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Akita in a small apartment

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Hello /an/,

today I have a question for you. I live in an apartment which is the size of around 40m2 (~430 squarefeet). Do you think it would be sufficient to adopt an akita puppy to live with me?

Some more informations:

While my apartment is small, I live very rural and in less than a minute (150 meters (~490 feet)) there's a river that literally has hours to walk in each direction on the causeway.

The dog would not be alone for longer periods of time ever. I am retired (kind of like disablity in the US but basically for as long as I live) and do not attend any social activities except family visits and around 3 hours of friend activity a week.

The idea for adopting a pup basically came from my shrink. I had not considered this before but spent the last 3 weeks researching online about all kind of dogs and breeds and the therapeutic results they can cause. It was suggested as a measure of therapy, since basically nothing else works at me. I am a very antisocial person but I do like hiking and being outside a lot, however, I do not see the sense in doing it by myself anymore and I don't like to be around people for longer periods of time, so after evaluating the situation for a long time I came to the conclusion, that a dog might be the perfect companion for me.

I have not owned a dog myself before, however, I lived with people that bred collies and cocker spaniels before and saw a many litters growing up. I ended up taking a liking to the akita because of how they are so much of a one person dog and not someone that would just walk away with whoever offered them a piece of sausage first. I know they have a very strongwilled personality, but I am extremely stubborn myself, so I think we could arrange and get along very well.

I think I covered most of what I would consider interesting myself, but feel free to ask more questions, if you'd like. If you live in an apartment with a dog especially an akita, please share your experiences.
Do not get an akita if you are inexperienced with dogs or inferm/feeble/weak in any way.

Adopt a dog from a shelter. There is no reason to pay for an expensive dog for non-working reasons. Paying for a dog for non-working reasons effectively kills one shelter dog.

>Paying for a dog for non-working reasons effectively kills one shelter dog

Guilt tripping nigger.


OP it's fine. The apartment size isn't really the issue.

If you can take the dog for a long walk/run every day it will be fine. Just make sure you train the fuck out of it and if you can take it to classes.

Just make sure the dog will suit your climate.
Place is not the matter, just try to become compagnions with him, as long as he sees you give a fuck he'll be ok.
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I am not inexperienced with dogs, read the second-last paragraph of my OP. I am really only inexperienced with akitas. My family has owned dogs for most of my life, mostly german shepherds, but those were not *my* dogs, but my grandfathers.

Also, the dog would be a working dog. While he won't have to guard my property (I ready akita are not ideal for that anyways, since they like to be close to their pack/family) or pull a sled for me, he would be a "working" dog. He will be a permanent assistant for me to deal with my depression and personality disorders and drag me out into the world, we will explore and trasperese the abyss together. Therapeutic dogs are not restricted to help the blind or other physically disabled people only, there are labradors, golden retrievers and even rottweilers are specially trained to guide people suffering from depression and anxiety through life.

Also, what >>2094841 said, that guild tripping shit is absolutely ridiculous.

The plan is to spend at least around 3 hours a day outside together. I used to do a lot of mountain climbing in the last place I lived, but over here there are no challenges to tempt me, so I have no motivation to go outside by myself. I will spend every hour of the day together with the dog, so I'm sure training will work out well and I also intend to classes and socialice it properly with other dogs, kids and other animals.

I live in Germany, by the way, so the climate should be alright, although our last winter was absolutely ridiculous.
>Depression and personality disorders
>I hate people blah blah blah

Okay, here's where you are heading: You are going to get one of the dogs that is realistically most prone to attacking people, and then not socialize it to people or other dogs. You say you have personality disorders, meaning the dog will pick up on the tension you feel for other people and treat them as threats.

Socializing the dog with your small circle of friends is not enough. Akitas are outright dangerous dogs and need to be socialized to many, many people. It is a bad decision and the guilt trip is valid. There is nothing that an akita can do for you that a shelter dog cannot do. You are imagining characteristics onto a breed as if they are guaranteed, rather than going to a shelter, meeting many dogs, and then picking one that is right for you.

you're railroading toward a colossal failure, but won't let anyone tell you anything. You didn't come here for advice or input, you came here to tell us that you are buying an akita.
No. I acknowledge your input, and while I mostly have my mind set on what I want, I still evaluate other things.

My grandmother (the german shepherd owning one) told me to meet many shelters and breeders to check exactly what you suggested, I have to admit I do not understand your way of thinking, though. Dogs that appear to be friendly to everyone and therefor appear to be the "right one" for you and such can also be very territorial or aggressive towards other dogs. How can you possibly evaluate that from meeting them once in a shelter?

I am grateful for your input, and as I said before, despite my disabilities I am a very stubborn and confident person. I had never any issue with the shepherds concerning picking up the tension, and they are guard dogs for real.

Do you have experience with akitas? I am not asking this to question you, but I want to hear more from you, as you appear to be somewhat knowledgable to me.
Oh, by the way, since you don't think you are killing a shelter dog by buying a purebred dog, here is what you are also encouraging, by encouraging the existence of the breed:

Autoimmune diseases[edit]
There are many autoimmune diseases that are known to sometimes occur in the Akita. These include, but are not limited to:

Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome,[A][44] also known as Uveo-Dermatologic Syndrome is an auto-immune condition which affects the skin and eyes.[45]

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia,[46] which is an autoimmune blood disorder.[47]

Sebaceous Adenitis[48][49][50] is an autoimmune skin disorder believed to be of autosomal recessive inheritance.[48]

Pemphigus Foliaceus[51] is an autoimmune skin disorder, believed to be genetic.[52]

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus[53] also known as SLE or lupus, is a systemic autoimmune disease (or autoimmune connective tissue disease) that can affect any part of the body.[53]

Immune-mediated endocrine diseases[edit]
In addition to these there are also the Immune-mediated endocrine diseases with a heritable factor, such as:

Addison’s Disease[54] also known as hypoadrenocorticism, it affects the adrenal glands and is essentially the opposite to Cushing's syndrome.[54]

Cushing’s Syndrome[54] also known as Hyperadrenocorticism, it affects the adrenal glands and is caused by long-term exposure to high levels of glucocorticosteroids, either manufactured by the body or given as medications.[54]

Diabetes mellitus[54] also known as type 1 diabetes. It affects the pancreas.[54]

Hypothyroidism,[B] also known as autoimmune hypothyroidism. This is an autoimmune disease which affects the thyroid gland.[55]
Non immune specific conditions[edit]
Other non-immune specific conditions known to have occurred in the Akita include:

Gastric Dilation[56] is also known as bloat; may progressive to gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV, also called gastric torsion), in which the stomach twists on itself.[56]
Microphthalmia,[57] meaning "small eyes", is a developmental disorder of the eye, believed to be an autosomal recessive genetic condition.[57]

Primary Glaucoma,[58][59] Increased pressure in the eye.[58]

Progressive Retinal Atrophy[59][C][60] progressive degeneration of the retina (portion of the eye that senses light and allows sight).[60]

Hip dysplasia[46] a skeletal condition where the head of the femur does not fit properly into the hip socket. Leads to osteoarthritis and pain.[61]

Elbow dysplasia[46] a skeletal condition in which the components of the elbow joint (the humerus, radius, and ulna) do not line up properly, leading to osteoarthritis and pain.[62]

Von Willebrands Disease,[63][64][65] a genetic bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in Von Willebrand factor.[66]

Breed specific conditions[edit]
There are two breed specific conditions mentioned in veterinary literature:

Immune Sensitivity to vaccines, drugs, insecticides, anesthetics and tranquilizers[53]
Pseudohyperkalemia, a rise in the amount of potassium that occurs due to its excessive leakage from red blood cells (RBCs) when blood is drawn. This can give a false indication of hyperkalemia on lab tests, hence the prefix pseudo, meaning false.[53] This occurs because many eastern Asian breeds, including Akitas and Shiba Inus, have a higher level of potassium in their RBCs than other dogs.[D]
>How can you possibly evaluate that from meeting them once in a shelter?

You don't meet them once, you go back and meet them multiple times, you request another dog and walk them together. Do you think shelters cannot accomodate requests like letting you put two dogs together to see how they interact?

You haven't even thought of this, you decided to buy a purebred dog, one that attacks and kills people, one bred to kill bears and boars, one that suffers from a host of breed-specific issues due to inbreeding.

You haven't even thought about going to a shelter. You haven't gone to a shelter once. You don't even understand how shelters or rescues operate. You envision a row of cages, rather than dogs outside, in fenced areas, in pens together, etc. You don't even know the reality of what a shelter is.

Do you think old people got to be old by being stupid? Listen to your fucking grandma.
If you think you can handle the excersise needs of it and grooming, then it's probably a fine idea. However, there are lots of other breeds that are just as loyal and might be better if you are prone to depression or something similar. You should consider how much care and training the dog will need and if it will stress you out or simply be too much.

The internet is wonderful for looking up training vids and books and dog trainer blogs. If I were to suggest some breeds for you, I would say look at boxers, rottweilers, germen shepherds, airedales, and maybe labs. Just some other ones to look into because they are loyal, often times one person dogs.

Bro...you need a hobby.
my grandparents had an akita when i was growing up, and three chows before him. like you've probably read, they are EXTREMELY strong-willed dogs and you really need a strong hand and very firm, unerringly consistent discipline to keep your dog on the straight and narrow. for what it's worth, if you can follow through with what you're saying and put your money where your mouth is, there's no reason your akita can't be happy with the life you've outlined.

akitas, as large, energetic dogs, absolutely NEED stimulation and to be outside and doing dog things every single day. the onus is going to be on you to provide that directly since your environment (the apartment) is not going to be sufficient, ever.

i was in your position last year and considering getting a dog as well, but i'm much lazier than you portray yourself to be. i wanted a dog pretty badly, but i realized that my own personality would likely prohibit my dog from getting the most out of life so i got a cat instead. people on this board will tell you that mental health issues and animals don't mix for any number of arbitrary reasons, but my own anecdotal experience has been the exact opposite. my cat is probably the biggest source of happiness in my life right now.

i think the problem is that some people might get a dog or a cat as an impulse because they are miserable and discover that it wasn't really what they wanted after all. the crux is being absolutely certain that you have enough personal capacity to care for the animal and that it's something you can stick with even when it's not fun.

but back to akitas, you also need to be physically strong enough to maintain control of your dog. i don't know if you've ever met any in person, but they are BIG dogs -- strong and fast as fuck. socialization is obviously important too, but i'm going to break ranks and say that discipline (and physical strength, if necessary) are enough to keep your dog in line to the point where it isn't a danger to others
he is also much lazier than he portrays himself to be, and is portraying an ideal of what he thinks he can be, not a reality of who he is.

it's a bad idea, through and through. people complain about pit bulls etc, but akitas are the type of dog that simply should no longer be bred. breed-specific and general genetic issues and unpredictable attacks.

Btw, OP, most fatal akita attacks have been on owners or their friends and families. It is not the right breed for someone with admitted psychological hurdles.

Just get a lab dude. Seriously. You can't go wrong.
Please refrain from ad hominem and strawman arguments. I appreciate your general input but you're being a little too radical and suggestive. You really don't know the person behind the posts but instead of asking you're making assumptions.

I am a long term animal-activist and refrained from consuming animals for the past 7 years. I have helped out in dog shelters and similar establishments, honorary and therapeutic.

I understand your "adopting a purebreed will lessen the chance for a shelter dog to live a happy life" argument, although the killing part is just ridiculous.

It is so extreme, that you might as well suggest people stop having children, because in Africa little niglets starve to death. Or small farmers being responsible for large-scale livestock farming. It does not compute.

I am well aware of the breed-hype being absolutely retarded, however, it is, in my opinion, a lot easier, to judge purebreed dogs by their temperament.
>I am a long term animal-activist and refrained from consuming animals for the past 7 years.

has nothing whatsoever to do with dogs and dog breeding and the issues surrounding those things.

Just rethink it. Purebred dog, shelter dog or not, this specific breed IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU.
I have considered a cat as well, but came to the conclusion that it is not the right pet for me. Although I have "owned" cats in the past, and in general am more of a cat person than a dog person, I need someone to movtivate me to do activity, not couch potatoeing it up anymore.

Thank you for sharing your story about your families akita, if you have more details, I'd gladly appreciate them.

I really like you, minus the few ad hominem flips you did. I'd like you to tell me about your dog experiences, if you are willing, instead of just trying to reason with me about adopting this special breed. I am usually a very impuslive person, but I have evaluated mid of may as the point of my final decision. I have spent almost a month in research already and I'm going to make it a quater of a year so I don't make any mistakes that I would regret.

And while the thing you quoted seems a little off, it really makes sense if you put it in context with what you said about shelter dogs being killed if you adopt a breeder pup.
my dog experiences involve raising my own doge of 6 years, didn't have much experience before that, and volunteering in shelters. I have interacted with hundreds of dogs at shelters, trained many of them, including training crowds of large dogs simultaneously.

In the past 6 years, I have found and returned 7 lost dog dogs to their owners.

My proudest victories are training my dog very well, learning to control my temper through my dog, and working with 5 large dogs at a shelter.

>5 large dogs at shelter are in "large dog pen" outside, kept together but separate from most other dogs
>when you walk up to them they bark, jump all over each other, try to fight, if you give any attention to one they all try to push him out of the way, if you try to give treats they steal from each other, etc.
>same dogs are there for months on end
>begin working exclusively with those dogs
>train them so that they all sit in a line when people walk up and don't bark, they allow each other to be petted and given treats
>all 5 dogs get adopted within 3 months.

Dogs are incredibly smart and flexible animals. These dogs were neglected, cast-off, some obese, throwaways, of all varieties of breeds and mutts, and i transformed them in weeks, because they are receptive, intelligent, symbiotic-with-humanity beings.

I suspect you see some truth in my evaluation that you may be presenting an idealized version of what you *could* do with a dog every day. But with an Akita, if you enter into depression, and don't do anything for a few days, you will wake up to things in your house destroyed and an upset, agitated dog-- of a breed that is prone to attack family members, owners, and children.

"Pit bull" attacks happen primarily because of the owners. Akita attacks happen because Akitas WILL FUCKING RANDOMLY ATTACK YOU.
Thank you for sharing, and I am aware of what you're trying to bring across. Do you have any personal stories involving akita? Stories about living with them, training them, general stuff wether it being positive or negative, everything will be appreciated.
Have you looked into chow chows? They also are one person dogs but don't sound as aggressive as akitas from what that one guy itt is saying
From what I read Chow Chows are a LOT more aggressive towards other animals by nature than akita are. I am from Europe but in the US chow chows are considered one of the most bite-happy dogs by a list.
I don't have personal stories involving akitas except for a girl in my apartment complex who owns a beautiful purebred. She is an asian girl maybe 50kg and I'm sure the dog outweighs her. From this I can piece together that she was raped. Now, because of her past traumatic experience, she walks around with a possibly hair-trigger violent dog that she has zero hope whatsoever of controlling. I have instructed my girlfriend to cross the street, not even make eye contact etc if she sees the dog.

Chow chows are probably more aggressive than akitas. Same problem.

You know, OP, the vast majority of therapy dogs are golden retrievers and labs. I feel like you're ignoring by far the best option because you're concerned that your dog might like other people. It just can't be that way, man, you have to consider that the dog is a sentient organism and has things that make it happy too. My dog, for instance, doesn't like dogs but loves basically every person.
Are you my favourite antagonist from this thread?
I only consider akita as my personal favourite as I gave in tothe breed-hype and also found breeders close to me that ensured me they will find the perfect puppy for me. This sounds rather suspicious at first, but they were not willing to give a pup from the current litter away but want to wait out the next few. They have several bitches having litters throughout the year and told me I'd have to wait for the "perfect pup" for me.

You're somewhat right, I don't want "my" dog run away with a stranger just because they offer them a treat. I also don't like to cuddle and keep my distance most of the time. A dog that is overaffectionate probably won't be the right for me either.

I have looked into other breeds and mixes and labs are on top of the list, mostlikely because I can offer them an environment they are naturally attracted to (the river right where I live) as a contrast to my apartment. Actually the top contenders are lab/husky mixed puppies from cyprus that were set out on the street and I really like the general.. "racial"-treats they offer, minus the being too friendly to everyone part.

I would have liked to adopt a black german shepherd but there are no breeders closeby, so I looked into other breeds and breeders, and the akita-breeders were the ones that caught my attention mostly. Their grown dogs are absolute obedient family dogs and loyal to death and after talking about my situation to them they were not digusted or rejective but quite the opposite, they even dropped the price by !50%! covering mostly the expenses for chipping and papers. Those people think an akita is the right dog for me, and that is what basically spawned the stubborn idea into my mind to begin with.
>ensured me they will find the perfect puppy for me

of fucking course they did, they're trying to sell you something.

your dog isn't going to run away with a stranger. this is an illogical concern. your dog lives inside the house with you and then when you go outside your dog is on a leash.

i've never heard of an overly affectionate dog that tried to force cuddling. ever.

>akita breeders made you think an akita is the right dog for you
do you really not see the issue with this logic? it just isn't the right breed whatsoever, man. not even close.
I grew up with a chow chow that was well trained and she wasn't aggressive at all. Let her walk around without a leash and stuff. So if you say Akitas are more aggressive than chow chows I'm sure if this guy really put time into training the dog it would work out. But I'm not an expert
I understand your concern and what you think of them trying to shill me out, but however, I have researched their past activities since 2012 and they are very serious breeders and I highly doubt they would just go in for the money, especially since they offered to drop the price by almost 50% for me because I'm retarded.

I really don't know if I'm being naive of if those people are being genuine and good.
It's a very, very easy jump to make.

they're overstocked dude. you are being naive. nobody just offers you 50% off because they care about your problems. this is earth.

the breed characteristics don't match your needs. get a lab. your dog isn't going to leave you for someone else. that is an illogical concern rooted in some kind of psychological issue.
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grusliger hunt.jpg
303KB, 736x981px
You appear to despise humans even more than I do. How come?

Also look at this. This is the absolute perfect companion nature and look wise for me.

However I'm shit out of luck and there are no litters anywhere near me for at least a year.
It doesn't matter what your dog looks like. It's like selecting a woman based on their looks. This is more of a person than a possession, you need to remember that. That's why you need to go to shelters and meet dogs there.

You could get this akita or whatever, raise it, and never realize it isn't right. Then go to a shelter 15 years later and instantly feel a bond with a dog like you never had with your purebred.

This is why it's IMPORTANT to not just BUY dogs. They have their own personalities. They are not your tools. They are thinking beings. You cannot know how a puppy is going to develop, but you can know exactly how a 6 month old dog is acting in front of your face.

The idea that you're getting 50% off out of sympathy just doesn't pass the sniff test, bro. These people are salesmen.
>He will be a permanent assistant for me to deal with my depression and personality disorders and drag me out into the world, we will explore and trasperese the abyss together.
This is a terrible idea, OP. Nothing good will come of this.

Also agree with that other guy, even if he's being a bit heavy handed on the shelter guilt trip thing. You don't sound like you actually want any of our opinions, unless they agree with what you've already planned. I don't even know why you started this thread with a question.
>What about assaulted or mugged?
>Or a robbery in her home?

Well, same thing as raped basically. That's what I was getting at, she experienced a violent personal violation, it didn't necessarily have to be rape. Didn't mean to phrase it as being 100% sure it was absolutely rape.

Some things just tell a story when you see them-- asian girls ALWAYS have little shit dogs, not dogs that literally outweigh them. A person who gets a dog that outweighs them is always irresponsible, but more than likely, always afraid also.
You're right and I will keep evaluating this. I will keep visiting shelters but I will also keep visiting breeders that offer akita to see if there is the connection that pet owners wish for. And please do not take my lack of ability to express myself in a language I'm not native to as a measure of my characteristics. I do not intend to OWN a dog, and I even pointed that out earlier in the thread. I want a companion that has a similar mindset as I have, which is basically us versus the world. Not in an aggresive manner but as in a "don't give a shit about you as long as we have each other" one.

I have no idea what you're saying, I'm not a tiny girl, I'm a tall, stout guy.

The question was not if akita was the right dog for me but if it was okay to have one in my apartment considering its size but also the amount of time spent outside every day.

I like talking to that other guy because he's being brutally honest, we don't even have to agree on anything but he's bringing very good points across and I will take everything he said into consideration.

I'd still like to hear more stories about akita and living with them, but I am not entirely stuck into a decision that I desperately need one.

I came here to discuss and listen to people, and my friend with the heavy handed expressions is doing a really good job offering a perspective I had not considered as much as I probably needed to.

Shelter-visits aside, which I am sure going to do, can we discuss more purebreed personalities?

Besides the friendly lab, goldie and rottweiler, do you know any purebreeds besides akita, rottweiler and GSD that are loyal, protective and one man dogs?
>Not in an aggresive manner
You really don't want an akita then.
you speak english fine. most reasonably well-raised yuropes do. it embarrasses many of us that we're unilingual.

>I want a companion that has a similar mindset as I have, which is basically us versus the world.
I'm sorry, but this simply doesn't make sense. You can't anthropomorphize a human mindset onto a dog. Dogs don't see the world that way.

It doesn't really matter at all if your dog is kept in an apartment if it's exercised outside. I consider it a non-concern. Big dogs are in fact better for small spaces because they're easy to tire out and then will sleep more when they're inside.

>I'd still like to hear more stories about akita and living with them
Here is something important you need to understand about akitas and the other breeds mentioned, and part of why I am so utterly cautious about them. they are not dogs like almost all other dogs are. They are slightly different.


Note the names on the list. Shar pei. Akita. Chow Chow. Husky. Shiba Inu. Pekingese. Shih Tzu.

What do all these dogs have in common? they either known for being hard to train, being aloof and deciding not to listen, being unpredictably aggressive, or attacking and potentially killing their family/master (shar peis, akitas, chow chows)

Akitas are ancient dogs. Other dogs have been bred for many thousands more years into lineages that simply make better companions for most people. The ancient-ness of the akita breed also means that it's extremely inbred. Did you consider that akitas may be becoming a banned breed near where you live, forcing the breeders to lower their prices?
Also, your focus on "one man dog" is not something you can attain. It just doesn't seem logical to me. You especially cannot have ANY idea if your dog will be this way based on breed characteristics, and you do not WANT a "one person dog" of a breed that is capable of injuring human beings!!

Any breeder worth anything will socialize the dog to as many humans as possible in its infancy! There is no such thing as a one person dog, except for an untrained and dangerous dog!
My uncle had dogs all his life and got an Akita puppy. Grew up and it actually mauled him; he walked by the dog while the dog was laying down and the dog fucked his hand. His hand will never be the same. He didn't beat his dog or kill it with love. He had experience with dogs before. But his knowledge did not help with an Akita. It will be extremely fucking important to get it from a responsible breeder, which is very difficult to find and will probably cost a pretty penny. You should also work with a trainer who is familiar with ancient breeds, not collie of Shepherd breeders. Two very different dogs. Get a hold of a trainer before getting a puppy.

The issue with a large breed dog is they should NOT have that kind of activity until 2 years old. For the first year, it will need to be light because the dog is still growing until around 2 years. Then, you have to work the dog up to it. Don't expect an hour hike the first time you go out.

Akitas are high prey drive and will leave your ass in a fucking second for a dog/cat/rabbit or if untrained, a person. They are also very aloof dogs, not the friendliest and cuddliest dogs around. They are protective, but that is largely a training issue IMO. You basically need to train them to be less protective. As long as you get from a responsible breeder (research this because a bad Akita breeder can easily breed unhealthy or aggressive animals) I don't believe you will be contributing to bad practice or overpopulation
It is 5AM for me and I am really too sleepy for anything right now, if this thread is still alive by tomorrow I'll make sure to reply to you again. If not then fare thee well, and thank you a ton for the effort you put into this discussion tonight. You're a great person.
>someone actually appreciates brutal honesty and meanness

I'm sure you are a great person too.
is OP actually talking about american or japanese akita?
even a simple google search will confirm what other anon is saying, even though they are a relatively uncommon breed, they are responsible for a disproportionately large number of attacks, including fatal ones. that's the last thing someone like yourself needs. you are asking to be part of a statistic. but you don't care just because you want some special snowflake breed. You have no other reason to need an Akita

>Do you have any personal stories involving akita?
I'm a CVT, worked in two shelters in various departments, two vet clinics, and going back to school to get a degree in animal behavior. That's not even touching on all the volunteer work. I've met my fair share of Akitas over the years, they require someone who has lots of experience with strict training, is very dedicated to large amounts of thorough socialization over their entire lives, and gets them from a reputable breeder to begin with. any less, and you will more than likely have a dangerous animal on your hands. That's how it is with Akitas. it's what they've been bred for, and they haven't been as "dumbed down" by breeders to be companion dogs as many other common breeds have been.

protip: stop thinking all the little random ass "personality traits" given to you on dog breed quizzes and other BS on the internet actually mean anything. some of it is true, most of it is just fluff being shilled by the kennel club. choosing a dog breed based on them is naive at best, especially thinking that it won't require a lot of fucking work to achieve those positive "breed standard" traits in your dog. Contrary to the name, those traits are ideal, not the standard.

and you need to realize that most apartments have Akitas on their list of dangerous dogs

not to mention that puppies are incredibly mentally draining. raising one on your own with your mental health issues will drive you close to insane, which is especially bad with a breed like an Akita that needs a higher level of caution and care
Honestly, OP, I don't see why you shouldn't get an Akita so long as you do take the effort to socialise it to other dogs and people. That is the key thing with Akitas -- they need really intensive socialisation, or they will be worse than aloof, they will be a threat.

You do need to take into account your depression and make a decision about wether you can fairly take care of an animal, though. Can you feed it, exercise it, clean up after it, and give it the training it requires for its breed, even on your bad days? If you get sick, will there be someone who you socialise it with enough that it will tolerate them looking after it in your stead? (I spent nine months in hospital a couple of years back, and my family had to look after my dogs for me.)

That said, dogs really can be extremely good for mental illness and can help to give your day structure, and offer companionship otherwise not there.

If you don't think you can manage an Akita for sheer size and bad temperament, you should consider other breeds. Many Asian Spitz are one-person dogs, without necessarily being the same size as the Akita. Or you could look closer to home. You're in Germany and a family member used to breed German Shepherds. Have you considered a GSD, which are really not that different from Akitas in a lot of aspects, except they're more adaptable.
both are horrible appartment breeds
Are you sure? I've got no yard and live in a tiny house, and I've got both of them in the next room, right now. Provided enough physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis, they're fine.

You just gotta remember to take them out to the bathroom.
you're the exception, not the rule

hence why most trainers and others who work with dogs will tell you the same thing
>nothing else works at me

Find a new therapist.
I think people are just lazy and don't do enough with their dogs, so when they do that same amount of laziness in an apartment where there's no yard, you start seeing destructive tendencies.
i'm so confused by this thread. op why dont you get a corgi they meet all your needs and are the cuddliest cutest doggos ever
I'm of the belief that any dog can live in a small apartment provided they have room to stretch out and lay down. All they need is proper mental and physical stimulation daily. However, I also recognize that some breeds would be harder to keep inside an apartment than others because of the amount of physical/mental stimulation they need to stay happy
Hmm... OP, I understand why you want an akita but I honestly don't think they are the right choice for you, given what I've read in the thread.

As for the apartment question, any dog--big or small--can do just fine in an apartment so long as you're able and willing to take them out and give them the exercise and stimulation they need.

Also, you mentioned wanting a "one person dog" but also that you aren't fond of cuddles. Sorry to say but most "one person dogs" are also very physically affectionate with their owners by nature. This is something you could train them to chill out with, but just saying, it's something to think about.

As for other breeds you might consider, look into English Shepherds. They are usually very much "one person dogs" and are very attached to their owners. I have one and she's great. She IS friendly with other people (she's not really aloof) but is very loyal and much prefers to just stick by my side.

Other breeds I might recommend are Australian Shepherds, Dobermans, or Dalmatians (though the latter two are prone to more health issues, I think, so take care to pick a good breeder.)
Hey there, I'm another German with an Akita (japanese type). I recommend a smaller dog. The size is annoying when taking her around in town, stores, restaurants or public transport. Also the amount of fur she loses is annoying.

So my dog is female, they are supposedly more relaxed around other dogs, I heard males can get pretty stressed. Finding a good dog school and have the puppy socialised properly is crucial.

My dog likes people if they know how to behave around dogs. Otherwise it takes a bit time until she lets you pet you. She will take food from strangers (like the vet or pet store employees), but will inspect everything she eats (hiding pills in sausage is impossible), even if I am the one to feed her. She's not food motivated but that might be because she gets fed raw (which I do because she gets ear infections from canned or dry food) and was never hungry like a stray dog.
If you walk in a group she will keep an eye on everyone and refuses to continue walking if someone is missing.
She likes to sniff and will refuse to continue walking if she's not done yet. If you want to go a different way than her she will try to get you walk the other way too.
Because of this I am the only person in my family to be able to walk her. The others are just pussies and can't get her to walk.
How do japanese and american akita differ in character?
The only dog breeds I can see that would really be an issue in an apartment are livestock guardian breeds. With the correct exercise and mental stimulation, people seem to get by okay with keeping huskies in apartments.
Not much I think. Only in 2000 the breeds were separated by the kennel club federation FCI. I guess the American Akita feels more like a western breed since they crossed the Japanese type with asian breeds to make it look more Japanese. They bred the Japanese type from the American type.
I would advise not to. These dogs need to be outside for more than 3 hours a day. The dog will most likely fuck up your small apartment by chewing on your walls and furniture, which is why they're best as outside dogs. The barking will drive your neighbors crazy as well.

If its your first time raising a dog by yourself this is like the worst dog you can start with. Are you prepared to handle dog fights? You do realize that in an aroused aggressive state that your dog can attack you? Are you prepared for the costs of damages that a big dog is capable of? Do you have dog attack insurance? Because this type of dog will absolutely need it and you will be paying extra because this breed is blacklisted.

Having a dog like this will most likely make you even more depressed. Unless you know what you're doing you have to be hyper vigilant and one step ahead of you environment when you're with your dog in public.

Also akitas ARE considered guard dogs. They are known to have a very low tolerance to other dogs and unfamiliar people, even with socialization. These dogs are also known to not like physical affection.
Akitas are not very barky, vocal dogs and the ones I owned mostly liked to laze about a room I was in, or on the porch.

You sound like you have some psychological/physical ailments. If this is true I would pick a mastiff type breed for you, they will be in tune with you emotionally and be very protective and gentle of you.
Tl;dr but don't
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