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greatest embarrassment in the ufc of all time yes
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greatest post-fight speech in the ufc of all time yes
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Hello Mr. Phil shill
Legit what were you thinking during the fight? No memeing pls.
I was disappointed to be sure. Mickey fought like a bitch. There was no need to go for a takedown right off the bat before any punches were thrown. It's CM Punk's first fight and the age difference is extreme. Late 30s is the usual retirement age while 24 is the scientifically peak athletic age. I wanted to see more of Punk's ability, but basically Mickey just went straight for a win because he's too afraid to take risks himself and play it out a bit.
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>a clueless idiot posts
>implying anyone will ever be honest with themselves and just admit they got their feelings hurt when Punk lost his passion for the game because it was being ground into dust by the WWE machine
>gives genuine opinion
>lolololllloll kek he's not following the meme what an easy target
I've said what I think and I believe most genuine people who like CM Punk would agree. We all knew he probably wasn't going to win, but anyone who's watched ufc the past 10 years generally will call the guy who goes straight for a takedown, a coward. Especially vs a first timer. At the very least I'm glad CM Punk gave a GOAT speech after the fight.
>generally will call the guy who goes straight for a takedown, a coward.

No nobody does that retard. Only people they call cowards are those who keep running away from the fight like Conor did vs Diaz. Taking someone down and beating them unconscious is not cowardly.
weak bait, lad
Well the crew I roll with and watch em together do. I suppose I have mixed feelings about your response though since the two fist fights I have been in I did exactly that. I don't exactly call myself a coward for doing that, but I know I took the easy way out. In a way if you're opinion is what other people besides my friends believe then fuck it you actually make me feel better looking back. I still see it as the easy way out but if other people don't then I don't care as most people are stupid.
>not even a UFC fighter
>4th biggest draw of the year behind Brock (who fought on the 200th UFC which was a guaranteed sellout anyway) and the McGoober/Diaz fights
>got paid S I X T E E N (16) times more than the guy who beat him

Based Punk has MMAutists seething.
im hooked on this bait. fucking kill yourself literally the most retarded thing ive ever read
So are you trying to say something there, bud? My father killed himself when I was young so that's not something that's ever entered my mind. If my opinion angers you then whatever go cry about it. CM Punk and straight edge are am inspiration that will live on longer than your pathetic life ever will.
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cm cuck.jpg
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>Doesn't lift
>Emo geek
>Entitled brat
>Reads comic books
>Liberal cuck
>Pathetic quitter
>Most boring guy in any room at any time
>Hissy fit enthusiast
>Pudding belly
>Straight edge weakling
>Runs in the opposite direction like a terrified screaming girl at the mere sight of a burger
>All his matches are sloppy and riddled with botches
>Tumblr feminist
>Worst physique in wrestling since Mick "Ten Burgers" Foley
>Sk8er boi
>Doesn't like to party
>Prefers Pepsi to Budweiser
>30 minute boring promos sent the audience to sleep
>Never drew a penny
>Failed to take the advice from the great Kevin Nash
>Hasn't taken a shower
>Hasn't hit the weights
>Hasn't got a clue
>My Chemical Romance fan
>Wrote the foreword for a vegan cookbook
>Desperate to be edgy. Fails miserably
>Drones on about being an atheist. Nobody cares
>Thinks using Cult Of Personality for this theme is cool. It isn't
>GTS stolen from KENTA
>Ananconda Vice stolen from Tenzan
>Adored by beta morons
>Calling that overrated and carefully scripted promo a "pipebomb" represents a new level of cringe
>Cried about Lesnar
>Cried about The Rock
>Cried about HHH
>Cried about Vince
>Cried about The Big Guy (for you!) Ryback
>Cried about the doctors
>Cried about not being in a WrestleMania main event
>Is the only person who sees talent in his boyfriend Colt Cabana
>Performs worst top rope elbow drop in history
>Booked as WWE champion for over year, made million of dollars - all he did was complain
>Most laughable "fighter" in UFC history
Phil can't even throw a proper punch. He would get lit the fuck up.
Hi Phil!
Hi Carter!
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Did they?

No one will remember how "heroic he was"

No one will remember how "inspirational hew was"

They will remember he got his fucking ass beat and if he ever goes back to wrestling they will mock him relentlessly for leaving and losing
Mickey gall is a pussy, who the fucks takes down their opponent within first three seconds? and ounk was a total noob, he can't even throw a punch, so the fight would've ended quickly either way but atleast we would've seen some offence.
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>marrying a girl who the BBC inside her
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 8

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