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ITT: underappreciated wrestlers

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Pic very related. I'll start.
Can't tell if you are memeing or just really retarded
Forget it Jake, it's /asp/
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Marty was actually really good not even memeing
agreed. he's still my favorite one.

maybe one day he'll get the push he deserves.
Ziggler is proof that even "smart" fans will get worked into disliking somebody if WWE shits on them enough.

Does he even have an angle right now? I know he got a shockingly early elimination from that Battle Royal
His angle right now feels like he's just there as a competitor when WWE needs him. It's a good thing he's a company man, or I'd assume he'd be trashing some of the writers for giving him utter shit and refusing to push him. I hope he leaves for NJPW soon, but I'd like it more if Creative just got their shit together.
Hopefully to the unemployment line and quit trying to be Shawn
I dont like the trying to be Shawn line. He gets told to do the superkick and tunes up the band to get heat. He does this cos powers that be allow him to. He has similar attire. He has had the flamboyant ladies man gimmick back when you were marking for him in 2012. Stop being a faggot and just enjoy the product before you ruin it for yourself.
He's literally the opposite. Very overrated.
It's amazing how /asp/ thinks garbage like Ziggler and The Miz are underrated.
Ziggler can still put on bangers when he's allowed to.
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All 3 of these guys.

Anyone that actually knows one or two things about wrestling likes Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler
Billy Gunn
Hardcore Holly
Ted DiBiase jr
Ted DiBiase sr
X-Pac (yes)
Triple H (yes)
Ziggler screwed Ziggler by not jumping to NJPW after his contract was done
He could have been in Cody's position right now
Hey Bob, what are you doing on asp?
Taka Michinoku
But everyone knows that, unless they are not 35+.

Marty was usually the one from the Rockers who took the hot tag. Shawn played Ricky Morton more often, especially in big matches.

Being the Jannetty is really only a thing BECAUSE he was technically so good. Most people expected them both to go on to big solo runs - would not even be surprised if the Bret Shawn feud that continued to 97 was not in some way based on the long-term idea they'd had for Marty.

Threw it all away by being a fuck up though.
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Holly is a piece-of-shit wrestler and even less of a human being
Ziggler is underrated in the sense that people actively shit on him. He's not a bad wrestler by any stretch of the imagination and does not deserve a lot of the hate he gets. But he is no diamond in the rough either. The dude has a ceiling and it's embarrassing watching him hit it like when he and Dean buried the world title last Summerslam. It actually does serve him a lot better to book him offensively bad that way his diehard fans get riled up and stay by his side, rather than continue to expose him at the top level until his entire fanbase stops seeing him as a main eventer. They do the same thing with Ryder. I hope Ziggler gets over that hump someday but pushing him now while he's still hitting a ceiling would only hurt him in the long run.
>literally the best wrestler in the world
>shit gimmick
>stuck in a tag team with whomus
Billy Gunn and Test didn't have the charisma to make it higher. They tried and failed multiple times. (Though Test could be a pretty good wrestler at times. Everyone already knows Gunn was a hell of an athlete.)

Don't really see much in Hardcore Holly.

Gangrel could maybe have done a little better, and isn't thought of much, but I doubt he could have achieved a lot more.

I'd say Triple H is rated just fine. People recognised when he was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world in 99 to early 01. But he hasn't been that guy since the injury in 01 and the memes are justified. People are generally pretty aware of his positives and negatives.

Apart from that, pretty good list.
Yes true.

Also Too Cool are underappreciated as far as their in-ring work is concerned, both guys could go (especially Scotty).
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 4

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