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/Dogs/ Favourites Edition

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The lab is the UK's favourite dog.
The Chinese Crested, bulldogs and the poodle are amongst the least loved.

25% of Britons own dogs; and 25% own cats.

The Border Collie comes in second.
The top ranking dogs are mainly mid-sized working or herding dogs, often originating in Britain. The Alaskan Husky is the only real exception, known for its efficiency as a sled dog in North America; the other being the Golden Retriever, a gun dog but still hailing from Britain and Europe.

The dogs with the least positivity (in fact all ten at the very bottom of the 356 breeds are in negative territory) tend to be smaller dogs, either of the toy variety or notorious for their bad temper.


Collie > Lab.

Don't see why people like Labs. Boring coats, boring build.
Surprised the springer spaniel isn't up top. I had one and half the (black) labs it came across would try to attack him; one damn near killed him once.
I don't know how much you can really take away from this survey, given that one of the least favourite dogs is the Staffordshire bull terriers (I assume that's whatever the fuck a Bullboxer Staff is meant to be), yet they're one of the most popular breeds. And if you asked a bunch of people which dogs they like most, how many would really bring up their specific dislike of the Miniature Xoloitcuintl? There's probably like six in the entire UK.
(Collie > Lab) << Sheltie

I call bs, nearly every dog i see is a goddamn springer spaniel. Dunno why people like them so much.
list is obviously bull, but I too don't get all the lab craze. I've worked with dogs my whole life and almost every lab has been a fucking nightmare

>hurr it's cause they're a not aggressive breed
definitely not always the case, and they do usually have every other annoying behavior under the sun

>currently at shelter
>purebred yellow lab comes in
>he's horrible on leash, dog reactive, humps everything, insane amount of jumping, has a lab screech, mouthy, grabs treats from your hand like a shark
>people lining up to adopt him because muh lab
>couldn't give less of a shit about our other much better behaved dogs because they're not meme breed
>every lab we've gotten is this way
>this happens every time
>mfw have two black labs in now

kill me
>bullboxer pit
>pic is of american bully
>Dunno why people like them so much.

They are the image of upper class rural cosiness.
I see some black labs which look very rottweiler-ish.
It'd be interesting to know if lab/rott mixes are common.
not really, actually. Rottweilers are uncommon in my area. the mixes we see most often is lab/pit and pointer/lab. there's a lot of white trash and camofags where I live, so it's not suprising
wow that image is really spot on when it comes to my taste.

I know this is a chart for the UK but I doubt it would be different in places like the US, Australia, Canada, etc.

you seem like a really hateful person. is there anything you'd like to share with the group?

>bullboxer pit
>bullboxer staff

>The fuck ever happened to saying boxer pit cross/mix/
>Why do all these dogs have designer names now?
>Shih poo,goldendoodle,labrodoodle,schnoodle,
>Props to one guy I met who called his german shepard x husky a 'gurky' (like jerky not guur-ky)
I always thought the English shepherd and border collie were the same thing. "Sheep dog".
labfag detected

I think it's more that the survey is shit and they don't know what the breeds they're talking about are named. The 'bullboxer staff' is very clearly a regular staffie.
No full list?
Looking for Boston Terriers.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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