day 1
>bros sleep in one room
>not enough space
>knock on girl cousins door
>she says I can sleep on the floor
>grab a blanket and pillow
>pull off my shirt and get ready to lie down
>notice girl cousin blush wildy and look away
>sleep day 1

cont? approx 7 days
k just sorry for the typo, english is not my mother language plus im sleepy

>Guy suffers the same shit, if he has something and the little "princess" wants it, he MUST give it to him
>Not only that, my cousin is like a fucking tornado with the shit she gets, you cant leave her with something because she fucking breaks it
>Guy and i are practically forced to do everything related to home chores
>I feel like fucking cinderella
>Like 1 month later, sis knows this is a hell for me, so she tries to calm the shit down
>Everytime my aunt wants to force me to do something, she does it instead, or if i have something and my cousin wants it my sis tells her she must wait til im done and shit like that
>Its not that bad anymore, i still feel like everyone in this house hates me, but at least i can be lazy like i usually am
>1 day, aunt tells sis she is happy because cousins boobs are finally growing up

Why you do dis to us!?!?!

Don't ask us, just continue. Not like we don't want to fucking hear it.
>be 11
>cousin came over
>also 11
>we were in my room
>earlier in the week I found my Uncle's stash of porn magz
>I showed her one
>we were alone since everyone else was outside
>decide to try things out
>she got naked
>we tried making out
>i sucked on her titty
>she was fat, so she somewhat had tits
>I was hard af
>she tried to blow me but all she really did was kiss the tip of my dick
>I licked her pussy like an ice cream cone
>1 lick though
>too scared to try putting it in
>we got dressed and went outside

We still talk, but we've never mentioned it. She's fat af.
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>pic related
go all the way, don't ask if you can cont the answer is always yes
What this guy said just continue
>Be 18
>Visit grandma's house every weekend
>Cousin hasn't been seen for months, everyone's worried about her, no one talks to her mom, her dad's in jail for killing someone. No one has contact with this part of the family
>Cousin suddenly appears at my grandma's house one weekend needing a place to stay
>Only one free bed, which I'm using
>Me and her are pretty close, we've always been pretty cool together so we decide to share the bed
>Punching and kicking each other, the playful type.
>Punch her in the tit
>She complains, I ask her if she'd rather I grab them instead
>"Well, that's fine..."
>We start laying down, spoon style or whatever.
>Arm around her essentially groping her tits
>She starts breathing heavy
>I move a hand lower
>She stops me and I go back to her tits
>She orgasms and runs off to the bathroom
>I go and find a couch to lay on instead

>We continue doing things later on...
>Dont give a fuck, im 13 i dont care about girls
2 days later...
>Wake up
>Nobody is there except for female cousin and me
>She says sis and aunt went to shopping, they tried to wake me up but i was too sleepy and they just couldnt
>Look for GB, but sis have it in her purse
>Fuck it
>Try to start a convo with female cousin, because its better than just lay on bed watching the ceiling
>I ask her whatever a 13yo can ask a 12yo
>This is the first real convo i keep with her
>She is not that bad, she is still over confident but it looks like the bitch is just her mom
>She asks if i wanna do something
>"Ya sure"
>She take a lot of toys out
>...really? toys? she is 12 not a fucking baby
>But however im bored
>Play with her, im a 13yo playing with toys, pretending im too old for it
>But it ends up im really having fun
>She is wearing jeans and a blouse, blouse is a bit too big for her
>She tries to pick a toy or something which is on my side
>Like her blouse is too big... well, first time i see boobs

Sorry for being slow, last part in next post

Yes, more. That's the point of the fucking thread.
interested in hearing stories about guys who have fucked their own sisters. anyone? did you enjoy? how did it feel after? was it worth it? and do you have pics of your sister to share preferably nudes
Glad you could join us. Now read the thread, I've linked my wincest archive.
Well fine it's not like you h-had to be mean or anything.

>Next morning...
>We decide it never happened, Lots of awkward laughs were had...
>She calls her friend and gets picked up to leave

>Months later she's back at grandma's on the weekend.
>Same deal.
>I decide to stay away, but she invites me over to the bed
>We mess around on tablets and start watching porn together
>Finally decide to sleep and she starts pushing up against me the whole night and we essentially dry hump the entire night And I feel her all up
>She lets me rub her above clothes this night
>Pull dick out rubbing it against her pants
>She turns around and gives me a handjob while I lay back
>a few minutes pass and I get up to go finish myself off because I'd make a huge mess otherwise.
>She stays a while longer...
Of course!
i want to hear about bro and sis legit stories
Weird nips bro you might catch a case of the pepperoni
OKay, typing as I go, patience is key here

>wakeup day 2
>yawn, stretch, morning piss, etc
>toilet flush wakes up f cousin (let's call her A)
>she covers her face as I walk back in still shirtless
>grab some fresh clothes, shit/shower (didn't shave I was babyface)
>go back to put clothes away, catch A in her panties
>say sorry and wait outside for her to come out
>she is redder than her hair as she walks past
>think nothing of it, have another awesome day with bro cousins
>go to the beach, other 14 yo shit, etc
>get home for dinner, tired as fuck from riding bikes all day
>A sits next to me, gives me funny looks the whole time
>headed for bed, ready to just fall asleep
>A follows
>rip off gross shirt, lay down, start to fall asleep
>"Do you have a girlfriend?"
>Me: "Uh... no? Why"
>"Just curious..."
>close eyes, feel sleep coming
>"Do you like me?"
>at this point I'm mad confused, didn't see my cousin as a sexual being beforehand
>sit up, look her over
>about 5'4, for reference I was only 5'6 at the time
>red head, cutest freckles I've ever seen, probably weighs like 100lbs
>little b-cups press against her t-shirt and she has her pillow over her lap, legs smooth and bare
>Me: "Uh, yeah I guess. Again, why?"
>"Nothing, I just wanted to know..."
>Me: "Okay. I'll talk to you in the morning, yeah?"
>sleepmode activate
>knock on girl cousins door
>she says I can sleep on the floor

Everybody walk the dinosaur?

Keep it coming, this fucker can tell a story
I'm staying up for this. Damn you Anon!
Keep going m8!
be new guy at school, shit was pretty gay. went from like inner city hood school to all white Jr high, nywhoo school got some pretty dooable girls, course I got no luck with like any of em. go to shady little dance n see this like 8/10 girl creepin the wall turning down a buncha old dudes asking to dance. I went all super alffa n say "wanna dance?"
she dont say shit...
walkin away when I feel her grab my hand n start snuggling upon me.
Fuck yeah
we get pretty close, she's cute as fuck.
like year or two later are folks meet n they knew each othr right away.
turns out iv been in love with 2nd cousin.
stop there. too stupid for me
>>561847703no you suck
Hurry the fuck up so I can cum and go to bed. I've got shit to do tomorrow.
>Staying at uncles house before going camping for weekend
>Me 21, cousin 16 9/10 and 5 month old baby 7/10
>Baby is sick and uncle/aunt take him to hospital
>Cousin and I watching movie in living room
>I'm on couch, cousin on floor with pillows and blankets
>Offers me to come under blanket cuase cold
>I accept and we share big fluffy silk down filled blanket
>Some bs dance movie that was popular, sexy as fuck girls dancing around all movie
>I have boner, but under blankets so can't see
>Suddenly cousin pulls blankets off me and says she is cold
>Me, laying on back, full 7 inch erection gets pushed through pee hole in boxers when cousin moves the blanket
>Cousin starts to laugh, I blush and put it cover it up
>Awkward silence
>She compliments me on size, etc
>I embarrassingly thank her and ask her for the blanket back
>She gives it to me and I continue to lay there on my back 100% boner
>About 15 minutes later she asks if I'm still hard
>I laugh and say it doesn't concern her
>Feel her little cold hand slip in my boxers
>Instantly get even harder
>text from aunt "still hours to go..don't wait up"
>She keeps playing with my cock and balls
>Precum starts to ooze out
>She says eww and takes her hand away
>Smells the ooze, then licks it
>She tells me it tastes sweet
>Asks if she can suck it
>I look at her for a few seconds then agree
>I thought she would be good at bj cuase she 9/10 jailbait material, but she sucks
>Bluntly ask if I can go down on her to return the favour (Anything to get her from sucking me off)
>She nervous, says she never had anyone do that
>Never seen a more smooth, untouched vag in my entire life
>After a couple minutes she wants sex

>cant even greentext
Fake and off topic.
Fuck off
> stfu
im over hear tryna help u chumps bust nuts to cousin fantasy
File: 8858490[1].jpg (19KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 400x300px
I definitely had a cousin my age this might have worked with. But family moved when both young. Opportunity never came. :( we she got married I was sad.
Is her name Jena by any chance?
Part 3...
>Next week, she's still at grandma's
>Spend the night in bed with her again.
>She starts pressing up against me again.
>I pull down her pants and get a nice look.
>Take them off of her
>Pull down her panties and feel her pussy, she's soaked already
>Give her a nice rub
>At this point I'm hard as fuck just being able to do this
>She positions herself better
>Stick a finger in and she twitches a bit
>Finger fuck her
>Masturbating as well
>Cum on her ass
>Get up to clean self off and head back to the couch
>Later on we have a talk about it
>We decide not to do it again
And yet...
File: 1404615837808.jpg (204KB, 625x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 625x604px
>I keep staring at it like retard
>Im not thinking of anything, just staring at it
>She looks at me, and i know she is, but i just cant take stop staring at her tiny breast
>She stands up, apparantly too embarrased to say something... and i still cant stop staring at her blouse
>I stand up quickly and go to the bathroom
>I know im in really deep shit
>I did nothing, but since i was too young and stupid i felt like i did something horrible
>Considering how her mom is, she for sure will say i tried to rape her or something
>Im about to cry (yeah, i see boobs and the first thing i wanna do is cry)
>I try to calm down, spend like 20 minutes at the bathroom
>At last, leaves
>She is sitting on bed
>Sees me
>Asks if i wanna keep playing
>I do it, but i try hard to not look at her
>She starts asking me things
>Asks if i have ever kissed a girl
>I say no, i ask if she has
>Says she havent either
>We have been playing with legos the whole time
>She says she is done with her i-dont-know-what-the-fuck-is-that
>She compares it to the tank ive been building
>Says hers is better, so i have to do something for her

Just 1 more post, i promise...
Here ya go guys
hot1005 dot com common more dot php ?m=49&post_id=36711
>I say we should go to her room (since we were gunna share a room anyway, her parents wouldn't suspect nothing)
>I take her hand we go to the room
>She lays on the bed
>Tells me she has a condom in her purse, so i grab it
>She start to undress.
>First her shirt, then she reaches to remove bra
>C cup boobs, tan lines, perky as fuck
>Takes a minute or two to get front of cock inside her
>She is moaning all while loosening her up
>This is when I was still fit, so she is rubbing my pecks n biceps
>We start to make out
>While she sucked at bj, she was a total pro at making out. Never met anyone to this day that was as good as she was
>After about five minutes of sex she finally is in no pain
>Start to pound her little plump vagina
>So tight, not sure how can last
>Can feel her tighten up more
>We orgasm at same time
>Doesn't know what happened
>I roll over and she just lays there
>Says she is going to take shower
sorry guys power just went out. On laptop now but it will take a little bit to finish day 3 cus I have to rewrite. Patience
>>Me 21, cousin 16 9/10 and 5 month old baby 7/10
>5 month old baby 7/10

>Grandma's landlord or whatever notices my cousin there
>Tells grandma that she can't have people living there
>Cousin needs a place to stay
>I offer my place.
>She accepts, because she doesn't really have anywhere else to go anyway.
>She brings her stuff over
>Unpacks all her stuff.
>We talk about it all again
>She tells me she doesn't really care anymore
>We head to bed, my bed.
>Strip her down, she's completely naked
>I go full naked too cause why not
>start rubbing my dick against her pussy
>She tells me not to put it in
>I keep rubbing against her and she's moving with me
>Go a little lower and put it in anyway
>She resists at first but then she's like fuck it and I keep at it for a while
>Get close to cumming
>Pull out and cum all over her
>She gets mad at me for that and throws cum at me
>Best relationship ever.
>I have her at my house at this point, all the time.
>We keep this up for months..
File: 1389594587384.jpg (78KB, 240x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 240x240px
Mama Mia that's where all my pepperoni went
>One night, we get really into it, both of us naked on my bed
>A friend busts in the door and we both freak out and i kick the door closed
>We sit there for a second
>I put on my pants and open the door
>Friend says under his breath that he doesn't care and then in a normal voice tells us that he's heading to taco bell and if he wants everything
>Get tacos
>Head back to bed
>Cousin says she's going to cut my dick off.
>I tell her he doesn't care and everything's alright
>spend the rest of the night guarding my dick.
Bump. This is awesome.
>We continue on for a few nights
>Her friend comes by and tells her there's a place if she wants to move out
>She takes the offer.
>Leaves me with the saddest boner
>Month or so later she asks me for money
>Can't say no
>She comes by to pick it up and we have a quicky
>Takes my tablet
>Can't say no
>She has me by the balls

>Every other time she comes by, she does lewd things for me, and I have to pay her back somehow now

>My cousin is essentially my personal hooker now.

Lucky bastard.
That's unfortunate
Looks like a girl I know. Kari. Preggo now, baby daddy wants nothing to do with it.
>Asks me to close my eyes and keep them closed
>Nervous and beta as fuck
>"Just keep them closed"
>Suddenly, feel something on my lips
>"Wait... WHAT"
>Open my eyes
>She used lipstick, motherfucking lipstick on me
>She is laughing as hard as she can
>"Yeah, so funny..."
>Tells me, while laughing that she is not done and i have to keep my eyes closed
>After arguing for like 1 minute, i close them again
>Feel something touching my lips, but it happened really quick
>"What was that?"
>"No really, what was it?"
>"It was nothing, seriously"
>Tell her it is my turn so she must close her eyes now
>She does it right after i tell her
>Dont know what to do
>I dont even know why i asked her to do this
>"Well fuck it"
>Kiss her, well more like placed my lips on hers since i dont know how to kiss
>Do it for like 1 whole minute
>Once im done, she tells me it is her turn again
>Close my eyes
>She tells me to open them again
>She says it is not what she meant
>She says she know i "saw her"
>So she wants to "see me"

Shit, i should have typed all of this on a notepad, im really fucking slow...
Cont, just to let you know im still here
File: IMG_0250.jpg (505KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505KB, 2048x1536px
I have exactly one.
She sent me this after the first time things happened but before the second.
>What's the worst that could happen, we're cousins anyway.
Her exact words
nothing personnel kid
>What's the worst that could happen, we're cousins anyway.
I'm dying.
hurry up man
We may need to make a new thread soon. Or someone start screen capping shit.

>iPhone sucks ass for 4chan
not at this rate it won't be 404'ed lol
I literally can't explain my feels during conversations to her I swear. According to her that was a picture someone took while she was passed out, but all could say to her after that was "Dat fucking ass." And I continually steered it to a lewd conversation and she told me to pretend it wasn't her and fap to it.
Nice haha
File: meh.jpg (5KB, 230x172px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 230x172px
not a cousin fuck story, but a cousin story nonetheless

>be 19m living with parents because it's normal in my country
>13f cousin staying for summer vacation
>blonde curly hair, green eyes, round face
>had sexual thoughts about younger cousins before, not this one
>has childlish demeanor and likes to stay at the computer day and night
>playing minecraft and cityville and shit
>his one day we watched a movie in living room with younger sister (17)
>I go to my room to sleep, they stay there on the couch
>next morning, grab PC for gaming purposes
>go to type in "outlook" in browser
>little tab thing comes down, see porn link
>the little church girl's been watching some porn
>open history
>to this day I remember
>"the best porn videos" google search
>"sex with animals" google search
>3 videos of group sex on a van
>"teen ass dripping with cum" on some famous porn webstie (youporn, maybe)
>"friends sharing boyfriends fucking together"
>the list goes on to items I can't quite recollect
>the whole thing amounts to approx. 2 hours of porn with some minecraft youtube videos in between
>delete the history, consider plan a "cool cousin will teach how to secs" and plan b "all-out blackmail"
>decide to sleep on it
>she has porn session again
>I'm still asleep, sis gets to the pc before I do
>sees some porn on related videos
>I wake up to Christian mom mumbling by my bedroom door about it
>plain foiled
>cousind is PC-less for remainder of stay
>act oblivious for days
>mfw when lost chance of being my adolescent cousin's first fuck

>I already did
Let's finish this up
I'm confused. That neither looks like a 5'4" 100 pound girl nor a redhead.
you guys i've been in a relationship with my cousin for half a year now

best relationship ever besides the fact that we have to hide it from family
Yeah i fucking lol'd too at that.
wut. delivaring day: 3

>wake up, morning same as yesterday
>eating cereal with brocousins, A walks in
>bends over to get cereal on bottom shelf, and I stare at one of the best asses I have ever seen on a 14yo strain againt her jeans
>look away before brocousins notice
>A smiles at me over her bowl of Lucky Charms
>grin back
>brocousins decide we should go to the range today
>16yo (let's call him G) takes us to gun closet
>beautiful collection of firearms, 5 .22s, 3 9mm handguns, .45 colt, .357 magnum, scores of ammunition
>never shot a gun before
>G picks me out a .22 with a scope and the .45
>hands 13yo (let's call him N) a .22 and a 9mm
>A walks by
>"Anon's going, can I go too?"
>she gets a .22 and a 9mm
>manly old G brings the .357 and collects cartons of ammo for us
>drive down to the range
>G gives me quick gunsafety talk, etc, I know what I'm doing because GTA
>.22, sitting position
>start shooting targets, decent shot
>half box ammo later
>drill nice 5 shot group in center black @50m (range's furthest target)

Girl got addicted to Mickey D's. Cheeseburgers a helluva drug
day: 3

>"Anon, you're a good shot!"
>look over to see A standing next to me
>Me: "Thanks. Guess I'm a natural, huh?"
>grin at her
>she blushes and looks away smiling
>time to switch to the colt
>G comes over to show me how to load a magazine
>ready 2 mags, standing position
>lock and load, baby
>obliterate 10m target with 7 rounds, reload, 7 more rounds
>grin from ear to ear
>"Teach me how to shoot like you, Anon!"
>Me: "Uh... okay I guess. You just kinda stand like this... and you flex your arm so you don't miss... yeah."
>"No, I mean come over here and show me!"
>stand behind her, my hands on her arms putting them in the right position, etc
>grin sheepishly as she fires a decent group from her 9mm
>she smiles back at me and kisses me on the cheek, turning back to target shooting
>go home later, after several more targets get shot to pieces
>G: "You did pretty good, Anon"
>he rubs my hair
>wish I had a big bro. he's super cool
>chill on the back deck with all 3 cousins, drink lemonade, chat, etc
>A laughs at my jokes longer than she did yesterday
>my 14yo mind cannot for the life of me figure out why
>dinner, tv, time for bed
>pull shirt off once again
>throw pillow on ground, get ready to lay down
>Me: "Huh? I was just going to bed."
>"You don't have to sleep on the floor, you know..."
>at this point, my virgin mind went into full meltdown
>Me: "Uh... it's not so bad. I mean I have a blanket and a pillow so I'm good."
>fuck why the fuck did I say that fuck fuck
>"Oh... okay."
>she looks down and away, blushing deeply
>put my hand on her shoulder
>she looks up, leans close
>"Maybe tomorrow?"
>Me: "Yeah... maybe!"
>big sheep grin as I lay down

day 4 to come, must type, have patience fellow anons
Yes please.
I never described her looks though.
However if you'd actually look her ass is the only thing that wide. I was never an ass man until I got a piece of hers.
I'd have other pictures if I were near my external hard drive but I'm not so you're gonna have to take my word for it
Gonna need details on that...
File: 1402630182811.jpg (15KB, 260x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 260x244px
Kek kek kek kek kek
File: 1386055581429.png (544KB, 800x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
544KB, 800x852px
>fiddles my diddle
So. Hard. To. Stay. Up. Sleep mode. Coming soon
File: i-am-disappoint.gif (85KB, 480x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 480x600px
>i dont wanna pedo.exe because faget
>"What do you mean?"
>"You saw me, so i have to see you to be even"
>"What do you mean by see me?"
>She hesistates
>"Close your eyes"
>"But you asked me to open my eyes again before..."
>"Just close them, and keep it like that"
>Close my eyes, for like 5 minutes she does nothing
>Asks me to lay on bed
>"Just lay on it"
>"But ill have to open my eyes first"
>Do what she says, close my eyes again
>5 more minutes goes by, she doesnt do anyhing, like she wants to do something but is afraid or something
>I feel her touching my shorts
>I dont say anything but im even more nervous than before
>Im afraid to say anything
>Shit, i feel like a rape victim
>Im wearing a "beach shorts" (or however they are called), the ones which you wear when yo go on vacation and that are pretty big
>She just place her hand in there
>She she does it from below me, i feel like im being fisted
>Yet too beta to do anything
>Puts her hand on my crotch
>Apparently, she is as nervous as me, since she just holds my dick in her hand for a while
>After a while, and doing the most alpha thing i have done in my childhood, i pull my shorts down, while my eyes are still closed
>Takes it again in her hand
>A few minutes later, she starts doing her job
>Probably the best head i have gotten, not because she was good but because it was in my aunts home, with my cousin, in a different city from where i live, with my eyes closed and a few minutes after i got my first kiss
>Hear something on the front yard, feeling like my heart is going to explode i pull my shorts on again and she goes to her room pretending to read or something
>Once i go on the front yard, i see they were the fucking neighbors

I dont know if someone got to read all of this, however, in case someone is wondering we are 22 and 21 now, we didnt get to move on for economic problems so we live in different cities
I have her added on my facebook but i never talk to her

tl;dr: got head from cousin
>Be me
>probs 8
>younger cousin is chillin at my place
>mom wants me to take a bath
>i forget what happens in between but she has to go in with me
>sometime later in there she gets curious bout my NETHER AREA
>i pop a fatty and whip it out
>tell her to suck it, she does
>i fingered her a bit
>Still jerk off to that memory to this day at age 15 thinking about the things i could have done with my current sexdrive
sorry I'm slow anons
day: 4
>wake up, morning piss, shower
>come out with nothing but a towel
>morning brain trying to figure out if I dreamed last night or it actually happened
>"Hi Anon..."
>A is blushing madly, looking at my chest and abs (I'm not exactly jacked, but fit for a 14yo. yay soccer)
>grin widely, putting on a little bit of a show by flexing
>she bites her lip, face redder than a tomato, and looks away giggling
>put clothes on, pancakes for breakfast
>Me: "What's the plan, G?"
>G: "Uh, N and I have to go into town with our folks, maybe tomorrow we can drive up to the canals or something. You can ride bikes or watch TV or whatever but today it's just you and A."
>my heart skips a beat
>make that two beats
>pretty sure my heart stopped
>put on my cool face act natural you dumb shit stop blushing be a man fuck fuck I haven't said anything okay go
>Me: "Oh cool. Yeah I can probably just chill in the yard you know. Maybe ride the course out back a few times."
>G: "Have fun Anon. Take care of A, make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. Gotta go"
>I sink onto the couch
>remember when I said disgonbegood?

Oh god fucking damn it...
ram it up her poop chute for me.
File: 1407023714398.jpg (272KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272KB, 533x800px
>be me
>7 yo staying night at cousins house
>6 yo thin blonde girl with glasses
>playing with shit in her room because it was the only thing to do
>begin talking about her dolls and shit
>in the middle of dressing her dolls she brings up never seeing a naked boy
>tell her i've never seen a naked girl
>we both strip down and just kinda look and feel eachother awkwardly for ten minutes
>put hand on her pussy, asking if I can lick it
>she agrees
>get on knees as she stands
>spread apart pussy and start to lick like a popsicle
>continue for five minutes and switch places
>her on her knees begins to grab and lick my cock like an ice cream cone
>hear aunt coming upstairs
>throw clothes on and she starts talking to us
>we continued shit like that for the next three days I was there and never talked about it after
Plz hurry
And for me. Doubly. Make her cry and scream our collective name. "A-anon!" I'll feel it if she does.
File: 1402147550014.jpg (898KB, 2560x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
898KB, 2560x1600px
Here, /b/ have a holdover because this fucking guy is too slow.
Please tell me you know this beautiful. Beautiful creature!?!?
File: 1403570842442.jpg (31KB, 596x447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 596x447px
God fucking dammit I came!
Pic of her?
You're a girl?
She's a teacher... that's as far as I go.
Wut? No, I was born with a dick. I just meant that he should fuck her so hard she screams our names all at once
File: 1398917094404.jpg (20KB, 314x290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 314x290px
>born with dick
>implying tranny
I'm sleepy, ready to knock out, waiting to read how anon fucked the ever living fuck out of his cousin. Forgive me for being a bit unclear.
I could post one but id have to blurry her face, if somebody who knows me/her is ITT i could get in a lot of shit

Do you still want it?
I assure you I'm a man.
File: image.jpg (23KB, 271x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 271x277px
of coarse
B-but, anonkun, I... I'm t-trying my h-hardest, okay?

>"Anon? Where's G?"
>fuck she's out of the shower shit fuck what do I do okay shit act cool act cool
>Me: "Oh, he went into town. Pretty sure N went too. And the parents."
>"So who's here?"
>Me: "Just us. Why?"
>"Oh cool. Are there still pancakes?"
>chill on the couch while she eats
>flip on the TV
>she sits down next to me
>act relaxed you fuckin idiot don't fuck this up your balls will never forgive you fuck
>"So were... alone... right Anon?"
>Me: "Mm. Yup."
>fuck fuck say something hot or some shit get her wet for you dude what are you doing say some shit come on
>"You... like me. Right?"
>Me: "Yeah, you like me?"
>she blushes and smiles shyly
>Me: "What? What are you smiling about?"
>I smile back at her
>"You've never... with anyone... right?"
>she looks down at her shorts, playing with the hem
>Me: "No..."
>"Me neither... Will you...?"
>she looks directly at me, her hazel eyes catch the light. her freckles play across her cute nose and cheeks, which are currently a bright shade of pink.
>"Will you be my first?"
>I smile bigger than I've ever smiled before
>lean in, kiss her hard

Of course. That's like asking a fat kid if they want cake. Yes every time.
post nigga :3
waiting for get on floor everybody walks dinosaur
fk ya
I like the pictures title
Don't call him pal, friend
Im not your pal, dude
I'm not your guy, friend.
So true -_- I hope not haha
I'm not yer dude, compadre
I'm not your Dude, chief.
im not your dog, dude
im not you're friend, friend
Im not your compadre, amigo
fighting off the sleep for this
i really hope not otherwise i don't know what i'm going to do with this boner.
He's not your pal buddy
I'm not your amigo, jefé
this is why i love you guys
buddy your pal not he's
God fucking Damn it this made me laugh really hard and I lost the trunk. Pls finish this tale, anon, and you can be my pal.
You could flick your testicle to inflict pain therefore getting rid of the boner.
Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka.
I do this just for you. Love you too
nah me n my dick are super close. we go everywhere together.
chill bro hold your dick

>she kisses back, her hands moving to my shoulder
>my mind races. this is fuckin sweet
>ok what next brain. you can do this. play it like the movies
>slowly I put my hand on her arm between kisses. I move it up her shoulder, then to her neck
>caressing her neck, I put my other hand on her side, sliding it up and down slowly
>im 14 gimme a break. smoothest move I had
>she leans back, pulling me with her
>on top of her now, make-out sesh activated
>shes breathing heulla heavy, she wants this shit bad
>start to pull on the bottom part of her shirt
>pull harder, distract her with kisses
>start to slide it up, over her soft skin
>"Mmhh.. not yet. You first."
>I grin and sit up, pulling my shirt over my head
>putting her hands on my chest, she feels over my chest and shoulders, running her hands along my abs, kissing me all the while
>I pull back, and she looks at me with those amazing eyes...
>Me: "Your turn" as I grin back
>she puts her hands on the hem of her shirt

Ha I was referencing 40 yr old virgin.
File: 1407554277266.jpg (55KB, 391x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 391x391px

ages 22 and 43
rent a motel room or adult escape places like sybaris every weekend

also makes me squirt so much i never knew was possible

just made an adultfriendfinder account
and every now and then we go to a swingers club
File: 1407646648720.png (222KB, 280x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222KB, 280x280px
Everywhere? Like... Even to the shower?
File: pussys.jpg (71KB, 697x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 697x415px
Not your jefe compadre
File: image.jpg (685KB, 2600x1950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
685KB, 2600x1950px
>Be 18
>Be on vacation with my aunt and cousins in Bongland
>We're at the changing of the guard for Buckingham palace
>Cousin is a stone cold 9.5/10, my spaghetti has been in my pockets all trip.
>"Anon, I can't see, can you let me on your shoulders"
>boner.jpg just from thinking about having her perfect ass on my shoulders
>I kneel down and she gets in position to get on my shoulders.
>Her ass is inches away from my face and she's wearing leggings - I can see her camel toe
>She jumps up on my shoulders and I try to hide the fact that I have a boner.
>Suddenly a brit-bong comes by
>Instantly a crowd of brit-bongs form around me and start chanting "STIFFYDICK! STIFFYDICK!"
>A doubledecker bus drives by, and everyone on it is chanting "STIFFYDICK!"
>I grab one of the britbongs and jam my dick in his ass
>Tears roll down my cheeks and spaghetti leaks out of my pockets as I pump this chav full of my cum as everyone continues chanting STIFFYDICK.
>Never want to go back to Bongland again.
i love you too, pal
he's not your pal, friend
I just died
Holy shit I just lost it. I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard.
He's not your friend, comrade
> Be me
> be a 11 year old porn addict
>My cousin is SUPER hott! (pic related)
>go to beach one day, can't stop staring at her
>get back to her house (I'm there for the week)
>alone in her room at night
>ask her if she knows how babies are made
>start discussing sex
>ask if she want to try it
>she says yes
>we have sex on and off until age 14
No soy tu compadre, gringo
sweet jesus my sides have entered the Kuiper belt
File: sher.png (754KB, 883x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
754KB, 883x669px
holy fucking shit
File: 8bit heart.jpg (2MB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8bit heart.jpg
2MB, 1920x1200px
Iv had relations with two of my cousins. One was my first cousin, the other was only a cousin by marriage, (She was the niece of my fathers, sisters husband). Spent two years in a committed relationship with my first cousin, she left me. Spent about 8 months in a committed-casual relationship, she also left me. I have plenty of stories about both of them. The relationship with the first cousin was kept a secret, besides being caught in bed a together once and caught 'wrestling', also once. No one other than myself, her, and two of my closest bros know what happened between us. Marriage related cousin was public knowledge, infact is was her uncle (My aunties husband) who set us up, but she already had a crush on me. If any anon is interested in hearing anything let me know. Im drunk and high so you'll probably get a lot out of me.
My sides just left me and took the kids
File: image.jpg (21KB, 223x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 223x349px
let's hear it

please tell us more fabrications
>be me, 13
>cousins come down from utah for summer vacation
>they stay at my house
>girl cousin is 11
>shes fucking gorgeous, already has tits, not fat at all but thickly built, has nice huge ass, and is 5'8" already, taller than me of course
>all summer, i cant stop thinking about her, shes fucking hot as fuck, dont care shes related
>mom and dad are gone one day
>sisters leave for friends house, cousin doesnt like their friend so she stays
>im on my PC, was probably playing fallout 3
>she walks in
>sits on my lap
>"whatchya playin, anon?"
>i get a huge boner
>she feels it
>she acts like she doesnt notice
>after a minute she says she wants to try something, but i have to promise not to tell anyone
>she gets up and asks me to pull down my pants
>i do, she strips down to her teal panties with a little bow, no bra
>she asks me to sit on bed
>i do, she starts looking at my dick and inspecting it
>she pushes my down and gets at a better angle, on top of me, with her pussy in my face
>it didnt smell like tuna like people say it does, but it smells tangy, not quite sweet but not quite salty either
>i could see a wet spot forming on her panties, and i couldnt help myself
>i pulled her panties off, she froze for a second but i told her it was okay
>i start licking her pussy, it tasted so good, the farther i went in the more like candy it started to taste, the outside kind of tasted like regular skin with a little bit of sweat, but it was such a peculiar taste i had to keep going in to taste it again
>shes moaning, and her pussy is really starting to loosen up a bit, and i tell her i have something i want to try too
>i tell her to lay on bed with legs spread and pussy at edge
>she does, and i start rubbing penis head on her clit, up and down, shes having the time of her life
>insert penis into her virgin pussy
>she winces and bites her lip, but then after i start going she gets this dazed far away look

File: 1402081766469.jpg (71KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 540x960px
File: Cous.jpg (67KB, 411x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 411x480px
I have slept with two of my cousin. The first one I met when she was 9 yo, I was 12 yo. We used to get along well, we play, talk, and hangout. But she was always curious and a little weird. She walk in on me three times when I was changing. She would climb on me and be crushing me. One day when she was around 13 yo she ask me if could see and grab my penis. I said no and she asked me three more times during the next year. Until I said ok but you have to get naked first cuz you have seen me naked three times and I never seen you. She said nooo cuz she was a little chubby and kind of shy.
Clearly not banging, but my older cousin used to sit and fart in my face. I guess to show dominance or whatever.


Also this just made my night.
Lol'd so fucking hard.
>There is no need to be upset, I'll bring the pizza!

>you know that feeling when you see your first real-life pair of tits and they are fucking everything you ever dreamed they could be and more
>yeah imagine that
>ps. if you haven't had that then go buy a hooker or some shit
>Me: "You're... beautiful."
>she turns all red again and looks away
>I put my hand on her cheek, turn her face back to mine, kiss her some more
>she gets really into it, her bare chest rubbing against mine
>my hands running over the soft skin of her back, holding her waist against mine
>I fiddle with the buckle on her jeans, tugging at it and kissing her neck
>she moans against my mouth as I kiss her, again one of my favorite things
>I lean back and pull her on top of me, trying to slide her out of these stupid skinny jeans
>I mean they're so fucking hard to get off shit
>"Need some help?"
>Me: "Mmmhh. Yes please..."
>she slides them off with ease (ps. femanons how the fuck...) showing off her cute black and white striped panties
>"You like them?" she asks giggling
>Me: "I like 'em... but I think they'd look better on the floor..."
>to-date I still use this line. thank you 14yo me
>she grinds against my crotch, her panties already wet, becoming soaked
>slide down my shorts so it's just boxers
>dry hump and kiss
>dry hump and kiss
>"Anon... I want you... now."
Any pics of said cousin?
>be me
>21 in local community college cuz poorfag
>see 9/10 redhead in composition class
>exchange awkward stares for a day or two
>get balls to talk to her
>find out we live like 5 miles apart
>start relationship and bang a couple times
>bring her home to meet my parents
>dad asks her where shes from and her last name
>find out he's related to all the Anons from Anonsville
>asks her what her parents names are
>it's his first cousin
>actually fucked my second cousin multiple times
>stopped after we found out we were related because i'm normal and only a cousin fucker when i don't consciously know about it
File: bolt.jpg (27KB, 373x616px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 373x616px

type fast you faggot, i should have slept an hour ago.

>pic is a faggot i know
looks like basket case from breakfast club
Kill your dad for being a fucking cockblock. He should've taken that shit to the grave/shared the story on /b/.
File: 1405989074063.jpg (275KB, 1280x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275KB, 1280x800px
Weak shit. If have hit that so many more times! You already did it! You're already a cousin fucker! Might as well embrace the name and fuck her again. If it were me
Oh lord, my eyes.

I can't believe such a prehistoric creature exists.
What specifically though?
It does! Look upon it and tremble! Witness as your dick shrivels!
hurry up faggot
I want to hear about the setup.
I'm torn. Yeah, it's fugly. But that much hair, her testosterone levels have to be through the roof and I bet she'd fuck like a goddamn champ
File: 1406161203299.jpg (93KB, 640x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 640x427px
My fucking sides.

You win this round.
File: Tulips.jpg (606KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
606KB, 1024x768px
I have a fucking driving test tomorrow at 7am, now that im up so late waiting for this faggot ima probably slip behind the wheel and kill people.
Got me hard thinking about it. Dear fuck, I wanna hit that
Come on, you can do it!
>Be me
>On a family vacation
>Whole family stays in one big beach house they rented for the week
>Family is hardcore Mormon
>Fucking hate being around them
>One night I decide to go for a walk so I could go smoke a blunt on the beach
>It was about 11:30 PM
>Cousin notices me about to go asks if she can come
>Cousin is 15, 8/10, perfect ass, huge thighs (But like those saggy thighs but like soft big thighs)
>We're walking on the beach just small talking
>Come to the end of the beach and sit on some rocks for awhile
>I'm really anxious to smoke some weed so I ask her if it's okay
>She nods
>I begin smoking a fat blunt I had rolled earlier Purple Alien
>Coughing up a fucking storm
>I ask her if she wants to hit it
>She nervously says no
>I keep smoking
>She asks if she could hit it
>She starts smoking it with me
>We're just sitting on the rocks both really high
>She looks at me
>Randomly kisses me
>We start making out
>Making out for a good 5 minutes
>I reach my hand into her shorts
>Begin fingering her
>I grab her boobs and start making out again
>She's moaning super loud
>Beach is completely empty
File: IMG_20140531_151801.jpg (841KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
841KB, 1536x2048px
Continued from this post

>i look deeply into her eyes while thrusting, she stares back with these sexy starry eyes
>shes smiling and panting, i start rubbing her clit
>she likes it alot, after about 10 minutes i start feeling her pussy contract and quiver
>its too much, i blow my load inside my cousin
>she gets a scared look on her face, i tell her its fine, thats supposed to happen
>"are you sure, anon? my mom said if a boy ejecalates in a girl, she gets pregnant 9 times out of 10..."
>"dont worry, you cant get pregnant your first time." i know its total bullshit, but i tell her anyway.
>she says ok, and looks at my dick
>she tries to get up but gives up
>"what do you call the white stuff?"
>tell her its cum
>"well thats a weird thing to call it... does it taste bad?"
>tell her i dont know, never tried it, but some girls like it alot
>she reluctantly touches my dick to get some cum on her fingers, and puts it into her mouth
>"it tastes... really weird. like, sweet and kind of bitter."
>she pauses and says "anon, i want you to try it! eat it out of my thingy!"
>i oblige her. it tastes like she described, but a little more like pussy now.
>we get in shower together and clean up, i finger her in the bathtub while the removable shower head is practically on top of her clit, and she blows me
>after shower, i tell her never to tell anyone, especially not her mom

saw her again at the beginning of this summer, before i moved out to CA. we fucked again, this time we did anal.

dont have any more pics than this one. thats my hat, we were at a doll museum for my younger sisters birthday. my cousin was scared of the dolls, and wanted something to cover her face so she stole my hat. i took a picture with my shitty phone.
File: Blown Away.gif (2MB, 275x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blown Away.gif
2MB, 275x200px
>Be 44 year old father
>Have faggot 21 year old son in useless community college
>Brings home my cousin's daughter like she's his girlfriend or something
>Think to myself that my son isn't that retarded that he would fuck her
>MRW i was wrong and hes too retarded for community college
>I have no son

>Purple Alien

ayy lmao
Im sure as fuck my cousin wanted my dick when I visited for vacation. Family was cock blocking, never had the chance to be alone with her. Rage.

My Ribs When?
File: kill yourself.jpg (20KB, 450x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kill yourself.jpg
20KB, 450x325px
>stage 4 terminal cancer detected
my reaction when dumbass
you type at the speed of a fucking chimpanzee
The guy just came over from reddit, give him a break.
they use "MRW" instead of "MFW"
So she got pregnant?
So tired but must see ending pls hurry

she preggo or not?
stop being a faggot and spill the beans.
Fake. Man shower sex is hard enough. Pool sex needs serious coordination.
File: 1627384756.png (138KB, 570x483px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 570x483px
>man shower sex
>hard enough
File: 2524526-tlouellie.jpg (54KB, 947x522px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 947x522px
Alright, here goes...

>be me 23, late 2013 average in ever way, just started lifting
>Cousin who will be called Anna, just got out of a 5 year long relationship and was married for the last 2 of them.
>She moves in with my uncle, its her only family in this city.
>She goes to group fitness classes and is looking for a partner.
>Uncle is always name dropping me to her, already play sports and started lifting so Im slightly above average in fitness.
>I go, the group is split up into pairs, males and females, her and her partner work out next to me and my partner.
>Thankfully i get partnered with a shredded dude who helps me out a lot since im just starting out.
>The whole time shes looking at me, a couple of times i notice that when im struggling and pushing through it to get my sets done she starts biting her lip.
>Thought she was checking out the ripped dude i was training with, apparently not because the next day she asks me to the mall to do some shopping with her.
>After shopping drive her back to uncles place, theyre about to head out for the night, Anna was to babysit, Uncle says i have to stay to look after Anna, with a wink, doesnt want her staying here alone.
>Still light out side, Anna goes for a swim, she snapchats me a picture of herself sunbathing asking if I was going to join, was playing lego with the kids.
>Go outside, have to swim trunks, strip off to my jocks, could hear her let out a little 'mmmm' noise.
>Flirting ensues until uncle comes home, Anna gets a message to go out drinking with the girls, asks if I want to come.
>Agree, catch a taxi into the city, soon as we get into the cab her tongue is down my throat.

So yeah...my uncle pretty much got me laid. Found out later on though she had started to get a crush on my when ever i went round to my uncles and she was there. Im pretty good with kids, enjoying playing around with them cos im immature as fuck, she sees it as a good quality and she develops a crush from there.
shit bro chillax. I'm drunk as balls and I have to fucking proofread it

>I push her onto her back, kissing her neck, working my way down her chest and stomach with kisses
>she moans and runs her fingers through my hair
>I kiss her lovepuddle through her panties, and she moans louder
>pulling slowly, I slide her panties over her thighs, off her ankles
>her pussy smells nothing like fish, and tastes nothing like fish, so for five to ten seconds I was totally lost
>but then she moans so sexily...
>describing the taste of pussy is hard dude. its not quite sweet but not quite salty
>the labia taste a little like regular skin with something different
>but as you go in further it gets gradually sweeter
>and you just cant stop eating it
>she gasps and pushes my face against her crotch, struggling for breath as she comes to an orgasm
>her thighs shake and her back arches, she almost squeals
>I look up at her, freckles supressed by her deep blush, she smiles back, eyes twinkling...
>"Anon... I'm ready."
>I stand up and slide off my boxers
>14yo me is harder than diamonds at 6in or so
>she looks at it, openmouthed, and then gulps
>"You have a condom, right?"
>my turn to gulp
>shit shit oh fuck I'm 14 why would I have condoms on family vacation fuck shit what do I say aw fuck I'm doomed
>Me: "Uh, no..."
>"Oh... oh well"
>she flashes the sexiest grin I've seen so far in my 14yo life
>she stands up, her gorgeous ass turns toward me, beckoning me to follow
>that swaying beauty leads my right to the bedroom

>At cousin's house
>We've been fooling around for a few years now
>Nobody home
>She sucks my dick
shit was cash

>Eventually stop fingering her because we get really hungry
>Walk to nearby 7-11
>Buy family size bag of Caramel Chex-Mix
>We walk back to beach
>Start watching waves while eating Chex-Mix
>Waves look really cool
>Both still really baked
>We sit down on the sand and keep watching waves
>It's like 1:45 AM now
>We start making out again
>I take off fondling her boobs and fingering her
>She unzips my shorts
>Starts to stroke me off
>She's fingering herself while stroking my dick
>She gives me a blow job
>She was kind if bad at it but whatever
>I take off her shorts and her underwear
>Instantly start fucking her into the sand
>She's moaning really loudly over the sound of waves
>It really turns me on
>Fuck the living shit out of her
>I ask her where I should come
>She says in her mouth
>I give it a few more power humps just before I'm about to blow the load
>Pull out and shove my dick right in her mouth and instantly start coming
>We get dressed and she rinses her mouth with a bottle of water she had
>We snuck back into the house and never talked about it again
every time i have a dream like this i wake up all sticky
oh, sorry. no she didnt get pregnant thank god. i couldnt tell her to get a prego test thing, i didnt even know where to get one, so i was scared as fuck, but i couldnt tell her i lied, cuz shed go to her mom like 6 months later if she gained any weight, but i lucked out. maybe my sperm wasnt potent enough at that point.
pool sex requires like zero coordination.
>step one: Go to shallow end
>step two: Take her bikini bottoms off
>step three: Pick her up and place on erect penis
>step four: put bend in her knees on elbows and pump until ejaculate.
>step five: congratulations you just fucked in pool
you're blowing it
Am I the only nigger on /b/ without a single friend or family who has had lewds leaked without knowing about it first? FML.

(the friend / family would be the one having shots leaked, not me)
Some of the landwhales I've desperately taken home from bars have been a bit...hirsute. And infertile because of "hormone problems" (their ovaries can't keep up with 250lbs and being 6'5") I can't even begin to imagine a tiny thing like that, with a sex drive of a nympho and a vag the size of a normal woman....

/don't you fucking judge me, we've ALL gone home with a cute chubby gal who turned out to be a fattie thanks to tequila and beer goggles
not a cousin story, but fuck it, it's good enough
and it's still wincest

>be me, only 11
>at big sister's house, she's 30 or some shit back then
>halloween and stuff, her daughter dressed as some strange ladybug costume
>it's got a short af skirt and makes her look like a slut
>tfw she's only 9
>we talk for a bit, and then i have to use the bathroom suddenly
>go to bathroom
>she knocks "you done yet?"
>tell her no
>she waits until i finish
>once i open the door, she runs in and closes it
>"i need to show you something" she says
>ask her what it is
>"have you seen me do a real cartwheel?"
>tell her no because i just wanna cut to the chase already
>"ill show you a real cartwheel"
>she pulls her top and dress off, showing her hello kitty panties
>she does a cartwheel, close enough to where her vagina is literally at my face
>she tells me to get on the floor
>i gladly oblige, and she pulls my pants off
>she takes her panties off
>first time seeing a vagina
>she begins sucking my dick
>i don't even care about how she knows about sex at this point, im just going with it
>she stops, and starts riding my dick
>few minutes later, i cum
>put clothes on, leave bathroom
>talk to her like nothing happened afterwards
>eventually have to go home
>best day of my life
sorry man a fifth does that to my vocabulary
fuck him, you're doing great, NOW FINISH THE STORY
We're gonna need a new thread, this one has hit bump limit.
too drunk someone link me
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