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bawww thread

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bawww thread
Or you could stop being a pussy
No. Man up, you fucking clown!
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stfu newfag
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top kek
>starting feels thread with tumblr
>gets mad when someone says "fuck off"
fuck yourself and to ruin your thread im posting your fav porn
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okay i did screw up on that one
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one of my buddies just had his girl dump him over the course of several months because she was fucking one of his friends that came up from California and stayed with them.

anyway, I love sending him bawww pics. he always starts sniveling like a little bitch.

please post bawww pics
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start a new better thread, then ill post some
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Weirdest baww thread ever
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/b/'s punishment for tumblr lovers
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I think I desensitized him. I guess he's finally getting over that cunt.
***lold even harder
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is he crying in his profile pic?
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hahha yah. he was pissed drunk crying like a bitch about his girl. ex girl.
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send this to him
he'll (hopefully) brake down
anyone want to read a baww story I wrote
No I'm not dead inside.
Yes please
think it's starting to work
I dont know if I have any more based around girlfriends...
bummer. maybe I really should start a new thread. I think this could be fun.
I have like 30+ feels images, ill join
also, could you please bump for me? >>551718753
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jpg friendzone.png
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feel free to comment
any suggestions for a title?
I'm on my phone and chanu won't follow the external link to new thread. I'll try and find it
I like your writing style, it's not really a baww though. Very similair to a creepy pasta I've read. About creatures coming in his room feeding of his fear, described as dog-like creatures as well. I'll try to find it for you.
It was intended creepypasta but turned out more baww I think
Like to read the creepypasta
I'm trying to find it, it's been long since I've read it and I forgot the title.
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it's dead
Not the one I meant, but similair:
Niggerbastard screamed, giving the shape in the
window a double-handed flip-off. Mr. Moneyballs
could go fuck himself.
“Fucking goats.” Lucifer kicked a dented can off
the sidewalk as he stomped away, ignoring the shitbrown
images of grandmas fucking that smiled back
at him from the label. “Fucking hate goats.” Working
at the analsausage fuck factory as a packing boy in the
assfudge department had always been just a job, a job
he hated, but a job nonetheless.
But then Mr. Moneyballs had brought in the goats.
Lucifer drew the line at goats.
“Always shitting all over the place, fucking the
baby-skinners in their nippled sphincters.” He
groaned. “Jesus Christ. Wetback niggers!”

A passing sack of babyshit bounced past, aroma
blossoming into the air as the piss-yellow sun caught
its mottled face. “Hey Lucifer!” It said. “How’s my
favorite Niggerbastard today? You look like you’ve
had the gayest day ever to be a day!”
“It’s been the gayest day in the history of gay
days!” Lucifer threw up his hands, screamed at the
blueballs sky. “Its been so gay, even dicks in asses and
touching balls covered in chink-flip asslube couldn’t
match it for gayness!”
“Wow!” Said the sack of babyshit. “That’s pretty
fucking gay!”
“You have no fucking idea.” Lucifer kicked more
garbage, picked his nose and flicked a sticky glob of
mucus the color of Christmas shit at the sack of
babyshit. “Gay old Mr. Moneyballs decided to start
laying people off and replacing them with goats
shipped in illegally from shitting Nigeria.” He shook
his head. “Fucking wetback goats. I told him he was
a fuckass for doing it, and the greedy old crotch
fucker fired me for it!”
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 31

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