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Nature documentaries

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What does /an/ think about BBC Natural History documentaries so far?

Are there more good wildlife/conservation related documentaries you can recommend?
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Pretty fucking amazing. Based Attenborough never disappoint me.

I haven't watch much nature documentaries aside from the BBC's one, but pic related is my favorite as a kid and i still love it.
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>That episode with the eagle-cam
>The hornet swarm
>The stork that learn how to use bait
>Electric ray
BBC natural history is the most consistently good wildlife documentary producer. I am glad they don't drop the quality the same way like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel (Nat Geo Wild is a bit mixed, but mostly good IMO). But i guess that British taxpayers to thank for.

Blue Planet is still my favorite. Looking forward for the sequel if they ever plan to make one.
Great shows, already watched them all. I also would recommend this, one of the best predation related documentary i have seen.
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Forget pic
I just got done with Solo: The Wild Dog and The Hunt.
The Hunt was kinda generic but it had a few clips I thought were pretty amazing. I'm pretty bored of lions, tigers, polar bears, etc.
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>what is reading peer-reviewed articles on various animals
>documentaries are for people who can't read and are often filled with dated info
Haha, look at this fag who can read. What a nerd!
I hate how broad animal documentaries always just turn into big mammal documentaries with some others on the side. it seemed like planet earth would devote a large section of almost every episode to bears.
I just like listening to David Attenborough is that so wrong?
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Does this count?
Yeah, Christ. Everything seems to turn into bears. I'd at least like more sun, asiatic, tibetan blue and sloth bears.

Wild China had a few seconds clip of some animal I've never seen before. It took forever for me to find out what it was and they were golden takins. I miss the old documentaries that had the most monotone voices and talked about snails.
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You need to watch the Walking with Dinosaurs documentary and Walking with Beasts. That was my childhood right there.
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Prehistoric Earth.jpg
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Even better, the whole collection.

I'm currently a paleo major and this series is the frame on which I hung everything I know today. No other piece of media can give you the story of life on Earth in such an engrossing and entertaining way. Highly recommend to anyone even remotely interested in the subject. One of the most ambitious goals ever for a documentary, I believe they succeeded.
Pic related has so many potential. The animation is terrible though, but that's probably because i watched>>2304877 earlier.

I wish they could remake this but with modern CGI/animatronics.
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Anything Leopard related is almost guaranteed to be nature kino. Especially Predators of the Wild and Beauty and the Beast.
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Add this to your collection. I love Leopards too, and pic related is perhaps one of the best about it.
Heard WB might be doing something. Only problem is, look what happened the last time.
why the hell did they think that voice acting would be a good idea for a walking with dinosaurs movie
Most likely a last minute decision from the higher ups.
Mammal-fag and animated-fag BTFO.
I love the renaissance that nature doccos have gone through since around about Blue/Planet Earth. I hope to work for one of them someday capturing sound, would be so interesting and rewarding.

Pic related is an oldie but a goodie. One of the most violent, intense, and generally horrifying nature documentaries I've ever seen. Shit is absolutely dire.

Also, not to totally shamelessly shill but here's the kind of work I do:

Anyone watching Spy in the Wild at the moment? It's not as majestic as something like Planet Earth, but the animatronic spy-cam animals add an interesting dimension to it (mother crocodile determinedly carrying cam-croc off to the river with all her other hatchlings, monkeys mourning after they thought they killed the camera-monkey, robo-meerkat getting stuck babysitting).
That documentary makes me scared shitless as a kid. The crocs are absolute nightmare, and the ending where most of the creatures literally roasted alive under the baking sun is brutal as fuck. It feels more like an apocalyptic log rather than documentary.

Also your work seems pretty fun desu, how long you've been doing it?

Watched a view clips on youtube. Looks interesting.
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Thread images: 13

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