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Incest story thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest story thread
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I fucked my cousin a lot when we were 12-18 the end
Even spidey was boarde by that thread lol
I fucked my daughters in sims 3
who didn't?
Ok here goes
>in a movie theater with my 6yo niece
>there's maybe three other people in the whole place
>she's running around before it starts
>when it's getting started she comes and sits on my lap
>I get hard
>mover her around so her little but rubs my dick
>remove dick from pants
>hike her dress up and fuck her thighs
>finish on her legs
>clean up
>leave the cumsoaked napkins on the floor
was that even possible?
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I got a story that happened just the last weekend.

>Be at summer cottage with my family.
>My 10 and 9 year old cousins come to visit and spend few nights here.
>Because my 13 year old brother refused to go to sauna, hot tub and swimming with them, I was basically forced to, because someone had to watch over them.
>While sitting in the hot tub with the girls, the older one climbs to my lap, and starts playing with my face while basically grinding herself against my crotch.
>If I tried to rise or lift her off, she started hitting me and splashing me with water.
>I ended up sitting there being uncomfortable, paranoid and slightly aroused for like half an hour with the girls, as they wouldn't let me get out of the tub. Any attempt to leave resulted in the girls shouting, slapping, and hitting me, and telling me that I can't leave.
>mfw during the whole situation.

I eventually just bolted out of the hot tub when the girls were distracted, which made the older girl mad at me, and she started to mope in the hot tub. It did kind of make me feel bad, but I couldn't let the situation go on any further.
>be 16 year old me
>fucked 2 girls in my life, but not getting that much action
>have a 14 year old sister solid 7/10 cute innocent look.
>just woke up, going to the bathroom
>dosen't notice the sound of the shower so i go in and whip out my dick
>"ehm, anon.."
>it's my sister standing naked in the shower
>mfw she's fully shaved but forgot to cover her vagina (she only covered her boobs)
>she looks at my boner (morning wood, duh) and then quickly looks away embaressed
>i quickly put my dick back in my pants and walk extremely fast back to my room
>super embarassed, thinking "what if she thinks i got a boner from her" but i kinda get turned on by that thaught but shook the thought away..

>I couldn't let the situation go on any further
Why not. They're cousins, cousins are fine, they're even legal to marry in plenty of States of the Union.
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Because letting that situation escalate would have potentially ruined my life. I am 10 years older than the girls after all.
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Why not

Only faggots ask if they need to continue.

And not the cool Freddy Mercury sort of faggot either.
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Yes, moar!
You just need to have confidence and handle it smoothly. Don't let it go too far that the law could become involved but go far enough that those bitches will be yours and you can take it farther when they're old enough.
>mfw she's fully shaved but forgot to cover her vagina (she only covered her boobs)

Well yeah, unlike men their pussy doesn't stick out. When standing up, their pussy is essentially under them and doesn't require hiding.

Thus we can conclude you're a liar.
I allow you to do it
Like you have any idea what you're talking about.
File: oc_1.webm (3MB, 320x240px)
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man this guy is so lucky his sister flashes him and stuff he also records her in the shower.
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Have you guys heard about my story with my sister Tasha? (and her friend Samantha)
not really an incest story but my sister was there so it....counts?

>be 10
>grandfather always watching porn in the living room
>deaf as shit, so tv is loud as fuck
>neighbors complain about noise
>no fucks given by grandfather
>older sister invites hot friend over
>somehow friend has hot tits
>hours later they fell asleep
>getting boob action off of sleeping friend
>she starts to fidget around
>runs off scared as fuck
>pauses to see porn on tv still at full blast
>grandfather asleep
>laugh to myself
>goes back to room to play mario kart 64
wtf I don't even fucking know who you are stop asking these fucking questions just tell shit if you want
>Was in camping with my cousin during vacations
>Night was really cold and we didn't have fire anymore
>Start to hug her to warm up
>Had akward erection
>She felled it
>She ask to carress her

>Had a good night

>She asked to never say it to our family
>Also ask me to become her "sexfriend-cousin"
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which character did you choose?

Yeah, sure, there is no way that could go wrong.

In any case, I got plenty of more stories about my cousins, if anyone is interested. Though, none of them result in anything more than me getting somewhat aroused, and paranoid due to the antics of the girls.

For example, they have woken me up many times by climbing to my bed, and snuggling next to me while wearing nothing more than panties and t-shirts.
ninpho mom is my favourite character
Ye wtf is wrong with all these retards asking for our permission to post some greentext? Are you afraid that someone wont like it???
I'll translate: You're a faggot
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yoshi. always been my favorite
does anyone have that pic that says "pin me down and take my heaviweight championship from me"
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koopa troopa is mine
>bubble and squeak
>The whole thing started one boring Sunday
>afternoon back in February. Mum & Dad had
>pissed off to a hotel for the umpteenth weekend in
>a row, leaving me, my baby brother, Tommy and
>my kid sister alone in the house. I say ‘kid’, she’s
>14 and quite possibly smarter and more mature
>than me. For reasons that will become clear, I
>won’t use her real name, I’ll call her Tasha. Take it
>as read that every name I use from this point
>forward is a pseudonym. Apart from mine, but we’ll
>get to that.
>My mother, truth be told, is a bit of a cow. I’m ungainfully unemployed at the moment, so to
>earn my keep, I’m assigned daily duties around the house and garden. This weekend’s list
>was quite extensive and strenuous, so I find myself contemplating the nature of the
>universe, and my navel, in the shower. I’m halfway putting the world to rights in my head
>when there’s a knock at the bathroom door.
>“Pete? You in there?” “Who else would it be?”
>“Yeah, alright. Are you going to be long?” I could wind her up, but we get on surprisingly
>“Only a couple more minutes, I’m nearly done.” The door opens without warning, and I
>hear her moving around hurriedly in the room. Oh crap! I try to find something to cover
>myself with but the shower door is swished aside and the diminutive and very naked form
>of my kid sister hops in beside me, closing the door quickly behind her.
>“Sorry bruv, that’s too long. Move over a bit.” I’m completely gobsmacked as she more or
>less pays me no heed and starts to wash her body.
>I’ve never really looked at her in this way. Well, you don’t do you? I mean, I saw her in her
>knickers and vests a few times ( she doesn’t really have enough for a bra, so I don’t think
>she’s bothered about getting one), but it was just in passing, and as we grew up in the
>same house, any changes were subtle, and to me, hardly noticeable.
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Ok then.
It's been 20 minutes hurry the fuck up slow typing faggot.
I don't think you understand how to greentext
post more. are you actually attracted to them?
>Be visiting family for christmas,
>9 year old cousin has a crush on me, is very clingy etc
> End up playing a game where I have a stuffed animal and she's kind of sitting on my lap facing me trying to grab the toy while I hold it above my head.
> She would reach for it and I would life the toy higher and move her around a bit
> The game was basically an excuse for her to grind on me
> Did this for about 10 minutes until relatives started coming around, would look suspicious so stopped
>Raging hard the entire time
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spiderman is so lame
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>But now, the svelte, shapely and unmistakably sexy sister I never knew I had is standing naked a few inches from me, glistening in the water, as every brotherly instinct disappears down the drain.
>“Pass the soap.”
>It takes me a second the realise she’s speaking to me. “Sorry?”
>“The soap, in the thingy behind you.”
>I turn around and try to select the correct pink bottle from the collection of pink bottles in the small rack suckered to the tiled wall. I take pot luck and hand her one.
>“That’s shampoo, doofus. Here.”
>She reaches past me and I take a deep breath, trying to make myself as small as possible.
>It doesn’t work as her chest makes contact with mine, and I’m oh-so- painfully aware of her breasts as the small nipples gently scratch across my skin.
>She doesn’t bat an eyelid, however and starts to apply shampoo to her neck-length blonde hair.
>I’m staring, and I know I shouldn’t. Luckily, she’s got her eyes closed so I hope she doesn’t notice.
>I try to snap out of it and get back to finishing off, realising I had actually finished, and don’t actually have a genuine reason to be in here with her any more.
>“Can you do my back?”
>She hands me the soap bottle she retrieved and I pour a small amount into my hand.
>She turns around and shows me her back, and backside. Good lord it’s fabulous.
>Getting myself under control I start applying the soap to her skin, which is breathtakingly smooth.
>Something starts stirring so I take a deep breath and close my eyes under the stream of water, breathing out heavily, trying to quell any unwanted urges.
>As I open my eyes, she turns around and now I’m actually rubbing the soap into her tiny breasts. She doesn’t say anything, just flashes me a crafty grin.
>That’s too much for me and things start to happen downstairs, and before I can do anything about it, I make contact with the skin between her bellybutton and *ahem* nether regions.
why do the british accents make these better? what's the psychology behind that?
if you had a mod
There is no way it could go wrong if you do it right and don't act like a retard.
You fucking joking bruv, they sound like chavs which make them unattractive as all hell.
Are you really going to post the entire Tasha wincest in fake ass greentext? just post the picture of it all and be done with it.
>be 16 and babysitting for 6 yr old cousin
>their parents left for vegas so we're alone for a few days
>taking shower and she walks in and asks me whats that pointy stick
>didnt know how to reply and covered myself up as quick as possible and told her to leave
>couple hours later..
>sitting on the couch watching tv with her
>she asks me if she could play with my stick i said no but she said shes going to tell her parents on me
>i had a hard on so i was like why not
>wake up in hospital
>sees cousin next to me with her parents
>what happened?
>anon, your stick spat on me so i bit its head off
not to an american audience, you're chavs are way better than our white trash
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If you are real
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>be me
>had sex with sis
I came
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Shame on you.
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I luv it!
Yü shold right a bük!
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fake, but had a good laugh
>me 22 just working and new chick 18 9/10 starts working with me
>has bf but real flirty and DD tits
>it's outside summer and we spray water all over each other, to stay cool obviously
>she turns 19 dumps bf and we start going to bars
>around now I hear her dads parents are b/s and I don't really know how I feel about it
>start fucking her a lot and I think she's on the pill.....
>so she gets preggo and I find out she's like a 3rd cousin lol
>now at this point I felt a little sick
>she still dresses like 9/10 short skirts massive cleavage that is getting bigger by the week
>her parents don't even care they love me
>let me dump load after load in their daughter all day long while they are home
>she is a freak and it starts to show in a good way
>she jacks me off while babysitting cousins 10 feet away
>she starts letting me fuck her face and the best is getting deepthroated and having her tongue lick my balls while she swallows everything
>I think I did incest a bit but we aren't together anymore and yes a nice healthy baby :)
This is capped somewhere is it not
the only good story in this thread
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>be 12 yo me
>playing variation of hide n seek/tag with family and friends
>about 7 kids in all
>I'm it
>chase after easy targets only
>friend qt "falls" and I pin her to the ground
>put her hands behind her back and mount her
>my dick is on her butt
>she tries to wriggle free
>feels good
>this repeats about 2-3 more times
>my jelly 9 yo loli cousin takes notices
>"Why do you only go after her? What about me?"
>"B-because she's easy to catch!"
>Next round I decide to go after her.
>she also pretends to fall but falls on her back against a slopped wall/hill
>I move in to tag her
>she wraps her legs around me. we're now face to face
>"I GOT YOU", she says in a singy-songy voice
>she's wearing a short dress so my dick is rubbing against her panties
>T-this feeling! I-
>"Let go Amy!"
>She's fiercely moving her hips up and down and back and forth now
>"I'm not letting go until you kiss me", she says in a firm voice
>"NO AMY STOP IT", I say with a hint of disgust
>"Do it like this", she kisses me in the lips and puts her tongue in my mouth
>My dick is hard and I KNOW she can feel it up against her as she glances downward in slight confusion
>"What's that? Something is poking me"
>"Nothing just let go"
>she doesn't let go, grabs a hold of me tighter
>I start moving my hips up and down hoping that she'd get uncomfortable with the pokes
>She looks flushed and is panting harder now
>I get lost in the moment
>She's feeling good too and her eyes roll back
>2 mins later
>whisper, "let go amy"
>she whispers back "okay"
>her legs tighten and straighten as she lets go

Girls are weird man.
>we aren't together anymore
Why? Why didn't you marry her? What the fuck is wrong with you?
>be me at 16
>mom 39
>always been an uncutfag
>older brother was cut
>mom decided on my brother's outcome while dad decided on my outcome
>mom and dad divorce weeks before
>hatred for one another trying to get me and bro to pick sides
>still live with her
>one day
>go into her room and tell her im going to the mall
>she drills me on how im wasting money
>somehow the subject of dad gets in the convo
>blah blah he never cares
>"ever since the day you was born, like that stupid decision on not circumcising you"
>wut? left field hit
>"I told him by not doing it it'll ruin your life UH! If you want to get that fixed you gotta pull the skin down constantly"
>convo is so awkward now
>"please tell me you're at least doing that"
>im in disgust
>tells me shes gonna have to look at it
>tell her no
>"i'm your mother, i've seen it before"
>fucking leave to the mall kinda weirded out
File: 1391028900873.png (53KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 1000x1000px

...Partially I guess, which does kind of make me hate myself.

>At our summer cottage, last weekend.
>Lying on my bed, watching tv (my bed is in the living room, because our summer cottage is small.)
>My cousins both climb to the bed and snuggle against me.
>We just lie there together, watching tv for a while.
>The 10 year old girl starts holding my hand as we watch, while playing with my hair, and I start kind of lightly ticking her sides and belly.
>This goes on for a while, until the girl suddenly turns to face me, presses her face really close to mine, whispers how much she likes me, and kisses me lightly.
>I tell her that I like her too, but kind of turn my face away, because anyone could see us.
>She keeps doing that from time to time while we watch, until she suddenly just presses her lips against my neck, and kind of blows a raspberry to my neck.
>As that pretty much got the attention of everyone in the room, (thankfully just my brother and her sister), I sit up and try to cool the situation down.
>As I was sitting up, the 10 year old girl however took the place I was lying on, and refused to let me lie back.
>If I tried, she started kicking and hitting me, telling me to lie atop of her instead, and when I told her she would be squished if I did that, she told me that "It won't hurt."
>Despite her insisting, I refused to lie atop of her, which made her mad at me. She got out of the bed, started moping giving me the silent treatment and started trying to steal my pillows and blanket.

And that is how that situation basically ended. She eventually calmed down, snuggled back next to me, and we watched tv without further incidents.
>mfw she begged me to lie atop of her.
On some level, I wonder how much of perverted shit I am just imagining in these situations.
Please tell me moar about her.
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ahem, I don't supposed you've heard of the word 'plagiarism'?

File: 1404265627581.jpg (129KB, 752x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pete or random fag?
ardent fan and follower
Mate, you are letting a serious opportunity lip by you. You need to let her know that you are interested and you two can be together and she will totally be yours and you can marry her in, like, 6 years, if her parents like you and approve. Don't let this pass you by.
pls moar
I don't know, I was in a bad spot in my life, almost died in a car accident, my dad dies who I was taking care of since 16 and I started drinking a lot and she grew up in a bad situation where her uncle abused her and a lot of drinking in our families and I felt like she didn't deserve what I was becoming. I never cheated and still love them both more than anything... hard to explain really that's as much detail as I'm posting.
But what if it's him?
File: 1404265716021.jpg (238KB, 729x977px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 729x977px
it was real I was there, are you fucking retarded why are you doubting him I'm heaven ID I mod this subreddit stop fucking harrasing original posters
>one day grandma came over
>shes the same as my mom in attitude
>both hate my dad
>hot summer day
>mom in short shorts
>shes about 5ft 6-7inch
>not fit not skinny not fat but small meat on her bones
>occasionally check her out since im full beta
>prob closest ill get to seeing legs up close
>subject of dad comes back up
>oh lawd here we go
>mom and grandma start going at it
>my uncircumcision comes back up
>grandma agrees it was fathers fault
>im just sitting here getting more embrassed
>mom tells me if ive been pulling my skin down
>fuck leave me alone
>tells me she's still gonna have to look at it someday
>grandma agrees
>"it's your mother, she's seen it before"
>get up
>mom grabs and tugs on my shorts
>let gooooo
>run to my room
>lock the doors
he wouldn't crappily greentext his own 150,000 word novel
File: 1404265798678.jpg (72KB, 480x621px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 480x621px
File: 1403119517400.gif (829KB, 660x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
829KB, 660x495px
type faster annon
I would
File: 1404265986911.jpg (246KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246KB, 1024x768px
Does she know that she's turning you on? Is the rest of your family ever suspicious?
newfags still posting spidy? Let me guess , you saw someone else do it and thought it was cool?

Newfags love to mimic. Dead giveaway.
Newfags only do what they see others newfags do. They do not know any better. They want to fit in.
File: 1404266140830.jpg (105KB, 612x816px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 612x816px
you can tell this is real because of the self-loathing. when i was 10 my little (6yr old) sister got into bed with me at night, she fell asleep and i was rlly curious about girl parts so i tried to look at her pussy... she woke up, didn't realize what i was doing thank god. i've hated myself for it ever since, scared shes gonna think it was a repressed memory of me sexually abusing her
File: 1404313495473.jpg (123KB, 1310x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123KB, 1310x1066px
yeah like complaining about newfags
File: 1404314635064.jpg (89KB, 1379x775px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1404266205817.jpg (195KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 1024x683px
File: download.jpg (7KB, 261x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mfw id heaven lays down /b/ law
They used to go into it hard. Like photoshop Spider-Man movie posters in the background of retarded cest pics
File: 1404314323031.jpg (219KB, 1413x1103px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She definitely knows, she obviously wants him.
I wonder if anyone actually clicks on this anymore?
File: yip.jpg (18KB, 491x131px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is a lil crop of her anyway
my fucking sides
File: 1403620897077.jpg (159KB, 1467x949px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: inc.png (952KB, 3200x4450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, its worth it.
File: 1404283771674.png (462KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not worth it
File: 1404315203198.jpg (128KB, 956x1093px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 956x1093px

Yeah, surely her family, or my family would be ok with me marrying her.
What approval they might have towards me would be gone the moment they figured out what I feel towards my cousins.

I have no idea. At times, I can't figure out the reasons for her behavior at all. She sometimes gets mad at me for seemingly no reason, and doesn't explain to me anything at all.

My "relationship" with my cousins makes me both happier than I have been in years as well as hate myself deeply. Nobody has ever acted towards me the way my cousins do, and it feels intoxicating.
this is it
>still same summer
>just me and mom
>brother got a place to buy
>I was playing vidya games
>door open
>my room and my moms lead to the same hallway
>her doors open
>im sitting in my couch could see moms room from there and her computer
>watever normal day
>mom gets a message or something
>she flies to her computer
>make nothing of it
>about 10-20 min in
>bored of my game look around for stuff to do
>glance outside of my door
>see mom's room
>in that timeframe i looked she was flashing her tits
>it was really fast but I could make it out
>the thought got be boners
>she still giggles
>suddenly she say "What?!"
>turns around quickly
>by this time I've looked away
>still boners
>pretend to play vidya games
>about 10 min later
>she turns off her computer
>comes over to my room
>block my tv's way
>she's in shorts and white tank top
>"uh anon, did you see what happend"
>I said no
>tells her what she meant by that
>"is that really all you wanted to talk about"
>she's onto me
>"No! I came... I came to seee... to see it you are pulling your skin down"
>she thinks she can fool me
>I get angry at her for still bringing it up
File: 1404316189631.jpg (164KB, 1575x1049px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 1575x1049px
File: 1401576131735.jpg (311KB, 1460x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311KB, 1460x959px
>pok e bollock

Mother of Christ these are hilarious
File: 1404253397301.jpg (117KB, 1123x1113px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 1123x1113px
Got some news for ya, your cousins have probably been molested.
File: 009 (31).jpg (101KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
009 (31).jpg
101KB, 800x600px
>me 17
>12-13 y/o stepsis, friends love me
>go swim
>play blind man's bluff
>stepsis is it
>grabs about
>let her grab me
>runs her hand down grabs my cock
>she giggles and calls out my name
>I'm it
>hands keep grabbing my cock
>hard cock freed from shorts
>caught a girl, bounces on my cock
>call out name, not her, let go
>steer me to a corner in shallow end
>feel hands grabbing cock
>they start stroking cock
>they start kissing me
>I'm going to cum
>multiple hands fapin me
>I moan and cum
>they scream look at it, look at it
>longest orgasm to date
>I fall back down
>they laugh, giggle and scamper out of pool
>take blindfold off, sit there, exhausted
>10 minutes later stepmom comes out
>we're going out tonight
>be late getting back
>the girls want to know if you'll babysit them
>could you? please
>I'm sure you'll have fun
>smiles and winks at me
File: 1392766097814.jpg (80KB, 833x1072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 833x1072px
post more stories. do you jack off to her?
Pete, stop stalking every single incest thread!
How was Amanda's birthday?
Too long to post, I'll just leave this here
File: Bay-Ley.jpg (432KB, 1280x1707px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432KB, 1280x1707px
>be me @ 13 yo.
>parents r party animals
>leave me to watch 9 yo. little sister all the time while they go out to bar
>get her to suck me off
>spank her if she doesn't
>goes on for a couple of years
>sister is sick a lot
>lay off her when she isn't feeling well
>more tiem goes by
>sister ends up in hospital
>whole family @ hospital
>sister quite possibly on her death bed @ 12 yo.
>drunk parents come out of her room
>say 'she wants to see you alone, anon'
>nervous she'll tell
>head down hall to her room
>can feel heart punding in my chest
>open door
>get on floor
>walk the dinosaur
Well that and he "didn't" hear the shower. Bullshit. Had 3 brothers as a kid and it was pretty fucking easy to tell when one was in the bathroom. All these, "walked in on accident" stories are complete shit.
File: 1404316561439.jpg (103KB, 861x1108px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 861x1108px
"this is it"
>get my hopes up

>.fuck you
If her parents wouldn't approve that just means you'd have to wait a couple more years before marrying, unless maybe you got her pregnant, then a judge might sign off on the marriage license without needing her parents, I'm not sure. It's not like she's your sister, you're cousins, cousins are fine.
>She sometimes gets mad at me for seemingly no reason, and doesn't explain to me anything at all.
That's how a girl let's you know she wants your dick.
File: 1404313179307 (1).jpg (175KB, 1441x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1404313179307 (1).jpg
175KB, 1441x1058px
>>Boner engaged

How so?

>do you jack off to her?
I do not, because I have decided not to.
My thoughts regarding her are fucked up enough as they are.

I gotta go for a moment, I'll return with more stories when I get back ,if the thread is still around.
File: 1402755454740.jpg (47KB, 531x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 531x471px
Are those...? Yep, those are my sides disappearing over the horizon.
File: 1404316255626.jpg (114KB, 1433x1053px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1433x1053px
File: 1404252346382.jpg (79KB, 728x1004px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 728x1004px
File: 1403374879767 (1).jpg (80KB, 910x733px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1403374879767 (1).jpg
80KB, 910x733px
anyone got this without text?
File: 1403796641688.jpg (146KB, 1194x1101px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146KB, 1194x1101px
Not really pee but okay
>"dont get angry at me for the mistake your father did!"
>tell her to leave in an angry tone
>"oh no you dont"
>turns off tv
>crosses her arms
>"you're going to show me, for your fricking safety"
>suddenly I begin to think about her flashing on cam
>i was gonna use it against her
>i get semi boner
>in a pickle here
>she gets tired of waiting
>"fine, ill do it myself"
>comes in closer
>grabs my shorts
>oh fuck please
>boner now erect
>dick comes flooping out
>moms face was shocked
>im just sitting here with full boner in front of my mom
>holy fuck no
>im nervous to the max
>mom is still kinda shocked
>"Uh, well... I cant really tell if your- good or not
>shes right as the skin like doesnt go over my dick or anything, it's like it couldnt keep up with the size or something idk
>"just- get rid of it"
>wut teh fuk
>"hurry up anon"
>still embrassed but boner will not go away
>mom goes behind my chair
>"hurry up rub it or something! I wont look"
>hands shaking
>cant beileve this is happening
File: 1404250016970.png (1MB, 714x943px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 714x943px
sorry guys, was having dinner.
>2 hours pass, i'm super nervous my sister is going to tell mom or even worse, dad
>another hour has passed, i can't take it anymore. Im both nervous and horny
>i finally man up and tell her the truth (that the boner wasn't because of her.
>i was just about to walk in her room
>mfw i see thru the spring of the door that she's laying on the bed with ONLY panties on her. She's laying stomach down so you can see her tight ass.
>feeling my dick getting hard
>try to think about math or something so i loose the boner:
>knock on my sisters door
>she tells me to come in
>i walk in and she says "oh, it's you anon.. I thought i was mom"
>she covers her boobs with the sheet and notices my boner
>she tries to focus on my eyes and asks "what is it?"
>me, nervous as fuck can't focus on anything but her panties. My dick getting harder
>anon what's wrong? she asks
>god, i wan't to fuck you i said
>tfw i realised i said that out
>hfw she actually heard what i said
>"anon you need to leave"

... got some more if you're intrested
File: 1404250088316.jpg (88KB, 815x1056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 815x1056px
makes here so cute, she thinks it is
>he doesn't know the story between spiderman and incest threads
holy fuck thats a good q
nothing hotter than mention of c-sections
Pic related?
File: 1404256034978.jpg (138KB, 1318x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1318x959px

>"just- get rid of it"
What does it mena? I'm not from an english speaking country. I've figured it out but I really want to know
more pls
File: 1404251253268.jpg (131KB, 1143x821px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 1143x821px
File: 1400748738209.jpg (188KB, 720x929px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188KB, 720x929px
File: 1404092516568 (1).jpg (42KB, 859x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1404092516568 (1).jpg
42KB, 859x570px
I'm a newfag. not afraid to say that. What's that story bro?
File: 1403011342868a.jpg (139KB, 1280x1057px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 1280x1057px
He's a bad storyteller and his mom is a dumbcunt who doesn't know how penises work. And guy with the little cousins you need to go for it, don't feel bad about how feel about your cousins. You can make it work.
File: 1391478892831a.jpg (93KB, 863x1104px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 863x1104px
part 3.

>"to late to turn back now i think"
>i pull down my pants and whip out my dick infront of her
>she's paralyzed, looking at my dick
>"it...it's so huge she mumbles"
>walk up to her and remove the sheets, revealing her suprisingly nice and round breasts. Maybe large B's.
>i put my dick near her face
>she grabs it and puts it in her mouth
>she does that swirl with her tounge around my dick
>i fall down
>grab her in the fall
>we get on the floor
>everybody does the dinosaur
File: 1402917782444.jpg (104KB, 1151x861px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 1151x861px
I meant the sentence
>"just- get rid of it"
What does it mean?
File: kekeke.jpg (14KB, 181x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 181x219px
I knew it.
>cant get boner to stop
>fuck it, i grab it
>start rubbing it out cause i was feeling horny and humiliated, conflicted as fuck
>feels good man
>almost forget mom is in the room
>only remember cause her head popped on top of mine and said "You done yet?"
>got scared still rubbing it
>"ugh! hurry up anon, why did you even get an erection anyways?"
>was not thinking, still masturbating
>i blur out "cause of what you did on your computer"
>mom whispers "oh shit"
>thinking and rubbing about it
>"sorry you had to see that anon"
>still thinking about it
>"It's alright.. I'm.. using it."
>looking back at it I got balls saying that. I wouldve never said it if i was using my brain
>mom comes to the sides
>i close my eyes
>kinda peek to see moms dissapointed face on herself
>hand holding her chin up like she's disinterested or maybe cause she caused this
>"oh man, you gotta hurry anon"
>everything is still surreal
>she stands up in front of tv again
>try not to look
> her arms crossed again and she's looking up
File: wincest.png (11KB, 418x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 418x239px
File: 1403301376557.jpg (19KB, 253x296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 253x296px
>does the dinosaur
>mfw your sister is a dinosaur and you're a cunt-lizard
File: 1370486540439.jpg (56KB, 479x435px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 479x435px
>mfw when they are American

File: 1401984313473.jpg (126KB, 1374x956px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 1374x956px
File: ass riot.png (170KB, 490x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ass riot.png
170KB, 490x355px

Anyways, more stories:

>About 2 months ago, living at my aunt's place.
>Sitting in front of the computer in my room, doing pointless shit.
>It's the bedtime for the girls, like almost always, they come to my room, pester me about wanting to watch just one cartoon or something, before going to sleep.
>Like always, I have to refuse, as they ought to be asleep, and like always, I gotta basically carry/drag them out of the room and tuck them to their own beds in the next room.
>After doing that, I got to grab some evening cereals, eat them, and go back to my room.
>As I sit back to my bed, and turn to face the computer, I realize that my 10 year old cousin is standing next to the closet, in just her tiny night dress and panties.
>I ask her what she is doing there, as my mind fills with dirty thoughts, and my heart rate rises.
>She says that she still wants to be in my room, and climbs to my bed.
>I tell her that she needs to go to bed, but she just ignores me, and pulls the blanket over her.
>I tell her that she needs to go, but she starts begging me to let her sleep next to me (which, to be honest, I would allow, if the circumstances had been different.)
>I tell that she can't, that the bed is too small, and that she has her own bed she should be sleeping in.
>She doesn't listen, just pulls the blanket tighter over herself and begs me more.
>My heart is basically racing at this point, and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't just grab her an force her out, because she would start yelling and screaming, which would make this whole situation look even worse.
>I just keep telling her to get out, promising her that she can be in my room the next day, when it isn't her bedtime yet, etc, but she isn't having any of it.
>Suddenly, the door bursts open, and her father enters the room, says no words, and just drags her forcibly out of the room.
>My heart basically skips a beat, and for a moment, I believed that the anger in his face was directed at me.
>be bad parents, deciding to take a night out
>hire a babysitter, 28 years old, cute
>be me, 10 years old, tight little body

He doesn't know either

rid = riddance = to remove something undesirable = get rid of your boner = jerk off so your boner ..de..bones..
In this context, it means that she wants him to return to flaccidity, by manner of reaching orgasm.

To get rid of something is to make it leave or go away.

To get rid of something is to
she wanted to make me get rid of my boner
Ok THIS is it
>STILL fucking going
>no turning back now
>mom grabs the bottom of her shirt
>still looking up
>reveals me her tits
>i wank faster
>she starts playing with them
>I cant believe I cant cum to this
>I cant believe I want to
>stop rubbing it
>"oh for fucks sake anon"
>she gets on her knees
>grabs my cock
>starts jerking it off
>I cum after a good 5 min
>all over her hand
>tits still exposed
>goes to the bathroom to clean up
>"dont pull your pants up just yet"
>comes back at my less than semi dick
>the skin never even reached the top when Im soft as well
>she looks at it
>"it looks good actually, huh..."
>she walks off
>i nod.
Do you kiss her good night? What does she look like?
thanks anon i really wanted to know why does it mean jack off. 100 points for you!
Thanks you too

>As the girl is dragged out, I hear her father yell and berate her for pestering me and not being asleep, and as he passes by my room, I partially accidentally blurt out "Thank you." to which he just nods and says "No problem."

I didn't really intend to thank him, I was actually basically thanking god, or whatever higher being there is, for the fact that he wasn't actually thinking that I was about to molest the girl or anything, and that he was just pissed about having to come upstairs late at evening, and deal with the girl still not being asleep.
Never felt that sort of relief before. For the brief moment when he entered the room, and I saw the anger on his face, I thought that I was screwed.

I basically kissed them good night every evening after they started pestering me at evenings. They practically demanded it.
As for her looks, she has curly, dirty blonde hair, is thin and pretty athletic, and generally just adorable. (she for some reason thinks she is fat)
you didn't even provide enough information for me to care whether you continue or not faggot.
>be bad parents
>be me, 10 years old
does not compute

P.S. Yes, Continue pls
She's not directly in front of the mirror, but off to the side. Camera is off to the other side.
fuck where is the rest anon
I meant I had bad parents.

>babysitter comes to our apartment and parents leave to go to the restaurant
>now completely alone with babysitter
>dinner was left on the stove, so we eat some food, then go watch tv
>only a 2 seat sofa so we sit pretty close to each other
>watching a disney movie (aladdin)
>about 20 minutes into the movie
>babysitter starts moving closer... and suddenly puts one arm over my shoulders
>tickles me and moves me closer and i start giggling
>tickling goes on for about 5 minutes

>be me, like 6
>sitting in my room playing mario or some shit like that
>13-14 year old sister shouts me in to her room *sigh* okay
>go into her room, like are off. wtf?
i'll skip a bit
She basically starts pushing my face into her vag, i didnt really like it, but she demanded i done it and playing with it and shit

This went on for a couple of months.
"i'm done, i dont want to do this anymore"

Bitch tells me if i don't stop she will tell my mum on me... !??"? wtf
She made me feel like i done something wrong when it was her basically raping me

That shit fucked me up for life i think
File: IMG_2278.jpg (2MB, 1936x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1936x2592px
> sister's not home
> i sneak in her bedroom and check her laptop's folder
> find some hot pics
> pic related
Is that the end?
>she for some reason thinks she is fat
No, she just wants you to tell her she's not fat and that she's pretty. You do tell her she's pretty, right? Do you brush her hair? Girls like to have their hair brushed.

Of that situation, yeah.
Stuff like that did occur quite often when I was living in the same household as she.

I have told her that she is pretty, because to me, it sounds so damn depressing to hear a little girl berate herself and think of herself so poorly.
I have also brushed her, and her sister's hair on couple of occasions, when they have requested it.
still waiting
He already wrote the ending
do you even read bro?
do you have moar?
The end is here:
no i don't like to cum.

yes keep going.
Chanu doesn't auto-refresh for some reason.
File: 4aGXdnW.jpg (977KB, 3000x4000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
977KB, 3000x4000px
I have always had a fetish for muscular girls.
I told my sister when I was younger and she would let me feel her muscles and wrestle with me. Now I am a grown man and get off to stories of Muscular sisters dominating there brothers.
Like I said she doesn't think poorly of herself she just wants you to tell her how highly you think of her. That's how girls are they talk negatively of themselves so you'll say "no, no, that's not true". I think the big question is: why is she not your girlfriend yet? She totally wants you.
sadly no. I'm 19 now and nothing else has happened with my mom. sorry.

>suddenly the babysitter (who is 28 and I'm 10, remember, he should know his boundaries) starts rubbing my stomach instead of tickling me
>he does it kinda fast and playful at first but then slows down
>feels good, actually...
>getting really confused by the erotic feelings, so i grab his hand and tell him to stop
>look at him and think again about how good it felt
>"actually... do it more"
>he starts rubbing my tummy again
>it feels kind of like tickling but so sensual at the same time... wow
>feels so good... this goes on for a while
>getting shivers and starting to become hot and i begin blushing from all the emotions...
>opening my eyes to see that he's smiling at me, a big, cute smile
>he tells me to pull off my pants
>he says it will feel even better

it baffles me that anyone gets male babysitters ever

Well, if that is the case, I feel kind of like an idiot.
Ever since she opened up to me about all sorts of insecurity issues, like how she hates herself, how she is bullied in school, and how she thinks she should die, I have been very concerned about her self esteem and mental well being.

As for why she isn't my girl friend, maybe the fact that she is both my cousin, as well as 10 years younger than me, is a contributing factor.
File: image.jpg (50KB, 326x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 326x479px
Moar pls
File: 6549845648.jpg (71KB, 800x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 800x540px
yes plz. just keep going.
File: 1402846983519.jpg (137KB, 1136x590px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1136x590px
>"it... it's so huge she mumbles" she mumbles.
Sure, why not?
>with my pants off, I start to realize that we're getting serious, but it felt so good, I want more
>the 28 year old babysitter starts rubbing the outside of my underwear
>10 year old me is getting really turned on by the groping
>holy fuck it feels amazing
>doesn't take long before my cock grows, and he pulls it out and sucks me off
>...we fuck
>fast forward 18 years and I'm sitting on /b/ thinking about that night
>decide to build a time machine
>step into the time machine and travel back 18 years into the past
>find my old childhood home
>contact my parents and say that I'm calling around to offer my babysitting services for families that need some time off
>my parents feel relieved to be able to have an evening to relax and say yes
>I come back to my apartment
>all those feels and all that nostalgia hits me
>family opens the door and I see the 10 year old self
>the rest of this story is in this post and the ones after it: >>554330886
Truly terrible
holy fuck made me blush like giddy little schoolgirl
hope its not pasta
File: HahaNice.gif (970KB, 200x133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
970KB, 200x133px
File: 1284857347037.jpg (28KB, 331x319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 331x319px

You're welcome.
Wait... wait... wait... "sitting on /b/ and thinking about that night, so I decide to build a time machine" dude... what came first? The night or the time machine? Fuck you and your paradox, it ruins all the realism of the story!
See, she opens up to you like that because she's looking for stability from you. When a girl pulls that shit you say "it's okay, I'll take care of you," that's the sort of shit they want to hear because they need a guy who will take care of them.
>she is both my cousin
Again, cousins are fine, they're even legal to marry in numerous States of the Union, this is no excuse. She's not your sister.
>as well as 10 years younger than me
That's a perfect age gap. My great-grandpa married his wife when she was 15 and he was in his 30s, so that's no excuse either. You start getting with her now, you play the long game and she will be all yours when she's of marriageable age. You have to use this opportunity, mate, it's perfect.
File: i wanted bulma.png (299KB, 573x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i wanted bulma.png
299KB, 573x428px
fuck you that wasn't even clever

and you skipped all the details, what do you mean ">we fucked"

no idea how to tell a story or build sexual tension. If i were telling this same story, i'd throw in hints and foreshadowing to make the time traveling "twist" seem more organic and a natural part of the story.

Also, Aladdin is a good fucking movie,no one should ever stop to fuck in the middle of it.

Gotta give you some props though, I was wondering "how is this incest?" and you delivered.

>Gotta give you some props though, I was wondering "how is this incest?" and you delivered.

Self-incest is best incest.

I know I kinda rushed it, and that's because it was just a joke to begin with. Pedos are so easy to prank with greentext stories.

Fuck, I wish I'd saved my real incest story. Trust me, I know how to build sexual tension. Wondering if I should write the real one...

Even if everything you say is true, me pursuing her would still end up basically making me a pariah in my family, and potentially ruin both of our lives. While it might be legal here where I live (I am not American), it has not been socially accepted in over a half a century.
And the age difference does freaking matter. How would it look to her parents, and my parents if I pursued her? It'd look like I had been grooming her all this time, or something else equally twisted.

I can't entertain that sort of thought man. They will twist my perspective regarding this situation even further.
>woke up with my sis making out with me
>pushed her away
fantasy and reality don't mix well
ps. we were alone in Paris
>be dumb kid
>visit family who live in a different state two younger cousins
> one is hot a few years younger
>messing around at home, none of the adults around
>come up with stupid games to allow to touch her (eg lets wrestle, human castle! etc)
>end up cuddling and kissing each other on the cheek
File: 1389977164530.jpg (225KB, 1024x1366px)
225KB, 1024x1366px
They're my coussins, she is a FUCKING NYMPPHO!! she has fucked THREE GUYS at the same time, and he has a fucking HORSE COCK come with my and watch her videos!!!

Well this happened about a year ago ! She grabs my head with both hands under my ears and indicates me to come up. Her face is blood red as she longingly wraps her arms around me and uses that to lift herself up and kiss me “You’re amazing” She says fast between long drawn out breaths. She looks up at me again with those big Grey eyes and doesn’t say a word. Doesn’t move or kiss me, I know what she wants now. I slip my boxers fully off and as I do she leans over and plunges a hand into her draw and rustles into a paper bag, pulling out a condom. I look back to her after slipping my boxers off in the same undignified manner as earlier and she’s taking it out.
“Come here” she says quietly, not she has her breath back. I lift up so that my dick is pointing straight out at her and she reaches down, pinches the end with one hand places it on the head, I look at her face and shes looking up in concentration, as it rolls down my dick a bit she looks back to me with a smile, accomplishment in it, like she really wanted to get that right, as it reached the base of my dick I lifted off my elbow and put my arms either side of her and moved my legs up and pushed hers apart with mine, resting hers on my thighs so she doesn’t get tired....
>It'd look like I had been grooming her all this time
And why shouldn't you? "Grooming" is bullshit made up so that men who want young wholesome brides have to instead settle for sluts. If they really love you they'll understand and want the two of you to be happy. Where are you?
I've got 2 stories that happened to me:

>Me 5-6 years old, my male cousin 12 years old
>We used to "play" a game where he hump my ass while naked.
>To this day, never talked about it.

>Me 12 years old until 15 years old. Female cousin 16 until 19
>It all started one night that she was asleep, and i started to feel her ass with my hand
>I use every situation that i can to dryhump her ass a little or just hug her from behind
>One night I fap next to her while she was asleep, pretty sure she wasnt really sleep.
>Never had the balls to try to go further, she never said a thing to me. (also she was the brother of the cousin i mention earlier)
File: 1403002893547.gif (2MB, 400x332px)
2MB, 400x332px
>at a time where I was around 10 y/o and on a summer vacation in deep deep russia
>lived with granma and little bro bro during summer
>granma had to work on the field often
> during the time she worked there she would bring us to the house of her sister
> her sister also worked on the field abd so we stayed with her 16 y/o daughter
> she was really well develooed for her age with nice tits and a cute fit build
> best babysitter ever, we played a lot, ate whatever we wanted and generally had tons of fun
> one day my littke bro bro fell ill and stayed in bed all day
> while the babysitter gave him his medicine and kissed him good night (or rather evening), I had the briliant idea of hiding in the big house
> I sat down in a wardrobe and laughed to myself for a good hour
> suddenly I hear footsteps and sobbing
>"what the fuck is going on?"
> snicker like a retard in my corner and the babysitter suddenly stoos sobbing and I hear footsteps nearing my location
> "we have been compromised sir"
>she was the brother of the cousin
She grabs both of my wrists as I lift one away she breaks away and I guide my dick to the entrance of her pussy, I hold it against it, just gently pressing on it, her breathing is so heavy, her pussy looks so small against my dick, but as I give my first push, Amy arches her back slightly and her hole gives a little, I back out and then back in again as 2 or 3 little girations get me feeling the tightness against the head, but not penetrating, I want to go slow and het used to it. I push again and she moves down on it too as I get the head inside her and she lets out a tiny little uncomfortable “ah, ow”
“you okay” I whisper
“mhm” she looks up at me and bites her lip, then she closes her eyes as I slide it out then back in again, each time getting easier, her warm pussy envelopes the head of my dick, its so tight, I push now inching it inside her slowly but more so with each thrust
“ow!” she whispers alarmed and her eyes bolt open to look at me with concern. I immediately retreat back to a safe distance.
“what’s wrong?” I whisper concerned
“it’s okay, just a little shocking’ She reaches her hand around my neck and stretches her fingers out to rub them across my shoulders, her reassuring touch and little knowing nod gave me signal to try again, pushing in little by little her pussy was tight, warm and wet, it was all I could do to not blow my load there and then. I started to push it back to where we had the problem before, then past that, and then with a few more gentle thrusts I was inside her fully, down to the base on my dick. When she felt that she’d me inside her entirely, she lets out a little squeak.
Also, you shouldn't worry about what other people will think, just think about what will make her and you happy. If you two want to be together nobody can stop you.
Don't let this neckbeard talk you into chasing a prepubescent girl ffs.

She is literally being a playful 10 year old exploring sexuality, you seem fairly well adjusted but are letting the paedo I quoting talk you into grooming her for marriage?

Jesus mate shake yourself from his imposed delusion.
>she was the brother of the cousin
so she wasnt really a she?
please please tell me that was just grammar error
it was not. You are gay now
Well, because grooming is seen as manipulative, self serving, and basically as abuse. As I said before, me pursuing the girl, no matter my own feelings and thoughts regarding the matter, would basically render me into a pariah in my family, and potentially cause all sorts of legal actions against me. Even if that doesn't happen, I probably would be completely hated by my family, and extended family.
I am from Finland.

Anyways, I might as well post more stories, as I won't be able to tell this shit to anyone in real life.
This happened last weekend, after one of our hot tub visits.

>After getting out of the hot tub, I go to the sauna with the girls in order to wash ourselves, and in my case, just relax a bit.
>I prepare the bath waters for the girls (old style, wood sauna, no running water other than cold as fuck water from a hose, and boiling hot water warmed by the heater.)
>For a while, all goes well, I throw water to the heater to get steam and warm the sauna further, and just enjoy the heat.
>At one point, the girls decide to cool off outside of the sauna, because it was too warm for them.
>They return back to the sauna naked, instead of wearing their swim wear. I still had my swimming pants on, and now I was getting really paranoid.
>They just giggle at me, and continue like nothing had changed. I do my best to not look too closely at them, while they both behave with no care in the world, and don't even try to cover up their private parts.
>I keep throwing water to the heater, in hopes that it gets too uncomfortable for them. Instead of leaving however, they start using sponges to wash themselves with cold water to keep themselves cool.
>I keep doing my best to act normally, and eventually it pays off, as the girls decide they have had enough, ask me to help them wash their hair, and go to change their clothes.
>I wash myself with the cold hose, like 3 times, and leave after them.

I didn't ask for that.
>this has nothing to do with incest
>meanwhile irl: Oh yes daddy, more cock pls
File: 1395780996618.jpg (275KB, 1768x992px)
275KB, 1768x992px
Shit my writting is horrid today sorry for that.

> the door opens and I see the blinding light
> get pulled out with the force of an angry bear
> oh shit she really angry
> her face is a furious grimace caked with tears and complete insanity
>"what the fuck were you thinking, I already asked the whole neighborhood if they have seen you"
> my retard 10 y/o self still did not realize that this is some serious business
> I get up and run away while laughing
> but my short legs are no match to the fury of a russian sabre cat
> she catches me with an iron grip and slaps my face so hard that my head breaks the sound barrier for a short while
> suddenly the situation clicks in my head and I begin to cry realizing what I did
> she also starts to cry and hugs me, pressing my face in her tits
> "do not ever do that again you hear me"
> I just sob while taking in her glorious scent
Grammar Error, my english switches from bad to really bad sometimes.

anyway my cousin (female) is married now, but i still think that maybe she would allow me to fuck her or something, at least a handjob
Mate, I'm not even suggesting he do anything sexual with her until they're married. What's wrong with marrying a girl you've known for years? Nothing, it's better that way, she's more comfortable with you, she's more loyal. You're probably just jealous of him because you don't have a hot little cousin.
File: 1401635752749.jpg (94KB, 640x480px)
94KB, 640x480px
>be 17 years old
>family staying over at my cousins house
>she was 9.5/10 16 yr old asian, had the most perfect feet you could possibly imagine
>spent the day hanging around outside together
>eventually we go back she goes to bed
>waited until she was asleep
>snuck into her room and found the socks she just took off
>it was super hot out, and she walked around in them all day in her sneakers, so they were still pretty sweaty
>held them up to my nose and sniffed, dick become rock hard
>she wasn't wearing a blanket, and her feet were kinda dangling off the edge of the bed
>heart was pounding, but I knew she was a heavy sleeper and probably wouldn't wake
>spent the next 25 minutes just licking and sniffing her feet
>sucked her toes and rubbed them against my nose
>the smell itself was enough to push me over the edge
>came like 3 times during it
>cleaned my load and went back to my room to sleep
>woke up the next morning like nothing ever happened

pic not related
You have issues. You are talking about borderline indoctrination, there's a reason there is age laws, young children/teenager are incredibly easy to manipulate, therefore what you are suggesting is practical removal of her free will.

Let her have fun and live her life for fuck sake, OP can find plenty of other hot girls. To suggest jealousy shows just how twisted out are.
Britcest = bestcest.

How long till the end of the thread?

*Laughs for 1000 years*
love it
>be me, 14
>my sister is 12
>be at home one night, dad is out
>sister is wearing bra and panties
>sitting on the couch watching tv
>she says she's going to bed, goes to her room
>dad gets home
>dad and I fuck
>I am from Finland.
Should have known from the hot tubbing and saunaing. I can' tell you what to do but I can tell that have a real chance for something here and if you take this chance it can become something good. If you're worried about it, okay, don't do it, maybe you'll find another girl as good as your cousin(there are no girls as good as her).

I am not about to pursue her, because like I have said before, it would pretty much end up destroying my, and potentially her life. She is a god damn child after all, and I am quite disgusted about the feelings I have regarding this whole situation.
Also, it is very likely that I am just interpreting the situations I have been in with her in all the wrong ways, because, lets face it, I am posting about this shit on 4chan, I am pretty fucking perverted in the head.
Don't listen to this virgin, he's an idiot.
And you're a faggot who doesn't believe in love or happiness. Go be retarded somewhere else, like in a grave.
>I can't tell
Had to fix that.
its for laughs i think. Im cracking up at these
holy shit i remember this joke from like 5th grade. its supposed to a girl asking whats that and the guy says oh its mr. froggy or something and then she plays with it while hes sleeping then says froggy spat on me so i bit his head off
File: 1394579436884.gif (415KB, 460x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415KB, 460x351px
Nearing the end now

> we sit there for a while in this position and the whole situation feels good
> too good
> for the first time I feel truly aroused
> everything gets hot around me
> I feel like I am getting a fever
> she noticed and tells me that I probably catched something from my brother
> I try to shrug it off and say that its nothing, but I get forced into bed anyway
> as she covers me with the blanket she has this really conpassionate look in the eyes I still remember
> standing there for some time in thought she just whispers "make some room" and hops into bed after I do
> my inner self lights up with gratitude to god as she hugs me in the bed
> I get as close to her as I can and press myself against her warmth
> I am getting really warm and we both sweat hard
> she puts one of her hands on my mouth and the other is slowly crawling to my crotch
> I whimper a little when she touches my dick and slowly massages it
> After a terrifying while I get curious and slowly start fondling her tits and later her lady parts
> my curious 10 y/o self is fascinated by the sticky and wet sensation in her crotch and digs deeper
> she breaths in sharply and I pull away, but she forces my hand down there again
> we spend a good hour fondling each other and finally fall asleep
> as we wake up everything is pretty much back to normal
> we never mention the whole thing again and after a while we go separate ways
> I still see her once in a while, she is now a well developed woman and my dick is diamonds every time I see her
> Saddly I have pretty much devolved from a cute little boy to a bitter and broken alcoholic and I pretty much no chance to fug her

Atleast I have some memories I can fap to now.
File: Igrzt24sa.jpg (297KB, 1080x1619px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297KB, 1080x1619px
Reposting from a few days back. Been on a rough guilt-trip since then. Picture somewhat related - that'd be how she looked like.

I was 15 at the time, about 10 years ago, and my cousin was 24. I was staying at hers mum (my aunt) place for the vacations, because it's cheaper than actually going anywhere and my parents were working too much to even have a few days off. So anyway, since auntie was still working at the time, my hot, adult cousin was asked to "babysit" me. She was (and is) closest thing I had to a real time sister, so I had big amount of respect for her and genuinely loved being around - she always cared for me, playing and listening to my shitty kindergarten stories and whatnot since I can remember.
Being 15 at the time had its pluses, like being allowed to act like a kid. But also minuses, like popping awkward boners left and right, all the time. Shit was confusing as fuck, especially when I simply liked being with her so much (don't think about it too much, 15yo ugly loser nerd with 0 relations with any other girls had to love being near his 8/10 cousin).
So we would spend time together, playing board games or watching TV or even talking until Mr Boner decided to show up, after which I'd run away, red like a brick, to the nearest safe location (guest room I was sleeping in or toilet or even the bushes on the far side of the garden if we were outside)...

Despite whatever personal feelings I might have regarding the situation, the fact remains that if I pursued her, I'd potentially basically burn all the bridges I have to my family and extended family, same for her, and it would fuck up both our lives. It would be an incredibly selfish and abusive action, which I wouldn't do to someone I care about.

All I really can do is enjoy the present, knowing that it is only fleeting.
File: 1401078834551.gif (1MB, 320x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 320x200px
top kek
>be swedish winter
>live up north (redneck country)
>be me 14
>sitting in sauna naked with mum, dad and sister (10)
>mum and dad leaves
>sister - "anon, why is dad'd penis bigger than yours?"
>me - "ehhm, he's older than me??"
>"can i taste your penis anon?"
>already semihard for looking at her vag
>she sucked my dick, never talked about it since, still akward to this day
Wow, haven't heard this a million times in fucking elementary.

my niece does the same thing to me, except i put her to her bed when she falls asleep.
>how she looked like
'Cept the tattoo and the glasses.

Now understand, I didn't even had to masturbate for the first couple of days, just cool off without hot female body around.
So, this is going on for over a week now and it's really irritating and awkward and tiring to be "on edge" the whole time. I fapped once (was really reluctant, I knew what was what, but didn't want to
"violate" my closest female friend) and it was OK for a few days, then had to do it again and again sooner. Not good. I even started to avoid her, but she wouldn't let me (it was her "job" to be around me) so it was more and more tense and more and more awkward. I'm sure she started to notice something was "up" the moment I started to wank. There is no other possibility. Yet she was very nice about it.
Up until one afternoon/early evening, when she caught me in the act.
Don't know why (or if) we were alone, or why the door wasn't closed (no key, but a strategically placed slipper would give me the time needed to hide my little dickson). So I'm pumping it and she says something like "Is everything OK? I heard you call me".
Busted, holy fuck.
I jumped on the bed like a scared, little cat. Did a 720 to face her and dropped my raging boner, not hiding it then, of course...

>late again
Just kill me.
A guy a while ago posted about how on a road trip his mom had to sit on his lap to save room in the car. She was in really good shape and wearing yoga pants so he had a boner the whole time, which he said she could feel. He put his hands on her hips since that's all he could get away with and jacked off as soon as he got the chance.

Does anyone have this story saved? It was really hot for some reason.
Okay, if you really think it couldn't work out just have fun with her now because soon she's going to grow up and become a slut because you're not going to be there for her.
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