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WWE Fant/asp/ie Booking

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Time for some more WWE fant/asp/ie booking. Tell us what your booking ideas for the coming months are so we can laugh at you.

Challenges for this thread:
>pick a lineup for the MITB ladder match and a winner to hold the briefcase.
>think of something interesting for Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus to do now that Rusev is off to greener pastures.
>create a good women's feud that isn't over the title.
I wanna bring back The Sandman,and make him the life coach of Titus O'Niel.

Let's hire Jim Ross back as the life coach of Byron Saxton.

While we're at it, let's bring in Bobby Roode to be the special enforcer for HHH.
I'd like to see more managers, honestly.
roman wins in a 1v3 handicap match against meme club
MITB: Dean, Owens, Zayn, Kalisto, Stardust, Crews and Cesaro. Owens wins and successfully cashes in eventually, probably a good deal later on in the year after his feud with Sami finishes. I think he's pretty much ready for a WHC run. He's got the in ring ability, the mic skills and he's pretty popular.

Sheamus could maybe go after the IC title if Cesaro wins at ER. They had some really good, physical matches a few years ago. I'd also like to see Sheamus vs. Lesnar on TV at least once. Just pair him with hard hitting brawler types, let them wail on each other and don't have it be another boring squash. Lesnar should whip out some of his old offence. Sheamus would need to built back up beforehand to seem even semi credible too.
Del Rio I'm not sure. I've never been that into the guy desu. He'll probably have some sort of feud with Cena soon. John needs his win back after all.

For women's feud I'd build up Emma as a big heel of the division but not a cowardly one like Charlotte. Instead, the most vicious and sadistic woman in WWE. Her current thing with Becky isn't bad, they just haven't got any fucking tv time to develop it. I'd change that and actually let them have matches go beyond 5 minutes too. Have promos, run ins, brawls. Things they hardly ever do with the women. Her character doesn't need to be changed: Frustrated and bitter over being 'rejected' as a goofy babyface and failing on her initial run, with a bit of egomania mixed in. It doesn't need to be anything too complex.

She goes over Becky but they both come out looking good. Since this is fantasy booking, Asuka eventually comes to the main roster and restarts her rivalry with Emma. It never really got resolved and their match in London was really good, so let the two best strikers in the women's division go at it. I'm not much for specifics but I'd love to see this general outline of events. Emma is damn good and should not be wasted as some jobber.
We need another Bobby The Brain
I'd actually like to see Sheamus vs Lesnar.
They had a house show match a while back and it was pretty fun. Sheamus got way more offence in than I thought he would. Very stiff match too.
The return of U.P.Y.O.R.S. (The Union Of People You Ought to Respect Steph) ot The Union.
The members are Zach Ryder, The Social Outcasts and the Luch Dragons.

tweeners that more or less refuse to let any match that Steph books reach completion
>1. Kalisto, Balor, Del Rio, Cena, Ambrose, Rollins. Del Rio wins off of Primo/Epico interference, setting them up as an affluent Latin American stable which should generate some heat now that Trump is pretty much guaranteed as the republican nominee. Balor and Kalisto fuck off back to the midcard and Cena, Ambrose and Rollins don't need the briefcase since they'll be cycling in the main event program in the months after anyway.

>2. I've killed two birds with one stone, I guess since my idea for Del Rio is listed above. We can throw Sheamus into the IC title picture after the whole fatal-4-way thing is resolved, assuming either Cesaro or Sami come out of it with the belt.

3. Someone is sabotaging Naomi's marriage and blackmailing her about shit. Eva Marie becomes her close friend who comforts her and tries to help her because Total Divas or some shit. At Summerslam, the person sends an anonymous message that says Naomi needs to get in the ring or they'll reveal whatever they have on her. Naomi and Eva Marie go to the ring and the blackmailer reveals herself as Nia Jax, her husband's cousin. As she stands on the ramp and Naomi faces her, Eva attacks from behind and both Nia and Eva beat her down. Over the next while you can have Naomi and Tamina vs Nia and Eva, Naomi vs Nia, and Naomi vs Eva. Idk, it was an attempt, but it's hard without the title.

And the winner is :
> AJ Styles turns heel and uses bullet club to win the WHC at extreme rules. Holds it until SummerSlam where he loses due to Balor debuting and bullet club turning on him in favor of balor.
> Seth Rollins returns at SummerSlam to win the US title as a babyface.
> Gallows/Anderson/ win the belts at MiTB, they hold it to survivor series.
> Zack Ryder turns heel to join the bullet club to get back the IC title.
>Rusev beats Kalisto at Extreme Rules
>next night on Raw, he restarts the open challenge entirely as a means to one-up and spite John Cena.
>defends the title every week in hopefully great matches until the rematch with Kalisto at Money in the Bank. After which, Kalisto rejoins Sin Cara in the tag team division so the Lucha Dragons can put over some other teams.
>After MitB, Cena returns and challenges Rusev for the US Title and Rusev wins clean. Make it seem like Cena came back too soon from injury.
>Cena makes a promo or something the following week and gets randomly attacked by Baron Corbin, and the two feud until Battleground with Corbin basically on a mission to hurt every older veteran on the roster now that he's done with Ziggler. Cena beats Corbin at Battleground, but keep making the rookie look like a powerhouse and have Cena carry him to Summerslam where Corbin can beat him and get a push afterwards.
>Meanwhile, Rusev keeps defending the US Title every week and Lana presents an added incentive - if Rusev holds the US title by Summerslam, the couple will repaint it as the Russian Federation Championship. It will hopefully be enough to keep Rusev as a heel.
>After that declaration, get a few other undercarders out to fight him, and either a fallback feud with Swagger because muh Murican belt, or perhaps Del Rio, etc. Maybe a multi-man match at Battleground.
>Finally, Rusev's big feud will be with Apollo Crews leading up to Summerslam, and Rusev beats him clean, getting heat the following Raw as the Russian Federation Champion, holding it for a little while longer before a babyface can win it back and repaint it as the US title again later.
I stopped reading when you said cena should put over Baron Corbin. You're an idiot and that idea sucks.
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