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1. Krav Maga
3. Rough and Tumble
4. Ninjutsu
5. Vale Tudo
6. Pugilism
7. Jailhouse Rock
8. Bacom
9. Kapu Ku’ialua
10. Muay Thai
11. BJJ
12. Systema
13. Nindokai
15. Bojuka
16. Eskrima
17. Pit Fighting
18. Sambo
19. Keysi
20. Kajukenbo
21. Capoeira
22. Shippalgi
23. Jeet Kun Do
24. Combato
25. Bokator
>gun owning not listed

small penis compensation is not a martial art.
Except most of these are the same thing or not a style.
Literally boxing
>Vale Tudo
A competition format
>Pit fighting
Pretty much the same thing as Vale Tudo and not a style

That's not even touching upon RBSD nonsense and various LARPs.
what a gay fucking list
>muh small penis meme

>implying it is a meme you queer
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>JKD below Capoeira

I know you guys like to hate on Eastern shit, but JKD is pretty good system, especially with a little bit of crosstraining to cover its most egregious flaws.

The only reason it got such a bad rep is the amount of impressionable skinny teenagers who took 3 weeks of classes and thought they were the baddest motherfuckers on the planet.
Are you sure people like this have nothing to do with it?

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liberal kuckold detected
comic related, its you
>a system
It's a philosophy. It's also shit but that's neither here nor there.
>25 deadliest martial arts
> written by someone who spent 10 minutes on wiki and 15 minutes watching "demonstrations" on youtube
Boxing is a subset or even a side-evolution of pugilism that came about because of the use of boxing gloves.

[pyoo-juh-liz-uh m]

Word Origin

the art or practice of fighting with the fists; boxing.
At least #1 is right
While you're looking up the meaning of words, look up the meaning of a subset.
Also pugilism incorporates a lot of wrestling moves. I don't know where the fuck you box, but wrestling isn't a huge part of boxing where I'm from.
This list is b8
Kind of. Some Krav has good drills, and they'll teach some stuff, but is not as good as if you took an actual combat sport or martial art with competition. It's not that Krav is bad, it's just that it gets used by military for a reason, it's a basically a crash course on self defense, and the best way to use if is to use what they teach you and get the fuck away and get your gun out. Besides, technically knife arts are more lethal, if you're close enough you wouldn't have time to get your gun out.
Im a manlet who's into /fit/ and got some gains but nevertheless a manlet. I think ill take Krav
Well, it does say most "lethal" martial arts. Doesn't exactly mean what's most effective. But also shouldn't how good you are as a fighter be very dependent on how "lethal" you are?

But then again, depends if lethal is in a sporting context or not. As lethal can mean "sufficient to cause death". However in a sporting context it means "very accurate or skillful".

But judging by what OP has put, I suppose he's trying to mean the former, "sufficient to cause death", since if you were 12th Dan karate master or some shit and you have learnt and taught and practiced it your whole life then I'd say that karate or that certain martial art would beat a lot on that list.

However, this list could be easy bait but I'm here just to discuss ._.
That's because you dont know what you're talking about so you can't critically engage with a style beyond marketing.

I don't know why im explaining. You're a manlet so you'll never learn.
I was under the impression that there's two schools of thought, where some just take JKD as its barest philosophy and some, who in my opinion are missing the point, take what Bruce himself came to conclude was best for his JKD as what JKD as a whole should be.

Also I would like to hear why you think it's shit off-hand. Haven't had the chance to even check out a class myself but off the top of my head some stuff like fighting southpaw and using your lead to stifle the opponent's, low side kicks and the use of intercepting strikes, which are also covered in Japanese martial arts, seem to check out for me.
If you'd actually read tao of jkd you'd know the second school of thought it wrong. The fact you think "bruce said this is good do it's good" demonstrates you haven't. The entire crux of the philosophy is there's no one size fits all. Putting aside Bruce's questionable expertise for the moment, what allegedly worked for a skinny manlet probably won't be as useful for a 6'4 ottermode with shit flexibility. Paraphrase king bullshit himself, Bruce. The second you define jkd as jkd it's no longer jkd. If you say "this technique is jkd" then the name becomes a hinderence and should he abandoned.

It's literally bruce lee LARP down to tge sound effects. Patty cake and "hold your arm out like you punched and stand perfectly still while I do a 50 hit ultracombo".
If you'd actually read my post you would've seen me say that the people who just take what Bruce came up with as undeniable truths are missing the point. But uh, you keep on being supremely assmad about JKD for some reason and completely failing to explain why it's shit beyond McDojo type practices that aren't limited to JKD at all.
Out of genuine curiosity, why do you think Bruce Lee is full of shit? His philosophy on martial arts gave birth to the mma sport genre and his exercise regimen allowed athletes to take their game to the next level. I know you are probably talking about a different part of him but I'm still curious.
His exercise regime was bodyweight and light lifting, there's nothing concrete demonstrating his fighting ability and mixing martial arts has existed long before he was born.

You want someone who actually contributed something meaningful to philosophy, training and mma? Check out jigoro kano.
Okay so you're upset about Lee having good press and world-famous movies. Gotcha.
Where is boxe espagnol in your list
>literally dismissing someone's argument by calling them a hater
It's like I'm really in the youtube comments of a 12-year old's CoD montage
What is even the methodology?
Arts that have too many deadly things? Arts that are too powerful? Arts that are very likely to permanently cripple the opponent?
What a shitshow.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 3

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