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What you working on /asp/?

Tournament in October I'm guessing.
I have a friend who just started coming to jiujitsu classes with me and it's really holding me back
he always wants to work with me, which I understand, but he also needs to start working with other people too

supposed to practice takedowns?
he doesn't know how to break fall so instead of drilling I have to give him a lesson on that shit

supposed to be drilling transitions?
He doesn't know how to do an armbar from guard so spend time getting him to do that instead of practicing
oh he sorta has the armbar now? now I have to explain the triangle instead of practice. Not like I can practice since he doesn't understand the proper reaction he's supposed to give when stuck in the armbar Whoops out of time, time for the next drill

time to work on some sweeps
Oh..you don't know how to do a technical stand up, guess we need to work on that or you can't do the sweep

MOTHERFUCKER HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SHOW YOU HOW TO SHRIMP, why aren't you practicing this shit at home?

Learning a new technique? well I'm lucky if I get my 2 reps in, because once it's his turn I know I'll be walking him through it for the rest of the time

and then most guys have 3 maybe 4 rolls in them before they start shuffling out of class, and I know for a fact I'm going to have to waste at least one of mine on him, so I don't get as much time to work with the good people

I feel bad pushing him on other people too because I don't want to inflict this on others
Thats actually a good thing to teach others how to do a technique, because you learn it better. Despite what you think you can aways make a better technique, and what better way to test your understanding of jujutsu then by helping someone else get good? They may find your weaknesses and be able to break you down.

You learn more by teaching and going though moves step by step then just beating people in rolling without an understanding of what led you there.
nah man, he's insufferable, because he assumes he can just do things

we were working a choke sequence last night, peruvian to anaconda to d'arce
We go over to the mat and he says "ok I'll go first"

motherfucker no you wont, you've never done a single one of those chokes before what makes you think you can go first?
and just as I suspected, spent the whole time trying to get his grips and pressure right on the set up that I never even got a rep in
This is something that you need to go to your sensei with, and let the instructor intervene. Just tell your instructor that you are having a hard time learning with your friend as a partner, and that you need more drill time with other people.

If you have a good instructor, they will do something about it, because if you aren't learning, it is your instructor's fault.
Why isn't he in a beginner class or fundementals class does your school not offer these?
we do not
the student body is 93% purple belts, 3% white belts, 2% blue, 1% brown, 1% black

most everybody is actually pretty good
Judofag here
Honestly my sankaku Jime (which you guys call a triangle choke right?) improved most while I was showing other people how to do it. Still I can understand the frustration, have you had a chat with your friend and said "Look man, it's great that you're there, but I really need to train more with some of the others during the sessions who have more experience otherwise I lose out, so how about you and I agree to train a little bit A. outside of the gym or B. for X time during drills at the gym, so that both of us get the most out of it"

If he's your pal, and not a complete cunt, he should understand
>Tournament in October I'm guessing.
Tournament in October, unless I'm cleared to fight.
Judo/BJJ fag. Haven't been able to train for three months since I'm travelling through Africa. Went from training every day straight to nothing, will probably have to drop a weight class upon my return home for team competition. While I usually beat our other -81kg guy on the back of 4 years of BJJ, he's the reigning -73kg -21 year national champion, and he's bound to win more than I ever could. Hope I can drop the weight, might be fun to just pick up people and put them down like a bag of potatoes. We'll see.

But being unable to train is a bitch. All I can do are some solo drills, and I'm in horrible shape now. Did manage to attend one Judo class in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Was nice. Local guys were explosive as fuck.
>>1766036 here
>Went back to Ireland for summer to spend time with family
>Fuck all money because not working in Ireland
>Don't get to train
>Literally got one day doing a little groundwork with a 2deadly2spar faggot during the entire two months

Tournament in November
I'd only have been training for like, 2-3 months and still be a white belt so I'm pretty nervous about being shit and not winning any matches
On one hand I've gotten compliments and people saying I'm good for how long I've been training but I keep getting tapped by everyone so I don't know if the former is just them being nice or not
Our first wrestling meet is October. I'm 7 pounds from 165 which is actually pretty comfy desu. My stand ups and switches are on point right now but my top game is pretty shit right now aside from one breakdown that I'm running (Isaiah Martinez's signature breakdown and then if the guy steps his foot out run an arm chop on the opposite side). My coach is hellbent on having us run pin after pin but I don't think he realizes how much better tilts are at the level we're wrestling at. Thanks for subscribing to my blog!
teaching a skill is a proof of mastering it. Because one cannot teach what he doesn't undeerstand.
breakfall is very important since it is the foundation of a proper stand up (tachi-waza) game. Same for shrimp. There are actually many variations of the sthrimp, each one used in a given situation, e.g. regular shrimp with hands pushing on the knee to escape neonbelly (thanks reddit) or the hip bump shrimp to escape the side control, or the reverse shrimp you use to reset a bad position...
When you roll your friend, chose a technique you couldn't get against one of the same rank or higher belt, and drill it live against him half of the roll. The other half, you given them the opportunity to work what he learned that day.
Sambo for you because I like that combo.
>we were working a choke sequence last night, peruvian to anaconda to d'arce We go over to the mat and he says "ok I'll go first"
Mat etiquette, teach him... You know it better than he does, but this is not the point.
You lucky boy.
Do yoga, do cardio, those will help you a lot. Solo drills are not as efficient as those two when you got on a no-bjj/judo/grappling diet.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 4

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