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Emotional support animals

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Hey, /an/. I have serious mental problems and a few years back I got a note that says I should always have a pet or some shit.
I rarely leave the house due to my panic attacks and anxiety. When I do I always bring my pigeon. He doesn't mind, he loves car rides and hikes.

I was wondering if any of you know how the whole service animal registry process works. I could always get some fake online evaluation and shill 150 dollars, but honestly I want the official thing.

Is there a certain office I have to go to in order to get my pigeon registered without going through an online process? Will the note I received two years ago be valid?
I tried googling it but all I get is this stupid shit about how to trick people into thinking your pet is an esa.

Pic related. It's my Pigeon's birthday party.
There's a difference between an actual service animal and an emotional support animal.

What's the note like? Is it a prescription? Either way, just a note form your doctor is enough. Though people will still be skeptical about it. Even if it was a service dog, people would still bother you about it and act like you're full of shit. You may be kicked out of place, but if you have the note from your doctor you could absolutely go after them for it.

There's really no real qualifications for either, though a service animal is trained to do a job. They will not piss everywhere, they may distract or warn you if say, you're about to have a seizure, lead you somewhere safe, etc. I highly doubt you could train a pigeon for that but you want/need an emotional support pet so I'd say that's even more lax. If I had a dime every time someone brought in some shitty, small, untrained neurotic puppy and claimed it was a 'therapy dog' I'd be rich. But I have to allow animals in the shop I work with because of my boss(people here have open wounds, good forbid if someone is allergic) so as long as they behave, service animal or not - I won't bother them.

I can't imagine people giving much of a shit about a pigeon. In my teens I was never hassled about bringing my pigeon on trains or having a rat around my neck anywhere. Questions for sure, and lots of people wanted to touch them but no real problems. But if you don't like the interactions or want to avoid confrontation, consider putting said pigeon in your shirt or a hoodie pocket rather than just waving it around in your hands and keep your doctor's note ready. You'll still be judged but they have to back off or you're free to raise hell about it.
That's sweet OP.
Thanks anon.

He's a "well trained" pigeon. He can't fly or anything and wears a leash and diaper.

I'll just see if I can dig up that note later.
Does this mean that the online registration would be the most official process? You know, to get certifications and actual documents that say I need him and all.
I think that there are a lot of laws now, at least in my state (WI, but may be federal), that say you don't have to show any papers to bring a comfort animal work with you. I was briefed on this when working at a grocery store where a girl then brought her hamster in to shop. Just site these laws, and most people won't give a crap.
I know the laws, but I don't like to lie, since he's not registered. Also, I still got kicked out of two places when I tried. And I want to make sure if I find an apartment that doesn't allow pets he'll be able to come. Or if I ever have to leave the country or state on a plane.
Pic of good pidge with leash/diaper?
The worst part is the places that kicked me out are shit places riddled with homeless people and generally dirty and unsightly humans that my pigeon's probably much cleaner and healthier than.

How could you kick out such a sweet looking little guy?
makes me wonder anon, where did you get a pet pigeon?
A lady was looking to rehome some on a certain Craigslist-esque website.
I had raised orphaned pigeons before and since they were wild rock doves I felt wrong keeping them, so once they grew up I had severe empty nest syndrome .
So I call up this old woman and ask about her fantails and get the address and all and drive over there and she was a hoarder. It felt wrong, but at the time I didn't know as much about pigeons and just assumed she knew what she was doing. She had a little shed outside full of old hoarder shelves (you know, rotted wood, dirty, old) covered in old boxes of non perishable foods and rusted cans these pigeons were using as ledges. She pointed out the pigeons for sale and one of them was completely red and big and she was 75. My little pigeon was a discount pigeon. He was only 25 dollars because he was an unwanted breeding of a pure white fantail and a red one.
After a few days he starts having seizures and I come to find he had paramyxovirus.
So I'm freaking out thinking its something I did at the vets office and he explains that it was the breeders and I found out she's selling all her fantails on all kinds of websites because they all have paramyxovirus.

Ever since then I've been hand feeding him every day and we do all kinds of shit together.

I never went through with any service animal since I drugs and forcing myself to do things that terrified me has made me into a relatively average adult so I can't say for sure. From what I've only read is that it's all bullshit. I would at least think there is at least some sort of official 'unofficial' registry but if it is all bullshit then you might as well just make your own goddamn one and make it look professional along with your doctor's note. If that's the case. Maybe some other anon will have more insight but his topic tends to boil down to "it's against the law for someone to ask for proof".

Pigeons are pretty boss. My last one was one I scooped up on my way to work. Forgot the name of the disease I found out he had(couldn't fly and couldn't drink or eat on his own. He would try but he would 'miss' his food when trying to peck). Other than that he was a normal pigeon. Hand fed that fucker for weeks and I traveled a lot so I'd be sitting on the train with a diapered pigeon in my lap or in my jacket. He recovered, he learned to fly again and one day I left him out and he never came back. Maybe he got eaten or just found some new pigeon buddies to fuck. God speed, Jim.
Sounds like he might've had paramyxovirus, too.

Sounds like a cool pigeon dude. Hopefully he didn't get eaten.
Thanks for the advice, too.
That might have been the name. This was maybe six years ago or so. I don't remember much of anything.

Do you still see that doctor? Sounds like you don't but you didn't specify. If you don't and have a new doctor, see if he will will reiterate his opinion on that you should get an ESA if you're worried the previous note has expired.
I didn't go the ESA route because my job would be too dangerous for an animal(a dog could sit there, but 20+ feet away from me due to having to constantly move and dangerous machinery for 4-9+ hours doesn't sound right) but itd be good to have if you needed to move. Though a pigoen isn't exactly hard to hide from a landlord.
I haven't seen a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist in 4 to 5 years.

Can't I just schedule one appointment and ask if they can sign a paper?
Yeah, you can. Doesn't mean they will. Not to discourage you. If your note is enough then I don't think you need too. I've been in and out of therapy and psyches for years, and only now found one that hasn't fucked me further so I'm super biased.
What I imagine is projecting in that they might try things you've already done and don't work first. Even I'm skeptical of someone trying a service pet first.

I don't know what your note says. I don't know ow if it's dated or anything. I think it would work, but if someone continued to kick you out - could you call that doctor for proof? If it came down to that. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth but that's up to you whether or not you would want to fight it, or just leave quietly when you are told, especially if it's just a grocery store or some shit. I don't think either are wrong or better than the other.
>pigeon birthday party

You're a pure soul. Never go outside, never talk to people you don't know. It's a terrible and dangerous world out there for you.

To be quite honest you can literally just tell business that it's an emotional support animal. Managers of large chains will never ask for papers or corporate will descend upon them like vipers.
It wasn't really his birthday.
His birthday was a month before the party and my roosters was a few days before the party. My hen laid her first egg the day before the party, so it was kind of a three in one egg-day celebration.
I even made bird "meat" balls, bird cupcakes, and a bird-day carrot/fruit cake. It was pretty good. I know it's not really related but I thought you might enjoy hearing about it.
The hen got a squeaking raccoon that she picked out herself, the rooster got a brush and a mint plant that he picked out, and my pigeon got a small pink mouse. He loves cat toys.

I've told people before that he was an esa but still got kicked out because "lol I'm a mall cop birds are stupid there's no such thing as a bird esa you're lying there's nothing wrong with you"
by "well trained" they mean the pigeon is trained to do specific tasks or actions, like pick stuff up or alert you to an oncoming seizure. Fed laws states service animals can go any where you can, therapy animals are entirely different and it's up to local laws where they are allowed etc. I found this out hard way when I tried to get a waiver for my 2 support rats when I moved into a "no pets' building. The problem is nearly everyone, even people with some training, confuse service and support animals. Service animals have to ID on them in public identifying them as such.
>it wasn't actually my pigeon's birthday party, it was really more my rooster's and hen's

Could you be any more fucking kawaii?
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 4

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