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What is the most sadistic thing you have ever done to an animal?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What is the most sadistic thing you have ever done to an animal?
i an cat and the
Bumping for minor interest
i did put toothpaste on it and locked him in the toilet and flushed it was a cat
I forgot to pat my dog on the head after walking her out today. I know im horrible.
fucked you mom and then make your sisyer watch her taking my dick up her cornhole.
I mean your sister, you know the shit I'm trying to say kid, jus keep in mind those two blondes are the best bitchhes in the whole world.
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>Be 7 years old
>Bored playing in back yard
>find a small lizard
>Spend an hour trying to catch it
>Fucker climbs up wall to the highest corner
>Take a rock and hit the lizard
>Falls down and twitching
>Broke the fuckers arm
>Take it to the concrete area in my backyard
>See my dad left lighter fluid and a lighter out for lighting the grill
>Douse the mother fucker with lighter fluid and watch it burn
>Go inside and come out 2 hours later
>Covered in ants
>Light it on fire again
ate a chicken
what's wrong with being edgy
>sandy hook
>your mom

it's like ALL CAPS, cruise control for coolness but you still have to steer.
Force fed a frog another frog
File: image.jpg (62KB, 960x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I physically and mentally abused a tiny ugly chihuahua. I would rape it, throw stuff at its balls, hit it with a plastic bat, and yell at it for no reason. This was when I was 12. My aunt sold the dog to a lady and the dog died a month later. I'm so sorry max...

i came on cat she hiss on my penis

Forgot to clean kitty's litter tray for a day. Poor little guy got his paws dirty so I had to give me a bath.
>be me
>be young, probably about 6
>have cat called saffron
>it was quite scratchy so I'd chase it a bit, can't remember exactly what I did to it mainly, other than that
>Saffron also pissed everywhere
>house was always a hellhole and a fucking dump
>one day saffron pissed in a big foil multibag wrapper.
>I step in it
>hunt down saffron
>grab it by tail and swing it around
>full air clearance gained
>fast forward one week
>mum lets cats out for shits and whatnot
>saffron never returns
>mfw I single handedly terrorised the cat into running away
Stabbed a frog with nails.

I still feel bad about it
you dirty jew. id fuck your mom, but theyre a jew
I was kimmo alm once and my guinea pig never came out of my ass alive.
When I was a little kid I let a dog lick my ass. Is that sadistic? I've also killed some mosquitoes and flies.

u wot m8?
When I was small, I once trapped a butterfly into a fannypack to keep it for later. Several days later when I checked it, all I saw was something resembling a burnt up matchstick.
I raped your mom.
Fed table scraps to our hen. We were having chicken. Its actually more natural than you'd think.
I forgot to use lube one time when I fucked your mom in the ass.
I let o.p. toss my salad.
I accidentally the whole animal
Knocked my mum out with a rock when I was six.
>be 6
>chilling on the porch in my trousers at my gramps
>see a neighbors cat that I've managed to pet a few times
>pick him up
>he smells a bit funky
>I know that cats hate water, but it was hot outside and I thought he would like to feel fresh and clean
>there's this tube tub outside that collects rain water for gardening n shit
>throw the cat in
>fucking panics, jumps off and starts running
>immediately regret my decision, chase the cat trying to apologize
>cat lures me on to a sandy road
>fall and scrape my knees and hands
>cry a lot
>fucking cat
My brother and I caught a raccoon that kept fucking up our trash and we decided to kill it. My brother wouldn't let me shoot or stab it so he put it in a barrel filled with water. Well that little fucker was just swimming around so he put a wet towel on it. And that's how we water boarded a raccoon.
>buy a dog
>dog pisses on floor all the time
>always wash the dog in the bathtub
>dog bites hand
>twist it's collar and start punch it to let go
>dog dies turns purple and pisses and shits
>bring it to the woods
>cry holding it
>never speak of it again
>say I gave the dog away
When i was like 6 yr old i used to catch some frogs and then proceed to open them with a knife to see whats inside, now im a vet, sorry froggies i was just curious
one time I accidentally a giraffe.
Holy shit
I forgot to feed my brothers dog one day.

Like seriously. What's up with you fucking psychos. Does it make you feel big? Do you hide behind the fact that you were a kid and you didn't know any better?

Just makes you a pussy who harms practically defenceless creatures.
File: 1399407989801.png (145KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pic related
Anger problems much?

My dog bit me once. Once. He never did it before since I treated him well, but I had it coming since I was annoying him. He knew he fucked up as soon as he did it and he shied away, but I simply got up and walked away, knowing I was in the wrong. I don't know why people can't control their anger.
i held my friends dog up by its chain and kicked the fuck out of it with steel cap boots.

all i wanted to do was pat it, but the thing kept running away from me. so when i was alone and it was chained up i gave it something to fear.
I dissected an insect once. Picked it apart, limbs, shell, wings.

I felt evil that night.
This wasn't done to be a dick.
>be me, 3 weeks ago
>fishing in friend's pond
>catch 34 inch catfish
>stab it in the head with large knife a few times
>fucker won't die
>let it chill in bucket of water for an hour, maybe it'll bleed out
>nail it to a 2x4 through the brain
>fucking flopping and shit
>hit it over the head with another board a few times, passes out for a bit and fucking wakes up
>cut through spinal cord, thought it was dead
>proceed to begin skinning it, planning to eat it
>mr. fucking floppington is back from the dead
take a hoe and chop the fucker's head off
finally dead
>get really drunk and eat the nigger with my friends
your firstborn will be a tiny ugly chihuahua
Nothing because I was raised better than that. One of the most common characteristics of a serial killer when they're younger is animal abuse. Also just for a fun fact so is wetting the bed at older ages.
I'm not proud of this.

>5 years old or something
>older brother has a mouse
>sneak in his room when he's not there
>pick up the mouse, swing it holding the tail and then fling it against the wall
>didn't know why it felt so good at the time but it gave me sexual satisfaction
>few weeks later
>me and my brother throw the mouse on pillows
>it starts twitching like crazy
>we laugh
>turns out we broke it's spine

I don't why we did it. Kids are fucking insane animals.

I would never give pets to any child.
You're right, kids are fucking insane when they are given power, be it money or in this case size and strength.
Anyone can be insane when given power, money, or strength.
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>Be me 14yo
>first gf, she has a rabbit
>she cuddle him all day, its her little thing that she love more than anything
>Slept at her place, usually take my clothes off and throw them on the floor
>Wake up next mornin, this little piece of shiet ates my fucking clothes
>i start to get really pissed off, but say nothin
>gf leave the room
>Little fucker jumps to me
>Kick this shit
>kicked him so hard he flew trought the room and landed under the bed
>gf came back "anon what's that noise ?!"
>"hh.. i dunno, didn't heard anything"
>since then her rabbit stayed under the bed for days, refused to eat or anything.

>A few days later, we took him to the veterinary.
>Her little thing died that day.
>I've never told her.
>she cried for months
>then we adopted a cat
>Dumped her
Impaled a rat then burned it alive
killed a chicken with a shovel
threw a cat in a well
did this when i was little
Agreed, but adults are supposed to have the goddamn decency and levelheadedness to contain themselves.
Hah, what a joke.
i owce threw a stone at a hen at my granparents' farm. later my grandpa saw the hen had motoric issues so he killed it. that was the best chicken i've ever eaten.
That's the human race for you. We are fucked up brah
i hunt wild doves and partridges, I dress them myself and i eat them

>tfw never took a shot i knew i wouldn't land
>never had an unclaimed target

hurting animals for fun is wrong doe
But lol just the same hahahahahaha
Grabbed a stray cat and burned it with a cigarette when I was drunk a while back

Ducking hate cats lol cats weren't even funny in 1789
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Surprisingly good
I burnt potato bugs alive when I was like 6
I burnt them with gasolines and a lighter....the smell of the burnt bodies and watching them ignite and suffer in pain haunts to me this day
I step on ants for fun though.....its so fun to destroy ant mounts
I don't motherfucking think anyone likes ants
ants are fags
Where were you? At the French Revolution?
Lol good story.
>Be me 8-9
>Friend had guinea pig
>When friend left room I'd hurt the guinea pig cause he bit me one time
>Went on till the fucker died
>Laugh about it every time I see a guinea pis
Holy shit
Caught a cat by its back legs and made it walk around like a wheelbarrow.
Is it bad that I kek'd my ass off?
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4234324 - Copy.png
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captcha aywisha
sounds more like YOU did it faggot
>be me 9-10 years old
>shoot a bird with a .410 shotgun
>go over to see bird
>it's gasping for air while dying
>i start crying for hurting bird
>my dad's face when
>true story
>i've never hurt a bird since
did the same to the other 2 catfish we caught, my friend was more brutal to the snapper we caught, we ate like kings for the next few days
shot my dog with a bb gun
never did it again, felt real bad after i did it and hugged him
I took a trear out of the bag held it in front of my dogs face then I put the treat back in the bag.
>Be me, 8 years old
>See two mice fucking
>Grab piece of tree bark on ground
>Hit them
>One ran away, the other was direct hit
>keep hitting it with the tree bark as it made squeaks every time
>Squeaks stop
>Mouse is dead
that's some torture on a psychological level, you're fucked up bad.
u just jelly dat mouse gettin mor pussy than u
>tfw you're right
I once took my brother's fish out of it's bowl and threw it down the stairs
>be me
>about 8 at the time
>girl two houses down had a litter of kittens
>stole all of them
>went to a concrete wall in back of park
>threw them all against it
Pretended to throw a ball, then showed him I still had it, pretended to throw the ball again and repeat.
My ex had this stupid fat Pomeranian looking dog.. I would yell at it and scare it to the point where it would shit itself
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>be about 8 years old
>mom gets mouse from store
>tells me not to touch it
>she goes downstairs to make dinner or some shit
>grab the mouse and run into the bathroom
>stare at mouse
>get sudden urge to squeeze
>mouse squeaks
>squeeze harder
>mouse squeaks louder
>squeeze extremely hard
>mouse doesn't squeak
>run out of bathroom and throw him into his cage

>mfw i killed him the first day i got him
Tried fucking a cat once, did not work.

I've always been fascinated with that human urge to squeeze cute things to death. Most people experience it and I have no idea why.

I once ate a live baby bird.
File: thuglife.jpg (5KB, 249x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 249x199px
this just reminded me

>family vacation to San Francisco
>at a fancy sushi restaurant
>ordered sashimi
>they bring out a live fish, and kill it right in front of us
>serve us the thinly sliced sashimi on a long plate with the head stuck on the end
>1 minute into eating it, the head suddenly jumps and begins gasping for air. my sister and mom freak out, but I keep eating
>mfw I eat its flesh while staring into its eyes as it takes its last breaths
as a kid i used to catch lizards and put them in the outside AC unit. I was always disappointed that they weren't shredded immediately. They always bounced off the fan blades several times then fly back up against the guard bars. I'd push them back in until they actually stayed down. Also sometimes i get really pissed at my dog because he wasn't trained when he was little so he's a little Fuckass sometimes. He rips shit up, always fucking jumps on you and play bites your hands. I smack him across the face sometimes and then feel really bad about it and pet him a lot and comfort him.
>be about 14
>obsessed with banging "friend's" mom
>would spy on her, engage in frottage
>tried to come on to her, but failed
>break into their house while they're on vacation
>steal tons of her clothes to fap with
>cum on one of her photo albums
>steal her kitten
>throw it in the sewer
>I've always been fascinated with that human urge to squeeze cute things to death. Most people experience it and I have no idea why.
Just buy a snake and feed it cute little things
mice, rabbits, guini pigs(don't know how to spell that one), parakeets, free kittens from craigslist, if your snake is big enough puppies too. Make videos.

Google "crush videos" also. I think you will like them.
when we were kids, my friends and i would catch dozens of frogs and use them as hockey pucks against my friends brick house
I had this weird japanese shock therapy device. Youd take the two wires and attach them to your skin. when you turned it on a low setting on your wrist, your fingers would twitch. on a high setting, youd lose control of your hand. your fingers would extend and your wrist would pull back.
Im not sure why I bought it in the first place.

anyway, I put an ant in a puddle of watere, i put both ends in the water, and i set the fucking thing on high.

I watched the thing flex in and twitch violently before I turned it off. it looked dead, but i wasnt sure.

In a half hour, it seemed to wake up. I played with it for a little bit, and then shocked the fuck out of it again. I did that about three more times before i put it back in the jar and filled it with thick weed smoke. If ants get high, that thing was flying. I shocked it again and let it go a changed ant.

pic related
>taking a breath

You have to be american
HAHAHAHAHA that file name!
never laught sooo hard since one month
thank's op

>dat memory...
File: images.jpg (6KB, 258x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 258x195px

Just wondered why it's in our collective psyche really. Don't see what purpose it serves.

Already have an unrelated snake. Wriggly babies feed him well.
poor rats :'(
>be me 11yo
>be at boyscout hike
>find frog in woods
>too many people around to kill it
>put frog in my pocket
>later i take frog out from goey pocket
>stab it with dull swiss army knife
>pierced it's stomach so it's guts fell out
>watch the frog jump away with all of it's intestines hanging out
File: mama-bio.jpg (23KB, 235x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It wasn't really intentional animal cruelty, but...

>be me
>6 years old
>at a friend's house
>playing derpbox or super derpbox or something
>friend's dog wants to hang out I guess
>jumps on the couch
>a few minutes later we see him grinding against the pillow next to the arm rest
>"what's he doing dude?"
>friend has no idea
>"you ever see him do that shit before?"
>we try to ignore it and keep on playing super derp brothers
>finally we come to the conclusion the dog must be sick
>"what will make him better?"
>decide he needs a shot like at the doctors
>no syringe so we get a turkey baster from the kitchen
>no medicine so we fill it with vegetable oil
>also from the kitchen
>looks legit
>should work
>"where the fuck do we stick it?"
>"in the ass that's where my doctor does it"
>makes sense
>tfw we give this big german shepherd a vegetable oil enema
>tfw friend plunges turkey baster into it's ass
>tfw he runs off leaving goopy, oily shit all over the carpet

I swear if I could go back in time and make a gif ...
>be 7 years old
>I've always loved frogs
>get a new red bellied frog for Christmas
>I just loved that cute little bastard so much
>be about two weeks later
>mom makes me keep him in his cage
>mom leaves for work one evening
>take him out of his cage and start throwing him around pretending he's a secret agent
>get eggs
>pretend eggs are bombs
>throw "bombs" at frog
>I'm fucking bombarding this poor goddamn frog with eggs
>frog stops moving
>flip the fuck out
>open its mouth
>try to do CPR on the frog
> frog dies

Am I a bad person /b/ ;_;?

They like it. Everybody wins.
>maybe 5 years old
>playing in the backyard on the trampoline
>stray cat wanders into the yard
>play with it for a while
>get some string and use that to play with it
>it grabs it and wont let go
>fling it around in a circle, it lets go and goes flying into the fence
>runs under the porch hissing at me
>I run inside freaking out
File: 1398600922174.gif (676KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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holy shit if this really happened 99999/10
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I used to get various insects (mainly ants) and put them inside spider webs, and just sit there and watch as the spider wrapped them up and proceeded to digest them
Also making different insects fight each other after building a kind of ring like in gladiator movies.
Just me that did this shit?
(I would never hurt another animal again, I guess insects don't count tho)
>pic related

wow, and its not even summer yet
That's cool as fuck
there is actually a tv show where bugs fight each other
>poor rats :'(
Don't worry they'll just get crushed to death and eaten whole. Nothing to worry about.




So much LOL
Oh it really happened.

I'll never forget the dog flying the fuck out of there, the turkey baster getting thrown, and my friend crying like he would never have expected the dog's reaction to be THAT. His mom came in and held him and he was like "ma did I hurt him? Did I hurt the dog?"

Looking back on it now, oh man....my sides
They hug your fingers for warmth before you drop them in.
I remember my first anatomy class. We were going to dissect rats. The teacher gave us this huge spiel about respecting their (dead) bodies.
Oh jesus fuck get the fuck out of here.

Derp = summerrrrr lololol newfaggggg

Wtf get the fuck out. Seriously, don't come back.
>Be 6 and at friends house with my family
>At friends room playing with his rat
>Suddenly friend has to go for soccer practice or something
>I was bored and wanted to hug the rat
>I hugged it so tight I actually strangled it to death.
>Mom and friends mom panic when I show them that the rat plays dead.
>They rush with car to the nearby pet shop and buys a rat which looks somewhat similar. Place it back in cage
>Friends come back from soccer practice; ''HOLY SHIT, ANON! IT GREW 4 INCHES WHILE I WAS GONE!''

My family still laugh about it to this very day.
>They hug your fingers for warmth before you drop them in.
I personally love the animals that cry for mercy while the snake squeezes them. As if a snake has any mercy.
File: creepysmile.jpg (20KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 640x360px

I've sadistically killed numerous mice in fun and creative ways:

1) Bashed it flat with a cricketbat - it made a starburst style splatter on the ground.
2) Broke it's bag legs then gave it to my cat The cat just batted it around then grew disinterested in it. I mercy killed it, then toplel the cat came back and started eating it. But what was left of its head off.
3) Put a stick up it's ass so far it came out it's mouth, it ran around in circle's then flopped, legs still moving.
4) I once put a live mouse inside a microwave. My cat caught it and broke its back legs, so I thought I'd have some fun before turning it into a catfood pancake.

5) I put it inside of a freezerbag to stop any explosion from ruining the microwave. This is what happened:

First 4 seconds in, nothing.
5-6 Seconds: Squeaking
7-9 Seconds: Squeaking louder and beginning to panick
9-13 Seconds: Slight crackle sound, panicked movement and very loud squeaking.
13-15 Seconds: Loud crackling, no more movement; still squeaking loudly.
15 - 20: Squeaking stopped. Still crackling. One eyeball went black.
After 24 I stopped and opened it. It fucking smelled awful. It was lumpy and quite hot to the touch.

6) My other memoriable slaying was straight into the wood heater. It ran around on the red hot coals for a good 1-2 seconds then caught fire, another 2 seconds and it just dropped dead. Watching the flesh melt away to leave a glowing red skeleton behind is fucking COOL.
Friend come back from soccer practice*, obviously
nigger cunt get the fuck out
shot a cat in the spine with a blowgun
shot an amish dog in the back of the head then put it in a trashbag and threw it behind their school house
I'd think it would take longer to cook that that? I don't usually cook food as small as a mouse though so I could be wrong.

Next time you know to put your microwave on low so the next adorable animal suffers for longer.
I accidently held a guinea pig under water for too long and when I brought it up it was dead
File: 1398721020036.gif (2MB, 294x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 294x240px
I put my hand in a microwave once......like fucking insane pins and needles...../shudder
That's fucked. You're going to be a murderer or something later in life. get help.
What the fuck is wrong with all of you?
>>she cried for months
>>then we adopted a cat
>>Dumped her

You're a piece of shit, but goddammit I'd be lying if I said I didn't lol heartily.
Would always chase around my cat with my guitar, shit was scarier than the vacuum
no wonder yhou fucking guitar fag i bet u play womderwall faget
>sister gets hamster
>furry little fucker
>it hates me
>evry time my sister not home i get in her room and looks at hamster
>it hisses when my hand is close to the cage
>one day sister has hamster in hand
>ask if i can hold it
>sister says sure
>haz it in hand two secs then fucker bites me
>ouch man
>jumps down under couch and hides
>sister screams cuz blood
>i said im going to get it
>reach under couch gets bitten
>grabs it around the tummy
>squeks really loud
>i then squeezed it so its eyese poped out
>gets grounded a month
I would grab big fat slugs from my backyard and throw them against a brick wall as hard as I could, they would burst open. One of them I tried to patch back together while pretending I was a surgeon.

With caterpillars I would get nails and stick them up their butts and pretend I was raping them, sometimes I'd pour hot crayon wax on them.

I had huge beetles that lived in a stump, so I would nail them to it and just fuck them up, or put them in water and microwave boil them.

And those little light bugs, I would rip off their wings and press them against hot light bulbs.

As they say, nothing is more pure an evil than a child, hence why buus final form was a child.
>this little piece of shiet ates my fucking clothes

Spelling aside, how is that even possible?
File: prince.jpg (36KB, 350x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 350x400px
>turns purple

File: image.jpg (55KB, 663x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 663x477px
>Be 8 or some shit
>Had a Syrian hamster and so did my brother
>With hamster watching mother fucking tom and jerry
>Decide it would be funny to commit these cartoons acts of violence on my rodent pal who in had named jerry
>Grabbed fucking frying pan from kitchen and ran back to my hamster
>Threw it out of its cage and smacked it as hard as i could
>(squeaking intensifies)
>Repeatedly hit it with pan chanting in dark tom voice "Caaaan you belieeeeeve it?"
Every time I look back to this moment I kek hard
File: look.jpg (109KB, 400x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 400x801px

>I would grab big fat slugs from my backyard and throw them against a brick wall as hard as I could, they would burst open. One of them I tried to patch back together while pretending I was a surgeon.

Fucking lost my shit, 10/10 for that
Introduced him to a tween girl

It was pretty lulzy, I was talking to imaginary assistant nurses and everything.
put a chipmunk in a pickle jar and left it by my computer. It lasted a while
which is worst is subjective, so:

>february, cold as fuck
>find a nest of baby rabbits in backyard
>crack hole in ice on surface of swimming pool
>slowly drown/freeze them

>find nest of almost grown (but not flight-ready) robins in backyard
>approach nest, they all burst out, one shits on my shoulder as it flies over me
>they fall to the ground after about 10 feet
>decapitate one with pocket knife, throw one against side of garage, drop rocks on one, suffocate one with ziploc bag

>find toad in backyard
>bring it inside
>fill bathroom sink with boiling water
>dip it in, hind legs first
>gradually boil and amputate limbs individually
>toad is still living
>take it back outside
>leave where i found it

>dog shits on floor
>beat savagely until her eyes are red
>was terrified of me until she died years later

>suffocate cat until it makes death rattle
>resuscitate and repeat
>throw against wall when finished

>at friend's house, had slept over, no one else awake
>his dog bites me for petting him
>lift by neck and throw down basement stairs
>broke his spine, they had to euthanize him
>mfw they still don't know what happened
File: spongebob hell 1.jpg (114KB, 500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spongebob hell 1.jpg
114KB, 500x600px
put worms into hydrogen peroxide and watched as they became hard and white
Whatever happened to Anontalk?
I forgot that face existed.

OP is truly an old fag
any action/thoughts of harm toward humans?
File: a3a.png (38KB, 140x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 140x140px
I pushed my cat off the couch once.
i fit the sociopathic serial killer tendency checklist almost perfectly, if that's what you're wondering, but i've never done anything like that to a person
>find tiny rodent stuck in sticky glue
>feel bad and keeps squeeling
>go to bathroom
>turn hot faucet on
>get mouse and turn it over
>let it suffucate in hot water for few seconds
>leave it there for 3 minutes
>come back and thing is bold as my scrotums
shot lizards with bb gun
shot bird up butt with bb gun and fell off roof ded
shot butterfly with bb gun and wings fell off body, that was pretty cool.

most sadistic thing was shooting squirrel with a .22
fell out of tree, went to look for it..couldnt find it
think i just scared the shit out of it :(
I used to do wrestling moves on my dog as a kid and accidentally super kicked him in the face real hard once
ITT: Bunch of faggots trying to be alpha, while never doing anything they have posted and only can imagine going outside to do said things. 1/10 for making me reply, go rub one out you angsty social butterflies
I don't know if sadistic or not...

But my neighbors chihuahua got out and bit me when I was walking home from schoo so i kicked it, like, 10 yards.

Of course they all ran out and started screaming at me in their taco language so I called the cops and they backed down because they were a bunch of illegals.
fuck man
you need help, you're sick
>last november
>wolf gets into yard and kills my dog while he is trying to shit/piss
>comes around at night looking for shit to eat
>wait for it for 3 hours every night
>see it
>grab pellet gun
>shoot in eye
>falls over
>breathing uneven, in 2much pain
>remember what he took from me
>get baseball bat
>break legs
>start a fire in my fire pit
>drag wolf to edge of fire pit
>face is 5 feet away from a big ass flame
>drag wolf so he is parallel to fire
>push in
>2 minutes of whimpering
>smelled like shit
He deserved it
I sat on a chicken when I was little and it died. I cried for 10 min.
i got excited reading that

revenge kills are the absolute best
Good. Where about do you live?
The Midwest of good ol' merica
>He deserved it

Leave wolves alone!
made me chuckle like an idiot
>found a toad with giant balls, smashed them between two bricks and let it go.

>used to take the shitzu and spin it in the air like 100 times in a row over a bed
>kinda like a floating lazy-susan

>found a sorta-big snake
>beat its head with a stick till it was dead
>felt bad

>find worms
>wrap around bottle rockets with flashbang report
>light them puppies and its raining worm guts

>be like... 6
>neightbor has a gerbil, i have a hamster
>we have 2" PVC pipe with a few elbows
>we decide gerbils and hamsters like tube slides (like those found in kiddie parks) as much as we did
>put critters into pvc tubes, to slide down probably 4-5' of pipe, and out a 3' fall onto foam padding from an old couch
>about about 20 rides, the gerbil back legs no longer work
>put him back in cage
>it dies like 2 days later
>her mom thinks maybe it was the ink from shredded newspaper cage liner
> own snake
> he hasnt eaten in a while, what gives?
> I figure maybe some gore will perk him up
> I hold mice by his back legs, dangling above the terrarium
> my friend takes some sharp ass scissors and cuts the mouse in half at the waist
> blood and guts fall out
> top half of mouse struggles for a few moments before dying
> snake did not eat either half
woulda done the same thing *shrug* maybe not so tortuously... but all the same after those two minutes I suppose
>>find worms
>>wrap around bottle rockets with flashbang report
>>light them puppies and its raining worm guts
this is genius
>be 12-13 at the time
>starting middle school
>realize i can sneak out at middle of night
>light random houses on fire
>one family has to move into the local Marriott for several months
Ants are amazing creatures. They carry a shit ton of weight to body sizesize, highly intelligent, organized and are even being milked for antibody research because of how sterile they are for living underground.
File: 1384652163399.png (7KB, 389x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 389x255px

...and with that I'm outta here.
File: 1301125869110.jpg (7KB, 251x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 251x201px
you feel bad for killing pillbugs but not ants? ants are awesome. who doesnt like ants as long as they arent in my house? no one cares about ants

I killed my friend's hamster and fucked a dog against its will.
Made me laugh for some reason
One time my stepmom had a poodle that was mean as shit.
>be 12
>stepmom has mean ass poodle
>poodle bites me while parents are away
>take poodle outside
>tie him to a post in our pasture
>light his tail on fire
>running like mad crazy fuck tard around post
>fire is slowly spreading up poodle bitches tail
>letting out horrid agonizing doggie screams
>fire gets half way up back
>poodle bitch is squirming and withering on ground
>poodle bitch passes out from pain or some shit
>I kick it to see if its still alive
>it is
>I pull out pocket knife and slit poodle bitches crispy throat
>take poodle bitch corpse into woods and leave it
>go inside and play DBZ budokai for hours then masturbate
hung it from a tree for looking at a white woman.

But seriously, I was bit by a snake when I was a kid, a cute little toothless garden snake. I was going to keep it as a pet, but it crossed me so I:
>stuck a sewing needle in one eye and out the other
>grabbed it by the tail, spun it around and whacked it's head against a tree several times
>took a hammer to its midsection and pounded its body flat in some areas to see what it would look like
>took a wooden dowel from the woodshop we had and soaked it in lighter fluid and forced it down the snake's digestive tract, then lit a string attached to the dowel.
That fucker went up like a goddamn chinese bootleg firework.
Killed the shit out of a "colony" worth of them in my driveway with Wasp spray, today.
File: Frog and Snake.png (178KB, 1366x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Frog and Snake.png
178KB, 1366x535px
relevant to thread
I shot one in self-defense.
I once cut off the legs of a frog I caught I'm left it to die in a container of water
I was giving a kitten a bath.
I didn't understand the concept of it needing air.
I thought it was having fun.
But it stopped moving.
I threw its limp body over the fence.
eat food
>be 7
>be at gramps, with my brother (8)
>gramps owns chickens
>says you wanna see something cool
>go with brother, gramps and father to the chicken coop behind the house
>gramps says go fetch a chicken
>run down chicken
>give chicken to gramps
>grandfather produces an axe behind his back, puts the chicken on a block and off with his head
>see headless chicken run over the field and onto the compost
>gramp and father tell us why the chicken did this and that animals are raised because of the meat and for eggs
>father and gramps go back to the others in the house
>brother and i get a glorious idea
>piss on the still twitching chicken carcass
>mfw pissed on still eatable chicken
>mfw get serious scolding because of this shit
>mfw no arise chikun but piss on chikun
>mfw no face
File: 1373710619826.gif (281KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281KB, 250x250px
>be 9
>fishing with cousin
>catch sunfish
>take it off hook
>run behind trailer and start jabbing it with sticks
>poke out its eye while its still flopping around
>take it back to beach
>bury it alive in the sand
>go home and cook marshmallows

I don't even imagine you swinging the guitar at the cat. I just see you following it and playing the guitar so badly that it wants to die.
you seem to be under the impression that most of these people are in their 30s and 40s when they do this. I'm certain that we were all children who had some appalling social structure and little understanding about life and death. Who the hell DIDN'T learn about mortality through an accident involving an animal? It's one thing to punch a dog when you see Tom and Jerry going apeshit on each other all the time, but to continually do it to the point where you abduct strays and lock them in cages and jerk off while you tazer them or put out cigarettes on them is something else. I think most people here I remembering stories about mortality learned, not bragging about being an internet tough guy.
>He deserved it

You're damn right. I wouldn't lose a second of sleep over it; hell, I'd probably sleep better.
I put water on my cats paws before he went in the litter box for the lolz
File: clap clap.png (95KB, 257x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
clap clap.png
95KB, 257x352px
That being said, I have one where I don't consider it exactly sadistic. Insane and asshole-ish, sure but I may be biased because I fucking HATED this little faggot dog
>brother has a fat gf
>fat gf has a gay little chihuahua
>fat gf and GLC move in because wut
>GLC antagonizes my own dog, my sweet old girl who was my only friend growing up
>GLC terrorizes my cats too
>I get real sick of GLC's shit, constantly barking, pissing and shitting everywhere and acting like a fucking manlet with a need to start fights with the world
>one day I'm alone in the house
>GLC comes up to me and starts barking
>"Fuck you you goddamned faggot" I say to him
>GLC pisses on my foot
>I picked that little asshole up by the collar and slapped him across the face like he was a bastard child
>Then I unleashed a Fus Ro Dah that shook the goddamn house, I put his face to mine so he could look at me, and I fucking screamed as loudly and angrily as I fucking could
>slapped him across the face again for good measure
>threw him into the couch
GLC never fucked with me or my other pets again. Now that I tell the story, yeah it was completely sadistic, but fuck that little bastard.
there's not much more cringeworthy than little boys torturing animals
Whether it made you sadistic or not to the side...

That dog must have felt like it got picked up and thrown by the Incredible Hulk.
File: 0.jpg (11KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 480x360px
Squeeze cats to force a meow.
I took some minnows I used to feed my snake and did some experiments on them. I tested if they would live in pickle juice, hawaiian punch, gasoline, vinegar and vodka. They all died but the hawaiian punch fish lived for a few minutes. I then cut the fins of a fish and observed how he struggled to swim.
drowned a cat , and pulled out the head of a bird that couldnt fly , all drunk fuck you
I once molested my pet rabit.
A went indoors and got a bic pen lid, you know the ones that have a hole in it incase your a retard and swallow it.
I turned my bunny over and raped its vagina with it. It got used to it but there was blood. I then lent down and decided to blow ahrd into the pen lid to fill my bunny up.
It scratched violently and caught my face and cut me. I punched it, it died three days later.
I like how your FIRST thought upon realizing you can sneak out of the house was to go light fires.
You should have trapped it in the barrel with some air and eventually it would be too exhausted to swim any more it will fall to the bottom and die of suffocation.
I love animals, but I love my animals more. That little chihuahua was a god damned burden I did not want in my house, and its owner was fucking retarded. It made things awful in that house not only for me, but mostly for my sweet 18 year old labrador and my 2 month old baby kitten. I had to protect my girls.
I generally like ants, but we're in an eternal war with a colony at my house. Those shits get into everything, and they're immune to every fucking poison.

Pill bugs are awesome, though. I haven't heard anyone call them potato bugs other than my mom.
I assume humans count, haven´t been sadistic towards an animal aside from pelting season where I got paid to do so..

Me and my wife are into bloodsports and bdsm, go to a local "Swing" club with a sado masochistic focus. Recreated some of the marquis de sade works for fun. Most sadistic in terms of direct pain though was a girl ( who consented mind you, and didn´t use the safe word) who was spanked till bleeding occured, had five slits in each butt cheek with a razor, followed by a few more swats and then had a fine tasting whisky poured over her sore behind. I don´t what it´s called in english but she was in a locking device, you know like they use for beheading, not a guillotine but the one where the head and arms are locked in, her bend over but still standing.
The spanking procedure was done by an experienced dominatrix, and I just got to make the cuts and pore the liquor. Around 8 people watching excluding the people actively joining in.
File: 107.jpg (76KB, 421x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 421x500px
>had 3 kittens
>told mom i was gonna play with 2 of them for a bit
>closed door to room
>liked to get clothes basket and trap them
>poked at them viciously with nerf darts
>whenever they played i would hold one down and let the other bite it
>got a hard on after a while and started rubbing my dick on them
>held them on their backs and used the plastic piece on my shoelace as a dildo for their little cat pussies
>put them in the sheets and pretended to net them
>made chains/restraints out of magnetix pieces

looking back on it im not sure how i wasn't caught and admitted to a psychiatric ward
That device is called a pillory. You can thank Hentai for this.
Holy shit, dude. How does a kid steal all those kittens?
that plastic shoe piece is called an aglet.
They have thorns on their penises
that is called penile spines lol
>be 7
>want to hold a baby duck because fluffy
>find a group walking with it's mother
>Chase them until one starts to lagg behind the others
>cut it off completely and start walking to it
>20 lbs Snapping turtle comes out from the murky depths of the lake onto the shore
>Grabs that little fuckers head into it's fuck you jaws
>proceeds to drag it back down into the water head first for consumption
>walked away like whatever
Call me the interceptor
Nah, I keep mantises as pets. It's really fun to watch them hunt.
Killed a rat by bashing it in the head with a shovel. Had a good reason, though.

Was visiting my mom and she let her dog out in the back yard. Suddenly I hear her screaming, apparently, the dog had killed a rat, and she was freaking out because she thought he would get rabies or something.

So I told her to calm down, it'd probably be fine, but worst case scenario, collect the rat carcass so they can test it or whatever.

So she goes out with a container and so e gloves to grab this thing, then she starts screaming again. Turns out the thing wasn't dead, it was just really fucked up. So I went outside, and she told me to kill it, so I grabbed a shovel and gave it a few good whacks on the noggin.

Probably for the best anyway, the dog mauled it pretty bad.
oh my god baby ducks are so fucking fluffy you have no idea. Think of the softest cat you've ever touched while drunk off your ass and multiply it by 7 and that's how soft baby ducks are.
File: 106.jpg (55KB, 192x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 192x279px
i also liked to fuck with neighborhood cats in my adolescence, and lizards

>find stray cats
>net them
>slap at them, yell, whip them with branches
>couldnt get my dick near it to dryhump it without it scratching me, so none of that
>splash it

the lizards were worse
>find lizard
>catch it
>either nail its tail to a tree or trap it in a jar
>in a jar i would peek up the lid and slowly fill it with soda/water
>on the tree id cutt off it's limbs and then release it to try and wriggle away
>also liked holding them by the tail and then punching them as hard as possible

then when i got older (15-16) we had a dog named josie
>would be at home alone
>josie laying down
>wake her up, throw treat inbetween couches
>she'd walk over to get it
>i would straddle her and start humping her
>prod at her pussy

really glad i was never caught doing any of this shit
File: 1399843105202.png (135KB, 287x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 287x318px
Rubbed my dick slowly on a cat's vagina.
File: th-2-1.jpg (7KB, 157x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 157x188px
What did u expect a rabbit to do while you're raping it with ur cum filled bic pen lid?
Whelp, with that kind of incentive I think the interceptor might have to come out of retirement
if you have some kind of farm equipment store in your area like Central Tractor- more of a general store, they usually have baby ducks and chicks for people to fondle/take home.
My fucking sides
I wanted it to orgasm not attack me - ungrateful fucking thing
>One of the most common characteristics of a serial killer when they're younger is animal abuse

I think you mean repeated/chronic animal abuse
File: image.jpg (23KB, 350x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 350x370px
said every rapist ever.
I feel like a sick fucker, but...
>16 at the time
>Go get the mail
>Holy fuck, a roly poly
>Pick it up
>Go inside (I'm home alone, Mom's busy)
>Decides to watch some porn
>Climax, jizz all over the bug
>Crush it
>Throw it away
google "lethalpressure masha" and enjoy
>be 3
>at friends' house
>his sis is 6/7, has a hamster
> in her bedroom alone with poor thing
>pick it up, hug it, make it run around
>eventually lies still, twitching
>we have a full funeral for it that day, testimonies and all
>died from too much love
>we still all laugh about it today
At least you got to destroy her pussy
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