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Anyone use to play this shit back in the day? tell me some stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone use to play this shit back in the day? tell me some stories anon, prove your an oldfag who played back in the good ole days.

ITT: RS nostalgia general
I bought a santa hat back in the day for like 450k They started to go up in price and I eventually sold it for a whip. I want to fucking kill myself because now I could probably sell the fucking thing for real life money and buy a car.
Fished lobsters for a week strait to buy my first whip. Also remember buying full trimmed rune for 1.2m, dont know how i ever made the money for that though.
Got me a snow globe back in the day. Every so often I'd go on and throw snowballs at people, and beat them with a rubber chicken. I got accused of hacking a lot for that.
I still play. RS3 and the occasional 07. Quit for a few months every now and then. Not serious quits, just breaks sorta. Fell away from it, but always came back.
Saw Zezima at the duel arena once.
He was surrounded by fan boys.
Fucking faggot.
>snow globe
>back in the day
if i had money id play. my username in NH9 6HN
Forgive me, I was a filthy casual
>Spend a month mining various ore.
>Realize I'm wasting my time.
>Quit game.
-Train up to rune smithing and mining
-Finally get somewhere in my business
-Venture into wilderness with best armor and weapons to find ore
-Ambushed by raiding party
-Lose everything
I scammed so many people out of their money in this game. I remember thinking it was the funniest shit ever. I actually just logged in again a few months ago and gave all my stuff away.
Niles and Giles.
Normal account's got boring and I eventually mained a pure for the rest of my time on rs. Joined Corrupt Pures (Now the #1 pure clan in 07 servers)

This was probably the highlight of our power in the old days. My clan and fatality challenged 3 clans to a 2 v 3 full out war and they pulled max ops clearly outnumbering us but we prevailed in the end.
<Sees an axe
<Wants to be maxxed lumberjack
<Starts cutting trees
<2 years of questing and ass reckoning
<97 woodcutting
<le redtext
I remember scamming noobs with the old "I'll cut your gems/Trim your armor for free" trick
I also told people they could duplicate items by dropping them on the ground and changing worlds.
I was muted a lot but whenever I was I'd make a swastikia or spell profanities in Varrock town square with pots
Good times
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>Run bot program
>Go do more interesting things than left clicking
>Collect all the shit those leveling peasants need with my virtual slave
>Come back after letting it run for a few days
>Fuck tons of what I told my slave to collect
>Flood over priced items with my boundless amounts of low priced goods
>Rule the server economy
>Get b&
>Make a new account and start all over
You couldn't stop me Jagex
>got to level 49 by killing chickens for their feathers
>sold feathers by the tens of thousands to people who needed them for fishing
>buried bones so my prayer level was like 50
>got full h5 heraldic adamant armour, with addy scimmy and all types of shit
>at one point I sold like 100k feathers
>shitton of money
>noobs farming chickens all getting mad because i hogged them, some experienced player that spent all day killing chickens

>all this good shit from killing chickens endlessly
>i killed hundreds of thousands of chickens at the farm near lumbridge
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Watching I mahatma I back in the day, getting my first whip drop in the wildy, hitting 99 strength, 94 mage and 70 attack, pking for ages, getting my fc, losing my fc, getting my fc, losing it, etc.

Game was the pits, peaked esp '06-'07. Tried to play 07scape, but i don't have the time anymore, I work too much, never have time to just sit and waste like I used to every arvo
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I remember when it was hard to get full rune.
That feel when equipping your first ever dragon weapon after finishing the lost city quest..

Drop parties, Dragon armor wasn't yet a thing, and Tradable holiday items.

Need I say more?
>finally made myself an iron set
>wanted to mine with friends
>had them on speakerphone
>goes to gate
>pay 10gp
>goes to mine
>fucking scorpions
>had no food, no run %
>lost iron
I was talking the other day about how I didn't play RuneScape, and then immediately had a flashback to 10th grade where I got fucked up and played RuneScape all the time, but didn't do anything besides kill pigs.

The only thing I specifically remember was being on the phone with my friend who was also playing, and I was trying to make a fire, so I asked, "Yo do you have a light?" Laughed for probably 45 minutes, I'm assuming I was probably high, although it's still funny.
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Developer Andrew took programming with a friend of a friend's brother. We all played games (cs 1.4/1.5 sc1) - when he learned about runescape. This was when there was 1 server and almost nothing to do. You regularly saw the developers walking around the game, and they would throw games for people like hide and seek.

It was crazy that the game got huge because we played it from some of the earliest stages. I paid for 'members' when it came out and kept it for 1 year before stopping the game.

I sold my accounts for hundreds of dollars, which helped me a lot at the time.

You're supposed to make an extremely low level player. That way only other lowish noobs can prey on you.

Another alternative would have been making a pure. But that shit went out the window once they introduced running and no more three rounds of combat encounters
>Need gold as a member
>Notice members can get colored gloves but non members can't
>Non members can still equip them
>Decide to buy a bunch of colored gloves
>Go on free servers and sell them at a premium
>Become the glove merchant
Felt good, earning a good chunk of money every time.

22,000 chickens? I don't believe it.
The feels in this thread.
>got to be some kind of character to these people
>sometimes players would want to see me kill chickens for hours
>minor celebrity to the noobs

>bought a second set of h5 addy armour for duels
>won a few, people would beg for their shit back
>lel no already sold it m8
>blocked them

>when i DID die the people who killed me would want to gloat and shit
>would reappear with full armor and they would wut

got tired because i had to be a member for dat cape so i quit and gave everything to my cousin

my name was armagedoom_8 or something
>like armageddon but with one less "d" and "doom"
>get it?!
>be 2005
>be walking down falador with my full rune and zammy kiteshield (it took me like a fucking month of jew cutting to get it though)
>feel like a boss
>suddenly a random female with pink clothes approaches and starts talking to me
>talk for about an hour about some meaningless shit
>after a while "she" asks for 5k gp
>be a white knight and give her 30k gp instead
>instantly logs out
>never to be heard from again
>mfw i got scammed by a gold digger in a children video game
life lesson learnt
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>only played f2p
>macros, macros everywhere
>make a lvl 6 account called Iclose Doors
>go to the rune essence temeport entrance at the shop in Varrock
>constantly close door to the shop
>macros get confused and run around
>nearby muggers and random events attack macros
>macros die
>i take their rune essence
>about a month later
>jagex releases a patch to combat "door spammers"...doors jamb open about a couple open and closes
hell yeah man. spent like an entire school holidays killing these virtual fucking chickens, burying bones and selling feathers.

i almost want to see what the old shithole is like these days and go back to my old stomping ground
>tfw switched to maplestory after that and then stopped playing all vidya to this day
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i started in 2003 and quit in 2004 in favour of woW (grand marshal was my status bro)

played rs again for 6 months in 2012 because of back injury

my lord it got easy, quit 2 weeks after that combat system change
>tfw they've brought back old combat
i may start playing again.
>mfw i was semi rich when I last played and now market has crashed since then and now I'm loaded because I sold all my shit for gp before I quit
>tfw it's been too long and I can't remember anything from my first days
That's kinda small change imo. During the middle of the week I would buy lobster's and swordfish at normal prices then go on runescape community fourm's and find out what main clans are warring at the weekend then just sell them outside edgevile for a profit because you know someone is going to need them.
>first drop party
>so much good shit people put in
>someone put like 500k
>clicking like a maniac
>dat adrenaline rush
I miss wasting my childhood on runescape
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Started in 04, come home from primary school and slam runescape till 9pm at night, go back to school the next day and talk with friends about it, get home from school and rinse and repeat.
>feeling the adrenaline of doing Desert Treasure, as a Level 34 pure
I was like 12. I just saw an opportunity and jumped on it for a couple hours at a time. It was only later on after I'd quit that I learned all the profitable stuff.
I remember my friend having a PC and me using a Mac
he was able to use SwiftKit and I wasn't
I was so fucking jealous
>buying gf. 200k
oh yeah, and
>bored, wandering around killing shit
>find...a castle of wizards? fuck you niggers i'll kill all of you
>noob watching me
>i died
>he gets all my stuff
>buy it back for 50k
>he's so happy
>tell him he could have sold it for way more
damn dude that sucks
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>yfw the sandwich lady offers you something from her tray
I honestly missed having to spam what you're selling/buying in the chat at banks. Grand Exchange made things too easy to get.
>RS is shit
then give me all of your money
before they put a woodcutting cap in the tutorial area
i used to stay there and get 99 skill
>Get sent to the other side of the map because you got the random event wrong
Every fucking time.
What's the point in lying anonymously anyway? Anyone know?
fishing lobbies for dayzzzzz, die in pvp because only 12 and shitty ATK stats haha
Hmm if I remember right,
Rune 2h - 45k
Rune scimmy - 25-30k
Rune plate body - 60k
Rune helm - 35k
Abby whip - 3M
Character heads looked like a potato. I want my potato head back.
Just because it's shit doesn't mean I don't still play
yeah whips are 145k now
I have a zombie head from an old halloween event that I can use to recreate scenes from Hamlet or some shit. I remember when DDS's and dragon schimmys were god tier if you were too poor for whip.

used to stand in v west bank basement and pick up 3gp at a time as money making back in 04.
Played in 2001 when the game came out. None of you will ever remember that the original bronze arrows were actually tiny as fuck, or when moss giant was the strongest monster in the game.
Remember trading rune full helms for blue phats.
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shitty shit.png
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so true

i started a new account the other day
this is so much more fun than having high skills
Also best player was Zezima
RIP TheOldNite
Level 6 twat in Lumbridge when some level 20 is giving me the business (at the time i may have deserved it) anyways a level 40 mage friend helps me throw insults back and forth. Fast forward by YEARS but still years behind today and by this time that lvl 40 mage actually gave me his account for in game gp when out of nowhere the dude who insulted me all those years ago confronts me in private chat saying i was the one who defended the loser low level. Tell him "Uh, I am that low level" get reported tell Jagex I'm sorery as well as a "come on... really?" approach to the stupidity of it. lost account back to original owner and played my low level whas like level 20 at the time up to late 70's or mid 80's dont remember. Haven't touched the game in a while
I remember merching boaters when they came out. tracking price of d2h between middle school classes on the day it came out lol
124M at $0.33 per mil is only like $40.
my most notable life-changing experience with rs:
>be 2005-2006
>be f2p cheap fuck
>have no friends, spend all my days playing runescape
>got to like 2m cutting jews, did some pking, random questing, ect
>found out people in w2 are paying mad coins for iron/mith/addy arrows
>found out arrows can be bought for like 10x less price at a random shop
>figured out a method, where i would buy arrows for cheap in one world and switch to a new one
>almost always a chinese bot in the shop also buying arrows for cheap
>profit was insane, kept doing this for like three months
>finally get to 15-16m coins
>buy a green dragon mask
>achieved life happiness for a week
>see a random post in forum buying mask for 20k willows
>calculate it in my head, yeah seems about right
>go trade him my mask
>calculate it again - i realize i was wrong by a factor of 10
>traded mask for 1m worth of willows
>dude says "enjoy" and logs out. never forget
>life is in ruins
>contemplate suicide
>quit rs the next day, (although i came back 6 months later, the game was fucking addictive)
never rush calculations ever again
I havent played in years.
I did log on right before they did the evolution of combat just for old times sake.
Some kinda roulette thing, got a fish mask.
Didnt go back after the update.
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anyone remember this guy?
>this guy...
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I remember this one time I met this guy on RS, we became fast friends, then I guess he trusted me enough for me to help him with something...

>Cool guy, lets call him Mark, trusts me after months of questing together
>comes to me with a proposition
>"Hey anon, I've been looking for someone to help hack my old account back." something like that
>RS was slowly dying, I could feel it
>at the very edge of the glory days
>God Wars Dungeon had come out a month earlier
>turns out he knows the password the hacker changed it too, and the hacker regularly plays on the account.
>Needs me to get on, disable the bank PIN, and wait the 3 days to get in the bank.
>Log on
>wow it actually works
>disable PIN
>go to chicken pen in Lumby
>run script to kill chickens
>literally have it running for 3 days
>no idea how i didnt get the account banned
>guy couldnt get back on his account, it was in use all 3 days
>didnt contact Fagex fast enough
>get in bank
>Mark comes to take the spoils
>Full Bandos, BGS, AGS, whip, and 12 Mill, plus 500k worth of feathers
>Log back on my account
>meet Mark in Camelot
>"Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it" He gives me a BGS, Bandos platebody and 4 mill
>Fucking ecstatic, most money i've ever had at once
>He has a house party to celebrate
>never thought of it again until now
>we lost touch a long time ago
>mfw the guy we hacked was probably just some random guy, not his old account
>mfw I regret nothing
Also, are those masks worth anything now?
They were like 2m when i first got it.
>Played Runescape constantly
>leveled up to 61
Not that shitty "skill level" those faggots use now
>quit the game for awhile
>ff about 2 years
>get on the game
>Notice everything is gay and updated
>notice my character is now a girl
>notice i'm a member with full dragon shit
>Shit tons of money and other stuff in the bank
>change password and play until members ran out
>Nothings changed since
Damn l33t haxorz these days.
>not doing the Wine of Zammy scam instead
fuck i started playing when i was in k/gr1 i belive. i remember when they added sleeping or some shit and you were given sleeping bags during/after tutorial
>brought back old combat
god damn. I remember selling nearly everything I own to buy one. They were about 15 mill when I bought mine.
this was me dude. "selling colored gloves 5k each - kruptid"
I want to kill myself because I could probably sell it for real life money and buy some weed
rip Phatwrecked
too soon
Elvemage >> Nuff said :)
got 70 mining using the crafting guild in f2p for gold. made 1.2m, cousin logged into my account and bought sara plate. recovered account, sold sara plate for 1.5m, bought full rune (g). achieved all my goals in f2p so went membs. became a questwhore. had a shitload of fun doing quests, playing minigames like pest control, barb assault, stealing creation etc. good times. wish i had money now for members now. would probably live my teenagehood over again.
That mining glitch where if you time the clicks just right, it insta mines the ore.
>"how you mine so fast with only a bronze pick?"
>uuuuhhhhhh, idklol
>uhhh, really high and stuff
She actually taught you a valuable lesson for 30k runescape gold. A lot of guys pay more than that in real money before they learn that lesson.
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>RS2 had just come out
>Runecrafting had just come out with it
>I had friends who were basically max level everything
>But I was ahead of them in runecrafting (I hit around level 80 before the fucking runespan)
>I would hire newbs to run essense for me at the nature altar
>Offer to pay them like 200k a week
>mfw I'm making like 2 mil a day, back when that was an actual feat.
>mfw I didn't even have to pay half of them because they quit before the week was up
>But I always had more willing runners, for the promise of 200k a week.
>Referred to this as "slave driving" to my friends.
>Nowadays I can make over 1 mil a day just by logging in and checking on my farming patches / wicked hood.
>I don't actually know what to do in game anymore, so I just end up playin LoL or Shadowbane.
Here's one.
>Be 2007
>revenants are added
>still be a noob
>Some guy gave me some iron armor
>I go to dungeoneering after a lot of exploration
>Decide to go to wilderness, ignoring the warnings
>Get attacked by a revenant imp
>Get my ass raped by his 40hp hitting magic
>After a lot of leveling and progression, I dared to enter the wilderness once more.
>I get into clan wars and general pvp
>I don't win much, but it's fun
>I find out about fist of Guthix
>That was the most fun way of leveling magic
>Every time I go and do some quests, I'd go back to Fist of Guthix, avoiding the revenants
>Then pvp came back
>I got raped every time I went to the wild, then Jagex made it so all the minigames are in this one place
>Every update from then slowly killed the game, squeal of fortune gave the final blow for me.
>The nostalgia of being a noob wore off and by this time, I was addicted
>I eventually quit. EOC doesn't make me want to go back any time either.
>had pure ranger
>playing very dedicated
>pking daily in the wilderness
>Heard on a morning at school they removed the wilderness
>couldn't believe
>came home
>found out it was true
>literally cried over it & quit the game after 5 years of playing it daily & way too much.
I had a friend called Mento martin and Zoa arch played from 05 to 2010
>be me
>be woodcutting
>see mysterious item on ground
>pick it up
>rune axe head
>selling rune axe head super rare 500k
Wait, no more EOC? Shit, this could get me playing again. Well that, and if they could also bring back the shitty graphics from rs2
>went into wilderness to kill dragons for their bones
>mage pker 20 lvls lower than me appears out of nowhere
>Fucks he going to do
>casts spell that literally disables my prayer
>cant teleport
>like 5 hits me
>dragon armor all gone
>cry and rage for hours
I played when tehnoobshow was popular.

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>Be 10
>at friends house
>he's playing RS
>playing pest control
>"What is that?"
>Friend is THAT asshole
>"Wow anon, you've never heard of this minigame? You're gay!"
>asking all these questions
>He doesnt answer them, shows me the rewards
>See dat fucking void knight set
>"Come on please! How do i get to it!?"
>"I guess you'll never get to play it, anon"
>I really want to fucking play
>not up for his bullshit
>autism levels spike
>sperg out and say that if he doesnt tell me i'll hack him
>"Sorry anon, no black robe knight set for you :^)"
>storm out of his house
>walk home
>I lived like 20 minutes away by car
>Get home
>mom freaking out
>go upstairs
>search "Runescape black robe knight set bug minigame" on Google
eh, i dont really feel like buying mem.
its prolly deserted anyways.
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>tfw first online relationship was on RS
magebank pking, dds main spec wep, 99 magic in ~1 hour by charging

got my main banned for duping D Bolts (e) fuck
That's a name only early 90s children will remember.

I hung out with Zezima 1 on 1 for like an hour in Yanille bank this one time. We were both fletching. He still wouldn't add me. tfw
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i was botting to 99 str and lost a green halloween mask to rock crabs
>zezima's 99 construction party
>zezima turns private chat on
>world crashed
File: 1405736543038.png (269KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw when years later I'm now a trap and have ~4 people fawning over me in game, even though I can barely find the motivation to log in because there's nothing to do but grind.
Oldfag here. Back when I was a fairly newfag to the game, and was about 11 or 12 at the time so I was highly gullible and shit, I met this person on there. Told me they would help me get gold or whatever so I trusted them and followed them. They led me out to this abandoned area where you could kill other players and began to attack me. Also there were giant fucking rats there as well. I was only like level 20 at most and this person was like level 50 and the rats were like level 30. I got fucked over and had all my shit stolen in the end.

Good times, good times...
Me and my dad played world of Warcraft together.

I miss my dad..
>i was cheating and trying to show off at the same time
Traps are cool i guess
they're just pretty guys
and I'd fuck a guy anyways

no homo
Anon's dad is kill
Cry for him
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I just laughed so hard at this.
being a noob, start mining, get 30 mining and get coal south of draynor with that song: book of spells shit my fav song ever. One masterrace full rune lvl 80 comes along and says he will buy all my coal, had like 300, gives me 100k, call my cousins to tell em the news, we go crazy over the phone...
thats how i became a rich fuck, after that my cousins were never able to surpass me, currently 14 skillcapes, quit in 2010
>good times nigga
I started playing in 01. Talked to Andrew in game in basement west varrock bank
Oldscape has more players than normal
One day they'll put computers in prison
Green dragon mask came out in 2010 you absolute twat
oh god dont make me do it
>be me, little 10 year old or some shit
>at pest control doing low level boat things
>some random dude convinces me to trade my rune platebody for his orange salamander
>tells me to check price on website (rune something? not zybez all i can remember) to convince me its legit
>see orange salamander is priced higher than rune platebody
>trade him, immediately realize how fucking useless the salamander is
>log out, literally cry over a video game
Fucking wow, the first time i remembered this even happened in years. God i was such a little bitch
>so many fucking memories from that game
>Had full Dragon Armor
>Chain was 25M at the time
>Quit for a while
>Armor was worthless when I got back
spending 8 hours a day running law runes selling them for 1k each
oohh yeaahh the mighty dscimmy
I remember laughing like a fucking faggot to tehnoobshows videos.

Runescape: Hods Exposed was top kek for me all the time

And how they made Guthix a retard that shouted random shit.

Good times, m8, fookin' gud times.
there are no killable pigs in rs faggot, at least not that i remember
Gods** not Hods, ffs.
but why did he need you to get on the account? why couldnt he?
i mean i get he was probably scapegoating you in case it didnt work but what reasoning did he give you
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hold me anons..hold me tight.
hey jmarousis its me dudee joy bitchhh .i. fuck you
>tfw your best rs friend showed you 4chan back in 07-08
>spend an hour training range on black dragon
>collecting bones and scales
>waiting for that sweet lvl 3 clue
>spend an hour doing clue
>addy fucking plate legsā€¦.
this literally happened to me like 200 times never got anything of value
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>started in 2002
>still playing to this day
Grinding big demon on max wildly early am times for rune helm. Get a couple, happy as shit. Low on lobby's so head back. Out of fucking nowhere comes a gang of faggots in archer gear spouting some Scandinavian language. Like 10 faggots. I run like a bitch but they jack my ass and take my shit. Fuckin scandies
spending 2 weeks to get 99 on a skill to impress people ill never meet and become rsfamoose?
i remember that
go back to youtube nightmareRH fucking OP faggot
File: 1405743958106.jpg (24KB, 321x339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 2006
>Start rs clan with friend
>Call it Knights of Zamorak
>We had a fucking website
>Would dress up in full Zammy gear to get members
>Started bringing in some members
>Some guy picks a fight with another clan
>Turns out to be a frog clan
>They would all wear frog masks
>Whatever, Don't fuck wit Zammy
>Agree with frog guys to have a group fight in the wilderness
>Show up, they're all low levels
>We kick ass
>We feasted on their fresh frog faggot carcasses like sweet zammy intended
>Few weeks later, account gets hacked, never play again
File: image.jpg (1010KB, 1388x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1010KB, 1388x2000px
Zez is a whole family. Aussies I think
File: 44454534563636.png (145KB, 1244x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 1244x474px
satanslilboy, is that you?
quit rs for astonia in 04 or 05
killing moss giants in the varrok dungeon for ranarr seeds.

started in late 04
Head about this game on screen savers just after beta. Fagged around till lvl 106. Quit for years log back on and people wtf hard when a big level asks noobish questions
Dude you used to be my clan leader
I was thievmattie2, I don't know if you remember me
The snow globe was released like 6 years ago
I experienced christmas crackers and party hats on christmas day. Sadly, I didnt keep any
>be in fourth grade
>right after my birthday
>Took me 2 years to get to combat level 54 or something
>trio of friends shared account to level his ass up
>douchecunt friend changes password
>beg him for account back. Had 50 fishing
>Say I'll give him anything
>he asks for 200 dollars
>give him all my birthday money
>he spends 100$ at the school's Santa shop
>I get my account back.
>Took 6 years to get 99 fishing
File: 1.jpg (11KB, 253x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 253x325px
"Looking for gf"
I still don't remember what caused this, but I got 500k gold from those looking for a gf.
Mfw 15 bfs at the time
anyone remember destroyr966?
>mfw you realise 6 years ago is 2008
I still play today. I've always played casually, and only occasionally put the dedication in for a 99 here and there. Might actually try to max out one day, I don't know.
selling 270 flax 27k
i once found tehnoobshow doing noob shit in varrock.
>WTB 2 coins for 1
made 100k like that right after i left tutorial place

Oh god, so many years ago. I can't even remember my old username. Good times though, can't forget those.
>shit ass computer with shit ass internet
>didn't know shit about computers at the time
>would have to wait overnight for the ad at the top to disappear before I could PK
God, why
>buy red h'ween mask for 200k
>stop playing for a few years
>log back in one day
>lvl 40 guy sees my masks and says he wants to buy it from me
>decides to look at his offer
>he throws up a bunch of rune armor and money worth around 350k
>think I'm getting a good deal, so accept
>he freaks out and starts thanking me repeatedly
>look up current market value a bit later
>fuck me

Was kicking myself for awhile for that, I wish I could have at least seen that kids reaction irl
i still remember the name but i cant remember the password and the email is very very out of use
you play other games with that name?
seems familiar to me
Want that so bad.
File: eocstats.png (85KB, 263x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 263x299px
was going to start playing rs3 again since they released the new legacy mode (allows you to play with the old combat system). but they nerfed it to near uselessness so i won't be playing that.
>I played when there was only one canadian world... W18, migrated to W114 when it was added

was a well known W114 regular and had someoen to say hi to in any bank at any time.
I don't care what anyone says I loved this game as a kid before steam or any of my own consoles or games. This was the poor man's warcraft and I loved every bit of this game
File: Finished-Gandhi.png (1MB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1000x1000px
>Made a Runescape account back in 04'
>Got to level 20
>Decided the game was stupid
>Gave my account to some level 3
>Stopped Playing

>4 months later
>Decided I wanted to play
>Recover my account using my email
>Log on
>My level 20 is now a level 98
>99 Str
>80 Def
>91 Attk
>Checked bank
>Holy mary mother of god
>2b, stacks of shark, bunch of shit
>I started playing again and got to level 120
>Got bored of the game
>Went to the wild with all my good shit
>Never played again
File: 07stats.png (36KB, 230x302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 230x302px
the released the 2007 version of runescape (oldschool.runescape.com) you need to be a member to play. would rather play this version

Hans in Lumbridge tells you
just picked up my 10 year cape last week, probably won't ever log into this shit again. currently posting from my phone so no proof
File: JhcguKZ[1].jpg (655KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
655KB, 1920x1080px
Yes, speak to hans in lumbridge
I used to watch videos of that Bob guy
just go to norway
its like a 2 star hotel
I remember when they released as POHs, those were the shit
I tried logging in sometimes in the last 7 years only to find my account deleted.

Logged in now to find that I still have an account, and haven't played in '2160 days'
Durial321, 6/6/06.
I bought my first r2her for 1.1m
I remember when some guy tried to sell me a whip for 10k but I thought he was ripping me off
Runescape was the highlight of my life I dont give a shit who laughs I loved that game crashing wars with noobs inc it was fun times.
File: bird.jpg (85KB, 500x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 500x402px
i got scammed out of all my iron armor because someone said they would "trim" it. i was 13 and that was 10 years ago. someone kill me.
That happened to me with mithril armor
>was level 95
>played for 3 years, starting in 2005
>what am i doing with my life
>sell account for $40 Canadian dollars
RIP one of the greatest trolls of all time
Did you win in monopoly then?
File: 123453423.jpg (19KB, 304x378px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 304x378px
> tfw I'm a member of Mining Golds

Any Mining Golds members online?
Used to be so obsessed with this game in 05-08, I still have my account I think it's level 71 or something. Good fucking times

>implying that's what really happened

>Browses /b/ years later
he said something along the lines of "You have the botting stuff and I dont so maybe you can keep him online for a long time with a bot"

now that you mention it, im not sure.
I wish i had proof, because when I read it over it sounds like a load of bullshit.
When i was younger I tried buying full mystic and some dude put up full mystic, but with a wizard robe bottom that I didn't notice

it was pretty heartbreaking
Getting married at lumbridge church
Two words. Muddy Keys
>RSC cape had permission to play RSC before they opened it to public, twice...
Hans wont tell me
Happened to me I after I made 2 mil from iron ore
296 days
File: 1399523920658.jpg (166KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1024x768px
damn that sucks. to be fair though i did that to a few kids after it happened to me. back before anyone knew what a "pure" was and how to really dominate the wilderness. i learned pretty quickly after that but the game just lost its flavor after a while. i guess they all do.
you need 2 facebook tabs open nigger lol
says right in your chat log

I miss when i used to make those videos :C
I used to play off and on for years. Played in in maybe 2001 or 2002. Quit, met best friend in middle school through RS after I saw him playing in the computer lab. I was a pmod for a bit, but I didn't respond to something they sent to my inbox so that got removed.
>in 4th grade
>rs is still pretty new
>fighting guards at black knights fortress because I'm 10
>guy with rune legs, adamantium pl8 and rune long comes up to me
>lvl 70
>calls me some name with a bunch of spaces
>I try to say, "gay" and it comes out as "cabbage"
>log out in shame.
one more time
>11 years old
>log in at 4 am because updates
>barb village
>onlookers come by
>they must be europeans
>curious 11 year old mind logs in on my sever
>me: I've madeout with a lot of girls
>stranger: lol ok sure
>me: I have, how do you guys touch yourself
>stranger: you've madeout with girls and never done that, ok.
>me: I just want new tips
>stranger: wait till you're older, you couldn't pass the lumbridge gates with your bronze dagger
he was actually one of my longterm rs friends after that
she scared me
I remember when they added housing. Still sucks today. I also remember hanging out with my friends using the easter ring to turn into an egg.. Good times back then.
File: Capture.jpg (182KB, 1040x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 1040x810px
logged on just to buy the cape
oldfag confirmed
Back when you could attack anyone in the wild. Trick noobs into going and then rape the shot out of them.
Prove I'm an oldfag?

I had a scythe.
What was your first piece of rune equipment?
>rune dagger (p+)
No idea what I ACTUALLY did in this game, guys. I never went into wildy, and I just collected all of the different weapons sets and carried them at all times. Knight: shield sword, armor, Archer: bow, arrows, crossbow, bolts, leather, Mage: staff, every rune i could possibly have...

Played castle wars all the time and then somehow finished all of the free quests except for dragon slayer, and then walked around in my members shit after I quit shilling money out and just... walked around.

What a weird way to waste time. I calculated when the last time I logged in was. About the time I discovered internet porn. kek
lol you bitch
"flash1:wave:Buying gf 3k"
>tutorial island
just saw it... May of 2005. holy shit

>make female account
>play for 5-6 years
>made a ton of friends
>two specific friends who i played with at all times
>Holub123 and Bqm
(someone please recognize those names...)
>had fake boyfriends at times
>not going to turn into some bullshit story about it being a bad decision
>eventually tell friends im a guy and they dont care that it was a lie
>over the next year everyone gets caught up with real life
>2 closest in game friends quit
>one of them gave their account to their cousins friend who changed the name a million times

>tfw I've tried to contact them atleast twice once a year for the last 4-5 years
>tfw I actually spent money to salvage an old hard drive to find a saved msn chat log
>tfw the msn log was there but the email the friend used was a throwaway
>tfw I actually know the full name of one of them and cant contact still
>tfw I know where friend 2's first name and town AND JOB AND IRL EX GF'S NAME but still cant contact
3k? nah I was a high roller I'd trade a disk of returning for a gf
>Ran about 800 law runes in 1 night in world 66
>back and forth trading was for runes
>felt proud of myself
>showed them off to friends
>died and lost them all
That was about 300k worth of law runes at the time. I regretted that for years.
Had a full on Grim Reaper outfit for doing a poor imitation of trolling of free accounts after grabbing a scythe on a member one.

Actually got like, 4k from some dude one time.
Ess* for runes. Damn autocorrect.
>tfw not a member
like what can i do as a free player because my bank is over filled with mem shit and just horded junk
>tfw dragon Armour but cant wear it on ftp
I know nothing of the culture and the popular players and shit. What did durial123 do?
Colored text was the fun shit though
File: hheehehehehhhh.png (107KB, 657x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 657x322px
I was in corrupt pures for like 4 months in 2007 before training defence and later on quit. i recognize loads of names in that vid.

began playing again in 2010 and joined Mayhem Makers. when i had high enough stats, stayed in mm until eoc came. pic related

a bit sad to see so few pures in these threads.
File: bank.jpg (65KB, 488x618px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 488x618px
shit pic related

falador massacre m8, 6/6/06 never forget
File: pank-12-08-02.png (94KB, 514x348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 514x348px
I am very oldfag. Picture from august 2002
damn dude you just bent me over a river rock and gently thrusted me
god damn. Fally massacre
File: This_feel.jpg (10KB, 199x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 199x200px
>playing castle wars before GWD
>everyone is using whips and dds
>so much fun
>piling the guy wearing d chain
>that level 126 guy is using crystal bow, he
must be good
>oh shit, this guy has 94 mage, we're fucked
>never again
and fucking shit happened on 6/6/06 that was spooky man
my little kid mind flipped out. I remember feeling sad like some national tragedy happened
Dank I remember that name.
haven't played in about 3-4 years but uh, holy shit you're a....nigger demon?
Two players walked up to me when I was wearing monk clothes and asked me if I could say wedding vows to them for 2k gold. I agree because I was running low, they paid up front and we left to go to the nearest church. I'm halfway through when my dad tells me to go get my baby brother out of his bed, I tell him hold on but he threatens to turn of the computer. I was paid up front so I was okay with just lodging out mid sentence... Still wonder what happened next...
he found a way to hit people in non-pk areas? And then everyone crowded the fuck out of him? fucking lel.

what was the bug?
File: 2003.png (102KB, 612x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 612x280px
2003.. good days
Do you play CS:GO?
if i had a reaction folder i'd be all like
>mfw 94 mage
with a grinning photo
lol, fucking nice, man.
lost city didnt give you the d scim...
File: 2014-02-23-bank.png (1MB, 1007x786px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1007x786px
> Be fresh new member and like 8 years old
> Stand outside house portal in popular worlds because I thought house parties were badass
> Met new friend goes and buys us kegs of beer we just go to peoples 99 construction parties and get our in game characters drunk

Another one
> Some kid tries to lure me out in the wild has full guthix im like level 40
> Pm my friend who was like level 80
> Go out to wildy and guy tries to attack me
> Friend comes in and completely destroys him. Litterally watching my friend fuck this guy in the ass in the wild
> King black dragon joins
> Huge dragon Cock splits him in 2
> Friend lets me keep guthix armor and the 5m he had on him
> Kid messages me pleading for his stuff back
> Tell him to fuck himself
> Get banned a week for saying fuck
> Get back on still have his gear and him added on friends list
> See what world hes in
> Have different friends pm him and figure out where hes at in game
> Just show up and follow him
> Do this for about a week just showing up random places he is in game taunting and following him
> Eventually he cusses me out
> report him he gets banned.
Gg kid

My fucking guthix armor now bitch
Tons more stories those were the best days of my childhood
>have had RS account for 7 years
> still lvl 36

All I did was mine shit and hang out at house parties
lol the construction glitch.
when construction came out you could teleport out of the fighting arenas and Pk people. You would lose everything even with protect item and no skull
The first guy to reach 99 construction hosted a massive party in his house. He kicked everyone from the house at one point and Durial who had PvP mode on was still able to fight outside.
he could attack people but they couldn't attack back. Happened after a house party, he was in the fighting ring while everyone got kicked out. It's somewhat like that.
not what happened. lol
:,) those days were the best
File: IMG_13072013_194221.png (200KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200KB, 1920x1080px
Are u even trying?
>implying RSC aint the god of the god tier MMORPGs
that's beautiful
I started playing a couple months before RS2 came out, I still remember good ol' 'classic'.
moar pls
how do you get on that shit, i get some unverified java bullshit error which is common with anything past Java 7
"Drop your money and press Alt+F4, it'll duplicate."
"Selling super rare black lobster!! 1m"
I remember days when only bluerose13x had 99 smithing. Rune 2-handed sword cost over 500k and it was really rare.
or the trust game, and have a few friends involved.
Lost the count of the times we totally ripped off 1 guy with 5-6 friends
File: rune.png (2MB, 1539x815px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1539x815px
Who wants to buy my account?
So this is what qualifies for oldfags, huh? I started in early 2001. Here's a few things I remember:

- I remember global PVP (no Wildy) with a toggle you can only change twice after character creation. If you were PVP flagged you avoided the Lumbridge cabbage patch at all costs, always groups of PKers waiting there.
- Biggest clan for a long time is the Saber clan. They all created new characters with "Sabre" in the name, like "King Saber" and "Dark Saber". It was part of becoming a member.
- When adamant plate bodys were added, they were the toughest thing in the game and cost 40k coins. That sounds like pennies now but at the time that was a shit load of cash
- No item bank, only gold could be stored (and only in multiples of 5, no single coins), so you had to create mule characters to hold your shit.
- Highest smithing level for a long time was Bluerose13x, and she was the first person to be able to smith Runite gear (and there was not other way to get it, you had to get it through her). This required multiple mules worth of coal, something like 300 coal, which was prohibitively expensive at the time.
- There was initially only one server. It was a really big deal when we could log in and select between 2 servers :)
- How much meat healed was affected by your cooking level. This meant that a higher level chef could make quite a bit of money selling meat at popular fighting spots. This is how I was able to buy my first adamant plate :D
- There was actually supposed to be Player Owned Houses in sections of the map in Varrock and Falador, which you could see on the world map.
- Know how there is a fence to the west of the Barbarian Village and Draynor that runs North-South the whole way down the land? That's not just for show: that whole area (Falador/Port Sarim/Ice Mountain) didn't exist when I started
- When you started a character you chose a class that determined what items/skills you started with.

I have more but reached comment limit.
>like what can i do as a free player because my bank is over filled with mem shit and just horded junk
fucking this. My membership ran out years ago and now it's mostly members stuff that i want to wear again...shit, i can't even sell it
nobody gives a shit

also tl;dr
right it was monkey madness damn its been a long time, hated that fucking quest
File: fuckf2p.png (551KB, 1599x797px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551KB, 1599x797px
could anyone spot me a bond/ 2m? 7 year account - been playing this shit since like 6th grade.
Some guy dropped a red party hat like a freakin decade ago and i picked it up. Some guy wanted to trade and offered a adamantium sword. I was a noob at the time so it looked amazing.

what a fucking mistake...those party hats are worth like real world $500+ right?
Wc lvls?
>Find "girl" at market in Varrock
>Ask if she wants to be my gf
>get her chocolate from cooking guild
>"Hey gf wanna have a picnic in wildy?
>Sure anon
>Kill her in wild
>Celebrate in glory with new mith armor
>log in for the first time in years
>see this

hasn't changed a bit
I witnessed "The Great Party Hat Dupe"
had tons of purple phats back then.
Jagex even called in the help of players to fix the glitch.
Anyone else can relate?
Thats nothing boy.

Andrew Gowers grandfather here, looked after him when he was a child and helped raise him to become what he is today. Bought him his first computer and taught him the basics of java coding, from there he went on to master the art and produce the game all you newfags have come to know and love. Just remember if it wasnt for me impregnating his grandmother, you folks wouldn't have Runescape.

ah i remember monkey madness. Being a somewhat low level i was nervous as fuck trying to find a balance between bringing too much stuff for the boss fight and losing it if I lose, or bringing too little and still losing it
File: 1405829753639.jpg (48KB, 512x591px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 512x591px
oh yeah i was "friends" with zezima for a while before he was famous...lol good times

oh god and i like cried when i died and lost my shit in wildy...i was 11 or 12...damn 12 years ago
I would if I had a computer. Got an acc with over 100m on it
This buerose13x was actually a girl?
Getting famous on runescape or any game sounds impressive for 2001.

you either crushed a girl or scammed a scammer. Nice.

I messaged zezima once years ago and he said hi back to me. I bragged to my friends about this for ages lol.
I was a loser in school with my (only) best friend and we would do literally nothing else but play runescape together. We even made two pures together and invested so much money into it. During lunchtime as a joke we would squirt water from a bottle at each other (pretending to ice blitz) and then run up to each other and do the Armadyl God Sword spec animation. Christ that was embarassing.

'04-'11 RIP the old days, best time of my life
what a coincidence
I doubt that.
>started playing when I was 8
>name character "Salty Joe8" because I thought it was a pirate game (my name isn't even joe, I don't know what the fuck I was thinking)

>straight outta tutorial
>find full bronze armor, sword on road outside lumbridge

>move up in game, sell old armors at GE

>become rune essence mining fag, barely make 200 grand

>spend hours on end killing barbarians

>kill moss giants in sewers, constantly get drops yoinked

>pets introduced
>lose cat in trollheim

>lose it all in pvp at level 40, start over from scratch

>some 17 year old logs into my account, steals the 1mil he got me
>start over from scratch

>make 10 hour journey to island to fish for lobsters
>no lobsters to be found
>teleport back to lumbridge

>guy in GE doubling gold
>he actually does it the first few times
>i could've walked out with a few mil
>he steals all my money
>follow him around for next few days begging for money back
>he ignores me
>start all over again

>get trimmed adamant armor, player home, black/purple cape
>buy rune armor even though not high enough level to use
>pretty much stop playing

>i check back occasionally every few months, still a game full of bots and people buying gf
> Be me
>be all (back in the day)
> Go to wildness level 16
> get to the very end
>start walking back
> someone comes up to me kills me
sad days
>go to wild
>guy wants to team up
>we start running around together, kill a few dudes
>one of the survivors asks to come with us, we let him
>first guy whispers to me that we should kill him, we debate about this for a really long time
>we finally kill the new guy
>i get pissed and kill the first guy too
>go back to lumi rich as fuck

I didn't think it was a big deal back then, but there's not a single mmo out there in which pvp is so damn brutal. Newer mmos are so fucking dull.
damn. i have 99wc on this one but its useless in f2p .-.
>playing at 8
>GE existed

underage b&

Stop right there
File: screenshot.16.png (58KB, 349x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 349x221px
sup guys. Pic related, best PK I've ever had.
Story time.
>November 2011
>Messing around in dangerous clan wars
>Got guthans and whip because broke as shit
>On ancients
>Have no robes so I grab mime outfit for shits and giggles
>Freezing no itemers in mime outfit
>lv 89 zerk logs in and dclaw rushes me
>I freeze him in my mime outfit
>dds him out for mad loot
>full 3a mage, ags, claws, fury, the works
>MFW I made 250m by catching a freeze in a mime costume
My thoughts exactly
I played back before all the farming and stupid shit came out. I know it was well before they made RS2..
File: RSbankmay252010.jpg (30KB, 578x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 578x259px
Good ole' runescape. Haha, I remember losing my first santa hat to a lesser demon when i was a pure; I was maging them and watching youtube at the same time, and switched back to my screen just as I saw my hitpoints hit zero lol.

The best times I had in runescape was pking with a range/2hr pure in f2p. It was so much fun, sometimes i'd use a rune battleaxe and shit. I remember my first full rune kill was with a bax, ftw. Anyone remember Newbbeme or Most Dreaded?

Yea, I could go on... Had too much fun on that game as a kid.
>be me
>be like 10 years old on rs
>meet random girl, question Internet relationship
>remember, on the intershit we're both 16 ;)
>she sends me a pic of herself
>ask if she's mexican
>ewwww noo
>she never replied again

Oh, runescape.
>trying to make us believe youre not underage
>saying you were 8 at the time of both GE, player houses
>make up lie about being around when pets are introduced
Lel. I got like 13 99s goml feg.
I just botted all my skills anyway
File: 1381914953721.gif (2MB, 230x175px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 230x175px
>During lunchtime as a joke we would squirt water from a bottle at each other (pretending to ice blitz) and then run up to each other and do the Armadyl God Sword spec animation.
File: costanza.jpg (147KB, 601x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 601x601px
yeah, because all of those things happened within the same timeframe
I wrote all that just for you
>>Friend quitting for the 4th time, go to Wildy agility to talk
>> we've been playing ~3-4 together
>> talk about PVM good ruine times had at gwd around after Wildy reinstated
>> feels like we're on his deathbed saying my final goodbyes
>> having real feels
>> this is my last good friend quitting
>> talking about being alone, real feels, starting to tear up
>>ask him if he wants to really go, he says yes and he wants to get off
>> it's time now
>> wait friend
>> what anon?
>> let's box, if I kill you, you stay around and still
>> serious bet made, we're both maxed combat
>> talking like we're slowly committing partner suicide
>>felt like I was going to cry
>> I'm up by 30hp, he is around 10
>>not getting any hits, he's gaining
>>redbarred me
>> taking about seeing each other on the other side, we were in our last boxing match together
>>we turn on retribution prayer without saying it
>>TFW retribution didn't kick in, but we tied, hit fatal blows simultaneously
>> I cried like a bitch, and said my last goodbye, I failed to keep my last friend ingame
>> he said good fight
>> TFW he logged and never saw him I'm game again
File: screenshot.17.png (2MB, 1619x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1619x1050px
They made it so you can buy membership with in game money now. There's also money making methods that are 6-7m an hour. You can buy 2 weeks membership for an hour of grinding.

Pic related, current account.

EoC has gone to shit, Legacy is a bastardized Frankenstein creation of EoC, and game in general is going down the shitter.
didn't play as far back as some people. started playing runescape back when tutorial island was still a thing got bored after a couple years. started again in between that version and the current one where the tutorial is you fighting a bunch of giant or trolls or something. then started again when runescape 3 came out then quit after a couple hours.
yeah i barely leveled skills in like most of my playing time. just sat around chatting and didnt care much for botting
I used to lure noobs to the dark mages outside of varrock and then steal their armour even though it was worthless.

Fun times
>>move up in game, sell old armors at GE
so youre telling me you kept all of your old armors for YEARS
>>get trimmed adamant armor, player home, black/purple cape
so youre saying that you started playing long before player homes were even introduced but by the time you had one you were only on addy armor
and buying rune armor was some sort of accomplishment
stop trying gtfo /b/
first pets were fucking cats or chickens, right?
i remember when magic didnt give you combat levels and level 3's would trick people into going after them in the wilderness and cast op spells at them
Man the random monsters that would appear and fight you. The angry chicken would spawn at like +20 ur level and fuck your shit up any day. Was terrifying
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Used to listen to this while playing.
haha yeah you could cast spells as fast as you could click while fighting. It was mad OP. Jagex had to put in a limit, I think it was one cast every 2 seconds or something?
I got a trimmed set of rune armour for a set of plain rune armour, and trolled the shit out of my m8
and there was almost always a random event going on near a bunch of bots
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