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Ask a Herpetologist Anything

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Hey, recent grad here, long-time snake enthusiast and reptile keeper. Ask me anything about snake care, identification (Pacific Northwest is my specialty), how-to, cage building, anything.

Just to get common questions out of the way:

1. Yes I am a recent grad. I have experience in field work, as well as laboratory work. I want to work on snake venom proteins for use in Alzheimer's research.

2. I keep Western hognose, reticulated pythons, kenyan sand boas, red-tailed boas (he's a mutt, not sure if constrictor or imperator, might be a mix of both), and royal pythons.

3. If you don't know what it is, don't touch it or harass it.
you're not very knowledgeable and are not a herpetologist.
I wish you'd leave.
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I've answered quite a few questions accurately, helped other people and had wonderful conversations here. Deal with it.
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I started my lawnmower and decapitated a snake
I panicked and threw the moving body into the neighbor's yard and then their dog ate it

I just heard them this evening talking about taking the dog to the vet because their dog has been ill

Did I give the neighbor's dog my autism?
Do Tegus have a higher range of emotions than other reptiles or is that horse shit made by Tegu owners?
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All reptile owners make up lies. They think snakes show them affection.
More like salmonella.
Reptiles carry that I hear.
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Tegus are certainly intelligent, but I think most of it is probably anthropomorphizing by their owners. I haven't owned a tegu, nor has much been published about their intelligence that I know of. I do know they do possess an ability for basic reasoning (IE if I do this, this happens. If I poke this baton with my nose, I get a treat).

TL;DR scientifically the jury's out. If anyone manages to ferret up any studies, Id love to read them.
It could also be anything from parasites to an outside factor (dogs being like two year olds in that everything and anything goes in their mouths). I wouldn't rule salmonella out, especially if the dog has been vomiting or has runny/bloody stools.
The other neighbor's cat ate the head
Have not seen him since
How often do guys in your field make fun of people who study birds for a living?
I don't know, the only joke we had passed around the lab was yelling "HAST DU EIN VOGEL?" (German for "Do you have a bird" = "Are you fucking crazy") at the ornithology professor.
How do you feel about the kind of people that own snakes as an accessory?
You know like edgelords.
I really don't like people like that. Edgelords usually go for a boa constrictor, or sometimes a retic/burm/rattlesnake/cobra. Large animals or venomous animals that need strict control and a well-established knowledge base before someone even THINKS of owning them.

I owned snakes for 10 years before one of the 'giants' dropped into my lap, and even then I wasn't sure if I was ready for him.

This is why you see things about escaped cobras on the news and a retic losing patience with a child and attacking it. Not because they're evil animals or they want to eat people, it's because their owners haven't taken the time to keep them securely.

TL;DR I'd hit it...with a fucking brick.
the emerald tree boa says "oh god why is my face covered in all these crappy heat sensors, I wish I was born a pit viper"
Judging by their personalities in general, I think most of them are trying to be!
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