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Hey /b/ros story time/confessions Last one 404d on me Pic related

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/ros story time/confessions
Last one 404d on me
Pic related
>be me 18
>recently graduated high school
>home sucked
>move out into a new town
>begin life in the real world
>still have friends from other town
>crazy ex girlfriend starts rumors about me
>my friends start to dwindle
>only friends left are my best friend and his girlfriend
>was like best friends with his girlfriend until I introduced them to each other
>months pass by
>life getting easier
>making good money
>hasn't talked to them in a while
>invite them both over to smoke and party
>they both show up
>noticed his girlfriend was crying
>doesn't say anything
>I spark a blunt
>offer to his girlfriend
>he freaks out
>mfw he starts fighting with her in front of some of my friends and their family
>they both go into the other room
>hear crying and fighting
>I get up and tell best friend to calm the fuck down
>they both come back and don't say a word for the rest of the night
>a few weeks pass
>I start texting his girlfriend
>ask what has been going on
>she immediately starts apologizing for embarrassing me in front of company
>tell her it wasn't her fault
>I ask her what has been up with him lately
>she starts telling me how he has been passive aggressive to her on end lately
>I remember an incident where he pushed her to the ground
>start thinking "is he hitting her?"
>get more concerned and talk to her more
>days pass by and I get closer to her than him
>start inviting just her over to my house
File: 1402383351871.jpg (167KB, 500x423px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 500x423px
>she starts coming over almost every weekend to hang out
>start to learn that her boyfriend mistreats her
>start bonding with her more
>start crushing on her but ignore the feelings
>We establish a very strong friendship
>boyfriend feels "left out"
>he starts talking to me
>wants to hang out just me and him to catch up
>realize he's a metrosexual douche with a massive ego
>mfw this is not the guy I grew up with
>be blunt and say "what happened to you dude"
>he gets offended a little
>I stated that I like hanging out with his girlfriend more
>he gets pissy and leaves eventually
>stop hearing from him
>weeks pass by
>talk to her every day
>she always complains about him but claims she loves him
>eventually all our conversations are about them fighting
>I start giving her advice to leave him
>she shrugs it off
>girlfriend starts saying things like "you're my big brother op"
>don't know how to take it
>find out that the boyfriend is gone on vacation
>make plans to come over to her house for a few days
pls OP dont leave us hanging
>boyfriend is cool with it because he trusts me and her
>decide to bring a quarter of bud and two bottles of vodka since I was going to be visiting some old classmates as well
>show up to her house
>immediately start inviting people to party
>we invite an old neighborhood friend over because she likes to drink
>remembers that the neighborhood girl tried to fuck the boyfriend like 2 times
>the girlfriend knows but he was Really good at making up a good enough story to convice her he wasn't cheating since he never "sent anything back"
>we all start doimg some shots with some lightweights
>we did about 4 shots of vodka and both girls were pretty shit faced
>the girlfriend goes to the shower
>I decide to go through the girlfriend and neighborhood girls phones while they weren't paying attention to see if I could find nudes
>go through the girlfriends texts to the boyfriend
>he's been fighting with her because he wants to go to a party and try some hard core drugs
>find out that the neighborhood girl is gonna be at the same party
>go through the other girls texts
>see nudes that she texted to like 3people
>mfw one of those people was the boyfriend
>go through the messages
>see plethora of nudes from her but the received messages were all deleted
>neighborhood girl leaves while the girlfriend is still in the shower
>I have a moment to think about it all
>decide to not say anything and not start drama
>remember that both girls were entirely shitfaced
>the girlfriend comes back in the room still wet from her shower
>she comes and lays down on me
>"hey big brother" she says
>I'm about to get married next year
>I really love my gf, she's the love of my life
>but... life loves to kick me in the nuts from time to time
>several years ago dated this girl, had unprotected sex several times
>she had a bf, but we kept fucking for a couple of moths
>she got pregnant and the bf took responsibility for my actions
>didn't see or knew anything about this girl for years
>last week she contacted me, but not alone
>divorced (from her back then bf) with a 4 year old daughter and requesting money from me
>waiting for the results of the paternity test, if I have a daughter my life will be fucked
Op here
>I laughed a little and wrapped one of my arms around her
>she starts to giggle and slowly starts running her fingers through my hair
>I do the same thing and she starts to giggle and moan a tiny bit
>she starts to dig her nails into my back as I slowly ran my fingers down her neck
>she moans and looks deep into my eyes
>start to get the most rock hard boner since I haven't been laid in the few months since I moved
>we start slowly working our fingers down each others bodies
>nothing but groping and shit for like 10 minutes
>decide to make a move
>bite her neck while my fingers are in her panties
>she violently squirms and digs her nails into my back really fucking hard
>I quickly grabbed both her arms and pinned her down into the bed
>she moans loudly and wraps her legs around me tightly
>I pull my pants off
>she puts her hands in my boxers and started going to town
>she then grabs me by the hair and bites the fuck out of my neck
>I start to finger her
>she starts talking really dirty saying "I want to taste your cock" or "I want you to fuck the shit out of me"
>at that time reality kicked in
>she starts to slowly lick my dick and starts giving me head
>I start thinking this is wrong but it feels amazing
>no fucks given
>we start fucking
>she starts moaning more and more
>I notice she's about to cum
>she then screams no and kicks me off
>she starts crying and I try to console her but don't know how
>somehow I got her to calm down and we just went to sleep and cuddled
>wake up in the morning
>wake her up
>time passes but we don't talk
>we both have guilt on our faces
>she explains that she gets really horny really easily when drunk
>I say it's all fine as long as we don't tell anyone
>mfw I realize that I'm staying 2 more days
>the day goes on and she keeps saying things like "you're a really good fuck"
>start to feel less guilty
>the day continues
yes i may be your only reader. but i am here
do continue
carry on op
>the day continues
>we decide to drink and try to be responsible this time
>she starts getting grabby and grabs my dick
>so confused at this point because we only took like 2 shots
>I play along and I start to go down on her
>she explains that my tongue feels so much better than her boyfriends
>she then screams that she wants to fuck after squirming around and moaning for like 5 minutes
>I start to fuck her and she slowly pulls me out and calmly says that we shouldn't do this
>called her a tease and we stopped
>I couldn't resist but to finger her though
>I rolled over and started to finger her and she came in less than a minute
>the rest of that night was a blur.
>next day arrives.
>we still have some weed and Alcohol left over
>she goes out and buys snowballs and decides to put vodka in them
>she was saying that she never saw me completely shitfaced and wanted to
>I drank the whole thing in about 3 minutes and started to feel sick
>she then pins me down and starts to make this cute whimpering sound
Op you glorias candy roody faggot poo nigger lovin ass. go on
Keep going op
>girlfriend starts saying things like "you're my big brother op"

how in the fuck did you go from friend zone to in the zone like this?
File: 1395465367161.jpg (106KB, 500x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 500x625px
cause he's probably good looking
oh yeah, forgot about that loophole
Or maybe is fake
Also, underageb& please leave
>she immediately starts sucking on my neck and kissing me going lower and lower
>im completely shitfaced at this point
>just let it all happen
>she starts using her nails down the side of my body and tugging at my hair and moaning
>I say drunkly that I must be toxic
>she then starts to slowly suck my dick and using her hands everywhere else
>after about 10 minutes of heavenly falatio she pins me down and starts to climb on my dick
>she whispers in my ear that she wants to make me cum
>she starts riding me Really hard and twists her body and moans ridiculously
>after about 30 minutes she cums
>she then gets off and immediately starts working on my dick with her mouth
keep going, fapping
>she starts riding me Really hard and twists her body and moans ridiculously
>after about 30 minutes she cums

U last over 30 mins drunk? cmon dude, your not superman
File: 1366821815689.jpg (289KB, 800x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289KB, 800x625px
What is whiskey dick?
It was probably, to his drunk mind that is, 30 minutes.
its actually harder to come whilst drunk for the most part, the more you know
>after a while I came in her mouth
>she said it was alot thicker
>I looked at her and realized that she didn't drink anything since the previous day
>she then cuddled up to me and started just running her hands on my body
>I look at her and ask her why was she like this if she didn't drink anything
>im still drunk out of my mind when I said that
>she completely ignores the question and starts to get dressed
>this morning we didn't utter a word to eachother about the previous nights other than how horrible we are
>I honestly don't think I'm horrible for it
I got back home today and she hasn't really messaged me back other than saying she wants to have a threesome
I keep feeling guilty that I got her that drunk enough to do that shit 3 days in a row, but should I?
I plan on going over there next week. Hopefully this can be a regular thing. I just feel like a bad person for it
Never been drunk, so that really is something to think about.
i feel like my dick has been cheating me all this time...

If it feels good, do it.
I certainly wouldn't feel bad.
>boyfriend is shit
>gives good head (from what I can tell)
>up for threesomes
no regret OP
File: 20140629_135454.jpg (260KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260KB, 1280x960px
Here's me for those who think I'm a basement dweller
>can't tell gender
imagine how ugly the girl is
pls post pic of girl OP
The girl is a good 8/10
Has small tits but a nice body and ass
Op you get any pics of her?
File: 1.jpg (447KB, 640x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
447KB, 640x742px
wat gender are you

I like how everyone has gone from thinking you're really cool to questioning what gender you are. Top fucking kek. Still a good story though IMO.
Not bad/10
The earshits are bad, though.
You are a bad person, you're fucking some dude's girl.
But you're an okay dude because she's doing it on purpose and enjoys your company. You're the best thing about her life.

Captcha somewhat related: utsoryl pay
I think you're good OP. She'll leave him for you eventually, and if you plan on doing that then more power to you still.
Thanks guys
Sorry for the ones who can't tell what gender I am
I'm messaging her right now trying to get some nudes. Op will try hard af to deliver
Well. If he's treating her that badly then she should break up with him. If she "loves him" she wouldn't have slept with you drunk or not. So you only I guess betrayed a friend you where not fond of anyway. So meh.
oh cmon don't do that
File: 20140712.jpg (149KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 960x1280px
Jesus fuck thats a baby face. Nice chin fuzz.

Shave that shit off until you can actually grow something.

This is a beard kiddo.
if you post her nudes you're as worse as bf
Ive been told nearly all weekend that I should shave that shit haha thanks for the tip
The ones that can't tell your gender are used to trying to fuck chicks with beards. Seriously, how could they not see you have facial hair.
agreed, be a faggot today op
OP, I honestly don't think you should. She sounds like a nice girl. Don't post pics of nice girls on /b/.
File: images.jpg (3KB, 97x111px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 97x111px
Mfw op is Chip Skylark
not today man
feels and nudes are incompatible
File: 1402553156721.jpg (98KB, 590x562px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 590x562px

Online now,Instant access!
Yeah, I guess it would make me a worse person. I actually do value her alot.
I lol'd
don't deliver OP, is ok to be faggot this time
I wouldn't call her that. But a clothed pick would be fine. If you have one on hand.
File: 23147876.jpg (5KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 259x194px
Having said that, let's see those nudes.
You should post a pic of her though, not naked. Just so we can see what the lass looks like
It's not even easy getting it up when you're drunk. I remember my first time getting drunk. I was taking a piss and I realized that my dick felt almost numb.
my confession. I'm a pathological liar. I told my girlfriend of 2 years I had cheated on her a year ago. however. the affair is still going on. I told her I was sorry. I'm not. I never was. I saw the pain in her eyes. I saw her want to kill herself. saw the cuts on her wrists. but nope. I didn't and don't care.
File: fuck you.png (660KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck you.png
660KB, 1200x1200px
>mfw all these people asking OP not to deliver

OP get dem noodz fa sho
Elijah Wood?
Im not gonna bother with nudes because her boyfriend just got back haha
Op will deliver face pic though
she looks cute, OP
Not bad op.
File: 677890.jpg (26KB, 446x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 446x336px
>I decide to go through the girlfriend and neighborhood girls phones while they weren't paying attention to see if I could find nudes
Thanks guys. The only thing I'm afraid of is her regretting everything and wanting nothing to do with me because I value her the most out of all of my friends
more pics OP
File: 1321882961149.jpg (115KB, 535x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 535x717px
nice girl.
File: 1402871431819.gif (2MB, 202x152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All i can say about this whole thing is use her as much as you can, and dont get into a relationship. for many reasons.

>she will cheat on you like she did her boyfriend
>she will cheat on you, WITH her ex boyfriend

Trust me. i know these sloots.
Maybe you should just admit it to her for closure. At least you'd still have 1 person
I don't plan on getting into a relationship with her because I'm moving really soon but I still want to at least remain this close
Uh. Do you love said person? If you want her tell her that. If she feels wanted from a non wanted relationship she'll love it.
Shes a cutie OP, good job. Dont fuck it up.
not bad OP
Haha I guess I do look like that
Nah. I frankly don't give a fuck. I'm perfectly happy carrying on two relationships at once.
I wouldn't say I'm in love with her but I Really care about her alot
that was possibly the most beta thing i've ever heard
this anon speaks the truth, couldn't have said it better
tell her exaxtly what you said in this post.
Or better yet, show her this post.
This is your and her life; your choices cannot be made by /b/.
that being said, remove your disease from premises by own choice and will.
I did know her alot longer than her boyfriend. I was actually the one who introduced them to each other.
you must be really good at world of warcraft
> "you're my big brother op"
>but I know the feel OP similar situation happened to me on new years
She knows I'm a pathological liar. Yet for Some reason she stays with me.
So guys, what the fuck kind of friend zone is this then?
You must be really good at being a faggot
I once shoved a banana up my ass. It got to the very black-brown tip. Felt good. Ashamed either way.
A really good one.
if you had sex youre not in a zone
maybe she loves you - it is time to love yourself now. if you dont love yourself you cannot love others. Work on that blockade. Nothing is set in stone.
So what should I do if she confesses to her boyfriend because I really don't feel any form of guilt towards him at all
Friend zone with benefits?
This is actually some good advice anon
What happened?
here's my confession:
I'm a pedo
never actually done anything with a kid and never will
only cp I look at is the "loli" stuff that gets posted here on /b/ sometimes
not much else to say really
File: 1403674973887.png (507KB, 563x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507KB, 563x473px
Wrong you're
File: 1401728801114.jpg (511KB, 1937x1158px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511KB, 1937x1158px
Yo. You just got raped. Lol
File: 21290750.jpg (47KB, 500x568px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 500x568px
My confession: I have a friend who's a girl and she's a huge fucking slut. I mean HUGE. We've fucked and stuff and stayed friends afterwards, but now she like tells me about all her sexual stuff, like her fucking loads of guys, but the thing is that I really get off on this, the sluttier she is the more turned on I get. I haven't been like this with anyone else, just her. It's weird. I get off on my friend being a slut.
me and my ex would fuck for 2 hours drunk. it makes you numb so you can't feel enough to climax but you're still turned on and horny cause you're drunk.

but that's something only people with sex lives would know.
File: 1398101208398.jpg (59KB, 906x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 906x1280px
That's a keeper.
not bad, i'd say a 4.5/10 without body. a little below average, but for a drunk fuck, then fine.
a similar situation happened to me on new years as well...

are u me?
Thanks. Now...
I can't see a force stopping you three from talking it out? If you can REALLY talk about it with the girl and put that adventure behind you then he might not need to know. Just remember, future pays for all the shit you do in the present. It does it in a good or in a bad way - your choice.
If he turns to be an asshole or negative towards this and cannot be talked, I usually give people three chances to neutrally resolve any fighting after which if they fail I just release and drop contact. Just a heads-up, doesnt need to be that way in your case.
I am you. And you are I. And he is we.
if only i knew you in prison
I coffe as to mudkipz
lets see some pix of the bf OP, wanna see how you compare
was it new years 2012....?

i'll give you the play by play
>your my big brother Anon,
>everyone leaves party
>go to her room
>pants off
Nice pasta.
Technically it was 2012
but yeah
Thanks anon. I'll keep that in mind
wh..what state are you from?
>condom hat
>justin bieber bangs
>douche goatee and neckace
>"vintage" shirt
ok good, im in CA.

maybe youre my colorado doppleganger. i'd be interested in a greentext of your incident, my friend.

for uh. muh records.
OP is a fag

you ruined this tread with that pic
i lost my boner..
I think he's a decent looking guy. no homo
>be me
>texting qt3.14 but not gf
>she has the bf
>It's 1 day before new years eve
>Ask her is she wants to come to party
>"Sure anon :)"
>she sends another text right away
>"can I bring my bf"
> so...I think for a bit and reply
>"sure..." because at the time I was only 16 and beta af
>so night of party shows up. everybody is here except qt3.14
>text her "where you be?"
>literally 2 seconds later got a reply
>I'm at my house waiting for my bf to come get me
>I reply "Well if he doesn't show up in an hour text me, I'll come get you"
>one hour passes
>Anon :( can you come get me
>it's around 9 and I've had a little to drink but she only lived around 5 miles away so no biggie
>go to her place almost hit a mailbox on the way there
>get her
>her make-up was running down her face as if she'd been crying
>Fuck yeah!
>I mean.. well shit
>kinda awkward drive back to my place but we get there okay
>we go up to my room to talk and drink a little
>my /b/ros knew what was happening so they left as soon as the door opened
>we talk for about an hour or so
>I give her a shot of jeager, because jeager is the shit
>She takes it
>she's shit faced after 2 shots
>so she comes over to me and says "anon, you're like a brother to me"
>and me being an egotistical little shit, beta fag, and a /b/ro I say
>You like incest? jokingly of course
>but she giggles and says "I'm not sure, but I kinda wanna find out"
>Not my first time, but my first time in about a year so instaboner
>I'm wearing basketball shorts... we're all men we know how that goes
>I say "you wanna fuck like jack rabbits?"
>"Hell yeah ;D"
Part 2? Cont?
>at this point I think she's completely forgotten about her boyfriend
>so we're doing it every style possible, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, you name it...
> while were doing it, she's moaning, and shit
>makes me harder, so I fuck her faster
>here's where it goes down
>She yells her exes name
>Insta boner kill
>she gets pissy and says
>what the hell anon
>I say "You yelled out your exes name, what do you expect?!"
>we both get dressed...
>We end up talking for a bit, she feels bad and wants to make it up to me
>ask her if she wants to go again..
>before I put it in her, I tell her "Since you yelled out his name, I feel as if you deserve a little punishment"
>I don't even ask
>always have loved ass
and that's the story
I ended up ass fucking her, then finishing in her ass
drove her home an hour later, and to this day, we are still fuck buddies
you value her so much that fucking /b/ needed to stop you from posting her nudes?
what's wrong with kids thesedays?
sauce on the gif?
you look like a future trap...
Thread posts: 134
Thread images: 22

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