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Alberto Del Rio Unmasking Everybody

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Can we talk about how Alberto "Dos Caras Jr." Del Rio is salty over having to wrestle unmasked in WWE?


That last one just happened on Monday night. Some people may think these are all accidents or part of the show in Rey Rey's case, I just think he tries to make it look that way. Unmasking a Luchador is the ultimate disrespect and he has done it at least three times now.
Whats the big deal about this guy?
Didn't watch wrestling for like 15 years, started again at WM 31.
He is slow as hell, looks like he doesnt know what to do the most time of a match.
It's called being a heel. He's a good worker with intensity, good technical skills, and a legit fighting background. He also cuts decent promos. I'd say he's the Mexican Seth Rollins, but doesn't get to showcase as much flashiness.

He's had a tough time adapting to WWE's slower style and his year outside of the WWE has brought him back to square one. He would have been better utilized in NXT but my guess is he'd feel that was beneath him.

Also, it's funny that you'd specifically use the term "big deal" when asking about him because when he first debuted in the WWE he was pushed to the moon and beyond. Around that time an internal WWE memo was leaked that indicated they wanted to "make a bid deal out of Del Rio, fairly quickly" so Big Deal and Fairly Quickly were memes for a while, at least on /wooo/.
Seth Rollins is a Mexican Seth Rollins.
why this makes so much sense?
Mexican CM punk seems more accurate. More kicks, less top rope.
Seth ain't mexican
They all deserved it though. Rey for putting his mask back on and Sin cCara and Kalisto for being shitters in the ring
Based top heel del rio

Cant talk about his most recent run because i havent watched it but his first run with wwe he was the best pure wrestler on the roster
> at least on wooo
Cancer pls leave, you arent welcome here

Hmmm, I've considered your offer but I think I'll stay.
Who are your top 5 all time wrestlers?
his last name is lopez fuccboi hes an adopted mexican.
He legit had bad blood with sin cara for being a douche to him in mexico, so all the things with him was done for a reason. Everything else was an accident or heelish tactitc

That a tough one, but here we go. In order of when I first started really marking out for them:

1)Bret Hart
3)Chris Benoit
4)Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan
5)Kevin Steen/Owens

I could have listed non-WWE guys that I enjoy like Mike Quackenbush or Shinsuke Nakamura, for that sweet sweet indie cred, but if I'm being honest, those are the 5 guys whose careers I followed the closest and I mark for the hardest. In the interest of fairness, here are my top 5 female wrestlers using the same criteria:

3)Trish Stratus
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> bret
> crispin wah
I apologise, you can most definitely stay wewbro, top taste. what is your favourite bret match?

Bonus question
What is your favourite underrated bret match?

> charlotte
Lolwut. Why?
Seth is a sandnigger, an armenian to be exact
He took his stepdad's name

Why do you think he looks like a terrorist ?
>what is your favourite bret match?

Another tough question, if I have to choose one it'd be Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect at Summerslam. Bret had a lot of amazing Summer Slam matches, but this one against Mr. Perfect was his best IMO.

>Bonus question
>What is your favourite underrated bret match?

My favorite underrated match is probably when he fought Benoit for the vacant title in WCW. Their tribute to Owen match was great as well. No one ever really talks about Bret's WCW run, and with good reasons, but he still had a couple of good matches there. Hell, Bret wrestling in WCW is what made me first notice Benoit.

> charlotte
>Lolwut. Why?

Her selling, she's the best in the division at making moves look impactful. Especially when she gets put in a submission, she's so flexible she makes them all look incredibly painful. I agree she doesn't have the best offense yet, but IMO that's easier to teach than good selling.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 2

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