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How would i go about keeping a house cat?

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I still want it to go outside every once in a while but there's a forest like right next to my house and my friend once found a decapitated cat head and it's body in there.Not to mention the supposed drug deals going on in there.
So, i'd like to know how to get my cat the good amount of fresh air, i would also like to get some tips on how to even take care of a cat since i haven't had one since i was a kid.

>Fresh air

Open a window. Keep your cat inside, dipshit.
Well I imagine that if you had a backyard just put a leash around him and walk him around. My neighbor's cats are both outdoor and indoor cats but they never really leave his front lawn.
How about you keep your cat inside?
Easy, you take responsibility for your pet, and supervise it while it's outside.
If this is a problem then you need to evaluate your convenience versus your cats "need" for fresh air and outside time.
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how about you fuck off cunt
Guess that could work
How about you fuck right off, ok?
They in fact "need" fresh air you cunt, unless you prefer to suffocate your cat.
exactly. open a fucking window.
>catfags like obama
>telling people to fuck off when they causally suggest taking cats for walks.
Are you clinically retarded?

>They in fact "need" fresh air you cunt, unless you prefer to suffocate your cat.
Yes, just like how you will drop dead if you are ever indoors with the windows shut right?

I'm always horrified we can be the most intelligent species and then we have members like....this.
Step 1
>get kitten
>buy either a cat harness or a small dog harness for toy breeds
>put harness on kitten everyday
>associate the harness with good feelings like pettings and treats

Step 2
>take cat outside for like 10 min on a leash
>bring it in if it freaks out
>keep positive associations with harness
>build it up over time
>let the cat enjoy it's time outside
>also, be paranoid about loose dogs

Step 3
>you now have a leash trained cat

It's kind of the same as training a dog, really. Make sure the harness is tight btw like tighter than you'd expect. Cats are noodles they can slip out of anything. Don't let it get scared. Careful of loud noises like traffic or dogs. Keep dogs away or pick that bitch up and run when you see one loose. May have to bring knife to protect your baby.
How to take care of a cat
>feed it good cat chow with no grain or little grain if your a poorfag, catfood with grains are cheapest but shit
>there's debate on wet vs dry personally I'd suggest wet/canned
>brush the kitty if long fur
>pet the kitty lots
>buy litter box and cat litter
>give it shots at the vet or poor kitty will get aids and die

Love the kitty. Feed the kitty. Keep kitty inside or it will die young. Make sure kitty is clean and healthy. This is mostly all you need to take care of a cat.
You can also feed it fresh or cooked meats and fish. This is good for kitty and kitty will appreciate.

Another few tips I forgot to add
>buy or make cat toys
>string, balls, fluffs, etc
>play with kitty
>kitties need exercise too and it helps their development
>be responsible for your pet
>hurry durrrr fuck off cunt!
You are the reason why people despise catfags anon.
It just takes one stupid motherfucker to leave a bad impression for the whole group, and you are that stupid motherfucker. Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions you fucking child.
Build a catio you lazy shit stain
>SPCA recommends cats be allowed to roam outside freely during the day and brought in at night
>autists on a sudanese bonsai forum demand they be locked in a room at all times

tough choice
Gonna need that citation.
I don't think it's really a debate. Cats aren't meant to eat dry food. They get most of their water from their food. Dry food is full of carbohydrates which isn't good for cats. They way cats eat, they don't chew their food thoroughly which leaves large chunks of dry food in their stomachs which causes digestive issues and sometimes even vomit, and also dispelling the myth that dry food can clean teeth. I think any debate is just people who feed dry food and want to pretend their way is the best way. That being said,I feed my cats dry food.

It's probably the RSPCA. Fun fact, they only adopt cats out to people who have a cat flap in their home, and they euthanize cats that aren't able to go outside like blind cats. The RSPCA also kills about 5000 healthy adoptable animals yearly while only allowing people with a yard to adopt cats. While FeLV rates have been declining in most places in the US, it's actually increasing in Britain because FIV and FeLV cats have to go outside. The RSPCA has also sent death threats to government officials in Vermont when they were trying to pass the law requiring cats to be contained when outside owner property, and they ended up folding from the pressure and nixxed the law.

RSPCA is utter and absolute shit, PETA tier retarded honestly
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>They in fact "need" fresh air you cunt, unless you prefer to suffocate your cat.
I adopted an old cat, and I love that sweet chubby bb.

Since he's been home with me, he never tries to go outside. The most I've seen him do, is approach the screen door that's cracked open while I bring in groceries. But, he's never actually pursued going outside.

He's a very timid cat, for his first few months, he'd always hide behind the washer/dryer.

But, now he likes to lounge around on the couch armrest, and he always sleeps at my feet on the end of my bed, but never wants to cuddle.

He seems to enjoy laying on my chest while I'm on my back, and he'll hang out for as long as I give him attention usually.

Not much of a lap cat, he either needs constant attention, or he'll wonder off to go lounge somewhere else.
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Thread images: 5

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