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How long can I leave my cat alone?

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How long can I leave my cat alone?
It depends. When I was moving and the place wasn't ready yet (fuckers) we had to stay in a hotel for a week. We left the cat in a pet resort and he was so happy to have us back. He's a fatty but he did not eat the entire time he was there.
I've left my cat alone for a few weeks without anyone looking after him and never had problems, I'm sure they get bored and they're happy when you return but they're generally pretty solitary animals anyway. As long as you have enough space for them to run around in circles. I can just leave massive amounts of food and water out for my cat but I know some people can't do that without their cat overeating to an insane degree.
cool thanks
toss it outside; after awhile it will figure out that you've left it alone and forget about you. Hell it probably already wishes you'd leave it alone and get the fuck out of its life; you insecure possessive control freak fuckhead.
I wouldn't worry about leaving him alone.

A long time ago one of my cats left and never really came back.
His name was Rudy.
A few years after going missing, Rudy showed up for a visit.
He was fucking built, his fur was extremely thick and he had scars all over.
He was friendly towards us and let us touch/pet, but wouldn't let us bring him inside.
He soon left once again into the woods.
My family sold the house we were living in a month later, leaving Rudy behind.

This is in new england where the winters are harsh and little food is available in the wild. Cats are durable little critters.
Depends on age, environment, and temperament. Leave a young, social cat alone in a silent apartment for several days and it could very well go fucking nutso.

I wouldn't recommend more than a couple days unless your cat is older and very independent in personality. People have this idea as cats being these solitary, self-sufficient hunters - as though they aren't still domesticated animals, as though they don't still have stimulation/socialization needs. Just because some can do very well on their own doesn't mean all do.
What you write is the exact opposite of most scientific research on cats. If you don't know what you're talking about STFU or research and find out - with today's internet its not difficult at all. Here's a place to start:
Wes Warren, a biologist at Washington University in St. Louis and the senior author of last year’s cat genome study, starts with docility. Yes, he says, there are cuddly cats, but there are also a lot of skittish and aggressive cats—a wider spectrum of behaviors than seen in dogs. He also faults felines for being too independent. “Cats only come to you for affection when they feel like it,” he says. “They pretty much take care of themselves.” After all, if an animal doesn’t need us, has it really been domesticated by us? (Maybe not; scientists now believe that cats domesticated themselves.) And then there’s the fact that—to the chagrin of birders and other wildlife enthusiasts—house cats hunt nearly as well as their wild ancestors. “Dogs don’t have that ability,” says Warren. “It’s been bred out of them.”

A rescued cat on Long Island, New York.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Warren says he sees these differences play out at the genetic level. “When you look at the molecular signatures of domestication, there are 10 times more in dogs than in cats.” That’s probably because dogs have been around humans a lot longer than cats—20,000 years longer, by some estimates. Cats, Warren says, should really be thought of as a subspecies of wildcat, while dogs are more like their own species.
Angry Cat
depends on the cat. sometimes no more than 20 seconds and other times you can just leave it alone for its entire life and it won't give a shit.
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