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Why isn't this guy hired as a WWE Creative yet?


>maybe better booking than real rumble.

he makes vids about fantasy booking but then he has his own fed and he cant book for shit

rly makes u think
>wwe NEEDS to ______.
can't stand these fags

Stop promoting your lame videos here
>Sami Zayn enters at number 1
>Sami Zayn wins
>Sami Zayn jumps ship
>Zayn/Cena/AJ for the WWE Championship main events Mania.
>Cena goes over
I just did and mine's better.
> whoopsie
Yours is the most autistic thread ive ever seen and thats not even including the cringeworthy DeanNEET posts in it
Get a real job you minimum wageslave limp-haired nu-male, and ill have 20 benson gold while im here
What the hell is benson gold? A cigarette?
its a dildo brand
Post what his shitty booking for the rumble is because no way im watching a video with that fag
And a twix, now hurry up with my change you fragile tillmonkey or i will get your paki boss to sack you
wats ur wage bretmark? please employ me bro im from /wwe/
You sound like an autist studying for a degree in history. You probably fantasize about hurling insults like that in reality to rescue damsels from their offendors. Like I bet you think you'll pick a chick up in line at Starbucks if you step in and verbally destroy some asshole bothering her. But you don't do it. You sit on 4chan for free.
Where do you live and do you drive?

My wage depends, some rare days i take home 400 and other days i only make 150. In summer i can clear 1500 quite easily a week and in winter i might only work 1 or 2 days getting bog standard 150 day rate. The week before last i did one day but i made like 350. My average days wage is like 250 i would say, anything under that and im a bit pissed off

My advice to you fellow /wwe/chad is learn how to do a specific job on a building site (not neccessarily a defacto trade that you have to go to college for) then after a few years when youve mastered it go direct to the building companies and do it yourself on a price where you get paid for the meterage you do. Thats what me and my mate did and now we live large
Or just become a bricklayer, theyve got it easy as fuck
> muh projection while working in BP
Get a better job then you can buy a better shampoo and conditioner that will actually add some volume to your tired greasy mane
That shit is limper than my dick in an Asorca thread

And i only ever go into starbucks to destroy the toilets, costa master-race
I buy nice stuff I just don't wash it most days.
I don't hate every idea he has. Some better than most, and his long-term planning is nice. But, how much of that would be over-ruled by Vince? Plus, his retro bookings are often too influenced by what happened, not what they were planning for, but other circumstances forced changes. Too easy to re-book those.
Because they dont hire retardeds. Oh, wait, yes they do.
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What do you use? Do you get Aussie over where you are?
Try it, its the tits
I'll look into those. I remember it by the bottle and price because it was the only bottle I could find across several stores that didn't have some specific ingredient that's bad for curls but I forget. When I run out I think "shit I need more of that expensive ass shampoo."
Why is your skin not white?
File: Snapchat-1556060717.jpg (418KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im whiter than you amerispic. My bathroom just has a dark light
>watch wrestling isn't real
>all the male wrestlers are played by females
>whatever this is funny and great
>find out landis is some cuck hollywood sjw elite
Wrestling isnt wrestling*
Nice feet bretchad
What ingredient is bad for curls?
Cheers bruv
Go back to le roddit
We need less cuckoldry in wwe not more
>Muslim cab driver looking really really strong
>all that smarky shit booking that will never draw dimes
>adding memeweights in the Rumble
>Jasethy and Deano looking like chumps
>Bork interfering early only to show up later
>Goldberg getting eliminated midway only to return later

Vince Russo is a god-tier booker compared to this hack.
He books like a mark. Remember that opening scene from Avengers 2? Where you had all the heroes doing that "oh fuck were so cool" stop frame? That level of cringe is what you risk when you have marks behind the scenes.

Also, guy has his own wrestling company and its meh.

Finally, it's fun to book when everyone just does whatever you want. Like backstage politics, salaries and contracts, other contributing shit is not a factor at all...

His how they should have booked it bothers me more because he literally says shit like "I know it was impossible but they should made it anyways"
Seth Rollins enters at number 1# and asks for a mic. He says "Because I don't play politics,I don't win the Rumble." He then climbs over the top rope to eliminates himself and shouts "How do you like that,Mr. Levesque?"

Lesnar clears the ring at one point before being besieged by a gang of ninjas who carry him to the back and throw him into the back of a waiting van before driving off. As the van drives off, the driver throws something out of the window. The camera zooms in to reveal a joker playing card. Lesnar returns two months later with no mention of these events.

During the match a masked man runs in from the crowd and eliminates Roman Reigns. Cena enters as the 30th entrant and eliminates everyone else. Daniel Bryan comes out on stage clapping sarcastically. He says "Not so fast John; it's not that easy. There is one more entrant." The masked man sneaks in and eliminates Cena before unmasking to reveal himself as.....Roman Reigns.
Made me chuckle
>During the match a masked man runs in from the crowd and eliminates Roman Reigns. Cena enters as the 30th entrant and eliminates everyone else. Daniel Bryan comes out on stage clapping sarcastically. He says "Not so fast John; it's not that easy. There is one more entrant." The masked man sneaks in and eliminates Cena before unmasking to reveal himself as.....Roman Reigns.

Pure kino
I didn't watch it yet, but if he doesn't have Miz winning, then he fucked up
I watched the whole thing and he picked Jericho
This motherfucker ain't even got no Mark Henry in what could very well be the man's last Rumble AND it's in Texas. This Britbong bitch wants Kofi to wind up on the barricades even though he's done that before.

The man's hatred for R-Truth is strictly abhorrent.
File: Whoopsie.jpg (416KB, 1246x2216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> works in a petrol station for minimum wage
> has dead limp hair that has less volume than bobby the brain heenan circa 2017's voice
> watches cuckculture videos that arent by the bald guy
> watches cuckculture videos that have adam blampied's face on the thumbnail
> is a tripfag on the worst board on 4chan
> shits with his legs closed
> got bummed by applesteve

1. Sami Zayn (e. Crews, Strowman)
2. The Miz (e. Bate)
3. Tyler Bate (co-e. Rusev)
4. Rusev
5. Big Cass (co-e. Rusev, e. Show)
6. The Big Show
7. TJ Perkins
8. Dolph Ziggler (e. Cass)
9. Apollo Crews
10. Tye Dillinger
11. The Brian Kendrick (e. Perkins)
12. Braun Strowman (e. Kendrick, Dillinger, Ziggler)
13. Kofi Kingston
14. R-Truth
15. Kalisto
16. Goldberg (e. Kalisto, Truth, Miz, Ellsworth, Nash, Kingston)
17. James Ellsworth
18. Kevin Nash
19. Bray Wyatt (co-e. Woods, Big E, Rollins)
20. Samoa Joe (e. Orton)
21. Kane
22. Big E
23. Xavier Woods
24. Randy Orton (co-e. Woods, Big E, Rollins)
25. Chris Jericho (e. Undertaker)
26. Seth Rollins
27. Baron Corbin (e. Zayn)
28. Dean Ambrose (e. Corbin)
29. Brock Lesnar (e. Goldberg, Wyatt, Ambrose, Kane)
30. The Undertaker (e. Lesnar, Joe)

Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble and turns face.

WrestleMania 33:
Rollins vs. HHH
Goldberg vs. Lesnar
Jericho vs. Owens (Universal Title)
>wants R Truth to be 14

What the fuck did Truth ever do to him?
>Always saying he could book it better
>WCPW makes all the mistakes WCW did

Can't make it up
>please can I work for you WWE, ADAM FOR CREATIVE
this guy is desperate
1) humans build robot
2) robot kills humans
3) robot feels whoopsie
I think Goldberg will either coming in really early and get eliminated by someone other than brock or he'll come in late then get eliminated by brock.

Either way, he's going to be in active competition for maybe 3 numbers and 6 minutes or so. Hopefully he gets put out by Strowman or something setting up for them at the rumble.

Brock getting a win back at this point is nonsensical considering he's given all he can at this point. Both Brock and Goldberg should lay down for younger talent at Wrestlemania. Couple this with maybe Balor retiring Taker or something, Rollins going over Trippple Man. They can call it the Wrestlemania where the new generation killed the old generation.
Well to book the Rumble you've got to start with the people who can actually win it:

Samoa Joe
Balor (if he returns)
Cena (if he loses to Styles)
Baron Corbin is a dark horse IMO
100% hate Blampied and his shit opinions, but Jericho winning is my guilty pleasure. Roman is winning the title and Jericho has the united states championship though, so either Corbin or Ziggler is winning the rumble.
>implying the cruiserweights will be at the Royal Rumble
>I don't understand how kayfabe divisions work
>Fatty retains
>his shitty best friend wins the Rumble
>two titles are now held hostage between a part-timer who's been jobbing for years and a fatty whom nobody takes seriously nor nobody wants as champion

What a horrible booking decision
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miz enters at 5 or so and sits at the announcers table. he commentates on the ruble match for about 5 entrants. daniel bryan comes out and says "if you don't officially enter you are fired" he punches bryan then enters setting up their match at mania.

at 10 Dillinger enters. this has got to happen

brock enter around 16 and makes quick work of everyone in the ring by eliminating everyone. goldberg comes out 17. they have stare down and slugfest with it ending with a spear to lesnar. bock is eliminated by goldberg. brock returns to the inside of the ring and eliminates goldberg. they fight to the back.

the ring is empty for a good 30 seconds. even michael cole comments on the fact that is has never occured before. countdown starts.

3..2..1.. finn balor.

he stand in the ring all alone waiting for the next entrant.

samoa joe.


i want to see this stare down
Fuck off Adam.
File: 1419657280996.jpg (22KB, 346x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Miz winning
>Wanting another WWMEME .
>Balor retiring Taker
>Letting a midget retire the Deadman.

Nah let it be at least someone credible.
File: kjhg.jpg (28KB, 328x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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balor comes back and wins rumble. would the crowd boo?
Don't even care about midgets retiring the Deadman. Just want someone who's not going to retire him, then build Lego Death Star's on Instagram the next day and take pictures of himself in women's clothes hugging people the next.

At this very moment, I either want someone like Bray Wyatt who can keep kayfabe to retire him, or let someone like Cena just get the rub.
No but Wrestlemania would draw less dimes

>letting a potato twink who only appeared on Raw 3 times main event for a paperweight belt

Doesn't even deserve to win, there are more Raw wrestlers far more deserving than him
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Thread images: 8

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