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ID thread

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Yo /an/, up in the mountains near Nevada, and in a storage unit, I found what I'm pretty damn sure are some spider sheddings. Now I'm not an arachno-biologist, but to me, these look indicative of something that's not officially thriving in these parts, but plenty have been given a nasty surprise by while getting dressed or digging in wood piles up here. The meme, the legend, the brown recluse.
The container is rarely opened, cool, and very dark. and it looks like whatever it is is eating well on smaller spiders and the occasional enterprising wasp/hornet/whatever looking for a nesting area
The pic is a collage of all the pictures of the shedding's, I have the full pics too. Just let me know since connection is spotty as fuck up here. It's easier just to upload as much and quickly at once as needed. Before anyone asks, had to lock it up for the owners, don't have the keys, so this is it.
Just want to know if it's possible it's a recluse's home, or if it's likely something else.
Thanks in advance.
>Brown recluses
kangaroo here

looks like my spiders are moving to nevada, they did say they were sick of us treating them like shit. didnt think theyd actually do it. madmen.

well, enjoy. the trick is to run away faster than they can chase you.
I'm not expert in insects, but those looks like facehuggers.
Pic related, it's facehugger.
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I said near Nevada. I'm in ca.
Where a few million Oklahomans migrated during the dustbowl. Bringing everything, sometimes including the kitchen sink, like old wood boxes at a moments notice?
I don't think it's crazy to believe a few thousand random recluse's were brought over and found some niches to hide and slowly establish themselves in, hell it worked for crane flies and they had to cross an ocean. To be honest only a few snooty collegiate types got uppity about the idea recluses made it out here. I'm just salty cause Wikipedia used one of their biased articles as a source for a sweeping statement. Shit like that gets under my skin, because what if someone on vacation doesn't check their clothes because they think they're safe, and end up getting a nasty surprise because some UC Berkeley tool said they didn't think there were any?
While you're at it do you want to double check the water every time you go to the beach because there might be a blue ringed octopus in there? What do those silly academics know about distribution?

Anyway, desert recluses (not brown recluses) would be a possibility but it's impossible to tell from those blurry ass pictures because apparently everyone on /an/ owns a Game Boy Camera and it's five billion times more likely that they're just sac spiders.
Those are incredibly obviously not brown recluse.
Legs are all wrong.
Did you even bother googling brown recluse?
Congrats, you're perpetuating the brown recluse idiocy.

And take it to the fucking vet.
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I wasn't trying to find out to warn anyone, I was just curious as all hell.
Desert recluse is possible, but it's a bit cold up here for those. Here's something I threw together, I think the sheddings I found are a little short-legged to be a desert recluse. Still, I admit I'm a bit too asshurt about the college guy.
>legs are all wrong
Well it is a shedding, but yeah it could just be a look alike. If I was 100% sure I wouldn't have made the thread, I thought it was similar enough, and decided "shit may as well see what they think".
I'm a very curious person, sue me.
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So you guys might be right about it being a sac spider, a yellow sac spider to be exact.
Got a picture of one in a different storage area before I left. Very similar sheddings and web style, here's a pic I got before it ran off into the crevasses, after I tried to check its eye-placement.
In fact: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheiracanthium
>attracted to volatiles in fuel
There was some volatile cleaning/painting shit in those storage areas.
>Painful bites may be incurred from species such as C. punctorium in Europe, C. mildei in Europe and North America, C. inclusum in the Americas,
>Cheiracanthium venom is purportedly necrotic, and it could cause a small lesion in humans. However, both the necrotic nature and severity of the spider's bite have been disputed.[3]
So the [3] says the necrosis was mostly just in smaller animals, with only one person out of 40 getting a necrotic bite. I suppose that's a lot better than the real deal.
>Because of the possibly necrotic nature of the wound, MRSA infection is a danger and victims are advised to seek medical treatment.
Now that's a helpful fucking article, specific and well sourced.
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so many spider threads

Whats this?
Britain, East Yorkshire
This. I don't understand how people can have such trouble telling different animals apart, even when there are two different pictures right in front of them.
I found a little ball of lint crawling around on my desk. Looked like a termite the size of a pinhead.

I noticed it was actually intentionally picking up dust with its front legs and placing it on its back.

What the fuck was that?
I don't think so and here's why
too big for a recluse, at least the ones I've seen.
They seem a little thick for a recluse
>eating other spiders and hornets
Recluses thrive in houses because their favorite prey, silverfish, does too. They will eat other spiders but not by choice, they actually suck at taking most other spiders, and wasps will fuck them right up. Unless there's a good source of soft bodied insects in there our hypothetical recluse won't want to stick around.
I want to say green orb weaver, but the legs look too long.
What is this?
It looked like a hummingbird in real time, but it looks completely different on pictures. Sorry for very low res, only had phone
Another picture
Fk... sry
Hummingbird hawk-moth.
Wow, wasn't even aware of this species. Thank you stranger.
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Thread images: 8

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